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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 10, 2020 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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now on kpix5 and streaming on the bay area, temperatures rising just in time for the weekend. inland areas especially feeling the heat. good afternoon, everyone, i'm michelle griego. len is off today. let's get right over to mary with a look at our forecast. michelle, watching our temperatures climb this afternoon, especially inland and a live look at san jose camera with that sunshine out there. now let's show you that 24 hour temperature change. we are looking at temperatures that are at least warmer compared to yesterday at this time inland. you can see five degrees warmer in fairfield, three degrees warmer in concord and livermore. a little cooleralthcoast
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e bay, had that fog this morning. but we're watching that clearing even along the coast and around the bay this afternoon. so looking at those daytime highs in the upper 60s in san francisco and mid 70s in oakland. 87 in san jose and heating up to 96 degrees in concord. up to 9 degrees above average for this time of year. we'll see that sunshine as we go through our day and then for tomorrow, low clouds and areas of fog around the coast along the bay and catching that sunshine for your saturday with temperatures very similar to today, but we are really going to heat up on sunday. the hottest day of the week. i'll have your weekend forecast coming up. back to you, michelle. >> all right, mary. thank you. a crash and fire forced a shutdownf interstate 580 overnight at the altamonte pass. the fire started just after midnight along a median near flynn road north. the flames jumped the freeway and spread over the hills northeast and prompted fire fighters to close 580 in both
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directions and the blaze blew to more than 200-acres before being contained and extinguished and the freeway opened at 4:30 this morning. reaction to president trump's continued threats to cut funding to schools that don't reopen in the fall. the president tweeting today, virtual learning has proven to be terrible compared to in school or on campus learning, not even close. the president's previous threat to cut off funding has faced backlash from lawmakers and from california school leaders. >> there's so many risks that are not being adequately addressed. just saying you want to restart school without putting the proper measures in place to make that successful is wishful magical thinking. >> also the president of the california association sent a letter about reopening and urging the state to prepare for
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possible reopening and budget cuts to be back with your students and reality of science, facts and safety cannot be ignored. the journal pediatrics publish add new commentary saying children infrequently transmit covid-19 to each other or to adults so the authors there say schools should reopen in the fall if they follow social distancing guidelines and that is a big if because schools need resources to do so. find continuing coverage of the change withs our schools on our website, to school. at this point, the vast majority of school districts in california are eyeing a hybrid model of in person ng in the fa michelle. developing this afternoon, two contracosta county deputies are hospitalized after a 12 hour long standoff that ended in a shootout. deputies say it all started yesterday morning in nights end. a woman reported he was being held has damage at a home.
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she -- hostage at a home and a man poured gasoline on her and threatened to light her on fire. the suspect barricaded himself in the comb. hours later deputies say he came out with a shotgun shooting three of them. deputies returned fire killing the man and two of the wounded deputies are in the hospital. a south bay investigator trying to identify human remains discovered found in a creek bed in coyote in unincorporated san jose in morgan hill and investigators tell us it appears there was a tent or homeless encampment there but it's too early to tell if the remains were a man or a woman. and the search for glee star nya rivera that vanished in a lake is now a recovery mission. it shows her and her son renting a pontoon boat. hours later her son was found safe on the boat. divers, helicopters, and drones being used to search the lake
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but visibility is poor and swimming is permitted on the lake and can cause hypothermia. for the third day in a row, the u.s. set a new record for daily coronavirus cases and more than 63,000 reported nationwide yesterday and california, texas, and florida reported their highest single day death toll since the pandemic started. there's signs of hope this 32- year-old man was wheeled out of the hospital in engelwood after three months on a ventilator. he went to the hospital on april 5 for shortness of breath. >> one day his lungs got better and we turned off the sedation and he opened his eyes and that was like winning the super ball for all of us. >> juliette stock is up this afternoon and the foster city based drug maker says the
