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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  October 2, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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turns out, it was gunfire outside a party advertised on the internet. three people are dead. i know it's a little early to be talking about this, but nonetheless, wind and rain headed our way for the beginning of the week. details, coming up on eyewitness news, next. and a warning if you plan on traveling anywhere. be alert the threat facing americans all over the world. and good evening. two gunmen opened fire on people leaving a party in the east bay. three people ended up dead in a parking lot. the party was held in a warehouse in an industrial area of san leandro. anne mackovic reports about a hundred people attended, and police are hoping witnesses come forward. >> reporter: the shootings occurred before 1:30 this morning, but three bodies remained in this parking lot, covered in tarps until the afternoon, as police continued their investigation into a multiple murder outside an illegal warehouse party. >> we're trying to find a
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motive. we're not aware of any conflict that occurred prior to the party or during the party. >> reporter: at least two people, armed with semi automatic handguns, opened fire on a crowd leaving the event. a lot of those shots were aimed at this explorer. three people died. three others were injured. this man heard the shots from across the street. >> there was this noise, rat, take the, take the, this noise, didn't know what it was. >> reporter: he went out onto the roof to check it out. >> people running around, pandamonium a little bit. i guess you would expect. >> reporter: officers know there were a lot of witnesses. there were dozens of people in the parking lot at the time of the shooting. now, they are just hoping more of them might be willing to step forward. >> we're filtering through the information we're getting and we're hoping that we can get some more information from witnesses that may have left the scene, but have more information for us. >> reporter: police also spent much of the day trying to track down the people responsible for the party, which was advertised on the internet, but did not
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have a permit. >> when that occurs, we're notified that there's going to be a large group gathering, a party or some sort, so we can monitor. at this point, there were no notifications out and as far as i know, no permits issued. >> disturbing, obviously. that's the times we're living in. >> reporter: in san leandro, anne mackovic, cbs 5. >> police responding to a shots fired in san francisco. a man had been shot several times after 10:00 last night on thomas avenue in the bayview district. 21-year-old nick franton stum intelled into a store to get help. he later died at the hospital. no motive or suspect description at this time. temporary repairs made to a 2-foot wide sinkhole in a san francisco street, 300 block of 15th avenue, when it gave way about 8:00 this morning. public works says a 100-year-old
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sewer main under the road collapsed. the street will reopen sometime tonight, when temporary repairs are finished. more repairs will be made in the coming weeks. and the first big storm of the season is outside way to the bay area, and with it comes a significant amount of rain and some wind. meteorologist jim bernard is tracking the storm for us. >> well, again, it is early to be talking about rain this time of year. it's not going to be a gulley washer, but we're looking at pretty good amounts of rain for early october here, as we see the pattern will be changing with increasing clouds across the bay here today. we'll look for rain to spread north to south here through the morning hours, into tomorrow afternoon. should be moving throughout the bay area, as we see the rain start up in the north bay. here you see the clouds moving in our direction. most of the moisture stayed to our north today, but that changes tomorrow, as you see here. here comes the frontal boundary as it crosses the bay area, through the day tomorrow, leaving about anywhere from a half an inch up in the north bay to about a quarter of an inch or
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less across the greater bay area. again, the greatest rainfall amounts will be north, near three quarters of an inch, and more to come through midweek, which we will talk about for you, coming up in the complete forecast in just a few minutes. >> great, thanks, jim. well, cities including san francisco will not be able to put a ban on circumcision. governor brown signed a bill that will prevent local governments from outlawing the practice. circumcision opponents in san francisco collected enough signatures to put the ban on the ballot in november. now, they argued that circumcision is unnecessary and can lead to health problems. but those against the ban, including jews and muslims, for whom it is part of their religious practice. changes are being considered at an intersection where a little girl was hit and killed by a car. 6-year-old sierra rose was killed in an east palo alto crosswalk at bay road and gloria way, as she walked to school last week. her mother was right behind her. the driver was a teacher at
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another school. on tuesday, the city council will hear a staff report and get feedback from community members about the traffic conditions in the area and determine if changes need to be made. the state department is warning americans who are traveling to be on alert after a u.s. military strike killed an american-born al-qaeda leader in yemen. and a former vice president is defending the obama administration's use of force in the attack. >> reporter: u.s. officials say supporters of an american-born cleric killed in yemen could avery anxious his death. alal-awlaki died in a drone attack. >> he motored them and enabled them to go after the foreign enemy. that's us. >> reporter: al-awlaki was the leader of external operations for al-qaeda, linked to fort
