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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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as she was crawling. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's department said the young woman was stabbed multiple times, assaulted and left for dead on the side of the road, but she had the strength to crawl 100 yards up the road. >> another passing motorist appears to have been stabbed in the throat, negative suspects. >> reporter: a trail of blood and clotheslined the roadway. the victim was airlifted to eden medical center in castro valley, the closest trauma center. authorities say she hung onto life two more hours and then before she died her final words to investigators were the names of the two people who did it. >> this victim really, really tried to survive and she fought and she fought and the last thing we believe that she was able to do was to point us in the direction of the people that killed her. we have obviously a very compelling dying declaration from our victim. in a court of law that is very compelling. we're also going to back up
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that dying declaration with evidence and proof of that crime and so all that will be part of this investigation. >> reporter: and we've also learned that rope was found at the scene. the victim was tied up. she was stabbed. she was left for dead and, liz, we're also learning the suspects may have planned this out before they even traveled down this road late last night. >> absolutely shocking and more risk. do we know how the victim knew the suspects? she was able to know their names. >> reporter: yeah. we were trying to find out what the relationship is. so she was able to give them the names to lead to these arrests, but as far as the exact relationship, we don't know and authorities have also said there may be other arrests. we will continue to follow this. >> juliette, thank you. the future of a 49er player uncertain tonight after a domestic violence arrest. >> linebacker reuben foster was
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released last night after posting $75,000 bail. >> kpix5's sports director dennis o'donnell. have the 49ers issued any statement on this yet? >> no. they're evaluating the evidence. the team will be. the league will be and we'll find out what happens likely sooner than later. 49er linebacker reuben foster was arrested yesterday morning on charges of domestic violence and possession of an assault weapon, his second arrest of the offseason and the warning signs were there before the 49ers drafted him last spring. at the time his biggest offense stemmed from an argument with a worker at the nfl combine and then a positive drug test for a diluted urine sample. now it's much more serious. foster reportedly met with the team brass today about the arrest and the 49ers are trying to decide what to do with their talented linebacker. many teams shied away from drafting foster because of injury and character issues, not the 49ers, and after he was drafted i asked foster about
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those concerns. >> reporter: why do you think people have those concerns? >> some say the story that was out. some say the people i carry, but i think it's no such thing. you can't judge a book by its cover. >> if you're looking for precedents on how the 49s are might handle this, consider former corner back tramaine brock arrested in april for domestic violence, was released by the 49ers the following day. charges were dropped and in 2014 chargers cut ray mcdonald following a sexual assault investigation. he was a no. 1 draft pick, the second of two no. 1s for the 49ers. he is their most talented defensive player. >> there were some red flags early on by other teams who passed him up. >> yeah. he had injury concerns regarding his shoulder and the character issues go back a long
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way. in fact, his mother was a victim of domestic abuse by his father. so there's a long trail for this 49er player. >> thank you. meanwhile the white house is still struggling to respond to domestic abuse allegations against a former staff secretary, our allen martin on the tough questions for the administration. >> the president hoped everyone would be talking about his new infrastructure plan. instead there are more questions about fired white house aide rob porter. >> reporter: does he believe rob porter's accusers or are they lying? >> the if the along with the entire administration take domestic violence very seriously. -- the president along with the entire administration take domestic violence very seriously. >> the white house taking fire over what president trump has and has not said over the accusations against former white house secretary rob porter. porter's resignation was announced wednesday after photographs surfaced of 40er's ex-wife colbie holderness with
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a black eye. both she and his other former wife accused porter of emotional and physical abuse during their marriages. first there was support for porter. >> he's until proven guilty. i think we have to remember that. >> the president has not spoken out publicly or acknowledged porter's accusers. >> reporter: there's a tone deafness. is there just being on the wrong side of things? >> supporting due process for any allegation is not tone deaf. i think it is allowing things to be investigated and a mere allegation not being the determining factor. >> all of this in a distract from the white house agenda -- in a distract from the white house agenda -- may distract from the white house agenda, but democrats say the controversy will be used to win over women voters this fall in
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the midterms. vanessa trump, wife of donald trump, jr., opened an envelope with a mysterious white powder inside. she was coughing and felt nauseated. it was addressed to her husband at the family's manhattan home and had some sort of white powder. >> i think it's terrifying. i think it's terrifying that anybody would send a package like that regardless who it was to. it's terrible. >> preliminary tests on the powder showed it was not dangerous. vanessa trump was unharmed. investigators are now working to find out who sent it. pleasanton pol other bay area headlines, this peeping tom suspect facing charges, pleasanton police arrested juan jose martinez lava inside a shopping center this past weekend. he used a phone to record women in a fitting room. he's been booked in the santa rita jail.
