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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  July 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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[ bleats ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] bring the fresh flavors of the world right to your table. ♪ discover sabra dips. adventure awaits. comments@captioncolorado.comom you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high- definition. another court date for two american hiker held captive in iran for two years. the indications they could be released anytime now. significant progress in the debt ceiling debate in a late meeting at the white house. keeping the government from
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defaulting on its loans. >> it is a violation. a burglar spree in a quiet bay area neighborhood. at least nine homes hit in a matter of days. the execution he used to get in. i'm ann notarangelo. good evening. it is monday in iran and the two american hikers in prison in iran are finally getting their day in court. don knapp shows us there are signs they may be released soon. >> reporter: the two imprisoned mention have not been seen since february when they last appeared in an iranian court. a woman was released from the same prison last september. >> the first time we heard from our investigators that we were going to court was over 22 months ago. so shane and josh and all of the rest of us have been waiting for this and hoping for this for a long time. >> reporter: the three were arrested while hiking on the border of iraq and iran july
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31st 2009. the two-year anniversary of their arrest and beginning of the religious month of ramadan where prisoners are released. >> this has been about waiting for the court hearing. >> reporter: the attorney for the imprisoned men says the charges are irrelevant and inconsistent with the facts. there is no clear border to violate. but there have been hopes raised and dashed before says one of the brothers alex. >> it is breaking our hearts and hearts of people all around the world. >> i was shown compassion and released almost 11 months ago and we pray that the time for compassion for shane and josh is very near. >> reporter: u.s. state department spokesman cautiously making comments about the possibility the two u.c. berkeley graduates would be released. he told the "associated press" the u.s. has seen these kind of dates set before but the trials don't place. >> the families sit and sit and wait. are there any other indications other than the university of
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ramadan beginning they could be released. >> the iranians have not requested sarah to come back for trial. she was released on half a million bail. the fact they are not asking her to come back is kind of a hopeful sign. >> let's keep our fingers crossed. thank you much. significant progress in washington tonight in a last- minute stab at compromise. finally some movement towards a debt deal. we are three days away from that august 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a government default. jessica stone is in washington with information about the plan that's now emerging. jessica >> reporter: good evening, ann. sources telling cbs5 news they are getting very close to a deal. so much so it has given senate majority leader harry reid to let the talks continue. negotiations at the white house saturday night led to an
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outline of a compromise to raise the debt limit by 2.4 trillion, include two sets of spending cuts and call for a balanced budget amendment. harry reid postponed a vote on his own proposal to give all sides time to bargain. >> there is still a distance to go before any arrangement can be completed but i believe we should give everyone as much room as possible to do their work. >> i'm confident and optimistic we will get an agreement in the very near future and resolve this crisis. >> the senate will reconvene sunday afternoon for a test vote on senate majority harry reid's proposal for a cut in spending and gives the president the ability to raise the debt limit in three steps. it requires the backing of 74 republicans. >> this bill doesn't come close to solving the problem. >> reporter: the bill has already failed in the house. >> reporter: congress pledges to work through the weekend but if both sides can't reach
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agreement by tuesday the government says it won't be able to pay all its bills. that could jeopardize social security checks, veterans benefits and hurt the economy. president obama is still confident that won't happen. >> there are plenty of ways out of this mess. >> reporter: but all sides have just three days to work out their differences. >> thank you, jessica. seems much of this debate has been posturing for the 2012 election. at the end of all this whose teams have gained the most? >> reporter: what we know from the details of this plan, if in fact it passes, is that they both can come out -- both sides can come out looking like winners here. the long-term extension of the debt ceiling is really a key priority for the president. he does not want to have all of this happening again while he is on the campaign trail. that in fact is in the current language of the deal and fort republicans a balanced budget amendment is critical. they already passed as we know on friday a measure that would
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make the next bump up of the ceiling contingent on that passing but i think if republicans get a clans to vote on the budget amendment that will give them a sense of a point in the win column. >> looks like a couple more long days. jessica stone in washington, d.c. thank you very much. >> absolutely. well, earlier today minority leader nancy pelosi drew boos from gop leaders after she accused house speaker john boehner of kissing up to the most conservative republicans in the house. >> the speaker chose when he didn't have the votes, instead of a recount in a bipartisan way to see how we could work together he chose to go to the dark side. let's bring -- let me repeat. and i repeat. he chose to go to the dark side. >> nancy pelosi asked her fellow house members to "the theater of the absurd so lawmakers can come to a compromise and avoid a default."
