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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 22, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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october, we are going to stay dry. >> that is unfortunate. thank you so much. thanks for watching kpix5 news. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, october 22, 2020. i'm gayle king. president trump and joe biden prepare for their final presidential debate. we will talk strategy and what's on the line and a preview of what they told 60 minutes. >> some americans are being threatened over e-mail including messages with home addresses. whom the government says is to blame. >> a hospital stretched to the limit by the pandemic. the number of covid patients
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have more than tripled in the last monk -- month. we will talk to alex azar about it. >> and colorado, the state is in flames. people forced to evacuate. >> but first, the world in 90 seconds. >> with joe and kamala at the helm, it won't be so exhausting. >> the current president and previous one facing if off in two critical battleground states. >> no one battled harder for cooked hillary than obama. >> officials say that both iran and russia obtained voter information in an effort to create chaos.
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the senate judiciary have just voted 12-0 to send amy coney barrett to the senate. >> i went out and itwas black. pope francis is expressing support for same sex unions. back at the wall, it is gone! >> all of that and all that matters. >> 60 minutes, she said you are begging for women to love you. wait until you see. we have a surprise for "60 minutes." >> you attack cbs, you attack all of cbs, mr. president. don't make me unleash a young sheldon on you. stars reuniting for a fund-raiser. a fund-raiser about something as it's called. >> how bad do you want to see
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seinfeld in new york. cramer would be selling hand sanitizer he made in his tub. jerry will probably break up with a beautiful woman just because she wears her nose slightly below the nose. she is a nose nudist. i hope jerry seinfeld. that's a good idea. >> that's a great script. >> welcome. you agree to, tony. good to see you. >> i do. >> i'm glad to be home. i'm back in the basement as a precaution, but, you know, there is less rocking here than the rv. >> out of an abundance of caution. we are glad you are back with us even though you are at home-home. we are just hours away. thank you very much.
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>> we are just hours away from the final presidential debate. president trump and biden will share the stage in nashville. there will also be new rules this time after the president interrupted joe biden at least 73 times in the first debate in cleveland. >> this comes as president obama hits the trail to help biden deliver his closing arguments to the people. with millions voting and just 12 days to at the election, we have complete coverage. paula? >> these two foes met once again on the campaign trail yesterday. over the past four years, president trump has blamed president obama from lack of covid supplies to utilities he is not happy with at the white house. yesterday the former pred wesid went to must win pennsylvania
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while president trump went to north carolina. >> the covid is rounding the corner. >> reporter: president trump down plays covid to thousands of supporters last night. >> all you hear is covid, covid, covid. that's all they put on because they want to scare the help out of everyone. >> reporter: but more than 220,000 people in the u.s. have died from the virus and the country is seeing nearly 60 thousand new cases per day. the president boasted about what he had done. >> i could go on all night about the things we have done. >> reporter: earlier his predecessor offered a blistering response. >> so far that the president did nothing but screw this up is not
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true. >> reporter: former president obama asked voters packed into 200 cars in a drive-in rally asked them to reflect how things have changed since he left office. he pulled no punches and said the president had a secret chinese bank account. >> can you imagine if i had a secret chinese bank account when i was running for re-election? you think fox news might have been a little concerned about that? they would have called me beijing. >> reporter: biden's lead in pennsylvania has swung to just 8 points. >> the fact that we don't get 100% of what we want right away is not a good reason not to the
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vote. it means we have to vote and then get some change and then vote some more and then get some more change and then keep on voting until we get it right. >> reporter: biden did not have any public appearances on wednesday. instead he was focusing on preparing for tonight's debate. the former president is expected to campaign in miami. it shows that bind has just a 3-point lead in that must-with win state, well within the margin of error. >> speaking of tonight's debate. there will be new rules. in fact a new feature. muted microphones to give candidates opportunities to speak without being interrupted. there were about 70 interruptions last time around. nicole killian is in nashville. nicole, your microphone is on.
