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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 16, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00. >> we're live with mixed emotions i from residents in the first the bay area city to force face coverings. >> i think it is worth everyone safety. makes everyone feel accountable. >> i don't think it is necessary. six feet is good enough. >> it is so scary. we hear from a terrified patient inside and east bay nursing home, where 13 patients have died. how the stistaking action. plus, feeling the impact of the pandemic and the upcoming fire season. 100 the bay area residents had to shelter in the dark. >> my daughter had to go to a friends house because she cannot do her resume. >> i think it's typical pg&e being tone deaf to what people
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want. >> we know what a hardship it is to our customers, and we don't want to put them through that. right now on the kpix 5 new at 7:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the city of fremont now ordering you to cover your face in many public places bill good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. kpix 5's andria borba is live with those new rules, andria? >> reporter: well, ken, elizabeth, this is all about making sure that the central workers, the grocery store workers , those firefighters, although people who still have to go to work are safe when we have to go into o busi. face coverings are now as necessary as issues as shoes when it comes to contacting a central business in fremont. the ordinance went into effect this morning. it is aimed at keeping essential workers healthy. beke
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our first responders, health care workers, and sometimes in these closed settings we worry about the. >> reporter: sonoma county declared the for such local ordinance with fremont joining in today. >> i think it is towards everyone safety. >> reporter: outside raley's on saint patrick, but 90% of the people caught by our camera were abiding by the new policy. the city is not planting to cite to issue tickets, but is hoping for voluntary compliance. but if you aren't wearing a mask in a gas station, grocery store, pharmacy, and hardware store, that business has the right to refuse to serve you. not everyone was on board with the new policy. >> i don't think it is not necessary. six meat is good enough. >> reporter: nikki gabriel said she will comply in hopes it speeds the end of the pandemic. >> wishing this would all pass soon, so everybody can back to normal and see everybody's beautiful smiling faces. >> reporter: now, once again do not rush out and try to get
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surgical masks and n95 masks. those are needed for those frontline health care workers who are really in the line of fire from covid-19. they are asking you have a homemade masklike this woman, or use a scarf and bandanna to cover your mouth when you walk into those essential businesses. live in fremont tonight, andria borba, kpix 5. the alameda county health department said it's having a hard time getting updates from a hayward nursing home that is dealing with a deadly covid-19 outbreak. one new positive case was reported today at the gateway care and rehab center. a total of 42 residents have been infected, and 13 patients have died the health department tells as a state agent inspected gateway yesterday, and it's waiting for the results. meantime, we are hearing from a current patient who did not want to release her name. she said she can't get any physical therapy and has not been given a shower in about four weeks. >> it is just scary because i don't want to get up, and i worry about my body.
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>> do you feel like you guys could've acted sooner? >> as per your other question, we don't have authority to take over nor the resources to take over. i think we have been working as well as we can as a county to ask them about their request and what they need as far as personal protective equipment and staffing. >> one family says it is planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit against gateway. the district attorney has now launched a criminal investigation. leaked result from a new drug trial show the bay area biotech firm may be on the brink of a treatment for covid- 19. university of chicago researchers tested gilead sciences remdesivir on 125 patients. most were severely ill, and while two patients died, health care publication "stat news" reports most improved so
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quickly, they were discharged within a week. despite the encouraging news, one ucf doctordr. is urging caution about any experimental therapy. >> it can get absolutely offer potential hope, but i think we have to be careful to not conclude that because somebody got a particular drug and had a good outcome, that it means that the drug was responsible for the good outcome. >> no comment yet from gilead, but investors clearly like what they've heard. the company's stock shot up about 16% in after-hours trading. a frontline work in california's food sector are about to get a little help from the state. a new executive order will allow for two weeks of supplemental paid sick leave for people who support the food chain, and that includes truckers, workers at farms, factories, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and more.
