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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  July 1, 2012 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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>> this morning, the search continues for a dodgers fan who may have fallen into the bay. our friends and family are turning to the public for help >> what is next for health care in the bay area? an east bay event offering answers for those in need of health care and jobs >> crews working around the clock on those massive wildfires in colorado. how some are taking advantage of evacuated homes. thanks for joining us. >> we have all lot of news to cover, a big week in sacramento where they pass the budget but coming up, high-speed rail. a big vote this week on the
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future of high-speed rail. >> he spent time in sacramento last week >> it was warm up there. i don't know where it was hotter, inside or outside the capital because it was not pretty to as they hammered that together and you were with ross mirkarimi at the hearing >> we will talk about the latest of the testimony. several new laws coming into effect as it is the beginning of july >> friends of a missing dodgers fan who may have fallen into the bay are reaching out to the public for help >> they're conducting another search along the embarcadero. victor and a friend left at&t park after the giants dodgers game monday night. they were walking near pier 30 and pier 32 when he vanished. the coast guard and fire department search turned up nothing. the official search was called off on tuesday. >> for friends and family has been really rough but we are
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trying to stay strong and pulled together in the out years to support his family and i couldn't imagine what they're going through at this point. >> yesterday in his friend's hand out fliers and they will be back at it today. new laws are in effect in california including mandatory insurance coverage for maternity camp. all providers must cover maternity services. another new law requires coverage for behavioral treatment of autism for children and young adults. a law called the safe body art act, and local government and, california has a host of other new laws including one that has not since been seen anywhere else in the nation. used-car dealers need to salvage certain vehicles as junk. there are two new laws that discourage bullying with
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prevention training. this weekend, a health and job fair in the east bay aims to help people outside of the system. if you're in oakland was held to help people look for employment and health coverage. many people without insurance feel that the mainstream path to care is not available to them because of rising costs and that can lead to a vicious cycle. >> if you aren't healthy you cannot go to work, mentally you need to have in mind set like i'm doing good, i'm looking good in feeling good so i can get up and go to work and be on time >> the supreme court is up holding most of the new health care was giving hope to some who eventually won't need to come to st. fares to get services. for more on how the ruling affects you and how californians really think about the decision log on to our website. coming up on face the nation, the next at in health care
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>> nora has a one-on-one interview with house speaker john bainer on face the nation starting at 8:30 a.m. here on cbs five. in other national news, at least 13 people are dead following vicious storms that hit the midwest and mid-atlantic states this weekend. widespread power outages are forcing people to enter sweltering heat, most without air-conditioning. some areas are in a state of emergency. >> the trail winds through the bedroom in this home in maryland killing a 71 year-old woman >> i'm still shaking because that could have just as well happen to us >> forecasters say that hurricane force winds left the path of destruction from the midwest to the east coast friday and saturday. >> the wind came from the
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southwest incompletely cooked this part of the building off >> more than 3 million people lost power and crews are working around the clock to get the electricity back on. officials have declared a state of emergency in virginia and here in washington d.c.. power may not be restored for days in some areas and temperatures could hit triple digits on sunday. fallen trees are making it difficult to get around the nation's capital and in falls church va., residents woke up the trees on their cars and their homes >> powerhouse shot and i came outside and this was it >> a country club in maryland receive so much damage that saturday's third round of the at&t national golf tournament started almost six hours late and pga officials banned spectators because they could not clear all the debris around the course. authorities throughout the affected areas say the cleanup
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from these powerful storms will take days. >> in other news, the wild fire near colorado springs is now 45 percent contained but officials say the weather is getting hotter and drier, not a good sign. that will not help the firefighters who are fighting the most destructive wild fire in colorado history. flames that destroyed nearly 350 homes in colorado springs and some residents are returning home only to find that they have been looted >> it is almost as bad as her house being burned down because you feel violated. >> police have made some arrests in connection. other fires are still burning in colorado utah wyoming and montana and idaho >> police in vallejo have shot and killed an armed robbery suspect. it happened on sheridan street.
