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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 25, 2020 3:42am-4:01am PST

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and in 2000, a lengthy recount delayed the transition for more than a month on. >> i offer my concession. >> reporter: leaving president george w. bush half the normal amount of time before inauguration. >> i george walker bush -- >> reporter: the shortened transition left the country vulnerable to a terrorist attack. because national security officials were playing catch up. most americans think the transition is just beginning. that's not true. >> the transition work started the day after the last inauguration. there's hundreds of career officials all across the government that prepare for whomever wins. >> reporter: in a typical transition, teams from both sides are in place months before a winner is decided and the sitting president works to help the successor succeed. >> transition is supposed to be one where the outgoing
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administration is helpful to the incoming administration in terms of making available materials from the departments and agencies. >> in modern times, has there been a president who resisted participating in the transition? >> no, they have not. you have had the, the presidential transition's act, which made it very clear that the federal government had a role in transitions. >> and with the coronavirus still raging, the stakes for a smooth transfer of power are extremely high. >> there are thousands of officials all across the government i can thely the pentagon and the department of health that want to get the vaccine out to 300 million americans and the sooner the biden team can start working with those officials the more ready they will be on january 20th. >> the general services administration is usually an obscure government agency. but with the president's permission, it has now given the
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rock and the rest is history. this year the town of plymouth is commemorating history with a much different version. >> 400 years ago next month, the ship carrying the hopes of a new future reach the shores of plymouth, massachusetts. >> the thing that would have been most dramatic are the hills. plymouth has very, very high hills. >> reporter: we are on board the mayflower 2 with a historian, he showed us a hull in the ship, that had 200 passengers, seeking religious freedom and a new life. >> this is such a tight space. >> it is and the journey lasted 66 days. >> reporter: they arrived, laying the foundation for the beginnings of american democracy, the mayflower compact was the first document to
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establish representative self government in colonial america. what happened here really shaped american history. >> well, it certainly shaped the beginnings of our country. this is the executive director of plymouth 400. the nonprofit commemorates the pilgrim's legacy. with the collaborator previously missing from past anniversary events. >> is this the first time that indigenous people were included as a partner in all of this. >> yes, i believe that is the first time that we have board members. we have a advisory committee. made up of native people. so, it is the first real attempt to have a historically accurate and a culturally inclusive commemorate. >> is this something that could have not happened even a generation ago? >> i don't think it could have happened 20 years ago. >> a member of the tribe, steve
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peters created an exhibit for plymouth 400, about the pilgrims arrival called our story the. >> so have you characterized what happened 400 years ago. >> it's sort of marking the beginning of the end for my people here. you know, it's important that the people understander eit soy can be more humane and come passiona -- and compassionate. >> the tribe today, and the people as a nation have been settled in what is now plymouth for as many as 14,000 years. >> they were living, i would like to think a rather idealic life. >> that was until a pandemic shortly before the pilgrim's arrival killed as many as 90% of the population. the diseases were brought by earlier europeans, it was known as the great dying. this is the executive drkter of pilgrim hall museum.
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>> it's the story. the village, wiped out. >> the people suffered heavy losses making them more receptive to alliances, the two groups came together for a feast of gratitude, what we now call thanksgiving and lived side-by-side for 50 years before the war devastated the population of the tribe and the way of life. the story of what happened after. often forgotten in a tail of thanksgiving. >> but, really so much is left out of history. just because it's written down, does not mean that it is a, completely truth. and b, the only way of expressing it. >> a goal is to tell the more inclusive history, because of the pandemic, organizers have postponed many events until 2021, while turning some exhibiting and conferences virtual, the partnership spans
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oceans. >> this is a four-nation collaboration. that's right. england, holland, america, and the tribe's home lands. mayflower 400uk marks the first start of the journey. as the pilgrims set sail from plymouth, england. before living for 12 years in the present day netherlands, they developed a program named after the town where the pill grips lived. all partners stressing a more inclusive history. the legacy of the maynarrow endures today. some 25 million americans descend from the pilgrims on board. including at least nine presidents. >> that's something had that many people can take rightful pride in. that is part of their background and history. it does not reflect everyone's story. >> event organizers are careful to call it a commemorate, rather than a sell bagz.