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what are you hearing from both campaigns? >> reporter: i hope it is on because the campaign tells me that president trump will abide by the rules even though it opposes the mikes. biden says he thinks it's a good idea. in an interview for 60 minutes, joe biden was pressed on packing the supreme court. here is what he said. >> if elected, i will put together a national commission, bipartisan commission of scholars, democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives, and i will ask them to over 180 days come back to me with recommendations with how to reform the court system because it's getting out of whack, the way it's being
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handled. it's not about court packing. there are a number of other things. i will look to see what commission that might make. >> so you are saying you will study the issue whether to pack the court. >> there are a number of other alternatives beyond packing. >> this is a live ball. >> it is a live ball. you have to do that. there are a lot of conservative scholars as well. the last thing we need to do is turn the supreme court into a political football, whoever has the most votes gets whatever they want. presidents come and go, but supreme court justices stay for generations. >> the president was pressed by leslie stahl about his priorities. >> what is the biggest domestic priority for you. >> ultimately it was happening. we created the greatest economy
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in the history of the country. >> you know that's not true. >> it is totally true. virtually every number is the best. things were coming together -- >> what is the priority. those are the good things. >> the priority is to get back to normal, get back to where we were, to have the company rage and be great with jobs and everybody be happy and that's where we are going and heading. >> who is our biggest foreign adversary? >> i would say china, they are an adversary, a competitor, a foe in many ways, but they are an adversary. what happened was disgraceful. they should never have allowed this plague to get out of china and go to the world. 188 countries. it never should have happened. >> reporter: the president cut
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that interview short. leslie stahl has a history of asking tough questions during the run up to an election. >> you can see more of both interviews sunday on 60 minutes on cbs. >> major garrett is joining us. we are down to the final stretch. have you heard of a focused closing argument from the president on what he intends to do? we have heard a lot of attacks and name calling. can you help us understand the strategy? >> there is one forming. you heard a little bit of it in the response to leslie stahl. the president saying i want the country to get back to a normal life. he said if you re-elect me i will get you back to your noroul life. he set that at advice aside until this week until a couple
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of people he is familiar with, when his former campaign manager was brought into the campaign nexus. he said you have to talk about getting america back to normal and joe biden. the president has wasted time taking the vying taking the advice he should have taken before. >> do voters care about this issue? >> not really. polling says it doesn't move the needle much. here is what the former vice president said. a commission means you are punting. for democrats, the key is electing joe biden and getting a
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democratic senate, so if something happens in the supreme court, you can change the law and overset what the supreme court rules. that's where the minds and democratic party are right now. winning the senate and presidency. >> the thinking is most people have made up their minds. with the undecided voters, and i know you know people on both sides, is this race closer than it appears to be? >> the trump people believe it is. they believe there is a hidden shy trump vote worth between 2 and 4 points. not detected, they know where it is and nobody else does. they do not expect, as every analyst does, record turnout. if the turnout is that much
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bigger, can the trump campaign find those new voters. the trump campaign believes possibly they can. but they assume the polls have not detected it. we will have the debate right here on cbs. >> there is controversy over a claim of interference with russia and iran. there were e-mails threatening people unless they voted for president trump. there is disagreement why they were sent. >> these actions are desperate attention by desperate a adversaries. >> it was said they obtained voter registration including
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home addresses and party affiliations. >> we have seen iran sending spoofed e-mails designed to intimidate voters, incite people and cause unrest. >> reporter: people familiar with the matter said they were set to register voters in multiple battleground states. and they were designed to appear to be sent from the far right proud boys group warning voters we will come after you if they didn't vote for trump. president trump hinted at foreign interference against him at yesterday's rally. >> iran doesn't want me to win. china doesn't want me to win. they want me to be defeated. >> but some are taking issue
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with ratcliff's thought. >> is this about undermining confidence in the democratic processor ultimately having the data to change someone's vote? >> this is overwhelmingly designed to diminish voter confidence. >> what does the cyber event tell us about the next two weeks? >> we will see a lot more of it. >> still, with comments made by fbi director c becker agrees with the director. >> you should be confident your vote counts. >> iran is calling claims baseless and false saying it makes no difference to them who wins the election. it is confirmed that president trump soured on the fbi director some months ago including issues
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such as voter fraud. there was no comment for our reporting. let's jump to colorado where historic wildfires are getting more intense. firefighters are battling a fire in northern colorado. grand lake people had to evacuate. it has burned approximately 6,000 acres every hour. >> the troublesome fire fills the sky with dark plumes of smoke. >> reporter: wind-filled flames threatened hundreds of home in the towns of granby and grand
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lake, just two hours from denver. officers traveled door to door urging residents to leave their homes volgfollowing a mandator e evacuation order. it is one of several fires currently burning across the state including the cameron peak fire which has burned over 200,000 acres, the most extreme in history. >> we are in an extreme drought. we need moisture to change that. >> an estimated 242,000 acres in colorado and wyoming are being affected by the wildfires. crews said they will look for snow in the coming weeks to help
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combat the fires. >> that's terrifying. a search and rescue searcher talks about a hiker. and the sister tells us more
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good morning. as we take a look at the roadways it is a foggy start at the golden gate bridge. it's not bad as far as drive times but you will have a little bit of trouble with limited visibility as you head through there. other than that, it's the usual stuff as you head into altamont pass. reports of a new crash west bound 580 at airway. an extreme fire danger with a new red flag warning for bay area hills and mountains. higher elevations above 1,000 feet and san mateo county coast until 8:00 a.m. friday.
