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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 8, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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a high alert for parts of the bay area. the potential trouble spots being tracked as a red flag warning is in effect right now. questions being raised in alameda over the death of mario gonzalez. special meeting being held. the fear among asian americans. why some in the bay area are rethinking mother's day plans. it is saturday, may 8. fire crews on high alert as a red flag warning is no one effect through this weekend. let's get straight to meteorologist darren peck who has been tracking the dangerous conditions. flag wag have this weekend and e we had last week you can see thfferences ave inuded mo e north bay are included.timonday morning at 6:00 a.m. and it is not only the delta, it is the east bay hills which is why we will share with the
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oakland fire department. look at the winds now. it is already gusting to 40 miles per hour but only in the mountains. this will be another scenario where it will be windy in the mountains but not necessarily where we all live. i will have your full forecast coming up. a dangerous combination of heat and high winds have a firefighters of the east bay hills on high alert. at oaklands fire station 6, the wildfire warning levels went to extreme. crews want to prevent a tragedy like a deadly and destructive firestorm of the oakland hills in 1991. this weekend's alert is the earliest date anyone can imagine a red flag warning going into effect. are we being told by the national weather service that we have a red flag warning for the east bay hills. >> it is concerning we are having it already. >> reporter: fire stations around oakland have extra staffing. fire officials are asking
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homeowners to create defensible space now. they are worried that people may let their guard down as the season drags on. >> our biggest concern is exhaustion on the part of residents. they will start to hear about a lot of red flag warnings and a lot of notifications about taking extra precaution. we don't want anyone to take it lightly. spackle of the east bay regional parks are closed for the weekend to limit the potential for accidental fires. most will reopen on monday morning. along with heightened fire danger, california is grappling with a worsening drought. napa valley wineries say their grapevines are decent shape for now but that could change. amateurs at the napa wine company say theian adequate amo the soil to get the vines through this season. quickly, the vineyard has its own well and can use that to water the crops. the nagging question for them and for all of us is, when will the rain return to replenish? >> we will always be concerned.
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we track water from lots of different vineyards. they are testing the soils to see at what levels and percentage that the soil has moisture. >> growers are hoping they can harvest the grapes in september and received close to normal rainfall during the fall and winter. we are tracking the changing drought conditions and water restrictions on our website. visit conditions in your neighborhood. the alameda city council will hold a special meeting to discuss the case of mario gonzalez. the 26-year-old oakland man died in police custody last month. gonzalez was pinned down as officers tried to arrest him on april 19. he would later die at the hospital. the alameda county sheriff's office has yet to complete an autopsy and is asking psychologists from outside agencies to review the autopsy results once it is done. the sheriff's office will also call a cause of manner of death committee to review the case
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before any findings are made public. alameda mayor and vice mayor called today's city council meeting because they want to share the plans to ship some 911 call's away from law enforcement. a fatal crash overnight in san jose left parts of highway 101 closed for nearly 3 hours. the rollover happened about 10:00 p.m. just north of capital expressway. authorities say a total of five people were involved or were taken to the hospital. one victim did not survive. chp was on the scene investigating last night. to the coronavirus. two more bay area counties can move into the yellow tier next week if there are no spikes in the number of new infections. sonoma county would meet the state's criteria. san mateo may also be on the verge of yellow. san francisco just made the move this week. solano county remains in the red while the rest of the bay area is in orange. case rates and celano have been averaging around 35 to 45 for several weeks. the county needs to get below tn
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rates are too . public health officials predicted could be another two weeks before they are likely to move into the orange. happening today, a pop-up vaccination clinic is open through tomorrow in richmond. anyone who lives and works in contra costa county is eligible for a walk in vaccination. those free shots begin at 9:00 this morning at the st. john missionary baptist church. a drop in clinic is open today in the south bay with a goal of reaching communities heavily affected by the pandemic. it is open from 9:00 until 4:00 at rosemary county school campbell. city staff from san jose have been going door-to-door to make sure people are aware of that. we have more information on a man who was attacked on his way to work. a word of warning, it is
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difficult to watch. the 61-year-old man was attacked on the tenderloin and san francisco last week. the victim was from pleasanton and shared these photos of his injuries. he told kpix 5 he was on his way to work when someone hit him in the back of the head. that caused him to hit a street pole and fall to the ground . he said nobody stopped to help. he called 911 himself. he is physically okay but shaken up. the next day, police say the same suspect attacked an asian father outside gus's community marketed mission bay. the victim was pushing his 1- year-old child in a stroller when he was hit in the head and back more than a dozen times. the suspect was arrested after the attack. according to a new statewide poll, asians are more fearful than any other group in california about becoming victims of violence. many in the aapi community say they are too afraid to go to the grocery store. as kpix 5's mariab medina reports, some are saying they don't want to go out for mother's day. >> it is really unfair, i would say. we are american just like everyone else here.
