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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 29, 2020 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area a big day for big tex. the heads of apple, facebook and alphabet in the hot seat before u.s. lawmakers. good afternoon. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm len kiese. that story in a moment but first san mateo county on the states coronavirus watchlist. it is the last bay area county to be added. by now the county has more than 5000 cases with 118 deaths. the state has said counties on the watch list for three
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consecutive days need to close businesses like fitness centers and hair and nail salons.> i'm i'm li ae news desk and monito thebig tech roles in society. the hearing is ongoing. it comes to the economy and talking about truth versus lies and the harvesting of people's data. members of the antitrust subcommittee will the tech leaders by video screen which is a coronavirus precaution. the question if current regulations are enough from these companies having too much power. >> i share the concern that market dominant in the digital space is ripe for abuse, particularly when it comes to free speech. >> the lawmaker said the goal is to understand how tech companies use their size and power to help or hurt the amerublic. the tech leaders jumped to
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their company's defense. >> we had fierce competition on the developer side and the customer side, which is essentially it's so competitive i describe it as a street fight for market share in the smartphone business. >> that was in reference to the apple app store that has been criticized for its brolsma apps accepting apple pay. as a member of the committee pointed out, all of these companies are likely to emerge stronger and more powerful in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. we will keep an eye on this. back to you. new at noon, oakland mayor libby schaaf and the u.s. conference of mayors held a call this morning to denounce the recent deployment of federal agents to cities. >> as mayor and guardians of our beloved communities, we know what can create safety as well as destroy it. and this president has consistently slandered my
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beautiful, diverse, progressive city for his own personal l >> meantime oregon's governor said federal agents who have clashed with protesters in portland begin what she called a phased withdrawal. governor kate brown said the agents will begin leaving the downtown area tomorrow. attorney general william barr speaking before congress yesterday defended the decision to send armed federal agents into the city this month. the vallejo police department making its use of force analysis available to the public. they just unveiled a new interactive dashboard on its website. it provides detailed data from 2017 through 2019 during which incidents. the dashboards will be updated on an annual basis. the city of larkspur has temporarily removed the sir francis drake statue from the landing.
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there were planned demonstrations tomorrow to chair the statue down. it is standing on the larkspur shoreline before it was removed this morning. last month the city council held a workshop to discuss the statue were dozens shared their perspectives at some said the planned ministrations could be potentially unsafe. the council decided to remove the statue to promote public safety. some protesters are happy to see it gone. >> the statue sir francis drake was a physical menace the cessation of systemic racism. he is a person that benefited which is one of the most racially inequitable places in the country, you would have the symbol of a slaver. >> city council meets and invites people to come and share their thoughts again. santa clara county leaders denouncing president trump's recent memorandum excluding
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us totdeteg congional reesentati o demands and what it demands clearly and plainly, that every person is a person. it's not about citizenship. it's not about status. it's whether you are a human being. it's that simple. it is plainly unconstitutional. it is plainly illegal to try to discount some people as people. >> the memorandum comes at a critical point in time when nearly 30% of santa clara county households have not completed the census. an update from san francisco. right now fire crews on the lookout hotspots after a massive fire broke out near 13th and pull some yesterday. blaze went through six businesses unsent smoke pouring into the east bay. hours before the five-alarm blaze erupted, firefighters extinguished a late monday night mattress fire at a
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homeless encampment in the neighborhood. authorities say two buildings were completely destroyed and four others were severely damaged. de h authoes say &e did not ignite the blaze and were downed as a result of the fire as were transformers. right now 3r without a home and an injured san francisco firefighter is recovering. crews remain on the scene for 3 to 4 days extinguishing hot spots and no word on what sparked the fire. back to the coronavirus coverage. infectious disease specialists are setting up a free pop-up covid-19 testing site at the mission station. it will be available for 3 weeks starting today and aimed at the latino population. employees have access to a fast track lane. >> we are targeting essential
