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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 6, 2020 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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counties that have been on a list for three plus days, i'm mot out a number of weeks ago. when i last left you on thursday, there were 19
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counties on that list. today we have 23 counties. you see up there that newly added six counties. 19 plus six doesn't equal 23. we have counties coming on and counties that are coming off. for example, contracosta was on, off now. back on. santa clara was on last week and no longer on. we have in total, new updated monitoring list, those six counties that were added to our monitoring list. this is a list we use for technical assistance to engage in the health officers and elected officials working in the county to address criterion they tested to that they put forward as a county that needs to be monitored and needs support if we are no longer
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aligned in terms of our initial expectations. one of the most important things we can do in addition to technical assistance on the monitoring list is to do more to focus on enforcement and we walked through the beginning of our enforcement efforts implementing this weekend and our enforcement was prioritized on parts of the state where we have violators or high workplace or industries that you should be operating at a scale. hear of restaurants and bars in a safe manner. that was a criteria we advanced in our updated efforts on enforcement or more targeted enforcement efforts with these teams we've assembled, these
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cross poll poll anyization in the of california over e weeken our focus is to remind people we've put forward guidelines in the state. so much that in the past it's been around when to reopen our economy but not how to more safely reopen sectors in our economy. so we really need to get back to focus on how to safely reopen our economy. what are the mitigations that need to be in place, what are the expectations we set forth as it related to wears macks from a staff perspective and a patron perspective. what are the physical distancing criteria that we have attested to and put in place pursuant to those state guidelines. what's the signage that has been put up so it's visible and people have access to physical distancing criteria and the
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like. we really focused in on workplace safety guidelines. the enforcement is not just about being punitive. it's also about educating people, allowing people to make madifications but moreover to address bad actors, the folks that are simply disregarding these orders and to hold them to some account as well. this is the primary enforcement of the education and put out on the guidelines and again focusing on how to safely reopen sectors of our economy. we had close to 6,000 in person visits to bars and restaurants just from the department of alcohol beverage control. so abc visited just shy of 6,000 establishments over a few day period.
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you'll see over 440,000 individual contacts that were made, phone calls, visits, e- mails, and the like through osha and our department of industrial relations and i mentioned on thursday, the board of barbering and cosmetology and we focus on concerns and more in the like and input we're getting from county health officials again targeting these counties that are on the watch list, we targeted licenseys that we had either received complaints about or had information that was concerning that we needed to get clarified so significant improvement and increase and enforcement over the weekend. most of it again from an educational paradigm where there was plenty ation, cal law enforcement and we're requesting more information about local enforcement on masks requirements and the like. but as you saw from west
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hollywood, san antonio monica and others notably were stepping up their enforcement to either educate but also to promote physically distancing or wearing face coverings and those were tiered meaning first enforcement action may have been $100 up to $3 in some cases and up to $500. many of these can go as high as $1,000 on enforcement. i encouraged people with a punitive frame. going out with resolve at this moment and that spread continues some 5, 699 just shy of 5700 new cases reported on july 5 and the last reporting period and it's included in a slide of seven day average. that seven day average has
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begun to climb to now 7, 876 cases on an average seven a day ruling period that includes by the way the cases that were suspended, the data we collected that were suspended in la over the last three days. those numbers are included in that seven day average. there's some ambiguity because la county over the holiday weekend was not reporting their daily counts on july 3, 4 but we do have their counts reflected in july 5 and in the seven day average. the ongoing positivity rate with an average daily number of tests now increasing in excess of 100,000. in fact, we tested 127,000
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people we were at 4.9% positivity rate just 14 days ago. now 6.8%. you look at the seven day positivity rate. it's now over 7% at 7.2% to be exact. the way, the 14 day positivity track represents just shy of 39% growth over the last 14 days. not surprisingly, we show you the hospitalization slides. when you see a positivity rate
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increase, you'll likely see a hospitalization rate increase. this slide represents the increase over a two week period now to 5, 790 individuals that we have hospitalized for covid- 19. this represents 50% increase over a 14 day period. hospitalizations rise and we focus in on our system capacity and healthcare capacity and that number has been fluctuating over a month ago around 6% and we've been averaging around 7% and just increased just 8% of our total hospital beds and we still have ample hospital capacity in our system but we're monitoring this obviously very closely and these are as always and i remind you we don't live in the aggregate and there's parts of the state where this number
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might leave you misled meaning calm the nerves and total capacity and there's parts of the state where that number is substantially higher and that's part of our monitoring list and part of our targeted enforcement and targeted engagement and support. hospitalization with icu admissions rise and it was nice to see going down in 24 hour period and this slide says another course of the story in 14 days and goes up 39% over a 14 day period. total number of people in icus at 1, 706. this is slide you're also familiar with, that 1, 706 total icu covid-19 positive patients represents roughly 15% of the total patients of the total icu bed population.
