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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 7, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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so if y'all want to do his legacy, do something for him, get justice for jace. >> seated next to jason young, jace's mon, inconsolable with grief. our son was innocent. my son was everything to me. he was everything to this family. he lit up a room. >> the six-year-old who loved playing on the computer and video games was shot and killed on july 4th while watching fire works on la salle in the bayview. sfpd bill scott in the plainest of terms asked for witnesses to step forward. >> if you know something, and we know people were out there. we know people know what happened. call us. >> mayor london breed begged for jace's death not to be in vain. >> just know that when you pull that trigger, anybody can die. anybody can die. and remember jace. if this doesn't make us right up, i don't know what will.
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>> that's right. >> if this doesn't outrage you, i don't know what will. if this doesn't make you stop, i don't know what will. >> we want this violence to end. we want you to put down the guns. jace's life matters. >> for jace's grief stricken family, the message is this. >> justice for jace. justice for jace. justice for jace. >> now, sfpd says they're completing an expedited forensic investigation of some of the things found on the street after jace and a 39-year- old man were shot that evening on la salle in the bayview. they still did not have a suspect that has come forward though they are begging for one. >> it's so emotional for that family, certainly. but you know, it's painful for everyone to watch. we've seen the mayor handle a lot of situations in her tenure in office. but i'm thinking particularly
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today, i'm seeing something that's very personal. touched her personally. >> you know, it comes down to the fact it was a six-year-old boy. and london breed grew up here in the projects in san francisco. she has been through this kind of grief before. it all compounds for this family, for this community to see it happen over and over and over again. allen. >> it should for the city and the state and everybody else. andrea, thanks. we first brought you the family's plea for justice live this afternoon. on cbsn bay area, we're streaming on for you and other digital platforms. well, this just in, two martinez residents facing hate crime charges after defacing a black live matters mural over the weekend. 42-year-old, nicole anderson, and 53-year-old david nelson, are being charged with three memphis counts, including a hate crime. the couple recorded painting over a city commissioned black lives matter street mural in
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martinez. shortly after it was completed. now, if convicted, they could face up to a year in jail. today, a pair of bay area counties rolling back their reopenings while another is moving ahead. kpix 5's len ramirez begins coverage from santa clara county where businesses are scrambling to get ready after another surprise announcement coming from the state. len? well, that's right, there was some confusion over this past long weekend, santa clara county had wanted this variance. they said they were going to get it on friday. and then by saturday, the state was saying no. now we're back to on again. so santa clara businesses like the ones behind me are now scrambling to try to put their plans together so they can reopen. >> hair stylists and massage therapists in san jose welcome the news that their shop, closed since march, will be allowed to reopen on july 13th. >> i'm anxious. i'm ready to go.
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>> taking all my precautions. >> the rush is now on to get tested. something that's not required but they want to do it any way. >> that way when i start work, my clients know that i'm free of covid. so there's no chance of them getting it from me. > santa clara county officials announced their reopening plan was approved last night by the state of california which had denied it only three days earlier, baffling many. >> i'm very sorry for the confusion this has all caused. i just want to say that this is our first pandemic. i hope we don't have another one. but we are learning while we're going. >> the plan will allow the reopening of many personal care businesses like hair and nail salons, massage and outdoor dining as long as they submit distancing plans to the county. indoor dining bars and nightclubs will still be closed. >> getting a variance granted does not mean that the virus is doing better or the disease is doing better. as a matter of fact, it's doing much worse. >> despite increasing case
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numbers in santa clara county, reopening plans are moving quickly ahead, relying on personality responsibility for people to distance and wear face coverings. >> we need to do our lives differently. we need to conduct ourselves differently. if we don't do it differently, our cases will continue to accelerate. and we will be in big trouble. >> tranquility spa owner says she's ready with a garage full of masks, cleaning supplies and plastic barriers to retrofit her salons. >> we want to make sure we're able to provide to all the clients when we open up the shop. >> although wearing face coverings and socially distancing will be mandatory rules here in santa clara county as this plan goes into place, county officials did not indicate that there would be any change in any kind of enforceable of those rules. basically people will be on their own to pick a sure this works out. live in san jose, len ramirez,
