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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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s atve closed. >> retail corridor is lake aluma's, union, and chestnut, they could have more traffic. the williams-sonoma had been boarded up with plywood. that is now down. >> i like going to the shops if i can. it's a small little neighborhood. i would love for them to be open. >> for some retailers, the move to curbside may not be possible . the owner of duluth says it is not possible for such a tactile business to reopen. >> i could open curbside. and some could bring me something and say i need this old watch next. the vendors are notopen. >> she may be holding fo i saifhey stwon't us, wed to se
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consider curbside. it would only be repair, minimal repair. >> we are asking if it is too early for san francisco to reopen retail sought shops. starting on monday, the health order will allow more nonessential businesses to reopen, including offices, even
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strip malls. social distancing rules would still have to be in place. so this is where things stand in the bay area. san francisco is about to join napa and sonoma counties, which are already open for limited retail. we are just learning that alameda county will allow curbside pickup next week. santa clara and contra costa counties are holding resurgence until may 31st. >> day three, employees are back to work. they are also working under conditions where alameda sounding alameda county says it's okay they will be goin to review the safety measures, to make sure that tesla is up
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and running correctly. meantime, a lot of people are very vocal, they were out there today saying they want other businesses open and it's time. as tesla employees arrived to work today, they were greeted by a crowd of supporters who want to see all businesses back to work. >> we are here to support elon musk and the ability for him to open and have his workers save money >> we want our jobs back! >> they came to an agreement on safety measures for employees. they are allowing ramping up operations with specific guidelines. this group does not agree with that protocol. under what condition could they safely operate? >> been should not let them tell us what to do, they should
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make commissions on how we open. budget deficits are looming. those that obey the health order status reopening system doesn't seem fair. >> we can open just like that we have two other people in home depot and we can even put ten people properly at a mom and pop shop? tell me why? >> reporter: frustration is mounting. they are now anxious to hear what alameda county health will say in regards to those slow stores slowly opening. we are waiting for that. >> do you know if employees feel safe walking back into the factory? >> reporter: that's a good point. alameda county health is not saying that they are going to
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do interviews. they did tell me they will be going in sometime this week to do some side of sort site survey to make sure things are up and running safely, that's all that we can get. >> maria medina the live news desk, an accident reportedly involving an overturned vehicle could affect your commute if you are headed to oakland. this is between marina village parkway at harrison street where all lanes are shut down. you can see chopper five over the scene, there are no corporate reports that anyone was hurt. this would be in the middle of the evening rush hour, likely backed up for several miles, we will stay on top of this and bring you any details as soon as we get them dire warnings about the long-term impact of that
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pandemic on the economy, jerome powell spoke to an economic forum saying that we could see a prolonged downturn if lawmakers fail to act. and how they are working on more policies to avoid long-term damage. >> this may not be the final chapter, given that the path ahead is highly uncertain and significantly subject to downside risks. >> he says the right moves could help the economy recover. >> and it was the third straight day of losses, the dow fell over 500 points there were steep losses for the nasdaq and the s&p as well. >> that california department of education announced that it will not mandate start dates for school district in the state. the superintendent of public instruction, tony thurman says the state task force is working on developing some guidelines,
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with some possibilities that include different shifts to reduce class sizes and allow for social distancing. some may use hybrid models with a mixture of in class at a remote education. in the district will also decide if they will be required to wear facemasks. they are also sounding a warning on the education budget. >> we are trying to rise and meet the challenge of providing great education to our students. we will continue to meet that challenge together. >> some schools may open in july, while other districts may open later than previously scheduled. >> 's own sonoma county is reopening parks and beaches, they also are allowing parking lots to reopen. dawn ford is looking at the percussions the county is taking. >> this is a big step, but they
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are doing it in a measured and careful way. one of those is putnam park near petaluma. the parking is open for locals. one man and his two boys lived nearby and were out for a walk, they had been cooked up for days. >> it's a nice surprise. i think it's going to bring some sanity to my life. the bathrooms are opening after some last-minute spirit they warned that the parking fees are back. but folks are grateful. >> it is what i needed more than anything. this gives me life, i just love it. >> reporter: social distancing still in effect. >> i think we need more power parks more than ever.
