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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  March 1, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and in the meantime health officials are working to ne ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> barnett: breaking news else who may have been exposed. tonight, infections spike-- and >> they cared for the coronavirus fear spreads. in the u.s., the pacific northwest hardest hit. y . theisverage aca res low. >> we're all in this together. >> barnett: overseas, tourists flee, venice empties, and the louvre shuts down. even the faithful were sparse this sunday. >> south carolina! >> barnett: also tonight, joe biden's big win. south carolina gives him reason to celebrate. what it might mean for his democratic rivals-- and super tuesday. high school girls win their toughest fight for recognition. and later, a unique path on the
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road to recovery with no strings attached. >> it's going to keep getting better and better. this is the cbs weekend news >> barnett: good evening, everyone. i'm errol barnett. breaking news tonight-- another state reports a case of coronavirus, a man in rhode island, who traveled to italy last month. cases are now reported nationwide and the first death, this weekend, in washington state, where the virus may have been circulating undetected for weeks. tonight, a nursing home is at the center of a state and federal investigation. our jonathan vigliotti is there. >> reporter: errol, the elderly inside this center are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, and there is good reason to believe more people will test positive in the coming days. now the question is now how did this virus take root here in kirkland washington. and how many of the so-called walking well, people with the
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virus but not showing signs, exist in the state. the state's public health officials have ordered tests on a quarter of life care's 108 patients and 25 staffers, all exhibiting coronavirus-like symptoms. two elderly patients already tested positive. officials say a number of the senior center residents were senior center residents were recently treated at nearby evergreen hospital where the 50- year-old man died. how that man got so sick is now the subject of a federal-state investigation. >> we do not know how he contracted the virus yet. and, so, that's why we and the state of washington are deployed out there to try to trace who he had contact with and how he might have gotten the virus. we don't have a discble connection to any travel to korea or china or any other impacted area. >> barnett: but, in kirkland,wa spread. one fire station is shuttered and seven firefighters have been quarantined after several of them responded to emergencies at the life care center without protective gear. and nike announced it is closing
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its oregon headquarters for a deep cleaning out of an abundance of caution, even without indication that there had been exposure there. and two more cases of coronavirus have been confirmed here in the state, we are told both are men in their 60s, hospitalized and in critical condition. that brings the state total to six, errol. >> barnett: all right, jonathan, thank you. president trump's response to the coronavirus has come under close and sometimes harsh scrutiny. but, again today, his administration pushed back. natalie brand is at the white house. >> the uted sts ottion the. >> reporter: a sunday morning show of force--as members of the trump administration's coronavirus task force tried to allay criticism and concerns. >> the risk to average americans remains low. >> reporter: but the health and human services secretary acknowledges the transmission of additional cases is inevitable. >> we will have more, and we will have more community cases. it's simply just a matter of math.
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>> reporter: some state leaders, including california's governor, sounded the alarm last week over a shortage of testing kits. >> within the next week or two, we'll have a radical expansion even beyond that of the testing that's available. >> reporter: vice president mike pence, put in charge of the coronavirus response, says, despite the f.d.a. approving an expedited process, a vaccine won't likely be available this season. >> we are clearing the red tape out of the way. the f.d.a. is providing great leadership on this front to have a vaccine for the american people by next year. >> we very much need seniors, who are the most susceptiblee le it. >> reporter: senate minority leader chuck schumer says he expects an emergency funding package to be introduced early this week. >> i hope the administration has gotten the music after we pushe. all hands on deck. all parties, all people fighting it.
