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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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pyramid because that fog -- and when i was driving over the bay bridge, i thought of you. >> oh, thank you. [ laughter ] >> fuzzy and foggy, she thinks of me. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> you, too. >> always good. >> so we can see you because the visibility is not obstructed here but it is around the seashore this morning and parts of the bay. good morning, everybody. here's the deal. we have the fog, it's now marching across the bay. that's good news because once it finally reaches the inland areas we'll see the cooldown. not the case today. 50 pacifica. 68 degrees in livermore at this very early hour. numbers stacking up to the 60s beaches, 70s bayside, 99 livermore. but triple digits well inland. those details coming up, but first let's bring in elizabeth. >> thank you. another morning and another traffic alert on 880. this time it's a fatal wreck and it's right there by the oakland coliseum so all lanes are closed now northbound 880 at 66. you can see the backup growing
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on the nimitz freeway. it's about 30 minutes between 238 and the maze. and with this being a fatal wreck they are saying it's going to take at least two hours to clear, approximately 6:00. in the meantime, big rigs are allowed to use 580. we'll have more coming up. hillary clinton will wrap up the democratic national convention in philadelphia this evening by formally accepting her party's nomination for president. as cbs news' jamie yuccas reports, clinton got an impassioned endorsement last night from president obama. reporter: hillary clinton joined president obama on the convention stage. her former political foe turned biggest ally. >> she is fit and she is ready to be the next commander-in- chief. >> reporter: the president used his address wednesday night to bash her opponent, donald trump. >> the donald is not really a plans guy. he's not really a facts guy, either. >> reporter: vice president joe biden newly minted vp nominee tim kaine and others added their voices to the multi-
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pronged attack. >> he has no clue about what makes america great. actually, he has no clue, period. >> you cannot believe one word that comes out of donald trump's mouth. trump says he wants to run the nation like he is running his business. god help us. i'm a new yorker. and i know a con when i see one. >> reporter: top democrats also used their remarks to bash donald trump and his call to russia to find hillary clinton's "missing" emails. >> it's inconceivable to me that any presidential candidate would be that irresponsible. >> reporter: delegates in the arena say they are even more energized to vote for clinton in november. >> we cannot have donald trump as our president. i mean, the man is just off his rocker. >> reporter: clinton will have the last word tonight when she formally accepts the democratic nomination for president.
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jamie yuccas, cbs news, philadelphia. >> clinton will be introduced at the convention this evening by her daughter, chelsea. kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen has been covering the convention in philadelphia all week. and she has more on president obama's speech last night. >> reporter: he brought the house down. he came in, gave a rather lengthy speech late in the day. he listed his own achievements and says the fight is not over. he talked about american values and took a swipe at what he called homegrown demagogue without naming donald trump specifically. the crowd was completely riled up and then he said the refrain he has been repeating over and over which is that clinton is the most qualified candidate. >> now i'm ready to pass the baton and do my part as a private citizen so this year in this election, i'm asking you to join me to reject cynicism and reject fear and to summon what is best in us to elect hillary clinton as the next
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president of the united states. and show the world we still believe in the promise of this great nation. >> melissa will be there for hillary clinton's acceptance speech tonight. she will bring us a preview live from philadelphia in our 5:00 hour. investigators say there's little doubt that russia is behind the hacking of more than 19,000 emails from the democratic national convention. republican presidential nominee donald trump stirred up the controversy even further yesterday by calling on russia to help find hillary clinton's "missing" emails. he was referring to emails from clinton's nonsecured private server while she was secretary of state. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. >> he personally invited russia to hack us. that's not law and order. that's criminal intent. >> at a pennsylvania rally trump said he has no ties to
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russia or the dnc email hack. from fremont to vegas, people saw something spectacular in the sky last night bright lights but they couldn't explain it. but nasa says they were making a fuss over junk. this video from vegas lit up social media with people wondering the source of these strange stars. a scientist was confident that the bright stuff that they saw was simply space debris from a chinese rocket. it blasted off in late june and some of its parts shook loose. last night they reentered the atmosphere causing worry across the west. >> roberta, you wish you would have seen it. >> i do. i heard that there were some people in san jose that saw this great big fireball streaking across the sky. and because of the speed of it, that's what led scientists believe it has to be space junk rather than a shooting star like a meteor and we do have a meteor shower coming up this weekend so national weather service is leaning more towards
