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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in the name of kevin. we expect the crowd to be loud. in regard to the future, he has the option to stay with the warriors. espn reported that it's a last resort who will likely get maximum offers from other teams. if someone will take a chance because of the injury. >> he's such a talented player. teams will take a chance. and one of them might be the warriors. as a get ready to say goodbye to oracle arena we want to see your memory. you can share your pictures online with the # kpix. of coalition of business and workers rallied on the steps of city hall. saying that an industrial port is no place for thousands of
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fans. >> the proposal to put a ballpark where people will be coming to tailgate, where we are working with the 7000 truck drivers every day. >> the final approval by the end of next year. the city council says they have questions and they will not be rushed. a developing story out of alameda county. the search is over for a boater who went missing at popular east bay lake. a man's body was recovered late this morning. kpix 5 susan steimle with more on that story. >> that rescue effort turned into a recovery. after divers pulled the body out of the water.
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>> when i came into work one of the coworkers told me. they said it's all that anybody at the race track can talk about. the man who fell into the water in livermore last night and never resurfaced. we profiled him at the elementary alum eddie alameda county fair. police got a call that a boater had gone over the north end of the lake. the same type of drowning happened a couple of days ago in the same spot. they found the body today 50 feet from where they found a body on the sunday. s ina g at. and some of the people with him were jockeys here. >> he would've been working here all summer. we travel together. it's super sad.
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truck they said he was an athletic up and comer. but that is a person he was ahead of the pack. >> kind in genuine. the type of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. >> happy and joyous. worked hard. it always came from is hard. i spoke with the sheriff's office and they said that these accidents are things that they have come to expect. they said they are urging voters to be careful. reporting from lake duvall, susie steimle, kpix 5. authorities believe the same person that was reported missing it stinson beach has been recovered. he was seen swimming 60 yards out. two days ago a boy drowned in the same area. many inland spots are sweating it out in the upper
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90s. relief is coming. check out that beach camera that is fog. a high of 70 degrees there at ocean beach. it was a good day to be at the water park. we found lots of families cooling off in the san jose. meteorologist darren peck has more on that. >> take a look over my shoulder. this was about 1.5 hours ago. when we notice those low clouds and streaming in over the presidio. the point is it is coming onshore. that is what it look like from the camera. these clouds started to filter up from the north. you can see that low bank hugging the coast line. you will see that one little finger working its way past the peninsula and into the golden gate. that is how you spell relief
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from the heat wave in the bay area. that cool, damp air. right now that number for san francisco is 73 degrees. it is still in the mid 90s inland. tomorrow we will not be out of the mid-80s. more on that coming up and a little bit. look at that difference for right now. it's 20 degrees colder than it was 24 hours go in half moon bay. and i 11 degrees cooler in concord that was 24 hours ago. you can see that onshore flow. see where it says w 20. that means the wind is up to 20 miles an hour. that's a cool onshore flow. the wind is coming up from the southwest at 30 miles per hour. that's coming up from the bay. meaning it's going through the golden gate and making a left turn and headed towards the santa rosa. everyone's going to see some relief. pretty much wherever you are.
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as far as those daytime highs? i will have more of that coming up in the complete forecast. there's a little bit of a peek ahead. a very different story for tomorrow . we will see you back here in a couple of minutes. no prison time for a stamford coach who admitted to taking bribes. john vande moore is the first person sentenced. his punishment is one day in prison. a $10,000 fine and two years of supervised release. which includes six months of home confinement with electronic monitoring. the judge said she didn't feel that prison time was warranted. today at the federal court he apologized to his family, friends, and the sailing team and the university. >> stamford is a place i love, and i'm deeply ashamed.