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workers and darers and people along the 24th street antry to help and make sure we get this thing under control. >> since the pandemic began, city hospitals have seen an influx of latino patients many of whom continue to work essential jobs. saint superintendent gave an update this morning on distance learning and on school reopening plans for the fall. >> as we have always said, safety has to be paramount and safety first. as we always said, we want to open the school unless it's safe to do so in many if not most of our district have declared a plan to open and distance learning and to continue to monitor with conditions to see if there is a safe ability to open for in- person instruction. >> we brought you the superintendent's update first year on cbsn bay area and you
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can stay connected 24/7 by streaming it on and other digital devices. as plans change leading up to the fall term, you can keep tabs on your bay area school districts by going to to school. the white house coronavirus task force is designated 21 states including california is a red zone because of their high coronavirus counts. it is morning five more states could be next. nearly 150,000 americans have died of the virus. in florida, hospital cases are starting to stabilize but the statewide positivity rate is over 10%. in alabama, 20 members of the church tested positive after a service this month with people and despite being a red zone state, some schools are back in session in mississippi. president trump paying a visit to texas today as coronavirus cases past the 400,000 mark. he is combining campaign
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fundraising with a visit to an oil and gas rig in midland. he is going to talk about restoring energy dominance. time is running out for lawmakers to pass a new coronavirus relief package before unemployment benefits expire for millions of americans . skyler henry has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: treasury secretary steven mnuchin joined president trump as he left for texas and said there is still a lot of negotiating to do with lawmakers on a new coronavirus relief package. >> as of now we are veryha at work . >> reporter: millions of americans set to lose extended unemployment benefits this week if congress doesn't act, but republicans have yet to reach a consensus among themselves much less with democrats. >> two republican torowould be lucky to get even half of thblican conferencet defended the administration's
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decision to include $2 billion for a new fbi building as part of the bill. >> we have that in the bill. >> reporter: president trump also defended his decision to retreat a video promoting the drug hydroxychloroquine. the fda has warned people against taking it for covid-19. twitter, facebook and youtube have all deleted the video for making false claims about covid including saying it's a cure for the virus and masks are unnecessary. the doctor in the video spirit under their misinformation like claiming dna from aliens is used in medical treatments. >> i was very impressed by her. i know nothing about her and i have never seen her before, but certainly you should put her up and let her have a voice. >> reporter: president trump's coronavirus response hasn't resonated with america. 64% of respondents say that u.s. efforts to handle the virus are going badly and the 7% say the president specifically is doing a bad job. skyler henry, cbs news, the white house. john lewis of georgia has
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left the u.s. capitol for the last time. his casket was carried out of the u.s. capitol in a departure ceremony this morning. house members watched and been for well. the civil rights icon was honored in the nation's capital for the past two days at his casket was taken to atlanta. a live look where he will lie in state at the georgia state capitol and be honored in a funeral service tomorrow. coming up, a hack attack at the vatican. who was linked to the breach? along for and a half months, but finally oakland is open to the public today. watching gray skies on the golden gate bridge camera this afternoon. we talk about what you can expect with stronger onshore flow was slightly cooler temperatures today and a warm- up in store as we go through the week. the full forecast coming up. and kpix working to bring
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you positive stories during this difficult time. check them out at want restaurants to open? and schools? want the economy to get back on track? you're not alone. and you can help make it happen. stay 6 feet apart. waagainst covid-19.t do your part.
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slow the spread.
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e ens to the pu today, but animal lovers can expect new health fr officials. kpix 5 reporters explain how the zoo plans to keep its guests safe . >> reporter: for all of you exhausted parents in the east bay who have been chomping at the bit trying to get the kids out of the house, rejoice! now it's opening this morning.
