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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 24, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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day. >> chunky. >> smooth. >> you pick your poison. >> i like the chunky. >> thanks for joining us. have a great friday. >> enjoy the weekend, everybody. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our view others in the west. it is friday, january 24th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the relentless arctic blast cuts a deep path across the country. snow and ice caused havoc all the way down to texas. deadly overnight target police damage a famous museum and raise tensions ahead of an important anniversary. getting ready for the grammys. nancy o'dell is in l.a. will the surviving beatles share the stage? we begin with a look at the "eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds." >> i heard lots of -- lots of noises lots of bangs, some sounded like a big train wreck. >> the deep freeze causes a travel nightmare. >> at least three people are
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dead after a massive pileup shut down an indiana highway. >> ice and snow conditions in texas, in austin temperatures will drop into the 20s today. >> do you like this weather? >> the nation's second-busiest railroad ground to halt because of a system power problem. >> everybody is waiting it out. >> you want answers? >> obviously. [ sirens ] >> the wave of bomb attacks that have gone off in cairo killing at least five people on the eve of the anniversary of the 2011 uprising. >> a crowd that's gathered outside, they are clearly blaming the brotherhood for this. >> edward snowden saying in a live chat that mass data collection must end. >> were he to come back and - enter a plea we would engage with his lawyers. presumably, a guilty plea to something? >> yes. >> five alleged wise guys indicted for a string of unsolved crimes, including the lufthansa heist. >> just a little. >> oh, jimmy. we did it. >> the data breach at neiman
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marcus was worse than initially believed. more than 1 million credit cards may have been compromised. >> and another grand slam trying to smile, but this one stings a lot. >> oh, that? >> the 1-year-old cub keeping neighbors in their homes. >> look at that. you can't pay for this kind of entertainment. >> rised eyebrows thanks to comments from mike huckabee. >> the democrats want to insult the women of america by making them believe they are helpless without uncle sugar -- >> and all that matters. you ever think of running for president? >> i like to play golf. i like to cut my own grass. you know? i do drink red wine. i smoke cigarettes. and i'm not giving that up to be president of the united states. >> right, that's not worth it. >> on "cbs this morning." >> justin bieber was arrested for dui. >> he admitted to consuming more than just alcohol. >> yeah police reports said bieber's blood contained large amounts of pot and flintstone
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chewables. this morning's "eye-opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning," norah o'donnell is off, all this week we've enjoyed the company of clarissa ward. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. thank you. >> as you wake up in the west we hope you're enjoying the seasonal weather. most of the country is struggling through another painful day of cold. forecasters predict it will last until last month. >> the blast of bitterly cold air stretches from the canadian border down to the gulf coast, and the icy conditions mean big problems on the highways. dean reynolds is in chicago where the bone-chilling cold is in full force. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, clarissa and charlie. well, it's 4 degrees below zero here in chicago with the wind chill in the minus 20s. as we saw in michigan city indiana, where they were removing the last of the trucks from a big crash there on the
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interstate yesterday, if you just add a little snow and ice to the mix, it can turn deadly very quickly. just after 3:00 p.m. it began, trucks slamming into cars one after the other. >> i heard lots of -- lots of noises. lots of bangs. sounded like a big train wreck. >> reporter: nearly 50 vehicles were involved many flipped over, trapping drivers for hours in extreme cold. >> people driving in here came in from sunshine to just complete whiteout, and it just compounded to this. >> reporter: one man was pulled from the wreckage nearly four hours after the crash. three were killed and 20 more of the injured were taken to local hospitals. icy highways led to dangerous road conditions across the region. in minnesota, nearly 400 weather-related crashes were reported in the last two days. the state is on track for its coldest winter in more than 30 years. >> i didn't put enough gloves on this morning. my face is freezing.
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i can't believe i'm out here. >> reporter: while bitter winters are nothing new for the midwest, subzero temperatures are coating the great lakes with the greatest amount of ice in two decades. and with more frigid weather expected to hit yet again early next week there may be more to worry about. the national propane shortage could leave more than 7 million households, who rely on that heat source, stuck in the cold. >> i don't have a choice. i have absolutely no choice. i don't know how a lot of people, including myself will be able to afford to fill the propane tanks to stay warm for the rest of the winter. >> reporter: temperatures here will rise into the 20s today, but then will head back down into negative territory on sunday. and, clarissa and charlie, the low on monday here is expected to be 17 degrees below zero. >> unbelievable. thank you, dean. the cold weather is hitting
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texas hard. much of the lone star state is below freezing. winter storm watches and warnings are up. many areas seeing snow showers or an icy mix, and it's causing trouble for drivers in san antonio. several accidents have been reported there. thousands of utility customers around the state have lost power. larry seward of khou is out in the cold. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and clarissa and our viewers on the west coast. houston area getting hit with a winter storm warning, a mix of ice and snow. the first time we've had this in almost three years. stores here not even selling ice scrapers. drivers having issues to clear the windshields to get the cars on the road. this is one of the worst storms to hit texas in years. last night rain turned to snow, but now the frigid temperatures are the big concern. the mercury here has plunged to below freezing and the mix of wet roads and bitter cold have created dangerous driving conditions. police are telling motorists to
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stay off the roads if they can. dozens of schools here are closed or delayed throughout the southern texas region today. also accumulations of snow and ice on transformers and trees could lead to power outages, but there is hope. on the way, the frigid conditions should pass quickly. tomorrow, we're expected to have temperatures in the 60s. charlie and clarissa back to you. >> larry seward in houston. in much of the country, relief is still days away. meteorologist mary kay clies of the chicago station wbbm has the chilly forecast. >> good morning. yes, we have winter storm warnings out for houston. right now, those are the areas in pink. areas in purple indicate where we have winter weather advisories. so snow and ice accumulation slick roads, gusty winds, all a problem in these areas this morning. in fact, houston now with that pink ribbon over the area. that's a sleet and snow mix. to the north of it, it's all snow. moving into louisiana.
