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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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leveled everything here and then left an above ground pool in a backyard in tact. the family that lived here is still trying to wrap their heads around it.>> we were there for 18 years and we lost everything. we have nothing.>> reporter: this was the home where alyssa wade lived with her mother and brother. this is it now. little more than a pile of ashes on quarter horse lane.>> it looks like somebody dropped a bomb. everything is destroyed. you can see houses and houses and structures and cars. it looks like a war zone. >> reporter: melissa's brother, mike mahoney, was escorted to the home this afternoon. he found three cars in the entire home had been swallowed by fire. >> this is where the front steers were in this is what is left of my safe. -- >> reporter: only a metal safe could be salvaged. her mother was devastated
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because she left her mother's ashes behind. dozens of others still don't know the fate of their homes. they built a parking lot off of highway 53 waiting in their cars for any word. the only consolation was the arson suspect, damin pashilk was arrested yesterday. >> from the talk in the community, there is a great sense of pleasure knowing that for -- that whoever was responsible for this has been caught.>> reporter: his home in utter loss, mike mahoney put it huntlee. -- bluntly. you can see his upset at the devastation left behind. you can see some kitchen appliances, a stove and a refrigerator. the evacuation order has been lifted and that is the exception tonight. we spoke to a calfire spokesman who said that areas in downtown lower lake could be remaining evacuated for some time. it is simply to danger.
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-- dangerous. reporting live in lower lake, kpix 5 we are looking at the burned-out homes in lower lake. you can see some traffic moving slowly on the roadway there. it is officially off-limits. we are told that the state director of emergency services got a tour of east neighborhoods today.>> reporter: people coming into the burn zone are not sure what to expect. wade holly was one of the lucky ones. fire damaged his auto repair shop, but his building is still standing. >> that's all we have got is this shot. we are lucky compared to most of the people around here. this is the scene on main
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street at the height of the fire on monday afternoon. the clayton fire force families to leave their homes and looters moved in. two men and a woman were arrested in recent days. they are accused of taking advantage of the tragedy. what some homeowners are doing to protect their property.>> down toward 32nd here, they got them. he had been breaking into houses i guess. >> reporter: marshall curtis has been watching police and looters play cat and mouse. >> i heard his motorcycle fire up and take off down the street down there. the clear lake pd were right behind him. >> reporter: it started almost as quickly as the fire itself. >> it within half of an hour of the mandatory evacuation and i wasn't going to leave because of the looters, there were fire -- there were alarms going off. >> reporter: it's a pretty big place and hardly impenetrable. if you get in here, there's nobody around. even in the middle of the day, it's unsettling. think about being here at night. >> it is eerie quiet. >> reporter: police are patrolling and they can't be
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everywhere. everybody who has stayed has expanded the definition of defensible space. >> i have my gun and i am pretty well armed. >> reporter: stain presents its own problems. once you leave, you can get back in. >> i need some blood pressure pills.>> i need medicine for diabetes and i'm trying not to lose my darn foot. >> reporter: it is about multiple layers of frustration. it has frustrated just about everyone and everyone's patients is starting to run then -- patients -- patience is starting to run then -- then -- thin. wilson walker, kpix 5 the
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utility company is flying a new transmission poles to burn -- to replace those that burned in the clayton fire. they have to be flown in because crews cannot access the area by truck due to the rough terrain. about 700 customers are without power. in the southern part of the state, firefighters are working to control his fast-moving fire in san bernardino county. this is a look at what is being called the blue cut fire. you can see a lot of thick black smoke in this area. firefighters are trying to get a handle on this thing. evacuation orders were now two 4500 people in the cajon valley. it is the main artery between la and las vegas. it exploded to 6200 acres in just a few hours. the firefight is taking place on the ground in the drought
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parched canyon and also from the air.>> there is a pinpoint druck protecting the temp -- drop come -- protecting the community just south. >> reporter: you will hear more about the blue cut fire. the fire is 0% contained at this hour . we will continue to follow the fires burning in california with up-to-the- minute updates on an alligator has been alluding capture -- eluding capture. an extreme measure was taken to keep the public safe. julia. >> reporter: hi veronica. the american alligator was likely someone's pat and released on purpose. -- pet and released on purpose. but it was released in an area where people swim.
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you can see the alligator baiting on iraq today. this photo was taken by fish and game just before they had to shoot it. at -- a man was walking on the trail when he first saw it. >> it was 4 1/2-5 feet. i got a video of it. >> reporter: he called police and he guided them into the thick brush where he spotted it.>> the alligator was back on a rock. we went along rate -- long way around on the other side at the bushes and he went back into the water.>> reporter: fish and game returned with a 308 rifle in hand. their main concern is public safety. >> some alligators in florida never cause a problem and some do. it's a chance we can take. >> reporter: where the alligator was is a popular swimming hole.
