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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  November 18, 2019 11:35pm-12:36am PST

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the news continues streaming on ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> the white house continues to downplay president trump's unexpected and unscheduled doctor's visit, and, now, there are new questions surrounding ♪ that mysterious checkup saturday. ♪ >> good evening, i'm dr. bill farblah, chief of gastroenterology. i wanted to dispel any rumors it's perfect. about the president's unscheduled medical appointment at walter reed hospital. unwrap more cozy this holiday with a faux mink-to-sherpa comforter. it was a routine procedure. plus, $21.99 sweaters for her. he is fine -- though, during the exam, it was determined that the jcpenney. president had a blockage in his lower g.i. tract, when it was discovered that several republican members of congress had lodged their heads in his -- laughter ) pro quo hole. ttem tohe g.o.p. ressn's ar more ukraine testimd
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ios muike puppies eventually, using forceps, wewed we are sending in a team of specialists to try to locate lindsey graham -- he's way up there. ( laughter ) ♪ >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, kicking off new zealand week with prime minister jacinda ardern. plus stephen welcomes adam driver and musical guest the yea1975, featuring jon batiste d "stay human." sullivan theat s frohe e lber( alaus
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>> stephen: howdy! hello, friends! ( cheers and applause ) fantastic! hello! thank you so much! ( piano riff ) welcome to "the late show." i'm your host stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause ) trump's impeachment is really heating up, it's gearing up, it's ramping up. the gears are hot from all the ramping they're doing. there are live hearings tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday. the fate of our nation hangs in ( cheers and applause ) the balance, and that's why, all ( band playing ) >> stephen: hey, give it up this week, we'll have complete for jon batiste and "stay coverage of... my amazing trip human"! to new zealand! ( cheers and applause ) ( cheers and applause ) jon -- jon, my friend, i'm unbelievable! once in a lifetime! >> jon: the great escape. >> stephen: every night, we'll excited. jon, tell me, who is this young man on the guitar you have share a different story from my trip. tonight, my fascinating day with new zealand prime minister, sitting with the band tonight? jacinda ardern. why new zealand? >> that's brandon. >> stephen: brandon, thank you
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why did i go to new zealand? for joining us tonight. there you go. ( cheers and applause ) 'cause it's as far away as i could get from our news without folks, i am so excited because i getting pecked to death by penguins. ( laughter ) but first, i'll catch you up on got to go to new zealand a few all the details weeks ago and starting tonight i of trump's sticky wicket in get to share that trip with you tonight's edition of "don and the giant impeach." in our special week-long series ( cheers and applause ) >> mommy, take me home! >> announcer: the "late show" with stephen colbert presents >> stephen: for those just joining us, it looks like donald "the newest zealander"! trump withheld military aid to ( cheers and applause ) ukraine to try to pressure that country into announcing a bogus investigation of joe biden. >> stephen: all i could think and i'm happy to say, people of is i wished everybody could understand that story. in a new poll, 70% of americans come with us. so we decided to film it. say trump's actions tied to ukraine were wrong. new zealand is one of the greatest places on earth. the people are incredible, the it's nearly impossible to get landscapes are absolutely breath-taking, it's home to both lorde and the "lord of the 70% of americans to agree on anything. rings." ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) and, fun fact: there are no predators in the whole country, including no snakes. 70%! >> jon: that's a lot of which means, down there, adam le only other one and eve were tempted by a smeagol. i can think of is "don't eat ( laughter ) taco bell before getting on a rollercoaster." ( laughter ) zealand prime minster and, i'm going to say, personal friend jacinda ardern.