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>> reporter: zulily is among the asian-americans in california who fear not only for her safety but her family lives as well. >> i sent a voice message to my grandma telling her to stay inside, please. don't even go out. my parents too. when my mom goes on a walk, i say don't go by yourself. >> reporter: according to a new statewide poll conducted by numerous organizations including the center for asian- americans united for self empowerment, 73% of asian americans are afraid of becoming victims of violence. 68% are concerned about be bullied, mocked, or harassed in public. the concerns from the dramatic rise in violence against asians is enough for many including eric to rethink their mother's day plans this year. >> we usually maybe go out for dinner or for lunch. >> reporter: eric says a recent robbery near her mother's home was too close for comfort.
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>> i told her to be careful. we bought her pepper spray just in case. >> we are keeping it low-key. >> reporter: a pandemic as well as the fear for their safety are two good reasons they are staying close to home this mother's day. >> it is heartbreaking and repulsive and disgusting that we have to. for our safety. >> 72% of asian americans in california are worried that their children will be bullied because of their race or ethnicity in their schools. it is 6:09. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, from delivering drinks to delivering your mail. what is behind the trend of former bay area bartenders joining the postal service? >> they come at you aggressively like a drunk person would. >> plus, new roles for climbers. what you need to know and some of the most popular spots in
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yosemite. here is a live look outside before we
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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the 7pm news, weeknights on kpix 5. nearly 6 million restaurant workers lost their jobs in the first six weeks of the pandemic and now is restrictions lift, many restaurant owners are desperate to higher but the people they let go or not coming back. kpix 5's susie stein will discovers a lot the bartenders went from delivering drinks to >>had been in the
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restaurant/bar industry since age 16. >> reporter: when covid-19 sent via schwartz, a former bartender home indefinitely in march of last year, she wasted no time finding another job where she is on her feet all day. >> it is a good, steady, secure job. >> she sees a lot of similarities between bartending and mail delivery. from customer service -- >> it is generally dealing with -- expect the occasional combative customer. >> they can come at you aggressively like a drunk person would. >> reporter: johnny codd sees similarities too. >> there is a family aspect too. >> reporter: when johnny says there is a family aspect, he means his wife. he and zia met that double standard as bartenders. he then followed her to the postal service. >> it is fun. we come home and literally talk about the same thing. it is postal talk now.
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>> a lot of our friends are mail carriers now. i know three bartenders who are mail carriers and they don't want to go back. >> reporter: now heather delivers for usps. these x hospitality workers keep getting offers to go back to the bar but they don't want to. >> the competition to hire people now. a lot of it has strained industries. >> i have gotten a couple of offers to come back. >> reporter: restaurant owners are offering new incentives to get people in the door like here in main street at walnut creek, they are offering new servers $30 per hour but they are also dealing with a lot of no-show interviews. the hunch is that people might be signing up for these interviews to prove to the government they are looking for work but then not taking the interview, not taking the job and staying on unemployment. >> a lot of them that i know are still waiting to go back. >> they are on unemployment?