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a burglar spree going on in a peninsula city. nine homes in belmont have been burglarized in the past week. the thieves are getting bolder. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: burglaries broke into this woman's house this past week, one of seven daytime hits occurring when no one is home. >> they lived here almost 27 years to the day and to have somebody come through and go through all their stuff, not right. >> reporter: and last night thieves upped the ante in two cases, burglaries entering homes when people were inside. a belmont police lieutenant describes it. >> someone entered their unlocked vehicle in their drive bay but also entered their residents through an unlocked rear window and had taken a wallet and set of keys off a table. >> reporter: several cars were burglarized last night as well.
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in all of these cases the doors were unlocked. >> i have been here for 12 years. never heard anything like this happen before. >> reporter: the police have two descriptions of people they think may have been casing the neighborhood. one is a white man in his late 20s. short blond hair and thin build. police say he knocked on at least one door asking if they had a dog for sale. they didn't. and he left. the other is a black man between 20 and 30 years old with a medium build driving a grey b.m.w. sedan. he was also seen knocking on doors in the area. >> the only lead we have at this time. those were daytime occurrences. we have no leads on the nighttime occurrences yet. >> reporter: the best advice from police, lock your doors, install an alarm system, keep an eye on your neighborhood. digging up an abandoned piece of pipeline is causing new problems for pg&e tonight. it was originally part of the pipeline that caused last year's deadly explosion and fire. state regulators ordered the
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utility to dig it up as part of the ongoing investigation into the disaster. the work began on thursday. today neighbors complained about smelling gas. pg&e says there is no gas in the pipe just an odor. >> it just got trapped in the pipe and had been trapped there essentially since 1956. so they had done some work and had determined that there was no gas still in that pipe. but the odorant had been tapped in the pipe. >> pg&e says they have shutdown work until next week when they explain to neighbors there is no danger of a leak. a truck company involved in last month's deadly amtrak crash is suing amtrak. six people died when a driver for john davis trucking company barreled through crossing gates in nevada and plowed into a train bound for emeryville. the company faces five
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lawsuits. it is counter suing against amtrak and union pacific claiming the rail companies failed to maintain a safe railroad crossing at the crash site. union pacific and amtrak have not commented yet on the lawsuit. well, soon you'll have to pay more to ride on a.c. transit buses. fare increases monday, august 1st, regular adult fare goes up 10 cents to $2.10. youth, seniors and disabled fares $1.05 up a nickel. increasing to 4.25 for adults and 2.10 for everyone else. 30-day transit passes increasing. local 30-day passes will stay the same for everyone except youth. other bay area headlines. chevron corporation on track for what could be its most profitable year ever. the company earned nearly $8 billion in the second quarter. chevron made almost $14 billion in profit in the first half of
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the year. that easily topped the previous high of just over 11 billion in 2008. chevron based in san ramone is the nation's second largest oil company. preparations wrapping up for tomorrow's san francisco marathon. the race begins at 5:30 tomorrow morning at the embarkadaro going through the city, golden gate park and precido across the golden gate bridge and back. street closures, traffic delays and parking problems. plan accordingly and use public transportation. how a 737 from new york ended up in this condition and what's more, no one was killed. plane trouble. a passenger described when two planes collided on the runway. jim bernard here in the cbs5 weather center. low clouds and fog will remain even as fireworks crank up over
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the sierra. i'll have the full forecast for you coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he crash at least two people are dead after two small planes collided mid-air over alaska. state troopers say the crash happened this afternoon.