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>> reporter: president trump says he'll be meeting with pharmaceutical companies at the white house tomorrow, a previously scheduled meeting, but the issue of vaccines is expected to come up as well as new concerns about drug shortages due to disruptions to china's supply chain. errol. >> barnett: thank you, natalie. now to europe, where the virus and fear of the virus are spreading fast. today, in paris, the louvre closed with workers concerned they'll be sickened by the thousands of daily visitors. at least 64 countries now reporting cases. with italy the hardest hit country outside asia. >> reporr: wits casen rome. now surging to nearly 1,700 people, even numbers of the faithful were noticeably down at the pope's address today. for crowds gathered here at st peter's square to catch a glimpse of the pope, it's always exciting to see him appear at the window. but, today, it's also mixed with a sense of relief. ( singing ) because, on ash wednesday, the
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pope was seen coughing and blowing his nose, which normally wouldn't - and shouldn't -- be a big deal, but it comes at a time of heightened fears here. about the coronavirus. ( coughing ) vatican officials tell us he's simply suffering from a 'slight disposition,' essentially a pretty bad cold. nickey and pauline keating from ireland weren't put off taking n precautions on that cruise. >> big time. >> reporter: like what? >> heat seeking cameras to check your temperature and, every time you turn the corner, there was someone washing your hands. >> hand sanitizers. >> reporter: germany's cases have doubled overnight. france has banned all large gatherings, even shutting down the louvre. although these marathon runners in paris flouted the ban. >> there's been a significant increase -- >> reporter: with the 12 new cases popping up in britain, the government unveiled a battle plan that could see medical workers pulled out of retirement. everyone's preparing for the worst, with fear spreading
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faster than the virus itself. charlie d'agata, rome. >> barnett: to politics now. after his poor showing in south carolina's primary, pete buttigieg tonight suspended his campaign. a new cbs news battleground tacker poll ahead of super tuesday shows bernie sanders leading in two big prizes. in california 31% of likely primary voters say he's the top choice. in texas, same is true only a much tighter race. still former vice president joe biden is basking in his big win in south carolina. here's nikole killion. >> reporter: headed into a competitive super tuesday, the democratic presidential candidates paused for a brief show of unity with civil rights icon john lewis to commemorate the 55th anniversary of bloody sunday in selma, alabama. >> we must go out and vote like we never ever voted before!
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>> voting is how we choose. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden was full of praise after his resoundng victory in south carolina. >> i can win in places where i don't think bernie can win in a general election. >> reporter: biden, on a blitz, suggested it's down to a two-man race with bernie sanders. but the frontrunner continues to outspend him on the ground, announcing a whopping $46.5 million raised in february. >> it's how we raised it. we don't have a super pac like joe biden. >> reporter: with 14 states voting tuesday and more than 1,300 delegates at stake, all of the candidates are trying to stay in contention. >> reporter: former new york city mayor mike bloomberg will be on the ballot for the first time since the caucus and primary contests began. >> i have been in 27 states and 67 cities in the last 10 weeks, and we will see what happens. >> reporter: he faced an icy reception at the selma service as some parishioners turned their backs in protest. bloomberg has spent about half a billion dollars advertising in
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super tuesday states. tonight he's taking out two three-minute ads to deliver an address in prime-time. errol. >> barnett: nikole killion, thank you. anthony salvanto is director of cbs news elections and surveys. anthony, looking ahead to super tuesday, what are sanders and biden's strengths? >> reporter: let's go with sfnlgt for vice president biden, we saw a very strong performance among african-american voters. that is a strength for him. he'll try to parlay that across the super tuesday states. across the super tuesday states. by comparison, for bernie sanders, his strength is enthusiasm, his voters are the most enthusiastic of any top candidate and could translate for top turnout for him, errol. >> barnett: some see this as a two-way race. it is still bigger than that, right? >> reporter: it is. michael bloomberg, elizabeth warren, all will be competing to pick up delegates. the exciting thing about super tuesday, is the democrats don't just hand out all the delegates
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to the winner, they hand them out to all the top finishers. this could keep the race going for a while. >> a nationwide event is coming up. take a look at this programming, norah o'donnell anchors cbs news' live coverage of super tuesday's results tuesday night beginning 8:00 eastern right here on cbs. now to chicago, where a police shooting is under scrutiny tonight. video of the incident shows police struggling to arrest a man. he broke free, but one officer shot and wounded him as he fled. the man is reported in critical condition tonight, and the officers placed on administrative leave. chicago mayor lori lightfoot called their actions "deeply concerning." in salinas, california, thick black smoke filled the sky saturday - after a truck knocked a power line into a plastics factory. several bundles of plastic rolls caught fire. crowds gathered to watch, even as officials warned them the fumes were toxic.