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this is still locked for the moment, but it did not stop these retiring guys from making their own game. >> i heard it about two hours ago. i called some of these guys, they said they could get in and play at. >> they said that social distancing is no problem for them. a pretty great day around the bay area with showers in many places. we are taking a look around around at the tower cameras with waves of clouds and rain showers coming up. paul is checking in on the high def doppler. >> there are more showers moving farther and farther to the east, things will trend to a dry direction later this evening, and there's still a chance for some showers in the
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north bay tomorrow. there are a few showers in solano county, contra costa county, a shower around livermore and alameda county, and most of what you are seeing in santa clara county is clutter because of the rain. it hasn't added up to a lot, petaluma picked up just over a tenth of an inch of total rainfall over the last four hours. just under a tenth of an inch for santa rosa and a few hundred 7-inch of rain, barely more than a trace, but more chances are on the line in a seven-day forecast, which i will talk about with you in a few minutes. the pandemic is not deterring state leaders from preparing for the upcoming wildfire season. and the governor unveiled his plans for what is expected to be a more severe fire season compared to last year. >> we recognize that this fire season is an anxietyinducing. and to make investments independent of the state, federal, local, and private
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sector, doing ghost invest in their own efforts to secure their wires, their pulse, two advanced the underground. the governor noted that wildfires are up by 60% this year, as a result, cal fire plans to be hiring 600 additional employees, he unveiled a new division of the public utility commission, committed to wildfire safety. >> you may have heard the roar today. the impressive display in the sky, saluting healthcare workers across the bay area. >> plus a campaign chairman gets an earlier grieve, serving the rest of his and set home. los angeles beaches are open like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones.
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for f-15 fighter jets flew over a bay area hospital to salute healthcare what is today there is such a feeling of gratitude and recognition, and acknowledgment for all of the frontline healthcare workers. the jet engines were heard, and in san jose, staff members cheered on the pilots while wearing their masks and other personal protective equipment. free book residents were also treated to the show, the original flight plan was changed to exclude southern california. they are set to fly over the san diego and los angeles areas. >> paul manafort has prison to
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confinement, over concerns of the coronavirus. they argue that he is high-risk because of his age of 71, and his pre-existing medical conditions. he was put in prison for tax and bank fraud charges. >> some southern california counties could get the green light to reopen faster if they me if they meet criteria including limiting nonessential movement and mixing the populations. eleven counties are already speeding through the requirements for reopening. >> los angeles county reopen today, beachgoers shouldn't count on laying out in the sun. >> reporter: this is fave phase one of beaches reopening, but
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before you come down here, don't expect a typical day at the beach. surf is up at sunset beach. an exciting time for servers who've been banned from the water for nearly two months. >> the waves have been great, the water has warmed uper issoh soutt ell in the water. >> the news brought people from all over the region. they took the day to enjoy some boogie boarding. >> they are not alone. vehicles are lined up and down the pch. >> there was no parking when they showed up. >> keep in mind the following are not allowed, that includes sunbathing, biking, volleyball, facemasks are also required, and of course social distancing. >> it kind of sucks a little bit.