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a clipper system bringing a couple inches of snow to minneapolis this morning, and it is cold with wind chill advisory from chicago from cincinnati to cleveland. a feels-like temperature now of 27 below in green bay. 22 below in chicago. 17 below in cleveland. so highs today will struggle. the teens in the northeast. 40s in texas. and the 70s along the west coast. so for the weekend, we have a couple of snow events moving through the midwest and the northeast. and after that, wouldn't you know it? another arctic blast heads our way early next week. >> mary, thank you. thousands of commuters in new york city had a slow cold trip home last night. power problems at grand central terminal stopped suburban trains for nearly two hours. passengers were allowed to get off at stations while the trouble was fixed. in egypt this morning, security forces and demonstrators are fighting along the main road to the great pyramid. the clashes come after a serious
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of explosions. the blast killed at least five people and damaged a famous museum. alex ortiz is in cairo at the scene of one of the bombings. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and clarissa. the first blast hit at the heart of egypt's security forces. police headquarters in downtown cairo. the suicide car bomb detonated directly outside the building. cleanup crews picked through the wreckage and brought out the bodies of the dead and the injured. it was large enough to damage a nearby museum home to ancient works of islamic art. egypt has seen a wave of militant activity since last summer's ouster of former president muhammad morsi. this particular attack seemed timed to tomorrow's anniversary of the 2011 revolution that toppled former dictate hosni mubarak. but with car bombs in the capital, the joy and unity of that day is only a distant memory. morsi's muslim brotherhood have promised protests to mark the
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anniversary, and police are deployed across the country. with today's attack egyptians are stealing themselves for further violence in the days to come. for "cbs this morning," alex ortiz, cairo. an accused mobster is being held without bail this morning in connection with an infamous lufthansa heist. it was dramatized in the movie "goodfellows. "requesting bob has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, when it happened in 1978, it was the largest u.s. robbery on record. $6 million in cash and jewelry stolen from a cargo shangkargcargo hangar at new york's kennedy airport. it's been a cold case until now. >> it looks like a big one -- >> oh, jimmy! >> hey. come here you. >> reporter: it was a high-profile robbery celebrated on the big screen in the movie "good fellows," and 35 years
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after the holdup the fbi has arrested vincent asaro, with the bossano family. >> it could be the largest cash holdup in u.s. history. >> reporter: 1978 a half dozen heavily armed men broke into the lufthansa offices at kennedy airport and rounded up eight employees. >> they handcuffed them and forced them to open the security room. >> reporter: the robbers made off with a $6 million haul. prosecutors say asaro was a lookout for the holdup crew led by jimmy the gent. actor robert de niro portrayed burke in the film. >> don't buy anything don't get anything, what's the matter with you? >> reporter: jimmy burke died in prison in 1996 while serving time on a murder rap. over the years, other co-conspirators were killed and only one airline employee was ever convicted in the case.
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most of the stolen loot is still missing. retired new york homicide detective bo dietl spent years investigating burke. >> i thought this was all done. all the people that were involved ended up dead. jimmy burke is dead. i mean it's dead case, now all of a sudden it comes alive, it's like "night of the livin' dead" here. >> reporter: a search at jimmy burke's home in queens turned up evidence of a murder that led back to vincent asaro, and asaro implicated himself in taped conversations with fbi informants. in february 20 11 asaro complained about his take of the robbery proceeds. we never got our right money. what we were supposed to get, asaro told the informant. jimmy kept everything. now, asaro's attorney says his 78-year-old client is completely innocent, but he's not the only alleged mobster in trouble. four other alleged members of the bonanno crime family including the current boss, were also arrested along with asaro
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and charged with a variety of crimes dating back no the 1960s. charlie, clarissa? >> bob, thanks. >> the united states attorney general this morning is ruling out any deal with edward snowden and the former nsa contractor who stole millions of secret documents says he has no plans to come back to america. chip reid is at the justice department with those new developments in the snowden case. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, charlie and clarissa. one of the biggest questions in the edward snowden case is how the u.s. government intends to bring him to justice for the crimes they say he committed. well, now the attorney general is weighing in on how to bring ♪en home. speaking at a forum at the university of virginia thursday attorney general eric holder made clear that while the government very much wants to bring edward snowden back to the united states, a deal involving clemency involving the nsa contractor is not on the table. >> if mr. snowden wanted to come back to the united states enter a plea we would engage with his
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lawyers. >> reporter: at about the same time thursday snowden himself was engaged in an online dialogue on twitter and was asked under what conditions he would return to the united states. returning to the u.s., i think, is the best resolution for the government, the public and myself, snowden wrote, but it's unfortunately not possible in the face of current whistle-blower protection laws. the attorney general, however, said he does not view snowden as a whistle-blower. >> from my perspective, he's a defendant. he's a person that we have lodged criminal charges against, and i think that's the most apt title. >> reporter: whatever the correct label, the majority of americans believe snowden should stand trial in the u.s. rather than receive amnesty to come home. thursday's conversation follows a week in which snowden has traded accusations with his critics. on cbs' "face the nation" sunday, house intelligence chairman mike rogers suggested that snowden must have had help from the russian security service. >> the way he departed and how
7:15 am
he ended up in moscow -- now, we still have some questions there there -- but i can guarantee you he's in the loving arms of an fsb agent right today, and that's not good for the united states. >> reporter: but in an interview with the "new yorker" magazine snowden said he quote, clearly and unambiguous acted alone, with no assistance from anyone much less a government. charlie and clarissa? >> chip reid thank you. a setback in switzerland this morning where peace talks between syria's ruling regime and western-backed opposition groups are in trouble. margaret brennan is traveling with secretary of state kerry in davos switzerland where the u.s. is working to bring a new voice to the table. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, clarissa and to charlie. intense diplomacy is under way to get the rebels and the regime in the same room. direct talks were cancelled today, but u.n. negotiators have not given up. the process is continuing. one challenge that the rebels have decided to reshuffle their ranks. the u.s. is trying to get them
7:16 am
to bring some of the armed rebel groups into the negotiating room. the u.s. team led by ambassador robert ford consulting on the sidelines, and the diplomats urging the russians to get the regime, assad regime to make progress on the cease-fire and delivery of humanitarian aid. but big sticking point is that the regime flatly refuses to talk about the exit of president assad from power. and the u.s. and rebels say that's the entire reason they're talking in the first place. so as we say, the talks are ongoing, but the syrian foreign minister just threatened to leave by tomorrow if progress isn't made in the next 24 hours. >> margaret, thank you. the federal investigation of new jersey's traffic jam scandal is taking a new turn. the u.s. attorney's office issued subpoenas yesterday to governor chris christie's re-election campaign and the state republican party. prosecutors want to see more than three years of documents. members of christie's inner
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circle are blamed for blocking access lanes to the george washington bridge in september. lawyers for christie's campaign and the state gop say they intend to cooperate. pop superstar justin bieber is free on bail this morning. he was arrested at 4:00 a.m. yesterday in miami beach. police say bieber was street racing in a yellow lamborghini, driving twice the 30-mile-an-hour speed limit. the 19-year-old could face jail time. the charges include dui, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license. officers say bieber admitted to smoking marijuana, drinking, and taking prescription pills before he got behind the wheel. jay leno has two weeks left on "the tonight show." we sat down last night with house speaker john boehner. they talked about infighting within the republican party. leno asked the speaker if the conflict is the worst he has ever seen. >> oh, no i -- well, maybe it is. >> yeah, yeah. >> probably. [ laughter ] it's bad. listen, you know, the funny thing about the so-called
7:18 am
infighting is we agree on all the goals we think obama care is bad for the country, we shouldn't spend more than what we bring in we think the president's ignoring the laws. >> yeah. >> it's all a fight over tactics. >> you ever think of running for president? >> no. >> no? >> no, i like to play golf. i like to cut my own grass. >> right? >> you know, i do drink red wine. i smoke cigarettes. >> yeah. >> and i'm not giving that up to be president of the united states. >> that's right. >> that was boehner's first "tonight show" appearance. president obama had been there six times. it's time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" says the largest democratic super pac in the country is getting behind hillary clinton. priorities usa action played a key role in president obama's political operation. if clinton runs for president, that group's support will give her a huge fund-raising advantage over other democrats. the "wall street journal" says the national 9/11 memorial museum will charge $24 a ticket.
