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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  June 18, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are looking live from the exclusive sales force tower camera, looking east this morning at the beautiful bay bridge. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, june 18th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm len kiese. let's go right to the forecast on this thursday morning, and things are warming up more today, mary, huh? that's for sure, len and michelle. we will heat up. the hottest day of the week happening today. here's a live look with the treasure island camera under clear skies. mid- to upper 50s to low 60s, and looking at mild start to our day, and we head through the afternoon, and we will see the temperatures soar, and looking at 81 in san francisco. topping out at 86 in oakland. 93 in san jose, and 97 for concord. the daytime highs 14 to 15
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degrees above average for this time of the year. i will let you know what you can expect as we head through the weekend, and of course, what you can expect for father's day in a few minutes. hundreds of protesters marching late into the night in walnut creek, outside of the mayor's house, banging on pots and pans and chanting. there was a heavy police presence, but everything remained peaceful. we did see businesses boarded up, afraid of looting. the death of another black man by police has sparked outrage across the country. one of the officers involve in the fatal shooting of rayshard brooks is facing a murder charge. >> reporter: prosecutors said rayshard brooks died as a result of police using excessive force during what should have been a routine arrest. >> we concluded the time mr.
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brooks was shot, he did not pose an immediate threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or officers. >> reporter: the -year-old was killed on friday night after two officers answered a call about a man sleeping in a wendy's drive-thru lane. >> does he appear to have any weapons? >> no, no, no. i think he's intoxicated. >> reporter: the encounter lasted over 40 minutes, and when brooks failed the sobriety test, the officers moved to arrest him, and a struggle the ensued. brooks grabbed a taser and tried to flee. rolfe gave chase. >> this is the first time he has ever had anyone turn around and point something at him during a chase. >> reporter: rolfe's most fear use charge is felony murder.
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bronson has been placed on alternative duty. michael george, cbs news, new york. in alameda county a hate crime investigation is underway after a series of ropes were found hanging from trees like nooses. a woman strolling around larry merritt in oakland showed the video on tuesday afternoon. oakland parks and rec removed them, and it's being reviewed by the fbi as a possible hate crime. opd interviewed the person who installed the ropes who said they were put there months ago as exercise equipment. the mayor said it will not be tolerated. >> it's incumbent on all of us to know the racial violence, the terrorism a noose represents, and that we as a
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city, must remove the terrorizing symbols from the public view and investigate these as hate crimes until further otherwise. >> actual rope hanging down? like why? why do you hates? why do they hate us so much? >> it's against the oakland city code to hang anything from the public trees. demonstrators took to the streets to lift up voices that often go unheard. in san jose, people lined the streets of the alameda near the billy defrank center raising awareness saying black, trans, and queer communities are under attack. >> black, trans, queer women are brutalized and murdered at a higher rate because of who
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they are. we want to make sure we amplify the voice of all black lives. >> a big goal of the protest was to spread awareness of the number of people killed due to transphobia this month alone. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. widespread coronavirus testing ramping up in beijing, especially anyone who had association with a particular wholesale market, and those who live in a specific district. they collected samples from 18,000 people yesterday alone, after an outbreak at the market. they are trying to get ahead of any community spread, and hong kong disneyland opening today. another sign of return to normalcy, but it's only for local visitors. it's limited. it closed in late january. he park says the shopping and dining locations will have reduced capacity, and they will
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implement social distancing measures throughout the park, and that means people in lines and people who are on rides as well, everyone will be required to go through temperature checks and wear face masks. disneyland and disney world will be opening here in july. back to you. developing this morning, the mayor of tulsa, oklahoma, said he is honored but concerned about president trump's upcoming rally. the city has seening a rising number of coronavirus cases. laura podesta is telling us how the situation is getting political. >> reporter: president trump said he is not concerned about the increasing number of coronavirus cases nationwide. >> the flames, they flare up in certain areas a little bit. i think we will put them out quickly. we will not be closing the country again. we will not have to do that. >> reporter: the president is holding his first rally in months in tulsa, oklahoma, on saturday. the city's health director said
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from june 6th through the 13th, there was a 116% increase in new coronavirus cases. the mayor admits he's anxious the rally could continue the spread. >> i think any rational person looking at any large grouping of people, which is what we have been saying for the last few months, you need to be concerned about, would have concerns this weekend. >> reporter: joe biden taking aim at the president during a speech in pennsylvania. >> donald trump's failure to fight the coronavirus with the same energy and focus he used to troll his enemies on twitter t has cost us lives. >> reporter: future rallies for arizona, florida, and texas. all three have spikes in coronavirus cases. >> unless everyone wants us to go back home for another 18 months before we have the vaccine, we have to get used to doing the right thing in public. >> reporter: in texas a battle
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over face masks after the governor restricted cityings from requiring citizens to wear masks. some counties are threatening businesses with fines if customers and employees don't wear them indoors. laura podesta, cbs news. san mateo county moving into the phase three of reopening last night. a new health order meaning you can eat inside of the restaurant for the first time in months. hair salons, movie theaters, and gyms can reopen as well as casinos and zoos. one restaurant owner is thrilled to get people back, but he has no specific guidance from the county. >> the county say we can reopen they are not very clear. >> san mateo county's health officer worried about the high case rate and hospitalizations, but the numbers have dropped in recent days. >> one of the issues we are facing, how do we balance.