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but here's a weird part of this ( cheers and applause ) poll: of that 70% who think there you go. trump's actions are wrong, the there you go. number who don't want him >> jon: that's right, that's right. removed from office is 19%. >> stephen: in 2017, she took office as one of the world's that means one in five americans youngest leaders at the age of admire wrongness. ( laughter ) explains his new campaign slogan, "trump 2020: let's throw cinderblocks off the overpass!" 37 and, since then, she's enacted a groundbreaking family leave looks like the biggest day is policy, became the first head of state to bring their baby to the going to be wednesday, when floor of the u.n., and after the tragic shooting at a mosque in congress will hear from u.s. christchurch, she called for legislation to ban ambassador to the e.u. and lord semi-automatic weapons. and got it passed within one month. ( cheers and applause ) baldemort, gordon sondland. sondland is in deep. during a meeting at the white now, prime minister ardern, i'm house, according to a source in the room, sondland "demanded happy to say, ferociously, that the ukrainians she's come on the show a couple open the biden investigations." times now, and invited me to visit new zealand both times. sondland "got very emotional," the second time, she said, she'd pick me up at the airport! adding that "there was lots of yelling." a temper tantrum? so i got on a plane to see if do you expect me to believe that a man who looks like this is a she meant it. giant baby? ( laughter ) after 16 and a half hours, i jim, that's got to be doctored. arrived at new zealand's can we see the original? auckland airport, where i waited
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there you go. there you go. for prime minister jacinda ardern to fulfill her part of the bargain. of course, the biggest sondland slip-up was when he called hi! donald trump from a public ( cheers and applause ) restaurant in kiev, where several witnesses heard trump over the phone demanding an investigation of biden. thank you. ( laughter ) that's a direct link. on friday, the house heard from >> welcome. >> stephen: thank you. one of those witnesses, so excited to be here. counselor for political affairs in ukraine and boyfriend >> oh, we're pleased to have confident that build-a-bear was you. >> stephen: i'm so amazed, you the gift you wanted, david know, that you came to pick me holmes. up. holmes confirmed that he thank you so much. >> no, it's not particularly overheard sondland's phone call, extraordinary at all. and added this colorful detail: i still do the airport run. in the call, he heard sondland >> stephen: i hope i'm not cutting into executive time. tell trump, "president zelenskiy >> i'm a woman, i multi-task, so loves your ass."ug don't worry. >> stephen: if you need to tweet at any moment, i'm happy to hold the wheel or i can tweet oh, o does jiy, give us a taste! for you. >> thank you. >> stephen: do you have your. mm-mmm! >> stephen: could i look? ( applause ) is this it? yeah! is this you? >> yeah, that's my phone. that's like two hams stuffed in yeah. a surgical glove. >> stephen: let's look at the
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baby! ( laughter ) like a plastic tablecloth full i'm not going to do anything. of rice pudding. i just promised you. like two loaves of poppin' fresh >> yeah. >> stephen: could you unlock microwaved in a christening gown. that? is it facial recognition? holmes' testimony also showed >> it is not. >> stephen: it's not facial that trump's priority was not recognition? it's not? >> no. >> stephen: one quick rule, do national security, but investigating the bidens. not even think about singing along with the radio, if a song trump even asked sondland: (as trump) "so, he's gonna do the comes on that you like, because investigation?" to which sondland replied that is james corden's thing, "he's gonna do it," adding that and that guy is mobbed up with zelensky will do "anything you ask him to." lawyers and he will come after (as trump) "anything? us with a sharp stick. is this a genie situation? >> no sing along? >> stephen: no sing along. then i want unlimited wishes. and unlimited popcorn shrimp." ♪ galileo ♪ i'm just a poor boy, nobody ( laughter ) the other big testimony on loves eh me ♪ ♪ he's just a poor boy with a friday came from former ambassador to ukraine and current ambassador to the poor family ♪ ♪ spare his life from this matrix, marie yovanovitch. yovanovitch is a decorated monstrosity ♪ what's the birthday? -- ( cheers and applause ) >> twenty-first of june. >> stephen: that's not bad.
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plug into the machines! no. ( laughter ) >> stephen: okay, so, seriously, we're sitting here, yovanovitch is a decorated don't tell me, just unlock it. diplomat with a 33-year career i just want to see -- who was ousted after a smear >> no. campaign involving rudy >> stephen: i'm not going to call anybody. giuliani. come on. if there's one thing rudy >> no. definitely not. giuliani knows, it's how to destroy a reputation. >> stephen: you're no fun. do you know them? ( laughter ) >> no, no, i do not. so far, just his, but he burned it to the ground. ( laughter ) ( laughter ) >> stephen: how are you guys? burn this mother out! i recognize you. >> stephen: her or me? on friday, while yovanovitch was testifying, trump tweeted, jacinda. "everywhere marie yovanovitch >> stephen: oh, okay. see ya. went turned bad. ( applause ) it's not my code. she started off in somalia, how did that go? i used my code, that didn't then fast forward to ukraine, work. >> how many more tries have you where the new ukrainian got left there? president spoke unfavorably >> stephen: oh, ( bleep )! about her in my second phone that phone is disabled. call with him." (as trump) "now she's back in the united states, and the president is ( applause ) being impeached. we pulled up to her suburban coincidence? auckland home and as soon as we sat down i got straight to my way to go, marie." ( laughter ) agenda. my first question is, can i be a
