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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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tonight, a big data breach involving the dmv. potentially exposing millions of drivers information. three bay area counties on the verge of reopening more. we will break down the trends that could make that possible.>> i think it is a moment of encouragement. a live look from santa clara county where lots more people came eligible for the vaccine. what you need to know. the anxiety level on a scale of 1 to 10 is probably 11. >> hours away from the most
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difficult landing ever attempted to mars. hear from a california engineer with a key role in the historic mission.>> now at 11 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the personal information of millions of california drivers may have been exposed in a security breach involving the dmv. the third-party company used to verify addresses was the victim of a ransomware attack. andrea nakano is live in concord to explain what information may have been compromised.>> reporter: when you come to the dmv you fill out forms that ask for your name, address, license plate number and vehicle information. the ransomware attack has access that information that the dmv has collected over the last 20 months.>> it does not include a social security number or drivers license information. there is no financial
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information involved. >> the dmv spokesperson says the state agency has notified customers out of an abundance of caution. the security breach happened at automatic funds transfer services, company the dmv uses to verify addresses. >> we know this third-party had a ransomware attack and they held onto some of our information. but we have no indication that anybody has done anything with that information. >> while the security breach may not have compromised financial information this is still concerning trend.>> this is the type of attack we've been following for a long time. this is what we would call a supply chain! !. >> these are getting critical information through the back door, to information that can be used to file fraudulent
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claims. >> is death by 1000 cuts, that is the concern. yet another important bit of information is out there circulating among the organized fraud communities.>> reporter: dmv says they've stopped using them and have assigned an emergency contract to work with another company or drivers are being asked to keep an eye on anything suspicious such as a change in address notification form or any other forms that ask you for any sort of change in personal information. back to you guys. let's take a live look at san jose, soon lots more people in santa clara county will be eligible to get a covid vaccine. ray medina is in san jose with the changes.>> reporter: those who use and work in the food, agriculture and emergency services sector learned they are up next on the covid-19 vaccination list in santa clara county starting february 28.
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the owner of sushi confidential and his staff have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.>> we are working in close quarters, throughout the restaurant. >> reporter: now they are learning they could be vaccinated in less than two weeks.>> we will be expanding eligibility for covid-19 vaccinations. this will happen across the county.>> reporter: with more than half of the 75 in a a population vaccinated, dr. sasa kirkley believes it's time to begin vaccinating those in the phase 1b tier 1, that includes restaurant employees and also means emergency service workers like 911 dispatchers and law enforcement. the education sector will also be eligible.>> by the time i get to the second dosage it
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will be in the middle of april. you can't just turn around and say school is open. >> this isn't necessarily a green light to return to the classroom.>> people have to really think, what does it look like. can we get enough staff to come back after the vaccination?>> reporter: both she and randy cannot wait to get in line for the vaccine.>> if we don't do it now we won't make the deadline to be ready for august.>> we want to get back to some sort of normalcy.>> reporter: the counties goal is to reach herd immunity in santa clara county by next summer. 85% of the population must be vaccinated to reach that goal. the entire bay area still stuck in the purple tier of reopening but that may not be the case much longer. betty yu reports that with numbers going in the right
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direction at least three counties will soon be able to relax restrictions. >> reporter: the governor says we are in a very different place tonight then we were one month ago because of hard work and masking. san mateo is one of three bay area counties that could move into the red tier as early as next week. this restaurant in downtown was bustling this evening and come next week it could get even busier.>> that would be unbelievable. we really need to have this 25% indoor, it would be great. >> san mateo, san francisco and marin counties are poised to enter the red tier. indoor dining would be allowed a 25% capacity, movie theaters and indoor fitness centers can also operate a limited capacity. >> this is great news that the cases are moving. it's partially that people have been really locked down in the
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purple tier. beyond that we are way past the holidays. beyond that i'm beginning to hope that vaccines could be having some effect in our society.>> reporter: california's positivity rate stands at 3.3%, down from 11.3% from one month ago. in the time cases have fallen from about 42,000 to about 4000, today. >> i think it is great news for businesses. the children, and for our lifestyle around here.>> reporter: although cautiously optimistic that this time around the downward trend will be easily reversed.>> it is a moment of encouragement, and we control our destiny. remember, when we went back we did not have the vaccine, we didn't. now we are beginning to learn more about it.>> reporter: we will likely find out on tuesday from state health officials which county will move tears.>>
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we are also ready. a second suspect is in custody right now in connection with the high profile in every case in san francisco. the 27-year-old was arrested today and he and other suspect are accused of carjacking a minivan with two young children inside while their father was making a doordash delivery in pacific heights. the kids were found safe hours later. the search is on for a coyote that keeps attacking humans. the latest victim was a three- year-old. a dna sample from the little girls clothing was a match for the coyote bind to attacks in iraq and one in lafayette. her mom scared off the animal and the little girl is okay. but now they are stepping up efforts to trap and euthanize that coyote. >> they are so smart, they have a very good reputation for being intelligent animals, very
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cunning. they've adapted to human encroachment very well. >> wildlife officials want you to be prepared if you do encounter a coyote. we posted some tips on let's take a live look from sacramento where state lawmakers have reached a deal with the governor on a $9.6 billion coronavirus relief package. the measure includes $600 direct payments for low income californians, expanded eligibility for state welfare programs, $2.1 billion to help small businesses and the reversal of 850 million in state budget cuts. tomorrow on capitol hill president biden and congressional democrats are expected to announce some sweeping immigration changes. according to cbs news, farmworkers, people with temporary protected status and undocumented immigrants that came in as children will automatically become eligible for green cards. after three years they can apply for citizenship.