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officers ordered the man to show his hand but he pointed a handgun at them and they opened fire. police believe the man was involved in an armed robbery earlier on wilson avenue before trying to get away in an s-u-v that had been stolen. this is the fifth police shooting recently in vallejo and the third time someone was killed. in may suspect pulled out in metallic wallet that officers thought was a weapon. another time the suspect was armed with a replica pellet gun. the latest case is being investigated by the county d.a.. park police used a taser on a 17 year-old boy last night. he had allegedly punched a teenage girl in the face which led to a huge fight. police use the taser after they say the boy refused to cooperate but only one probe from the gun made contact so there was no electrical current. the vallejo fire department
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will reopen one of its stations tomorrow thanks to a fema grant >> department has had several layoffs because of its bankruptcy situation but station 25 will reopen with 10 new recruits. it will be up to the city to pick up the cost of the firefighters in two years' time. bay area quality managers say the burning season is in effect until april 30th of next year. fires are set to get rid of unwanted vegetation from land where animals graze us >> the reality of high-speed rail in california and paying for all >> state senator mark this sunday joins us next >> of rules about it use liver in effect today. animal activists last diners. >> we're looking forward to a cooler day today with more low clouds around the bay area and we have a forecast coming up in
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a few minutes. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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>> a new state law goes into effect banning a culinary delicacy. it prohibits the force beating of ducks to create enlarged livers. last night's restaurant surrogate for the final time >> it will be feared, we are doing a play on a movie course called silence of the ducks because after today the ducks will no longer be crying >> animal rights advocates protested outside of a restaurant in san francisco cab drivers in chicago have a new weapon against passengers to make a mess in the back. you'll take punishment of step further. similar charges were introduced
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this year in austin texas and savannah georgia. in other transportation news you will not need to go to the front of the bus to get on muni anymore. san francisco transit system has put it all before boarding policy place in tomorrow. it basically lets people board from the back or the front in the idea is to make easier for people who actually need to deal with the driver to get up there and deal with the driver. taking a look at the weather, we have fog around the bay area this morning but hopefully that will clear out and give way to sunny skies. >> this is the beginning of the warming trend that will last through the week. a live look outside right now, you can see some of the cloud studying the area. 60s around most of the bay
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area. santa rosa checking in at 62 degrees. >> we're starting off with fog and low clouds along the shoreline. it was foggy through the golden gate bridge yesterday morning and afternoon. with a low clouds around this morning, the forecast is for temperatures to come down a little bit. nothing dramatic, just not quite as warm as it was yesterday. with a potential for drizzle along the shore, temperatures at the beach will be in the upper 50s. the sun will eventually come out in spots. some sunshine this morning but there are also places in the east bay that are forecast to have clouds and fog. everything burns back to the shoreline by the middle of the day but highway one has to go up the coast toward san francisco
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looks like it will be persistently overcast. that will keep things on the relatively cool side. since at the beach it will be cool and it will be mostly overpass. heading out tomorrow at the airport, 69 degrees with fog in the morning. 73 in los angeles, denver has a few clouds and 95. it is hot back east with new york city forecast for a high of 90 degrees. in northern california, 61 in eureka. 92 in redding. 71 degrees at yosemite and 93 in fresno. the pinpoint forecasts, the bay area looks like 70 degrees. 81 degrees in east dunne avenue at morgan hill. 84 degrees in brentwood. 82 degrees in pleasanton.
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for the north bay, santa rosa is 80. 79 in petaluma. in san francisco, 66 degrees. that is pretty much the tomb for the next week. fog and low clouds along the shoreline. next weekend, more of the same. >> gov. jerry brown is running into renewed skepticism from fellow democrats even on the issue of high-speed rail. he needs 21 votes in the state senate to secure $6 billion of funding in order to start construction in the central valley as soon as december. in 2008, voters approved a
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ballot measure for about $9 billion. at that time the idea of high- speed rail then ballooned up to $100 billion and now it is down to $60 billion. >> this has challenges, it would be fair to say >> one of the challenges is the vote expected to be taken in sacramento. >> there are numerous questions but i think the most important on a public-works project of this size, the largest in the history of the state, between 10 or 25% funded and many of these projects go over budget and with the pressure we have on our general fund we need to be very careful >> we're getting a promise of some money from the feds and we have bond money but how much of the price tag will cover and how much do we need to come up with?