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one of the cessnas managed to land safely after the collision. the other crashed to the ground and caught fire. medical examiners are trying to determine how many people died in the crash. a close call at chicago's busy o'hare airport. two delta planes collided. the airline is causing it a taxiway incursion. so far they aren't confirming which parts of the planes contacted. it sort of looks like the wings may have been clipped. passengers described feeling a bump. no one was hurt. a packed plane crashed and broke in two in guyana and amazingly everyone is alive. 163 people were on board. caribbean airlines flight 523 from new york. passengers cheered when the jet first landed in south america but their cheers turned to panic and screams after the plane slid off the end of the rainy runway. it plowed through a chain link fence, stopped short juves a
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deep rave even. more than 30 passengers were hurt but again only slightly. a two-year-old male chimp in thailand is showing unusual maternal tendencies. feeding tiger cubs out of a bottle doing it every day for more than a year. the train, say they wanted to challenge the chimp and to teach him not to have fear with the tiger cubs they worked with him he picked up the habit. sometime though he ignores his feeding task and wants to play. right now they are the same size. eventually they will outgrow each other and he will have to leave and go onto more cubs and leave the tigers alone. >> that is cute. jim bernard in. you were talking about fireworks. mother nature's fireworks. >> thunderstorms and lightening over the sierra. a bunch of lightening strikes today. we will see if there are any fires spawned and thunderstorms will be back tomorrow afternoon as once again lots of activity
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out over the foothills of the sierra. possibly into the central valley. i think it will remain clear of the bay area. but we may see some of the tops and fireworks as you look off to the east through tomorrow afternoon. today it was low clouds and fog at the coast. we are looking at the low cloud deck once again moving back in across the bay. we see a lot of fog moving into the north bay this morning. kept temperatures there 8 to 10 degrees below normal. 73 in santa rosa for a high today. as the rest of the interior heated up into the upper 70s to low 80s. still 3 or 4 degrees below normal for this time of year. into the east bay we saw upper 60s to mid-70s. also a few degrees cooler than normal. pretty close to normal at the peninsula and back to the beach where we saw upper 60s to low 60s. back at the coast where the fog continued to linger through the day as it will tomorrow. we will see mostly sunny with a slight chance of some thunderstorms out into the valley. otherwise we will look for the fog to give way for mostly
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sunny skies even at the bay and partly foggy all day long and cool. coast side classic summer pattern in force here as the stratus layer will remain hugging the coast across the interior. desert southwest. creating those thunderstorms out over the high country it may drift back a little bit to the west into fresno, stockton area tomorrow but i don't think it will make it all the way back to the bay area here. at least not past diablo. flood warnings for the tahoe and yosemite areas. while we look for the low clouds to burn off through the day leaving us with a mostly sunny afternoon. temperatures pretty close to today. maybe a couple degrees warmer. especially in the north bay. they should hit the upper 70s. mid to low 80s out across the interior. little warmer in the east bay. mid to low 70s there. and near normal as mid to low
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60s prevail. we see the cool temperatures to continue through the week. low clouds and fog will continue. gradual warmup next weekend. back to near seasonal warms. subtle fluctuations in our fog deck in the next week or so and thunderstorms will continue to create weather out across the interior. >> keeping it interesting for us. >> a mix of everything interesting. >> thank you. nice to be talking about football again. >> there were over 600 player transactions this week in free agency. raiders sign a former stanford quarterback. the giants make another trade deal as we approach the deadline. more next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have sent rich harden to the red sox... but the word late tonight, is harden is on the eve of baseball trade deadline the as would have sent rich harden to the red sox but the word tonight he is saying in oakland. it would have meant a permanent spot in the rotation for another player. 2-2 in the 2nd. rolling all the way to the wall. cliff pennington scores. races into third for his fifth triple of the season. tying him with cocoa for the team lead. 4-2 as in the 5th. bases loaded for scott sizemore. all three runners will score to give the as a 7-2 lead. sizemore has now driven in 23 runs in 42 games with the as. they go on to beat the twins 8-