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other undocumented immigrants would have an eight-year path to citizenship. to be eligible, applicants would have to prove that they were in the u.s. before the start of this year. join our morning team for all the latest developments from washington starting at 4:30. still ahead, after a months long battle and more than $1 million in fines, a santa clara county jim is finally giving up its fight. plus, how much more we could be paying for gas because it is so cold in texas. and get ready for seven minutes of terror, a lending just hours away. tonight, hear from a woman that has a key role in the mission.>> mars has so much to tell us about the early history of the solar system. back here on earth dry weather anticipated but a round of showers heading in tomorrow night and then potentially another round
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taking a live look at san francisco this evening, we are learning that a priest who had covid has died. father bob stein has passed away just a week after the church announced that stein and two other priests contracted the coronavirus. in a statement the church tells kpix 5 "we are all sorry to say that father bob stein passed away early in the morning on february 16. please pray for the repose of his old." the news comes as churches across the area mark ash wednesday. and e san jose jim is giving up after more
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than $1 million in fines. california ripped fitness says it was exercising its constitutional rights and peacefully protesting health orders by operating indoors. the business was put on notice by health officials and now the gym owner says they will comply and they will stop indoor operations. a new take on the most popular type of cosmetic surgery. recently bay area doctors have seen a shift in what a growing number of women want.>> i feel like so much weight has been lifted. >> covid has been an interesting experience in my practice for sure. >> tomorrow night at 11, a special report on when less is more. tonight, the countdown to a touchdown on mars is underway. perseverance rover is just hours away from landing on the red planet.
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it is on a mission to search for any signs of life on mars. >> we are introduced to the young california woman playing a key role in the high-stakes landing.>> reporter: the perseverance rover is hurtling closer and closer to the surface of mars. getting this far was no easy task but on thursday comes the real challenge.>> this is one of the most difficult maneuvers we do in the space business.>> reporter: the rover is set to make the most difficult landing on mars, ever attempted. even though the target is hundreds of millions of miles away, the team making it happen is right here in pasadena.>> the anxiety level on a scale of 1 to 10 is probably 11 right now. it will probably go to 20 tomorrow. >> at just 26 years old, this los angeles native is one of those who is working to make history.