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a man is under arrest accused of breaking into a car and throwing a chihuahua he found inde to its death from the seventh floor of the parking garage. the suspect was later taken into custody. mcdonald's employees in oakland joined in on a nationwide protest today, part of the fight for 15 campaign. they are rallying to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour nationally. in california legislation passed will make that a reality by the year 2022. we are witnessing something like an olympic truce between north and south korea right now, but what will happen after the games? dana jacobson reports from pyeongchang. >> reporter: north korean athletes are making history at the olympic games competing under one flag with the south. translator: we have a peaceful spirit at the olympic games, especially when they see kim yo- jong is visiting, smiling and
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shaking hands with president moon. >> reporter: peter lee moved to south korea from l.a. over a decade ago. >> this new government is a little different from the other government. they're more liberal, i guess, in a good way. they want peace. >> reporter: like those born here, he lives in the shadow of north korea and its nuclear muscle threat. this is the border between north and south korea, the north just beyond those blue buildings back there. while we're less than an hour from seoul, as far as daily life goes for most south koreans, the threat of north korea just isn't a part of it. >> i think for korean people, they don't have a choice. this is where they live. >> i know a lot of people outside korea are worried about the situation, but honestly no one actually talks about it in everyday conversations. >> reporter: at the olympics there have been daily protests against the symbolic unification, but some are optimistic about the future. translator: reunification must happen, especially this time. i really hope it will happen.
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>> we actually see a lo rm progress, but not like we're going to unify the entire country tomorrow. it's not like that. so maybe even like 100 years later. >> reporter: but at least for now it's a korea that is unified in sport. dana jacobson, cbs news, pyeongchang, south korea. i just couldn't believe that people smart enough, wealthy enough, educated enough to be able to make movies wouldn't understand that teaching bullying is wrong. >> a family friendly film peter rabbit not so friendly at times, the issue some parents have with a message it's sending their kids. >> plus president obama personally chose an artist trained in san francisco to immortalize his image. was he satisfied? his reaction next. >> you'll find elon musk's work on the road out in space and now squaw valley.
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. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. fire. one person was killed in a fire at a homeless camp in oakland. kpix5's susie steimle on the man's makeshift home that caught fire. >> this is real life out here. people in these houses, they have shelter. out here on the street there's no shelter. >> reporter: kevin rodriguez smith says his cousin is the man who died in a fire at this homeless encampment overnight. you think this is intentionally set? >> of course. all these fires down here are intentionally set. >> reporter: the fire department is investigating this as arson, but they don't know yet how the encampment caught fire, just that the man was found inside one of these makeshift homes that keep popping up under the 980 overpass. a volunteer came through here a couple week ago and started building these structures at this encampment. most of them offer some privacy, a place to sleep and some storage, but they are
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unregulated by the fire department. >> any time you're living or sleeping around or in an incombustible material that is not built to fire code, there is obviously an increased risk. >> my worry is are they safe? i don't know. >> reporter: heather franco works for the homeless action center in oakland. she says she wishes this death would be seen as a wake-up call for the city to start legally and safely building what the homeless are already setting up without permission. >> i wish people could see this as not just a public health problem, but as like an important issue for our community. >> reporter: in oakland, susie steimle, kpix5. an animated movie about peter rabbit was a big draw at the box office this weekend, but some parents are giving it a thumbs down. >> kpix5 reporter mary lee on the scenes that are getting some parents and kids upset. >> not everyone is loving the
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peter rabbit. the problem? the way the film portrays food allergies. the classic children's character peter rabbit is not quite so friendly and loveable to everyone in the new film. in the movie peter and his friends throw blackberries at their enemy mr. mcgregor who is allergic to them. one flies into his mouth causing him to choke and inject himself with an epipen. >> it's not right in the movies to make fun of people because of their ethnicity. we wouldn't accept movies that diminish women because they're not men. we wouldn't accept movies that would portray a person with paralysis in a negative light because of their paralysis. we certainly shouldn't allow movies to portray people who happen to have an allergy as victims to be picked on and that's a big part of in is that this is bullying.