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>> that's a little scary, i have been in these waters. >> reporter: gabby and her brothers were hiking along the creek today when i heard a gunshot and decided to get out of the area. >> as we were walking back up, we seen police and a guy in a uniform with a gun and he told us to leave the property. >> reporter: what did you think it was? >> we had no idea.>> reporter: it was the gaitor and they had no choice but to euthanize it. >> we never want to shoot something, but when it comes to public safety, our hands are tied.>> reporter: it was likely an illegal pet that became too much to maintain in a home. how long was the alligator here? one resident said that he spotted it six months ago. fish and game say that there is no way to tell. they wish that the homo -- that the owner had surrendered it in the first place and not released into the wild for this outcome. just into the newsroom.
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the chancellor of uc berkeley is planning to resign. necklace dirt plans to resign at the end of the school year and it comes after criticism of his leadership. he has had sexual harassment cases involving high-profile faculty members. he replant -- he plans to return to teaching. drivers being verbally harassed and physically attacked. a new campaign to keep them safe.>> reporter: it as an ad campaign that comes directly from the mouth of the drivers. one of the ads says, i did you across town safely, i want to return home safely too.>> they have extremely difficult jobs in the vast majority of them do the job well. there is violence against these operators dedicated to getting people around the city.>>
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reporter: the local 258 that represents the drivers have the ads to keep the operators safe. a muni driver says she was assaulted. she and her alleged attacker claim the other was the aggressor. >> all of our buses carry video internally and externally. hopefully they will be able to show and hear a lot of the confrontation that occurred. >> reporter: despite the attempt to keep operators safe, critics are still planning to hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss the stress and dangers that muni employees face every day. >> every time there is an assault of an operator, we take it seriously and we follow up with the police and the operator and we find out what happened. >> reporter: the ad campaign has been in the work vermont -- the works for months and you will begin to see them starting in september. jackie ward, kpix 5 donald
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trump will receive his first intelligence briefing tomorrow at fbi offices in new york. it appears that hillary clinton's email server scandal is far from over. allen martin has details. >> reporter: clinton faces new questions about her email and trump talks lot in order after days of unrest in milwaukee. -- law and order after days of unrest in milwaukee. the unrest in milwaukee is hurting the city. >> you see what is on television and you don't want to go there. they hurt themselves in a certain way and maybe they care and maybe they don't. >> reporter: protesters took the street after a police officer shot and killed a young black man. trump met with law enforcement officers including -- he is
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work -- looking for votes in wisconsin while hillary clinton is in pennsylvania. clinton had -- headed a it -- an event in pennsylvania. she doesn't want to leave anything to change -- chance. >> to not be complacent my friends. even though we are doing fine right now, i am not taking anybody anywhere for granted. >> reporter: clinton is facing controversy over her email. they are calling for a new investigation into statements that she made about a private email server while she was secretary of state. a letter was sent to the secretary in dc admitting that she may have perjured herself during the benghazi hearings. today the fbi turned over notes from an interview with clinton. roger ailes is helping donald trump get ready for the upcoming presidential debate. he resigned from his position at fox news last month after gretchen carlson sued him
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for sexual harassment. a mystery for bay area police. >> a backpack found full of loans along san francisco's embarcadero. the circus is coming to town and a big shock -- a big part of the show will be missing. we will tell you where the elephants have gone. there is a new eatery just name the best here and the third best in the country. ,,
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california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying
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to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at bones. the backpack was found at pier 14. a passerby called the police when he saw bones poking out.. forensics crews have a bit of a mystery along san francisco's waterfront. someone found a bag full of bones at pier 14. a passerby called the police when he saw the bones sticking out. forensics crews have determined the remains are not human. they are trying to figure out
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where they came from. there were also payroll receipts in the bag that have been collected as evidence. in louisiana, at least 10 people are dead and thousands are forced from their homes because of flooding. don champion has the latest. mary lee -- >> reporter: larry lee field -- felt helpless as water swallowed the town. four days, residents knew the water was coming. in just a matter of our -- hours, lee's mother's home was flooded.>> i have friends that have lost everything.>> reporter: as the water rose, volunteers from a local college filled sandbags for homeowners determined to protect their properties. people here in sorrento and other parts of the parish are bracing for the possibility of another foot of water by tonight. to the north in baton rouge, floodwaters are finally
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receding. water was up to the roof of this home and now you can see the entire structure. the governor said that 40,000 homes are damaged and about 20,000 people had to be rescued . >> we understand there are a lot of people who are suffering. >> reporter: some flood victims are getting a first look at their damaged homes. >> it looks devastating, but it's not. it is something we will deal with and make it happen. >> reporter: even with massive property damage, they are determined to rebuild. don champion, cbs news, sorrento, louisiana. airbnb enacted its emergency response in some areas. there is a feature enabling hosts to it offer their homes free of charge. airbnb is dropping booking fees in the area. a tesla model s kick sedan with three people on board burst into flames during a promotional tour in france.