7:19 am
one man who lost his son that day calls the price disgraceful. the museum in lower manhattan is scheduled to open in may. the museum is not supported by government funding. relatives of 9/11 victims will be admitted for free. "the dallas morning news" has new details of the security breach at neiman marcus. they say 1 million debit and credit card accounts may have been compromised. malicious software collected card data from july to october of last year. meanwhile, the fbi is warning retailers that more computer atakes -- attacks are likely. britain's "independence" calls the internet a gift from god, but also warned yesterday that the obsession to stay digitally connected can actually isolate us from friends an offer shore winds and red flag warnings posted for all bay area mountains. fire danger is running high. looks like that ridge breaking down a little bit though as that low undercuts it. still surf building along the
7:20 am
coastline. watch out for big breakers there. about 11 to 13 feet with an occasional 20-footer rolling in. highs in the 60s and low 70s for today. next couple of days should be a very mild weekend. and mild and dry into next week. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. sunday night is grammy night in los angeles. nancy o'dell is watching the
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald high, everyone. good morning. 7:26 on this friday morning. i'm frank mallicoat. contra costa county fire officials investigating a suspicious overnight fire. this is in pittsburg after knocking down the flames crews finding pot plants worth as much as $2 million inside the home. oakland father trying to find his son now before the police find him. the 14-year-old wanted for murder of his 17-year-old sister over a dispute on laundry. and monster waves pounding the california coast for mavericks at half moon bay. waves are projected to be as tall as 40 feet and the show starts in less than an hour. you can watch it right at traffic and weather coming up right after the break.
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liza battalones here with your "kcbs traffic." the bay bridge metering lights are still on and traffic is backed up at the toll plaza from about the end of the east parking lot sluggish traffic stays with you across the upper deck heading towards san francisco. san mateo bridge now southbound 880 at highway 92, this is just outside of the san mateo bridge area. there is an accident blocking a lane of traffic. here's lawrence. >> all right. high pressure breaking down just a little bit. a few clouds moving across our skies. low pressure actually swinging on by bringing some clouds with it. still, it's helping to crank up some of the offshore winds. and we have red flag warnings that have now been expanded to all bay area mountaintops so be very careful out the door today. temperature-wise, it will be another mild day and probably back into the record books again. about 69 in san jose. 69 also in santa rosa and 70 in oakland. the weekend looks warmer and mild into next week.
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that's the joey yankee stadium where the nachl ishl is getting ready for outdoor hockey. the ranger also play the devils out in the cold this weekend. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up, new businesses are popping up in colorado now that marijuana is legal there. and a new breed of tourist is visiting the state. we'll look at the rise of cannabis capitalism. plus, 24 top surfers hope to reach new heights this morning at california's mavericks invitational. organizers expect the waves to be over four stories tall. we'll take you there just ahead. last november virginia state senator creigh deeds was the victim of a brutal attack. his son slashed deeds in the face. gus deeds then took his own life. sunday on "60 minutes," creigh
7:31 am
deeds gives his first interview since the assault, and he tells scott pelley that his son was also a victim. >> i really don't want gus to be defined by his illness. i don't want gus to be defined by what happened on the 19th. gus was a great kid. he was the perfect son. you know, it's clear the system failed. it's clear that failed gus killed gus. >> reporter: gus deeds was a talented musician, on the dean's list at the college of william & mary. but after he turned 21 he became delusional and was diagnosed as bipolar. last november, his father was worried that gus would kill himself. so deeds got a court order and sheriff's deputies to take gus to an emergency room. there, calls went out to find an open bed in a psychiatric hospital. because of a state law designed to protect patients, that court order would expire in six hours. and if you didn't find a hospital bed in six hours, gus was coming home. >> he was coming home.