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how do we balance unemployment if we open, socially distant, maintaining protocols, he said we could avoid a second phase. >> salons, tattoo parlors and personal care services reopening tomorrow. happening today, san francisco's pier 39 will reopen to visitors. monitors will limit the number of people on the pier to account for social distancing. outdoor seating and dining has been added, and masks are mandatory. there will also be social distancing markers in place for those who want to see the sea lions. it's now open 11:00 a.m. to 6:00. are you feeling lucky? the casino in roanoke park is set to reopen. the gaming operation will have a new look and feel. masks will be required, and workers will regularly wipe
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down cards, chips, and high- touch objects. hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the hotel and restaurants. in nearby napa, many hotels are welcoming guests again. at the west end, rooms are empty, management is letting them sit for 24 hours after the guests leave. the staff comes in to clean, and then it's left empty for another 24 hours. >> the first step was to make sure the room is vacant to protect the associate in the room and then the next guests. >> for the guests coming into the hotel, they are greeted by hand sanitizing stations, required to have a mask on. if they don't have one they can get one in the front lobby. >> we are the first people to stay in our room in the last three months. >> he assured us about the cleanliness and them having meetings beforehand about what they are doing, and i mean, it
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just really made us feel comfortable about staying here. >> the hotel manager is telling us, they will be able to turn rooms around quicker once they get an a sprayer to clean the virus off surfaces. >> a divorce during the pandemic is hard to come by. after the break on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, why some couples may have to wait two years for the final signature. live look there the treasure to go to the grocery store. mask! i swear. this guy would be a mess without me.
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stay healthy and slow the spread. wear a mask when going out in public.
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new details on the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and seven others. while flying in foggy conditions, the pilot reported he was flying to 4,000 feet to get above clouds, but he was rapidly descending into a hillside. the initial findings that the helicopter was functioning, and they do not offer a cause for the january crash. right now in san francisco, a mountain lion is on the prowl. police say there was another sighting just last night, and this time, near 1st and mission. earlier in the day, the cougar was seen roaming around the sales force tower. experts believe it's about 15 months old. the san francisco police said the big cat is likely lost and
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confused and will soon find its way south and out of the city. an iconic brand retiring and the money short sag shortage across the u.s. here's diane king hall with your money report. >> reporter: a three-day rally losing steam on wednesday. the nasdaq gaining 14, and the s&p lost 11. investigators are keeping a close eye on the cases of rising coronavirus infection numbers and a new wave of possible cases in china. after 130 years the aunt jemima brand name is being dropped by quaker foods. they said it would be replaced by the end of the year. the parent company, pepsico said it's part of the broader effort to make progress to racial equality.
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shortly after that announcement, mars said they will rebrand the uncle ben products. coins are in short supply from the pandemic. yesterday federal reserve jerome powell said when businesses started to shutdown in march, the flow of coins through the economy basically came to a halt. consumers are not spending them, and the u.s. mint is producing less of them. he believes the shortage will resolve itself as the businesses reopen. for more go to separating during a shelter in place is a difficult process during a pandemic. couples across the bay area are finding getting divorced may take twice as long in the best case scenario. covid-19 shut down family courts, and now the courts are only seeing 20 cases a day instead of the usual hundreds. >> people filing today are
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probably looking at the end of 2021, if they are lucky. >> it's very frustrating. it's a waiting game for me. i feel like my life is put on hold. >> pearl barlow filed for divorce a month before the shelter in place order went into effect, and she just got notice of the first court date for next month, five months after she just filed, not the typical four or five weeks. the warm weather and dry conditions are a perfect combination for grass fires in fremont a small fire on northbound 880. in calvarous, containment for a fire at 35%, and in butte county, crews contained the wild fire that destroyed four homes, and that's just the start for california's fire season. agencies across the state are rushing to get prepared for what is expected to be a hot couple of months. they are gearing up with
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helicopters, jets, c130s, and the california air national guard. >> simulating as if we are supporting the firefighters on the ground. >> we train annually. anticipating above average significant fire potential. >> reporter: according to the calfire, we have seen more than 1,000 fires this year, compared to this time last year that can be dangerous. mary, we are getting hotter temperatures today? that's right, michelle. tracking the heat, and now, thankfully, the winds are easing for today. fire danger not as high. still a red flag warning for solano county. i will show you in a moment. clear skies to start off the day, and our temperatures mid- to upper 50s to low 60s.
