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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 14, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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the woman known as one of the sexiest stars in the world now recovering from a double mastectomy and she is speaking out on her choice and hopes of impowering other women. >> michelle is off today. we have team coverage of
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angelina jolie's surgery including what the experts say about the medical necessity. >> and we start billion cbs reporter theresa garcia in beverly hills with more. >> reporter: angelina joe lee says she made the agonizing decision to have both breasts removed after she learned she had an 87% risk of getting cancer. she writes quote, the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy but is one i'm very happy that i made. jolie discovered she had the potentially deadly gene mutation after losing her mother to ovarian cancer at the age of 56 in 2007. she opened up about her mom in an interview with 60 minutes in 2011. >> she was the most generous, loving -- she is better than me. >> reporter: jolie says she didn't want her six children to
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lose their mother to cancer. she began three months of secret procedures and february finishing two weeks ago. during that time she made a humanitarian visit to the republic of congo and attended the women in the world summit in new york and g-8 summit in london. jolie had her operations here in beverly hills. the actress says her surgeries were successful and her chances of getting breast cancer is now less than 5%. >> there is also a more conservative approach where women are screened every six months. >> reporter: jolie says her fiance brad pitt was by her side for every minute of the surgeries and they managed to find moments to laugh together. theresa garcia cbs news beverly hills. >> jolie says her gene testing revealed she has a 50% chance of ovarian cancer as well. >> there is conflict in the medical community about what women should do if they carry
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that breast cancer gene mutation brca1. kpix 5 reporter says some doctors say women shouldn't be too quick to get that procedure. kate. >> reporter: before women start seeking out genetic testing there are a few thicks you might -- few things you might want to know about. known as bra agenes. angelina jolie wrote in her new york times piece it is hope that other women will learn about genetic testing. she elected to have a preventable double mastectomy after finding out show had amyation on the gene called brac1. >> if you have a gene mutation, then you have a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer. and there is a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer as well. >> reporter: doctors tell us not all women who have these mutations will get cancer. >> most women who develop
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breast cancer do not develop it because they have this kind of gene mutation. it's for some other reason. >> reporter: getting tested isn't simple. genetic counseling is recommended and the cost could set you back thousands of dollars. and some doctor doctors say it may not be necessary. >> we think that maybe 15 pest of all women who are diagnosissed with breast cancer have a mutation like that. and so the majority the vast majority of women would have breast cancer for some other reason that you know we need to figure out. >> reporter: instead of women making a mad dash to get genetically tested women should take their time to explore their family list enand other options. >> sit down and talk to a physician who is knowledgeable breast cancer and genetics and really understand what their true risk is. and that can help them make an informed choice about whether genetic testing is the right thing for them.
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>> dr. lisa bailey from oakland bay area breast surgeon says aside from breast surgery some have opted for active surveillance. which means annual visit with their doctor. >> thanks, kate. and jolie is not the first celebrity to two under that procedure. other celebrities who have had a double mastectomy include kathy baits and christina applegate. and talk show host montel williams. a critical meeting of the america's cup event in san francisco take place later this afternoon. the review will involve studying events that led up to the artemis capsizing and what safety changes may be needed. the father of the 12-year- old murder suspect to our east says he will not believe -- or he will continue to believe his son is innocent until he sees evidence that proves otherwise.
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the boy is accused of stabbing fowler to death in their home. the father planned to speak to reporters today but canceled the news conference. the search continues for a nine-year-old boy area girl reported missing from her family's vacation home up in lake county. michaela lynch is autistic and unable to speak. she is four foot tall and blue eyes and brown hair. she is attracted to water but cannot swim. officers and volunteers have been searching cash creek which runs right past their home. a cleanup that has been in the works for months is finally happening in san jose. >> crews are painting over graffiti that has been a big eyesore on highway 101 for years. melissa heir ring ton on how officials plan to keep it clean now for years to come. >> reporter: graffiti plastered near train tracks and highways and on every bridge and overpass in san jose.
