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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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now at 11, parts of the bay area still seeing steady rain today. when will things finally dry out? santa clara county is seeing some encouraging numbers on the pandemic. but some health experts believe a resurgence is on the way. some bay area restaurants are open for the first time this year, but will anyone show up? i don't know a lot about stocks. they helped them go up. >> small investors team up to throw wall street into
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turmoil. new at 11 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a live look outside, one final round of rain moving through the bay area right now. >> paul heggen is tracking the storm for us tonight.>> one more round of organized rainfall is moving in. this is the same area of rain we were tracking earlier when it was still well off the coast. but now it's moving into some spots that really need a break from the rain. including the santa cruz mountains. one more burst of heavy downpours. it is about to cross over the santa cruz mountains and roll through the santa clara valley. same thing for morgan hill and gilroy. some spots that have seen the heaviest rainfall amounts so far. this is not the only batch of showers. some showers are making their way through the tri-valley. and one more area of showers that will be moving into downtown san francisco and down the peninsula as well.
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once all this moves through we will see a general drying trend through tonight. the total rainfall amounts out of this will be about a quarter inch or less. north of the golden gate you will hardly get anything. that's just one more burst of rain on top of a ground that is already saturated with the south bay seeing the heaviest rainfall amounts. this is the doppler estimated rainfall map and you can see these bull's-eyes of heavy rain including one to the east of san lucas and one near big sur. with significant problems today near monterey as well. but we will talk about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. cleanup is underway in carmel tonight after the river overwhelmed in oceanside lagoon and spent water spilling into a nearby neighborhood. emergency crews punched a hole in the lagoon to give the river a quicker path to the pacific.
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we are told it was not done ahead of time because it is a protected fish habitat. they did not want to empty it unless they had to. in the sierra tonight, a crazy amount of snow. 36 inches have fallen in the donner pass. iad still closed in both directions from colfax to the nevada state line. the closure prompted by spin outs, avalanche control measures and it has left drivers stranded for hours. it's unclear when the highway will reopen. tonight was the first native outdoor dining that was allowed in a very long time. it is cold and wet and we were wondering if anyone would even want to eat outside. andria borba is in the marina with that answer for us.>> reporter: well you couldn't tell from looking at the scene behind me, but it was
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absolutely hopping up until about an hour ago as diners braved the call and went and came out to support local businesses after a very long closure. with lights twinkling and heaters blasting, outdoor dining opened in san francisco for the first time in 2021. on chestnut street there were lines down the block for tables and curbside park let's.>> i have my jeans and a t-shirt and it sweater and a jacket. that should be enough. >> things were a bit quieter in west portal where not every table was taken. but owners were grateful for the turn of in person dining. >> it is a big relief. now we will be able to do a little more. >> like many restaurants that dealt with closures and polluted air from wildfires, franco's is holding on by a thread and outdoor dining might just be the lifeline he needs. >> i would say that we probably
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would be closing the doors in a month or two. it has been almost a year now. >> back in the marina diners waiting for tables were eager to for scenery other than their four walls in their apartment. >> i know it is kind of a scary but you can do what you can, have distance and do all the measures you can to be safe.>> not all of the restaurants around town open today. many will open this week, today was just the first day under the lifted stay-at-home order that san francisco was allowed to open restaurants or outdoor dining.>> local health officials are sliming the states plan today to handover covid vaccine distribution to healthcare giant blue shield. they are tasked with creating a
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faster and more equitable network to distribute shots to tens of millions of california residents. leaders from several local counties are seriously questioning the sudden move.>> this is totally new and does not make a whole lot of sense. we are not sure what problem it is we are trying to solve.>> blue shield declined our request for an interview but sent a statement saying "great work has already been done and together we can dramatically expand the rate of vaccinations all californians can be protected." some good news when it comes to covid cases in santa clara county. they've been steadily declining. but health experts fear that a resurgence maybe right around the corner.>> reporter: with the numbers at our fingertips we can see the steady decline of covid-19 cases hearing santa clara county. but the nation's top doctor emma dr. fauci says that the
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viruses new mutant variations that can threaten any new progress.>> she feels a little more relief now that you got the vaccine.>> tonight tc has elderly mother is breathing a sigh of relief. she is one of 500 people who received a covid-19 vaccination at this new pop-up vaccine clinic in east san jose.>> we've had people that are smiling, some folks are very emotional. to make despite vaccinations rolling out and covid-19 numbers declining in some areas, dr. anthony fauci warned that this pandemic could get worse as new variants of the virus posed a new threat.>> we are much more concerned about the south african strain. >> two adults in south carolina came down with the country's first known cases of the south african strain. and the cdc projects that the uk variant could become dominant in the u.s. >> we think it is somewhere