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now -- citizen? when his tweet landed, chairman >> straight off the bat. >> stephen: i have only been adam schiff read it into the here for about four hours and i'm already having separation record and asked the ambassador for her reaction. anxiety knowing i'm going to have to leave here in a week. >> that's exactly how we like to >> ambassador yovanovitch, as we sit here testifying, the make people feel. >> stephen: what's the president is attacking you on twitter. population of new zealand? the president in real time is >> we're getting close to attacking you. 5 million. >> stephen: and 4.6 million were extras in "the lord of the what effect do you think that has on other witnesses rings." ( laughter ) willingness to come forward and is it true you auditioned to be expose wrongdoing? in "the lord of the rings"? >> yes. >> stephen: and you didn't get cast? >> i did not get cast, yeah. >> well, it is very >> stephen: does peter jackson intimidating. know that he didn't cast the >> stephen: wow, he's reading prime minister of new zealand? trump's nasty comment right to >> i don't know if i've ever had her on live tv. that conversation with him. >> stephen: do you guys have he's the andy cohen of congress. tax audits here? (as andy cohen) >> we do. >> stephen: could you sick the "ambassador yovanovitch, the president just publicly attacked you. tax auditors on him? >> that is independent. >> stephen: it is in the of chardonnay and ask, is there united states, too. anyone whose face you'd like to oh, totally independent, i get toss it in while yelling, 'you it. >> actually. >> stephen: actually. don't know me, bitch'?" oh, i get it. ( laughter ) totally get it. you're very polite. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) okay? >> yes, polite. >> stephen: who's more polite,
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you or the canadians? okay? ( piano riff ) the house also released a >> there are probably transcript of the testimony from advisor to vice president pence similarities. >> stephen: that was polite. and stormtrooper looking for her the canadian will go we're more helmet, jennifer williams. polite which means you're more polite. >> i can say that. williams was listening in on the >> stephen: i'm american, we july 25 phone call, and can say anything we want. ( laughter ) is new zealand the first country testified that trump's behavior to give all women the vote but struck her as "unusual" and inappropriate. the fact there are no snakes well, which is it, jennifer? here that's the best thing? >> we likely underplay the snakes, but giving women the because, for trump, vote. >> stephen: so really no inappropriate is the usual. snakes? >> we have food here as well. >> stephen: there are really ( cheers and applause ) no snakes? >> no snakes. >> stephen: i'm sorry, did you want peanut brittle? >> i'm fine, but thank you. >> stephen: let me know if you change your mind. >> thank you. trump attacked this witness too: >> stephen: you recently got "tell jennifer williams, whoever that is, to read both engaged to your partner clark. transcripts of the presidential calls and see the just released ( ding ) 'ststement' from ukraine." when is the wedding. yes!
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yes, jennifer! >> we haven't planned anything. >> stephen: do you need a an yes, read the "ststement" before you testify against the prsprstent! ( laughter ) not all the news this weekend officient because i've married was about impeachment. people before. >> that would be cool. what do you think of it? not all the news this weekend was about impeachment. on saturday, the president made >> (inaudible). an unscheduled trip to the hospital. >> stephen: let's talk -- he the secretive nature of the hates the idea. visit prompted a lot of >> honest to a fault. >> stephen: you're running for speculation. who knows the real reason, but trump wouldn't be the first reelection in 2020. president to hide health issues: >> i am. >> stephen: do you have an f.d.r. hid polio, eisenhower hid a heart attack, and lincoln hid electoral college? his secret skull reduction surgery. >> no. >> stephen: would you like ( laughter ) ours? >> i like ours. >> stephen: when is the next election? >> i haven't set it yet. >> stephen: you get to set the that's why he wore the hat. election? >> yeah. >> stephen: how is that right? it's a little unfair. he had the surgery, so he had to >> stephen: call it now. wear the hat to cover up -- i how cool would it be if you don't quite understand, either. called the election right now on tv. >> are you doing, like, a truth ( laughter ) i am sincerely relieved to say that it looks like there's or dare? >> stephen: do it. nothing wrong with the president's health. just daring me to call an i might not be trump's biggest fan, but i dont the whithouse ft ( cheers and applause ) ) el. ioun but i'm not 12.