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>> reporter: terry knows all about food allergy bullying. >> my allergy to corn is not a very common 1, but i do know other people that are allergic to corn. i really like corn. it's hard. other people that eat corn sometimes make fun of me and eat it in my face to make me feel bad, but very other friends who have the same experience with weird allergies. >> reporter: because of the backlash sony pictures and the filmmakers issued this apology. "food allergies are a serious issue. our film should not have made light of peter rabbit's arch nemesis mr. mcgregor being allergic to blackberries even in a cartoonish slapstick way," but still some people say it's just a kids film. >> i think it's a little ridiculous to be that sensitive about it. i think it's just part of a movie. i don't think they're trying to make fun of anyone. >> you can't do anything without somebody -- there's always somebody you're going to offend. it just gets worse and worse and worse. so i think it's ridiculous. it's a kids movie, for god's sake. just let them be kids.
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>> reporter: people angry about those scenes are taking to social media to air their feelings about this using the #boycottpeterrabbit. i'm mary lee, kpix5. on the health watch the cdc said the rate of flu hospitalizations is approaching the highest level on record. just last week the cdc says deaths from the flu and pneumonia were responsible for about one of every 10 deaths in the u.s. a total of 63 children have died from the flu this season. california's department of health reports 74 deaths for people 65 and under. some hospitals are now using robots to clean their facilities to prevent the virus from spreading. >> it's an added layer of protection for our patients to insure that they have the safest place they can come. >> researchers also recommend hospitals use special ultraviolet light panels to help stop people from getting sick. the lamps can kill the virus
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while remaining safe around people. the battle over the bay area war memorial will pick up this evening. the lafayette city council is expected to talk about the land that houses more than 4,000 crosses near the lafayette b.a.r.t. station. they were installed more than a decade ago on private land to honor service members killed in iraq and afghanistan, but now the owners of the land want to sell it. >> the most widely held opinion is the crosses are getting sort of shabby and maybe it's time to go. some people like the crosses, like the anti-war statement and a few people really dislike them because their relatives have served in or died in iraq and afghanistan. night at 7 o >> the family offered to donate the land to the city, but it declined. the city council meeting starts at 7:00 tonight. unde tesla's technology could soon help power one of the sierra's biggest ski resorts. under a new proposal tesla
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would install its battery pack at the squaw valley ski resort. they'll be used to store solar and wind energy. if approved by lawmakers, squaw valley would be entirely powered by renewable energy as early as december. portraits of former president barack obama and his wife michelle were just unveiled in washington this morning and the artist who fainted mr. obama graduated from the san francisco art institute. the former president personally picked the painter, kehinde wiley, who has his artworks displayed at numerous museums such as metropolitan museum of art. mr. obama said he tried negotiating for a fewing changes. >> i tried to negotiate less gray hair and kehinde's artistic integrity would not allow him to do what i asked. i tried to negotiate smaller ears.
