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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> police make arrests as hundreds of occupiers march in new york city. events planned for the one-year anniversary >> some violent clashes erupt for the second week in the middle east. conflicting stories about the death of the u.s. ambassador >> delays sfo, how long, we will talk about it >> the commute is off to a pretty good start so far. we do have a street closure in
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san francisco >> good morning everyone. >> the time now is 601. right now, protesters are converging towards the new york stock exchange. they're marking the one-year anniversary of the occupied movement >> and are lining up across the park from where they had camped out until last year where city officials said they had to get out. 40 protesters were arrested over the weekend in saturday. occupy protesters in the bay area are also marking the anniversary. there is an encampment right now at the bank of america center. lisa washington is that the center where more put protesters are expected to gather a little bit later. >> if i had to describe this
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occupation i would say low key and peaceful. as we mentioned, there are more signs than protesters and even fewer tense. only two tenths and several dozen signs. it could be different later this afternoon. at 5:00 there is expected to be a large turnout when a demonstration begins here. the occupation began at 5:00 on sunday with only a handful of protesters. it is organized by occupied bay area united. according to news release they selected this location because the offices of the wall street companies here they say represent the modern corruption in the quality and unchecked powers of concentrated wealth. one protester said she is looking forward to the demonstration. >> affiliated groups with occupy coming here after a day of action around the city and they
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will come here and do a demonstration about the debt. >> since january there has been an and kamen of occupiers in front of the federal reserve on market street after mayor ed lee ordered them evicted from the embarcadero. mention the 5:00 demonstration planned for this afternoon. there is expected to be a news conference around 11:00 this morning. i have only seen one san francisco police cruiser in the area so there is a small police presence in case the protesters were to get out of hand. really nothing, just a small encampment. >> do we have any idea how many people will be there today? >> they expect hundreds of people from various occupy groups from across the bay area. this morning i literally
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counted five-six people. >> we have been asking, do you think it is relevant? >> you can comment on facebook or twitter or e-mail us. an anti islam film produced in the u.s. has stirred up more violent protests today. kate is covering your world >> we're learning that the iranian top leader today ahead of hezbollah called on moslems in lebanon on to join in on these protests. hundreds of protesters there are clashing with police and marching towards a u.s. military base. protesters burned one police car. they're chanting death to america. afghan police say they shot in
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the air to hold back the crowds. in libya u.s. investigators are still trying to figure out the death of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans was premeditated or part of mass protests. when libya as president says it was a planned attack but others say it appears to be a spontaneous demonstration and extremists took over >> i think it is clear there are extremist elements that escalated the violence. whether they were al qaeda or libyan based, i think that's one of the things we will need to determine >> demonstrators acted and moved, this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> u.s. ambassador rice says it is too early to say of security should of been tighter at the missions in libya. in sudan and tunisia u.s.'s
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evacuating non-essential personnel and are urging american citizens to leave. for >> more attacks on coalition troops. the latest killings were at a checkpoint. four americans were killed early yesterday. the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff says an increase in insider tax is a very serious threat to the war effort. leon panetta said the attacks are the last gasp of the taliban insurgency. >> trains are running on time again after a weekend explosion briefly shut down this station. parts says it was caused by an overload on a train that had stopped at the civic center station. there was no smoke or fire and the station was reopened about one hour later. >>
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>> outside right now we do have low clouds and fog extending on shore. partly cloudy skies into the bay right now. temperatures are running mainly in the fifties outside. we expect some sunshine in most spots of low numbers are running below average for this time of year. still 80s in the valleys but temperatures cooler than normal all around the bay area. >> let's go outside to our photographer at 101 and mckee road. san jose has been pretty much
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problem free for the most of the morning. headlights are moving north bound. everything looks pretty good out toward santa clara. this is kind of the pre metering light pattern where you can see fast-track plans are getting by ok but the outer lanes are stacked up. this is right around the time they can turn those metering lights on. we had an accident involving five cars but all lanes are back open looking towards the mcarthur maze. a 20 minute drive time out of the altamont pass heading toward 680. >> nearly a 4 hour standoff at a motel 6 ended peacefully. it started yesterday when police went to the hotel to serve a warrant. police could not get him to come out so they called a swat
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team and a few hours later the man six months of past and sierra lamar was last seen. morgan hill, they gather to release balloons on a somber milestone. this week, search crews announce they're no longer going out on wednesdays. it will focus all their energy and time on saturday searches >> one in her to be back home with us >> just reading all those poor request, i felt touched by it and it told me she has not been forgotten >> 21 year-old antolin garcia- torres has been charged with lamar murder. prosecutors say her dna was found inside his car >> amtrak is dealing with a mystery after a san mateo man.