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( applause ) >> stephen: i have a campaign slogan for you. my favorite, arden 2020, press secretary stephanie grisham later explained that new zealand, same prime trump decided to get parts of minister. ( laughter ) ( applause ) his physical done early because this is a winner, right? >> yeah. he had a "free weekend" in >> stephen: if you're prime washington. minister, does that mean you're okay, that's the saddest thing i've ever heard. also president? is that bundled in there? (as trump) "hm, i have the day off, i could spend it with my children? >> no. >> stephen: is there a not really my thing. president in new zealand? >> no. >> stephen: so you could float my wife? she hates me. my name? my friends? all in jail. ( laughter ) >> i think probably citizenship ah, i'll go to the hospital and would be -- have them stick me with needles, >> stephen: and that's why i just to feel something." asked. >> that's why you account. you have a whole career path ( laughter ) here. >> stephen: i'd like to be a grisham went on, emphasizing citizen but i don't know what that trump is, "healthy as can i'm going to do here. be." >> is that a pathway, ( laughter ) television. >> stephen: to president? yeah. okay, but how healthy can he be? >> stephen: recently in the united states it is the president. first have a television show and he's a 73-year-old insomniac who then straight to preer of the eats nothing but fast food, who's afraid of stairs. (as trump) christchurch shootings. >> mmm... >> stephen: you middle east
11:47 pm
"watch out for stairs. passed gun reform banning all military-style assault rifles. they're like ramps with teeth." that was inspiring to those of it's true. us who live in the united states ( laughter ) trump took to twitter to defend his totally normal surprise checkup, saying he went to walter reed and "began phase one who deal with gun violence. how did you do it? of my yearly physical." okay, physicals don't happen in i'm asking for 350 million phases. friends of mine. >> well, yon, we're pragmatists ( laughter ) in new zealand and, so, when it everybody has them. i just had one. was described to me the weapons that we used and how easily they my doctor never said, "okay, drop your pants, bend over, and try to relax. were obtained, my immediate i'll be back in six months." reaction was that can't stand, ( laughter ) all right? yep. it has to change. yep. and, so, you know, i needed the ( piano riff ) stay there. stay there. votes of three political parties to be able to do it, but i don't think i would even need to ask ( applause ) them if they thought the same thing. so i just went out there and trump finished his tweet with, "will complete next year." said our laws will change and, ( laug ) trump's first part of e in the end, every single member physical was such a hit that next year, they're coming out with a sequel: "colonoscopy 2: 2 blocked 2 of parliament except for one scope." voted for that change. >> stephen: we've gotten to ( laughter ) the point where, in america, we adam dis h basically -- we have a feeling
11:48 pm
but when we return, we're off to that the gun laws can't be changed. >> yeah. >> stephen: was there no new zealand for my exclusive hanging out with prime minister jacinda ardern! resistance to it? >> there were some people who weren't happy about the change, ( cheers and applause ) ♪ today only!... don't get me wrong. we turned something they really purchased into something illegal, so we gave them the ability to bring them in and paid for them. we have a legitimate need in shop kohl's dot com... new zealand, we may not have for black friday early access - online only! snakes but we have a lot of things that kill our wildlife, plus - take an extra 15% off!... and we identified what guns were save on luggage - $25.49... sheet sets - $12.74... and toys - just $19.99. legitimately needed for those things. plus - get kohl's cash! those were kicked out, those today only!... at kohl's dot com. remained and got rid of the ones (kermit) fozzie! you're on my tv! kermit! (fozzie) and you're on my tv! designed to take people's lives (dr. teeth) and i'm on both your tvs. en masse. >> stephen: if you for (miss piggy) and of course, moi is on tv. inviting me to your beautiful (statler & waldorf) nobody cares! hahaha! country and good luck getting (dr. teeth) woah woah woah. rid of me. how are we all on each other's tvs? >> please stay for food, we'll have a barbecue or something. (animal) me on tv! (fozzie) oh i believe i have the answer. you see... you're welcome. (miss piggy) the thing on the tv is a portal tv >> stephen: thank you. last chance for peanut brittle. and it lets you video call... (all) on your tv! >> thank you. >> stephen: i accepted her (dr. teeth) ah!
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(animal) me on tv! insri casetation and stayed for hahahaha! (fozzie vo) portal. from facebook. sausages and priet bread. so we have the prime minister, we have the first grill master, we have the future possibly president of new zealand and lorde. >> yeah. >> stephen: so nice to meet you. >> you, too. >> stephen: i'm surprised i never met you before because you're famous and i'm famous. there's something i always wanted to ask you. would you care for some peanut brittle? would you like some peanut brittle? >> sure, thank you. i think it must be a tradition. >> stephen: thank you very much. ( scream ) ( applause ) >> stephen: you don't have snakes! the trip was worth it! ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you, prime minister ardern and thank you lorde! we'll be right back with adam driver! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: folks, welcome back to "the late show." ladies and gentlemen, you know my first guest from "girls," "blackkklansman," and as kylo ren in "star wars." his new film is "marriage story." >> i brought you something. yay. mom's getting me a present, too. >> why? for pooping. oh. i love you. >> i love you. don't think we should reward him for pooping anymore. >> he holds it in. as its own reward. mom!