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between 30 and 70% more transmissible. we don't yet know why.>> we think it is more important to get vaccinated now more than ever. >> the carders cannot wait to see their grandchildren again. meanwhile leticia's mother hopes that dr. fauci is warning does not become reality. >> clinic staff will vaccinate or than 500 people on tuesdays and thursdays. >> the county public health department is reporting 828 new cases today. compare that to more than 1700 on january 9. should be an interesting day on wall street, of bay area training app is facing a class-action lawsuit after limiting users from buying shares of stop today. katie nielsen on how the app got caught in the middle of a battle between small investors and massive hedge funds.>>
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reporter: to the average person on the street name stop is known as the world's largest videogame retailer. but to wall street it is a battleground between the financial elite and online investors. the stock is now in the center of a david first met goliath story. shares have soared more than 800% less week under post on the reddit forum. >> they understand that name stop, it is so nice to be there and look at games. >> joshua is only 12 years old and said he has even heard about what the reddit group is doing to the game stop shares all thanks to tiktok videos. >> tons and tons are betting against game seven only make money when the game stop stock price falls. >> i don't know a lot about stocks i only know that they helped them go up a lot by supporting it is much as they can. >> let's break again, all last
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year game stop stock was struggling. big wall street investor saw an opportunity and started shorting the stock which means they were betting the price would fall. if it did they would make money. if it went up they would lose money. a group of investors and daytraders did not like the hedge funds betting against game stop so encouraged everyone to buy. the stock price shot up causing massive losses for wall street investors. this morning the trading app robin hood said it will block users from buying game stop stock. >> we had to make a very difficult decision to protect our customers and firm. >> i handful of protesters showed up this afternoon at the apps headquarters. >> they are changing the rules, they lost the bet and they need to pay. people are [bleep] because it's their money. >> they will allow limited buying of restricted stocks like game stop when the markets open back up tomorrow.>> game
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stop is down 44% today, it shot back up during after-hours trading and it stands at $312 per share. still ahead, or bay area couples putting a ring on it during the pandemic. tonight, the new engagement trend fueled by social media.>> she definitely thought it was not coming because of covid. but we pulled it off. huge chunks of highway one are falling into the it's time fofor sleep nunumbes jajanuary salele on the slsp nunumber 360 s smart bed.. can n it help wiwith snorin? i've neverer heard snsnoring... e exactl. no problblem. ...andnd done.
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new at 11, given that diamonds are forever.
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the idea of buying one sight unseen may seem as nerve- racking as popping the question. as betty yu reports, a new trend driven by social media is gaining a ringing endorsement from clients during the pandemic. >> reporter: shopping for the perfect engagement ring doesn't necessarily involve going from store to store. many people, millennial's in particular are buying remotely, but director instagram. >> is a solitaire opal. it is a pretty simple design. >> kristin's fiancc this custom engagement ring without ever seeing it in person. >> with a big purchase like that it is always nerve-racking to have to do it remotely. but they did a really good job in answering all my questions. when i finally received it it looked way better in person. >> the san mateo county couple got engaged this past august on
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treasure island. the clear-cut, a direct to consumer engagement ring and fine jewelry company says more couples are spending time together in quarantine and as a result they are taking the next step. the clear-cut sales are largely driven by instagram and more recently, tiktok. this particular tiktok has more than 1.1 million views.>> the nature of the business is that we do most of our custom rings completely remotely. deal with clients from all over the world, we have a phone consultation with them. >> founder and ceo says the brand has not only sustained its business during the covid outbreak, it's c-note 150% year- over-year increase in quarterly sales revenue.>> everyone is becoming so comfortable buying everything online. >> they start the design process virtually and uses zoom, facetime and zoom videos
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to help clients craft the perfect ring. >> we knew 2020 was the year to engage but she definitely thought it was not coming because of covid. >> charlie and stephanie got engaged in tahoe. >> i didn't even look at the ring until i proposed because we were also living together and it was covid so it was shipped to her friend. >> with some hints from stephanie's friends, the ring turned out to be exactly what she dreamed of. clear-cut says that rings generally range from 5000 to quarter million dollars. this ring was soldld via dm for 200,000. >> we decided to have an intimate wedding instead. especially being in quarantine we value the simple things in life a lot more.>> the clear- cut says their price points are less than traditional retailers which are 2 to 3 times more
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expensive with a diamond with identical specifications. the same storm system that's been hammering the bay area is taking aim at southern california tonight. some communities near the wildfire burn scars are facing the threat of debris flows from flooding. highway one through big sur, tonight a section of it has plunged into the pacific. the highway was hit with a debris flow causing the lanes to completely erode. caltrans crews will be out tomorrow to assess the damage. mall rain falling in the bay area right now. when will we be done with this? is this something we will just have to keep dealing with for the foreseeable future. a lot of folks are going okay, that was nice, are redone.>> we don't want it all at once. this storm system will be done by about midmorning tomorrow.
