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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 19, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and i can tell you that people have been out here at lake merritt for hours, they've been celebrating and honoring their past, looking to the future and having speakers and open microphones and dancing to commemorate this day. from the steps of san francisco city hall to the shores of lake merritt. juneteenth, 2020 is being >> reporter: while i support the demonstrations for police reform, family and friends say it's easy for people to forget the risks officers face every day, they say it can feel like a thankless job, wanted when commemorated. >> june 19, 1865lvesto s, we are ou people need help and criticized celebrating ouand when something goes wrong. >> patrick was murdered by the blind violence of hatred, our history come he celeation o ignorance, fear, and dissemination. er: as a cebrate ancestors have brought us and also mindful of how far we have to go. >> watching the crowds gather is a big deal. >> it's warming, because life and honor s reseporv basically juneteenth was one of e, rthis >>family reminds people to avoi those things that a lot of people knew. >> reporter: at lake merritt putting a broad label on law enforcement. they say they, too, feel the pain of a senseless killing. amidst the horses and dancing ma maofe there was a push to
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past ture his family says pat had already bought an engagement ring and that's was about to propose to his another way they can protest, by voting. >> reporter: this man wanted to girlfriend. that ring is now with her. pat was 53 years old. go further. >> you have a lot of companies doing little things but look at a former air force sergeant their boards, they are all white men. in the bay area man were charged in his murder, investigators believe they are so let's change that. both associated with the you want to really change things, you want to really show boogaloo movement. that your about diversity and inclusion, let's change that, at that level and then i'll start listening. >> reporter: for aaron jamison it's about this:>> our ability to come together and have peace the bar police department . this whole situation is about is moving forward with reforms, peace. the goal is to create a community-based antiracism >> reporter: the site for racial justice has been training course. the department says it will happening around the u.s. and teach officers how to respond spreading around the globe, we to situations that do not are told the eyes of the world involve firearms. are on the u.s. right now, if it is also allocating $2 million to increase their change can happen here, it can number of unarmed employees in happen anywhere. in the east bay, activists their system, the agency is
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made their way onto the bridge, also updating its restraints chopper 5 was overhead as they and use of force policies. marched and blocked traffic in the morning if there is briefly this afternoon. a man who is helpless and he has no clothes and he has no >> and south bay, hundred showed up for celebration and rally in san jose, it was a festival atmosphere outside of city hall. shoes, we are in conversations and in some agreement that his first interaction may need to be with an outreach worker and not a man or woman trained to take down a soldier. >> we are going forward in this near future and we want to make sure we come out of here safe and sound with new laws and have a new law that can enforce and empower everyone, not just >> the measures will be those that were born into presented to the board at a privilege. meeting next thursday. today the uncle of a man black and brown lives matter. >> chopper 5 was over there shot and killed by a bart officer more than a decade ago testified about the police reform act bill that's making its way through congress now. >> that responsibility must be earlier at least 2000 people guided by the goals of marched and rallied for juneteenth. this is one of several west safeguarding human life and protecting human rights. coast ports that shut down for eight hours today. the demonstrators eventually marched to city hall in downtown oakland. among them, well-known civil rights activist angela davis >> he spoke at a hearing on abuse of policing practices,
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his nephew, oscar grant, was who was seen addressing the shot and killed by a white bart crowd. police officer in oakland back in 2009. the house will vote on the police reform bill next week. a traffic alert now to tell you about in contra costa she said in a statement, quote, there is no question we stand behind the black lives matter movement, we want this country to live up to what it is county we are police are investigating a freeway supposed to be. shooting, it happened earlier this afternoon along highway 4, for the last couple of hours police have been searching for evidence in the eastbound lanes between laurel road and sand >> and we want to see how people celebrated juneteenth, a lot of your sharing photos and videos from festivals and creek road. minutes ago, chp reopened those rallies across the bay area and lanes and let's take a look now we would love to see even more. at our traffic map. still slow going right now, a send us your post with the hashtag kpix. hundreds of people lot of not a lot of details on including friends, family and politicians turned out today to the shooting itself other than say goodbye to a federal the victim drove to a hospital. officer gunned down in oakland. a federal judge has said he will approve pg&e's plan to exit bankruptcy, the decision allows them to move forward protective service officer dave underwood was killed at the end with its 58 billion strategy of may in what authorities say including over $13 billion for was a targeted attack on law enforcement. police say a man who had aligned himself with an extremist group is responsible. we go live for the memorial the more than 80,000 people who lost their family, homes, and service was held. property to fire sparked by pg&e equipment. earlier this week the utility >> reporter: this is today's led guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter in connection with
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program for the memorial the camp fire. a judge ordered the company to service, and you've probably pay $3.5 million in a fine. seen this picture of dave california added thousands underwood in the news in recent of jobs last month but the weeks and of course the protests state also had to revise upward and the topic of police brutality, his family says the sacrifice that officers are asked to make is something its unemployment rate for april that's often forgotten. so here's the breakdown. thwas 16.3 percent, which is down from 16.4 in april, the state added 141,000 new jobs last dave patrick underwood was better known as pat, family and friends say he was a people person, always respectful and month resulting in the slight decrease. still, the unapplied rate willing to help and that's why remains far higher than the he went into law enforcement. >> he died with honor, he died with dignity and respect from the people in the community that he loved to serve. >> pet was a hero to us. height of the great recession a decade ago. another big day for businesses reopening across the bay area, alameda county is >> reporter: on may 29, police stepping further into phase 2 say gunmen opened fire and as they open, outdoor dining, killed pat while he was guarding the federal building in downtown oakland. a protest was taking place nearby. >> we are not crying retail stores, malls and limited religious and cultural services, the county's health officer is also allowing outdoor fitness classes, museums, and parks to resume with safety measures in place.