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3. madison bumgarner has allowed five runs in his last three starts combined. he matched that number tonight in the first inning alone. single up the middle knocking in two runs to make it 5-0 reds. madison bumgarner giving up seven runs in four innings. pablo sandoval provided one of the bright spots for the giants with a 450-foot shot. the 11th homer this season was part of a four-hit night for pab pab. carlos beltran's struggles continues goes 0-5 and is now just 1-13 since joining the giants. the reds win 7-2 and will go for the sweep tomorrow. after the game the giants acquired orlando cabrera from the indians in exchange for neil. he will be the 19th. he has played second base this season but is expected to be the everyday shortstop in favor
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of rookie brandon crawford. colorado has agreed to trade a player to the indians in exchange for four prospects. menez won 19 games and started the all-star game last season but he was just 6-9 with an e.r.a. over 4 this year. orioles starter face being 10 batters tonight and only got one out. yes, he is arrested for 12 runs in the 1st inning and pounded the orioles 17-3 to sweep a double header. yankees combine for 35 hits and 25 runs in the two games. the 49ers reportedly hosted wide receiver plaxico burress on a free agent visit today. the former super bowl m.v.p. missed the last two seasons while serving a prison sentence for gun possession. two days after being released by the niners nate clements with a new deal. he was due to make $17 million
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this season with the niners. raiders agreed to a deal with edwards. he started 32 games for the bills before being released last season. he is expected to compete with kyle bowler for the backup spot. >> i don't know you guys. can i get a group hug really quick from everybody? thank you. come on, please. thank you. i love you guys. thank you. >> the always outspoken chad ochocinco promises to tone down his act now that is he a patriot. tight end aaron hernandez gave up his number 85 so ochocinco wouldn't have to change his name again. >> i drive a toyota prius so i was going to let him use it on the weekends. that's about the best i can do right now. and i have some leftover mcdonald's coupons. >> ochocinco currentsly has over 2 million followers on twit, but don't expect his new head coach bill belichick to be
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following him anytime soon. >> that's not something that i follow. i don't twitter, i don't myspace . >> all right, bill, it is facebook. >> still to come the final is set for the bank of the west classic and history at infineon. more sports is next. ♪
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third straight year after dominika see-bull- cova withdrew due to an injury... she'll marion bartoli advancing for the third straight year after dominika cibulkova withdraws because of an injury. serena williams needed just 59 minutes to beat sabine lisicki. looking for birdies at the open. shooting a 68 to get to 15 under. last year's winner sang is two strokes back. the putter bailed out owen brown at more ways than one at the u.s. senior open. he sinks the birdie from just off the green at 18. brown shoots a 65 and is now 15 under for the tournament which is a senior open record through
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54 holes. john forest made history today this afternoon at infineon. qualifying first for a record 139 times. the 62-year-old will go for his second straight tomorrow. his son-in-law robert hiatt will be the number 2 seed. finally the earthquakes have not lost in three months but former quake scoring twice in the second half to lead united to a 2-0 victory. san jose has only one win in their last 10 matches. we will have to wait and see tomorrow what happens with the as and a lot of rumors out there about rich harden and josh willingham and coco crisp. we will have to see if those guys remain in oakland. >> keep our fingers crossed. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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francisco zoo' march of the penguins san francisco style. today five penguins hashed in may. graduated from fish school. penguins were sent to school to learn how to swim and get used to being around people. today graduation day. look at the female named pose i think after buster posey. have a great night. see you tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: [ male announc brace yf e of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce,
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all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.


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