7:32 am
and i was concerned that if he came home, there was going to be a crisis. >> reporter: no bed was found. there was no place to go but home. >> i didn't know what was going to happen. but the next morning you know, i felt like there'd be a confrontation, but i had no reason to think there'd be violence. but, you know, i got ready for work, and i went out to the barn to feed the horses. and gus was coming across the yard, and he was -- i said hey, bud, how'd you sleep? he said, fine. i turned my back and, you know, i turned my back had this feed thing in my hands, and he was just on me. >> reporter: he attacked you? >> he got me twice, you know, stabbed me twice. >> you can watch scott pelley's complete interview with creigh deeds on "60 minutes" sunday night here on cbs. for the first time a cbs news poll finds a majority of americans want to legalize
7:33 am
marijuana. 51% of people in our newest poll say that using marijuana should not be a crime. two years ago, voters in colorado and washington state decided to legalize recreational pot use under the new laws tourism is booming in colorado and as barry petersen reports, a new type of entrepreneur is profiting from it. >> reporter: call it cannabis capitalism. the latest leaf to sprout from legalized marijuana. michael imers pot tours cost $240 a person. this group was here to show cbs news how it works when the tours start this weekend. >> basically what we're trying to do is show people the cannabis lifestyle. >> reporter: he has bookings and belief that he's in on one of colorado's new growth industries industries. if i want to take the tour how long will i have to wait to get aboard? >> you know what? i have 30 limos at my disposal so if you want a tour --
7:34 am
>> reporter: 30 limos? >> absolutely. >> reporter: you're good to go? >> we're good to go. >> reporter: tourist also see how marijuana is grown, visit a paraphernalia shop complete with a demonstration by a glass blower, and have numerous chances to buy recreational marijuana. and the tourists are coming. at medicine man, which sells medicinal and recreational pot, andrew checks i.d.s. are you getting a lot of people from out of state? >> we get a huge amount of people from out of state. i would estimated 40% of the i.d.s i check. >> reporter: 40%? >> 40%. >> reporter: mostly texas, which is where heather mcneely came from here from a ski vacation that started with a stop for pot. >> this is my first time, so i'm going to try it legally. >> i think we've taken a little bit of a black-eye. the whole world is watching how we take the first steps on the first massive commercialization and the development of an industry. >> reporter: michael feeley is part of a group called smart colorado, concerned that
7:35 am
legalizing marijuana and selling tourists to pot shops will hurt tourism by scaring people away. >> i don't think people who are serious about enjoying themselves, bringing their family, bringing their businesses here are going to be brought -- are going to come to colorado because they can get a ride to a pot store. >> reporter: appropriately enough, the pot tour ends at a sub shop where acapulco gold is a sandwich and they're ready to help with the marijuana munch munchies. for "cbs this morning," barry petersen denver. >> tonight, the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" will look at the other ripple effects from colorado's new marijuana business. >> colorado, not just for skiing anymore. the 56th annual grammy awards will be held this sunday night. the show on cbs will feature a who's who of music's biggest names. nancy o'dell, she's a big name, co-host of"entertainment tonight." she's been speaking with the stars behind the scenes.
7:36 am
nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. right now, it's quiet where the grammys are going to take place, because it's rather early here in l.a. it certainly wasn't quiet all day yesterday as this year's nominees were rehearsing down o.j. the stage behind me. once again, for the third year in a row, l.l. cool j is hosting this year's ceremony and as great as the show usually is he promises this year is going to top them all. ♪ there's the cinderella story of lorde, the 17-year-old from new zealand will take the stage up for record of the year and three other grammys. >> you know, a year ago i couldn't even think that this would happen. ♪ where will i be loved ♪ >> reporter: we'll see surprising duets like the pairing of miranda lambert and green day's billy joe armstrong. >> it's great. that's what the grammys is about, collaboration with people you may not ever cross paths with. >> reporter: every year, there
7:37 am
are special moments that we as viewers take away as "that was incredible." >> well, i will tell you, definitely don't miss the opening. >> reporter: really? >> the opening is going to be crazy. >> reporter: big rumors that beyonce and jay-z are going to perform together. that would be an amazing open. >> that would be good. i can't confirm or deny that. but i will tell you, like i said, don't miss the open. ♪ if i do say so myself ♪ >> reporter: we weren't the only ones to hear that rumor. >> i heard beyonce might be here, so that'll be fun to see what she comes out with from the new album, which i think is great. >> this show will be one of the most entertaining shows that people have watched in the years, in terms of music. now, it covers all genres, different generations. you have icons. >> i started as a songwriter. that was always the goal. >> reporter: music icon carole king will be singing along with grammy nominee sarah berellas on her hit song.
7:38 am
>> i'm going to keep the song but sarah's, musically and lyrically, the songs fit together. ♪ >> reporter: and who will wind up in the winner's circle? amongst the artists most not named, kendrick lemar berell williams and mclemore and ryan lewis. >> it has a positivity that i think the grammy awards especially likes to promote. ♪ >> for me, the whole night, the whole event is magic, because you are seeing the best of the best of the best in the music world doing -- bringing their "a" game today table, trying to outdo one another. you know? and rock that crowd. >> reporter: well, no question the show is definitely going to rock the crowd. in fact the grammys is known for its unique collaborations especially when it comes to combining current artists with legendary ones. blake shelton will be joining
7:39 am
willie nelson, kris kristofferson on stage. robin thicke will perform with chicago, and paul mccartney and ringo starr. and if you want to see all of the red-carpet arrivals "entertainment tonight" is doing a live special with the tv guide networks and i have to decide what color i'll wear which i have to talk to charlie, base it on what charlie's favorite color is that day. >> yeah your wardrobe stylist. you were talking about paul and ringo. we know they're both be there. do you know if they'll be performing together? >> the brass is being tight-lipped about that because that certainly would be a big treat. yes, they are both performing. whether they're going to do it separately or together, that remains to be seen. but in my opinion, it's certainly worth tuning in just to find that out, gayle. >> all right nancy. charlie, any words of advice? >> call me, nancy. >> reporter: i'm gonna. send me your digits. >> all right. they're on the way. thank you, nancy o'dell. you can watch the grammy awards sunday night at 8:00, 7:00
7:40 am
central here on cbs. and this morning, we're looking forward to some spectacular performances on the water. >> reporter: i'm john blackstone at mavericks, a half mile off the california coast, where today the world's best big-wave surfers will take on some of the world's biggest waves. the mavericks surf competition is on. i'll have the story coming up on "cbs this morning."
