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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 12, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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fancisco 49ers player is facing legal trouble once again... south bay police arrested reuben foster yesterday morning... and as betty yu explains -- this is not foster's first run-in with the law... for the second time in less than a month, 49ers linebacker reuben foster has been arrested. this was his mugshot from his home
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he had a die hraoulted sam -- diluted sample at the draft and the owner said he'd keep on eye on it. >> he said foster's character and passion for the support and strong support system would help him stay out of trouble. the latest arrest is building on a pattern for the 49ers. >> a change of culture they've gone through with a new head manager but bringing in players
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falling into a pattern. >> the team takes matters of this nature seriously and are gathering all the pertinent information. >> foster facing a six game suspension if he's kharpbed with domestic violence. niners had 17 arguses in 2012, highest of any team in the nfl. san francisco man under arrest accused of breaking into a car and throwing a dog inside off o building to his death. this 4-year-old chai wawa was thrown off -- chihuahua was thrown off the seventh floor of a building and his owner found him on ground. best was taken into custody and booked into jail on several charges. a man has a life
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threatening injury this morning caused by winds in san francisco. strong gusts blew down fencing around a construction site and hit two people walking by. kpix5 joe has the story. >> a gust of wind and whole fence started to waive and the back end of the fence was plywood and people got squished under it. >> the fence collapsed and a big piece of plywood behind it hit a man and woman walking down the sidewalk. both whurt. >> this is the part that hit him. >> she tells me the man was the one more seriously injured and ambulances rushed both to the hop. >> he didn't know he was bleeding from the back of the head. he was trying to get up. i told him to stay down and to wait because -- not to get up. he put his hand on the back of his head and looked at his hand and said, wow, i didn't notice i was bleeding then started
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freaking out a bit. >> workers spent time taking down ouch -f the fencing on the south side of the property. the man injured is still in the hospital and the fire department describes his injuries as life threatening. >> that windy weather can be dangerous and continues today. >> yeah, getting on shore wind cooling us down and this morning feel ago bit chilly out there. show you what we saw yesterday and what we'll continue to see. peek gusts reached 39 miles per hour at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and that has been the tropbgest gusts -- strongest gusts in the city since april 6 and gusts peaked at 47 and around that time when the injuries happened and winds increase this afternoon and also shift direction this afternoon. bit of on shore flow and san
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francisco downtown at 14 in oakland near at 13. stronger winds we don't normally see at this hour. usually pretty calm conditions out there and winds also clearing things up. most of the morning north, northwest wind and by the afternoon, we'll get winds from the northeast and those will actually pick up through the afternoon into this evening and winds get pretty strong throughout a lot of north bay hills, east bay as well and most of the bay area winds dealing with it on the west and east side. no 50s in sight at this hour. temperatures will stay cool for afternoon highs. talk about that in just a bit. speaking of wind, we have a wind advisory posted for
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drivers that are along the allotmont pass and altmont bridge. chp telling us it could be a couple of hours before this bridge reopens. use an at matt route and use -- alternate route and use 580. we jumped into the yellow and travel times 26 minute ride for drivers heading westbound between 205 and 680. 880 near the coliseum and see traffic is doing well both directions. no delays heading northbound from 238 up towards mac arthur mays. we have slow downs due to road work. more on that in the traffic report. today president trump is expected unveil his plan to rebuild the country's infrastructure . the white
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house expected to push a $1.5 trillion package for repairs and upgrades. $2trillion from direct -- $200 billion from direct state and local spending. $100billion would be used as incentive to local government. $20billion toward projects and another $510 billion set aside as grants for rural areas. exact amounts for each state would depend on the miles of rural roads and state's population. a 25 puppies with a purpose marched to oakland airport yesterday and training to become guide dogs and important lessons to be learned. the challenges visually impaired people and their animals face when they fly. >> oakland was the normal bustling airport till the vi ps showed up. >> it's a lot of excitement for
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a person let alone a dog. >> one day a year, alaska airlines invite as group of guides and dogs into the airport for an orientation trip for a place that can be disorienting. >> amazing amount of choreography that happens in an airport including wheelchairs and bags and things that go blank and boom and people with wands. >> pups began at security with the assortment of sounds and distractions. next following the nice lady with the squeaky toy, they went to the concourse travel gate and then down the weird looking hallway and onto the plane where thingings really got cramped. guide dogs sit quietly at the feet of human partners, sometimes for hours on end. >> to be comfort tph-bl the very small space and do what they're supposed to be doing is key. >> perhaps the most challenging test of all, fitting into a
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restaurant that most can barely get into alone. >> i staugt stalls were -- thought stalls were hard enough so that was impressive. >> part of being a service animal. a woman tried to board a united airlines flight with a full grown peacock claiming it was an emotional support animal. guide dogs for the blind think that's going too far. >> this jeopardizes access for those with legitimate service dogs. >> no doubt these are legit and with experiences like this and about a year of training, they'll one day be guiding human companions through the bustle of the airport and challenges of a better life. john, kpix5. 4:40, one bay area city making a new push to reduce the chance of wild fires.