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>> exactly. >> reporter: for johnny and zia, the change is likely permanent. after leaving the service industry, they realized how much they were giving up by not having 89:0025:00. >> we thought about going back. >> economists believe there is pent-up demand, especially heading into the summer months for people to go back to restaurants and bars. those restaurant owners are ready to higher but the people they let go are realizing now they are the ones holding the cards and many of them are not eager to come back just yet. >> the postal service is hiring 1500 people every week. the average postal worker's pay is about $72,000 a year. yosemite climbers are facing a new obstacle. park officials say climbers will need to get overnight permits if they plan to spend the night climbing the walls of el capitan or have to or other sites. the program starts may 21. it could help limit the number of people. darren, use it have
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to. >> yeah. >> i did too. >> we have to clarify. we did not rock climb have to. we went up the cables like everybody else. as long as you can walk and have some courage, you can do it. even at that, it is pretty scary. look at the warm-up happening today. i don't want this to get lost in the story of the red flag warning, which is understandably the headline in the forecast today but aside from the winds in the mountains and the low humidity, you will feel a lot warmer today in your part of the bay no matter where you are. some places feel this a lot more than others. oakland will be 14 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. that puts you at 82. san francisco, 11 degrees and 75. any time you get above 70 in the city, that is a noticeably warm day. san jose, you will be 10
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degrees warmer. that is the weather headline. but, we are understandably so distracted by the strong winds in the mountains. a real pro tv right now. the sun came up just a little after 6:00 in the morning. that is downtown oakland. you can see it trapped underneath the haze of the inversion by pressure pushing down. that also tends to be visible when the sun is low. you can really see that inversion where you've got the hype pressure kind of trapping everything you put into the air. the numbers out there are pretty nice. it is a balmy 52 in santa rosa right now. that actually has to do with the fact we have already started to get some of these offshore winds. they are sloping downhill or warming up some of these valleys in the north bay. 52 will feel weird when you
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step outside. it is so relatively warm out there. here is the red flag warning. we spotlighted this at the top of the newscast. it does include the northbay mountains, the east bay hills. it goes until monday morning. we have already seen the winds in the mountains this morning. that pretty much is highlighted here. you can see the bright colors in the northbay. 39 over mt. hamilton. our east bay hills down into the diablo range. as we go into the late morning, notice the winds pick up a bit down at the lower elevations where we all live but it is not like we have wind advisories. it is not a terribly windy day but you will notice a bit of these warm offshore breezes as we go through the afternoon today. however, the story is the mountains. we will continue to see this sunday morning. we do it again. this will be the story through monday as we watch the fire weather concerns. the temperatures will stay
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high. look at monday and tuesday. we will bring the numbers back down by the middle of next week. we will keep it in the mid to upper 70s through the bay for much of the is springit is nousua avwind ittsts. thlves are the e. it is the fact that the landscape is so terribly dry. that is why we've got the red flag warning now. >> i feel like the temperatures are a bit of a yo-yo this week but more than anything else, i feel that we are in for a very long summer with all of these warnings starting already. >> if there is any good news to be found here, these offshore wind events, we should not see as many in the summer. at least this kind of red flag warning should take a little bit of bras we june, july, and august. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, an
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incredible comeback as a giants minor leaguer hits the field for the first time since losing an eye. good morning. straight ahead, we are not just going to deliver, we are doubling down on it. four no-hitters this year and it is only may 8. and, the hits just kept on coming for our two first place big-league teams last night. kpix 5 is celebrating the class of 2021. send a photo of your grad . no professional photos, please. be sure to include their name, city, and a litt california's choice beauty?
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baseball up top. it is kind of hard to hide st.