7:41 am
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7:44 am
surfers on the shore caught record-breaking waves yesterday. the waves hit heights of 50 feet on wednesday and thursday fueled by an offshore storm. >> this morning thanks to that storm the world's best surfers are headed to half moon bay, california. they'll compete in the maverick's invitational one of the surfers legend iowa events and it's luring junkies from
7:45 am
worlds afar. >> reporter: the mavericks competition is unique in its unpredictability. when the waves and weather are just right, the competitors get only 48 hours' notice to get to half moon bay south of san francisco. jeff clark is the event's lead organizer. when you say it's on people start climbing on arps in south africa, australia, japan, coming to half moon bay. >> yeah. absolutely. before i made the call my friend was at the airport, our 2010 champion. he said clark, man, i've got 20 minutes before they close the door. what's it going to be. >> burdish posted an instagram of himself. more than 30 hours later he and his surfboard reached san francisco. he's one of the two dozen surfers inviting to maverick's
7:46 am
this year. >> we've got some of the best from braaustralia, hawaii brazil. >> reporter: but the surfers aren't the only ones who drop in. people start descending from around the world. >> yes, it's like -- >> i literally had about four hours to pack my stuff and get all my equipment ready to go. >> reporter: the traveled the same circuit around the world as the surfers braving the same punishing waves. by thursday afternoon she was on a jet ski surveying maverick's as the swell's rolled in precursors of the giants to come. >> what is it like to be in the water looking up at a 40-foot-high wave? >> pretty intense. i always think to myself if i
7:47 am
get caught inside the wave where's the way out. it's down. >> are you an adrenaline junky? >> i think, yeah. >> they figured it was just too dangerous, then a 17-year-old high school kid paddled out and road mavericks for the first time. that was 1975. the kid was jeff clark. now you're sharing it with the world. >> i am sharing it with the world. >> reporter: but this afternoon a winner will be declared and it will be all over until next year when big surfers will wince again start over. >> to you wish you were there? >> i do. i offshore winds and red flag warnings posted for all bay area mountains. fire danger is running high. looks like that ridge breaking
7:48 am
down a little bit though as that low undercuts it. still surf building along the coastline. watch out for big breakers there. about 11 to 13 feet with an occasional 20-footer rolling in. highs in the 60s and low 70s for today. next couple of days should be a very mild weekend. and mild and dry into next week. a new study finds a way to trick people into thinking they had a good night's sleep. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ (announcer) from the company that invented litter comes litter re-invented.
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 7:56. time for some news headlines now. a grow house in pittsburg goes up in flames overnight. the fire started about 1:00 this morning. apparently no one lived in the home. firefighters found 1,000 plants inside worth about $2 million. surf's up on the san mateo coast. monster waves pounding the coastline. the best surfers from all around the world are in the bay area for mavericks. waves are projected to be as tall as 40 feet. the show starts in a couple of minutes at 8:00. and if you can't make it to the beach today, we are streaming the competition live on our website, it should be good entertainment and as i said, it kicks off in a matter of minutes. traffic and weather for your friday right after the break.
7:57 am
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good morning. liza battalones here with your "kcbs traffic." a motorcycle accident delaying traffic south 101 on san jose on the connector ramp to southbound 87 and major delays for the bart system because of an earlier medical emergency which occurred on the tracks in the orinda station. 20 minutes late now for all trains rolling through the orinda area. meanwhile, if you plan on catching an ace train, number 3 is also about 20 minutes late. that's "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> high pressure overhead but breaking down a little bit. we have seen an area of low pressure roll by helping to bring a couple of clouds across our skies early on this morning although we're looking good there just a couple cloud in the distance. otherwise a whole lot of sunshine today. the fire danger is running high. red flag warnings now have been expanded to all bay area mountains. temperatures still above the average probably back into the record books again. 60s and 70s. a little warmer over the weekend. and staying mild well into next week.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the icy chill reaches new depths. targets data breach watch out for new hacking. and then a song about bullying live on the grammys, but first here is a look at today's eye-opener at 8:00. as we saw in michigan city indiana, if you just add a little snow and ice to the mix, it can turn deadly quickly.
8:01 am
>> pretty much disaster. it's pretty scary. >> a winter storm warning. >> and thousands of commuters in new york city had a slow and cold trip home last night. power problems at grand central stopped suburban trains for nearly two hours. and then police headquarters in downtown cairo. >> four alleged crime members charged with a variety of crimes in the 1960s. >> it's done and it comes alive, like "night of the living dead." how long will i have to wait to get aboard? >> we're good to go. >> bringing the a-game to the table. >> do you have any advice for nancy? >> call me nancy. >> officers say bieber admitted to smoking marijuana, drinking and taking prescription pills
8:02 am
before he got behind the wheel. >> that may have been his way of announcing that he is running for mayor of toronto. i am charlie rose with gayle king, and norah o'donnell is off. the west is only place where it's not unusually cold. the winter chill stretches from minneapolis down to houston. >> that's affecting travel across the country this morning. around 500 flights have been cancelled for the day, and the total for the week is more than 6,300, and people are, well fed up. >> it's cold outside. it's crazy out here. >> didn't put enough gloves on this morning and my face is freezing. i can't believe i am out here. hopefully i will get something, like hot chocolate later, because i am too cold to function right now. >> how many layers would you say
8:03 am
you have right now? >> 100. it's just very cold. >> do you like this weather? >> i am from texas. i hate this weather. >> i moved from california because i was missing my winter. >> oh, so you don't mind? >> no actually i feel alive. >> let's celebrate winter! >> my friends in florida say what are you doing staying up north? you could come down here and be warm. >> that little boy had it right, you had on 100 layers and you are still cold. >> the answer to the number of layers is not enough. >> it's winter. and officials are predicting those that hit will soon be back. good morning. >> good morning. the fbi now is warning retailers across the country to watch for the very same kind of cyber attacks that resulted in the theft of credit and debit card information from millions of customers, target neiman marcus
8:04 am
and other out let's. an fbi security bulletin is being circulated saying investigators found 20 separated cases in the last year using malware. they have found a way to steal data from point of sale card readers used inside stores. the fbi reports most of the credit thefts it is seeing are on the smaller side but retailers small and large should prepare for further cyber attacks ahead. president obama will spend the weekend polishing his state of the union address. senator mike lee will speak on behalf of the tea party, and rand paul will deliver his own response. justin bieber is in the spotlight, but not because of
8:05 am
his music. he was arrested in florida. entertainment tonight co-host nancy odell is in los angeles i imagine they are talking about it in los angeles today. >> oh, yes, bieber is a hot topic and he is out on bail after police say he was driving under the influence and then under arrest and justin bieber's fans have stuck with him, and now it's not just the so-called so-called so-called belibiebrs he has to answer to. >> resisting without violence, and driving with an expired driver's license. >> tmz says this is bieber at
8:06 am
the wheel just before an officer pulled him over. police say the 19-year-old was street racing a pair of luxury cars around 4:00 a.m. with an r & b singer. >> when he confronted mr. bieber he smelled a strong alcohol beverage. >> he had bloodshot eyes and a stupor look on his face. >> mr. bieber made statements he consumed alcohol and had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication. >> bieber who was in miami with his father faces a possible six-month jail sentence for the dui alone. for now he is free on $2500 bail. leaving court, he stopped to acknowledge fans outside. he has been living life in the spotlight since the age of 15 when his debut album went
8:07 am
platinum. five chart-topping albums later it's his behavior that is getting the most attention, and most recently last week when l.a. county police raided his home over accusations he egged his neighbor's property. >> the domestic terrorists has been apprehended, they finally arrested justin bieber he is in custody. >> for better or worse, bieber remains one of the most famous people on the planet. the world is watching and rapper ll cool jay had his first hit at the age of 17 came to bieber's defense. >> being wealthy and famous does not make you mature. i think you got to give the guy an opportunity to grow up. >> of course bieber is getting love from his fans and they gathered outside his hotel overnight to show their support, and a close friend of justin's
8:08 am
told entertainment tonight that the people around him have been trying to get him help for a while, and his manager tweeted bottom line we are designed by how we handle adversity, be there when it koupbdzcounts love fully. we will see where his career goes from here and can he overcome the adversity? >> yes. and rolling over roger federer in straight sets this morning. nadal has played federer 30 times and won 23. the 27-year-old spaniard could be the first man in more than 40 years to win all four grand slam titles twice. >> amazing. >> that's good
8:09 am
8:10 am
there is a new prescription for people who can't sleep. a sl for people who can't sleep. the sleep specialists, and she will join us. can't wait to talk to you, and that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by allergan. talk to your doctor today about chronic migraine. but what if the odds could be in your favor? botox® is an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by a doctor once every 3 months. the effects of botox® (onabotulinumtoxina) may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms.