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i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. nineteen limits taxes on seniors.
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it limits property tax on people like me. nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims. it says so right here. if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19.
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pope francis has stirred up an issue, how to treat same-sex couples. he says gay couples should be allowed to legally join in civil unions. good morning to you, seth. the pope's got everybody talking. this sounds like a big, big deal. >> p. >> reporter: good morning to you, gayle. yes, it is a big deal and a real departure from his predecessors. this is the first time we've ever heard a pope support same-sex civil unions.
7:31 am
the revelations came in a documentary about the pope's papacy. he said homosexuals have a right to be part of the family. it's a shift from what the church has been saying. this official document from 2003 opposes gay unions because they obscure basic more values and cause a devaluation of marriage. bishop thomas tobin of providence, rhode island, noted the pope's statement clearly contradicts what has been longstanding teaching. father thomas rece is a senior analyst with religious news service. what does this change for the church teaching? >> it doesn't change church
7:32 am
teaching. it changes the attitude toward civil law and what the pope is saying just like we don't oppose civil laws allowing divorce and remarriage, he doesn't oppose civil unions that would allow gay couples. in fact, he supports it because he feels that their rights need to be protected. >> reporter: he'd supported civil unions back when he was bishop of buenos aires as an alternative to gave marriage, which he has always opposed. still, melinda anders of massachusetts, who is married to a woman and has three kids appreciates this pope's softening of stance towards gays and lesbians. >> they're making progress toward inclusivity, which manse the world to me because i am a catholic. >> reporter: this sends a real message to country, places where there are still laws against gay people, people where gay people
7:33 am
can be discriminated against or killed. >> thank you very much. this morning the coronavirus crisis is escalating across america and in several other countries across the globe. more than 62,000 new cases of the illness yes, sir w niness w. wisconsin reported its highest number of covid deaths in a single day. in a cbs news exclusive, adriana diaz went inside wisconsin's largest hospital to see what patients and medical teams are up against. >> hi, sue. >> hi. >> how are you? >> reporter: 73-year-old sue pappas said she did everything she could to protect herself from the coronavirus. that's why she's angry she still ended up in the icu in
7:34 am
milwaukee. what do you say to people who don't believe this is real? >> i don't know what to say. i'm sitting here, i'm sicker than a god damn dog and it's real. >> reporter: how do you think she's going to do? >> i feel good about her. it's hard to say because we've seen people hang out on high oxygen for a week and then they need intubation and it happens fast. >> reporter: this nurse is 17 weeks pregnant. >> i struggle going to the gas station and someone is not wearing a mask. i am pregnant, i am a diabetic woman. i risk more going to the store than coming to work because we're all protected here. >> in the past month, the number of covid patients has tripled. this patient has been intubated.
7:35 am
>> the reason they're flipping him is because it's been proven to help people breathe better, one of the ways to help them survi survive. >> at one point, fatigue continues to kick in and how do we keep our staff fresh? >> reporter: it's been a marathon. >> it has been a marathon and we don't know when it's going to end. >> reporter: the nurses and doctors here say they're fueled by the people they're able to save. >> when we started this, i asked my husband, who fought in the war in afghanistan as a marine, how do you prepare for this battle? he told me to figure out what you're fighting for and keep that at the forefront. so this community, these patients, these families being affected by this, that's what i'm fighting for. >> for "cbs news this morning,"
7:36 am
adriana diaz. >> you cannot help but think about that, tony. >> absolutely. i said at the top it was a cbs news exclusive. we have covered grieving families and peep who have recovered from the virus, but what we're seeing is actual patients struggling i think that brings it home for americans who think i don't see it in my community, what's really going on here? we just showed you. >> and front line workers. a nurse working in the hospital is diabetic and 17 weeks pregnant. >> that's why it's hard to hear people say we've rounded a corner and have it under control. try telling that to people deal with it on an every day basis. >> and coming up, a mystery hiker. she said she wanted to go off the grid before she disappeared in the wilderness for 12 days.
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a search and rescue official involved in finding a missing hiker in utah has hold a local tv station that parts of her story do not add you. holly courtier of los angeles was rescued sunday, 12 days after she was last seen. the national park service says it's still investigating. carter evans spoke with courtier's sister who told us more about the circumstances leading to her disappearance and
7:42 am
rescue. >> she would have died for sure if we wouldn't have found her. >> reporter: jamie said her sister, holly, was severely mall fourish -- malnourished after two weeks missing in zion national park. >> she was crying to me saying she would pray to be found. >> reporter: her sister said she was planning a solo trip to the park and never told her family. >> she thought she would just go and be with nature. >> reporter: it sounded like she wanted to be off the grid. >> she did. she did not want to be off the grid for 12 days. >> reporter: she started fasting a couple of days before the trip and decided to keep fasting. >> so she became extremely weak very early on, the first day or two because she wasn't eating or drinking.