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the video is posted on twitter. the driver said there was a lot of noise and a warning light came on indicating a problem with the charger. he stopped and everyone got out before flames erupted. tesla is still trying to figure out what happened. epipen prices have spiked recently. they shot up 480% since 2009. it is expensive for those with severe allergies to get their hands on their life's -- the life-saving devices. each school is required to have one on hand at all times. the circus is coming to town, but without a familiar attraction.>> new laws like the one in oakland meant a big change when it comes to circus element -- elephants. don ford explains.>> reporter: this right here folks is a weapon that resembles a fireplace poker. it is what people in the circus used to dominate elephants.
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they jabbed them with it and may hook them with it and they hit them like a baseball bat. >> reporter: the animal rights association is congratulating for the removal of the use of bull hooks that were used to control elephants. oakland is not the only city to ban the use. >> we knew other cities that eventually passed these things. it will in torture of elephants and hopefully other animals throughout the country. what we did not know was that it would happen sooner than we thought.>> reporter: as this -- as of this may, elephants are no longer used in the show. the elephants have been retired to a sanctuary in florida. will you welcome the circus?>> we welcome them with protests. we have the first step. what we really want is to have them not explode -- exploit or abuse any elephant. >> reporter: the asian elephants will move to their permanent home at the ringling
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brothers center for conservation in may 2016. the zoo has not used a bowl hug in decades. -- of both look -- bull hook in decades. people still want to see elephants. hundreds of thousands of people visit san francisco in the summertime for a beach day. their version is different than reality. it is cloudy, windy, cold and 56.9 degrees outside. how long will we say this chilly? we have that in the forecast next. coming up all new at 6:00 tonight. a mountain lion navigating its way out of a tricky spot. the dangers to these big cats and what is in the works to protect them.
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first the markets closed down today. here is a look at the closing numbers from wall street. ,,
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the kpix 5 mobile weather lab today has lost 33 degrees. excuse me, 43 degrees. yesterday was 99 in clear lake. today at ocean beach it is 56 point. today at ocean beach it is 56.9 degrees. check out the relative humidity. the ocean breeze is at 20 miles per hour with 89% relative humidity. we were in the fire zone yesterday and the danger is not over yet. when i show you the forecast for the clayton fire, look at that. sunshine and close to 100 tomorrow and again on thursday. we are looking at relative humidities from anywhere to 20%-
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40%. it will be dry over the next couple of days. the current conditions right now around the bay area reflect the wide temperature spread. it is officially 62 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. 92 in livermore. 79 in san jose and 79 in santa rosa. overnight tonight, upper 50s. santa rosa 52. napa 54 and san francisco 54. oakland's in the -- oakland tonight the low is 64. there is a strong one sitting about 1000 miles offshore which allows the low-pressure areas to move over the ridge and slide into northern california. the onshore flow will stay with this, but it is not the robust layer that will move inland. the ocean is keeping us chilly at ocean beach, but it is not moving to places like antioch or pittsburgh or walnut creek, you are staying hot. the cloud cover which is already here at the coastline will push into san francisco bay tonight. it will be a cloudy start for most locations near the water. cloud cover tonight and there will be areas of drizzle tonight. the repeat button for tomorrow. cooler -- high inland and cooler near the water.
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concord 92 degrees. santa rosa 83 and oakland 71. napa 84. the most appreciable change will be on friday with a slightly stronger onshore flow that will cut into the temperatures away from the water. you will go from the mid-90s to the low 90s or upper 80s. near the bay, cooling from the low 70s to the mid-to upper 60s. here at the kpix 5 weather lab, it's amazing that in less than 100 miles you can go from 99 to 56 just because of the ocean breeze. that is the forecast and we will be back with more news in 2 minutes.
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foodie town. the city has the number 3 best restaurant in america according to bon appetit. it's "lord stanley" at the corner of polk and bro be it like that new at 5:00. san francisco appears to be living up to its reputation as a foodie town. according to bob petit -- la petite, it is like when the world change from black-and-white to technicolor. instagram said that justin bieber has closed his account. he is making good on a threat he made to followers. the pop star posted pics of himself and sophia ritchie, lionel richie's daughter. his ex, selena gomez chimed in and she was mad. you can follow him on facebook
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and twitter. >> you are a follower and i knew you would be upset about that. scott pelley comes up next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: fire and flood. as firefighters risk their lives in california, police arrest an arsonist. and the death toll rises in the louisiana flood. >> this is my entire life that i worked my entire life for, just washed away. >> pelley: also tonight, the runaway cost of epipens is forcing patients to choose. >> it could mean life or death. >> pelley: we'll remember john mclaughlin, who raised the decibels of debate. and, "drop and give me 22." the great push-up challenge, putting muscle into saving the lives of veterans. >> 22 push-ups, here we go.


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