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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  July 12, 2017 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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inner circle in legal jeopardy. first, why did trump jr. initially lie about the purpose of the meeting. >> conflicting stories, for prosecutors like blood in the water for a shark. it attracts prosecutors and investigators. they want to know why there is conflicts. >> then there is this. do the e-mails contradict any information campaign associates have provided to the fbi that could lead to criminal charges. and furthermore. why didn't jared kushner include the meeting when he submitted his government security clearance form. >> the most serious criminal issue, in these, in these controversies, comes done to false statements. for those of us who do criminal defense work, that's the crime we fear the most. because the it is very hard to defend against. the government tend to use false statements to prosecute people in washington. more than any other crime. >> and another big question, do
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the e-mails point to violation of election law, by soliciting information that could be of value from a foreign agent. lawyers we tacked to salked to is harder to prove. >> senator mark warner of virginia, the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee. he joins to us night from the capitol. good evening, senator. >> good evening, anthony. >> senator, how do the new e-mails affect your investigation? >> well the last 24 hours is the first time that the public has seen evidence that trump officials were willing to accept information that was part of a russian government effort to, to, hurt hillary clinton and promote donald trump. and -- what's disturbing to me is not only -- that fact, but that, that once again, we have seen a pattern that it started, right after the election, through the transition, and throughout this administration, where now it is, more than a
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dozen trump campaign, or transition o. current administration officials have constantly said they have no conversations with russians, didn't know anything about, any of these kind of, any kind of this intervention on behalf of, of, of, the russian government to intervene in our elections. candidly, those kind of comments have now been disproven. >> the trump administration, senator, has denied any collusion between the campaign, the trump campaign and russia. do you see any evidence of collusion here? >> my job is this investigation is to keep it bipartisan until all right facts. we see all the individuals. have a chance to, to question donald trump jr. have a chance to question jared kushner. a chance to question, paul manafort. and these individuals and reach of my conclusion. boy, oh, boy, the idea that you have got these, e-mail in black and white, that said to, to the president's son, hey, we have got damaging information on hillary clinton and this is part
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of a russian government effort to help his father, i don't see how any one can deny that this brings the investigation to a whole another level. this is a very, very disturbing pattern. if it happened once or twice. you might exkutz it cuse it. you've don't make rookie mistake. taking information from a foreign at ver scary like russia where the information is represented as part of a government effort to actually help a candidate. in this case, in this case, hillary clinton. >> senator mark warner, thank you very much. >> thank you, anthony. >> the senator says his committee plans to call donald trump jr. to testify soon. coming up next, the deadliest marine crash in more than a decade. later, a doctor with on my travels across the country i came across this house with water dripping from the ceiling. you never know when something like this will happen. so let the geico insurance agency help you
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before the crash, local volunteer fire chief heard a boom. >> we looked up. he was coming. he started spiraling. and he just kept going. >> the plane is a kc-130 used to refuel other planes midair. 15 marines and one sailor were on the aircraft. seven crew members were based in north carolina. major andrew oranda is a spokesperson for marine corps. >> on a training flight from north carolina to el centro, california. on the mission to transport personnel and equipment. >> near the crash site, marine supporter, david weeks honored the fallen. the tragic final moments of their lives will be etched forever in the memories of witnesses, like gary fulgum. >> i wanted to cry. you know, you are just helpless. you don't have any control over it. and you want to help them so bad. you just -- just, it's pitiful. >> foul play is not suspected
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here. seven of the crew members who died were part of an elite team used in the global fight against terrorism. i am about a mile from the crash site. able to get close this morning. got to tiell you you could smel the jet fuel. we have a local source here in mississippi, who says there was no mayday call before the plane disappeared from radar. >> david begnaud with the tragedy. thank you, david. >> up next, a courtroom surprise. and the case of a d ♪
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former team doctor with usa gymnastics agreed to a plea deal in a child pornography case. initial reports yesterday suggest the the deal would mean the doctor would not face federal prosecution for sexually abusing athletes. but dr. jon lapook reports there was a change overnight. >> reporter: dr. lawrence nassar walked into federal court in michigan today and pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography. 37,000 images and destroying the evidence. nassar former doctor for women's olympic gymnastings team. the attorney represents 90 athletes accusing nassar of sexual abuse. >> the fbi and u.s. attorney's office told all our clients including, jeanette, antolin and others they couldn't bring their cases now because of the plea-barga plea-bargain. >> manley was outraged, nassar
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may escape prosecution for assaults overstaez where many competitions were held. apparently, last evening, the justice department had a change of heart. because they wanted to, they want went into court this morning and said that they're going to leave the door open to the prosecutions. >> jeanette competed with the u.s. national team from 1995 to 2000. and helped ucla win three national championships. sunny was just a teenager when she was first treated by nassar. >> what happened between yesterday and today? because, today's ruling is different than what they told you yesterday. >> i think there was a lot of pressure put on them by the media. they saw people talking about it. they knew that people were angry. >> this isn't over. either legally or for you emotionally. right? >> no. not yet. >> manley told me that no sex abuse victim wants to testify. but most will because they don't want this to happen to another child. discretion to sentence nassar to
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five to 60 years in prison. >> as you said, ,$8drw
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we end with a rescue.
