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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 13, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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keep safe and keep it golden. right now at 7:00, >> when the digits hit triple it is miserable out there. >> get ready for day after day of relentlessly. the team coverage as parts of the bay area get ready to scorch. breaking details from southern california, a new wildfire in the last few hours while another has been burning for 24 hours with no containment. the fire geek, guys were staging in my property and i said we are going in this is getting crazy we are out of here. >> some of twists and a murder on the peninsula. parents attacked by their daughters stalker and then she fights back. and one very close call and a
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man in a wheelchair stuck on the railroad tracks. wait until you see what happens next. >> i was thinking that it felt like the train was already in my face. breaking news. within the past two hours police announced an arrest in yesterday scary and deadly shooting near target at fourth and mission. 23-year-old josc facing murder and firearms charges after police found him hiding in a nearby parking structure. still no word on the victim's name or motive. >> right now on the news at seven streaming on cbsn bay area. some parts of the bay area are starting to see days of triple digit heat. today is just the beginning. good evening. >> we have live team coverage, but first a social worker we just spoke to said it best about the heat. >> when the digits hit triple, it is just miserable out there
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and for many of our elderly and disabled and for many folks who live on the street, they need some kind of refuge to get out of that killer heat. >> paul is here now and the next several days are going to be above 100 degrees in many parts of the area and it is not going away. it looks like tomorrow will be the hottest day but that does not mean a lot of relief is in stores we get into the weekend and next week and as of today was not t enough it was record high in santa rosa with a high of 97 with a record of 96 and concord got up to 101 and the record was 100 degrees. we will get close to record territory again tomorrow and here the high temperatures across the bay area for friday around the bay and temperatures will be well into the 80s. 85 and downtown should be the warmest so far in 2020 and even mid-to upper 70s along the coast and 90s and triple digit heat will be common in inland portions of the bay area at least in part of the north bay and close to 110 e. of the diablo range and we will take a look at how we will be close to
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those records and these will be the highs and we won't be this hot all day but we will break it down in a few minutes. a statewide flex alert starts tomorrow afternoon to help the power grid during high demand. ondrea is live in walnut creek. you are roasting earlier today but it was so hot out there. >> reporter: you know, it was flirting with 100 out here in walnut creek. it has cooled out a bit only if you stand in the shade but in the middle of the pandemic everyone has had the pivot multiple times and the heat wave is one more example. as the bay area prepares for an august heat wave in the middle of the pandemic, even the simple act of cooling down becomes complicated. take the cooling center in pleasant hill. during a typical heat wave it has cold water and snacks and air-conditioning for 52 people but with covid-19 social
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distancing protocols, that number is/to 11. >> cooling centers and the malls and a lot of the shops were people would go like starbucks and mcdonald's, those are closed for access. so people can come here and sit. >> reporter: getting inside requires a health screening and mask and keeping the power and air-conditioning on during the heat wave not to mention distance learning and work from home is a priority for the california public utility commission. >> the consequences are not merely questions of inconvenience but questions of can i pay my rent this month or feed my family this month or power my medical equipment because i need to live. >> reporter: pacific gas & electric said power shut off will be more localized and shorter as the height of wildfire season approaches. >> the performance last year was awful in terms of how we did it so in fact that became my number one objective to close that gap. >> reporter: sunrise bistro and
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catering spent $12,000 to get their patio and parking lot ready for outdoor dining only to add another cost today water misting to keep diners cool. >> we have 12 pop-up canopies to hopefully help with the heat and we had the water misters and we hope for the best. >> reporter: back out here live in walnut creek, a lot of the restaurants have set up outdoor dining and set up those misters to keep diners here because of course these are lifelines for some of these restaurants right now, this outdoor dining since we still have not moved into the phase of the pandemic we have indoor dining. there trying to keep the doors open and stay afloat at this point and deal with the heat now. live in walnut creek. with information on cooling centers and how to beat the heat on our website right now. the fire watch right now and crews are battling to big wildfires threatening homes in southern california. one in the mountains near azusa and the other near santa clarita. the one in azusa flames spreading rapidly and dry
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conditions burning 600 acres in just four hours and one community has been evacuated tonight and at one point the flames came dangerously close to some homes but a change in the wind set that fire toward the angeles national forest instead. at the same time over 1000 firefighters are now trying to defend homes from a 10,500 acre fire that has been burning in the lake hughes area and those flames quickly exploded after sparking yesterday in the angeles national forest. so far there is still no containment. they have been working in 90b0 heat with low humidity for most of the day. >> the fire guys were staging on my property and they said you have to die and we are going and we are out of here and it was getting crazy. >> that is why this move was surprising and early in the