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oakland, 63. livermore, 58. san jose at 62, and for santa rosa, starting off our day at 53 degrees, and the red flag warning, for the areas highlighted in red, for solano county, the red flag warning until 1:00 p.m. today. northerly, north easterly winds 10 to 20, and the relative humidity values 10% to 15%. the winds, you can see not as strong as yesterday, and just looking at 6 miles an hour in fairfield. other locations, calm conditions to start off the day. the peak of the heat today, the hottest day of the week. the lighter wind, and lower fire threat, thankfully so. the weekend, mild by the bay, and toasty and hot looking inland. here's the satellite and radar view and the strong ridge of high pressure is in place, and the heat dome is building for us today. taking you hour-by-hour on
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future cast, and you can see the sunshine headed through the afternoon, and as we look to tomorrow, we are going to start to see a few more clouds along the coast, and a little bit cooler along the coast, and a hot day inland. daytime highs this afternoon for the south bay, 93 in santa clara and san jose. 95 for morgan hill, and for the east bay, heating up to 97 in concord, and 99 in brentwood, and 98 for fairfield and pittsburgh as well as antioch. around the bay, 80 in san francisco. 86 in oakland, and the north bay n the mid-90s. now let's show you the extended forecast and what you can expect as we are looking at temperatures, still on the hot side, especially inland friday into the weekend. cooler temperatures for next week. now to gianna for traffic. the roadways right now, the
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busiest spot where we start every morning, the drive through the altamonte pass. it's coming down away from 285, slow at mountain house, and slowing again approaching grant line. clear through the livermore valley. all the way to 680, the dublin interchange, quiet there. a couple of things to look out for this morning as you hit the roadways. 580 westbound off the richmond, san rafael bridge, slight delays to traffic in there. this is through oakland, eastbound at mcarthur boulevard. three lanes blocked as of debris in the roadway as well. our first look at the bay bridge this morning, so far, so good. we have cars making the trek westbound, but not seeing any delays. good news out of the east bay, oakland area into san francisco, and traffic quiet across the span. no delays across the san mateo
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bridge. if you're hitting the roadways early, commuting 880 to 101, traffic clear there as well. the roadways on the golden gate bridge, and a nice ride so far out of marin. no delays, and there's roadwork, but not causing any troubles. that's your morning drive. back to you. a special celebration up next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. the big graduation party with the splash brothers, the warriors' coach, and even the governor. here's another live look outside, and this time in downtown san jose, and time now is 4:52. remember kpix 5 wants to bring you the good news in the bay area. go to, and you will find the stories of how we are better together. you also send story ideas to
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welcome back. it's 4:55, and we will heat up with plenty of sunshine today. the hottest day of the week. walking you through the day in san francisco. warming up to 8 0 degrees, and plenty of sunshine in oakland, your day, looking at highs mid- 80s with the sun, and for san jose, as we head through your day, looking at 91 by 1:00 p.m. and the high temperature of 93 at 3:00 p.m. the stars were out in oakland as the first graduating class of oakland promise came out to celebrate. >> stephen curry, klay thompson, and even the coach were on hand to honor the class
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of 2020. to put it in perspective in 2017 the oakland unified school district said 53% of students went to college. graduates got words of wisdom as klay thompson said graduating during a pandemic is only an obstacle on the road to success. >> i know you're going through it right now, not being able to participate in your graduation ceremony or go to prom or a party bus, and it sucks you can't do those things, but i promise the best times are ahead, and this is a hiccup for everybody, but it will make you stronger. >> you guys did it, and you did it under unique and uncertain circumstances to say the least. congratulations. it's time to go out and concur the world. as the last few months have taught everybody, expect the unexpected. be able to adapt, and don't let anything, anything stand in
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your way. i'm a firm believer in the mantra, i can do all things. i hope you are, too. it's time to go and live that every single day, and congratulations again. we got room for you guys. very cool. oakland mayor schaaf and the governor were also on hand hand. >> funds were raised for scholarships and savings accounts for the predominantly minority student body. alameda county activists marching up to
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, you are taking a live look at pier 39. of course it's a popular san francisco tourist spot, and it's ready to welcome back visitors this morning.
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we are live with the new changes in place. >> they say we can reopen, but i don't understand. the paper i receive, they are not clear. >> the sudden change of plans for san mateo county. the protocols in place to avoid a second wave. and another round of heat headed for the bay area, and mary is telling us when the warmest day of the week will finally cool off. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, june 18th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm len kiese. we probably got your attention with the heat talk, and now to mary lee to check the forecast this morning. good morning. we will be feeling the heat for today. the hottest day of the week, looking at the strong ridge of high pressure, and the temperatures mid- to upper 50s to low 60s under clear skies, and as we


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