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hood shooting and failed underwear bombing on christmas day in 2009. the state department issued a worldwide travel alert, saying supporters of the american-born cleric may retaliate. john and lydia clerk are traveling to rome for their honeymoon and realize there is a threat to u.s. citizens. >> i trust our security and their security over there, and we feel very comfortable traveling. >> reporter: friday's attack also killed american samir khan, chief propaganda, publishing an online jihaddist newsletter. civil liberties groups raised concerns about targeting u.s. citizens, but former vice president dick cheney defended president obama. >> i think the president ought to have that authority to order that kind of strike, even when it involves an american citizen, if there's clear evidence that he's part of al-qaeda. >> reporter: experts say al-awlaki's death is a blow to the terror network, but al-qaeda in yemen remains a threat. cbs news. well, republican
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presidential candidate herman cain is talking about challenge eric perry these days. an end of an era for 60 minutes. andy rooney makes his last regular appearance tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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reports that fellow candidae rick perry's family leased a t had a republican presidential candidate herman cain reacted to reports that fellow rick perry's family rented a camping ground that had a racially charged name. >> there are some words that do not basically inspire the kind of negativity like that particular word. and i know that you will refrain from saying that word, so i'm going to say the name of the place was called the haven. that is very insensitive. sense governor perry has been going there for years to hunt, i think it showed a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place. it's just a case of
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insensitivity. >> it was painted over. >> yes, it was painted over, but how long ago was it painted over? >> rick perry's campaign communications director quickly sent out a statement, saying the family took quick action to eliminate the word on the rock and released a statement that said, quote, the word written by others is insensitive and offensive and is why the perry's took quick action to cover it. the old name has its origins from another time and era when, unfortunately, offensive language was used to name some land formations around the country. when my dad joined the lease in 1983, he painted over the offensive word. it is my understanding that the rock was also turned over to further obscure what was originally written on it. well, it's back to normal tonight for a bank of a america website. customers have been experiencing outages and slow loading web pages since friday. problems surfaced a day after b of a announced a $5 monthly fee for customers who use debit
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cards. a spokesperson said the problems were not the result of hacking and no information was compromised. commentary andy rooney makes his final appearance on 60 minutes. he talks about some of the qualities that make him distinct. >> i try to look nice, i comb my hair, tie my tie, put on a jacket. but i draw the line when it comes to trimming my eyebrows. you work with what you got. >> rooney is 92 years old and has appeared on cbs for 33 years. cbs says it's difficult for him to appear every week, but he'll make occasional appearances. rooney's interview will air tonight on 60 minutes. make it legal or pay up. the new requirement for pet stores and rescue groups. how much pet owners can be fined for not getting their dogs licensed. writers and a lovely fall day around the bay today. we'll take a turn towards wet beginning tomorrow and continuing through midweek.
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i'll have all the details, coming your way, next.
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pet. a new california state bill aims to make sure dog owners have a license for their pet. it's always been state law for dogs to be licensed, but only about 16% of them actually are. the bill targets pet stores and rescue groups, requiring them to submit dog owner contact information to local licensing agencies. pet owners can then be contacted to ensure their dogs get licensed. if not, they could be fined
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$100. pet owners across san francisco's grace cathedral today for the annual animal-friendly service in honor of st. francis, the patron saint of animals. church officials gave pets of all kinds a short blessing of good health and obedience to their master. >> it's a unique experience to come to church with your dog, because you can't -- it's often not allowed. so i recommend it, and there's all kinds. sometimes people have a snake across his shoulders. i've seen police courses. >> not only was st. francis an animal lover, but san francisco is named after him. and a welcoming sight in the skies over the nation's capitol. a rainbow appeared today behind the washington monument. it was mostly overcast there with a few showers here and there, creating that beautiful rainbow. light showers are expected there overnight. maybe we will find a rainbow
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or two in the days ahead. jim bernard joins us again with a look at the week ahead. >> through the beginning of the week, we see again an early start to the season, undenialably, it's officially here. fall is the time, with rain on the horizon this evening. hope you had a chance to button up all of those projects before the rain appears. we're looking at increasing clouds around the bay tonight. after midnight, chance of showers will begin in the north, spreading south through the day tomorrow. still looks like light rain shower activity. the second system to arrive late tuesday, into wednesday, promising to bring more moisture to the area and give us a good soaking in early october. tonight, increasing clouds and showers begin, beginning north. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. we cool off tomorrow, low 60s on the peninsula. low 70s for the warmer locations. in the east bay and south bay, we see again rain showers spreading from north to south, as a well form frontal boundary moves into the area. raining up on the north coast,
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moving into the north bay early in the morning here, as we look for showers to be on the light side with this first system. as we saw earlier, quarter of an inch of rain up in the north bay. as the frontal boundary crosses through tomorrow afternoon, we'll see a brief break into tuesday, before the next one arrives wednesday morning, and that one will be the wetter one, leaving an inch or so across the bay. up to an inch to 3 inches of rain across the north bay and the north bay hills. again, this is a pretty good amount of moisture for us for this time of year. we see the rainfall spreading from north to south here through midweek. now, this is through wednesday. you can see pretty good soaking there for the bay area, which could cause problems with flooding of rain gutters that, type of thing. be prepared for a little catchup there. come thursday, we dry out and winter storm warnings are up for the highcountry, as the northern sierra could see up to 12 inches