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>> we have about $3 billion from the federal government and that is the pressure right now, to allocate those funds. we have to match that dollar for dollar. the total funds are about $13 billion if we extended all of it. >> understand the biggest issue is where to spend the first couple of billion dollars. you say you wanted done on the l.a. san jose part of the line and the l.a. part of the line, where the people are. but the government in d.c. wanted to go through the central valley and they want that stretch pilfers. is that what the rift is? >> we don't want to spend money where there won't be any use for it when we haven't identified the funding to finish the plan and we want to spend it where there is immediate utility. where there is congestion and where people need the services and we know we need it in urban areas. is not taking it politically
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from the valley, it is to put it where the writer should needs it >> so there is resistance from the governor and the fed said >> the resistance that we get is the commitment to spend in the valley, we believe there is enough flexibility in the grants that we have and the urgency. if we spend the funds, $200 million in general fund obligations or we have just cut billions of dollars to health and human services and education >> there is the rub. if you are in sacramento cutting budgets and education and other things and telling the voters we need a tax hike, how'd you justify spending the money on high-speed rail? >> in my view it is to spend on passenger services now that might lead to high speed rail but then you have utilities. we know what happened when bart stop with the fire, we need more capacity in urban areas >> so why do they say no? >> you would need to ask them.
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i have not got an answer that makes much sense to me personally >> is there pressure from washington? some of it is political. >> i don't know about that, i think the reasons >> the unions want the jobs >> yes that you have them wherever you put them but you have a benefit to the general public if you spend money that doesn't have any kind of utility for people and it comes from the general fund, you will lose union jobs in the public sector >> this comes up for a vote this week? >> as early as tuesday or friday. we are supposed to take a break for three weeks and go back to the districts as of friday. >> does the governor have the votes he needs? >> it will be a close call, i don't think so. >> thanks for stopping by. we will be right back.
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>> a safe touchdown for a multinational crew after six months in space. astronauts from the u.s.a., russia, and the netherlands landed in a field in russia. the three had been working on the international space station. nasa astronaut donald pettit
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has logged just over one year in space during his three missions. the misconduct case against sheriff ross mirkarimi has gathered criticism. does he deserve a second chance falling his domestic violence incident? >> for answers to that we turn to the former mayor willie brown and ross mirkarimi wife attorney who was at the hearings this week. we asked how much of this hearing is everyone talking about is for the record and how much is to play in the court of public opinion. >> in reality on the political side, it is all figured out, it is all public opinion >> speaking of feeder and public opinion, is testimony, he has gone back and forth in the public's mind. tearful one day, angry the next, what do you see? >> needs to be consistent for a
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couple of months. he needs to use the opportunity to build on it and gather public relations team because it will all come down to a vote in the board of supervisors three months from now. >> believe me, every member of that board is quaking in their boots. they do not want to cast this vote at all simply because they will offend somebody, when you vote particularly somebody on this issue >> what are the size? >> nobody is for domestic violence, but on the domestic violence advocates are against it mirkarimi so do you punish them or do you believe in redemption? either way it will hurt. >> there is no redemption in domestic violence, that is not allowed >> but you have to believe that >> i understand that the world is not organized that way. this is one of the accusations
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that holds water just in the capacity of being an accusation. >> the other thing about this, even if somehow ross mirkarimi is removed from office, challenge the removal. under the case law, this is probably not a lawful act to attempt to remove him. >> even after the board of supervisors there could be another play >> there will be another play no matter. the only time it will stop is if the board of supervisors allows him to hold on to the job. mayor lee would never initiate an action to have the court overturned that >> one of the more interesting twists down the line. this could all wind up in court. it could be in front of the ethics commission and then go in front of the supervisors but they will take all the records of everything they are going through and if they find what they think is enough error that they could challenge in court
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and say it was not done properly. >> it is getting obnoxious to continue dragging this out in front of the public, spending all this taxpayer money >> he legitimately feels the mayor should not have the authority to decide who stays in office and who doesn't. the second one is is in order to walk away you need a place to walk away to end at this point he does not have another place to go >> behind-the-scenes alliance building. >> we need to move on a >> mcintosh for pc? the choice that might lead to higher prices online >> the intense thunderstorms that tore through the midwest and mid-atlantic region. the power outages that are hitting millions.