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>> we don't want you going to work if you are sick, and we want to make sure that you know that if you are sick, it's okay to acknowledge it, and it's okay to let your employer know, and still know that you're going to get a supplemental paycheck for a minimum of two weeks. more than 200 pg&e customers in danville had to deal with a power shut off while sheltering in place. kpix 5's jackie ward says it was all planned by pg&e. >> reporter: fortunately, the lights are back on in danville here in this neighborhood, but for eight hours the electricity and internet that we so heavily rely on these days was turned off for 227 customers. pg&e set this to work still has to get done had a fire season. >> the funny thing is we started to go to be sequestered, we said thank goodness it's not fire season so the powers not off. guess what? of our power is off. >> reporter: for jennifer and bill colston, their workday
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look different with a longer lunch break walk than usual. >> my daughter had to go to a friends house because she cannot do her zoom. >> reporter: no internet or power, they had to make adjustments they are already familiar with. >> we dealt with this during the fire. we are experts at in a. we got taken down multiple times last year. leave the verdure to close, leave the freezer close, don't open it. >> i think a typical pg&e being tone best to what the people want. longtime dental residents had their power all day, but empathized with both the people who lost theirs and pg&e. >> it's disappointing, but i do see the logic of trying to protect us from fire dangers in the future. >> reporter: pg&e says it's part of its community what fire safety program that's ongoing this kind of scheduled maintenance work is to remain on track, covid are no covid. >> we know what a hardship this is to our customers, and we don't want to put them through that. we are only doing the work that has to happen. >> reporter: in the area of sky terrace highland drive in el
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dorado avenue, pg&e crews installed a device that can have diaz denies distribution circuits should there be high fire danger, and will also lessen the number of customers impacted by future public safety power shutoffs. pg&e said it is notifying the customers who will be affected by these shut off at least a couple days and advanced by mail or by phone, they say. they are complying with the governor's priorities ahead of fire season and that they have the support of cal fire. in danville, jackie ward, kpix 5. well the state discussing easing shelter in place restrictions, there is now a big question about what happens when people start taking public transportation again? some agencies are putting a limit on the number of passengers to give people more room to socially distance. ac transit says it all depends on the size of the bus.
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for small buses, only six passengers will be allowed on board at a time. for bigger buses, there are limits of 10 and 16 passengers. now, this works for now, but what about when people start going back to work? >> we don't know precisely what do we build our service to accommodate those changes in employees returning >> it's really difficult to speculate what life will be like when this shelter in place restrictions and recommendations are rolled back. we'll take it as it comes. we like to say we are moving at the speed of safety, and we will continue to do that. the bay area county letting people back into its parks and beaches, at least for now. >> it's just a great feeling to have it back. it's hard to put into words, actually. >> america wants to be open, and americans want to be open. every state is very different. we have not yet received the booklet. reopening america is becoming more of a reality. the bay area congresswoman ripping the president's new plan.
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it looks like it could barely fit under the bay bridge. the story behind this record- breaking cargo ship. plus, what experts say about the upcoming warmer months cooling down the pandemic. it's cooler temperatures in the forecast
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i, scientists want to know will the coronavirus pandemic wind down, as the weather warms up. many of them, including one from stanford are divided on whether some added heat will even matter. >> these viruses, and this one, are not so mindful of time of e reab whether there are susceptible humans close enough together for it to jump from one to the next to the next to the next. >> but others point to a study at the university of hong kong that found the virus deteriorated over time when stored in a lab at 72 degrees.
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evidence from similar viruses also suggest that covid may transmit less efficiently in the spring and summer months. right now, australia and singapore are experiencing high temperatures and lower infection rates, but that's not the case everywhere. >> look at new orleans. new orleans has a terrible, explosive outbreak right now. and new orleans is one of the warmest places in the united states right now as well. >> at most, doctors agree it is too early to guarantee whether or not the weather will come to our rescue. take a live look at our salesforce camera. cooler conditions out there today. chief meteorologist paul heggen is here, and paul, you could really feel the difference between today and yesterday. >> yeah, and especially if you just think back 48 hours to
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tuesday when temperature in the city rose up into the low 70s. today, could not even get close to 60 degrees. we've got some cool conditions that are going to stick around a little while. let's take a look at the overview. we will see a lot of cloud cover fill in overnight. some coastal dribble possible. it's not going to mount a whole lot. some clouds tomorrow, pop shower over the south a and inland east bay locations, but otherwise very limited rain chances through the weekend. how much drizzle? barely more than a trace, and mostly just some real thick fog along the coast to start the day on friday. some thick fog out there to begin the day. that is going to slow down the warm up even more. you can see all those clouds over the city. temperatures have dropped back significantly in the mid to upper 50s in most locations. even the warm spot in concord has dropped a 12 of the grease from the afternoon high of 73. now.261 degrees. it's only 54 degrees in san francisco, and in santa rosa. his a drop of temperatures over the last 24 hours. yesterday, it was areas along the coast and near the bay that had the biggest 24 hour drop.