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distracting drivers and angering people who live here. >> i think it's really tacky. >> we've got a lot of very upset community members that are tired of seeing graffiti. >> reporter: city council member sam says you won't sights like this much longer. the city along with cal tran are painting over some of the unsightly graffiti that can be seen driving into town opinion on the list the mess on the 13th street rail bridge. the key road over 101 and 280 near bird avenue with the huge letters spelling r.i.p. tommy. the cleanup started last night. closing some lanes on highway 101 to get the job done. all the painting should be finished by tomorrow. city of san jose spends an average $1.1 million every year on graffiti prevention. as the paint dries on this latest project some community
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members tell me they worry they are looking at a short-term solution. >> i take the train home and to and from work and school so i see them out there. i see them with cans and backpacks. i know they are going to keep doing it. >> reporter: cal tran has installed two levels of barbed wire and they are looking into security cameras. they are enlisting the help of volunteers and have a smart phone app. if a tagger is spotted. >> see taggers prosecuted with felony charges. >> reporter: in san jose kpix 5. cal trans is being called on the carpet today in sacramento. the senate transportation and housing committee wants to know what is being done to address those breaking bolts on the new bay bridge span. a handful of cracks while being tightened but hundreds more are in question right now and there are also concerns about wells that are holding the tower in place. cal tran says it will have more
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answers later this month including a decision as to whether the bridge will open as scheduled on labor day weekend. golf nor brown says despite a surge in tax revenue he's not planning on spending it all. his revised budget assumes a windfall of $2.8 billion. but revenue next year will be down. in part because the federal moves like the sequester and inspiration of payroll tax cut. still they want to spend $1 billion to implement core standards. >> this is a great move. it puts california in the forefront but it's not going to happen over night. it's going to take a lot of training of the teachers. it's going to take a lot of work throughout the state. it's going to take some money. >> the budget includes $500 million at increased spending on med di call. developing story from overseas. four u.s. soldiers are dead
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after a u.s. bomb attack. nato says the soldiers were patrolling in a convoy car when they ran over an improvised explosive device. others are wounded but they don't know how many. u.s. troops are scheduled to leave afghanistan by the end of 2014. former nfl running back and cal star chuck has died. six of his records all set in the 70s where the bears remain untouched. he set more records in the nfl while playing for the saints and chargers. drugs ended his football career back in 1985. he later set up a youth foundation in the 90s and counseled kids. chuck was 60 years old. you see them all the time posters and ads reminding people not to drink and drive but lawmakers think they have a better way to save lives and it could impact your next big night. and justin bieber robbed. the thieves elaborate plan to get into his next concert. too, we're gonna talk about your weath,
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coming up." ============b r e a k ============== big changes co i'm meteorologist we are live in nevada we are talking about high pressure, low pressure, and thunderstorms. you guys like it? >> yeah. >> i like it too. we'll talk about your weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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drunk driving enforcement. the national transportation safety board is on capitol big changes could be coming to her way enforcement. the national transportation safety board is on capitol hill today asking that the legal blood alcohol level be lower for a decade. that limit has been .08. the ntsb wants the threshold in all 50 states revived to .05. the lower limit could save as many as 800 lives a year.
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a big it oh for a top official at the irs. the top official came out acknowledging the agency singled out conservative political groups. danielle nottingham tells us he's under fire for what he didn't tell congress. >> reporter: lawmakers want to know why they did not get a straight answer when they asked the irs if conservative, political groups were getting extra scrutiny. >> the irs knew what was happening. yet they continued to give us assurances they were applying the tax rules in a fair and impartial way. >> reporter: acting irs commissioner steven miller said in a usa today opinion piece mistakes were made but they were no way due in political or partisan motivation. in 2011 lawmakers started sending letters to the irs. asking if the agency was singling out conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. miller first learned about the
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practice in may of 2012 but did not told congress. he wrote letters and testified explaning the tax exemption review process but never mentioned tea party groups had been targeted. miller will face lawmakers at a hearing review on friday. president obama said monday political bias at the irs will not be tolerated. >> we'll make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this. >> reporter: but republicans are not convinced. >> how dare the administration imply they will get to the bottom of it. this was the targeting of the president's political enemies effectively. and lies about it during the election year. >> reporter: a full report from the inspector general on what happened at the irs is expected this week. danielle nottingham cbs news capitol hill. not a bad day out there today weather wise. and a warmup in store. >> yeah it was beautiful. lawrence is at the mobile weather lab. they are live in novato with