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that. it's more like space junk and we have the clear skies inland so we were able to capture that, as well. now we're shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog at the coast into the bay. good morning, everybody! look at the numbers. just about 70 in livermore, very slow to cool after yesterday's 104. it's 59 degrees in redwood city. it's 54 in vallejo, benicia, martinez and american canyon. look at the numbers today. stacking up into the 60s at the beaches with maybe a sliver of hope with some sunshine there. 80s on the peninsula. morgan hill 95. east bay numbers still very hot, 101 in brentwood. 101 livermore. 100 walnut creek, clayton and backing through the hercules and pinole areas. north bay numbers stacking up from 60s at the coast through 70s to 84 in novato. we are talking about 90s far reaches to 105 degrees in lakeport. 100 saint helena. we are waiting for relief. we'll talk about when we can
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expect it. that's coming up. elizabeth, it is yet another "spare the air" day. >> it's the never ending heat wave. all right. thank you, roberta. so out the door, it's the never ending series of accidents as well along the nimitz freeway. this is the second morning now we have had serious problems early in the morning commute between san leandro and oakland so this morning's issue is really close to the oakland coliseum right there by that 66 exit. it is a fatal accident and now we're hearing that it was involving a pedestrian. the chp unfortunately has shut down all lanes of the nimitz freeway. that's right. all lanes northbound 880 at 66 remain closed. they are detouring cars off of the freeway. big rigs are allowed to use 580 so you can expect to see some extra traffic on 580 through oakland. in the meantime right now the delays are beyond the oakland coliseum and growing. they are telling us they hope to re-open at least some of these lanes possibly all of them by 6:00. so if you can wait this out or take bart that's probably your best bet. in the meantime. let's check other roads around the bay area. here's a live look at the san
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mateo bridge. everything is clear here. no delay out of the east bay to san mateo. everything is cleared westbound and eastbound 92. and here's some of that fog that roberta was talking about across the golden gate bridge. no delay to traffic though out of sausalito into san francisco. and if you are hopping on to the bay bridge the toll plaza is clear for the most part maybe a few delays in some of the cash lanes. but everything looks good for fastrak users right now all across the span an they should be picking up the overnight roadwork here very shortly. and heads up for commuters later on this evening. first pitch at 7:15. the washington nationals take on the san francisco giants. that's over at at&t park. so you can see some extra traffic expected along 101 and 80. that's "kcbs traffic" from here. guys, back to you. during a south bay traffic stop, two deputies slammed a five-foot woman against her suv. she took them to court and kpix 5's andria borba shows us the footage that helped a jury make their final decision
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reporter: you're looking at dashcam video from a santa clara county sheriff's department car racing down foothill expressways in los altos hills. the driver of that red lexusive is [ non-english name ] >> she does what i think anyone is do is pull over, get out of the way and then you can see on the clip the bicyclist going by which prevented her from getting out of the way so she comes to a stop. >> reporter: that's when the june evening goes sideways for chong. >> why did you [ censored ] stop? >> the guy yelled an obscenity at her and then pulled her over. and she was very cooperative. she was frightened and confused but she was cooperative. >> reporter: when chong asked to speak to deputy's supervisor, things went from tense to worse. >> when she touched his ticket book trying to emphasize that she wanted to see the supervisor, he threw down his ticket book and with the help of the other deputy grabbed her arm and jerked her out of the car. >> reporter: 5'2, 105-pound
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chong was slammed against the car and was injured. >> she never did an investigation that was worth its name. she didn't interview the people. she didn't ask for statements. she didn't even talk to these guys. >> reporter: a santa clara county jury did not agree. they awarded chong $40,000. >> she is still traumatized from this. she couldn't even stay in the courtroom for the trial because she didn't want to be in the same room with these two deputies. she was frightened of them. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> but chang says she won't be keeping the money. she plans to give the $40,000 to charity. in alameda county, science like you have seen in the movies may help investigators crack a murder case that's nearly 20 years old. a technique called snapshot helped the company in virginia create this image of a livermore homicide victim. but all they had to go on was a headless torso. so snapshot helped them create
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a picture of this victim based just on his genetic traits. the torso was found in unincorporated livermore back in 1997. investigators believe that the victim was in his late 20s or early 30s. many questions remain after a man died while in the custody of pittsburg police. police say 32-year-old humberto martinez died after a struggle with officers during an arrest. a neighbor's surveillance camera captured the images of the incident tuesday afternoon. police say there was a struggle and martinez bit an officer's hand before police used a taser. >> i hear them say, come on, man, breath. come on, man, breathe, breathe, breathe. >> police say martinez had an extensive criminal history including terroristic threats, drugs and illegal weapons charges and was on probation at the time of his arrest. we'll continue to see poor air quality throughout parts of the bay area today thanks to this fire. evacuations have now expanded for the soberanes fire in monterey county. the smoke so thick that chopper