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there are members uneasy about the partnership. this marks the anniversary of the day of mourning. when indigineous people gather to honor their ancestors and mourn their past. if you look at our things. it would look like probably a -- what you would see is different, and so, we give thanks for our ancestors ability to persevere, instead of every obstacle that they have faced. so that's, that's what we give thanks for. >> nancy chin, plymouth, massachusetts. two weeks after the death of f l
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offal -- alex trebek, they are auditioning new hosts. >> it's been 16 years since ken jennings first took jeopardy did i storm. >> ken? >> who is the skipper. >> he went on a record breaking run. winning $2 million. >> you were a excellent player and caught good breaks, because of that combination, your record, i don't think it will be broken. >> he is set to take on a new jeopardy challenge. hosting the game show announced monday that it would resume production next week. with jennings as the first in a series of interim guest hosts. there were only be one alex trebek, but i'm honored he tweeted. >> he is a fan favorite. it gives them comfort to see jennings on the screen. >> it's a senior reporter with variety. she said it may be hard for
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viewers to transition away from alex trebek, i think the best hope for anyone who is stepping behind that podium is really to create their own new relationship with these viewers and these fans at home. >> it's a relationship jennings has already spent decades building and he is openly credited the show with changing had his life. >> i remember running home from school every day to watch the show, it was my favorite show. even before i paid for my house. >> in recent years. jennings has stayed involved with the game show, losing to ibm's technology known at watson in 2011. >> and coming back to win jeopardy's greatest of all time tournament this past january. >> the greatest of all time. >> for me? >> congratulations. >> and now, jeopardy's greatest ever contestant, becomes the
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first to fill the shoes of its legendary host. >> rep
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a will lot of turkey farmers are having a tough time getting people to gobble up their bigger birds. we have the story. >> the free range turkeys -- there's usually a demand waiting for the birds. what is the demand for the size of turkeys that people want? >> normal thanksgiving, 18-20, all day. it feeds 6, 8 people, pretty darn good. >> this year, most of the turkeys are too big for a downsized holiday. at smith and smith farms they are getting inquiries, but not for toms and hens this size. >> another customer asking for a ten pound turkey. >> something that he wishes he could sell them. >> they are live animals, they
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grow like you and me. you cannot put a pause button on saying you are stopping at eight pounds, buddy. >> where margins here are razor thin, the cost of the chicks and the processing and feed will not cover. when this turkey gets to the table, it will weigh about ten. >> some won't by a turkey at all this year. >> i'm only going to get a turkey breast. i'm the only one that likes turkey. >> her gathering has shrunk from 13-4. >> no matter what i cook, it will rock. so i got this. >> the family, it's doing to be for small er -- >> we have ordered 20% less of the big turkeys and we ordered
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20% more of the big turkeys. because we feel thanksgiving is going to be smaller. >> but abouterball, which sells a third all of turkeys ramped up turkey roasts. producers are adapting as well, selling turkey breasts and leg wills. they never imagined the holiday would turn out like this. >> we just kept hoping things would change and it would get better with the covid situation and people would, could be together. but, as we see it's really not turned on out that way. >> with -- with potentially lot left overs, will it be a feast at the smith home? >> we don't eat turkey on thanksgiving. you are doing to laugh. >> they don't have time to cook one. these gobblers may get the ultimate holiday. a dinner table pardon. >> it's almost thanksgiving.
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>> janet, burlington, texas. and that's the "overnight news" r this wednesday, it's wednesday, november 25th, 2020. this is "the cbs morning news." new covid-19 concerns. record number of americans are in the hospital with the virus as thanksgiving travel warning goes ignored across the country. off the hook? reports that president trump is considering a pardon for michael flynn, his former national security adviser who had pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi. for all we know this has been there 40, 50 years. maybe more. >> mysterious monolith. a bizarre metal structure is found in utah's red rock country. >> good morning. i'm tom hanson. we begin with concerns over a possible surge of coronavirus cases. millions of americans are


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