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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  May 29, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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. now at 5:30, an environmental break through, a pleasant company is looking to
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the bay to cool down its storage machines. >> for the first step of their plan, they are already building a floating server on the island. now they have their eyes on alameda to help set it in motion. the idea is to cut greenhouse gases but as k kpix5's john ramos reports, they're raising alarm bells. >> reporter: it seems every part of our lives is being affected by the internet these days, but have you ever wondered exactly where it is? it's here in huge industrial data storage facilities like this all around the world. connect them together and you have the cloud. but the machines run hot, so most industrial data farms use eveep rahtive air coolers using a lot of water. they consume massive amounts of energy and water and we've got a design that gets rid of that. on the island in vallejo, they're building a data
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center mounted on a barge that will continually suck cold water from below and then discharge it after running it through the servers. the company ceo says it eliminates eveep ration and cools much faster. >> everybody knows it is better to jump into a swimming pool than go into an air-conditioned room. we're applying the same principle to cooling your servers. >> when finished it will be sent to the port of stockton where it's already been approved by the government. but they want to serve it on the former navy base at alameda. they want to pipe it through, run it through the facility and discharge it just past this break water. but alameda councilman jim owedee opposes it. >> it is directly underneath where the seal haulout is and
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they're very sensitive to movement and their environment. >> and they complain that the heated water could cause a toxic algae bloom. but the company's ceo says because the water flows through and isn't being recirculated, it only gets about 4 degrees warmer. >> when it comes through our system, takes the heat off the computer servers and returns to the bay, the net temperature change is actually tiny. then when it hits the volume of the bay, it disappears. >> if the council grants the lease on the property, nautilus will still have to get the approval of the state regulators who will still have to examine what effect the process will have on the bay eco system. john ramos, kpix5. >> state regulators have already given their stamp ofroval to the stock tonar pject. > investigatinef a least six people injured, it all started
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when officers tried to stop a stolen suv. she hit a construction worker and then kept hitting pedestrians all the way to market street. they say the female suspect is now in custody. major b.a.r.t. delays, a fire erupted between north berkeley and el serito stations. service stopped in both stations for about an hour. they also saw about 10,000 more riders. many opted for public transit after a deadly crash snarled traffic at the bay bridge. june is lgbtq pride month, and they wanted to issue a proclamation to celebrate. some objected. but the mayor prevailed and read the proclamation into the record. santa clara police are focusing on making it safer. we got to ride along and it didn't take long to find drivers breaking the rules. police pull over a solo driver in the car
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pool lane. they're also cracking down on speeding through school zones and anyone talking on their cell phone. >> it makes a huge impression on the public. so when you have 20, 30, motor officers roll into a town and start doing traffic enforcement, it definitely catches everybody's attention. >> and that would be talking and texting. now, if you get pulled over in santa clara, you will no longer get a written ticket. the only department in the county using this ticket-writing app, it's on their iphone, it scans drivers' information and is directly connected to the court's cloud system. san francisco wants to quadruple the number of rentable bikes on their streets, but lyft says that just isn't fair. lyft runs the city's go-bike rental services with more c of francisco.threportstaikes fro lyft saythats. violates their contract with the city. they invested millions in the go-bike service in exchange
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for a lock on bike rentals. the city says it's moving forward anyway. meanwhile petaluma police are asking for your help in identifying a suspected bicycle thief. police say this man approached the mountain bike in front of a local market yesterday before then, well, riding off with it. they say it's valued at $5,000. if you recognize this man, give petaluma police a call. in southern california, actor ashton kutcher took the stand in the ongoing trial of the suspected killer called the hollywood ripper. >> reporter: for the first time, ashton kutcher spoke publicly about the night his friend ashley was murdered in her holtiwood hills home. he spoke for about 45 minutes in the trial. he says he and she were scheduled to go out on their first date on february 21,
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2001, the night she was murdered. he told investigators he was running late when he went to the 22-year-old's home and knocked on the door to take her to a post grammies party. during opening statements, prosecutors described the scene. >> mr. kutcher looked in the window and saw what he thought was spilled wine on the floor. we believe now the evidence will show that was actually blood. >> investigators believe he attacked the fashion student from behind when she got out of her shower. kutcher testified he left when she didn't answer her door. he assumed she was upset and departed without him because he was late. her roommate found her the next morning brutely stabbed to death. prosecutors described him as a methodical and systematic killer, accused of attacking at three four women, three in california and one in illinois. two of his california victims, including ashley, died. his attorney says his client is
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cbs news, los angeles. earlier today louisiana became the ninth state to pass a new law restricting abortion. the legislation passed in a vote 79-23 with no amendments. abortions as early as the sixth week of pregnancy are now banned with no exception except for rain and insist. the last remaining abortion clinic remains in the balance. it is set to expire on friday, a move planned parenthood is now fighting in court. >> israel will go back to the courts just seven weeks after the last election. prime minister benjamin netanyahu had until midnight to form a government, and he did not. he was headed for a fifth term in office, despite facing corruption charges. jeopardy host alex trebek beating the odds with pancreatic
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cancer, the positive update he just shared with fans. >> and warriors fans getting into the finals spirit today with some surprise freebies, also a chance to take a selfie with the five championship trophies. >> build more housing or no deal, the ultimate tom stanford it facing tonight before it gets the green light for an expansion project.
