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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  October 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: the kind of rain only seen every thousand years. extraordinary comments from south carolina's governor as devastating flooding continues. tonight the toll so far and the rescues. new clues in the search for 28 missing americans, items found far away from where a cargo ship lost contact in the middle of a hurricane. what's behind a sudden outbreak of drug overdoses in chicago? and, he was shot seven times running at the gunman in the oregon community college shooting. the hero's message tonight. >> i'm overwhelmed by the support i have gotten from everybody. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. and this is the western edition of the broadcast. the rain totals are staggering. the rescue efforts as well.
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a nor'easter joined forces with a storm system connected to hurricane joaquin. the result, the worst rain parts of the carolinas have ever seen. at least five people have been killed. more than 200 rescues have taken place in south carolina since saturday night. more than a foot and a half of rain fell in gills creek, 17 inches in the wateree river. 14 plus in charleston and nearly 10 inches in columbia where major highways and bridges are now closed. david begnaud is there. >> reporter: it is an emergency situation in south carolina. more than 100 water rescues have taken place sunday across the rain-ravaged state. governor nikki haley says the soaking is unprecedented. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years. that's how big this is. >> reporter: in downtown columbia the state's capitol, a dam break flooded major thoroughfares, stranding motorists trapped in their vehicles. some areas received up to 10 feet of water. residents have been warned to
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stay off the roads. we caught up with a first responder team from tennessee trying to locate someone who was reportedly swept away by the floodwaters. you're getting multiple calls for help, but you can't get there. >> we had one particular call for help right now that we're trying to get to but we can't because of impassible streets and downed trees. >> reporter: the fire chief told our cbs affiliate wltx the situation is dire. >> reporter: we're on a roadway that runs right over gills creek. the creek has risen up to 10 feet. and behind me there is a restaurant, a fabric shop and a bank, all of which are now filled with floodwater. in other parts of the state, roads have been washed away, and the department of transportation says at least 251 roads and 105 bridges are closed. including two major arteries, two dams have failed, and a 75 mile stretch of interstate 95 is also shut down. south carolina remains under a state of emergency. 600 national guardsmen have been
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activated, 8,000 are on standby. in charleston where a record 13 inches of rain has fallen since saturday, evacuations and rescues continue. in ocean isle beach, north carolina, coastal flooding has devastated parts of the area. right now that state's governor is offering up whatever resources his state can provide to their friends in the south. here in columbia south carolina one of the dams that has failed has caused a river to run through this part of town. behind me the roof has started to collapse. to this side there are vehicle as ban dawned where water is near the window. every business in this part of town has water running through it or around it. jeff, the governor of south carolina sold her constituents a couple of hours ago, the flooding could continue through tuesday. >> glor: david begnaud, thank you. there is new information tonight about the search for a cargo
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ship carrying 33 people, 28 of them americans. the search is focused about 75 piles from the ship's last known position, which is about 200 miles east of the bahamas. the "el faro" was call in hurricane joaquin's winds three days ago. the ship took off from jacksonville, florida, and mark strassmann is there. >> reporter: this coast guard video shows a helicopter crew recovering a life ring in the bermuda triangle. it came from "el faro." a weekend-long search by air and sea has found a 225 square mile debris field. and in it, more life rings, a container, life vests, wood, cargo, styrofoam and oil sheen. but tote marine, the cargo ship's owner said in a statement today there has been no sighting of the el faro or any life boats. coast guard chief petty officer ryan doss. >> we're looking for anything that may give an indication of where the ship may be or where it may have happened or that sailors that were aboard, hopefully a life raft. >> reporter: on tuesday morning the 790 foot cargo ship heavily
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loaded with containers set out for san juan from jacksonville. joaquin was then a tropical storm. tote marine said 53-year-old captain michael davidson felt he could get ahead of the weather. by thursday at 7:20 a.m., the ship radioed a distress call. it was now near the eye of a category 4 hurricane's 130-mile- per-hour winds, and 30 foot swells. "el faro" had lost power and propulsion and was listing 15 degrees. the crew was also pumping water. since then, radio silence. crew member frank hamm is rochelle hamm's husband. >> normally my husband tells me they route, they have a different route to take around the storm. i don't know why they didn't just steer the ship in a different direction. this is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: all weekend in jacksonville, relatives of the missing crew have looked for news and comfort at the sea fairers international union hall.
