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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 3, 2021 4:00am-4:29am PST

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it's wednesday, march 3rd, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." high expectations. president biden moves up the timeline to vaccinate every adult as two states lift all covid restrictions. deadly california crash. 13 people are killed after an suv and tractor-trailer collide. why it's now a federal investigation. voting rights challenge. how a supreme court case could how a supreme court case could impact future elections. captioning funded by cbs good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we're going to begin this morning with breaking news overseas. at least ten rockets targeted an airbase in western iraq this
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morning. the base hosts american and coalition troops. it happened at the airbase in anbar province. the iraqi military said the attack did not cause significant losses, and it comes just two days before pope francis is scheduled to visit iraq. today's attack is the first since the u.s. targeted iranian-backed facilities in syria last week. now to encouraging news in the push to get americans vaccinated against the coronavirus. that is two months earlier than previous expected. right now the white house is working to ramp up production of johnson & johnson's single-dose vaccine. debra alfarone is in washington. debra, this comes amid concerns that some states are already rolling back restrictions. and many think that could be happening too soon. >> reporter: absolutely, anne-marie. little by little states and
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cities are opening back up, and the director of the cdc is in direct opposition to this. dr. walensky says we're simply not there yet. and so no state is opening up as widely as texas. >> to open texas 100%. >> reporter: texas governor abbott is removing all coronavirus restrictions and ending the mask mandate one week from today. >> removing state mandates does not end personal responsibility. >> reporter: health experts are concerned since less than 7% of the state's population have ciulataround ttharire not o notexas,s well >> repter: busessecan still enforce their own rules. >> i'm concerned for my staff's safety. >> reporter: restaurant owners now have decisions to make. >> i'm leaning toward having my staff still wear masks. and maybe requiring them here. >> reporter: the lone star state isn't alone when it comes to rolling back restrictions. >> the governor's office is getting out of the business of
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telling people what they can and cannot do. >> reporter: mississippi ended its mask mandate. san francisco now allows indoor dining, and chicago eased restrictions on restaurants and bars. >> small turns of the dial are safe to do. >> reporter: here in washington, president biden announced a pharmaceutical partnership that would give the u.s. enough vaccine doses for every adult by the end of may. >> johnson & johnson and merck will work together to expand the production of johnson & johnson's vaccine. >> reporter: president biden is also hoping to offer every teacher and school worker at t shy e enof the month. now the national numbers are decreasing, so there is some good news there. but even so, you think about the deaths and the high that we had, the deaths per day of about 3,000 a day, now down to 2,000, that's still 2,000 people who are dying every day from this virus, anne-marie. >> that is a very good reminder, debra.
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thank you very much. debra alfarone in washington. so new york governor andrew cuomo remains out of public sight as he faces sexual harassment allegations from three women. protesters showed up in front of his office in new york city yesterday chanting and holding signs calling for his resignation. leaders of the new york state legislature say that they will pass a measure to limit emergency powers granted to governor cuomo last year related to the pandemic. the white house and top democrats are also weighing in. >> every woman coming forward should be heard, should be treated with dignity and treated with respect. >> the allegations that have been made by miss rush and miss boylen and miss bennett are serious, very troubling. these women have to be listened to. >> new york's attorney general has launched an investigation into the allegations. cuomo has denied sexually harassing anyone. a human smuggling
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investigation is now under way after a deadly crash in southern california. it happened early tuesday morning near the u.s./mexico border. a tractor-trailer collided with an suv packed with 25 people. the driver from mexico was among the 13 people killed. >> some people were ejected on to the pavement, on to the ground, that passed away as a result of those injuries. other people were found deceased within the vehicle. some of the walking wounded were able to pull themselves out of the vehicles. >> the mexican government said ten of the dead were mexican citizens. and the u.s. supreme court heard arguments in a significant voting rights case out of arizona. its decision could shape future election laws throughout the country. natalie brand explains. >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court heard arguments by teleconference tuesday on challenges to two republican-backed voting laws in arizona. one throws out ballots cast in the wrong precinct, the other restricts who can pick up absentee ballots.