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the oakland zoo didn't open until 9:00 a.m. but this 4-year-old was here an hour early. are you excited? >> yeah! >> reporter: what's it like? >> it's been a challenge but a good one. we have a trampoline for them. >> reporter: the oakland zoo open to the public for the first time today since the lockdown went into effect in mid-march. there are some changes to keep in mind. first off, visitors must resort an arrival time online in order to prevent a mad rush and overcrowding at the entrance. once inside, you will notice there's more room to move around and stay six feet apart sanitizer stations throughout the park and all animal exhibits are open except for the playground, bunkhouse and reptiles which are close because they are indoors. the gondola is open with cleaning after every trip but the sky ride is closed. despite the changes, dennis is happy to have one more option
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to help get them through the pandemic. >> so great to be out of the house. >> reporter: alameda county was one of the last in the state to get a variance in the oakland zoo was months away from running out of money and handing over the reins to the city of oakland. how close are you to the worst case scenario? >> we had remaining at the end of july $2.2 million left and we burn about $1.2 million a month. so we had about three months of reserves left. >> reporter: should there be a second wave of coronavirus and another major lockdown, the zoo said they should be okay. can the zoo whether something like tt hink big differences now we are regarded more like a state park or amusement park. so the pathways can be kept safe. even if there is a surge in cases in alameda county, as long as we can make sure there is no transmission at the oakland zoo and people are safe, we should be able to stay open. >> reporter: in oakland, kpix
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5. to wall street and the dow is up at the moment more than 140 points . the federal reserve announced it will keep short-term interest rates at the record low. hackers linked to the chinese government have infiltrated networks in the vatican including the roman catholic church's hong kong representative. it comes as nevada king in beijing were going to begin talks over the renewal of a 28 team deal that stabilize relationships between china and the church. the time for check of the weather. and mary lee has th this afternoon. >> good afternoon to you both. we are looking at sunshine and catching some clearing around the bay. and of course clouds along the coast. a live look with the roof camera and you start to see some blue sky out there. we will show you our temperatures. as we look at your new time our and what you can expect, we are
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looking at temperatures all over the place. looking at the upper 50s in san francisco. 60 in oakland. in the upper 60s in santa rosa. 76 in concord. 80 degrees in livermore. one of the warmer spots this afternoon. looking at the 24 hour temperature change, anywhere from a degree or two warmer than this time yesterday. palo alto and san jose, but a little bit cooler in other spots. concord 4 degrees cooler compared to yesterday this time. 2 degrees cooler in santa rosa and napa. through your afternoon, cool, cloudy and breezy along thou 60 in the upper 70s, 80s and even into the low 90s for some of the warmest locations with that sunshine inland. steady sea breeze coming in an strong onshore flow is why some
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locations are cooler compared to yesterday at this time. typical summer weather pattern continues the next several days. warmer starting tomorrow through the weekend. as we take you hour by hour on futurecast, tonight you see low clouds and areas of fog returning along the coast right around the bay. that continues into tomorrow withlow clou in areas of fog me moving back in and then pulling back out. now we show you temperatures. 87 in concord. livermore this afternoon 63. and cool along the coast. and the extended forecast, warming up as we look to thursday, friday and especially saturday and the warmest days out of the extended forecast. back to you. coming up on kpix 5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area, they are normally on opposite sides of the blue line, but see how some inmates rush to help the deputy in trouble. a reminder that kpix 5 has a new app that you can get 24/7 access to cbsn bay area
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inmates at a county jail in georgia are being hailed as heroes by law enforcement. >> they came to the aid of a corrections deputy suffering from a cardiac emergency. they witnessed him lose consciousness, fall to the floor and hit his head and immediately sprang into action. they started banging on the doors until the deputy was able to collect himself and open a cell door and inmates rush to his aid and radioed for help. jail staff arrived in seconds to help out. >> i never thought twice about doing it and i know he wouldn't think twice about doing anything to save me or anyone else in here. and needing help. >> the inmates heroic story gather 115,000 lights online in half a day.
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coming up, a twist on breakfast
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coming up at 5:00 we will have the latest on san mateo county being added to the state's watch list and what it p 5:00. >>o ands team up for a twist on breakfast. dunkin' partnering with post to
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