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in today's morning rounds the power of persuasion. a new study suggests we can trick our brain into thinking we have had a good night's sleep even when we have not. dr. ash is here. good morning. the numbers show 50 million to 70 million people have sleep issues. is it really an issue of the power of positive thinking? >> that's what the study suggests, and what they did was they took 164 participants and explained brain silence and sleep and told them rem sleep will improve your performance,
8:15 am
and they hooked them up to scam equipment, and they told them they had rem sleep, and they had better performance despite how they slept the night before. >> i can't sit at home and think i am getting sleep, somebody in authority has to tell me that? >> yeah, and a trusted authority figure, if it gives you information you will believe it. and it does not just create inspiration and motivation it changes physiology. it's an important message that we need to be educating patients of good sleep habits. >> it's a mind over matter deal isn't it? >> yes, and having information and that data it's powerful when somebody says you can, so it's re-writing the story of the little train that could, and it's not i think i can but it's my doctor said i will. >> you learned something
8:16 am
interesting about sleeping pills as well? >> yes and it's easy for doctors to right a sleeping pill prescription, and it's time you don't necessarily have to spend and there's consequences to sleeping pills, they can cause confusion, and complex behaviors happen accidents, so taking the time to say to a patient do these simple sleep habits will go a long way. >> you don't recommend taking sleeping pills every night? >> charlie, sleep disruption is the biggest health issue facing modern society, so we have to do better at helping patients. >> i think we need to hire somebody, a person of authority saying you slept well when we come in at 4:00 in the morning. >> thank you so much. two princeton researchers are forecasting the evened of facebook, and they predict $1
8:17 am
billion users will abandon the social network in the next three years. plus all that mattered on this day in 1984 the debut of a digital giant. do you remember what that was? this is a good clue. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. comes litter re-invented. (woman) hey! toss me that litter! (announcer) introducing tidy cats lightweight. all the strength, half the weight.
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] choose taste. choose prego.
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8:21 am
on january 24th apple computer will introduce macintosh, and you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984. >> "all that mattered" 30 years ago, steesh jobs unveiled the first macintosh computer. the personal mac offered a great friendly design. the features and high cost made it a major disappointment. they created a massive array of products. this morning a two-page ad in
8:22 am
several newspapers say happy birthday, mac. >> and they should say happy birthday steve jobs. >> and the pope says the internet is a gift from god. there's a bold prediction that facebook will lose 80% of its users in the next three years. that adds up to approximately 800 million people. there's a study still under publish. >> scott stein is here. he's read the controversial remark. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> never good to be compared to an infectious disease. >> i think they're trying to look at the fact that the internet is viral. but i think there's big difference between a dancing cat and a facebook oochlt there are some things that spread and once people have seen them they're
8:23 am
not interested anymore. maybe that suggestion how many will sign up for facebook but there's still a billion-plus people using facebook. is it about fwegt new youit. >> dancing cats is interesting. a lot of people come to youtube not only for dancing cats. >> they do. the idea of the internet is evolving. sure, there is value in looking at the fact that there are bubbles throughout the evolution of the internet. now we're all about social media. at some point i don't thank it's going to change. are teams going to keep using it north? >> facebook has come out with a response. they say the report from princeton is utter nonsense a
8:24 am
poeks upon from facebook. here's what i'm struggling to understand. maybe it's not as cool as it used to be or teens are not. are they going to cut off service? >> there are older users using this. i think you look at it that print has been around for 250 years. facebook is new. there's a sense of a parallel. but i think the same way. if you're an institution for where you're going for information, if you're using it for family then facebook sticks around. teens don't want to be where parents are. maybe the teens come back. that's a possibility. they go out, have some fun and sign up later on. >> okay. they don't have the to worry.
8:25 am
i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." updating this developing situation in the east bay, a medical emergency now causing major delays on the bart system heading to aand through the orinda bart station. apparently a person fell on the tracks. this person has been transported to the hospital. but now, we are looking at over 20-minute delays now for all trains heading through the orinda bart station. it's also been a tough morning for ace. train number 3 is 20 minutes late because of earlier equipment problems. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to frank. >> all right, liza. thanks. nearly 8:26 now. i'm frank mallicoat. we have some other headlines to show you. firefighters quickly knocking down a brush fire in san rafael this morning. tall flames spread to three acres between east francisco and kerner boulevard. we are told it started around
8:26 am
3:30 inside an illegal encampment. and the state senate transportation committee will hold a hearing later today up in sacramento about the structural safety of the bay bridge's new eastern span. a recent investigation found some caltrans officials tried to cover up safety problems during the construction of the bridge. >> surf is up in a big way live pictures of mavericks. monster waves pounding the san mateo county coastline right now. the best surfers from all around the world are right there here in the bay area. getting ready for mavericks. it's just getting under way. waves projected to be up to 40 feet. good stuff. weather coming up for your friday right after the break.