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sonoma county is now allowing leisure travel under its new health order, that will allow overnight stays at hotels, vacation homes, and campgrounds. welcome news for the county's critical tourism sector. there was some surprise additions to the new health order after the governor gave higher risk services the green light. sonoma county is allowing nail salons, waxing, tattoo parlors and movie theaters with capacity restrictions. on the other end of the spectrum, santa clara county says it has no current plans to reopen further and won't be giving a timeline for reopening's. let's take a live look right now at san francisco, the fog bringing a cool down closer to the coast, but still, another warm day inland. our meteorologist paul heggen joins us right now. what's on tap? >> pretty much more of the same, a similar pattern with a
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stronger onshore breeze resulting in fog and cooler temperatures around the coast. there's a little fog drifting by and that will move further inland as we go into late tonight. the onshore breeze has definitely dropped temperatures, a warm day inland, but not as hot as the past couple of days, about 5 to 10 even up to 15 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago and temperatures tomorrow will warm- up into about the same territory we reach today, upper 60s and low 70s, low 60s along the coast with upper 80s to close to 90 degrees for far inland locations but most of our inland areas will reach into the 80s which is pretty close to normal for the first day of summer. we will zoom in for a closer look at temperatures around the bay area humming up in a few minutes. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new information on the mountain lion caught in the heart of san francisco. three marsupials have been found dead at the san francisco zoo and that mountain lion could be to blame. a navy captain pleaded for help after a coronavirus outbreakon his ship, should he get his job back? the navy decide his fate
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♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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new details on the mountain lion captured after wandering the streets of san francisco. turns out, he may have also paid a troubling visit to the zoo. we go live at the san francisco zoo with the sad details. epis wethreupials re for d thspt uld be that wild mountain lion. take a look at video of the mountain lion's capture, it was picked up in mission bay yesterday, just a block from oracle park. this after the lost cup was spotted wandering the streets of san francisco, multiple times. this was a very rare and unusual event for the city. the san francisco zoo provided this video of the australian walkabout exhibit, the zoo confirmed that wallah roots and a red kangaroo were killed earlier this week and the wild
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local color of war carnivore is likely to blame for it. they are now investigating whether the young don't mind could be the perpetrator. in the meantime the zoo says it has taken steps to prevent any further loss. that mountain lion was eventually taken to the oakland zoo to be examined before it was safely released back into the wild. >> always sad to hear about animals passing at the zoo but unfortunately nature sometimes takes over. thank you. the navy is upholding the decision to fire a captain who sounded the alarm about a covid- 19 outbreak on board an aircraft carrier. it started when captain brett crozier penned a letter asking for help to stop an outbreak on board the uss theodore roosevelt. over 1000 crewmembers ended up
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testing positive for covid-19 and brett crozier's letter was leaked to the media. the captain whose the santa rosa native was fired, but senior navy leaders soon recommended that he be reinstated. however, after launching an investigation the navy is now upholding the decision to fire him. the probe faulted him for not following proper protocols to prevent the spread of the virus and being too slow to evacuate. president trump is not giving up on his efforts to abolish daca which provides legal protections for young undocumented immigrants. today he tweeted this, quote, the supreme court asked us to resubmit on daca, nothing was lost or one, they punted much like in a football game. i wanted to take care of daca recipients better than the do- nothing democrats, but for two years, they refused to negotiate. the daca program protect undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children from being deported, the supreme court ruled yesterday to keep it in place.