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year and not primarily wind driven and the fact that increased in size so rapidly was somewhat of a rare event. >> we have been fortunate with the wind so far but as you can see right now we are starting to get gusts of wind coming up. >> at 7:00 we are learning the suspect in a deadly's having rampage in redwood city may have been stalking one of the victims. the palo alto daily post reports a 20-year-old woman fought back and killed 23-year- old whaley chung tuesday after he attacked and killed her mother and wounded her father. >> they attack the suspect himself, and he was stabbed in the process. >> he was arrested in may for allegedly making threats against the family. the post reports that he was free awaiting a hearing. and an unprovoked attack outside a jack-in-the-box in pittsburgh with a screwdriver. the suspect is under arrest. police say the man was stabbed in the hand and back and has been treated at the hospital. now they say human error
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may be to blame for a series of water main breaks in and around the city of berkeley. customers in albany and emeryville and oakland were also affected when more than a dozen underground pipes burst near sacramento and university yesterday evening. >> this was just a river here . >> it was a foot deep right here. >> all the way over here. that is a lot of water. >> i heard the toilet starting to bubble so i think it is slowly returning now. >> that is an important appliance by the way. >> indeed it is. >> they say a valve may have been opened a little too quickly causing a pressure surge that punched out the nearly centuries old pipes. up next the heart stopping rescue northern california just in the nick of time. >> they want $25 billion, billion, for the post office. >> he doesn't want an election.
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>> the question looming in washington, will the post office get a boost of cash before the election? the newly released prisoners now getting hope your new housing on treasure island. >> this is a terrible wrong committed against these women and making it right. temperatures tomorrow will have you sweating and we are talking mid 80s in the city and 106 in concord and fifth tainted 20 degrees above normal of across the board and we will look at where we go into the weekend coming up in your
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this is one of those videos you have to look at. it is unbelievable. a heart stopping rescue to show
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you. a police officer had her body camera rolling when she made a split-second decision to save a life. >> stuck on the tracks and am trying to get him off. can you get them? can you get up? get up. get up get up get up. >> i need an ambulance now. >> unbelievable timing. just to be there at the right time and that is officer erika rea risking her life to pulley stranded wheelchair user from the path of an oncoming freight train. it was moving. she did it with no time to spare. >> i was thinking back and thought it felt like the train was right in my face and
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looking back at the video, it practically was in my face. >> if one of my family members needed help i would hope that someone would do that and that it was the situation. >> the person aboard the wheelchair suffered a slight leg injury and he is recovering in the hospital tonight. take a live look from our treasure island camera looking back at the city of san francisco and it is even warm in san francisco tonight and will get warmer tomorrow and paul is here. paul, this is just beginning. we teased folks about the fog and i can do that because i am a native but it will change, isn't it. we will get a break in the fog for a while and it won't disappear entirely but the story will be the warmer than normal temperatures with partly cloudy skies right now but despite the clouds that will stick around into early tomorrow, we will warm up. tomorrow it does look like the hottest day we see in the long stretch of above average temperatures but that does not mean we are in for comfortable
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weather anytime soon but not quite as hot over the weekend and still some hot weather next week. when the weather heats up it means the humidity drops and it is one of the ingredients that gets factored into the fire danger index which is around 405 for solano and napa county today, but the good news is well the temperatures will go up which means the humidity goes down, the wind won't be strong so the fire dangers on friday will top out around two or three in the say scale from 0 to 10 with temperatures into the 90s and low 100s and it is farther up the scale but the lack of a strong breeze will help us out and maybe a little further up the scale especially for napa and solano counties and eastern counties and again on saturday. but even when the numbers are down to two or three it does not mean the fire danger is zero. you still have to be fire aware and there have been a few spotty fires around the bay area today