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kpix 5. head to for more information on the state approval and rules that santa clara county businesses will be required to follow. many san francisco businesses that were looking forward to reopening july 13th are going to have to wait. but nobody knows how long. mayor london breed announcing an indefinite pause on certain high-risk businesses such as indoor dining and outdoor bars. >> we have no coys. we are living in covid. if we see the numbers stabilize or decline in any way, we will reevaluate that information and begin the process of determining what businesses can open. >> the city is currently diagnosing about six cases per 100,000 residents everyday. the goal is 1.8 or fewer. 68 patients are currently hospitalized and while hospitals are still operating under capacity, the impact of
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the july 4th weekend still remains to be seen. at this rate, it could potentially overwhelm our health care system. we know what works. and we need to continue to do what works. we flattened and some would say we crushed the curve once. and we can do it again. >> and in the north bay, napa county rolling back some of its reopenings. indoor dining and tasting rooms will have to close again. and coming up at 6:00, wilson walker has more on what the reopening roller coaster means for those businesses. california saw more than 6,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday. that is a 2% increase. the testing positivity rate is 6.8% over the last 14 days. higher than it had been. the medical director for california's corrections system has been replaced amide growing outbreaks at several state
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prisons. the most notable, san quinton. more than 1300 inmates are infected with nearly 70% of those cases popping up in just the last two weeks. six inmate haves died from the virus. it all follows the transfer of inmates from a prison in chino to san quinton in late may. today the prison system announced a 17th inmate from that facility in chino has died. 110 others have tested positive. on to the fire watch right now, evacuation orders in place in the town of clearlake up in lake county, crews battling a three-acre fire just broke out on dam road. you see it causing quite a bit of smoke in that area. and crews are keeping an eye on two fires that broke out in contra costa county this afternoon. flames broke out near the summer lake neighborhood near east psi produce road. at one point, people living in that area were told to
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evacuate. those evacuations have now been lifted. 20 miles away in concord, crews were able to get a fire quickly under control. this one broke out near a structure on hamilton avenue. firefighters contained the fire within minutes. the cruise fire east of gilroy burned 5400-acres since sunday. last check, 20% contained, cool, moist air moved in over night, slowed the fire down, allowed the firefighters to improve their phifer lines. but kit doe reports, they have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: from this vantage point on the northern flank of the fire on jamison road, we're seeing not one, two, or three, but eight separate hot spots. >> what's taking so long is we have a lot of fire line. there's miles and miles of fire line. and some of it is very difficult to access, the terrain is challenging, so a lot of that has to be reached by helicopters, aircraft, and then we have to work to get our hand crews and our zers and other heavy equipment in there
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slowly. crews were preparing for the chance of strong winds this afternoon. the fire's destroyed one struck clure and damaged another. it's threatening 30 more. fortunately the wind not as strong as it was yesterday. another fire that popped up this afternoon in marin county. this is the view. the fire crews were on the scene of that one earlier this afternoon. but that one was quickly contained the winds aren't as strong. along the coast, 23-mile an hour sustained winds at sfo. otherwise, mostly in the 10 to 15-mile an hour range. that's not bad for the bay area, similar wind speeds on the way tomorrow. temperatures are slightly warmer than 24 hours ago. but not enough of a boost to significantly jump that fire danger. in fact, as i said at 11:00 last night. we expected the fire danger to be a category lower today, and in general, it was. the humidity low, but not as low as it can be this time of the year, we don't have relative humidity values down in the teens. we are close in concord at 20% and plenty of spots in the 20s
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for current humidity levels. the fog, the low cloud cover will build in late tonight. we'll look at that and look ahead to the weekend in just a few minutes. all right, paul, thank you. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, a polarizing part of state capitol history hauled away in the middle of the night. i think it's long over due. it's an outrage what the california legislature is doing to the people. it's time to be open. it's time to stay open. >> the president puts the pressure on schools to reopen in the fall. whether they're ready or not. is the clock ticking for tiktok? how one of the
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it stood at the state capitol for a century but today the christopher columbus statue was put on a truck and haul aid way. a large crane hoisted the so-called columbus statue on to a large flat bed to be taken to an undisclosed location. as native american groups canted and cheered. >> i think it's long over due.