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treatment remdesivir showed a 60% decline. the data is a important finding but requires confirmation and perspective clinical trials . the world health organization is set to begin its investigation into how the coronavirus originated. ian lee reports as it comes as china is giving the world its first glimpse into the top level bio-safety lab in wuhan. >> ease are the images of the wuhan bio-lab china wants the world to see. showing the scientists operating with the utmost care. the lab comes with a bio-safety platform to ensure researchers are safe from the pathogens they're working expugn they stay within the lab as a director. the origin of the coronavirus still remains a mystery. some u.s. officials believe the lab could be ground zero. >> we don't have certainty and there is a significant evidence. they both can be true. >> two experts from the world
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health organization will arrive in beijing will have the virus and u.s. officials criticized the who for being too lenient on china. >> when we know everything about the vaccine. >> the coronavirus emerged at a nearby wet market. there are plenty of theories that come from a bat. some suggest the lab itself started it. >> the director denies the last allegation saying no path but the question remains as the world demands answers for the secret of china allowing a thorough, transparent and independent investigation. cbs news, london . as the number of coronavirus increase, gender could play a bill role in your chance of survival. it comes down to how the virus
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impacts men versus women. both genders get infected at similar rates, men are more likely to suffer worse outcomes there as much as 2.4% more likely to die. other viruses such as flu and the hepatitis, women clear the infection faster than men and women have stronger immune responses from the vaccine and the advantage may lie in the x chromosome and genes and women have a pair of x, men have only one. >> one of the biggest questions i have is the extent to which these differences between men and women are being mediated by our hormones versus our genes. >> some doctors studying whether the gender gap could be linked tnoonitt reopening but a withutdoorseati up today along the oakland water front of challenges of
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operating during a pandemic. the kitchen serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the restored ninth avenue termal building. there's enough space to seat 55 customers with social distancing between tables but it's a tough time to open a new restaurant. >> i think if we didn't feel like the situation that we have out here with it all being outside, breezy, very open air, it feels like if there's anything that's going to be a place that people are going to want to come and feel confident they're being taken care of, clients and trainersand mak their own gyms outside. there's free equipment and training sessions in the open air. it's growing every day with more people pitching in in equi
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>> this whole thing happened a few months ago and it's getting bigger and bigger because there's nowhere to go but the park. here we have our own equipment but it's free. . >> trainers describe it as a fellowship and they're providing masks and gloves. a fan favorite not taking the field this season. what has buster posey sitting out. plus, what has a lot of latinos boycotting a favorite food brand? and kpix is working to bring you the positive stories during this difficult time. check them out at and send your ideas to [upbeat music] ♪ today was the day that i put everything in perspective. ♪
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we're following breaking news. governor gavin newsom is expected to announce the release of thousands of prisoners later today and the move follows pressure from activist and lawmakers to reduce overcrowding and slow down the covid-19 outbreak hitting california prisonnens and it's a big shift from yesterday when governor newsom ex-pressod reluctance to release prisoners at a news conference. up to 8,000 prisoners would be released by august prioritizing those closest to release date or at the highest risk. despite being in a coronavirus hot bed, president trump touched down in miami today without a mask. he headed to a meeting about drug trafficking in south america then a private fundraiser. the president is at a new
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hampshire rally planned originally for tomorrow. the white house cited the threat of tropical storm faye, which is expected to bring heavy rain and whipping winds to the ar boyct of foods trump. the ceo appeared in the white house rose garden yesterday announcing a donation to food banks to help people hurt by the pandemic. he said "we are all truly blessed to have a leader like president trump, who is a builder. he went onto say we pray for our leadership "our president. it provoked calls for boycott on social media. it's been a staple for so many households for generations and now their ceo is praising a president who villaniesing