7:43 am
>> reporter: she said that made her sister extremely disoriented, at one point hitting her head on a tree, causing a concussion. >> she felt like it was a slow death. >> reporter: jamie says her sister was finally found by a woman and her son on a hike. >> we knew she had that hammock with her and they spotted the hammock in a strtree and called a tip. >> when we explained to her that's not a normal thing to do, you can go off the grid properly and not have people be concerned, i think she now punderstand that. she didn't mean to cause worry. >> for "cbs this morning," i'm carter evans. >> we echo what warter said. we're glad that she's safe and
7:44 am
sound, but now there seems to be more to the story. >> it's hard to be fasting when you go into a smaller life? are your asthma treatments just not enough?
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7:49 am
justice and reform in nigeria. nigeria took to the streets. humanitarian groups claim officers have carried out widespread abuses, including torture and killings. calls for justice escalated on tuesday when soldiers and police opened fire on protesters. amnesty international says at least a dozen people were killed. beyonce is a star speaking up. she wrote, "i am heartbroken to see the senseless brutality taking place in nigeria. to our neigerian sisters and brothers, we are with you. joe biden has condemned it, rihanna, kanye west.
7:50 am
>> i was told that, you know, we talked about the protests that were happening over george floyd here in the u.s. having gone global, but no one is paying atention to what is happening in nigeria. >> and the protests there had been largely peaceful. >> they had been peaceful. the #nsars has been trending. we stood with america when you were protesting police brutality, please stand with us that's why it's good when you talk about it when. you see how they operate, it's very, very frightening. not okay. >> all right. the performers at last night's cmt music awards did not disappoint. watch. ♪ smoke was coming off my jacket, didn't seem to mind ♪ >> she's one of my favorite country music stars. i love her. she was just one of the artists who took part in the remote show that was shot outdoors.
7:51 am
carrie underwood earned her eighth career trophy in the video of the year category for her song "drinking alone" and she won female video of the year. taylor swift joined the show to present. >> carrie underwood now has 22 total cmt awards. >> and to think we met her through "american idol." >> and i called it. i was like she was going to be huge. >> she's bona fide star. >> and also one of my favorite categories in the quarantined video of the year. >> it's so great to see music. performances are so true. >> quentin tweeted this picture
7:52 am
of his great grandmother and she was born during the spanish pandemic and said if she it who continue to show you and vote. remember, the 19th amendment was not ratified until 1920 but she wasn't able to right until her 40s because of the voting rights act. >> i love how carefully she's looking a the that ballot. >> i noticed that, too. because it matters! >> a look at tonight's high stakes presidential debate and what each candidate whats to do to build momentum. stay with us. s, i really saw the challenge of climate change. we want to be sustainable, but when you have a truck covering over 300 miles, or you have flights going hundreds of miles, it's a bit more challenging. we are letting the data guide us to the best solution. it's inspiring to try to solve a problem that no one else has solved. that's super exciting.
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>> it is thursday, october 22, 2020. welcome back to cbs this morning. i'm gayle king with tony and what is voting like for americans overseas. >> coronavirus cases soaring in this country again. we'll ask when the vaccine will be available. >> and more in our series of a
8:01 am
more perfect union. >> first today's opener at 8:00. we are hours away from the final debate. president trump and joe biden will share the stage in nashville. >> biden did not have any public appears. he was preparing for the day bait. >> i am told president trump will abide even though it opposed the muted mics. >> and claims over ichbter feerns from iran and russia. >> saying it makes no difference to them who wins the election. >> hundreds of fire crews are badling a blaze in northern colorado that grew dramatically. >> what else does biden have going for him? he has none other than barack obama who appeared at a rally in
8:02 am
philadelphia. one of those drive-in rallies. a big crowd, a diverse crowd. ford fiesta, even a volkswagen tiaguan made it. >> a different way of campaigning. >> you see tony is not at the table but tony is very much here after his swing-state road trip. out of an abundance of caution, you are home. >> it is a lot better here. there is less rocking and i also have my own bathroom, which i appreciate. i love my colleagues. >> home looks real good after five days on the road even in the basement. >> democrats are getting a big boost on the campaign trail from
8:03 am
a popular figure in the party, former president barack obama hit the road supporting his former vice president joe biden. he said biden is the only candidate who can heel our country's divide and he attacked president trump on everything from the coronavirus response to his ability to lead. >> i get that this president wants full credit for the economy he inherited and zero blame for the pandemic that he ignored. you know what, the job doesn't work that way. america is a good and decent place. we've seen so much noise and nonsense that sometimes it is hard for us to remember. >> mr. obama will also speak in florida on saturday. in the meantime, president trump went back to the key swing state of north carolina for another rally. the latest polls have the president trailing there by a small margin after he won the
8:04 am
state in 2016. >> joe biden was not on the campaign trail yesterday, he was in delaware preparing for tonight when the candidates will face off in the final debate in nashville. the microphones will be muted at times. this is a change. this could be a critical moment overall when president trump trails joe biden overall and in key swing states like pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. we are joined by our guests. i'll begin with you, the president appears to be trailing in the polls. do you believe he has some ground to make up and if so, how does he do it? >> thanks for having me. there is always room to make up
8:05 am
ground into matter where you are at. ahead or behind. number one, if you do look at those polls, they are not that much different than they were four years ago. the averages are pretty close to the same. if you look at the day before the election 2016, they are not that far off. everyone was writing off donald trump in 2016, he pull it had off. how does he do it, number one? let him talk. let him explain his plan on the supreme court unhacking and isis. what happened to terrorism around the world under his watch. what is his position on taxes? he wants to increase taxes on small businesses that employ 95% of the people. what about energy. he said he was for the green new deal and now he's not. he was against fraking, now he's for fraking. the last thing i would say to the president, have fun.