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democratic party officials who raised the case argue the measures unfairly affect communities of color. >> here what we have is a record that shows that native americans and latinos in arizona relied disproportionately on ballot collection, and white voters do not. >> reporter: arizona's republican attorney general argues the rules are in place to preserve the integrity of elections, not to prevent people from casting ballots. >> arizona's requirements that ballots be cast at assigned local precincts and its restrictions on ballot harvesting are appropriate election measures that do not create any disparate impact on racial minorities but serve us all equally well. >> reporter: the case centers on a crucial remaining provision of the voting rights act of 1965 which prohibits election practices that discriminate on the basis of rd it ces as state leslaturround e country debate sweepch ng lawfollowing th2020 >> ts elec wasged.tendtinufo
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ng f. the brennan center for justice says more than 40 states have introduced over 250 bills that would restrict voting access. >> this is exactly why we need a strong voting rights act is to ensure if any of those policies get passed and they're discriminatory we have a way to stop them. >> reporter: the case before the high court will test the new conservative majority's approach to voting rights. a decision expected by the end of june. natalie brand, cbs, washington. president biden's pick to head the office of management and budget has withdrawn her nomination. neera tanden faced questions and opposition for past controversial tweets frequently targeting gop lawmakers, as well. the white house released a statement saying it accepts the withdrawal and pledged to find another role for her within the administration. coming up, some dr. seuss books are being pulled because of racist imagery. and --
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from within (whir of treadmill, foot impact + heavy breathing) our confidence comes from way deeper. it's within us. climb out to the back -- climb out through the back right now. the door's open. >> a dramatic rescue in florida as sheriff's deputies pulled a 73-year-old woman from a sinking car. the volusia county sheriff's department released body camera video of saturday's rescue. the woman says she missed a turn and drove into a pond. deputies were able to get her out through a back door. amazing. the so-called qanon shaman is fighting to be released from jail, and some of dr. seuss' books are being pulled. those are some of the headlines
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on the "morning newsstand." the "associated press" reports six of dr. seuss' books will stop being published because of racist images. dr. seuss enterprises said the that are hurtful and wrong. after consulting with scholars and educators. the books include "and to think that i saw it on mulberry street." theodor seuss geisel who died in 1991 write and will -- wrote and illustrated dozens of children's books. >> i think he's like a lot of white people who isn't aware of how racism has shaped his own imagination. i think the fact that he's trying to be anti-racist and is racist at the same time is unusual. >> the top eight spots on's bestseller list are dr. seuss books that were not pulled. "usa today" says the los angeles county sheriff's department executed a search warrant to obtain data from the black box in the car tiger woods crashed. the golfer was seriously injured
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last week when the suv he was driving ran off a road, hit a tree, and rolled over.ey tryin m s pof pre. ane,g b activity before impact. and "arizona central" report federal prosecutors oppose a release of a man who stormed the capitol in january. he was seen inside the capitol with face paint, no shirt, and a furry hat with horns. prosecutors told the judge that he should remain in jail until his trial because he is a danger to the community. they say he held a spear as he confronted officers and wrote a threatening note to then-vice president pence. a judge hears arguments on friday over whether he should be released. still ahead, dolly parton sings the praises of the covid vaccine. the country music star performs a new version of "jolene" as she gets her shot.