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with more rain chances down the line in the seven-day. this one has been something. over 6 1/2 inches which is pretty much in line with what the forecast models were anticipating. more than 6 inches in morgan hill. you have overachieved more than 3 inches in dublin, two and half inches in san jose, santa rosa picked up 2 1/4 inches of rain. with a little more falling right now. let's take a look at the doppler, we will take a look at if there is additional rain hitting the ground as we speak. i zoom into the south bay shows the rain moving out of that santa clara mountains. so just a little more rain for san jose and morgan hill and gilroy. it will not last as long as that heavy rain we had yesterday. farther north we have more showers making their way into san francisco, the peninsula and a cluster of showers making their way into the tri-valley.
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as it pushes to the north east, it does not mean we are done with the showers but they will be more miss than hit as we head further into tonight. futurecast chose this batch of rain still in place, and it will take a while for it to clear through. it will lift up to the northeast and then just a few isolated showers to start the day on friday and we will head into a dryer direction as we head into made morning and midday on friday, even some sunshine peeking through the clouds. that does not mean we are completely done with the rain. over the weekend there will be a chance of a few showers, but mainly from santa rosa to the north and west. the rest of the bay area looks dry. so some of this week's rain can soak in and then another good chance of rain will head our way early next week. getting monday afternoon, continuing monday night and into tuesday. add that up in this forecast model indicating an inch to an inch and a half of rain.
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i would bet the under on that, more likely to half an inch to an inch of additional rainfall. so it will not be the inundating green we've seen over the past few days. temperatures right now are mostly in the 40s. santa rosa has no rain, and temperatures have dropped to the 30s. the rest of us will stay in the 40s through the rest of tonight. then with a few breaks in the clouds tomorrow we will manage to climb up to the mid-50s. not a whole lot of variation to the high temperatures tomorrow. these numbers are about 2 degrees below average for january. but to see a little bit of sunshine for more than a couple of minutes, that should go a long way to making it feel warmer. temperatures actually warm up as we head into the weekend, an then more widespread showers back in the forecast for monday afternoon, monday night and tuesday, drying out by wednesday and thursday.
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straight ahead, the warriors tonight, the second half, sometimes you are the dog and sometimes you are the hybrid.
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nba today, the warriors, when the coach is not happy with shot selection, execution come up and down play, you shake that up in a mixer and it's a bad tasting cocktail. chris paul just had three straight losses, so what did golden state do, fall to a 14 point deficit. the warriors came back, took the lead and trailed by five and the have. a forgettable third quarter, here is steph curry, but the numbers do not lie. they got to the free-throw line eight times, johnson rained to threes. that session, crowder nailed a three. then all for good measure michael bridges is a long, too. blew the game wide open, and
11:26 pm
into this in the fourth quarter. frank kaminsky, it is not just unique, the offense would have struggled against any team. the sons won 119-143. college games, stamford, spencer jones, quarter pocket three to take a second half lead for good. stamford, after losing 20 straight completed a season sweep. won 73-64. last win was 2008. the arizona state causing distraction. cal defending was in the house. no defense for josh christopher, found from deep and it rattled in. the sun devils win this one,
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and 2-9 in the conference. the sharks, do it again, this time downtown denver. watch the wild scramble, scuffle in front of the net. and then puts the biscuit in the basket. california colorado won 3-0. the first home game will be on monday, no fans and it will be in glendale arizona. nfl, deshaun watson, the topic of the day. the top four rated quarterback officially asked the texans to trade him. but any team will have to pay a steep price to get him. he's only 25, led the nfl in passing yards last season and is under contract for four more years. and any team i'm saying let's start with two number ones and go from there. san jose state basketball beat air force. stopped a four-game losing
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streak, too. i know.>> makes vern. tonight, some
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if you thought it was hard to get on taste of the brewing company, wait until you try now. they sold out in five minutes. on hundred 10,000 customers were on the website trying to purchase the beer. it's only released once a year. in past years we've seen long lines of people eagerly waiting to try that triple ipa. it's been a part of it is the journey of waiting in line
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>> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's unbelievable. it's essentially, alison, an online flash mob beating the professional investors at their own game. if you look at shares of gamestop at amc, they have skyrocketed. they have been propelled by amateur investors on twitter and on this reddit chatroom called wallstreetbets. >> my name is narwhalwizard8. i spend most of my name on reddit watching dashcam footage. awesome. but then i stumbled on this sub-reddit wallstreetbets, and now me and my online friends have wall street in a panic. from academy award winner mart


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