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it happened over the weekend off the florida panhandle. mark strassmann is there. >> it was happening, right here, actually. >> jessica simmons heard panic, coming from the gulf of mexico. >> they kept yelling at us, like help us, help us. we can't do it. we can't do it. >> a riptide trapped noah and steven ursrey in 15 feet of water. roberta ursrey is their mother. >> seen my husband, mama, youngest daughter. oldest daughter. nephew. didn't see my boys. they were screaming, crying, that they were stuck. they couldn't go nowhere. >> reporter: some people on the beach swam out to save them including four members of the ursrey family. but once out in the water even those rescuers needed rescuing. 100 yards offshore, suddenly, nine heads were bobbing in the water. many on the verge of going under. this cell phone video shows strangers linked arm in arm formed a human chain. tie people grew to 15 and
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eventually around 80. jessica simmons and her husband derek both strong swimmers reached the exhausted victims of the current and guided them on a surfboard one by one to the human chain and safety. >> did you think all nine were going to survive? >> yes, i knew they were. i knew. because i was going to make sure. >> barbara franz was rescued unconscious. had a heart attack. the human chain saved all of them. something was simply stronger than the rip current. a group of strangers pulling together. mark strassmann, cbs news, panama city beach, florida. that's the "overnight news" for this wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back a little later, for the morning news, and of course, cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm anthony mason. thank you for watching.
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welcome to theover. a bombshell. standing at ground zero, donald trump's son don jr. under pressure, junior released e mails showing he took a meeting with a russian lawyer prior to the election trying to get dirt on hillary clinton. according to the e-mails the dirt was part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. junior's response, i love it. jeff pegues begins the coverage. >> the first e-mail on june 3rd was blunt. music publicist, rob gold stone wrote that an official promised to provide the trump campaign
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with documents and information that would incriminate hillary and dealings with russia. goldstone said it was very high level sensitive information and, part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. the president's son replied, if it is what you say -- i love it. the information goldstone wrote was coming from emin agalorov, a russian pop star whose father is a wealthy oligarch with ties to vladamir putin. mr. trump worked with both men to bring the miss universe pageant to moscow in 2013. >> moscow is going to get hotter. >> four days after the initial e-mail, goldstone sent another message. this one said a russian government attorney was flying over from moscow. trump junior agreed to meet with her june 9th and said paul manafort and jared kushner would they were copied on trump jr.'s
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response. then, candidate trump was at trump tower at the time of the meeting but the white house says he was unaware it was going on and only learned about it recently. less than a week after the meeting, the democratic national committee accused russia of hacking into its computer servers. the following month. wikileaks began releasing stolen e-mails. the russian government lawyer, denied that she ever promised compromising information about clinton or that she worked for the kremlin. i do ndo not represent interest of any one else except myself in the situation today. trump jr. posted the e-mails to be transparent. but "the new york times" says he released them only after hits reporters told him, that they had obtained the messages. today, white house spokeswoman, sarah huckabee sanders read a staemt from the president praising his son. >> my son is a high quality person. and i applaud his transparency.