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how property owners will be forced to help in that effort.
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to make a sudden landing near a north bay smart train station... about a dozen people were on board when the balloon touched down in santa rosa yesterday morning. luckily, no one was hurt. no word yet... on the reason for the sudden landing, but the windy conditions may have played a role. strong winds are always a concern for bay area fire crews. kiet do reports: could take an . strong winds are always a concern for bay area fire crews. one north bay city could take an aggressive step to cut down on the fire damage by ordering property owners to cut down their trees. >> this is as good of time as in to talk about the truth of fire danger. three quarters of homes nestled along thick rows of trees and the city saying many have to go. >> the city is doing this, we have been doing this and we'll be doing more of this . >> valley mayor says the conversation about fire danger in her city started with oakland hills fire in 1991.
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took on new urgency a few years later in 1995 with the mountain vision fire watching napa and santa rosa burn last year, they knew the time for talk was over. >> first santa rosa and the fire was so shocking. we could not have the conversation in mill valley about taking these next steps if it wasn't for what we saw in those fires. >> mill valley will be inspected property and forcing owners to cut down dangerous trees. >> we've cut all these out. >> neighbor bob is helping to lead the charge. he's already cut down other unwanted trees like bay and eucalyptus on and near his property. he and his neighbors have pruned up the branches of the redwood. >> wees tier ya vines trimmed back and the burch tree will be gone. bob trying to motivate neighbors to get it done before
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fire season. >> peer pressure is a strong thing. >> if we've all taken care of our properties and got an occasional house with a bunch of junk on the property, then, yeah, they're a threat to the rest of us. >> in mill valley, kpix5. pretty dangerous conditions with the wind and really dry democrat chirrs. >> very dry -- temperatures. >> very dry and rain not in 18 days and the san francisco needs it and the whole start and parts of california getting light conditions and there's a few clouds and looks like the coverage will clear up by this afternoon. this morning, the clouds are out there associated with a storm passing through our state and right now oeur temperatures are -- our temperatures are cool and cooler air associated with the system. livermore at 41 degrees. temperatures in the 40s all across the board. 42 in santa rosa and here's
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what's going on right now. north, northwest winds this morning and they'll continue for the next few hours. strong along the coastline and by this afternoon, we'll get these north, northeast winds and see the wind direction changes and that's going to bring us even drier conditions and, yes, it'll be breezy throughout the day today. 60 miles per hour winds, half- moon bay breezy at 13 degrees and san rafel, pretty strong. 5-10 miles per hour winds and around 15 for the coastal area. and the coastal area will see a lot of strong winds for the next few hours this morning. by 10:00, things should calm down a lot and by 7:00-tonight, that's when winds get serious up through the north bay and east bay hills. stays strong through midnight and 1:00 in the morning. winds from the offshore will
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intensify later on today. 58 degrees and 63 in santa rosa and a lot of people thought yesterday was really cold. it's pretty normal though. that's where we should be so here's a look at average conditions for this time of year and, yes, we are pretty much right on of a degree or two away from normal conditions but, yes, this is february so we're supposed to be pretty cool and live look dealing with cooler conditions and windier conditions. this trough moved down and impacting a lot of nevada and hoping to get a few light showers throughout san francisco but unfortunately, it pretty much brought dry conditions for us and it stayed cool and windy yesterday and continues to be cool and windy today as most of the action is there in nevada. that's good news for sierra snowfall. rain snow future cast. see some snow coming down across the southern portions of sierra and more intention along los angeles, and vegas and
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sierra snowfall one or two inches possibly from today. here's forecast for valentine's day. cloudy condition and another trough moves through and high temperature moving through. all right, take it out to roadways. we are tracking a couple of incidents, busy start to monday morning commute. good morning. an accident, southbound 880 as you're approaching 16th avenue or skpás embarkadero. it's not slowing anyone down but the car went off the roadway and sitting on railroad tracks. right now chp and other emergency crews heading out to the scene and will be taking care of that. in the meantime, may see flashing lights but other than that, speeds in the green moving up. cal trans wrapped up with that in the southbound direction.