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a retired firefighter boarded the train in emeryville wednesday on his way to visit family in montreal. his luggage cell phones and medication found in a sleeper car in chicago but he was nowhere to be found. he was last seen friday in omaha nebraska by a conductor who described him as disoriented. the search has been suspended for a man who fell into the napa river. authorities say he fell off the bras those bridge. the san francisco man was fishing on the real trestle with another man when the accident happened early yesterday morning. it was the other man who called 911 for help. investigators say neither man was able to swim. the father accused of a bucking his two young children and flame on a yacht is due back in court. he could enter a plea today. police say he stole a yacht.
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a private school in menlo park is set to reopen today just four days after fire destroyed the administration building and a third grade classroom. investigators say the fire was caused by faulty electrical cord. deputy d.a. are expected to meet in contra costa county to decide whether to go on strike. they say they have had to take pay cuts and staffing is low because many colleagues have left for better paying positions. they had over 100 attorneys in 2006 and now there are 70 >> a tentative agreement reached over the weekend but union officials do not plan to vote until tomorrow which means kids are out of school again today. the mayor has chicago city attorney is trying to get a court order to end the strike. two main issues are teacher
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evaluations and job security. up next, the rush to stop the spread of topless photos of kate middleton >> endeavor prepares to make its permanent home in the west. >> why sharks fans might need to >> why sharks fans might need to wait awhile before,,,,,,,,
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you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> an emotional ceremony at the reno air races over the weekend to remember the 11 people killed at that event last year. last year a model, modified
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world war two aircraft lost control and crashed into the grandstands. they have move ceding further away from the race course. >> a russian spacecraft brought three men back to earth from the international space station. >> touchdown confirmed, it has occurred at 9:53 p.m. central time >> it landed about nine hours ago. it took them 3.5 hours to reach earth after undocking from the international space station. the men spent four months in space. weather along the route is delaying the final flight for the space shuttle endeavor which is taking a piggyback ride to an l.a. museum to go on display. endeavor will not fly today but is expected to begin the trip from florida tomorrow and make
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some low-flying trips on thursday. >> last time we checked mobile 5 was on the bay bridge >> this is the mobile 5 ac transit camera. we put a camera on the bus and as you can see, everything is moving fine right now. let's go to the maps, there is still a street closure because of a big technology conference so howard is shut down for at least one block between third and fourth. the other bridges, if you're traveling on the short freeway towards san quentin, everything
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is moving fine right now. after yesterday's incident near the civic center bart station, everything is back on time. no longer any bart delays. for more on your weather forecast, we sent lawrence up to the roof. >> we have fog and low clouds. delays at sfo and more on that in a moment. a few clouds have managed to sneak into the valleys. mostly sunny but temperatures are really mild for this time of year. still 80 showing up well inland. low pressure will help keep the temperature's down. we have plenty of clouds outside and delays of over one hour on arriving flights at sfo. we should see plenty of clearing towards the afternoon.
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thunderstorms in houston and chicago. around the bay, the temperatures are looking nice in the afternoon. 81 in morgan hill and 69 in a word. inside the bay will find temperatures in the low sixties in san francisco. on the skies in daly city. the next couple of days the temperatures might be creeping up a little bit on tuesday and wednesday. much cooler temperatures over the weekend. >> the white house says president obama will launch a formal complaint against china. in administration says the chinese government is abusing international trade laws by imposing more than $3 billion of duties on u.s. exports of cars and auto parts. the president is expected to
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formally announce the move at a campaign stop in ohio. mitt romney plans to court hispanic voters today. he plans to do an interview with a spanish language television network. he also has fund-raising events scheduled in utah texas and florida. an italian gossip magazine published a 26 spread of topless photos of the duchess of cambridge despite legal action against the magazine that first published the photos. this is video of the couple in the solomon islands. there are reports that family lawyers would file a criminal complaint against the unidentified photographer. >> the nhl lockout under way and there's no sign that team owners are representatives will negotiate any time soon. the big issue is always money.
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the team owners say the players' share of revenue needs to be reduced to make the league financially stable. restaurants and bars are concerned since a loss of business because of the partially canceled season. a tough weekend for local sports teams. could the 49ers save face for the bay area? >> the gold medal winning ladies are on a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> skies are mostly cloudy around the bay area and we're
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seeing some delays sfo over one hour. we will have a complete look at the forecast coming up >> it did not take long for traffic to stacked up in all lands now of the bay bridge toll plaza. reports of an accident near the upper deck on the incline. >> quarterback alex smith on the money connecting with vernon davis for a couple of touchdowns including this one on the opening drive in san francisco wins 27-19. the raiders fell behind early against miami as the dolphins' score on the first drive of the game. carson palmer makes a nice pitch and the receiver go 64 yds down the sideline.
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the raiders lose, they are 0-2. >> the red hawk oakland a's cooled off in the finale of their home series against baltimore. >> the orioles ended up coming back to win the game. how about the giants? a 7.5 game lead in the national league west spite getting pounded yesterday in arizona. the giants face colorado later tonight at at&t park. take a look at our play of the day, a friendly soccer match between the u.s. and australia. the gals won the olympic gold medal. and nice left foot boot tied
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the game and the u.s. went on to win. that is the play of the day. >> coming up, a retired san francisco firefighter goes missing. >> some violent protests erupted in afghanistan. why the head of one militant group is calling for more >> one year since the occupy wall street movement began. ,, -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees
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and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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>> good morning.
