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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  September 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's a whole new world. ,,,,,,,,
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about the lab worker killed in a you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. he was looking for a better life. what we're learning tonight about the lab worker killed in a menlo park explosion. small planes at the center of a warning when homeland security is telling local law enforcement as the 9/11 anniversary nears. a supersoaking for the gulf coast. how the region and the levees held up in a rain drenching tropical storm. good evening. the menlo park lab at the
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center of a deadly explosion is off limits today. the building has been red tagged as investigators search for the source of the blast. don knapp on how the man's family plans to carry on. >> there are red tags on all the doors of this building and remain through the holiday weekend. an indication of the damage friday afternoon. >> a very big boom. one single boom. >> the blast came reportedly as researcher mixed three gases, methane, helium, and nitrogen for a project here in menlo park. one of the tanks ruptured, according to menlo park chief, killing martin and tossing a female scientist. >> she was apparently near the door. almost blown out the door, which is a good thing because it knocked her out of the laboratory. >> fellow workers came in to
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help. >> they drug that individual from the laboratory and addressed the're individual. that was a very brave thing for them to do and obviously they do care about each other enough to do that. >> kelly ferguson came by to pay her respects and show appreciation for the technology industry. >> i would say that these companies. these startups bring jobs to the local area and are an important economic engine that hire our engineers and scientists. >> unidentified female scientist suffered eardrum pain. adrian martin and his wife had come from romania and search for a better life for their family. >> i want to make sure she has everything she needed in order to pursue her career in music. that's what she wanted to do from a very young age.
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>> it was after midnight early today when investigators walked through the building. they could see the two laboratories were heavily damaged. it will be some time before this company is back in operation. in menlo park, cbs 5. >> days before the first anniversary of the san bruno explosion, the crater left by the blast is nearly filled in. the explosion left a massive hole 70 feet wide. the pipeline has been plugged with concrete. and the road will be repaved and the street should reopen sometime this month. a warning tonight of a terror threat days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11. the associated press says the fbi and department of homeland security are warning of a potential al-qaeda attack using small airplanes. they say there's no specific threat, but the terrorist organization was reportedly looking into renting small planes and packing they will
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with explosives. al chi tay continues an interest in recruiting westerners. the warning has been issued nationwide and the security has been stepped up in advance of the anniversary. >> heading to the beach this labor day weekend could be dangerous. beach goers are being warned not to turn their back on the ocean. large waves and rip currents are forecasted, especially on south facing beaches like port rays national seashore. >> you happen to get caught in that funnel, that can pull you out to sea. that has happened before. i don't want to say it's common, but it's serially not a phenomenon. >> it is especially dangerous along the coast where many bay area beaches don't have life guards. let's check in with jim bernard for the latest on the coastal current. jim. >> well, our coastline will be cloudy most of the day tomorrow, but nonetheless, we
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have a strong southwesterly surge working across the region. swell running 4 to 6 feet and creating the high risk of rip tides as well as secret waves as mentioned before. whims will be out of the west, southwest, and these conditions will continue into early next week. still caution advised if you are out on the beaches and as mentioned previously, always keep an eye towards the waves. >> all right jim, thank you. the gulf coast getting some relief tonight after a severe soaking from tropical storm lee. earlier, 60-mile per hour winds pounded this boat against a pier in mississippi. as of this hour, the storm is stoled along the louisiana coast and it is still dumping rain. how this labor day weekend appears to be a washout. >> some drivers traded their steering wheels for paddles. as tropical storm lee flooded
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parts of the coast. the tiny town was hit hard. emergency crews ordered people to head for higher ground, but not everyone left. >> we were born and raised in this area. >> storm surge is pushing water from the byu into town. there's no levy system to pump water from the street. >> that's one of the reasons we have been advocating here. the tropical systems aren't going anywhere. >> in norms, new orleans, streets are under water. six years ago, katrina ripped apart levees, flooding 80% of the city. >> the pump is getting a good test. the pumps are working fine. >> new orleans major warns lee is still a threat. >> this storm is moving painfully slow and again, the