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>> prosecutors were seeking a 13 months. arguing that the sentence should set an example. he's the first of the 22 defendants to be sentenced. the next sentencing is a june 20. a video of mark zuckerberg same things he never said shows the danger of the high tech trick called deep face? troke imagine this, one man with total control of stolen data. all their secrets, lives, and futures. i owe it all to spector. spector showed me that whoever controls the data, controls the future. >> the fake clip comes from an art installation that was uploaded to instagram. they use artificial intelligence to recombine existing images and videos to make new ones. experts fear
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that it could be used to disrupt society and spread miss information. former white house communications director hope hicks has agreed to testify. she is described as a key witness in the mueller investigation. the testimony will happen behind closed doors. a transcript will be released to the public. the white house instructed hicks to not appear before that committee. on capitol hillonal in his second appearance before the panel. he said he's not concerned about perjury, and has nothing to change from his 2017 testimony. the subpoena was issued for him after the mueller report came out. a house panel voted to hold attorney general william barr and wilbur ross in contempt over their failure to turn over documents related to adding a
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citizen question to the 2020 senses. democrat say that it will reduce participation with immigrant communities. >> we must protect the integrity of the senses and stand up for the authority of congress. >> they say the president will execute authority over that. part of a broadening security and economic alliance. a single f 35 flew over the white house to celebrate the purchase of 30 2f 35 from poland. in a joint news conference president donald trump said the polish government will pay for the infrastructure to support the additional troops. the deployment comes admitted concerns over russia's activity in that region.
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david ortiz that target an several suspects in custody including the gunman. breaking details on a sophisticated plot to kill david ortiz. the unique a problem for a bay area mobile home community facing a massive rent hike? flying taxes but landing in the bay area. uber's plans for sky port in silicon valley?
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six people in custody for the attempted murder of red sox star david ortiz. authorities say a man walked up
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to ortiz who was sitting at a table and shot him in the back and ran away. moments later enraged fans captured the motorcycle as they drove the shooter to the bar. he was beaten before being handed over to police. they said the attack appears to be a carefully calculated conspiracy and murder plot. they said the alleged hitmen was offered 4000 pesos. about $8000 and u.s. cash. the shooter has confessed to the shooting. meanwhile david ortiz was flown to the united states. he is in massachusetts where he is still in intensive care. it is still unclear what the motive is beyond this. he is well beloved in the dominican republic. and they're still trying to figure out a motive.
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one day after jon stewart's emotional testimony on capitol hill. the never forget heroes act is one day from passing. the house judiciary committee passed unanimously after jon stewart blasted that lawmakers. the bill heads to the house. , harris has a new plan to protect dreamers, immigrants that were brought to the united states illegally as children. she is proposing executive action including a parole in- place program where they can live legally in the u.s. until they receive permission to stay. and reinstating daca.
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it shields immigrants from deportation. residence at a mobile home park are in a panic over rent increases that would cause some to lose their homes. it is right on the bay, south of the terminal. here's more on the story from john ramose. >> reporter: and most cases when rent skyrockets, people who can't afford it move out and look for another place to live. what happens when you own the house you live in? that is the dilemma for the tenants of the mobile home park in larkspur. they own the structure and rent the space that they sit on. lately habeen coming fast and furious. they said a 30% increase in the last 18 months. >> half of us are on a fixed retirement income. this kind of steep increase is
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not something that can be handled. troke joan and her neighbors have been offered a five-year lease with a 10% hike the first year, and a $75 a month increase for the following four years. the only realistic option would be to sell their homes. that is not working either. >> it doubles the rent when we sell the unit. no one wants to move here. we are losing our homes. we cannot sell them. troke larkspur does not have rent control. and an attorney says that if they signed a long-term lease they would be forgoing any rent control passed by the city. >> that is something that renters are wrestling with. they have been presented with a
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five-year lease agreement that could lock them into the rent increase schedule that is proposed. troke for those that can't afford the rent, the only option would be to walk away from their home altogether. >> they are going to lose most of their investment. this is all they own, their mobile homes. e iginly the deadline was a june 1 but it has been extended to july 1 pick and they will have to decide whether or not to accept the lease and begin paying the higher rent. >> the mayor said that the city may be willing to pass a rent control law, but it probably wouldn't happen by the july 1 deadline. and contra costa county residents are fighting for the removal of neighbors landscape art that is offensive. they started a petition against this. a concrete swastika displayed in one man's right yard. it has garnered 3500
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signatures. they say it is a symbol of hate that doesn't belong in the community. the homeowner has covered it up. he said it is a tibetan symbol. a two alarm house fire displaced more than a dozen people in san jose. leaving them without a home after fire damage to homes on topaz avenue. this started at 1:15 pm. we can see where the firefighters cut holes in the roof to fight the flames. they call it venting. no report of injuries. this car was stuck in the marsh in the east bay. you can see that front bumper oken the driver was already out when fire crews arrived and luckily no one was hurt. we got to that point in the forecast where there are significant changes from one day to the next.