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arianna davidson, the captain's daughter tweeted this weekend, please pray for my dad to return safely. we talked to another cargo ship captain who made the same jacksonville to san juan trip for the last 20 years. he told us there were three possible routes. but jeff, he also emphasized that it's the ship captain who typically chooses which way to go. >> glor: mark strassmann in jacksonville, mark, thank you. the death toll continues to rise from thursday's horrible mudslide in guatemala. at least 96 were killed when a hillside collapsed and buried a neighborhood. rescuers are still searching for survivors, at least 300 are missing. at least 17 people were killed by flash floods this weekend in the french riviera. the victims include three people at a retirement home and seven who drowned in a parking garage as they tried to reach their cars. several others are still missing. in afghanistan doctors without borders now says 22 people were killed when one of its hospitals was hit by an air strike. apparently by u.s. forces. it happened yesterday in kunduz,
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a city of about 300,000 that was taken last week by the taliban. afghan forces have been trying to retake the city with help from u.s. strikes. more now from charlie d'agata. >> reporter: afghan soldiers continued to flush out remaining taliban fighters today, determined to keep kunduz under their control. but doctors without borders announced today it was pulling out of the city, a day after its hospital came under attack in an apparent u.s. air strike. the organization has demanded an independent investigation into what it calls a war crime. the pentagon confirmed that u.s. forces conducted an air strike in the vicinity of the hospital against taliban insurgents who were firing on u.s. service members. doctors without borders insisted there were no taliban fighters inside the medical facility. in brussels, director of operations bart jansson said staff raised the alarm to coalition officials as soon as the bombardment began.
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>> immediately, within 15 minutes, i got to alert the high command in kabul so they have taken this information. but the attack continued up to 45 minutes later. >> reporter: officials said patients who were unable to escape burned to death in their beds. and at least three of the victims were children. >> this is a tragic loss of life. your hearts can only go out to innocent people who were caught up in this kind of violence. >> reporter: the defense secretary said he believes the u.s. will have better information once american and international investigators get to the site. there's a senior u.s. military investigator on the ground in kunduz, jeff, but so far he's been unable to reach the hospital because of ongoing fighting. >> glor: charlie d'agata, thank you. in washington d.c., sources close to joe biden tell cbs news correspondent julianna goldman the vice president is close to announcing whether or not he's running for president.
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>> reporter: the vice president laughed off a call for him to launch a run for the white house. >> thank you very much. no-- i didn't say that. >> reporter: but people familiar with his deliberations tell cbs news joe biden is leaning toward entering the presidential race. and his decision could come as soon as within the next week to ten days. >> it is great to be back with the other h.r.c. >> reporter: hillary clinton and biden gave rousing speeches to the largest gay rights group in the u.s. and cast themselves as champions of lgbt rights. >> we're going to face some ridiculousness, especially from our friends in the gop. >> there's homophobes still left, most of them are running for president, i think. >> reporter: biden also reminded the gathering of activists and donors that he prompted the white house to support gay marriage. >> some of you credit me with taking the political risk, or thought i was doing something
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special. but folks, i was just answering in a straightforward, direct way what i've known my whole life. >> reporter: clinton declined the keynote address to appear on "saturday night live" where she played a bartender serving, well, hillary clinton. >> let us then tap our fists in friendship. >> reporter: who poked fun at the republican front-runner. >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like "ughh, you're all losers" >> reporter: behind the scenes clinton's campaign is trying to lock in support of donors who may be inclined to jump to the vice president if he gets in. jeff, some have told us that they came away from recent meetings with biden under the impression he will run. >> glor: julianna, thank you very much. jason chaffetz, the republican congressman from utah made it official he is running for speak of the house. a secret ballot election will be held in the house on thursday. the front-runner to replace john
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boehner, is his deputy kevin mccarthy. as police investigate thursday's mass shooting at a college in oregon, neighbors are seeking answers of their own. even as they battle through immense pain. john blackstone spoke to the father of one student who barely escaped. >> reporter: at new beginnings church pastor randy scroggins speaks often about salvation but his story of a life saved today was particularly personal. his 18 year old daughter lacey was sitting in the front row because she survived the ting in her collcollege classroom. >> then lacey remembers a huge bang close to her head. she said "daddy, my ears started to ring. i couldn't hear. i didn't even know what was going on except i knew this." >> reporter: next to her, 20- year-old treven anspach had been shot, his body fell across her, his blood flowed over her. >> she thought she was going to
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die. >> i said what were you thinking at that time. and she said daddy, number one i started to pray. and i knew i was dying today. i knew this was my last day. and he said get up, get up, and she was froze to the floor. she played dead. he crossed over lacey and shot the next one. i believe with all that i have that the blood of treven saved my little girl. >> reporter: there was another survivor, apparently given a message by the shooter. >> i understood that by the words of my daughter, that he gave him something, even mentioned a flash drive that is in this thing that he gave to the young man, and he actually said this will explain why i'm doing what i'm doing. as a father, there is no explanation for what happened on thursday. >> reporter: investigators have not spoken of the contents of that flash drive.
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for pastor scroggins, the day of the shooting ended with a reunion with his daughter outside the college. i bet you didn't just put her in the car. >> no, we hugged. it was an amazing thing, man. ( crying ) she got out of the car, and she had-- she had blood all over. i remember i wrapped my arms around her. we just squeezed. we just-- she squeezed me and i squeezed her. it was-- it was the best hug i ever had in my life. and then i put her in the car, and took her to mom. >> reporter: pastor scroggins says his daughter is still struggling but has told him she's determined to return to a normal life. jeff, she says the shooter made
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her a victim once, but he won't make her a victim twice. >> glor: john blackstone, thank you very much. later, an army veteran's story of courage and survival from the oregon shootings. but first a frightening outbreak of fatal drug overdoses, when the "cbs evening news" continues. s" continues. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss
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it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. >> glor: in chicago at least 74 people overdosed on heroin over a period of just three days last week. officials think the drug had been mixed with a powerful painkiller. here's jamie yuccas. >> reporter: you really wish he had made a different decision. >> i do. i do. because he could have had so much more in life. >> reporter: brandon holden was just 23 years old when he was found in a staten island, new york, convenience store bathroom with a needle still in his arm, dead from a heroin overdose. donna marie holden is his aunt. >> he had his fiancee that he just gotten engaged. and he was pretty happy. >> reporter: brandon's facebook page showed he turned his life around. he was sober for 15 months before he relapsed.