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greatest risk for us is to get a will the of rain in a short period of time. >> this storm could dump minnesota 20 inches of rain before it moves out monday. drew, cbs news. that wild fire is 60% contained and fire officials expect to get it under control tomorrow. evacuation orders have been lifted, but one rancher lost everything. >> after another day of battling the hill fire, crews headed out on balding mesa road. they leave behind a charred landscape and a broken heart. >> i feel like a lost person. a lost soul. >> 66-year-old bruce schumaker's pain written on his fanned his face, his hands blackened. schumaker not only lost his
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farm, mobile home, and car, it took away his animals. he couldn't rescue them from fire. some survived, but now schumaker and his animals have nowhere to go. >> my whole life i dedicated my life, basically, to the animals after my daughter died and i kept doing it and this is all i know. >> tonight, oak hills residents came by to help him clean up. down the road, kim watkins is back home after evacuation orders were lifted. she told us what she did after she was told to leave. >> you panic. then you try to be sensible and think about what you need to do. >> i would have to get the photo album, the birth certificate. a friend of mine picked up the horses and the dogs and everything. >> the hill fire started friday and quickly jumped
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interstate 15. two homes were destroyed. too damaged. 60% containment on the fire that burned 1158-acres. as for bruce schumaker, he is now staying with friends and hoping his injured animals survive. >> i don't know where i'm going to start. >> firefighters will remain on scene for mop up and flairups. full containment should come in a couple of days. checking bay area headline, hundreds of layed off workers in fremont may still see receive lens. the solar company closed its doors wednesday. the state law called the worker adjustment and retraining ac, requires company to give notice. it's exempt because it was looking for funding up until the last minute. see if she qualities. >> new the stadium added
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security inside and outside and plain clothed tv. violence inside and outside two weeks ago and the 49ers played the raiders. an amazing act of bravery and it is all in a day's work. how these officers were rewarded for risking their lives. why else would you come here? for all the fun. >> a first for the pot friendly bay area where people are lighting up in the shadow of city hall. and tanning teams may soon find the salons off limits. what california may do that no state has done before. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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es --disregarding check out these dramatic picture frs iowa. officers in des moines disregarding the flames of a burning suv to rescue injured teenagers. of the four girls inside. only the driver didn't make it. but officers were able to free two girls from the wreckage and the third was thrown clear during the collision. it has been a deadly weekend on the highways and the
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weekend has hardly begun. there are three confirmed fatalities and zero last labor day weekend. dui's are also up. well even in a pot friendly bay area, people lighting up in public can turn heads. an event today was about selling products as selling the idea of pot. ann on the east bay first. >> oakland is the first place of the medical cannabis movement. it makes sense to have it here. >> it's the first street fair in the heart of oakland. >> it's just great. >> like minded people coming to give information and provide structure and information. >> it's also a novel place to legally light up right next to city hall. >> why else wold you come here? >> the city of oakland seems to be aware this festival is
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raising eyebrows. we were forbidden from taking any pictures of people taking pot. we want to respect people's right to use. they are constitutionally afforded right with mm cannabis, but e want to do it with a restriction that allows them to go to the left. >> colorful characters and products. >> this is the black magic odor barrier bag for your delicate content. >> only sing not allowed for sale, pot itself. >> there are other products we can sell, the others i take orders for. >> the only people allowed to smoke are people. >> it does help. for a test or something. >> does pot make you paranoid?
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>> not at all. it fixes every problem for me. >> it allows my muscles to relax and have wellness and a fulfilled life. >> the fair runs through sunday, tickets are $20 at gate. in oakland, cbs 5. getting that summer tan right through winter might be harder for some california teenagers. the governor has a bill on his desk that would ban the use of tanning beds. teens 15 to 17 can use a tanning bed, but only with their parent's medication. california could be the first state to set the age at 18. not a lot of sun along the coast and we are blaming jim bernard. >> for the increase in tanning beds? not much sun out there or tomorrow as this cool pattern is going to continue through the end of summer holiday as we will start the day mostly cloudy. we'll look for sunshine through
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the afternoon hours. maybe not back to the beach. temperatures slightly below seasonal norms. and upper 80s to low 90s. we continue our cool summertime pattern. this year has been well below normal and we're going to end the season that as well. north bay cooled off quite a bit. upper 60s, the mid 70s. cooling into the low 60s to upper 50s. the clouds did linger. moving into the bay tonight, it will retreat through early tomorrow, leaving the store line. the entire region is cloudy. we'll look for that clearing trend through mid-morning tomorrow going from mostly cloudy to clear for most locations. as mentioned, not likely.