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a new development in the death of breonna taylor, the littleville mayor announced the city and police department are taking the first steps toward firing detective brett hankison, he's one of the three officers involved in the fatal shooting of breonna taylor, they burst into her apartment with a no knock warrant. the police chief said in a pre- termination letter that detective hankinson violated two standard operating procedures, today the fbi was back at taylor's apartment gathering evidence and according to a tweet from their twitter account, officials are taking a fresh look at all the available evidence. on the campaign 2020, joe biden's list of potential running mates was just narrow down, one container just dropped out of the race. minnesota senator amy klobuchar
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was once considered a strong candidate but she announced she was withdrawing from consideration, she says she wants to make room for a woman of color. >> this is a historic moment and this is what i told joe biden, to put a woman of color on this ticket, he's got great people to choose from and there are many qualified people, but i don't think you want to lose this historic moment for our country. cbs news has learned biden's team continues to look into the backgrounds of other candidates, among them, elizabeth warren, california senator kamala harris and tammy duckworth. it's time to get a check of the forecast, paul heggen joins us. lots of dads out there are hoping for some nice weather this weekend. >> i think we can deliver on that. we will start each day lot like we did today would low cloud cover and fog but most of us will see the sunshine breaking through, maybe not right along the coast. a stronger onshore breeze today did keep the fog locked in with
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low cloud cover along the coast and some of it you can see just streaming right on through the golden gate, just a finger fog making its way toward berkeley and the richmond hill's. a lot of cloud cover further off the coast and that will creep a little further inland as we go through late this evening and tonight and you can see it behind the buildings of downtown, temperatures are running all over the place. 60s around the bay, 61 in san francisco and 67 in oakland, 70s as you go farther inland, only 73 in santa rosa. still mid to upper 80s for the east bay, 86 degrees in concord, 88 degrees in livermore and the fog will thicken up and spread farther inland, mostly around the bay and near the coast but it will take a little while for to dissipate early tomorrow morning. if you're going to be up and about early on saturday, temperatures will start off pretty comfortable, close to normal for the last morning of spring since summer arrives at 2:43 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s across the board to begin the day on saturday, near- normal temperatures around the bay, slightly above average
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temperatures farther inland, still into the 80s but that's not hot for this time of year, it's just pleasantly warm. let's show you all the temperatures as we go into saturday afternoon, low to mid 60s along the coast by about noon and then backing off as we go into the afternoon, temperatures for the south bay into the 80s, just a matter of how far into the 80s. low 80s around the bay from the south side of the bay and farther into the 80s for the santa clara valley and even close to 90 degrees farther into the valley, low 90s for eastern contra costa county, parts of the delta reaching 90 degrees but mostly mid to upper 80s for the tri-valley and around the bay, the upper half of the 60s and 70s which is about as far as we're going to go. a bit more of a recovery for the north bay. farther to the north, no relief from the heat. lake and mendocino counties and even northern napa county rising into the 90s. temperatures will climb back up to or above 90 degrees on
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father's day for inland portions of the bay area and back up to around 70 around the bay, still 60s near the coast and that will be the case for next week. not much variation day today, just level subtle shifts, but mostly above average, low to mid 70s by the bay monday through friday, low 90s each and every day farther inland. at 5:30 will take a look at tomorrow's our by our temperatures for a big blow in sports locally, some might say it wasn't a matter of if, but when as the coronavirus has tackled the 49ers for a loss.
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the coronavirus impacting several pro sports teams and other 49ers are dealing with the case. >> covid-19 has delivered a black eye in sports today. the phillies, blue jays and the tampa bay lightning all shutdown facilities. one unidentified player reportedly tested positive for the virus. all players were tested for covid-19 on friday, the team will not release the name of the player for privacy reasons.
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san francisco giants closed their scottsdale spring training facility today after one person in one family member exhibited mild symptoms and were tested according to baseball operations president. >> between the covid-19 and physical problems, gosh, that's hard. >> there are some that think the nfl, the nba and major league baseball will not even get off the ground at all. more local news at 5:30, a celebration of freedom, the history behind juneteenth. >> we've gone from being
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recognized only as pieces of property to being recognized as human beings, but still not recognized as being equal. >> reflections on how the meaning of the holiday is being reshaped as america reckons with its pastor a northern california priest
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streon cbsn bay area, thousands of people gathered around lake merritt in oakland this evening to commemorate juneteenth. why many say this year there's a new sense of urgency. hundreds also gathered outside san francisco city hall celebrating the day but also calling for more progress. a look back at that first juneteenth celebration and a long march for freedom that still in progress.
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our top story at 5:30, the roots of juneteenth. >> juneof freedom, freedom is t african-americans have long been progressed and often late in arriving. >> they were informed that they were free by a union general who showed up with his troops and told them and then there was a celebration. >> reporter: the celebration would come to be known as juneteenth, marking the day june 19, 1865 when union troops arrived in galveston, texas on the western edge of the confederacy and delivered the news to the civil war and with it, lifetimes of the slavery and servitude were at long last at an end. >> the emancipation basically came with the union army. >> reporter: bylaw, in principle if not practiced, the former slaves had been free men and women are more than two years, liberated by president lincoln signing of the
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emancipation proclamation on january 1, 1863.
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