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two no-hitters this week. starter was working on a third against the rays go. he was perfect through six, struck out brett phillips. he struck out 10, retired 21 of the first 22 batters he saw but he needed run support. he got it from seth brown. found a whole deep enough for jed lowrie to tap a play. broken appear in the eighth. late her scores a tying run. two hits, one run tied in the om of e ninth until seth brown walk set off. first big-league walk-off for downtown brown. das won it 2-1 and remain a game and a half ahead of seattle in the west. meantime last night, wade miley, second no-hit start this week. last night, get this. the
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earliest since 1917 we have had four no-no's before the end of may. also last night, willie mays arriving in style, 90 years young on thursday and he got the love at oracle park. that little cake with his godson barry bonds. scoreless with san diego, bottom of the third. buster posey, he is swinging the bat off of blake snell. his eighth big fly for the year. the giants were up 4-2 in the sixth and then eric cosper hit a two run blast to the padres bullpen to tie the game up. autumn of the seven, austin slater was there. into the arcade for his first home run for the year. with the giants in front, won the game 5-4. they are a game and a half ahead in the west. pipit to the ice last night. joyous time with the sharks. you can feel it. they hosted
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phoenix. it was tied at 2 in the third. phil kessel got loose. it was downhill from there. phoenix scored five unanswered goals and won at 5-2. san jose has just five regular-season games remaining. in the nba, rumor jordan bell? the dubbs plan to bring him back to phil an open roster spot. he has been out of the league after playing five games to washington earlier this season. later on the day, they run up and out with oklahoma city. that is enough this morning. enjoy your mother's day weekend. we have an incredible comeback story in the giants farm system one year after losing his right eye in a suicide attempt, giants minor leaguer drew robinson started his 2021 season this week with the sacramento river.
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>> the 29-year-old joined the giants organization on a minor- league field. he was in spring training with the giants last year before the pandemic shot down baseball. in april, robinson shot himself in the head in his las vegas home. the gunshot missed his brain but he lost an eye. he is now splitting his energy between making a baseball come back and telling his story to inspire others. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, derek chauvin now facing a new adderall trial in the death of george floyd. the charges filed against the officers involved.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. welcome back. thank you so much for joining us. let's start this half hour with a check of our weather with urologist darren peck thd flag >> overn, look eeds ie s. t st. helena in th ba mt. ab60 meanwhile, dowreis not all that windy. that is a big part of the story. the red flag warning covers the northbay mountains and the east bay hills mainly at higher
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elevations. it will be breezy today where you live but it will not be anywhere near as strong as it would be in the mountains. you will notice a much warmer day today. we will be in the mid 80s for much of the day, near 90 inland. yesterday, it was near the same. a disappointing job support shows the economic recovery from the pandemic is going much slower than expected. employers hired 266,000 workers in april, far fewer than the 1 million new jobs analysts had expected. natalie brand reports from washington, d.c. >> reporter: as states relax covid restrictions and vaccinated americans feel like they are starting to get back to normal, the latest jobs report says the economy is not recony exidr economy moving in the right i
6:31 am
have a long way to go. >> reporter: the labor department reported 266,000 new jobs last month, far below the 1 million jobs some analysts had predicted. still, the biden administration argues there is reason to be optimistic. >> we saw more people looking for employment in the month of april than the previous months. >> reporter: critics claim extended unappointed benefits, $300 a week and federal-aid on top of state payment encourages people not to work. >> they are better off financially to stay home rather rk reporter: the biden administration lames other factors including lingering health concerns over the pandemic and childcare challenges. >> caregiving responsibilities and access to childcare are important reasons why people are unable to return to work. >> reporter: while the hospitality industry shows the biggest gains in the april report --
6:32 am
>> we just hired three more ndidat >> many business owners are having a hard time finding workers. >> reporter: natalie brand, cbs news, washington. pfizer is starting the process to become the first vaccine maker to get full fda approval. it is a move that would likely increase public confidence in the company's covid vaccine. next week, the fda is likely to give the pfizer vaccine the go- ahead for kids 12 to 15. federal officials hope that by expanding the emergency use authorization, they can reduce the virus caseload and enable schools to reopen with fewer disruptions in the fall. later this year, the fda is expected to expand the authorization again to include even younger children. news this morning, the european union has made a deal with pfizer to get as many as 1.8 billion doses of vaccines in 2023. the contract guarantees 900 million doses and has an option for another 900 million.