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>> trump jr. said again today the lawyer had no information to provide and wanted to talk about adoption policy. but that topic is never mentioned in those e-mails. we are going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons. i think you are going to find it informative and very, very interesting. that was candidate trump in 2016. two days before his son, don jr. met with the russian lawyer at trump tower. no one knows what mr. trump meant. but what followed was a steady context with russians. this was don jr. in july. >> it is disgusting. so phony. i can't thing of bigger lies. >> three days later. it is just a total deflection the whole thing with brush yeah. russia if you are listening. i've hope you are able to the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i have nothing to do with rush yeah. the same day, campaign chairman,
3:34 am
paul manafort was asked about russian connections on cbs this morning. >> can you tell us what you know about the relationship and what the campaign knows and what, donald trump believes. >> we, we have no relationship. >> the issue simmered through the transition. senior adviser, kellyanne conway on face the nation. >> did any one involved in the trump campaign have any contact with russians trying to meddle with the election. >> absolutely not. >> five days before the inauguration. vice president elect, mike pence repeated the denial. >> did any adviser or any body in the trump campaign have any contact with the russian whose were freeing to, to meddle in the election. >> of course not. >> shortly after taking office, president trump fired his national security adviser, michael flynn, for lying about his dealings with russian officials. then came this denial. can you say whether you aware of any one who advised your cam main had contact with russia during the course of the election.
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>> i told you general flynn was dealing. that was one person. as he should have been >> during the election. >> february that i know of. >> and again in may. >> this russia thing, with trump and russia, is a made up story. an excuse. by the democrats for having lost an election. >> the white house clung to denial as recently as yesterday. deputy press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders. >> no one within the trump campaign colluded in order to influence the election. >> the president's statement about his son being high quality and transparent was specifically designed to steer clear of future legal issues and the meeting itself. the white house said the president is frustrated, the russia story simply will not go away. >> this is obviously -- very significant deeply disturbing. >> of democrats described the e-mail chain as a game changer. >> the e mails are the end of the idea pushed by the administration and the president, that there is absolutely no evidence of intent
3:36 am
to coordinate or collude. virginia's tim kaine went further. perjury. false statements. even potentially treason. >> republicans were troubled too. new york's lee zeldin tweeted that meeting is a big no no. the most problematic thing received thus far. the trump campaign should have reported the encounter to the fbi right away. >> have an e-mail. suggesting the government wants to help the trump campaign you. have a response from don jr. saying i love it. trump jr. insist he's had to listen if the russian lawyer had info about an opponent. i asked florida's marco rubio who ran for president himself last year, what he would have done. >> i would be suspicious. i am anti-putin. i would be suspicious. >> would you report it to the authorities? >> i think i would have.
3:37 am
>> the trump team changing stories about who they met with and when have left few republicans welling to go to bat for them on russia. oklahoma's jim inhof fichltz one of them. >> you guys, trying to spend every breathing moment trying to destroy trump. you know. >> vice president pence was here on capitol hill today. but, took no questions. his office says that he was unaware of this controversial meeting and that, he is no longer focused on the campaign. especially, the part that took place anthony before he joined the ticket. >> the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.
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this is the cbs "overnight news." senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell has his way a lot of congressional families will be canceling summer vacation plans. mcconnell wants to delay the summer recess which usually begins end of the month until the middle of august. the idea is to give the gop leadership more time to pass a new health care bill. nancy cordes has the the story from capitol hill. >> this tradition of an august congressional recess dates back to a time before air conditioning when members of congress had to get out of town because it was just too painful here in the nation's capital. but now, some republicans are starting to worry about the heat they will get back home if they leave for the entire month of august, without fulfilling major promises. >> we should be locked on the house floor until we get things
3:41 am
done. >> calls for a big congressional scheduling change are getting louder. >> i am ready to work through august. >> we cannot be taking a vacation or break in august if we haven't done the people's work. >> i can tell you if you did a vote out in the real world they would vote for us to stay here and get their work done. >> georgia senator david purdue is one of many republicans pushing to do away with the annual five-week break. in a let tire majority leader mill mcconnell, purdue and nine colleagues point out, there are only 31 working days until the end of the fiscal year. in that time, republicans want to pass a health care bill, tackle tax reform, plus, congress needs to fund the government, and raise the debt limit. >> the gridlock up here is not understood by people back home nor going to be tolerated. >> maine republican susan collins served in congress for more than two decade. >> why does congress go home so often and for such a long period of time? >> we learned so much when we do go home.