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but nothing nearly as large as what they are dealing with in southern california. some clouds and sunshine out there right now with 71 downtown and not bad for 7:00 in the evening and 78 in oakland and 80 in santa rosa and san jose and low 90s and, toward in livermore with high temperatures at or above 100 degrees in concord in livermore and it will get hotter tomorrow and hour by hour temperatures will start up in the 60s and the computer model that indicates some spots for antioch in livermore starting up in the 70s and this is the raw computer data and i have not messed with the numbers so let's wind it forward and see where we are by lunchtime. we are hot and above the average high temperatures by noon and upper 70s and low to mid 80s around the bay and 90 in the santa clara valley and into the mid-90s further inland in the east bay. you keep going forward and the computer is underestimating antioch a bit. you will be close to 110 and 106 in concord and 109 in fairfield and northbay 100 and mid temperatures around the bay and that is exceptionally hot even for the middle of august and for the santa clara valley mid-
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to upper 90s and some spots above 100. so take it easy and stay hydrated. it is constant stuff but it bears repeating because it is the hottest weather we have had here and excessive heat warnings in these areas and they kick in at 11:00 in the morning and inside of that the orange spots are heat advisories which is one level lower but it still means you have to exercise caution and don't overexert yourself. how close are we to record territory? 1b0 off in the city and tying a record in san jose and santa rosa and livermore just 1b0 off the record temperature of 106 and concord likely to break a record as well and we do back off a bit as we head into the weekend and inland the temperature does not represent the hottest temperature we will see it is the average. so between 98 and 110 for high temperatures tomorrow and we back off a little saturday and sunday but it will still be hot inland and back near triple digits monday through wednesday and around the bay temperatures will still be well into the 70s with low 80s on the east side of the bay through the middle of next week and i will have an
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update on the heat and the weekend forecast at 11:00. here the top national headlines. president trump wrapping up a phone interview with fox news where he said he would not give more money to the post office and why democrats wanted. >> they want $25 billion, billion, the post office. now they need that money in order to have the post office work so i can take over these millions and millions of ballots. >> he doesn't want an election. >> democratic challenger joe biden accuses the president of trying to sabotage the boat and he and kamala harris are calling for nationwide mask mandate for at these the next three months. >> protect your fellow citizens. step up. do the right thing. >> as of july 3, more than 20
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million californians were registered to vote. that is 2 million more than in 2016 and 83% of eligible voters which is the highest percentage heading into a general election in almost 70 years. you have until october 19 the register. let's take a live look at the state capital tonight and the governor responding to parents who allege the state is violating their constitutional rights with his school reopening plans. and a formal opposition brief the state said parents are relying on inaccurate and outdated believes that kids can't spread covid-19 at school and the state says people of all ages are susceptible. the hearing is set for monday. coming up next, move over, grapes. could have become the new cash crop in one bay area county? >> i think hemp has a lot more uses that we have not explored yet. >> these are women who have endured unspeakable violence and painfully and unjustly ended up in prison. >> you will meet the former prisoners now getting a chance to turn their lives around while living on treasure
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island. and then later, are you tired of your toddler watching a screen all day?
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move over grapes, a new contender vying to become the top crop in sonoma county. this to a half acre plot is part of the first legal hemp
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crop in the county since the 1920s and hemp is essentially marijuana without the thc and cultivation was legalized nationally in 2018 but sonoma county just recently lifted a moratorium on growing the crop. >> i think hemp has a lot more uses that we have not started exploring it and thinking about building materials and thinking about textiles and all of those things and we have not looked at yet. >> there is a little bit of a mentality in certain places and i think some of the grape growers and winemakers have concerns about terpene drift from hemp or cannabis impacting the flavor and value of their wine. looking live at treasure island where some former inmates are getting their first taste of freedom and decades and all part of the first of its kind program in california and a dozen domestic violence survivors who served time for
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killing their abusers are getting a fresh start and they are moving into one of these two bedroom apartments on the island and the traditional transitional housing program was started by the five keys home free project. >> this is writing a terrible wrong. it is a place of safety. >> something new and refreshing that we can breathe. >> it is a renewed life. >> the housing is rent-free and subsidized in part by the city and women are expected to move in as early as this fall. coming up next a new way that kids can be just like mom well many people have such a misunderstanding
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finally tonight, the toy company fisher-price has come up with a way for kids to work from home right alongside their parents. it is called the my home office playset. you can see it has a laptop and a headset and for those very important zoom calls and it comes with a to go coffee cup. that is my favorite part. it is for those days when the workload is a little bit more demanding or all days really. i think it is a great idea. the one advantage to when we got a chance to anchor from home for a bit during this was the kids got to see what we do for a living. you know, it is not easy but that was one advantage >> some (birds chirping)
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