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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 28, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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morning and also it is it is monday, december 28, 2020. this is the cbs morning news. relief bill signed. after calling it a disgrace, president trump approves the $900 billion measure but is not giving up on those $2,000 checks. covid concerns. new records almost set daily for cases, deaths and hospitalizations. new numbers of cases. they say we haven't seen the worst yet. deadly blast. new details about the christmas day explosion in nashville, tennessee. good morning. i'm diane king hall in for anne-marie green. we begin with president trump signing the coronavirus stimulus
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package into law which means most americans will get $600 checks. he refused to sign the bill for days and missed the deadline to sign for jobless benefits for about 12 million people. debra alfarone is in washington. he's still fighting for those $2,000 stimulus checks, right? >> he is and he has an unlikely group of people at his side. democrats in congress. >> after days of criticizing the coronavirus relief bill, president trump finally signed it into law sunday night. congress signed the $900 billion bill and the president threatened to veto it calling the $600 stimulus check a disgrace. and asking for more than triple the amount. >> this support is beneficial, citizens are getting the income and businesses are getting the
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loans and funding they need to keep people employed. >> in a statement, house speaker pelosi called the bill a down payment on what is needed to crush the virus. the house will be voting today to provide $2,000 stimulus checks to many americans. a measure republicans had resisted. >> why would we be sending $2,000 to people with a six-figure income that haven't been impacted at all? it should be farg tarring targeted to hem who have actually lost a job. >> millions of americans lost their unemployment benefits over the weekend. those benefits will return though delayed. >> giving more food on the table. help me pay bills. >> the president also signed off on $1.4 trillion of federal spending. one day before a potential
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shutdown. >> we'll see what happens when the house meets later today. those stimulus checks will add about $370 billion to the price tag of this bill. that is something republicans are not likely to want to back. >> we'll likely continue to see more wrangling. thank you, debra. as americans settle back home from holiday travel, there is certain about a post holiday surge in coronavirus cases. more than 1.1 million people were screened the day after christmas. the third highest level since the pandemic started. health leaders including dr. fauci fear the pandemic is only going to get worse in the u.s. >> i described it as a surge upon a surge. if you look at the slope of cases we've experienced as we've
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gone into the late fall and soon to be early winter, it is really quite troubling. >> starting today, anyone traveling from the uk to the u.s. must test negative for covid-19. this comes after a new strain of the virus swept through britain. health officials remain confident the current vaccines will be effective against it. this morning, new video of that rv explosion in nashville, tennessee that happened on christmas day. video shows an empty street with the rv on the left side. moments later, the blast fills the area with smoke. the bomber identified as anthony warner. they say he killed himself in the explosion and it appears he acted alone. we have the latest from nashville. >> investigators say they were able to match dna samples from samples obtained from his
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property and from his mother. authorities are looking for a motive including whether he may have been targeting the communications infrastructure in nashville. >> parked outside an at&t transmission building in downtown nashville when it exploded knocking out cell and cable service threw tennessee and alabama. >> sources tell cbs news and witnesses say warner may have had an interest about conspiracy theories about 5g technology. confirming his late father had worked at at&t. saying on face the nation that this act was personal. >> i think it was quite likely that this was a suicide mission for this individual. >> investigators continue their search for evidence around the crime scene. anything to help explain. initially responding to reports
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of gun fire. officers heard a count down begin through a pa system. >> if you can hear this message, evacuate now. as they rushed to evacuate people nearby, the song, "downtown" blared. then the music stopped. >> i see orange and hear a loud boom. as i'm stumbling. it rocked me that hard. i told myself stay on your feet, stay alive. >> they worked the scene together. >> he grabbed me. i grabbed him. we ducked into a doorway. we didn't know what was coming afterwards. >> an uncertainty eased by leaning on one another. >> they continue to investigate all leads including a motive. at this point, it does not appear anyone else was involved
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in this bombing. cbs news, nashville. an army green beret duck charges for a random deadly shooting. duke webb was arrested outside of chicago. three men were killed. three others were injured including two teenagers. they say the suspect had no known ties to the victim. coming up, new crowd restrictions for sydney's famous new year's fire works and blasting the snow. a man demonstrates a scorching way to clear his driveway. this is cbs morning news. demonstrates a scorching way to clear his driveway. this is cbs morning news. joint stiffness,
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>> this is what it looked like last year in sydney, australia. this year, authorities are banning people from gathering in the area. th >> this is what it looked like last year in sydney, australia. this year, authorities are banning people from gathering in the area. the famous fire work show is known for being one of the first in the world to welcome the new year. about 1 million people usually gather to see the annual show. the music city bowl is canceled over covid. the president will campaign for senators in georgia. those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. the atlanta journal reports president trump will return to georgia for a rally the day before two crucial senate runoff elections. he will campaign for the republican senators on january 4. the rally will be held at the regional airport outside of
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dalton, georgia. the runoffs will decide which party controls the u.s. senate. the columbus ohio reports on a vigil held for an unarmed black man shot and killed by a police officer. demanding justice for the 47-year-old andre hill who weigh killed last week by officer andr andrew coy. he emerged from a garage with a cell phone in his hand. his sister spoke. >> there was not a violent bone in his body. he would never hurt anyone. for them to pull out and kill my brother for no reason is unacceptable. unacceptable. >> an attorney for the family says he plans to file a civil rights lawsuit against the city. >> the columbia daily tribune
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reports the music city bowl has been canceled. missouri was supposed to play iowa in nashville on wednesday. the team has more than a dozen cases of covid-19. the cases are believed to have originated to the road trip to mississippi state earlier this month. >> still ahead, a gold plated meal where you can order this special burger wrapped in edible luxury. order this special burger wrapped in edible luxury. with collagen, that supports our body from the inside, out. because when we feel supported from within (whir of treadmill, foot impact + heavy breathing) our confidence comes from way deeper. it's within us.