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you can't enjoy at. at least you can get some exercise in. >> that beaches at the south bay were a similar scene with the people using the beach to exercise. but will it last? >> i think it's going to bring a lot of people, a lot of crowds to the beach, it's going to be interesting to see what happens over this weekend to pick >> phase one is expected to last about six weeks. after that, phase two, with a reopening. on sunday, large groups will still be inhibited. >> there was some sunshine out there earlier today, but some spots filled in quickly, we got a little bit of additional rainfall and we could see some more tomorrow with some lingering showers for the north bay. and by the end of the workweek, we are going to see a little bit of a reprieve from this unsettled weather pattern, some sunshine and a brief warm up on
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friday and saturday. we've got some showers, a couple in solano county, more in the east bay, contra costa and alameda county, heavy showers north of livermore. this is pushing farther and farther to the east. the rest of us are seeing a drying trend as we head into evening. things are looking better for walks and bike rides, but still on the cool side. the future cast tries to produce some sparkles with some largely dry weather as we head into the evening. i can't rule out a passing shower. we are looking out some and intense sparkles at the most as we head into tomorrow afternoon. that activity will minister the evening hours, and should quiet down entirely when the sun goes down tomorrow evening. a dry break is still in the forecast. we've got six is across-the-
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board except for santa rosa, which is 63 with the thicker cloud cover and rain showers. temperatures drop back, but not far, lower to middle 60s under cloudy skies, high temperatures are below average again tomorrow for most locations. middle to upper 60s around the bay, barely touching 60 degrees along the coast, and a better chance of hitting or exceeding 60 further inland. northbay locations will be stuck in the 60s because of the better rain chance that is going to stick with you for one more day. they warm up his primus across- the-board, mid-seventies further inland, and then another chance of rain on saturday night. that will stick around on sunday, and monday. we will add up the amounts that we can see with that, during the 5:30
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an update on a herd of goats that stampeded the evergreen neighborhood of san jose. we shodthis video last night. you can see hundreds of goats going through people's front yards, a man tried to corral them. they got out when one goat apparently knocked down the electric fence, later there and then venture was cut short.
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and some more good news, they also invaded the dog park in san francisco, but this scene was actually planned. the animals were on weed control in the bay bridge. the area has been plagued by weeds, which has created risk for a brush fire, and made it difficult for city workers to clear the trash in the area. the sustainable go grazing solution is part of a partnership between caltrans and the city. teachers are being celebrated, this is california day of educators. and teachers wanted to help others. they are sharing the spotlight with people working hard in another industry. >> today is the california day of the educator. instead, teachers are using this day to honor front-line workers, and republic services in fremont, with one of life's
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greatest pleasures, perhaps the greatest gift of all, pizza. pepperoni, combination, vegetarian vegetarian, 20 pies in all. all courtesy of the fremont unified association. today was supposed to be appreciation day for you, what happened? >> this was an opportunity for us to say thank you to the essential workers that are sometimes unsung. >> it's great to see the essential workers honoring essential workers. it's great to see, we really appreciate the offer from them. >> they bought the pizza from bronco billy's nearby. for $550. >> and it's a big help? >> a huge help >> the teachers union is visiting six jobsites, and they
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chose classic diner to make 70 meals. they found out about classic diner when they posted on facebook that the diner hosted meals. >> kindness is so awesome, it benefits the giver as much as the receiver. we did it for all of us. >> there may be no business facing more uncertainty than your neighborhood bar. owners and employees are trying to get through, and there's additional reaction to that plan of opening bars and restaurants. >> tents are being set up in the shadow of san francisco city hall. we spoke to one of the
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right now, and streaming on the cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30 including the transformation underway near the san francisco city hall. and the plan to stop the spread of covid-19. plus, honoring fallen bay area heroes. restaurants could soon reopen under strict guidelines. how soon could you visit your favorite bar? under phase two of the reopening plan, about 95 cents of retail in the city will be allowed to reopen for curbside pickup bars, however, will not be able to reopen until phase three, which still does not have a clear timeline. wilson walker is in san francisco, where those businesses say that they are holding on by a thread.
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>> there has been a lot of discussion. bars have been on the periphery on the reopening conversation, still a phase away, as you mentioned. this is absolutely an existential crisis, for some of the most unique and beloved places in the city. >> this bar has been here close to 80 years. it survived world war ii, and it survived the advent of the hippies. >> reporter: the owner has never seen anything like this. >> the owners are less sure of what the future holds. >> still a full phase of reopening away from having to /maximum capacity, clark and his staff are in a survival like. >> we are holding on as best as we can. we have a go fund me page.
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>> i've been here eight years, joe has been here 12 days


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