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essential components would be sourced from within the community. the world health organization has approved a vaccine made by a chinese company for emergency use. the new york times reports that the move means that it could be used in a global initiative to get free vaccines into developing countries. more american children are getting vaccinated against a human papilloma virus, or hpv. doctors say the rate is still much too low. study in the journal for pediatrics says that less than half of 9 to 12-year-olds have completed their hpv vaccinations. hpv related cancers are on the rise with nearly 40,000 new cases a year. four former police officers in minneapolis linked to the arrest and death of george floyd now face federal charges. derek chauvin and three other officers are accused of violating floyd's civil rights. the indictments from a federal grand jury come weeks after derek chauvin was convicted on state charges of murder. he is now accused of using
6:34 am
unreasonable force while two former colleagues are charged in connection with their failure to intervene. it is all part of a federal attempt to make sure that they face consequences. >> after this year of reckoning with racial justice issues, the federal government underbite and wants to make a clear statement about its stance with regard to police brutality. >> the four men face charges for a failure to provide floyd with medical care. the sentencing for murder and manslaughter is set for next month. three other former officers face a state criminal trial this summer. a police officer in sacramento is facing serious charges for an alleged act of n the issues. >> a sacramento police officer with three years on the job now on the other side of the law accused of domestic violence. it is really important for other
6:35 am
survivors to see people held accountable to see that employers take this seriously. people are not given a pass because of the job they had. >> reporter: justin sheppard is facing felony domestic violence charges from an alleged off-duty a week ago. the victim had visible injuries but did not go to the hospital. a nonprofit working with the survivors says it is important to determine if the actions are part of the pattern. >> we do know that in most relationships, there is a ern of behavior. >> reporter: sheppard is the same officer involved in a 2019 shooting outside a midtown safeway where a dog was shot during an arrest but survived. the city paid nearly $100,000 to that dog's owner.
6:36 am
in a statement, police chief daniel hahn says, quote, the sacramento police department does not and never will tolerate criminal behavior from our officers. we demand that our officers have the highest end legal ethical standards. he is the second officer to be arrested in just two days. >> another corrupt police. >> reporter: sacramento activist allegra taylor worries given the officers position, if there are other potential victims. >> how many more people that he might have hurt, harmed in his violence. >> sheppard was placed on administrative leave and stripped of peace officer powers. still to come on kpix 5 and dam. why san jose's mayor says the new reservoir comes at too high of a price.
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get your spring on at ross. yes! with brand-name looks at prices that say it's on. yeah, it is! get this season's styles for you... ...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! tonight on 48 hours, a series of alarming text messages turns into a murder case. the disappearance of gretchen anthony in florida and why her husband became the prime
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suspect. >> very quickly, they zeroed in thinstructor or. they went to find him and he was not at his apartment. so they go over to his mother's house and he said, he has left. he is on his way to costa rica. at that point, a man hunt began because they thought this man has her phone and off he goes. the hunt was on not only to find gretchen anthony because her body was not at the scene but to find her estranged husband as well. >> you can see peter's report on 40 hours tonight right here on kpix 5. looking live at sfo on the road to recovery. airports across the country are getting more crowded. the tsa just had its busiest day this week since march,
6:41 am
2020. on thursday, 1.6 million people passed through airplane checkpoints nationwide but in april and may so far, crowds are still 40% smaller than the same period in 2019. went goes up must come down. the question this morning is where. this 20 ton chinese rocket is on base to fall back to earth as early as today, in pieces. the odds are the chunks of the space junk will splashdown in the water. the chinese government says most of it will burn up on reentry. it is not likely to cause any harm. also dropping is california's population. for the first time in the states reported history. >> is the california dream dying for the first time since records have been kept? california's year-to-year population dropped a little more than 182,000 people. the reasons? according to state officials, reduced immigration because of the pandemic, declining births, and increased death also blamed
6:42 am
on covid-19. darren why it is among those who left after living in the state for most of his life. california. >> reporter: wyatt spent decades in law enforcement, retiring from the anaheim police department before moving to wyoming. >> the cost of living is so much less. maximum, 6% sales tax. half of what we are paying in california. no state income tax. our permit to build a house was $200. >> reporter: who is moving in and out of california? eric mcgee is a senior fellow at the public policy institute of california who studies and analyzes the data. >> typical pattern for liia last years is people move out of california for other states and then we backfill that with imgr from other states. >> reporter: the data also paints this picture. >> the people who are moving from california to other states are generally poor and middle