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>> the time now is 631. right now, protesters have gathered near the n.y. stock exchange and more than 30 other cities worldwide to mark the anniversary of the occupied movement. >> there are lining up at sea, the park where they camped out and tell officials told them to get out. about 40 protesters were arrested over the weekend. protests are also expected today in the bay area including the bank of america plaza. lisa washington is there where there were some people camping out overnight but not a lot. >> not a lot at all and this is probably one of if not the smallest occupy encampments that we have seen in san francisco since the movement began. only two tenths and only for
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occupiers are what we are able to see although this could change a little bit later this afternoon. at 5:00 there is expected to be a demonstration. the occupation actually began at 5:00 on sunday afternoon. it is organized by occupy bay area united. they chose this location because they say that companies in these offices here one protester said she is looking forward to the demonstration >> this is an example to show people that if they are frustrated they can get a bunch of friends and go occupy. occupy is a very powerful political tactic >> since january there has been an encampment in front of the federal reserve here after mayor
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ed lee ordered them evicted from the embarcadero. in addition to the 5:00 p.m. protest there is expected to be a news xf3+r16vñ 0
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so far there have been no reports of major injuries or damage or evacuations. the volcano spewed ash is up to half a mile in the sky. so far, no injuries or evacuations. >> amazing video. let's get a look at the weather. >> it is official, i am a frozen weatherman out here. we have breezy conditions and cloudy skies. it is looking a little bit cool to start off the day and by the afternoon, these numbers are still running below average for this time of year. 2-10 degrees below average. we still manage to squeeze in some sunshine at the coast. the low pressure continues off
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the coast line with cooling down from the weekend high. it looks like we have problems at sfo on arriving flights, over one hour delays. around the country, some possibilities of thunderstorms into houston. otherwise we are looking good. '70s toward san jose, low 80s in morgan hill. maybe some mid-80s in the warm spots. upper 60s into oakland and some mid-70s into santa rosa. the next few days may be warming up a few degrees the cooling off again. let's look at the traffic with elisabeth >> we have been watching this accident, a possible hot spot was developing on the upper deck but they just cleared it. we just got off the phone with chp. unfortunately, the damage is
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done. there are cycling through the metering lights pretty slowly this morning. it is nearly at a standstill, especially in the cash lanes. the good news is that all the lanes are open heading into san francisco but it is already a pretty heavy right. 20 minutes and still growing. let's go to the maps right now and i want to show you what it looks like up the incline section. so far it is still pretty crowded up the incline section. then we see speeds improve. also, a couple of different accidents. northbound and southbound 880 at a word, really heavy traffic conditions on both approaches to highway 92. a quick note, if you are travelling around downtown san francisco, they have a sales
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force conference going on so howard is shut down between third and fourth until september 22nd. >> a baby was born in an unlikely location, a motor speedway in new hampshire. >> sean and her husband had hoped to make it to a nearby hospital but it did not work out that way. berkeley became apparent there was not enough time because the baby was impatient. >> i'm like, i'm not going to make it. i had a contraction and i stood up in the back seat and i said on not going to make it, my water just broke! >> the speedway has awarded the baby to tickets to the nascar races for her entire life. >> coming up, a final look at the top stories.
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>> developing news out of new york city. at least one dozen protesters have been arrested.
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>> american embassies are the targets of more protest against the anti islamic film. we have new video from jakarta where indonesian police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse and hundreds of demonstrators outside the u.s. embassy. there have also been violent protests in afghanistan, pakistan, and other countries around the globe. >> today the occupy movement making its one-year anniversary. protesters are expected to gather a little bit later today >> in about four hours from now
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at 11:00 this morning there will be a news conference by this group, occupy bay area united, a very small group. only a handful of people so far, we have seen five or six people. this could change at 5:00 this afternoon when there is expected to be a demonstration. organizers are hoping for a large turnout. the occupation began at 5:00 on sunday and is organized by occupy bay area united and they want to get the word out and express their frustrations with corporations. live in san francisco, lisa washington. >> a couple hundred occupiers gathered near the n.y. stock exchange for a march this morning. a dozen or protesters sat on the sidewalk but there is no sign
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>> it we have clouds out there in parts of the bay and out at the coast but mostly sunny at the mount vaca camera. some pretty good weather ahead as high pressure is sitting off the coastline which means we are in for a decent day. seventies and low 80s inland. we will cool things off on thursday and friday and much cooler next week. >> when does fall start? >> saturday. >> it is heating up on the roadways, we're just getting word of an accident in this area, west down 580 right by 680, a car hit a dump truck and is apparently overturned and blocking at least one lane. we had a accident at the bridge which is now cleared.


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