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people. the dow sup about 330 points. stocks flip-flopped in early trading as investors weighed medical advances versus rising coronavirus cases. new at noon and looking live at oracle park, a big announcement from giant super star buster posey. he's opting out of the 2020mlb season and he and his wife are adopting between girls born premature last week. >> from a baseball standpoint, it was a tough decision. from a family standpoint feeling like i'm making a decision to protect children, our children, i think it was relatively easy. >> posey says the children will be very fragile for the next ntd t exposthem, and he added his decision. the 2020 season is set to begin on july 23 with all 30 teams playing 60 games. if you're still trying to make plans for the holiday weekend, kcbs radio has you covered. this time the story of a san
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francisco baseball legend. >> let's play ball. baseball season is here. the story about the world's most beloved baseball star number 24 the say hey kid has been released in audio form and you can hear stories on the site. >> the list of things to do at and catch him every morning on the morning show begins at 4:30. time now for a check of our weather and mary, if anyone's heading out this weekend, they should bring a fan. it's going to be hot. look for our camera with oing w a clearing and across the bridge with the east bay and sunshine and temperatures out
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there in the 60s and up in oakland in san jose and low 80s and right now in concord as well as livermore. inland our temperatures will soar this afternoon and winds at 17 miles per hour and half- moon bay, palo alto and concord this afternoon. taking you through our day, we'll see temperatures in the mid much 0s along the coast, breezy, westerly winds along the coast. for the bay, upper 60s, low to mid 70s mild and breezy around the bay. and heating up inland into the 80 to mid 90s. it does get even hotter looking ahead to our weekend. here's the reason why. the strong winds of high pressure crossed the desert southwest is building in and that heat dome building for us and those temperatures will be above average once again today and through the weekend. future cast you can see that sunshine as we head through our afternoon for tomorrow morning. some low clouds in areas of fog along the coast and right around the bay and then that
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clearing for tomorrow in the afternoon, temperatures very similar to today. but we are looking at temperatures really soaring for sunday. the hottest day of the week. daytime highs looking at 68 in san francisco, 75 in oakland, 82 in free monday, 87 in san jose and 96 for concord heating up to 99 for fairfield and 95 for livermore. the extended forecast what to expect as we have similar conditions and check out sunday. think of the heat and mid to upper 90s on sunday and mid to upper 70s around the bay and upper 60s along the coast. on shore flow
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this week's student rising above scholar, college isn't the only place to learn, it's the only safe housing she .h when she was on a plane headed home from school, panic set in. >> dallas milan's sophomore year began as a trip of a lifetime studying abroad in
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>> ww e news >> tcovid-hit. olllas and others frankly made >> oh my god, we got to go, we've got to pack. i have all my friends that were with me, we're calling their parents, and i wasn't really calling anyone. >> she didn't call anyone and she had no home. >> i didn't have anywhere to go, period. >> she's a foster child so college housing is key to her survival. her shelter, a one night stay in a hotel room at the airport when she flew home provided a small reprieve. >> we were e-mailing our school practically begging them to house us for quarantine. >> her school, sonoma state said yes, but it would be pricey. $1,000 for two weeks on campus. she felt defeated. >> a lot of us couldn't afford that time i couldn't afford that after spending $1,000 on
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flights. >> she called students rising above, a nonprofit found a sponsor for her stay at sonoma state. when that time was up, her adviser took dallas into her own home till she could secure permanent housing. >> she fit right in and we watched tv and played board games and all the things people were doing. >> dallas rents her room in a home and both wanting to remain close with bailey proud of dallas' resiliency. >> she can accomplish anything she sets her mind on. when she's determined and believes something, she'll go after it. >> now with the school year and spain behind her fure outlook is . focuon yourself, learn how to cope, learn how to deal with your emotions without holding back. >> to learn more about students rising above and scholars,
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one last check of weather with mary. hi there. >> hi, michelle. here's a beautiful view with our sales force tower camera looking north catching that clearing with just that shallow marine layer out there and check out our temperatures so heating up inland into the
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upper 80s into low 90s today and upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and mid 60s for the coast. very similar to tomorrow and we are going to heat up on sunday. we're talking mid to upper 90s on sunday and the peak of our heat and on shore flow kicks back in for tomorrow. actually for the rest of the weekend. i'm excited for the weekend. thank goodness it's here. >> it's friday, mary. time to celebrate. >> yes, yes, i know. thanks so much, everyone, and remember,
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