8:27 am
hey... is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season.
8:28 am
temperatures in the 30s and 40s in the bay area hazy right now and clouds moving across our skies, as well. so we have an area of low pressure that's actually retrograding. it's backing out toward the coastline. that will bring with a few more clouds across our skies. high pressure though is the dominant feature right now. and it's going to stick around over the weekend. so that will bring with it plenty of sunshine and some very mild temperatures. in fact, this afternoon, looks like those numbers are moving up into the 60s and a couple of loaf 70s as high as 70 in oakland. 69 degrees in san jose. and 65 degrees in san francisco. i think as we look out over the next couple of days that ridge will strengthen for the weekend, dry and mild through next week.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour grammy nominee, hunter hayes. the 22-year-old is one of music's top performance, and back in high school he was a target of bullies. his new song is inspired by that experience. and then a man claims he was standing his ground so why was he charged with murdering his wife and another man. that's ahead. it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. a faultline in the nation's midsection is alive and could cause a major earthquake. the geological survey said the new fault zone covered 150
8:31 am
miles, in 1811 and 1812 that fault caused two powerful quakes in the central mississippi river valley. the "washington post" said nutrition labels are getting a new look making them much better to read. the fda has not released the exact changes yet. "the daily beast"," the former nba star went to celebrate kim jong-un's birthday, and he brought more than $10,000 in luxury gifts for kim, and the gifts included whisky crystal and a fur coat. >> wow. "the wall street journal"s looks at how some applicants are goosing their resume in the job
8:32 am
market. one taped a giant resume to a queen-sized pillow. companies received 383 applications for every job posting last year and that's according to the corporate executive board that tracks hiring. experts say resume gimmicks usually do not work. >> but they are memorable. the columbus dispatch says liquor sales hit a record and people in ohio drank enough liquor to fillmore than 18 olympic-sized swimming pools. our new york station, wcbs has good news about the rutgers football player. he was bareparalyzed four years ago while making a play and he just earned his bachelors degree. >> i remember when that happened. hunter hayes is a musical prodigy. by the time he was 7, he
8:33 am
mastered dozens of students. and nancy odell is at staple's center. >> it's good to be with you, gayle. the more i can see you the better i am. it's going to be hard for hunter hayes to top the year he already had. listen 2014 is starting off with a bang for hunter, with him debuting his new single on the giant platform that the grammy stage provides and he says this performance may be the most emotional one of his life. >> ♪ ♪ there's so much more to life ♪
8:34 am
>> the country singer will play his new song, "invisible" for the first time onstage, and he knows this crowd is far from ordinary. >> the trend setters and the teachers and the musical professors, and the pioneers you know i'm wondering how i got this seat on this row next to this person and this is insane. >> are you nervous? >> oh, yeah. unbelievably nervous. >> i lover willing to admit it. >> another reason to be nervous, his nomination for best country solo performance. his return ticket to the grammys comes from the hit "i want crazy." ♪ >> i just remember last year and it's just running into the people that i ran into like in hallways, right? >> uh-huh. >> and i am just randomly bumping into sting. >> that's kind of fun.
8:35 am
>> yeah and i am like hi and he said, hunter and that just happened and he said my name before i could get to it. >> that recognition did not happen overnight. at age 4 he stood onstage with hank williams jr. and belted this kind much classic. ♪ >> a year later he made a movie with robert duvall. >> robert duvall showed up at my 6th birthday party, and he handed my first ever guitar and amp. >> i hope you still have it? >> i definitely have it for sure, i still have it. >> welcome hunter he is all of 7 years old and i think he is pretty great. >> by the time president clinton introduced him at the white house, he was picking up other instruments.
8:36 am
30 in all. >> did you teach yourself how to play all of these instruments? >> i figured it out. that was my heart and soul and comfort zone and my thing, my sports on the weekends it was music. >> but growing up that singular interest left him alone, and inspired his new single. >> i was a total geek a total nerd, still am and i am proud of it, and it took me a while to realize it was okay to be proud of that. >> in what way did you not fit in? >> i didn't have a place, if you didn't have a place at the lunch table, that alone could change the perception of yourself. >> and he wants his own starry to be hope to others. >> you will see a totally different side of the story so much cooler and all of this will make sense. >> are you going to be performing the grammy song
8:37 am
live -- sorry, i just made you more nervous. >> thanks. >> yeah you are welcome. >> hunter did tell me the song is so personal for him, and he is worried about getting choked up onstage and did during rehearsal, and i can't imagine the impact on grammy night, and it's going to be a wonderful performance, and you can watch it all live on the tv guide network, and we are doing a special "entertainment tonight" at 5:00 and we look forward to that. >> what a doll he is. it must be like cooking for julia child in his position. >> you just want to hug him. and his music makes you happy. and this has a nice song. >> charlie, you are my fashion
8:38 am
stylist. i want you to know that. >> he is very good at that nancy. he is very good. >> very indeed. a fashionable man, and i will be calling him later. >> thank you, nancy odell. you can watch the grammy awards sunday night at 8:00 7:00 central here on cbs. an all american guide's secret life leads to terrible trouble. >> after his wife was murdered a south carolina linea man said just like george zimmerman, he was standing his ground when he shot and killed his good friend. that story is coming up on
8:39 am
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♪ brett and tammy joe parker of columbia south carolina were the picture perfect family they had good jobs and friends and were regulars at church and at the university of south carolina football games, but they also had an open secret that would lead to murder. >> the neighbors might not have known but in an upstairs office in the home of this successful couple there was a thriving illegal gambling operation. >> parker worked for a medical sales company, and we learned he
8:43 am
was a sports bookie. >> when he finished his day job, his friend and employee brett parker took phone bets on baseball, basketball and football. >> brett's father is a bookie as well. >> if i wanted to place a bet in columbia, south carolina would it be hard for me to find a bookie to take the bet? >> probably not. >> business was good and the cops looked the other way. >> it's not a serious crime where we dedicate a team of people to go out and investigate it. >> until one day when a 911 call got all of their attention. >> on april 13th 2012 brett parker called 911 saying his wife had been shot by an acquaintance somebody he identified as brian cappenhurst. >> he said he killed his wife and forced him at gun point to open his saeufp but that he
8:44 am