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ventilators continue to be plentiful at the moment. in the aggregate and ventilators and again icu numbers are always a top concern and our capacities represented in this slide and again this number represents states not with county data. statewide actions we've taken and pulling activities with the extent we can with as many activities and business activities in particular but more broadly, activities that are indoor, want to move them outdoors and we've done that in multiple sectors in our economy. we've also closed down bars in the areas of highest concern and those are respected in the 23 counties that are listed at the top of the presentation. over the weekend, there were local and county closures of
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beaches and parking lots related to the beaches and i want to thank all the elected officials and residents, more importantly the residents in the state of california that acted overwhelmingly responsibly out on our beaches and those that were open and were responsible in terms of social distancing and physical distancing. i want to thank those that were educating the public. those that weren't unfortunately acting in their best health interest or the best health interest of others and to educate, encourage, and enforce were very effective. they weren't perfect and suddenly people will highlight exceptions and i just want to compliment all the local efforts, county efforts, educational efforts, and the social persuasion that was very, i think, well represented and demonstrated over the fourth of july holiday weekend
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and thank everybody for again, their concurrence in this effort. as i noted just in the slide, this multiagency enforcement, the efforts on the strike teams more targeted enforcement was also demonstrable and i just want to thank our agencies, ten agencies in total that were part of those actions. speaking of actions, there were a lot of counties that took action since we began this monitoring process to move deliberatively and act the the local level and county level at the hospitals and county officials of their own and three counties six just joined us and we expect they'll move. 13 have issued local orders, three said river side, san bernadino said we'll submit to the state orders and just got
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to call literally seconds before i came on air that glen county just acted so we're not waiting action from glen. i want to thank all the elected officials and health officers in the city for their work. everybody is moving, they're taking action as we're very, very grateful for that. that's the spirit at the moment, spirit of the times. a recognition individual responsibility now been elevated and collective responsibility of the community, county level to secure local enforcement education and modifications and efforts to help supplement at a state level and more dynamic in a more targeted way and again just encouraging everybody to do the kinds of things that are foundational and fundamental to mitigating the spread of this
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disease, i'll remind you, we did an incredible job collectively as a state, 40 million of you did a remarkable job to move aggressively for a stay at home orders and we were able to bend that curve. in fact, we never really had to bend it. we were able to mitigate the spread of this virus in substantial ways. we have the capacity to do that again to mitigate this increase in the total number of positive cases in the transmission of this disease and the most important thing you can do from a non-pharmaceutical inteon nontherapeutic and non-vaccine is to wear face covering. it is a mandate in the state of california protects not just you and others in a sign of respect and sign of responsibility and it's also a demonstration i believe of character to meet a moment head
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on and to be forceful in our resolve to mitigate this spread and to help save lives and impact the lives of those that may be vulnerable in icu or in hospital because of coronavirus, because of covid- 19. as always, practice physical distancing, social distancing, wash your hands and continue to do those things. your mother and were so intent on reminding you as we were growing up. just one final point because i'd be i miss if i didn't mention it. we had a number of lives that have been lost over the last few days of the reporting period, six people lost their lives on sunday to the coronavirus and 18 people lost their lives on saturday. six people six too many and substantially better number than we've seen in some time.
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18 reflects that as well. but that's 18 lives, six additional lives, 24 lives torn asunder. families lives also torn asunder rather. lives lost to this virus by no stretch of the imagination i think that the mortality rate is diminished to such a degree that people can no longer lose their lives. they simply can and it's reflected in the icu data, hospitalization data, and the damage that covid-19 can do. this pandemic is still in front of us, continues to spread at rates high in the state of california since the beginning of the pandemic and we want to remind you of those important bullet points, wear a face covering, physically distance, wash your hands and as always, for more information about all of the above and more information on how to get tested, more information on how you can learn more about
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yourself to more data about your own county and your own monitoring of effectiveness in what the rules and guidelines are of sector and industry going to covid-19. go to >> we're staying open accident occurring the covid-19 pandemic and i'm wondering that before you took office, you placed those companies into a behind trust and why those companies.