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. jeopardy host alex trebek calls the results mind-boggling. he says he is in near remission from advanced pancreatic cancer. the 78-year-old tells "people" magazine he is responding very well to chemo they therapy and some of his tumors have shrunk more than 50%. they said they've never seen results in cases like his. he says he still has several more rounds of treatment before he hopefully makes it into full remission. this evening more health warnings on the risks of caven eighted energy drinks. they gave the drinks to healthy volunteers and found spike in blood pressure and changes to the electrical activity in the heart. >> the results of what we found was that they can abnormally impact the heart rhythm. other finding we saw was that energy drinks can raise your blood pressure by about four to five
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points in your systolic and die stoleic blood pressure. >> they found they can be worse in people with abnormal heart rhythms or hypertension. i'm susie steimle, and searchers have just told a family they found a missing hiker. he was reported missing. they sported his body below spotted his body below the fall line near a trailer. this was near where another hiker amanda eller was found missing 17 days later. she told people she went down a path, heard a voice and didn't bring water with her. she's happy that she was able to pack it out okay. this was the same rescue crew that found eller were the ones that searchoroah. at the live desk, susie steimle, kpix5. angel pgaan was reportedly
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rescued at sea after his boat capsized. they say it happened off the coast of puerto rico. he and former pitcher roman were boating when it slammed into the vessel. it overturned and both had to be rescued. he played for the giants in 2012 to 2016. he was reportedly unharmed. they say roman was treated for a head injury. you can say the fans are pretty amped up for the dynasty, and in oakland the party is already getting started. the game is tomorrow. kpix5's don ford is there. >> with the warriors going into the finals, the fans are doing nuts. they came by the hundreds, warriors here at the surprise popup for free t-shirts. >> man, i thought i would have gotten one of the t-shirts. >> reporter: popular t-shirts ran out fast and posters are going just as strong. fans are super loyal.
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>> i was a warriors fans when these tickets wasn't being sold, see. >> and now? >> and now they cost a thousand and $1, i still can't see them, but i still support them. >> reporter: just outside city hall, folks lined up with their phones to have their photos taken with the five past western conference title trophies. >> we take a picture for them and play some music, give out some t-shirts, trying to have a good time for the warriors. >> one, two, three. >> aren't you supposed to be at work? >> i know. >> reporter: the line suddenly learned it was kaitlin's birthday. >> happy birthday! >>. >> reporter: then there's this guy, mr. michael wilkins, who has big arms. how tall are you? >> i'm 6'5", roughly about 225, i have a wing span of about, oh, 7-1/2 foot maybe. is there really any other fan but a warriors fan? >> reporter: and this is only the beginning.