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>> if you even look like you could carry a gun, you could be a target. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride.
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>> friends of the missing dodgers fan are stepping up efforts to find him after he goes missing by the bay in san francisco.
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>> a drastic solution for crime lab problems in oakland >> extreme weather slams into the east coast and midwest. welcome back to the weekend early edition. good morning. >> we have several new laws coming into effect and we will be talking about that coming up. online privacy, it did you hear the story about orbit, a travel site, is determining what computer you are using in deciding how expense of the hotel is it will present to >> based on your computer >> yes, they say macintosh users would be able to afford more expensive hotels. >> we will also be talking about san francisco, stop and frisk for guns, very controversial. friends of the missing dodgers fan who may have fallen into the bay are reaching out for help >> they're trying to find
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closure. victor of reno and a friend left at&t park after the giant'' game on monday night. they were walking your peer 30 when he vanished. the coast guard and fire department search found nothing. friends say that he had been drinking. today his friends will be handing out fliers. >> the oakland crime lab is dealing with huge challenges according to the grand jury. a new report shows is underfunded and overworked. grand jury is suggesting a drastic solution, consolidate the lab with alameda county crime lab. the report found that more than 10,000 cases have searchable fingerprints but they go and search because of staffing shortages. the grand jury also says the
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lab is too old and the spread sheet system is inadequate to track cases. >> at least 13 people have died and 3 million are without power right now following storms with hurricane force winds. the worst damage is in west virginia, washington d.c. and its suburbs. falling trees are causing a lot of problems in some places. in maryland a tree smashed three home and killed a 71 year- old woman. >> i'm still shaking because that could have just as well happen to us >> states of emergency have been declared in four states and the district of columbia. the fact that the storms was so unexpected have allen it added to the challenge. >> the wait is over for some colorado residents forced to flee in the face of massive wild fire. authorities are allowing them to return home to walled canyon
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where the fire is 45 percent contained but as drew levenson shows us, the flames are only part of the threat to some of these empty homes. >> linda burton just came home after sleeping three nights at a friend's house. she and her fiancee evacuated when the walled canyon wild fire crept within blocks of her home. she was thrilled to be back but shocked to find her car was gone, stolen. >> it was a 2008 mazda, a limited edition. they came in through this window >> the ransacked the place taking jewelry and computers >> is almost as bad as our house been burned down because you are violated and people who are already suffering >> sarah cracker was still unpacking saturday and she took most of her precious belongings
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including the flag that gripped her father's coffin. she says it was stressful not knowing whether her home survived the fires. >> is great to be able to get back to work and be home in my own bed >> there were many thousands of others who cannot get back into their homes. they still live too close to where the wildfires continue to burn out of control. >> working as aggressively as we can to get people back home and businesses back to work. >> sunday people who lived in one of the hardest-hit areas will be allowed back home for a short time to see what is left of their houses. firefighters say the weather is cooperating, allowing them to gain ground on the fire. >> 49ers linebacker alden smith is recovering from stab wounds at a weekend party at his own house. police say it happened at his home in the east san jose foothills.