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>> hi, governor, as you know and you just talked about today, cases have been kind of ex-ploiding around the state. was there any realistic way to reopen the economy and do you think your administration miscalculated in doing so in the speed of which they'll reopen for restaurants, gymnasiums and fitness centers? >> i think we can safely reopen and if we wear face coverings, we can mitigate the spread of this disease. we've been very forceful in our expectations and encouragement for people to do the same and it's a mandate in the state of california. as it relates to the focus on how to safely reopen, predicate your question or the spirit of your question about can you safely reopen. i believe you can but with enforcement and with individual responsibility and that's why
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we laid out in detailed terms some of what the guidelines include and the expectations. we set them and focused on how to responsibly reopen certain sectors of the economy and it's incumbent on all of us.
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>> we had 110 livelost and the data points aren't necessarily in and of themselves and one of those is a broader trend line and an increase in positivity rates. we've not seen an increase yet in mortality. that said, those are lagging indicators of hospitalizations, icus and deaths. we e in the spirofwa you framedurquon recognizing this us. weesopmistic but cautious nonetheless. i think the most important thing we've learned from a lot of the new data that's come in and goes direct to your question is the cohort of
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individuals now that are being tested and getting younger and younger. when you stack those together, you're looking at a majority of people coming into hospitals but with not as acute needs as what we were seeing in the past where we saw percentage and we're seeing stabilization relative and i caution saying that, let me be cautious in saying that. but see some stabilization in our residential care facilities for adults in our skilled nursing facilities and our veteran's homes, and we've been able, i think, to substantially address some of those spikes we had seen a number ofmonths ago and all of that endures to where we are in terms of
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presentation of the data and expectations the mortality rate may be more modest than what we've seen in the past. hi, governor. thanks for taking my question. i wanted to know how you thought the contact tracing program was going and how many people have been deployed and if you're worried or if you're hearing from counties that are worried that the case counts are just getting too high to effectively trace everyone's contacts. >> we had over 10, 170, 10, 600 people that had been trained for ucsf and ucla. we had a phase one goal by july 1 to get roughly 10,000 people at first cohort phase one trained and we were able to accomplish that. we have just shy of 9500 that
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are now ready to go and are being directed by county health officials. again, remember this is a bottom up, not top down strategy, contact tracing has existed for decades in this state, in this country and hiv and aids, stds and issues of tb, measles, and the like. some counties are more robust in terms of baselines and have them in place. we are supplementing that and we have trained with the counti this new cohort and so close to 9500 that are identified and available to the counties over rtf those trained being d that made available to available to realtime and many more being trained on a weekly basis and we want to continue to see more contact tracing. we're doing psas in a
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culturally competent way with mestl a bit of nervousness to be fully candid with you and a member of a state government or local government or that matter with federal governments making a phone call and imagine diverse communities. let me be more specific in the latin x community and we've got to do a lot better in terms of getting the right messengers to give people confidence that their information will be maintained as confidential and will not be shared with federal authorities with interest to particinthntt tracing spto perhaps give a more comprehensive update, which i'm going to do in the next few days because i think
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this deserves more attention and more illumination as it relates to our outreach efforts and how to make contact tracing even more effective. i'll take advantage of using this also as a psa of sorts in the next few days by providing more information to you. >> my question is about san quentin. there were in cases and now 1400 incarcerated and more than 150 employees. are staff and volunteers relating conditions that are inhuman and these prisoners are being isolated in solitary et cetera. are you considering an onsite visit to thiprison -- been watching governor newsom's coronavirus update. our coverage of course continues on cbsn bay area but the governor talking about counties, 23 currently being paid extra attention to by the
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state. of course they were monitoring over the fourth of july holiday and brings a lot of people together. known violators and high risk workplaces were monitored over the weekend and paying extra special attention to industries that need to be operating outdoors or even closed. there have been 6, 331 deaths so far in the state of california because of covid-19 and 24 people died just over the fourth well many people have such a misunderstanding
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>> kiara: hello. kiara barnes here, and i'm excited to kick off a special fan choice week, featuring episodes you, the fans, selected as some of your favorite showdowns. this week we're doing things a little different with some two-episode events. for example, on tuesday we'll see bridget learn the truth about brooke and deacon. then, on wednesday, bridget confronts her mother. also, on thursday and friday, we'll be attending zoe and thomas' wedding, where let's just say things didn't go qu but y we'roff to portofino, italy, for a true fashion showdown between forrester creations and sally spectra. enjoy. >> riccardo: signori e signore, on


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