3:42 am
it gives us the chance to spend extended periods of time with our constituents. >> congress is actually on track to spend more days in session this year, than the 20 year h e average. as republican leaders try to make the most of their control of congress and the white house. >> look, if time were the only consideration. absolutely staying through august would make sense. the congressional scholar says so far republicans don't have much to show for the extra workdays. >> they don't have a consensus of the votes. and they refuse to try and broaden that base, to find consensus, by bringing in democarts. >> it was the city of angels versus the city of light in a bid to host a 2024 summer olympics. photo finish. in the end they beth won. the international olympic committee agreed that both paris and los angeles will host a summer games. one in 2024, the other in 2028. the only thing left to decide, who goes first.
3:43 am
jamie yuccas is in l.a. >> 2024, 2028. when you wait that long there is a big impact on budget and of course venue. here at los angeles coliseum. they would need track installation and upgrades before they're ready to host the world. los angeles may your, is in a sprint to the finish line in switzerland. where the international olympic committee is deciding if it will award back to back games in 2024 and 202. something it has never done before. >> this moment requires bold new solutions, bold new thinking. and i think los angeles is well poised, in the best poised, to be able to answer those questions for the olympic movement today. >> but for l.a. to win the earlier date, the committee will have to overlook an historic hook. 2024 would mark the 100th anniversary of paris, hosting the games. french president macron said this morning that paris is better suited to defend the games values of openness and tolerance. which is being challenged by
3:44 am
others. >> everything which makes the olympic spirit, and which gathers us today. and today the values are at risk. i think it is very consistent with the french way. >> the prize, 2024. >> we were never talking 2028 until the ioc brought up the possibility. then we, then we have to deal with that. >> initially, boston also got the chance to bid. along with rome, hamburg and budapest for 2024. but all four cities dropped out. over cost and size concerns. david wharton covers the olympics for "los angeles times." so the olympic committee touts this as a win, win, win. but really, they need to make this happen. >> a deal, deal, deal. they kind of have to, give up something to get one city to
3:45 am
wait. >> beth paris and los angeles are hoping to put on the games without a hefty price tag. los angeles is budgeting more than $5 billion. less than half the estimated cost of the rio olympics. and a fraction of the $51 billion sochi reportedly spent on the 2014 winter games. if l.a. doesn't get the games until 2028 there is concern it could lose momentum. >> no one ever put on the games where it was planned 11 years in advance. how do you keep that going? that will be a challenge. >> but for those involved in bringing the olympics back to l.a. it is game on. >> los angeles is so proud of the 1932, 1984 olympics. and they would look nothing better than to prove, they can do it, three times in a row. >> a final decision on which city goes first is expected in september. nasa scientists are devising their plan to send a manned
3:46 am
spacecraft to mars. but they're also working to protect the earth against the possibility fee of a catastrophic asteroid strike. dana jacobson has the story. since one of the biggest asteroids struck earth nearly 65 million years ago, our planet has been unarmed. until now. on the front line. nasa's planetary defense team's newest technological advancement. the double asteroid redirection test. otherwise known as dart. dart's mission, to knock asteroids flying close to earth off course by striking them at a speed about nine times faster than a bullet. system on the moon of the dart asteroid, and the satellite launches into space in 2020 with plans for impact, in 2022. >> that's why we are doing this demonstration on the moon. of an asteroid. because, we can change its orbit
3:47 am
around, it much more easily and be able to measure the change we make much more easily. >> small meteors hit earth daily. breaking up in the upper atmosphere. mostly going unnoticed. but several have been caught shooting across the sky. but the damage they can cause isn't just the stuff of fiction. in 1908, an asteroid flattened hundreds of miles of forest in siberia. in 2013, a meteor, 65 feet wide, exploded. injuring 1500. and damaging thousand of buildings. >> there are no threatening asteroid that we noif. b -- know of. though the way probability works. we don't think we're due. not the sort of thing you can predict like that. >> i guess the best part of the
3:48 am
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have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. >> a chef in denver make it his life work to have children and vegetables. cooking in general. barry peterson has the story.