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students. >> yeah, guys. we've got sunshine outside right now. and it is warm. we have our mobile weather lab out here. we've been talking weather all morning long. i wanted to introduce you to our young weather lady of the day. what is your name? >> ma keta. >> what can you tell us about the temperatures today. how warm is it here in novato? >> it is the 74.3 degrees fahrenheit. >> what about the temperature? >> 29.93. >> that is right. that is almost standard atmospheric pressure and we've begun to see changes in the wind. what is et there? >> it's going northwest. >> that is right. how fast are they blowing? >> about six miles an hour. >> yeah. it keeps jumping around. we are are starting to see that wind pick up around the bay area. that is what we expect to see a lot of in the coming days. we will see more wind coming up. the temperature will be cooling down. now we had another young gentleman in our class what is
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your name? >> gordy. >> how hot can a bolt of lightning be? >> 55,000-degrees. >> that is hot. what would you do if you are caught outside in a electrical storm? >> crouch down. look at these. yeah that is right those are tennis shoes and those will protect you from some of the electricity. it does not go through there but it will go through your skin pretty easily. how about we talk about weather? all right let's talk about weather here. we will see sunshine around the bay area today. of course we started out with patchy fog early on. nice and clear toward mt. diablo. the temperatures moving up in the 60s and also the 70s outside. looking like a really nice afternoon. we are going to see some of the winds picking up around the bay area. kind of a flat ridge out there. we've got a couple weak systems rolling over the top of that
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bridge. and we'll probably see a couple patches of fog. so with that in mind we have changes coming. temperatures likely to be cooling down. and it should be a nice day outside today. most spots again in the valleys warming up into the 80s. but yeah we will see cooler temperatures through thursday and it looks like for ekenguys we've got warmer weather coming our way right here in novato. do you like the sunshine? >> yeah. >> all right. i do too. and that is the mobile weather lab here. we've had a great time. thanks for having me out there today. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. britain's prince harry gave a much appreciated boost to the ravaged jersey shore. they are still rebuilding after super storm sandy hit hard last october. governor chris christie give the prince a tour of one town where sandy damaged every single home. harry is also visiting seaside
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heights which you may know was featured on jersey shore reality show. it was like a scene out after an action film when a group of criminals stole cash made from a justin bieber concert in south africa. it happened saturday night just after bieber performed. authorities believe the burglar digging into the safe room and used ropes to lower themselves in. they mode out with hundreds of thousands of dollars. the venue was on lock down yesterday as the police investigated. deciding between smoke free rooms verses smoke free hotels. why experiments say there is a big difference. ,,
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experts suggest traveling wisely. new research says your best is to choose h experts suggest traveling wisely. new research says your best bet is to choose hotels that ban smoking all together rather than go with ones with designated nonspoking room -- nonsmoking rooms. they found air levels of tobacco smoke pollution was seven times higher in nonsmoking rooms than in hotels that banned smoking completely. checking out potatoes for today's fresh grocer tip. >> i'm going to make you something so delicious and simple to make with finger link
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potatoes. >> and we have mixed finger link potatoes. in the pan we put turkey bacon in there. and we added garlic and onions. >> just render for three if four minutes and that sit. some of the starches releasing from the potatoes themselves and making that broth taste even better. look how pretty that looks. now what i'm going to do is add the sage. we are going to put sage in there. add a little bit more pasta attainer there. i'm going to spice it up. can i spice it up a little bit? >> yes, you can. >> red pepper flakes and no salt. because there is obviously salt in the turkey bacon. a little bit of pepper. >> we're all done. >> we're going to plate this. >> see it can be breakfast, lunch, dinner. >> you know what would be nice to have on top of here too? an egg. if it's breakfast put on egg. put an egg any time. just keeps impressing me all the time. it's a bird, it's a plain,
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have a double mastectomy, in ho a lot of people talking about angelina jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy in hopes of decreasing her chance
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of cancer risks. all that coming up today at 5:00. before we go away we have cute video. a mother duck giving her baby a flying lesson. she waits at the bottom of the step. one by one they took to the air. yeah i think there is more falling than flying but -- >> they are looking for a stair. >> the video is going off well. a youtube hit. since friday they've had over 400,000 views.
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[ indistinct talking over p.a. ] >> liam: well, tell me, dr. meade! is -- is our baby okay?! doctor... >> bill: so, this jesse graves character -- he was the father of maya's child, right -- the one who was killed in the car accident with her adoptive parents? >> alison: he's also the reason maya was in jail. >> bill: you know what? she's not exactly a girl scout. she's got a pretty good rap sheet here all of her own. >> alison: well, the judge thought that jesse was a bad influence on maya. one of the conditions of her release -- a restraining order. she has to keep at least 500 feet away from him --


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