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pieces of gold leaves the burger sells for about $60. >> on the cbs money watch, holiday travelers are on the move. and despite being panned on social media, wonder woman lasos the competition. >> today kicks off the last week in 2020. it will be shortened again on wall street as stocks close on new year's day. the three major indices ended in positive territory last thursday ahead of the christmas holiday. dow rallied 70, nasdaq added 33 and s&p 500 was up 13 points. the tsa says it screened more than 1.1 million people at airports across the nation during wednesday's pandemic travel record. that figure comes despite
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warnings urging people to stay home during the holidays to curb the spread of covid-19. >> kroger health is set to hire 1,000 people as it gets set to distribute the vaccines. technicians to support operations and administration of the vaccine. the chain didn't say when the vaccines might become available saying it is working with federal and state health departments. >> wonder woman 1984 scored a big victory at the box office. >> nothing good is born from lies. the movie brought in $16.7 million in its openings. the most of any film released during the pandemic. warner brothers is now fast
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tracking wonder woman ii with gal gadot on board and patty jenkins who will write and direct. >> i didn't get a chance to see it. a lot of folks did. >> a lot of people panned it on social media. people seemed like they weren't really feeling this version. i love wonder woman. it takes me back to childhood and even having the chance to meet linda carter. i don't know now because so many people questioned it. >> i have to watch it myself. i feel like i never agree with the twitter critics, so we'll see. >> naomi thank you. up next, extreme snow removal. a kentucky man turns up the heat
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here is a look here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. hi, everyone. i just want to wish you all the happiest and healthiest holiday season. i hope that 2021 brings us new things and better news. keep your spirits up and positive thoughts. we'll get through this. this too will pass. much love to you all. >> a heart-felt message from
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olivia newton-john. the 71-year-old australian singer and actress drifredelivee message on christmas day. last year, she revealed she was battling breast cancer for the third time. she recently launched a foundation for plant-based treatment to find a gentler treatment for cancer. >> we are days away from the time square ball drop marking the anticipated start of 2021. yesterday, workers installed 22 new waterford crystals. covered with more than 2,600 triangles. this year's edition to represent what is being called a gift of happiness design. >> this is an iconic celebration any year, this year, we are full of hope for the new year. although there are less people there, the tradition remains the same. we'll see this beautiful ball
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with the world united with a single wish for a good new year for everyone. >> time square will not be open to the public this year because of the pandemic. >> the cookie has crumbled in san francisco. a huge mysterious ginger bread monolyth crumbled. this one was made of ginger bread. gumdrops and icing lined its sides. not known how it got there or how it collapsed. most of us don't like to shovel after it snows, one man in kentucky found a different way to clear the snow off his driveway. timothy dawned a white bathrobe to look like counsin eddie. he used a flame thrower while drinking a can of beer to quickly obliterate the snow.
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our top stories this morning. president trump has signed our top stories this morning. president trump has signed the coronavirus relief package days after criticizing it. he's calling on americans to get $600 in aid and the measure also funds the government through september. >> new video of a massive explosion in nashville on christmas day shows an empty street with a white rv in the distance. on the left side. moments later a blast sending smoke and debris. officials identified anthony warner as the bomber. they say he killed himself in the explosion and acted alone. >> when a police officer is injured in the line of duty,
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every moment counts, the same goes for their canine partners. now an ambulance service in texas introduces us to an air ambulance program. >> for years, this teamworked side by side. officer and her partner who died of a seizer over the summer. >> when she walked into a room, she just wanted to meet everybody and had this never quit working attitude. >> the model for the first air ambulance service for police dogs. the chopper fleet is now equipped to triage canine officers >> once we get them on board, we can start treatment. >> what an interesting challenge
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for medics who have been treating human patients for so long and now using those skills for a different species. >> the medical crew is excited. >> the houston-based service is inspiring agencies across the country to reimagine triage care for canins. >> people in california and new york have reached out to learn. >> about two to three dozen canine usually die in the line of duty every year. often getting hit by a car or gun shots. >> life flight is the best. if they are going to show up, there is a chance you could have a life saved. >> still missing her canine partner and is proud that her work still lives on.
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>> coming up on cbs this morning, in our series, eye on earth, the climate change is sparking a new round of water wars in california. >> and looking at the impact of historically black colleges and how they are struggling to get the funding they need. >>itions that have had to change the way they look. thank you for watching. i'm diane king hall. have a great day. watching. i'm diane king hall. have a great day.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.


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