11:55 pm
( laughter ) why didn't you respond to my last email? >> your emails are so articulate i get intimidated. ( laughter ) >> mom, mom! what? >> stephen: please welcome, adam driver! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) phen:. t tave you back. >> thanks for having me back. >> stephen: i don't always get to see the movies that the guests are here to talk about. i want to, but there's just a lot of people, a lot of movies. >> right. >> stephen: often, i'll see the movie after they've left because i finally have time and go, god bless it, i wish i could have spoken to them about this
11:56 pm
movie, knowing what it was about and having seen the performance, i am so glad tha iour movie before you're here so i can just briefly but passionately gush at you and the scarlett johansson. i can't wait to talk to her. she's coming on in a couple of weeks to talk about it. it's hilarious, heartbreaking and, as i said backstage, a courageous movie. you lay your heart so bear in this, and if you can tell the people out there, if you don't mind, tell them a little bit about your character charlie and scarlett's character nicole. what is their relationship? >> the relationship at the start and before the movie is they actually met in performance. she saw him at a site-specific play that she says, and he's a theater director, she's kind of his muse. in a way, they have a very kind of low-budget, low-rent theater company that they work on together here in new york, and they -- noah bombbach the
11:57 pm
director wanted to tell their story through a divorce, the scope of its ending, that's what he set out to do and what it's about. then it gets , into you know, the technical part of the performance in a way of divorce, how that can be, you know, regular human interactions that are somehow suddenly put in lenses or boxes used against you in court, how it can be very impersonal. two people who start out with the best of intentions of trying to separate as friends suddenly gets, you know, overruny other people's opinions and agendas and you kind of just desperately want them to find that kernel of the thing of what they loved about each other to begin with. i think he does a really hard hat trick of telling a story through a very specific lens, but i think it's relatable to anyone, not necessarily if
11:58 pm
you've even been through a divorce, but if you've been in love either or experienced love transitioning into something else you weren't prepared for. >> stephen: for a movie that is largely involved with their divorce, it's a love story. >> yeah, very much, told at the end. >> stephen: and you see how much they're in love with each other, in ways that they don't necessarily know about each other but you as the audience know you can see ways they feel about each other at times, especially from the beginning of the movie, without giving anything away, that come to fruition late in the movie. do you think that it's only through the endings that we can understand sort of the beginnings of our relationships? >> sometimes, yeah. i mean, there's even a great line that's in there all these things now he didn't do in the relationship and he has a meeting with this lawyer, alan alda plays the lawyer, and says
11:59 pm
being a better husband in divorce. when everything's taken away from you, when you know someone on such a molecular level, you know, you're so used to -- and then that transitioned into something else, it can be a very violent feeling. things you took for granted you have to look at a different way, and that can be tough for anybody. so, in that sense, yeah, you're more open because you are aware now that you've lost something. that you took for granted that was always just going to be there. >> stephen: as soon as the movie was over, i looked up to see whether you are married. >> yeah. >> stephen: and you are. yeah. >> stephen: and i don't want to ask any questions about your marriage because your marriage is one thing and the movie is a different thing. i don't want to conflate the two but i certainly watched the movie thinking what do i do in this situation? it made me question ways in which i'm a good and bad husband by watching it. it's a relatable series of
12:00 am
indictments and celebrations of their relationship. could you have played this part if you didn't know what it was like to be married? >> i think so. i think -- it's hard to -- it's hard to say because i didn't do it the other way. i don't know even know that you -- in a way, it's my job as an actor to tell the story of the script. my relationship to it in a way is material, in a sense. i wouldn't even say it's my job to have a feeling. it's my job to tell the story of what it is. it's the audience's job to have a feeling. you know, because you could be having all the feelings you want and it doesn't necessarily mean that's the story. then you're just watching something remote and uninterestg. >> steen: it would be liked ywod have played if force? >> like i'd never been in space.