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today was one of those days when we had a significant drop. what i really want to do is give you the comparison of what that significant drop will be tomorrow. if we look at the daytime high in oakland at 79, tomorrow to be 70 degrees pick a look at concord. 100 degrees today, and 85 tomorrow. -15 degrees cooler tomorrow. thursday has been the day all along that we have reaped the benefits. we did better today. most of us did a lot better. but a lot of us are still dealing with the heat. 85 tomorrow is coming. and here is how the camera on top of salesforce. if you were here yesterday, i use the camera as an example of how unusual it was. i said you could see the ocean. today you cannot. because the marine layer has come back and pick that is the way it's supposed to look.
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we have a low clouds along the coast line. and we are currently in the 70s. hang e reli ou. back into the 50s for many of us. we were in the upper 60s this morning. it's going to feel cooler tomorrow morning and hopefully tonight. it's going to be better tonight. i don't think there will be a huge improvement over the way things felt last night. it will be better. and once we get to tomorrow night we are done. if think about going out to the giants game you should go. 65 degrees at 6:45 pm and first pitch. we will watch the wind move across the bay area. see the timing? that says 2 pm. the brighter the color, the stronger the wind. i'm in a play this forward from 2 pm to now. see what happened? great way to visualize that onshore surge. you just saw that strong surge of cool air. it's more impressive than it
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looked last night. if we watch this going into thursday, it comes down in the morning. and now i'm going to bring us to tomorrow morning at 11 am. i wanted to see how different this is. watch those lines as we go into tomorrow afternoon. that's how you break heat waves . in addition to the cooler air , look at how widespread those clouds are going to be. this gets us into thursday morning at 7 am. if you're an early riser you will be able to wake up and itbly won't reach inland, but the usual spots will wake up to gray skies. that fog returns to the coast in the bay area. goodbye to the heat . we will have seasonal temperatures tomorrow. node major changes through father's day. those are your daytime highs for tomorrow. and that's where it should be for this time year. we talked about concorde at 85.
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santa rosa at 81 degrees. and will be back in the mid 60s in the city. allergy sufferers, no news is that bad news. i don't have anything different to tell you. hang in there, things will get better. it's going take a little bit of time. and for the u.s. open forecast. take a look at the numbers. temperatures in the upper 60s. if you seen any pictures coming in from pebble beach, they were already looking at low grade clouds. they really got it for us. i said it would warm up after father's day. look at monday and tuesday. will be back into the upper 90s, and back in the mid-70s. this cool down is going to stay through the weekend. start making plans for father's day. whatever it is. it will not be like the last few days.
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i will see you with more on that coming up a little bit later. a sneeze attack nearly cost a driver his life?
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a driver and tennessee blames this crash on a sneezing fit. you can see his car flipping over several times and is getting. trapping him inside. a group of golfers and construction workers a jumped into action. flipping the suv over, just
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moments before the car caught fire. a space x rocket launch returns us safely to earth. the falcon 9 lifted off northwest of los angeles. it's to aid the canadian space agency to monitor the impact of climate change. they said images will also help emergency service responders. to honor women who worked for nasa and their contributions to the space program they renamed the street in front of their headquarters hidden figures way. the three african-american mathematicians being honored overcame discrimination. those pioneers have been featured in the book and a movie by the same name.
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coming up at 5:30 pm. rivers first flying cars could be landing in the bay area? of slice of a science-fiction that could be a reality for your commute? 25 years after the o.j. simpson murder case. we looked at the lasting impact of the trial that became a a chance to h last warriors game at the oracle. the mayor's auction for a good cause?
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30 pm. uber is taken as a rideshare service to new heights in the bay area. it's called uber air. in santa clara could be home to its first sky park. good evening i am elizabeth cook . >> and i am allen martin.


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