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. sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call about multiple gunshots at the home. two people who were shot are expected to survive. >> a hearing is set tuesday for the disputed funds of the 49ers new stadium. now the 49ers have obtained a temporary restraining order. the team is stressing that the dispute will not affect the time line for construction. bus travel is about to become more frequent over the dumbarton bridge. starting tomorrow ac transit is expanding service between union city and palo alto. it will cross the bridge three times more often and more trips are being added between morning and evening commute hours. a of those buses are outfitted with wireless technology >> it was a bit out of
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character for mayor ed lee to suggest a tactic that some consider a violation of civil rights but activists are outraged. mike sugarman talks about the mayor's talked-about stopped and frisked. >> orders were down in san francisco until this month. 28 people killed this year before june and the intent in june. >> we definitely had a bad month and we don't want another one >> nor does mayor ed lee who in conversations with the chief suggested that the city consider the n.y. police tactics of stop and frisk >> if they feel someone is armed and dangerous they can pat them down before they question them. >> it targets, personally targets communities of color and particularly young men of color. >> mayor lee who is a former civil rights attorney and a
8:07 am
lefty, did not want to talk about his conversations but here's what he told the chief >> the statement is that he wants to provoke discussion, he doesn't want to rule out anything >> the chief is not a fan. in violence prone southeast section of town there were mixed opinions >> too many guns out here >> you can see profile people and just stop them. they just got my granddaughter you graduated in pasadena it because she was in an all white community looking for an apartment >> study showed that a majority of stops were of blacks and latinos and there was no dramatic impact of guns off the street. >> i have been out in san francisco talking to people with different perspectives so we will talk more about a coming up in a few minutes. >> our conversation with the police chief and former mayor willie brown on stopping violence in the city.
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>> paying more for the same hotel. i one website treats macintosh and pc users differently. >> the origins of mean girls may be on social media. how that might be causing them to forget their manners. >> we will start out with some clouds around the bay area so expect 3-6 degrees cooler today. warming up tomorrow and then we have,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> ,,,,,,,,
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>> the next time a teenage girl talks back to you can blame it on social media. britain's plain english campaign say that facebook and twittered are making girls speak more aggressively. social networks demand that users write more concisely. the campaign believes that is leading to girls forgetting how to use pleasantries we used to find in letters. >> so you go from letters to e-
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mail to twitter so it keeps getting shorter and shorter >> i'm finally getting my mom into the text thing. i got my first one from her yesterday. >> it we have some fog around the bay area >> foggy out there, it live look at the golden gate bridge. a similar morning to what we saw yesterday but things will warm up a bit more throughout the day. current temperatures in the '60s right now, warming up. >> good morning everyone, we're starting off with fog and low clouds. foggy at the golden gate bridge yesterday and with the low clouds around this morning the forecast is for temperatures to come down a little bit.
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we will look for the numbers to be a little bit cooler tonight. potential for drizzle along the shore. the numbers near the beach will be in the upper fifties. the sun will eventually be coming out. places in the east bay that are forecast with some fog and low clouds so it will take awhile for things to clear up. i one has to go up towards the coast, it looks like it will be overcast. that will keep things on the relatively cool side. if you're heading out tomorrow, 69 degrees at the airport. heading to l.a., 73 degrees. 95 in denver. it is hot back east with n.y.
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city forecast for 90 degrees. in northern california will be looking for a high of 61. some clouds in monterey if you're headed down to the aquarium. the bay area looks like 77 degrees in san mateo. 81 degrees in morgan hill. 79 in livermore, 82 in pleasanton. in daly city will look for 64 degrees. 66 in san francisco. touch and go for any coastal fireworks displays but inland should be nice. fog and low clouds along the
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shoreline and next week, more of the same. >> here is a new twist. pc or macintosh? it might actually make a difference when you're shopping for hotels online. orviss it is concerning, orbit is showing that if you are using a more expensive computer they will give you a deeper price >> it is actually not a different price that they will show you the more expensive ones first. the company told the wall street journal that macintosh users since their computers are more expensive, will see the more expensive rooms first. study shows that mackintosh salaries are higher versus pc users. macintosh users spent 20-$30
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more per hotel might and they tend to stay in for and five- star hotels more often. a closer look at legal implications with online privacy. >> is pretty amazing that they can do this >> i think most people have no idea how much information is being gathered on them constantly and what is being done. when you go to website and you click to go to website, there is an instantaneous auction going on the second you get there between advertisers bidding in getting there had in front of you and they're using information from where you have been recently, with your zip code, and what computer you are using. >> when your on the web site your participating in a corporate enterprise. in other words, companies on the information flowing through