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>> i was part of the team that build and test perseverance's twin rover, optimism. >> reporter: making the heaviest and most sophisticated rover ever sent to mars was no easy task. >> we would work late hours, nights, weekends.>> mars has so much to tell us about the early history of the solar system and formation of the planet. >> reporter: the mission is to look for signs of past life on mars with the hopes of one day bringing them back to earth. >> the landing is expected to happen just before 1 pm tomorrow. taking a live look at the dallas-fort worth area, temperatures are dropping into the 30s tonight as millions of people spend another night without power. the conditions are causing rosen pipes to burst and flood
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homes. substantial relief is still days away. here is one way that outages may impact us in the bay area. gas prices are. gas, which tracks fuel prices in real time estimates that it might jump $.10-$.20 per gallon in the next two weeks. at least 11 refineries in texas and one in kansas have at least partially shut down due to the extreme cold. all right paul, i guess it is still snowing in places where it usually does not do that. >> yes, especially in the deep south. this is the last major winter storm they will have to contend with. let's assume in for a closer look at where the snow continues to fly. all the way down to alabama and mississippi. this will continue advancing up the eastern seaboard. they will get much more snow
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before the system finally moves off the coast. but it will bring an ice storm to parts of the carolinas, flash flood watches are in effect for some of those parts of the region. just a mess over the past week or so. around here, it is nice outside, temperatures are in the 40s farther inland and still in the 50s around the water. otherwise between 45 and 49, and temperatures will drop a little more as we head into the rest of the night. any clouds floating through, they are not very substantial. they will not be very effective at holding any warmth at ground level. but it will still arm up nicely for tomorrow. you may want to get out for a dog walk before that shower chances arrived. temperatures in san francisco reaching the upper 50s, close to 60 degrees by thursday
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afternoon. with temperatures farther inland reaching the mid 60s and mid to upper 50s along the coast. not a bad looking temperature map for the month of february. even warmer weather is in store as we head into early next week. let's take a look at the rain chances, they will still be off to the north, showers making their way into the north bay by a couple of hours after sunset. more shower activity diving south just after midnight and they will weaken as they move farther south as we head through the rest of tomorrow night. but still, decent chance of seeing at least a trace of rainfall, then another round of showers on the way, even after we dry out friday afternoon. and then another round as we head into late friday night, that will be a real quick header and then don't worry
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about your weekend plans. saturday may still be to start but we should try out by the afternoon. then the rest of the weekend is looking really nice as temperatures start to warm up. about 1/10 of an inch to a quarter of an inch in most locations. maybe approaching half an inch and some of the higher terrain of the north bay. that will be the upper limit of what we see. temperatures warming up for the second half of the weekend and then we really warm-up monday and tuesday, mid 60s by the bay with low 70s farther inland with maybe another rain chance by the end of next week. you are not going to believe why a dirty diaper could mean of bustout season for buster posey. tipoff, next. a reminder to download the kpix 5 app, it gives you 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and the kpix 5
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even steph curry has bad
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nights. tonight was one of those nights. he is human dennis, we will let him have it. >> be honest liz and alan, did you turn the warrior came off when they were down 15 with nine minutes to go?>> i kind of did. >> let me show you what you missed. iguodala, did not get to play against fremont, agee still has the game, led by 19 at one point but they claw back with less than one minute to go. can't ties the game, miami has a chance to win the game. kendrick nunn had a good look, but off the mark. then overtime, steph curry was having a lousy night, but he finally came, knocked out a pair of ridiculous threes and
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they scored 25 in the final five minutes. they pulled it off and are three games over 500 for the first time all year. baseball, both the a's and giants reported today and this could work the beginning of the end for buster posey in a giant uniform. they hold a 22 million-dollar option for 2022. the catcher has not played since 2019. posey and his wife now have two sets of twinins in the eldest s has s apparentlyly been a good teamammate at home.>> the fun thing with him is that i will change a diaper for the baby and ball it up realal tight and will fire at him. i keep my arm in shape that way, by firing diapers at him. >> giant fans may need a diaper after r hearing ththis. the padres, and fernando tatis
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jr. have agreed on a contract extensnsion for $3$340 mimillio 14 y years. he is 22 years s olold right no and could be in the national league west until he is 35. semi finals, serena williams on her quest to win her 24th grand slam title, looking to win her third straight against naomi. serena had the lead and then had her doors blown off. osaka wins in pretty quick fashion, she will face jen raining in the finals. serena hope to tie for most grand slams ever but she hasn't won since 2017. and after her mat she got a little emotional on the press conference and had to leave. some speculating that she has appeared in the australian open for the last time. with much
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ohio is among many states dealing with dangerous winter weather. >> it has one group giving a new meaning to the name snow angels. the initiative started online for those offering to help clear driveways for those who are unable to. the area just got up to 10 inches of snowfall. they are just not getting a break. >> they need an army of angels.>> no question, we will
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that's a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. the late show captioning sponsored by cbs >> today, the outgoing president became the first president in history to be impeached twice. >> president trump now the first american president to be impeached twice. >> less than a week before president trump leaves office, he has earned the distinction of being the only president who has been impeached twice. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> impeached twice? i cannot tell a lie-- that guy must suck! >> he's a douche who will live in infamy. >> hey, nixon's pretty silent on this. >> i'm just living the dream. old dickie's no longer at the bottom of the list. hit it, frankie!


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