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struck out on that as well. >> these are the first presidential portraits at the smithsonian painted by black artists. prince harry and his fiancee los angeles native meghan markle are revealing new details about their upcoming royal wedding at noon, may 19th at st. george's chapel in windsor, england. most recently prince charles walked down the aisle to get his marriage blessed in 2005. the newlyweds will leave in a horse and carriage and travel along windsor's main street. then down the so-called long walk before arriving back at windsor castle giving thousands of spectators a chance to see the couple along the way. and meghan when ow would >> they want to be able to give the public a chance to share their celebrations of them, be part of the day. that was very, very important to harry and meghan when they first got engaged, how would they do that. >> carriage rides are a royal tradition. prince william and kate rode in one after their 2011 ceremony,
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as did prince charles and lady diana before them. the royal couple is not sticking with all traditions, though. they're having their wedding on saturday instead of a friday so more of the public can attend. one weather element changed big time. remember friday it hit 84 degrees in alamo? didn't hit 64 in alamo today, but we still have shine and we still are 0 for february with rainfall. will that change? your forecast is next. >> and coming up at 6:00 tonight the debate over new guidelines for vacation rentals that has a north bay beach town buzzing. >> but first the markets closed up today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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well, it's monday. the weather hasn't changed. the days changed. the month goes through. >> it's so weird because in almost every other instance if
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you're going from the 80s to the 60s, you have to have a front which will at least give you some showers. apparently not this february where the laws of physics have been suspended no matter how hard we try not able to buy a drop of rainfall. it's still pleasant outside. look at the temperatures. this time friday we were talking about upper 70s to low 80s. tonight we are talking about upper 50s to low 60s. as a matter of fact, we're cooling off to 54 already in san francisco, concord and santa rosa with the northeast breeze are the mild spots. it will be windy and breezy tonight and a wind chill in napa tonight 38, concord 37, fremont 39, oakland and vallejo dropping to 42 degrees. i'm happy to report even though we're bone dry here there are some snow showers in and around tahoe. we will continue to see some snow showers on and off throughout the week. that's welcome news because the snowpack has dropped now to 21% of average. that is so much less than what we've had last year and
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arrivals now three years ago when we virtually received no snow at all for about a two month clip. a ridge of high pressure has moved. that's why it was windy and cooler over the weekend, but the ridge has not moved enough to give us widespread appreciable rain chances. we'll have the chilly air all week long, but we wouldn't have any widespread rain chance. tomorrow morning cold but sunny. tomorrow afternoon not as chilly but still clear and if you roll through wednesday, another boundary moves through, devoid of any rainfall. we'll get some clouds. that's it. we will go through the weekend when the ridge actually begins to build back toward the bay area. it's still in control. the storm track is still well to north and temperatures may rebound for 24 hours to back up near 70 degrees by saturday. nights chilly to cold all week long, high temperatures above average but running 10 to 20 degrees cooler than last week. our 0 for february, not a drop of rain the entire month.
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that will get through valentine's day and beyond, no rain in my seven-day forecast. highs tomorrow low 60s, san rafael 61, san jose 65, sunshine in concord and san francisco, low 60s for you. a couple degrees cooler wednesday. we warm up a bit thursday through saturday and get cooler next sunday and monday, but the constant is sunshine, sunshine, sunshine with no chance of rain yet. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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"..." the cbs evening news is up next. >> jeff glor is here with a
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preview. jeff? >> reporter: tonight on the cbs evening news dr. jon lapook has the first inside look at a treatment for the flu that might change healthcare. >> also inside the church that is protecting a man's scheduled for deportation while his young son is battling cancer tonight on the cbs evening news. valentine's day is two days away and new research indicates you might want to think outside the box of chocolates. while flowers and candy are traditional, researchers found most people get the pleasure from gifts that have an emotional impact like a treasured photo are a beautiful bike ride. that's especially true for older people. useful gifts are also good. also appearance counts. researchers say people enjoy gifts more when they are nicely wrapped. >> there you go. guys, have somebody else wrap them. >> good plan. >> don't wrap them yourself. like wash the car. >> that's a good one. >> do the laundry. >> laundry big, vacuuming.
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>> ahead at 6:00 a mascot in limbo, an east bay high school in search of a symbol everyone can cheer for. >> glor: on the e. the white house faces tough questions about the former staff secretary. >> he wishes porter well, but he hasn't addressed the victims of domestic violence at all. >> glor: also tonight... >> it's about ten minutes to 9:00. you're supposed to turn yourself in. >> glor: the man facing deportation now being protected inside a church. a drug company stops marketing a powerful opioid. ( coughing ) fighting the flu with ultraviolet lights and a pill that's said to kill the virus in one day. d it's going to be a fun one. >> glor: does a new movie make fun of food allergies? and unveiling a couple of unique portraits. >> like the obama presidency, the non-traditional paintings represent a break fromhe


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