8:06 am
be happy. let biden talk and let him explain away. >> we'll see if that version of president trump comes to debate tonight. >> valerie, similar question to you. we heard reince just say he should just let the former vice president talk. open mic time can be hazard. what does joe biden do to avoid a pit fall? >> i don't think he's worried about any pit falls. he's looking forward to speaking directly to the american people about what he's going to do to bring us back from this horrific pandemic and also to build back our economy to make sure nobody gets left behind. he is not going to raise taxes on anyone who makes less than $400 thour. he intends to help small
8:07 am
businesses grow and follow the science and do it as inexclusion. he says, i'm running as a democrat but i'm going to be a president for all of america. that is refreshing. >> reince, unconfirmed reports is that you've been working with the president to prepare him for tonight. is that true? >> that's not true. i'm certainly talking to the president and the team, a whole group of us. the 2016 crew, the 2020 crew, we've all come together to do everything we can to help the president and snartz and our party win and have the best year with we can. i do think it will be close. you look at the early vote and absentee balloting, it is a lot closer than many realize. the president won by 18% in rural america four years ago, that number is up 28%. it will be interesting how
8:08 am
suburban america and urban america come together. >> 40 million people have already voted so far. the record turn outnumbers. what does that say to you? >> when that says to me is that there is a lot of enthusiasm for this race and i think for joe biden. we are seeing big numbers in our cities across the country, unfortunately, long lines, that is atrocious that united states can't pull off an election without that. i do agree with r aerch ince that it tightths in the end. if you see joe biden is leading, please don't let that make you come placent to stay home. get out early. for safety, take reasonable precautions as well. wear a mask, social distance.
8:09 am
>> president obama hit the road. held nothing back. when you watched him speak to candidly with a clear message. they says it unprecedented to see him speak that way. is it personal for him? >> it is totally about the country, gayle. he is so frustrated with the way the trump administration has dropped the ball and how they've handled the covid-19. the rhetoric, the tone, the lack of acknowledgment that we have racial healing that has to be done in this country. the way he does not take an inclusive view of our country and the messages we've sent around the world. people used to look at the united states as a beacon of hope. now they are scratching their heads as best. he enjoyed it. as the race closes down, he wanted to go back to pennsylvania, a state he won
8:10 am
twice with the help of joe biden who is from scranton. it was a powerful and honest message and a wake-up call to everyone still not sure they want to vote. >> a good debate, a different trump for tonight? >> i think if you look back at thetown hall president trump did with sammaantha guthrie, he got high marks on that tough interview and he'll handle it the same way tonight. >> thank you guys for taking time with us. >> prime time coverage starts tonight at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific here on cbs. ahead the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine. we'll ask health and human services
8:11 am
8:12 am
there is much more news ahead for you. millions of americans living overseas can face additional hurdles when it comes time to vote. that is not stopping them. >> here at the u.s. embassy in london, americans are dropping off their ballots. we'll shoel you how a surge in overseas voting could prove decisive in this election. hmm!.. hmm!.. hmm!..
8:13 am
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the cdc is warning about a distressing trend in the pandemic. coronavirus cases are increasing in nearly 75% of the country. over the past week the u.s. averaged almost 60,000 new case as day. the country is also seeing an average of more than 700 deaths a day with a total now above 222,000, more than 1,100 people died just yesterday. health and human services secretary alex azar has called the trends concerning he joins us now. good morning, mr. secretary. thanks for being with us. you said we're only weeks away from a safe and effective vaccine. when do you believe it would be widely available to the general population? >> well, anthony, just to clarify, i think weeks to months we can't predict exactly when we'll get data. so there are independent data and safety monitoring board that will have to review the data.