6:43 am
income. people moving into california tend to be wealthier and they tend to be young people just starting out in their careers. >> reporter: analysts expect california's growth to pick up again but the case will be very gradual. >> it is a significant milestone. >> immigration policy changes. >> we are destination city. combined with stay-at-home orders and lockdown orders in other countries, turn those numbers into a negative. >> reporter: palmer does acknowledge california's overall growth for multiple years have been relatively stagnant. >> if you look at the data over the past five to 10 years, the overall rate of growth of
6:44 am
california's population has been a slow. that is predominantly do to the fact that we are seeing a slower birthrate in california nationwide. >> reporter: folks like darren who left the state say he has no plans to return. >> the only draw to the state of california is the weather. i don't think cost of living is worth that. >> our population is down just under 39.5 million. the decline was also felt here in the day area where contra costa was the only county to gain new residence. they added 4000 people will. all of those lost populations in 2020. despite the drought driving fire danger, the mayor of san jose is joining the pushback valley water district wants a series of rate hikes to build a new dam near highway 152. it is proposing customers pay an extra 9% a year for 10 years to cover the $2.5 billion tab. the project would greatly expand an existing reservoir
6:45 am
east of gilroy but it would be used primarily to store water from the district imports from other parts of the state. >> the cost has triled. our focus is on creating new water supply. >> the mayor has said look over here, don't look over there. they are trying to increase rates within san jose. here is that thing. we got to evaluate this project. we are in an emergency drought. >> the dam won't have an impact on the drought we are currently facing is it will take 10 years to build the reservoir. at some point, we either need more water or we need a better way to store it. >> yep. and, find better ways to manage the amount we do have right now. that will have to be a major factor in the solutions. look at the view from the top of the salesforce tower in oakland. that is the skyline there. look at the hose that has settled in over the city which
6:46 am
is a really good visual to tell us that high pressure is in place just trapping everything and holding it down to the ground. this has had a big impact on temperatures this morning. 52 degrees in santa rosa right now. that 52 in santa rosa is a bit different than what you are used to waking up to. look at fairfield. it is 15 degrees warmer. why those two places? that is where it is already windy. the offshore winds are already starting to warm things up for locations in the central valley and north bay. if you look at what this does for daytime highs today, we will be 14 degrees warmer today in oakland and we were yesterday. that does have to do with some of these dry offshore winds. it also has to do with high- pressure building. it is going to be a dramatic change in terms of the way it feels. even though the red flag
6:47 am
warning at our fire weather concerns are top of mind, they are the most important issue in the forecast at this point. i don't want this part of the story to get buried because when you get right down to it, this is how the majority will experience this. look at the red flag warning. what is different about this one? this includes the northbay mountain. that is different from the one we had last week. this one includes the northbay mountains. we have already had gusts in the 60 miles per hour range. we have seen it in the 40 miles per hour range down here. you can aly see that there is a 46 miles per hour right now. here is how it points out for the rest of today.wn to the lower elevations where we live. you will notice this breezy day. that is part of the warm-up. it
6:48 am
is like a warm breeze. not a terribly strong wind unless you are in the mountains. another 35 miles per hour about the higher elevations. not the most intense offshore wind event. the offshore wind event in itself is not why we have the red flag learning. the reason we have the red flag warning is these humidity levels in the single digits. it is that we are already too dry from the lack of rain we have had for this season. that is the primary driver of the red flag warning conditions. it is not much of an offshore wind event but daytime highs today in the 90s. concord, 88. going up to livermore. we will stay here temperature- wise for the first part of the 7-day forecast. we will get right back up from monday and tuesday and then we will level things back down a bit going into the middle part of next week with temperatures in the bay staying into the mid
6:49 am
to upper 70s for much of this 7- day forecast. >> we will have to keep our fingers crossed that nothing comes of this red flag warning. >> hopefully those who do live in the hills, you are close to those landscapes and will feel the strong winds. make sure you have defensible space and be mindful of operating machinery near any dry grass. a group of ecologists in santa cruz county has come up with a way to help burn zones recover from wildfires. the oyster mushroom can break down chemicals which are often found in the ashes of melted plastic and electronics. it works by secreting enzymes that can remove carbon elements from the ecosystem. >> we do res support regeneration. >> the firm called co-renewal is already at work to restore