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5 had trouble seeing the fire lines. and here in this video you can see the flames from above. the fire is in a remote area near big sur. so far it has devoured more than 23,000 acres and destroyed at least 34 homes. 2,000 others are still threatened. and fighting the fire has taken a deadly turn. a bulldozer operator was working on the fire lines to clear some of the dense underbrush in big sur's palo colorado community when something went wrong. >> there was a rollover that resulted in the fatality of the dozer operator. >> crews say that the operator was not a firefighter but was trained to use the heavy machinery to aid in fighting the blaze. there are a number of precautions in place to prevent this. crews measure the steepness of the hillside to reduce the chance of the rollover. the cause is unknown. we are learning more about
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men who are rescued from the fire earlier this week. the sheriff's office says they were illegal marijuana growers. eight of them were stranded for days. they were hiking when bulldozing crews spotted them. no arrests have been made. time now is 4:43. it's called biohacking and it apparently boosts brain power with the help of so-called smart drugs. we talked to techies in the bay area who swear by them. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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body and brain. it includes everything from fasting... to so- called smt drug there's something new in the bay area called biohacking. it includes everything from fasting to so-called smart drugs. betty yu talked with some tech people who said it gives them an edge. >> reporter: he hasn't eaten in 60 hours. >> it was delicious. i have been looking forward to eating this for quite a while. >> reporter: fasting is just one way paul and his coworkers from the smart drug startup are
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trying to upgrade the brain. they break their 36 how far fast every wednesday at san francisco restaurant elmira. some take a gummi caffeine cube for a boost. they create supplements or stimulants designed to improve brain performance, memory and concentration. the company is one of a growing number of startups in the valley selling smart drugs. the movement is called biohacking. >> you know how many say that we can only access 20% of our brains? this lets you access all of it. >> reporter: it's pictured in the movie limitless starring bradley cooper. a top secret smart drug turns a struggling write near a financial wizard. >> why does your product appeal particularly to silicon valley entrepreneurs? >> i think silicon valley entrepreneurs are equivalent to olympic athletes. olympic athletes these top athletes are finding any edge. >> reporter: it mixes fda-
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approved substances, vitamins, and other products in its product. >> i imagine what a monk, calm and not distracted. >> reporter: this man takes smart drugs and a psychedelic drug every few days to treat his adhd. >> with microdose of lsd, i'm able to feel more connected to the work that i'm doing. >> reporter: george started a monthly meetup group called sf passenger performance to talk biohacking. do you feel like because you have all these enhancements, you have a leg up on your colleagues? >> not a leg up. i feel even. you know, you have these type a personality guys who are able to create amazing things in silicon valley. so i just need to keep up. >> reporter: the fda is not keeping up with smart drugs or knew tropics as they are called because they are not recognized as a class of drugs. many are sold online. >> this is sort of an experiment you know, people are
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experimenting on themselves. they are basically guinea pigs because we haven't done studies to show the safety or effectiveness of these drugs. >> reporter: sonyaing an loan spokesman for the academy of nutrition and dietetic says the world of smart drugs and supplements can be murky. >> smart drugs don't make you smarter. they make you feel like you're being able to focus. they may make you feel like you can do your own personal best. but there are ways of doing your own personal best without having to take a drug that truly doesn't make you smarter. >> you guys are about pushing the limit. >> yeah. i think that's the future. it's going to be inevitable that we'll be, you know, playing with, like, implants, playing with i am beddable computers, playing with smart drives and u tropics. that's going to happen. you can't stop progress. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> nutra box says it only works with compounds that are generally regarded safe by the food and drug administration with low side effects. the company is also running its own clinical trials.
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it is only 4:47 but there's a lot going on already. let's check in with elizabeth on this traffic alert at 4:49. >> sadly, a fatal crash. traffic is worse. it's backed up to san leandro. so the incident is close to the oakland coliseum. it's right there by that 66 avenue exit so all lanes are shut down on the nimitz freeway. they are detouring cars off the freeway entirely. you can hop back on the expressway. you can see the flares out. we just checked the chp report. sounds like tow crews are on the way to the scene but the sensors are already showing backups as far as 98th. 11 miles per hour so it's a bottleneck now. they are saying it's going to be in effect this traffic alert until approximately 6:00. we have another couple of hours of this. it looks clear through oakland. big rigs are sharing the road
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with you until they completely clear the scene. it was the scene of a fatal pedestrian accident. you can use mass transit. everything is on time including bart all trains running through oakland no delay. and as roberta said it's a "spare the air" day. use mass transit stay off the roads if you can. we have more issues on other roads in the east bay. this one on the eastshore freeway, westbound 80 approaching mcbride through richmond sounds like a wreck with one lane blocked. a couple of tapping of the brake lights there. in the south bay crossing the guadalupe parkway, word of a car fire. many issues on the roads. not even 5:00. everything is clear at the toll plaza. a little fog might slow you down. if you are crossing the bay bridge into the san francisco, no immediate seashore. delays in the cash lanes.