8:18 am
drug company will have to determine data meets their standards and none of this happens until we get enough events in those clinical trials and we have no control over that. what we've said is that we believe because thanks to president donald trump we're manufacturing all six vaccines at commercial scale right now. we believe by the end of this year we would have enough fda authorized vaccine to vaccinate our most vulnerable people by the end of january, enough vaccine for all of our seniors and health care workers and first responders and by the end to march to early april enough for all americans. >> health experts, mr. secretary, say a vaccine won't immediately get us back to normal. we could need to be taking precautions like wearing a mask well into next year. so how long do you think we're going to be living like this? >> i don't want to speculate like that. let's get the vaccines up and running, let's get the vaccination program going, let's see the effect that they have in terms of increasing what we would call herd immunity from
8:19 am
vaccination and then let's also see, we hope we'll have these monoclonal antibody as the next generation treatments to help reduce severity and impact of this disease. but let's take it one day at a tame rather than trying to forecast what things are going to look like many months from now. >> politico is reporting this morning, mr. secretary, that you are openly plotting the ouster of fda chief steven hahn over his requirement of stricter safely models. do you have a proper lem with t -- problem h the fda chief? >> absolutely not. we're working to the and the commissioner has nmade the
8:20 am
decision the fda will make the decision whether to approve vaccines. those calls are made by top career officials by the fda and i 100% support that approach. >> so you're confident he can lead the vaccine effort? >> absolutely. >> i wanted to ask you, lawyers appointed by a judge to find parents who were separated from their children at the border say they ever can't locate or reach the families of 545 of those children. those kids are under hhs care, which obviously you're in charge of. what is your plan for those children? >> so, anthony, let's be clear. you made a very substantial misstatement there. no child within our care is from any of the separation policies. that work by the aclu with the court was under court order to look back to some activity that occurred back in 2017. noe of the children associated with that are in our care. they're all out in foster care or, more importantly, with
8:21 am
family members here in the united states. we are reviewing that filing and will certainly work with the court on any proceedings related to that. >> the cdc meanwhile has updated its guidance on how the coronavirus can spread from person to person. can you explain this new guidance and how perhaps we need to better pro tesht otect ourse? >> first we're learning every day about the virus. second, the cdc will update guidance on recent studies. and third, the guidance says we in the past said to be a close contact of somebody who might be infectious you needed to have 15 minutes of continuous unbroken contact with them, within six feet. now the caution is that you might need if you have iritive interactions within that six feet, that you might also be a
8:22 am
close contact. it's a real call to action to reiterate, wash your hands, watch your distance and when you cannot watch your distance, wear your face coverings to protect yourself and others and stay out of settings where you can't do those things. it's an up-to-day reminder of the real importance of practicing those three ws. >> thank you for being with us this morning. >> ahead, a 12-year-old composer is helping to inspire more diversity in classical music. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:23 am
8:24 am
cbs will be airing a brand new special called "every vote
8:25 am
counts." it's hosted by alycia keys, america ferrara and kerry washington. it's o important good morning. it's 8:25. as you hit the road, dealing with a bit of fog across golden gate bridge, a fog advisory by chp. limited visibility may be a factor as you work your way across the span. still busy across east shore freeway out of richmond into berkeley and sluggish, 22 minutes over there to the maze. we are talking about dangerous fire weather conditions with a new red flag warning until 8:00 a.m. friday for north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys,
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:30 am
we have an update on a story we've been following. nasa has released some the goal is -- that's a simulation, that second shot. the goal, i love this, guys, the goal is to finally understand how our universe came to be.
8:31 am
we're going to have to wait for 2023 apparently for the rocks to come back. but i want an answer. i'm also curious, maybe they found an instruction manual that can tell us what we're supposed to be doing here on earth because sometimes it seems like we can't figure it out. >> this is actual video of the mission. >> that's video. >> the other was an animation. they don't actually have camera crews on the asteroid. >> i was thinking that animation is really good. >> they shot this really well. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." tony, we're going to go right back to you because you got pole position today. >> very good. i've got something unique here and it's exclusive to ctm. it what we' it's what we're calling the sound of our political divide. it exclusive data from spotify that shows what people in red and blue states are listening to in the run-up to the election. now, blue states apparently
8:32 am
favor pop music more than any other genre, while red states, true to cliche, i guess, they seem to prefer con ttemporarcon. blue states include taylor sw , swift, bts and the red states likes turnpike, troubadours and zach bryan and casey donahew. >> and it's called the play your part voting campaign. there are 52,000 different play lists people have made on spotify tagged voting, related to voting. as we look at these long line, i think we're getting a peek into what people may be listening to to pass the time. i'll give you three of those songs on people's voting play lists. top songs include "this is
8:33 am
america" -- >> great song. >> "achange is going to come" by sam cook and "revelation" by the beatles. >> sorry. god, i tried so hard not to sneeze. >> bless you. >> my nose is about to come off and it will not be pretty. the beatles song will never be gone. >> and listen to a song pink released yesterday for breast cancer awareness. ♪ those who love you, guardian angels above you ♪ ♪ and think about when pink is jut another color ♪ >> the song features dolly parton, monica, jordan sparks, rita wilson and sara essential.