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rollover crash 580 at grand avenue that's been cleared so we've got the speeds right up in the green. 580. if you're maybing your way towards the -- making your way toward the dublin interchange and still in the green as far as travel times go and live look at highway 24 near tunnel road. nice and light conditions for drivers heading east and westbound. that is check your traffic. back over to you, michelle. >> thank you. federal tpháfpgt torrs headed to the -- investigators headed to a grand canyon to look into a helicopter crash that killed three people and sent four others to the hospital. high winds and rugged terrain complicated the rescue efforts. we have video of after math. >> moments after the crash, witnesses rushed to help. ted, a wedding photographer that happened to be shooting nearby captured video of the helicopter on fire. it happened 73-miles east of
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las vegas in a remote area known as grand canyon west. >> it was pretty bad. amazing how these two ladies survived. they're lucky to be alive. >> the helicopter belongs to where you know of the biggest -- one of the biggest grand canyon tour companies in the area and been around more than 50 years and more than 600,000 customers a year. >> this is the first major crash that we know of since the 2001 incident that we were involved with. >> attorney gary rob specializes in these kinds of accidents. he sued pabion back in 2001 after another helicopter crash claimed six lives. >> the helicopter industry is evolving and thinking safety is more and more of emphasis where in the past revenue was a parallel performance. they're cooperating fully with the investigation. rough terrain and severe weather conditions made rescue
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efforts difficult. it took crews more than eight hours to recover the victims. four out of the seven on board survived and are being treated at a hospital in las vegas. all six of passengers on board including the three that were killed were tourists from the united kingdom. the police department working closely with the concourse office to help all of the atected families. ntsb and faa investigators here at the grand canyon to help with the investigation and for now, all commercial choppers are grounded. cbs news, ground canyon -- grand canyon west in arizona. some of the biggest tech companies battling to develop the next generation of spacecraft. more on the race to kick it into high gear.
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accused of assaulting an officer last week kept on breaking the law right after getting out of jail. police are now looking for 19- year-old dante oliver in connection a robbery in the taraval district. investigators say several days before that, he knocked an officer to the ground during a chase in the tenderloin. oliver has been seen hanging out around market street. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a freight train derailmentlaus co. take a look at the mess... authorities say the train was headed to stockton from barstow
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when it went off the tracks on saturday night. the train was mostly carrying steel beams... as you might imagine -- crews have their hands full clearing away all that debris. "they'll start clearing the cars so that we can resume operations through that area but before we can resume operation we have to make necessary repairs to track and signaling equipment." no hazardous materials were spilled in the derailament. and no one was hurt. damage to the signal booth may not be repaired until thursday... so there will be road closures in the area. last week... a space-x rocket known as "falcon heavy" made it's maiden voyage... launching a tesla roadster into deep space... then landing back here on earth. but did you know... the c-e-o of amazon has a similar rocket. reporter manuel bojorquez has more on how the space race is kicking into high gear. . reporter manuel has more on how the space race is kicking into high gear.
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>> the spacex rocket boosters landing back on earth not just a show for spectators. they could be seen down the street at blue origin, amazon founder jeff bay sew's company. nasa is continuing to commission rockets for missions to the moon and mars. it'll be more powerful than the falcon heavy and more expensive. >> this is about the us regaining a commanding lead. >> secretary of commerce wilbur ross, a member of the national space council was at the spacex launch. what happens in elon musk can prove he can do it one sooner but also cheaper? >> i think we'll want the best and lowest cost solution regardless of who developed it. >> the key questions that cbs news space analyst bill hardwood is can chapper be as safe? >> we're not saying they're
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necessarily unsafe but when you do things differently that i can nasa would do it -- like nasa would do it one way and ensure safety by doing it their way. >> a lot of people are nervous about the new way of doing business with less oversight. can the new rockets be as safe as the old ones? it's an open question. >> spacex and boeing have contracts with nasa to send astronauts to the international spacation and marked the first time humans launched from the space shuttle since it retired in 2011. it's 4:57, today president trump unveils $1.5 trillion plan to fix the nation's infrastructure. where is the money coming from? i'll have the details coming up. plus, a san francisco 49ers player arrested over the weekend. we're live this weekend at levi stadium with the very latest.
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michelle griego -- kenny is off this morning. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... with drivers hitting the roads heading to work.. we're monitoring what you can expect ... including your forecast. let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's neda iranpour . a cruise ship docking at the embarkadero. that's cool. that means new people coming out to shop today. >> sounds like a good time. it'll feel a bit chilly for them, for everyone. we've had -- it's been so nice and warm that this feels a bit brisk and wonderful. >> chilly . >> yeah, it's chilly. what else


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