6:50 am
burn zones. it also has plans to use the mushroom throughout california, oregon, and washington. one and 4 oakland counties have everything they needed for online learning with the pandemic first started. part of that success comes from this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: oakland technology refurbishes used computers to give away at free or low cost to underserved folks who can't afford desktops, laptops, or tablets. executive director shep hubbard grew the nonprofit in six years from serving fewer than 1000 oakland families to 34,000 families in the bay area last year. >> the heart of technology for the world, this should not be an issue that our committee
6:51 am
members struggle with. >> reporter: the switch to online learning exposed the depth of the digital divide. >> when the pandemic started, less than 25% of families in oakland had all of the tools that they needed. >> reporter: today, 98% have what they need. >> i am thrilled, excited, but also wanting to not lose the potential of sustaining this. >> reporter: they closed the gap through open and divided, a partnership with the foundation. with $13 million in funding, the program connected folks to the internet and distributed more than 28,000 computers, thousands of them refurbished by oakland technology exchange. al for to brought home a free computer years ago. she and her son recently go free tablet. >> tablets and computers can get very, very expensive especially when you have three kids at home doing online learning. >> it is going to be hard to share.
6:52 am
>> thank you! >> the 26-year-old nonprofit also offers free tech support. it has answered more than 10,000 requests by text, email, phone. technician mark keys, a former intern, says the leadership makes all the difference. >> he is one of the reasons why i come to work every day. >> reporter: for helping close the digital divide in oakland with oakland technology exchange, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to seth hubbard. >> you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online on we are celebrating our bay area grants all month long.
6:53 am
aidan morton is graduating from washington high school in fremont. he will be attending the university of san francisco in the fall where he will be continuing his passion for playing baseball. send in a photo of your grad. no professional ph
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tonight on cbs, a benefit concert to encourage covid vaccinations. jennifer lopez and her mom singing together as just one of the acts you will see on a concert to reunite the world. selena gomez is hosting the global citizens fundraiser, urging americans to get vaccinated and fund millions of vaccine doses overseas. fighters, eddie vedder are among the performers. the president and first lady, prince harry, and others will make special appearances. you can watch right here on
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kpix 5 at 8:00 . did you see it? there was a mysterious string of bright lights dashing across the sky last night. it turns out it was all thanks to elon musk. you could just make it out in this video. those are satellites. the company has been setting starlink satellites into orbit to provide more global internet access. you should be able to see them again tonight at 9:30. now to the bay area. the bay area is beginning to reopen. we are asking you to share photos of getting back together again with family and friends. we are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor,
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it is 6:57 and look at the top stories. red flag warning is in effect for parts of the bay area. firefighters on high alert. the state is staging wildfire engines across the hills. arcs are closed for the weekend to limit the chances of fire ignition. alameda county city council will the special meeting today over the death of mario gonzalez, the 26-year-old who died in police custody last month. the alameda county sheriff's office has not completed an autopsy and asked for a peer review once it is done. a rollover crash in the south bay highway killed one person and injured several others. it happened late last night. the highway was closed for nearly 3 hours. solano is the only bay area
6:58 am
county still in the red tier while other counties are now in less restrictive tears. 7-day forecast has a lot of low 90s and it across that top line. inland temperatures will be hot for the next few days. mid to upper 70s for the bay and windy and dry. until monday we have a red flag warning. thank you, darren and thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. we will be right back here tomorrow morning at 6:00.
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narrator: today on "lucky dog", this gentle beauty is just 11 months old but she already bears the scars from an attack that's left her quite timid. but london's sweet personality could make her the perfect match for two little girls and their beach-loving family. but first, eric will have to coax london out of her shell. eric: yes. weite shy thaone but we'll gete comfortable, okay? [music - intro] eric: i'm eric wiese and this is my wife rashi. and we've dedicated our lives to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope.


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