8:34 am
it point to a day when breast cancer no longer exists. each artist shares a connection to breast cancer. wilson is a survivor and the others have friends or family who have been affected by the disease. a portion of proceeds from the song will benefit susan g. coleman breast cancer foundation. >> i was going to choose that as my song this morning but it was already chosen. >> it's a really, really good song. and you can get it on itunes. >> great to see ul of them. >> go rita wilson. a maryland woman celebrated her 102nd birthday by what? sky diving. you heard me right. you go miss milley bailey. >> that is not animation. that's real. >> that's the real deal. >> she jumped out of a plane attached to a partner.
8:35 am
she said she was inspired by former president bush who jumped out of a plane. >> i always thought it would be a thrill. at one point when we was tumbling in the air, i felt like i was by myself. i thought where did the paratrooper go? >> i love her. she 1943. look at her! she's a long-time community activist. yesterday a square in columbus was nailed after milley. she said that sky diving has always been on her bucket list and she called it a thrill. >> and she was very cool, calm and collected afterwards. >> at 102, you look that good and sound that good. i like that. >> i feel obliged to point out this is the second 102-year-old we've covered in the show today. vlad was talking about a 102-year-old who voted. i half expected milley to be
8:36 am
coming down in the parachute in a polling location. >> if you can look that good, eye like to make it to 102. >> voting to 102 is an achievement. parachuting at 102 is an extra special achievement. >> there are citizens living in other countries eligible to vote. there are science of a massive voter turnover overseas, taking advantage of an absentee ballot system. some are worried about vote ar fraud and disruption because of the coronavirus. >> reporter: it turns out americans don't even have to be earthbound to vote. >> on their way to the international space station. >> reporter: u.s. astronaut kate rubens will cast her absentee
8:37 am
ballot with a little help from the internation space station mission control. >> if we can do it from space, i believe people can do it from the ground, too. >> reporter: that's what alex colton is doing from her home in london. >> i feel like every vote counts. >> reporter: are you voting in a state where you think it could make a difference? >> i would certainly hope so. i'm from georgia. >> this is the blank ballot. >> reporter: absentee voting is nothing new. the system has been running smoothly for decades but this year demand is through the roof, says susan, who runs the u.s. vote foundation. >> as so many different crises hit the us, overseas citizens became more and more aware of what was going on and wanted to participate. >> reporter: have you got any idea how many more overseas ballots will be returned this year than in previous years?
8:38 am
>> our sentiment is that in regards to 2016, it will probably be about double. >> radical left -- >> will you shut up, man. >> reporter: but the bitterly contested 2020 election has american ex-pats feeling some stress. >> the question is do i trim the page or don't i trim the page? >> reporter: janet fisher from new york read and reread the instructions for the ballot she printed at home. >> if it wasn't 100% perfect, i thought they would discount my vote. and i feel very passionate about voting in this particular election. >> reporter: erin is from michigan. >> i'll be able to watch it and refresh every day until i see it's been signed for. it done a it's done and now i just wait. >> susan mumford is registered in arkansas. >> i did receive my official
8:39 am
absentee balloting tears, which makes me feel -- materials, which make me feel better. >> reporter: alex's information didn't show up. >> i did talk to two other americans living here and they didn't receive theirs either. so lost in the mail? i'm not sure. >> reporter: she was able to register online and print her ballot but it shaken her faith. do you have more concerns this time than in other u.s. elections? >> i do feel more skeptical than i have in the past. >> reporter: hmm. but you're doing it anyway? >> of course i am. >> reporter: in the lobby of the u.s. embassy in london, there's a special mailbox. some americans rattled by changes to the u.s. postal service, allegations of fraud and of course covid chose to post their ballots here. one was patricia wynn. how confident are you that your vote will be counted in the long
8:40 am
run? >> i think it's really worrying that we actually start to question these institutions and that we are worried about things like whether our vote will count. >> reporter: those votes could be decisive in battleground states and that's spurring ex-pat voters on. >> i'm hoping it gets there on time, going to plymouth, michigan. >> i put four stamps on it. i hope it makes it to the u.s. postal system and it actually counts on the other end. >> so, alex, what are you thinking now? >> i've done my duty. it's gone into the universe and my fingers are crossed. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," elizabeth palmer in london. >> everybody says this election feels different from the 102-year-old lady who wanted to vote to people overseas, everybody wanted to make their
8:41 am
voices heard. we can do that. >> coming up, we're going to introduce you to a seventh grader who composed music for the new york phil harmonic. >> what does into composing music? >> you start with a catchy bunch of note and then you add on to those notes. >> a catchy in the bay area, we believe in science.