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we once again will continue to. maintaining the on shore flow across the bay and as you know, that keeps the low clouds and fog moving across the airport. allow mixing in the atmosphere, resulting in a warmup. we won't see that until tomorrow. the upper 80s to low 90s. in the mid to upper 70s. the mid 60s by the time you head to the beach. north bay continuing cool in the mid to upper 720. as we see a lit billion of a bump io rife early next week, lower 90s. it looks like we will gradually cool as cooling as the seasons
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change. >> with lincecum and vogelsong. >> the giants trying to get one game closer. how much luck would stanford need in their season opener against san jose state? find out next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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west last september thanks to a me losing streak the giants were able to make up ground in the nl west last september thanks to a ten- game losing streak by the padres. but it doesn't look like the diamondbacks are going to give them a shot this year. rookie presses 92-mile an hour fastball.
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not too many guys do this. it's gold smith. second homer against lincecum. kennedy had a much better run. becomes the first pitcher in the enable he never done the -- arizona goes on to win 7-2 and has once again six games up on the giants. >> having a good year. that's why they are in first. they are putting runs on the board. a little bit more often than what we have been doing and they did tonight. >> we have come here to play every game. we want to play game and see what happens. >> baseball at the coliseum. michael hangs one and scott sizemore makes him pay with a solo shot to left.
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3-0a's in the 9th. dustin ackley hits one ut l middle. jay den shroffs it. thrown to fax. brandon pitched a three shutout and struck out ten. he picked up his eighth run as the a's won 3-0. last year san jose opened up its season, but this fear the david shaw era is officially underway down on the field and stanford up 2-0. brandon kelly fumbled in sexual intercourse if anyone is interested. on the first play of the second quarter, south carolina in the back inned m. stanford up,
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crushes matt faulker in. henry anderson makes the case, but he gets tripped up and the cardinal offense turned it into another touchdown. luck rolls out and hits ryan hewitt. finishes with two touchdown passing and one rushing as stanford blows out. >> i put up 57 points. a large part was defense and special teams putting allot situations where it was like, you can't mess up. >> picked up by anderson, big fella motoring inside the 20. he's on his feet to the goal line. >> i was running, expecting to get tackled. i was running down and getting close to the goal line. i'm like, why haven't i been tackled yet? i think it was the wide receiver flying toward my head.
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wow, i didn't see him coming. >> only 31,000 at candlestick. the first half as a bear kits picked off. four plays later, it was 7-0 bulldogs. came back with two quick scores. takes it right up the middle for 39 yards. but the bears would miss two extra points and only lead 12- 7. so ran for 83 yards and two touchdowns. throws deep and makes the leaping catch over two bulldogs. hooked up eight times for 112 yards. two plays later, goes deep again. this time to marvin jones far 42-yardyards. blew it open in the 3rd
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quarter. garrett car picks it up and sprints into the end zone. the bears outscored frees know state. their season opener 36-21. in other action, fourth ranked lsu beat oregon 40-27. biosi state beat georgia and south florida beat mohr tear date, sacramento state beat oregon state 29-28 in overtime. still to come, the 49ers are down to one quarterback with nfl experience. and forget what the rankings say. serena williams looks like the top seed at the u.s. open. more sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mcleod bethe the 49ers released quarterbacks josh and mccloud bethel thompson. and the raiders cut edwards. u.s. open third round, roger federer taking on felich. a good workout this afternoon. the match lasted close to three hours, but federer was too much work. he wins in four sets and
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advances to the finals. on the women's side, serena dominated in the first set. 6'1" and held on to win the tie. round two at the open. the dries are on brans tonight. first hole it in one. he is one shot back after shooting he could up all the way at the top. he thinks the hong eagle par, he . we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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finally tonight, a happy homecoming for happy feet. the young penguin who got his name from the movie washed up at a beach in new zealand. he undergone surgery to remove six pounds of sand from his stomach. the happy, healthy happy feet was returned to the wild with a gps attached, so millions of his fans can monitor his ventures on the web. and off he goes, maybe. that's it for eyewitness news at 11:00, thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 5:30. until then, our news updates are on
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have a great night. ,,,,,,,,


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