8:17 am
this >> companies to on the information but we go back to the issue of privacy. when you leave your home and go out and the real world you have made decision to move forward. the internet has been analogize to leaving your home so even though i might think i'm perfectly private sitting on my computer, a lot thinks of u.s. someone who has left your home and entered the world >> i am personally pc user, if they show me cheaper hotel rooms, i am cheap and i will pick a cheaper one. what is the real problem? >> the fact that people gather information on me isn't so terrible but i want to be able to know what they're getting, >> the gathering of the information, for years we were afraid of big brother, the government would be monitoring your every move but instead we
8:18 am
have corporate or advertisers, they are gathering information on you while you're on your computer, and right now what they're doing is selling it to the highest bidder so they can track all of your interest and everything your clicking and put together a profile and, what are the rules about how they distribute that? >> the rules vary by jurisdiction. they're not that strong although we are beginning to develop the legal rules about it. in my view even more important than legal rules is how we create incentives that will drive technology towards what we wanted to do? imagine when you go on your search engine and your search for sunday morning news shows. in addition, you see an icon that says cbs five morning news, a very good on privacy and user- friendly privacy controls and you make a choice. i think those are the kinds of
8:19 am
developments that will help us as consumers >> we know media from the days of television. some people would argue that the biggest thing television gave america was the 32nd commercial. you go onto cable, reality tv shows. it rarely goes where people socially engineer things, the money is in the information about consumers >> how can we control our own information. imagine that i can make a decision and if i see one that is not so good i will choose another website. that web site will have an incentive to have a better way for me to control my privacy. i think what you're saying is important for legislation. every time we put in legislation, a technology mines will figure out a way around it
8:20 am
so we want to be as savvy as the developers are. we want consumer organizations that will work with people and understand the technology. >> in the meantime we can at least be aware of what is out there. when you're talking about e- mail and cool satellite images, that gets creepy. thank you for joining us this morning. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> stopped and frisked just for looking suspicious is a new proposal submitted by the san francisco mayor. proposal is a strong word, he is just getting the conversation going.
8:23 am
>> he made some comments at the san francisco chronicle's editorial board and kicked off a huge debate. that's where we turn to former mayor willie brown and police chief fred sir. what is stop and frisk? >> it was a brand new program in n.y. city that was later shown by the aclu and others to indicate racial profiling. they stopped 700,000 people and 87 percent were >> did it work? >> it would depend on who you are talking to. most people would suggest that better technology and deployment when they were arguing that it was racial profiling, they were saying it also reduces crime >> racial profiling is one of office topics the >> there is no question and when you have numbers like the chief referred to, and 80 percent of
8:24 am
the people turn out to be african american or hispanic, he eats it that generates people on the street saying it is pure unadulterated racial profiling >> we don't do random detention. all of them are based on reasonable suspicion as allowed by the constitution and with respect to people's civil-rights and then all of the passages are for officer safety >> we're talking about statistically if an overwhelming majority of one race is stop it is considered racial profiling but let's look at our own statistics. in the last month you have had 24 gun arrests in san francisco. of those, 19 were african- american. in effect, the state statistics as stop and frisk in new york >> the difference is, stop and frisk is not the tension. you need probable cause to make
8:25 am
an arrest. >> in his position he will need to take the heat no matter what because out there in the streets, the critics will accuse him of not adhering to its own discipline, i.e., suspicions of improper conduct. let me assure you one thing, there is not anybody who will object to keeping guns off the streets in the african-american community. >> the question is how? the mayor is saying i'm tired of pointing fingers, we have had the discussion about guns, he wants to even stretch the argument further to possibly stop and frisk. >> i don't think it will go beyond where the police department will sanction weird is going. after all, they are the ones who will need to execute it and having been mayor for eight years i can assure you that your better off arguing with a police department internally and
8:26 am
letting them take the heat for the conduct >> i think the chief would take exception to this but when i was talking to people about this issue they were saying it is already happening and they see people patting down as people look for a transfer ticket. a lot of mistrust in that neighborhood and a lot,,,,,,
8:27 am
>> here's a look at this morning's top stories >> the search begins again this morning for a missing dodgers fan who finished when he was walking with a friend. >> firefighters now have 45 percent contained and over a wild fire near colorado springs that has destroyed nearly 350 homes. officials are concerned about the weather which is getting hotter and drier. >> inc's for joining us, face,,, ,, ,,
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