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of snow. way too early to be talking about that. not even sure all the snow melted from last year, but already we start collecting here, as we see a very cold and wet system headed our way with temperatures dropping into the mid and upper 60s in the north bay. warmer to the east and south, in the low 70s. mid-60s on the peninsula, mid-50s at the beach. looking at the seven-day, as you would expect, looking a bit moist here through the beginning of the week, with winds arriving on wednesday, as that stronger wave moves through the area and then we'll dry out again to clean up the mess, thursday through the weekend, as temperatures are warm, still on the cool side, but warmer through midweek. >> looks like a good weekend. thank you much, jim. pretty excited about a home game, sold out. >> sold out last week against the new york jets. this week, tom brady and the patriots came to town, and the
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on the radio show today, i said raiders and patriots would combine for a thousand yards of offense. that type of game. >> ?and. >> a little over 900, just shy of that, but they had their
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chance. patriots last in anything? giving up nearly 470 yards a game. oakland tried to expose that. back to back sellouts at the coliseum for the first time since 2008. 7-3 patriots. mcfadden had a career high 171 yards rushing last week. new england held him to just 75 today. that was his longest run right there, 41 yards to set up the 1-yard touchdown run. 14-10 new england later in the second quarter. jason campbell couldn't find the open receiver. he was trying to throw it out of bounds, but didn't throw it high enough. patrick chung in the end zone, missed opportunity. 17-10, new england at half time. they go for more. rookie stephen ridley scores his first career touchdown, to go
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along with 97 yards. 24-10 new england. 24-13 patriots in the fourth quarter. brady to brand, 226 yards for brady, and 2 touchdowns to make it 31-13. jason campbell had 334 yards passing, but he had too many mistakes. another interception. this time, oakland would add a touchdown late, but they lose 31-19, falling 2-2. >> i give them the credit. they did a good job. they came into our backyard and they beat us. there ain't no two ways about it. they did what they needed to do to win and we didn't. we have some things to shore up. again, we did not play well in, my opinion, on either side of the ball. if we did, we wouldn't be sitting here in this capacity right now. didn't play well. houston next week. jim harbaugh kept the 49ers on the road this week, practicing in youngstown, ohio before
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heading to philadelphia. some called it a good team bonding experience. they needed to stick together today. no stone or blade of grass left unturned by jim harbaugh. yes, it is a real grass field. michael vick seems like he's playing on artificial turf anyway. ray mcdonald will see this in his nightmares. incredible. vick was able to slip by brooks and duck under mcdonald. eagles led by as many as 20 points in the third quarter. game over, right? third quarter, back comes san francisco. alex smith to morgan to the house. 23-10 at that point. later in the third, smith to vernon davis, fighting his way into the end zone, so the deficit now is down to 6 points. fourth quarter, another scoring drive. frank gore with his first 100-yard gain of the season for 12 yards. 49ers take the lead 24-23. plenty of time, though, for the
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eagles. midfield, mackland got a lane, but justin smith stripped him from behind. goldson recovers the ball and the 49ers are 3-1, coming from behind to beat philadelphia 24-23. >> they all feel like the biggest win when you win them, so, yeah, this is for sure the biggest win. >> my feeling? do i really have to explain that? do i really have to explain how i'm feeling right now, sitting at 1-3? dewpoint me to explain that to everyone in here? frustrating. it's tough. i don't know. i can't put that in words. and the undefeated lions fell behind by 24 in dallas. stafford was looking for the most unstoppable receiver in the game. calvin johnson, detroit within 6. no way to stop that run. the lions scored 31 points in the second half. stafford and johnson again, with under 2 minutes to play. detroit comes back, winning
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34-30. game 2 between the yankees and tigers. cabrera went over the short board, counts the same. 2-0 detroit. the rain returned in the 9th inning. last night's hero, cano up with the tying run at first, but grounds out to end the game. tigers win 5-3 to even that series at 1-1. game 3 is in detroit tomorrow night. kurt gibson and his diamondbacks trying to avoid falling two games behind to the brewers. picking it up in the 5th inning, brewers up 4-2. not for long. upton brings the diamondbacks right back, two-run shot to tie the game at 4-4. the wheels come off for the diamondbacks in the 6th. the bunt squeeze, zigler blew it away. brewers put 5 on the board and win 9-4. it was bring your toddler to workday in dover. third ranked in the chase for the cup and kurt busch takes the checkered flag to move up to
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third in the standings. and kevin harvick takes over the points lead with 7 races to go. pga, final round of the justin timberlake charity event in las vegas. making a statement, on the 17th hole, three straight birdies to pull ahead, winning for the first time in eight years, winning by two strikes. ian knight, the tournament promote tore will be on the show tonight, of course, scored tiger woods. we'll be back in a half hour, and then again at 10:00 and 11:00. until then, have a good day. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> mitchell: tonight, will he or won't he? the pressure building on new jersey governor chris christie to enter the 2012 presidential race, even as some question his


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