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>> the four on the marble and granite statue called columbus' last appeal to queen isabella has been in the capitol rotunda since 1883. today some stood by shaking their heads disapprovingly. >> i think that, i've traveled around the country a lot. and i think that it's important that you don't remove historical things or history, you know, that you update it. you add to it. you know. the more truth that you find out. >> the historical society says the assembly's decision to remove it happened behind closed doors and without their input. >> they wouldn't take a meeting with us. they were frustrated the operation happened without notice and in the middle of the night. >> this is an outrage what the california legislature is doing to the people. >> at 4:00 a.m., crews began the pain staking process of wrapping it and moving it inch by inch out of the doors and on to a wooden platform so it can be lifted on to a truck. >> because of the historic nature of not only the west
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wing but also of the statue. so we're being extra cautious. extra careful in her removal. >> the removal comes days after demonstrators tore down the statue in the capitol garden. >> that statue being removed, it is so hurtful. it is so sad. >> opponents of the columbus statue removal blame the recent social unrest stemming from the death of george floyd. >> i think it's totally distorted that now we're talking about statues when, somebody thinks that that's got any impact on black lives matter. i think that's ridiculous. >> that was rachel wolf reporting there. lawmakers worked with experts at the crocker art museum in sacramento for information on how they could remove the statue. a new record for the state of texas, a coronavirus hot spot of course, more than 10,000 new covid-19 cases have been confirmed in just the last day. as we take a live look at the
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white house where president trump is making a push to reopen schools across the country this fall. we're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools. it's very important for our country. it's very important for the well being of the student and the parents. >> the head of the nation's largest teacher's union says the race to return lacks the proper plans to keep students and educators safe. and dr. anthony fauci agrees with the president that students should be back in school but says districts will have to get creative with their approach. >> the secondary, unintended consequences of having children, not being able to go to school, has ripple effects for the family that might have delitirious effects that over ride the safety benefits. >> the country is knee deep in the first wave of the pandemic. the cdc issued preliminary
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guidance for schools with social distancing and mask wearing recommendations but officials emphasize a need for all involved to follow those recommendations. right now california is suing the trump administration over a plan to allocation what's called the cares act relief fund. it amounts to $13 billion in aid nationwide. and 1.5 billion for california. the dispute is over how much should go to private schools at the expense of public schools. >> this rule creates a false choice where school districts must include private schools on the basis of their total population or be forced to jump through unnecessary complicated hoops to do what congress intended. and make sure the foppeds get to schools that are hurting the most. the attorneys general of michigan, maine, new mexico, wisconsin, and the district of columbia joined california in suing. the president of brazil who
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has down played coronavirus has now tested positive. the president says he's doing fine, telling his supporters last night that he had been tested and given a lung screen which came back clean. he's been dismissive about the virus in the past, calling the pandemic a little flu and a lot of hype. now, the u.s. is considering banning the popular video app tiktok. in an interview with fox news, secretary of state mike pompeo says the administration is looking at cracking down on tiktok and other social media apps. people should only download the app if they want private information in the hands of the chinese communist party. in a statement, tiktok says quote we have no higher priority than promoting a safe and secure app for users, we've never provided user data to the if asked. after news of the possible ban,
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shares of snap chat jumped more than 8%. we're asking what you think owe of a potential tiktok ban. weigh in on facebook and twitter. >> time to check in with our paul hagan. and paul, i'm not going to ask you about a tiktok ban. but i'll ask you about the weather. >> pretty normal july weather pattern. pretty normal lack of a certain 44-year-old guy on tiktok. i don't get that one. the wind pattern will shift around as we head through the rest of the week. hot air bubbling up from the úsouth. for tonight and tomorrow. a typical pattern which includes a return to fog by early tomorrow morning. right now, the cloud cover is staying offshore. but you can see a little developing closer to the coast. that's going to thicken up and spread farther on shore as we head through the rest of the evg to tonit gog read far laat fog will be g the coast and bay. it's beautiful out there now. a nice look over the bay bridge