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if you are crossing the freeway everything is from berkeley to emeryville, 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. the giants are playing tonight against the washington nationals first pitch at 7:15. let's get another update. >> elizabeth, when i see you, it reminds me how much i miss you. so good to have you in the house. good morning, everyone. let's step out of our house to take a look at the transamerica pyramid. that ceiling continues to lower this morning. it's so low i would guess about 600 feet which leads me to believe we'll see some delays on some arriving flights at sfo. now, right now, 51 degrees clear skies in santa rosa. it's 6le degrees. slow to cool in the livermore area with the clear skies. today it is the fourth consecutive "spare the air" day. it is the 12th of the 2016 season. bottom line, you know how hazy it was yesterday in the east
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bay south bay. same again today. we do have those winds aloft southwest ushering in the smoke from the fire to the south at the surface the winds as you can see by our particle map here westerly which keeps me thinking that we could probably see a little bit better air quality with that westerly flow at the surface. here's hoping. hints of some sunshine at the beaches today. summer temperatures spot on this time of year. inland hazy dry and smoky once again. we should see some clearing out there but look carefully, you can see the smoke right around there. in fact, have a better look at it right here. this is our satellite and radar. first off we have double barrel areas of high pressure. because of that, the heat is on not only locally. it is southern california. that is why we have a "flex alert" in effect today. save and conserve energy with your electrical appliances but also, body wise, the heat just beats us down. 105 sacramento. 107 in the fresno area.
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66 degrees in the monterey bay area. today our high temperatures will bank in the 60s at the beaches. 70s around alameda, oakland, el cerrito, backing through berkeley. low 80s will be common around the peninsula. that sounds good. 88 degrees out of the 90s in san jose. out of the triple digits in livermore at 99. pleasanton you're still at 101, 103 in the brentwood area. it looks like for the most part triple digits through tomorrow. then we'll begin to buy relief with seasonal weather returning next week. that's a look at your thursday forecast. all over the bay area "pokemon go" players having racing to find 140 creatures. but one brooklyn man shattered their dreams because he caught them all. nick johnson beat everybody to the punch hunting down every, single pokemon in north america. he captured the last one here at grand army plaza. the entrance to central park. nick works 50 hours a week for a tech company but still found the time to walk new york's
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five boroughs for two weeks watching pokemon. only took him two weeks. when nick describes the effort involved, it's no wonder he lost 10 pounds along the way and other players just sound jealous. >> i would go out after work at about 6, 6:30 and my girlfriend would meet me and he would grab dinner and walk around and catch pokemon. played about 6 to 8 hours a day when i would leave after work and i would walk about an average 8 miles a day. >> he might have all of them but his might be a lower level than mine. >> well, okay. today neck is hopping on a plane because -- nick is hopping on a plane because he has gran plans to catch pokemon a-- nick is hopping on a plane because he has grand plans to catch pokemon overseas. >> congrats to him. 4:571. this movie marquee might make you ask the question, what year is it again? a spot that's famous in one local community.
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that's a different tone thad officials had in m the federal reserve says it is not raising race this summer. -- raises rates this summer. that's different in may when they said a rate increase in june or july would be appropriate. but the u.s. added only 11,000 jobs in may and the fed is concerned over the "brexit" vote. now they will wait until september to make a call about raising rates. a movie marquee in berkeley has gone from a neighborhood anchor to an eyesore for 19 months. the famous marquee at berkeley's elmwood theater is frozen in time still displaying movies like nightcrawler. neighbors wondered in the 100- year-old theater was -- if the 100-year-old theater was starting to show its age. >> not that they didn't care about the upkeep but they were okay how it was running.
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>> i looked at the marquee and i was like i don't need to see "gone girl." no one checked it. >> it's a beautiful theater. >> cal/osha worker caught an employee changing the sign on narrow ledge back in 2014 and ordered the practice to stop. it took nearly 2 years cinema got permit to change it once to a generic message. it is 4:58. multiple people are killed when their plane goes down in tuolumne county. what we know about the victims and the cause this morning. >> and we're on the scene of a fatal accident on 880. all lanes are shut down. we'll let you know when it might re-open next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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griego. and i'm kenny choi. a deadly accident is causina major traffic nterstate 880. good morning it's thursday, july 28. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. a deadly accident is causing a major traffic mess this g


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