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now that coastal breeze has pushed farther inland. temperatures have been really dropping off in the east bay, south bay, in spots that were warm this afternoon. not so much right now. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for overnight lows for the northbay valley. otherwise talking low 50s with those clouds beginning overhead. temperatures tomorrow running below-average around the bay. four or five degrees below normal, but still close to what is normal for this time of year. farther inland, maybe couple degrees below average and concord, and cooler than today. the temperature, the warmest spot on the map are going to be 70 degrees the values most of us in the 60. mid to upper 60s for the south bay, only upper 50s around the coast. is your more widespread 70 degree pattern farther inland for the east bay, but the tri- valley, mid to upper 60s. that is not bad for middle of april. around the bay, low to mid 60s for the northbay. our neighbors to the north,
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they don't feel quite as much influence from the coastal breeze, so there temperatures are still going to top 70 degrees farther into lake county, mendocino county. outside chance of a shower. the 20% chance is for the south bay. everybody up, a lot of cloud cover had. maybe a few more showers on monday, but the long-range date is pointed towards a dry forecast. we will leave a shower cans in forecast for monday then dry up in one of through the rest of next week. i will have another update, coming up during our 11:00 newscast. here is a look at your top national headlines. the president released new guidelines to ease states into reopening. phase one maintains strict medication, while phases two and three softens those restrictions. president trump laid out the plan in a conference call with state governors. >> governors will be empowered to tailor their approach that meets the diverse circumstances of their own states. >> we have not yet received the booklet, and so when we do? we'll have a better sense of how it aligns with the protocols, procedures, processes that we laid out a number of days ago.
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>> south bay congresswoman anna eshoo blasted guidelines saying, quote,, america needs real federal leadership with a real plan of aggressive action to combat covid-19, not a set of foggy guidelines, email to resource starved governors of 50 states struggling contain the worst pandemic in a century. we let's california senator dianne feinstein is part of the bipartisan white house reopening task force that's advising president trump on the timelines. the national death toll from the coronavirus has risen sharply to around 31,000. it's partly because new york city is now counting people who have covid symptoms but died before they could be tested. and over the last 24 hours in that state, the number of hospitalizations and positive tests have gone up. >> this was a tough day. this is now what we are looking for.
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and another 5.2 million americans file for unemployment benefits last week. that brings the total number of jobs lost in 4 weeks to approximately 22 million. coming up next, the bay area makes way for one of the world's largest ships. >> the size and san francisco bay is an immense navigational challenge. >> now i get to be outside instead of stuck at home with the computer all day typing. the bay area county that's allowing surfers back to its popular beaches. plus, this is a first. the story behind this amazing photo.
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step by step, we're going to figure this out. we're gonna find a way through this. we're working really, really hard in hospitals, our nurses, our techs, all the docs. it's about staggering when people get sick so that the hospitals can cope. we're gonna go through an awful lot of these. all across puget sound, people have been stepping up and donating personal protective equipment. we stay at work. for you. you stay at home for us.
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just know we're all with you. thank you, thank you so much. thank you doctors & nurses.
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don't forget we are streaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find is on or your favorite platform. spectacular sight in the san francisco bay today. the msc anna is so large, she barely cleared the bay bridge. the ship is just over 1300 feet long, making it one of the biggest ships in the world. it's about a football field longer than it aircraft carrier.
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it can hold almost 20,000 shipping containers. it is collecting empty containers tonight and head back to sea tomorrow, navigating back to the bay won't be easy. >> a ship of the site and san francisco bay is, is an immense navigational challenge. here we have fog, wind, strong currents, shallow water, submerged rock, bridges, lots of other traffic including fairies, tugboats. >> what you think it's carrying in all those boxes? >> put toys, tvs, and balls and stuff? meanwhile in santa cruz, some good news for people who are trying to spend more time outdoors. the beaches and parks are officially back open. they closed about a week ago in hopes of preventing crowds from gathering over the easter weekend. now that they are back open, police say they will be watching to make sure everyone is still keeping their distance from one another, but for now at least there is just a big sigh of relief. >> is just a great feeling to have it back. it's hard to put into words, actually. >> because i'm usually stuck at home with my siblings, and now i get to be outside instead of
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stuck at home with the computer all day typing. >> if we see large gatherings of crowds, we may need to close some or all of the parks and beaches again. >> the county hope to start easing other restrictions within the next few weeks. up next, bald eagles photographed for the very first time in a whole new habitat.
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and check your balance from here. and pay bills from here. because your bank isn't just one place. it's virtually any place you are. just download and use the chase mobile app. visit is a look at some of our top headlines feel people in fremont must now cover thei faces when going into an essential business like grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations. 42 patients have now tested positive at gateway care and rehab, and 13 patients have died. the health department tells us
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estate agent inspected the facility yesterday, and it's waiting for the results. workers in california's food industry are getting two extra weeks of paid sick leavpa with everyone staying at home these days, nature has plenty of room to spread its wings. check out this family of bald eagles nesting in one of arizona's iconic samaras. that is a state game warden saying it is the first time they've ever seen that. >> amazing. very smart, very well protected and at this. very cool. thank you for watching at 7:00. the news continue streaming on cbsn bay area. >> and we'll be back here at 11:0 we're all doing our part by staying at home. that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden. - and your response could help impact community funding for schools and lunch programs.
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