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toward the east bay. 64 degrees downtown to almost 90 degrees in concord. 89 now. 72 degrees in oakland. pretty comfortable. otherwise mostly 80s. 87 santa rosa. 80 on the nose in san jose. future cast shows the fog thickening up south of the golden gate as we head into early tomorrow morning. but it's not going to last long. it backs up toward the coast. right along the coast, you'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures may be a couple degrees warmer than where we topped out today. we'll start off with similar temperatures, a degree or two warmer than this morning. mostly low to mid 50s across the board. temperatures still a scosh below average for early july. slightly above average, 2 to 4 degrees. not a big difference for early july. there's hotter weather down the line. let's show you tomorrow's high temperatures, mid 60s along the
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coast. upper 70s. and low 80s around the south bay. as you head into the santa clara valley, a couple degrees above normal. the hot spots, on the east side of the diablo range. low 90s for fairfield, antioch, and brentwood, up ander 80s to 90 degrees for the tri-valley. two or three than we were today back to the mid to upper 80s for most of the north bay. and farther north, it's going to be hot railroad. low 90s for napa counties. lake and mendocino counties in the low 90s. they'll have company. 90 degrees inland thursday and friday. that's an average for inland areas. it's going to be a mix of upper 80s. and low 90s. but the 90s take over as we head into the weekend. around the bay, a modest warm up. but up to the low to mid 70s on sunday, and along the coast. once that early morning fog decides to back up a bit.
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we'll take a look at temperatures coming up in a bit. denis. appall, one of these young stars tests positive for covid- 19. and what kept the giants from taking the field at oracle park this afternoon. reaction straight ahead. . coming up at 5:30, our original report, families seeking a safer vacation. we look at the soaring popularity of rvs during the pandemic.
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live look at oracle park in san francisco where the field has been empty all day after the giants had to cancel their work out. >> sports director denis o'donnell joining us now. and denis, i'm thinking covid has struck. >> it struck again. you know, al and veronica, major league baseball might want to consider over night shipping when it comes to covid- 19 testing results. the latest delay forcing the giants to cancel practice at oracle park today. now, san francisco did not receive results from saturday's test in time. major league basebal is using a lab in utah and the holiday weekend caused several other teams to cancel work outs. including the as. the giants were tested again on monday, but decided to err on the side of caution with a day off today.
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>> i feel as confident today as i did yesterday. i understand that there are going to be hiccups along the way. we really don't believe this is going to hurt our camp or development just to miss a day. it'll be a nice mental blow for our players. >> the as worked out again today. but pitcher jesus remains home in florida after reportedly testing positive for covid-19. the 22-year-old lefty told the chronicle he's feeling good and waiting for two negative tests so he can rejoin the team. and guys, at some point, i hope to be reporting on highlights and home runs and walk off in the bottom of the 9th. right now these little signs add up to a bigger problem for baseball and other sports. >> it's just a day, but how many more days can they take before something really has to change? all right, denis, thanks.
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>> we have more local news straight ahead. at 5:30, are you rethinking summer vacation? >> it's a small quarantine hotel on wheels. a kpix 5 i'm franklin graham. do black lives matter? god made and created each and every one of us, and your life matters because you see, all of us are precious to god. but we have a problem, and that problem is called sin. and sin separates us from god. but the bible tells us
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that god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but should have everlasting life. if you would like to invite jesus christ to come into your heart, he will come in and change your life, change the direction of your life for eternity. just pray this prayer with me. just say, god, i'm a sinner. i'm sorry. forgive me. i believe that jesus is your son, that he died for my sins, that you raised him to life. and i'd like to invite him to come into my heart right now. and i pray this in jesus' name, amen. if you prayed that prayer, we've got someone who would like to speak with you and pray with you right now. just call that number. god bless.
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. you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30, confronting institutional racism with your wallet. the message behind black out day and how bay area black owned businesses are all ready seeing a boost. plus, is the coronavirus airborne? what you can do to protect yourself from a virus that may be floating indoors. a kpix 5 original report, summer vacations are looking a lot different during the covid- 19 pandemic, a record number of americans are hitting the road in recreational vehicles. hello and good evening to you. i'm veronica de la cruz.
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