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in oakland, don ford, kpix5. tonight look for buildings around the bay to be lit up in warriors blue and gold like coy tower in san francisco and oakland city hall. the good news is i think that we are going to have some clear skies. take a look at those, right, darren? >> yes, we will. >> liz is just really excited about the warriors at this point. she is all choked up. i just wanted to add that. >> take my breath away. what can i say? >> i was going to let it go, say someone get that woman a drink. she's fine. she had a momentary little issue there. let me show you how different it looks across the bay area right now. san jose, look how clear the sky is over you. and i'm going to use that shot to show our daytime highs. it made it to 76 today for san jose, concord was 85 and it was 67 in the city. these numbers are pretty much right where you would expect them to be for this time of year. tomorrow will be a little bit cooler. here is part of the reason why tomorrow
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is going to be a little bit cooler. watch what happens when we change our view from looking over san jose to the camera on the top of the sales force tower looking back out towards the coast. in fact, just a moment ago, there it was, you can see the tower there. they're already starting to be overtaken here. coast is that way, inland is this way. the clouds are moving this way. so there's in our onshore flow, and we're going to see a lot more of that when we start out the day tomorrow. this is kind of a classic summer pattern. and one other item which looks kind of typical for summer is a whole bunch of thunderstorms over the sierras. that's a lot more impressive than we would typically see it. so it's interesting. while we've got our weather here at the o the of the state, there's quite an impressive show of thunderstorms happening and that will continue for about the next three days. we will get in on the act in a very small way tomorrow. see how there are some thunderstorms here on the coast? we're going to see reinforcements tomorrow afternoon and maybe the north
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bay gets a stray shower out of this. shouldn't be too widespread or that big of a deal. but without the rain to clear out the air, the pollen report, we are still suffering from olive, privet, and grasses. so how you've been feeling and dealing with all this stuff, that's not going to change for the next couple of days. the big picture shows us why we're going to keep seeing the big thunderstorms over the sierra. there's the storm sitting off to our north and that thing is slowly going to work its way down across the entire state in the next few days. if we look at this in a slightly different way, here's the big picture where it's going to rain over the next couple of days. watch when i hitlay, aha it. over here in the sierra and a little bit more in the north coast and maybe as far south as places like santa rosa tomorrow. so for everybody tomorrow with the sea breeze, already saw the onshore flows starting and then a warming trend for this
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weekend. and that's really going to become the headline as we get into the 7-day forecast. there is the forecast for tomorrow, temperatures that come down into the low to mid 70s and as we get into the forecast, you'll see what happens over the next few days, with a warmup really noticeable by next week. i'm sure those low and mid 90s caught your attention there. by the time we got into tuesday and wednesday next week for inland locations. we won't notice as much for the bay, but it will still be a little bit warmer for everybody. back to you. coming up, she has worked for eight decades and saved california millions of dollars. meet the 98-year-old woman the governor is calling a state treasure. a little bird told me that you
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. 48 thousand juveniles are incarcerated every year in the united states. >> now one east bay man has found a nonprofit aimed at reducing that number. kpix5's allen martin on how he wants to prevent young people from going down the wrong path. >> reporter: alex knows the criminal justice system well. as a former trial attorney for the us department of d. c., he w firsthand the need for justice reform. >> if you look at the prison system in america, the recidivism rate is as high in some places as 60%, maybe 50%, 40%, pick your big number. >> reporter: big numbers that
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haunted alex and led the former prosecutor to found impact justice, an east bay nonprofit. one area it focuses on is providing support to recently released inmates and the communities in which they live. >> for those people leaving the system, what can we do to set their success as high as possible. >> reporter: their programs which including housing assistance for recent parolees have found support. but they're trying to keep them from ending up in the justice system in the first place. she is work to go bring the program to her community. >> helping them to get back into school, supporting them with getting jobs. >> reporter: impact justice will train the staff for a model that requires them to meet directly with those they have harmed to make it right. >> they're able to be accountable, fully accountable,
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for a harm that they've caused. >> reporter: accountability that alex hopes will heal communities one young life at a time while allowing crime victims the opportunity to have their voices heard. >> if you have a young person, when you can keep them out of the system and at the same time deal with who they are as the accountability that you know that they need for what they've done, you've changed the trajectory of their life forever. >> this award goes to alex. allen martin. and you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at still ahead at 6:00, one year after the sales force tower's grand opening, we look at the next generation the sky scrapers set to change san francisco's sky line.
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a woman who worked for ten governors before she worked for him. >> pretty amazing, 98-year-old may lee is the oldest and longest serving state employee in history. she is an accountant and for 76 years she makes sure everything adds up. she made the shift from mechanical calculators to spreadsheets, but she still prefers to do things the old-fashioned way. >> i still often turn to my manual with a pencil and paper and do my calculation. >> probably more accurate than the computer. over the years, co-workers believe may has identified $53 million in accounting errors. >> yeah, there's nothing like pen and paper or pencil, right? >> and you know that she's got the brain to do it. amazing. and that is going to do it for the news at five.
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kpix5 at 6:00 begins right now. clearly they wittingly were accomplices and enablers of false information across facebook. >> house speaker nancy pelosi lashing out at facebook and it's about more than just doctored videos. >> san francisco, how police finally stopped an out of control driver behind a hit and run rampage. >> what b.a.r.t. is doing to ease the pain. kpix5 at 6:00 begins right now. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz, ken has the night off. >> and i'm veronica cook. we begin with harsh words for facebook. the most powerful woman in washington taking on the social media giant going as far as accusing facebook as being complicit in the russia election interference. kpix5's political reporter melissa


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