managed to shoot cappenhurst first. >> i shot him and i think i killed him. he killed my wife. >> we have a law in place that you have a right to use deadly force if you think your life is in danger. >> south carolina is one of 33 states with a form of what is called a stand your ground law, the kind of law widely discussed in george zimmerman's and trayvon martin case. >> is this a case where brett parker was standing his ground? >> absolutely. if somebody has a pistol at your head and orders you up your stairs to a safe i think your life is in danger. >> the investigators are trying to put the pieces together of the puzzle. >> 97 days after the killings police were sure the puzzle had been solved and brett parker was charged with the two murders. >> he had lots of money, and high stakes bookies and gambling, and you have sex and
8:45 am
murder. this was the o.j. simpson case of columbia. >> richard, what a story. if i wanted to make a bet on duke right now, can i find a bookie to do that in south carolina? >> i would check with charlie. the fact is i could probably find somebody to take your money but they probably prefer you bet on the home team. it was not as easy before this case, because after this happened the police had the fair on this. >> what changed their mind this was not a bookie standing his ground? >> that was an interesting fact you can't use the stand your ground defense if there was a crime being committed where the shooting takes place, and while betting is technically illegal,
8:46 am
charlie, it would not have been in place. >> is this pick on charlie day? >> i didn't bet much on sports. what is the question this piece answers? >> this was a great example of good old-fashioned police work. you get so used these days to forensics, and there was interesting forensics, and these guys worked this case for months and mothers and just cracked it. >> what were some of the things that discredited the story? >> i don't want to be too specific, but there was a wound on one of the victims that told the story the police were being told probably isn't true. >> we look forward to learning the full story. thank you. you can see the full report "a bad bet" on 48 hours, tomorrow at 10:00 here on cbs. don't for get on sunday night, jalen
8:47 am
8:48 am
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8:50 am
jie only have time to thank clarissa this week. thank you for your brilliant reporting in the middle east. >> thank you for having me. >> that does it for us. as we leave, take a look at the week that was. >> anywhere i want it's managing to blow in my face. >> residents are urged to stay off the street. >> snoi snow plows are using sensors to target the iciest roads. >> air travel is in turmoil across the country. >> russian intelligence is warning the female suicide bombers may have already been dispatched to attack the coming games. >> females don't attract as much security attention. >> we were told to stay home and watch it on tv. >> violence in kiev has been going on for months. russians have told them to mind their own business. >> he'll be joined by the
8:51 am
lieutenant governor the latest to be embroiled in new controversy. >> mcdonnell was wasn't considered a presidential contender. first governor to be changed with a crime. >> were you drinking last night? >> yes, i because. >> the broncos bound for the super bowl. and the seahawks are going the super bowl. >> i'm the best one in the game. >> that was immature. i regret doing that. >> roger, read that no matter what the weather, you're going to be sitting outside, a, if that's true can i have your indoor seat. >> what's the first thing you want to do? >> as soon as i said that, i thought, oh, man, i just stepped in it. >> stop it. it's in my face man. >> wear the shorts that are compressing. you worry about a decrease in sperm production. >> give us a sense of trying to
8:52 am
land on a moving comet. >> it's as if you're trying to put a golf ball through thea window. >> 85 people own as much as half of the world's population. >> we need to do more. we want to lift those people up. >> knowing that you conned so many people and you conned so many people -- >> that's not true. that's a fallacy. >> i came here. i always played the violin. >> this is the last known -- >> grammy educated award. what's that mean to you. >> i wanted to cry. >> walking all night. >> you know, if i ever get married, i told you i want you to sing that song for my wedding. >> i beal there. >> you got anybody for me? >> charlie said to me -- i said you're such a great dad, he said, you know barkley is a dog. >> do you think if three tvs
8:53 am
were place
8:54 am
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headlines... a grow house in pittsburg goes up in flames. the fire started at about one o'clock good morning. 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat with your kpix 5 headlines. a grow house in pittsburg up in flames this morning at 1:00. apparently no one lived in the home. firefighters found 1,000 plants worth about $2 million, though, inside. larkspur, san rafael firefighters put out a brush fire this morning in a marsh area between east francisco and kerner boulevard. the fire started about 3:30 this morning. flames were visible from the freeway. and surf is up in a big way. monster waves pounding the california coastline. the best surfers from all around the world are here in the bay area now for mavericks. waves are projected to be up to 40 feet for the competition in half moon bay that kicked off about an hour ago. if you can't make it to the beach today, we are streaming
8:56 am
the competition live at you can see them from mavericks all morning long. and the weather in a word, lawrence? perfect, right? >> looking great. boy, can't get much better. very dry conditions outside, as well. the fire danger running high. red flag warnings now posted until 1:00 in the afternoon across all bay area mountaintops. hazy out the door we go over russian hill toward the growing. those waves continuing to build along the coastline making for monster waves and 40-footers toward mavericks. high pressure over the weekend. very mild conditions. today 60s and low 70s breaking records again. warming up over the weekend, a few more clouds along the coastline but staying mild into next week. we're going to check your "kcbs traffic" coming up next. 10 pieces, any recipe. twelve ninety-nine. everybody gets what they want. we love this new extra crispy boneless. he's taller than i remember. ♪ ♪
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good morning, everybody. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." bart is still recovering from earlier problems heading through the orinda station. there was a medical emergency this morning which had slowed down a lot of the trains heading through there. as of right now, you're looking at a five- to ten-minute delay for all service heading through orinda. right now no problems for caltrain, ace also a 20-minute delay on train number 3. and over at the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic still looking good with no big delays all morning long. that smooth drive stays with you across the spanned heading into foster city.
8:59 am
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wayne: i get to pick a box i get to pick a box! jonathan: it's a diamond ring. (screams) wayne: bringing sexy back to daytime. jonathan: it's a trip to the bahamas! - this is so crazy! - "let's make a deal," coming up, let's go, whoo! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody, welcome to "let's make a deal" i'm wayne brady, let's get to it. before i do the "who wants to make a deal," i should let everyone know that this isn't just any "let's make a deal" episode this is the salute to the grammy awards. the music that we hold near and dear to our hearts. the grammy awards air live this sunday only on cbs. so just like you i will be watching it from home. right now i need one person to make a grammy deal with. (cheers and applause)


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