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we can report on a record lottery prize. 22-year-old gregory matow won $70 million. the biggest jackpot in quebec's history. matow bought the ticket where he works bagging groceries. adding to his good fortune, those lottery millions are tax free in canada. next on cbs news: eye on america, why the homeless may be badly undercounted. plus, young women on the mat wrestling with tradition. and later, making music on the road to recovery. , making music on the , making music on the road to recovery. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. super emma jusher cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended. tide free & gentle.
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cbs news contributor maria elena salinas traveled to a small town in texas where the homeless population is exploding. >> reporter: ginny stafford's mission over the next 24 hours is to count all of the homeless people in her town of victoria, texas. >> i take these two to your side. >> we're not trying to be rich. we're not trying to be donald trump or anything. we're just trying to survive and have a life. >> get a good hot meal here except sunday. >> is this the first time you've been homeless? >> yes >> where you're sleeping tonight? >> i'm not sure but last night i slept under a carport. >> reporter: this yearly, census-like count of the homeless is used by the department of housing and urban development to allocate funding nationwide. the homeless population here in victoria has tripled since 2018. >> it's almost like it caught it-- we were not prepared, i don't believe, for what we're experiencing today. >> reporter: part of the problem is that there is no universal definition of homelessness.
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>> if you're sleeping somewhere with a roof over your head tonight-- hud doesn't considerea clr picturof how many people are homeless in the country. >> probably not. >> reporter: here's an example. hud reports more than 500 thousand total homeless people in the country, while the department of education say there are more than 1.3 million homeless children alone. do you consider yourself homeless? >> yeah, because -- next week we don't what's gonna happen. >> this family was not counted today. they were living in a motel at the time. these children are two of the nearly 600 homeless students in the school district this year. have you ever had to worry about what your children are going to eat. >> yes. eat. it breaks my heart. >> barnett: >> reporter: so they would be the invisible homeless? >> absolutely. you should count anyone that does not have their own residence. if they are hopping the way our families have to hop, mia e
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sas, cbs vtorite barneit cldpeto still ahead on the cbs weekend news, young women -- pinning doubt and fear to the mat -- in a sport of their own. ship, or who we love. and the 2020 census is how that great promise is kept. because this is the count that informs where hundreds of billions in funding will go each year for things like education, healthcare, and programs that touch us all. shape your future. start here. learn more at
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>> barnett: so the state of kansas made history this past week. more than a hundred high school girls competed in their first ever state wrestling championship. jamie yuccas -- on their hard- fought victory. >> reporter: she's a country girl, no stranger to hard work, and nothing can keep her down. on the farm or anywhere else. 18-year-old nicky moore has been wrestling boys for years. one of five girls on the nickerson high varsity squad. she's an aggressive wrestler who once beat out a boy for a spot on the team. >> it makes you work harder when you get beat by a girl, because people have the mentality that you shouldn't get beat by a girl. >> reporter: does he thank you? >> i don't think he ever thanked me for beating him out. but we're cool now. >> reporter: it's the kind of confidence and swagger that wasn't always there. moore still remembers being bullied as a kid. >> i was really quiet.