12:01 am
>> stephen: yeah. but it does make your homework easier. you don't necessarily have to be a parent to play a parent, but there is something that, oh, i don't have to do that work, necessarily. it does help but, again, it's not for me to have the feeling, it's for the audience to get the story. >> stephen: we have to take a little built of a break, but don't go away. when we come back, i'll ask him about this little art house film called "star wars" coming up in december. more with adam driver coming up. stick around! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) tom: the american people can fix anything. the problem is corporations
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and the people who run and own them have purchased our democracy. here's the difference between me and the other candidates. i don't think we can fix our democracy from the inside. i don't believe washington politicians and big corporations will let that happen. the only way we can make change happen is from the outside. for me, this comes down to whether you trust the politicians or the people. and if you say you trust the people, are you willing to stand up to the insiders and the big corporations, and give the people the tools they need to fix our democracy. a national referendum. term limits. eliminating corporate money in politics. making it easy to vote. i trust the people. and as president, i will give you tools we need to fix our democracy. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. ♪ ♪
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ndying ) >> sen: e of thetvel. very real. we're back with adam driver. i legally have to ask you about trad"star wars." i would be disbarred if i did not ask you. ( cheers and applause ) big year for you, tony nominated for burn this on broadway. another film out last weekend, the report. then "star wars": rise of skywalker "is out december 20th, if i know my news listings. ( laughter ) allegedly the final of the skywalker saga. >> yeah. >> stephen: what's it like to hang up your lightsaber? >> good. good. ( laughter ) i also have it. so i literally hung it up. >> stephen: uh-huh. it's in a box, but it's hung in the box. >> stephen: did you take anything else from the set?
12:07 am
>> i took a lot of stuff this last time. i have the whole costume. >> stephen: legally? does j.j. know? >> yeah, i have, because they'll hunt you down. >> stephen: j.j. is a friend of mine. you can tell me anything about the movie and he will be totally fine with it. ( laughter ) >> it's good. he had a really tall order not just to wrap up three movies but nine of them, and i think what him and chris tario came up with, i have to say, is pretty unique and rare. >> stephen: what would kylo ren be like in a marriage? ( laughter ) >> understanding. ( laughter ) gentle. ( laughter ) >> stephen: mm-hmm. and tall. >> stephen: well, it was wonderful to see you again. >> thank you. good seeing you again >> stephen: "marriage story" is in theaters now and on netflix december 6. adam driver, everybody! we'll be right back with a performance by "the 1975."
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>> stephen: performing "frail state of mind" off of their fortotanarm welcome, the 1975. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ go outside seems unlikely ♪ i'm sorry that i missed your call ♪ i watched it ring don't waste their time ♪ i've always got a frail state of mind
12:16 am
♪ oh boy don't cry i'm sorry, but i ♪ i always get this way sometimes ♪ oh, i'll just leave i'll save you time ♪ i'm sorry 'bout my frail state ♪ stay at mine ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ stay at mine you might just like it ♪ might stop you being miserable ♪ just dealing with a frail state of mind ♪ oh, don't be shy i'm sorry, but i ♪ i always get this way sometimes ♪ you lot just leave i'll stay behind ♪ i'm sorry 'bout my frail state of mind
12:17 am
♪ ♪ frail state of mind ♪ ♪ frail state of mind ♪ ♪ frail state of mind ♪ ♪ frail state of mind ♪ ♪ frail state of mind ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, what's the vibe i wouldn't know ♪ i'm normally in bed at this time ♪ you guys, go do your thing and i'll just leave at nine ♪ don't wanna bore you with my frail state of mind ♪ oh winner winner that's your biggest lie ♪ i'm sure that you're fine i haven't told a lie ♪ in quite some time
12:18 am
don'e hirwe'll leave if yoepying fratef ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ frail state of mind ♪ ♪ ♪ frail state of mind ♪ ♪ ♪ frail state of mind ♪ ♪ ♪ frail state of mind ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: the 1975, everybody! we'll be right back. thanks, guys.
12:19 am
i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress.
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since one of its ingredients may harm your unborn baby. pry before starting dovato. use effective birth control while taking dovato. the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping, and tiredness. so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment with dovato is right for you. >> stephen: that's it for "the late show." tune in tomorrow when i explore what it's like to be famous in wellington, new zealand, and my guests will be helena bonham carter, and musical guest, lady antebellum. now stick around for james good night! captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
12:22 am >> for political affairs in ukraine and confident that build a bear was a gift you wanted. a girl wrote that joke, i'm guessing. to self -- not build a bear. ♪ ♪ ♪ are you ready y'all to have some fun. ♪ and feel the love tonight. ♪ don't you worry where you come from. ♪ it will be all right. ♪ it's the "late, late show." ♪ ladies and
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