3:51 am
>> reporter: denver chef and restaurant owner, troy, group in the 1970s and vegetables were definitely not to his childhood taste. i grew up not enjoying that stuff. my parents can't believe i am a chef. >> it is going to be great. they get all big like this. >> he has come to these roots. expanding the garden to teach kids how to grow vegetables. >> we want to put good things into our bodies. and, i hope too, that it will help, with, with, what's going on with them as well. >> with their medical issues. >> yes. >> getting better things like that? >> for sure. >> these kids suffer from chronic illnesses including respiratory diseases like cystic fibrosis and asthma. >> yes, you may. >> they attend the special school at the hospital called mortgage academy where they learn how to manage their health in addition to getting regular classroom lessons. >> a is for apricot.
3:52 am
>> many come from disadvantaged hoemtz and neighborhoods where access to fresh produce is limited and dinner is often fast food. gard believes better food can mean better health. >> some of them may not have financial background, go eat fast food it is cheaper. quicker, easier to get. but this is going to help their body too. >> jennifer mccolor is director of education and remembers a child telling her how doritos were a health food. >> why would you think they're healthy? >> buecause you eat them with ranch dressing like a salad to. go from that to what the kids are doing is pretty phenomenal. >> gard then takes the children from garden to grill. and one of his 11 restaurants. >> so it is really good for you. >> it is a weird meat loaf. >> teaching them to find, or for them, more like the fun art of cooking.
3:53 am
>> we made the recipes so they can make them with their family. it is into the hard. all of them are within, 20, 30 minutes. and they're actually, tasty. >> how have the kids reacted to cooking at the restaurant. >> they loved it. >> compete with you. >> no. no they could be. they could be. i got them their own chef jacket with their names. they were proud, excited. >> are you left-handed? >> she is one of his star students who suffers from asthma. >> little salt. >> why do you look to cook? >> because it makes me happy. because when i am in the kitchen it makes me feel really good. i am not just sitting down. and, having my brain being lazy. >> now, she has a favorite recipe, meat loaf, from scratch. >> we have egg. carrots, zucchini. ground beef. onion. >> reporter: you may notice she is wearing her chef jacket. that's inspired quite a dream for a 9-year-old. >> think so? >> i want to get rich and have
3:54 am
my mansion. i'll be there every day. >> every day to cook. >> you obviously have a love of cooking and ape love of food. what's it look to passion that on to, to, these children. i'm excited to see what they can do. if i can reward them, or empact them, somehow, i think they will always remember. that guy who taught us to do that. i think that is pretty cool. >> help me find the splash. >> like so many good things in life it started with the seed of an idea. now, it's just growing and growing. barry peterson, in denver. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.
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the major league baseball season resumes friday, the week long break around the all-star game. for one star in pittsburgh the games can't start soon enough. steve hartman found his story on the road. a lot of baseball stars can put fans in the seats. but only phil coin, cleans them first. >> there we are. >> wonder if he is a bigger celebrity anbody on the field. >> he is. makes their day. that was great. >> what makes phil famous around here is how long he has been around here. >> there we are. at 99 usher for the pittsburgh pirates. climbing up and down stairs that would hospital any other soon to
3:58 am
be centenarian. >> when i am not working i carry a cane. >> you do? >> yeah the reason why, it gets me a front seat on the bus. >> phil grew up near the forbes field in pittsburgh. when babe ruth hit the last home run of his career over the wall, phil was one of the kids who ran after the ball. becoming an usher was a right of passage in his neighborhood. every kid did it for a year or two. not phil the he is still at it. 81 years later. of course he did have a day job for many years. worked as a machinist. other than that it's been this. >> you look forward to coming to work. >> yeah. >> what do you like. >> the people. to many of us success means climbing a ladder.
3:59 am
always doing something different. bigger. but phil coin has a gift for finding joy in the same place he found it yesterday. i saw that most clearly during the national anthem. he probably heard that song, 10,000 times. yet when it ended, he was moved to tears. that national anthem, is it emotional for you every time. >> yeah. >> love of country. love of people. and happiness and hard work. if you want the secret to life. now you know. just follow the usher. steve hartman on the road in pittsburgh. >> that's the "overnight news" for wednesday. for some the news continues. for others check back later for the morning news and of course cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm tony dokoupil.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, july 12th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." in retrospect, i probably would have done things a little differently. >> speaking out, donald trump jr. defends his meeting with the russian lawyer as both sides raise questions. also in washington, a new health care bill. republican senate leaders say a revised bill is on the way. rushing to danger. dozens of strangers become heroes to help save a family caught in a riptide.


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