5:51 pm
i kinda walked with my head down. i stayed by myself. >> reporter: why is this >> i didn't think i was good enough to be where i am today. >> reporter: where she is today is number one in the state. in her female weight class and third in the nation. a hopeful for the 2024 olympics. hey, how did that feel? >> felt pretty good. i'm excited. >> reporter: her mother, angel, is her biggest cheerleader. she says wrestling was a godsend. >> she's now top of her class. she just got signed to a college. can you wish for anything more for your kid? >> reporter: a kid poised to take her first state title >> i think i've shown that i deserve the one seat at states. >> reporter: that's only possible here in kansas because of this father daughter duo who went to the mat to give girls a sport of their own. >> it kinda takes a girl that's serious about wrestling to convince a coach that it's a
5:52 pm
worthy endeavor. >> reporter: coach doug kretzer thought his daughter, mya would be a team manager, but she decided she wanted in on the action her freshman year. >> it was never easy, like competing and being on a team full of boys. but like, day and night, like you wrestle with these people. it's really difficult. >> reporter: it would take four years for girls wrestling to become an official sport. too late for mya. but not for hundreds of others like nickerson heavy weight maddi miller who says wrestling gave her self confidence. >> i don't think i would be such an outgoing and a happy person like i am now if i didn't do wrestling. >> miller walked into regionals undefeated. >> reporter: what is the strategy? >> i wanna go get a state title as a freshman. like, let's go!! >> i didn't have to lookery far today to see a lot of girls with big smiles on their faces because they felt like they had chance to compete. excited about winds and heart
5:53 pm
broken for their losses. >> reporter: do you wish you had been able to participate in something like this? >> it's myir c definitely take e state championship.. >> reporter: the nickerson light weight now a state champ, paving the way for a new generation of girls. so you're all in with this. >> i am all in, yes. this is what i want to do the rest of my life. >> reporter: jamie yuccas, cbs news, mcpherson, kansas. >> barnett: we can congratulate nicole as she won the state title for her weight class. awesome. next on the cbs weekend news: the sound of recovery. could this groundbreaking program help addicts find a second act?
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. >> barnett: for many of us, music can be an escape, but for the people you're about to meet, music is providing a pathway to a new life. don dahler reports from hindman, kentucky. >> reporter: here on the banks of troublesome creek, music is d sandpaper >> that's all. i believe that's got it. >> reporter: tabitha mosley is learning how to make a ukelele. >> this is just the beginning. this is just the start, kinda
5:57 pm
like my life. >> reporter: an addiction to opioids forced her to give up her four children more than a year ago. making an instrument is helping her heal. >> it's teaching me how to build things, then it's going to bring joy to somebody else. >> reporter: this school is designed to give people like mosely a second chance. >> makin' it helps keep me focused ♪ ♪ >> reporter: music has deep roots in this part of appalachia. but so do poverty, drugs and alcohol abuse. >> i've lost family and friends to addiction. >> reporter: doug naselroad runs a related non-profit instrument- making company down the road from the school. >> there's clinical evidence that when people apply their hands to a task that demands concentration, it actually begins to rewire the brain. >> this isn't necessarily a cure for addiction, but it can be a part of that? >> we think of it more as a hedge againsci>> ibeenantle er
5:58 pm
tws no >> reporter: take nathan smith and jeremy haney, two recovering addicts nasal road hired after they finished classes. smith is a former coal miner who relied on opioids to get through the backbreaking work underground, and haney was addicted to drugs to mask the pain of homelessness and despair endemic to this region. >> my recovery's one accomplishment and something i continue to do every day, but this job here has really gave me a sense of direction and a sense of purpose. >> reporter: just as the school has done for mosley. she's now sixteen months sober and back with her children. the ukulele emerging in her hands, she believes, is instrumental to her future. >> it's just gonna keep getting better and better. >> reporter: don dahler, cbs news, hindman, kentucky. >> barnett: a real musical salvation. that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, 60 minutes. i'm errol barnett in new york. for all of us at cbs news, good
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night. . live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now at 6:00 p.m. another bay area county declares a public health emergency as five more coronavirus cases are confirmed. plus, breaking news from the campaign trail as former south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg drops out of the race as the frontrunner tries to pad his lead in san jose. >> i spoken before many groups, this is the loudest groups i ever heard. >> this experience shattered her beyond words. and makes her live it over and over and over again. >> a family's plea to keep a bay area killer behind bars. good evening. we begin with new information
6:00 pm
on five new coronavirus cases in the bay area. three are hospitalized in santa clara county tonight. a husband and wife who traveled to egypt and a woman with health issues. at this point it is unclear how she contracted the virus. the new cases bring the total to seven. also today solano county announced its third ace and alameda county announced its first. they were exposed to a foarded


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