6:18 pm
heroin overdoses like the ones in chicago are on the rise, and deaths like brandon's are up more than 170% across the country. according to federal agents. >> it's actually an epidemic. >> reporter: dr. joel nathan has treated addicts for more than 30 years. >> what's happening now is people are coming in who used to use prescription drugs and shifted over to street drugs. >> reporter: and lately nathan says heroin has become more dangerous when mixed with painkillers like fentanyl. federal agents say the seizure of illegal drugs containing fentanyl more than tripled between 2013 and 2014. >> fentanyl itself is 30 time more potent than heroin. >> reporter: you start getting serious side effects when you mix these two, heroin and fentanyl. >> you got death. that's how serious it is. >> reporter: fentanyl is suspected in the overdoses in chicago, the worst outbreak in nearly a decade.
6:19 pm
police don't yet know whether it was a heroin fentanyl cocktail that killed brandon but the effect is still the same on the family. >> everyone thinks it won't happen to them, no, not my family but it does happen to people who say that. and it is very devastating. >> reporter: the d.e.a. is seeing heroin-laced fentanyl pop up in the midwest and northeast as well. they are calling it the number one drug threat. >> glor: up next credit cards getting an update. why? and what it means for you. update. why? and what is means for you. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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>> glor: if you received a new credit card recently, you've likely noticed there is a square metal chip embedded in the front. it's a new technology that is expected to sharply reduce credit card fraud in some areas. the deadline for retailers to install terminals to read the chips was a few days ago. here with more is jordan goodman, editor of a lot to talk about. how does the new system work? >> you take a card that has a chip in it. you put it in. you have to leave it there a little while, and take it out it creates a special transaction code each time which takes a little longer but it's more secure than the swiping people are used to. >> glor: but a lot of people who were supposed to get these cards potentially have not gotten them yet. >> correct. roughly half the people have gotten them, half have not got cards. by the end of 2017 pretty much everyone will have these cards
6:23 pm
with the chip in it but the retailer has to have a terminal that can read it. and a lot of retailers do not have the terminal. what happened this week was the fraud is being shifted from the consumer to the terminal. >> glor: that is one of the downsides here is this is expected to reduce the fraud at the person to person interaction level but the thieves will move online. >> correct. europe already has made this transition and online fraud went up 40% because that's not affected by this chip card at all. you do it all online. the downside is you will see a lot slower checkout lines because it will take long to do this and make sure to take your card amount of lot of people will forget their card in there so at the end of the day supermarkets will have tons of cards left for them. >> glor: right now you have to put in your signature you but eventually you'll put in a pin code. >> right now it's putting in the chip and then you sign a signature but eventually there will be a pin code you have to put in to make it more secure. right now if somebody steals your card, they can still put it in an forge your signature. so it's going to be more so it's going to be more secure when you
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get that pin. >> glor: lots more to talk about. thank you very much. still ahead, an update on the army vet who confronted the oregon gunman. gunman. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization.
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confronting the gunman, here's mireya villareal. >> reporter: from a hospital bed he posted a heartfelt message on facebook. >> i'm doing well and am overwhelmed by the support i have gotten from everybody. >> reporter: witnesses say mintz selflessly stood in the shooter's path to try and protect his classmates. travis dixon trained with mintz in the army. when he heard about his heroic acts on social media, he wasn't surprised. >> in the military you are always trained to you know like cover your buddy's back, and it's always like put in your head, are you more concerned about the other person than yourself and chris definitely proved that. >> reporter: since thursday over $730,000 in donations have come in from over 22,000 people on mintz's gofundme page. people all over the world are showing their support by posting comments like this. thank you for being brave and taking action to help the people around you. and yet, in another act of kindness, mintz encourages the supporters to give to the other
6:28 pm
victims of the shooting through their gofundme pages as well as a white house petition is now circulating asking the president to award the medal of freedom to chris mintz. >> i just want to wish all the other families a safe and speedy recovery and we see you again soon. >> reporter: mireya villareal, cbs news, roseburg, oregon. >> glor: that is the cbs evening news tonight. later on cbs, "60 minutes," and first thing tomorrow, "cbs this morning." i'm jeff glor in new york, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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it's big business in san francisco's chinatown. how a new law will end all ivory sales. new corrosion concerns on the eastern span of the bay bridge. what engineers have found and why there is fear for the public's safety. and a dangerous, even deadly, bay area bike path. the change in the works to keep,
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ivory sales in california, once restricted, now banned completely, the governor making the law mu


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