8:42 am
8:43 am
traffic and air pollution will be even worse after the pandemic. that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running. which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr.
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8:45 am
our series a more perfect union aims to show us what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us. this morning we're introducing you to a 12-year-old girl who composed a piece of music for some of the world's most talented classical musicians. she wanted to inspire diversity among composers by hitting the road with the new york phil harmonic bandwagon as concert series. >> reporter: musicians from the new york phil harmonic are performing a world premiere. it's an important first for the piece's composer, 12-year-old race moore. while the young composer is still getting used to the spotlight, she and her mother met me at the world renowned
8:46 am
lincoln center. for decades musicians have been coming here to take center stage. what goes into composing a piece of music? where do you even start? >> well, you start by creating i guess a catchy bunch of notes and then you just add on to those notes. >> reporter: the brooklyn seventh grader is part of the phil harmonic's young composers that teaches children who to create music. it's all part of a mission. >> it is critical that symphony orchestras, which frankly have been seen as an elite bastion, a very white bastion, that we begin to live in the 21 century, that we invite in people are
8:47 am
color, of all different kinds. >> we have the composer here with us, grace moore. [ applause ] >> she was very excited about the fact that she could represent as a black female composer and also such a young person. >> i guess i can attract more of a different kind of viewer. i haven't really seen many people who look like me on stage. >> reporter: partnering with metropolitan opera star, philharmonic musicians perform pop-up concerts out of a rented pickup truck. >> sometimes there will be a fire or a garbage truck truck i blocking where we were going to play. >> reporter: it's new york. >> it's new york! >> reporter: world class play, t architectu architecturally stunning venue,
8:48 am
they play all over the city in rain or shine. the surprise concerts have hit a high note with audiences. >> everyone listening to live music kind of felt the community coming together. >> reporter: and for the admittedly shy composer, sharing her music has allowed her to feel heard in more way than one. >> music is universal. it doesn't matter where you are or where you're from or what language you speak, everyone can understand it. >> reporter: for "cbs news this morning," nancy chen, new york. >> it's so great when you come around a corner in new york city and all of a sudden you see something like that. >> i like seeing people like grace moore, who is 12 years old, a little girl of color -- i like what deborah said, it normally a white elite bastion. it's 2020 opening up the doors and just the message that it sends. i love the confidence of grace, too. could you do that a little faster? she knows what she wants.
8:49 am
>> everything about this is bringing music to the people more than what we've seen in the past. >> she also right about this, anthony, you and i say this all t the time. music is universal. doesn't matter what color you are, it resonates. >> you're i didn't choose this job because it was easy. but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do.
8:50 am
if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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oh my god! >> hi! how are you? i missed you! >> california firefighter josh pedrone decided to surprise his daughter eliania when he found out he was coming home. he said the distance was especially hard for her.
8:53 am
>> i was so happy but my heart just dropped. i was so excited to see him. >> he told us it's not just his family, as all families (garage door opening) it is my father's love... it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage. don't even think about it! been there, done that. with liftmaster® powered by myq®, know what's happening in your garage- from anywhere.
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♪ ohhh yeahhh! just connect your myq® app to key. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! get free in-garage delivery with myq® and key by amazon. 8:55. as you hit the roadways it is still foggy at the golden gate bridge. they've issued a fog advisory. limited issue may be a factor out of marin to the span of the golden gate especially into san francisco. i am not seeing a lot of delays though. bay bridge toll plaza, things are looking a lot better. mary. i am tracking strong wind gusts especially up in the higher elevations, mount diablo clocking 55-mile per hour wind gust. we have extreme fire
8:56 am
8:57 am
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wayne: you can't lose! - (screaming) wayne: we make it wayne in the club. you've got the big deal! tiffany: yeah! cat: wait, wait, wait, wait. wayne: is it good? - show me what you got. jonathan: it's a new bmw! - (screaming) wayne: season ten-- we're going bigger! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america. welcome to "let's make a deal." this is prom 2019. our prom episode, our theme was voted on by you, the fans, and the winning theme is "how sweet it is." (cheers and applause) everyone sit down, welcome to the prom. you guys look great. you know, i have to admit, we're doing this prom episode


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