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good morning, elise. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. well, stock futures are indicating a higher open after a dismal day during the regular session. the major indices fell as investors weighed optimism over widespread post-pandemic business openings. the dow dropped 143 points. the nasdaq fell 230 points, and the s&p 500 lost 31 points. the senate has confirmed rhode island governor gina romundo as the next commerce secretary. the vote was 84-15. she will lead the economy's recovery during and after the pandemic. she'll be resigrowesticay and overseas. the nomination faced pushback from some republicans who had accused her of taking a soft stance on china. volvo is the latest carmaker to announce it's going all electric. the swedish company announced plans to stop selling vehicles that run on fossil fuels by 2030. volvo says as part of the
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transition it wants half of its sales in 2025 to be electric cars and the other half hybrids. the company's ceo said going all electric is right for the environment, and there's also a y'isng r demand for it.anpe buts version of its popular reese's peanut butter cups with no chocolate. it's dubbed the reese's ultimate peanut butter lovers cup. both the outer shell and inside of the cup are all peanut butter. the candy will hit store shelves next month for a limited time. i don't know about you, anne-marie, but i'm definitely going to want like milk or water handy if i take part in that candy. >> yeah. that is a good point. like i think chocolate and peanut butter is a marriage made in heaven. that doesn't mean i won't try it because i have been guilty of just sticking a spoon in a jar of peanut butter and walking around with that. so i will give it a try. but i agree, a good, solid glass
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪
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♪someere goisgaose om h handlers and was spotted hopping away monday in winfield. no word on its whereabouts. country music legend dolly parton put a new spin to her classic song "jolene" right before getting the coronavirus vaccine. >> it goes -- ♪ vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine ♪ ♪ i'm begging of you please don't hesitate ♪ >> don't you just love her? the grammy winner was inoculated yesterday in nashville. in a video she encouraged people to get the vaccine. last year parton donated $1 million to vanderbilt university medical center to help fund research for the moderna
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vaccine, but she did wait her turn for the shot. the country music festival cma fest is being canceled for a second year due to the pandemic. the country music association said the june festival takes place at several venues in nashville and could not be rescheduled for later in the year. the venues would also have capacity restrictions that would limit attendance. the cma fest, which started in 1972, is one of the nation's oldest country music festivals. and dr. oz to the rescue. the famous tv doctor helped save the life of a man who collapsed monday at newark liberty international airport in new jersey. authorities say the 60-year-old. dr. oz happened to be in the baggage claim area and rushed over. he helped police perform cpr until other officers brought over a defibrillator. the man began breathing on his own and was taken to the hospital. coming up on "cbs this morning," we speak with golden
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our top stories this morning -- at least ten rockets targeted an airbase in western iraq. the base hosts american troops. it happened at the ain al-asad
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airbase. the attack did not cause significant losses, it is the first attack since the u.s. struck iranian-backed militia targets in syria last week. and president biden says that there will be enough covid vaccine for every adult in the u.s. by may. that is two months earlier than previously expected. his announcement comes as the white house works to ramp up production of johnson & johnson's single-dose shot. for many seniors, this past year has been the loneliest. for some, penpals are making all the difference. here's chip reid. i want you to open your tablets right now -- >> reporter: at st. john the baptist catholic school in maryland, fourth graders were writing letters to their slightly older penpals. >> dearest grandma, thank you very much for the last letter. >> reporter: madeleine reagan is 10. her penpal is 94. what's the best part about having a 94-year-old penpal? >> making her happy. she's just very nice. >> reporter: writing teacher
4:27 am
judy jenkins came up with the idea. >> wouldn't it be cool to have a bond developed between an elderly person and a child? >> reporter: that's exactly what happened for joann baron who lives at brook g pandemic. >> if you can't communicate, it is an isolation factor, and it's very lonesome. >> thank youer for the last letter. >> reporter: her penpal, a 9-year-old, has become her friend. >> having a penpal, i can learn new things about her. >> reporter: new friendships formed the old-fashioned way -- by handwritten words. >> words are power. words can heal. words can influence. words can inspire. >> reporter: and they can brighten the world of penpals of any age. chip reid, cbs news, silver spring, maryland. coming up on "cbs this morning," a look at so-called vaccine passports which could decide who's allowed to travel or stay at a hotel.
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plus, jamie dimon, ceo of jpmorgan chase, tells us about a new initiative to help minority business owners. and we speak with golden globe award-winning actor daniel kaluuya and director shaka king about their new movie "judas and the black messiah." that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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