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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 9, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the dodgers bounce back in a big way against the giants. we have team coverage from oracle park. >> ha the playoff games are breathing life back into businesses and not. this is a stronger nice a very arrogant member had spent most of the deadlocked inside of their homes.
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just learned from please. we begin with a live look at oracle park. the dodgers even with the giants at one game apiece and both teams had to los angeles. betty yu tough team coverage. she is live outside of oracle park with a and not ready to give up. >> reporter: no way. they are disappointed but that still is fired up some chanting of "let's go giants." >> this wasn't the way giants fans envision and editing but this is what you expect from to powerhouse teams. >> giants fans started streaming out of oracle park during the seventh inning. >> were actually came all the way from l.a. to watch this game. we are giant fans who live in l.a.
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>> milli vanilli. >> >> the night started with high energy. tom cruise was front and center amid a sea of orange rally rags and a sellout crowd of 30,000+. the sixth inning both fans put on their other camps. in the end the --. >> many giants fans have plans 20 game number three in l.a.
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both sides are ready to troll. >> are you surprised it is. this best-of-five series to l.a. if there is a game number five it will be back in i oracle park thursday . back so much talk of about that duncans betty, thank you for all the fanfare. betty is outside of the stadium.
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they just turned off half of the stadium lights here. do i have bad breath? the got aggressive and they hit like a 106 regular-season when team does. let's show you the start the opposing pitcher setting home chris taylor for the games first ran. tony belanger with the bases loaded, double off the wall and left-center. two runs scored to start a run dodger inning.
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>> it wasn't our best effort tonight. the dodgers swung the bats better than us and made more pitches than us. the made were placed in us. we will turn the page and get ready for game number three. >> have two teams that are really talented. sometimes you will have a night like this. >> an early start for everybody tomorrow. that includes the dodgers and the giants is truly. i have got an early flight tomorrow but get this, the dodgers and the liens stuck out until late afternoon. the giants got 7:30 at dodger stadium .
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>> do you have a feel about monday night given the matchup? >> i expect both teams to throw the fire and vinegar they have got. not sure as a result the mound, he lets you know that he is there. win or lose, playoff baseball given a lifeline to the struggling sports for industry. would join some diehards at a pub this evening. >> not the results giants fans were hoping for in game number 2.
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>> the pandemic at the service sector are extremely hard especially bars and clubs. covid forced people to social distance. the vaccine then giant getting together. >> the manager says there will be a lot more games like this to get back and linking.
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>> i don't have either of those. babar is very convenient. >> was fans say they will pass on the $10 had done in the $13 beer at the ballpark. say the prices are more reasonable at the local bars and there is still a lot of energy. >> you see fans and all of the charisma. >> giants fans prove can take a look at keep on ticking. game number three monday be sure to tag us and use the
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hashtag kpix. tens of thousands of cuts was could lose power as early as monday morning because of fire danger concerns. >> until we get the widespread rain we will do this. what is no different is this is now not just the five. this is also a wind advisory where you live. that is new. you will bring in a different shade bay area widen the tan.
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somewhere limited time on this it goes from monday morning to monday night. really, it is monday morning and monday afternoon. watch the first polls. the screen will line up by time get to monday in the predawn hours. segment the standoffs lasting 5 hours. suspect eventually surrendered and was taken into custody. 24-year-old d'angelo webb is accused of killing the mother of his child and stabbing her mother. she is in the hospital and expect to survive. >> just the thought of almost
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losing her i want to say thank you for whoever reported him. this was a blessing that we found him. my cousin can find some closure with this. >> waiver has been taken to the . the blue angels will be screaming through the skies against file. and east bay group being targeted to ge
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the busiest weekend san francisco has seen since the start of the pandemic. >> playoff baseball is on the minds of many but in the skies above, -- was in full swing. blue and was on full display and return are to be a nice afternoon. thousands of tourists gathered to take in the show.
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>> the fleet military band in a so naval ships docked on the embarcadero.'s emphasis go is playing homes one of the you in prison fleet weeks across the country by. >> lead week will wrap up tomorrow with a full day of events. now into the side of the coronavirus. and oakland vaccine clinic that it would must to give shots to the unvaccinated but now at least one clinic is seeing an uptick in boosters. wilson walker has more from oakland. >> our initial goal was to tackle the unvaccinated folks specifically young adults. we know that is a big need in
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our community. >> the oakland ymca thought they would be seeing a lot of unvaccinated used today but then they expanded the eligibility pool. >> we have been paying close attention to the news. religion it was like many of those driving traffic at today's clinic. people who because of their age, health, or employment are eligible for a booster. >> every time you have a symptom you have to stay home. >> i am still nervous about being in crowds. >> with 76% of oakland residents fully vaccinated, the
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booster waive the delta wave hopefully behind us. if you off-duty officers are stepping in to help. volunteer officers and the community. the community service more security cameras and streetlights in an effort to curb crime. cal fire is stepping up and fanning out across california in anticipation of strong winds that could. strong winds can topple trees and branches onto powerline sparking fires and spitting embers. >> the fire spread is so much
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dramatically more than under normal circumstances. in the fire that starts have the potential for growing exponentially. >> it is and especially time for wildfires. it is going to be is going to get this bread easy and quick. >> it is understanding weather when from nares are ensuring we have adequate resources. an attack aggressive for starts to >> cal fire is putting cruise impositions now to make sure they are ready to respond. >> in preparation we ensure our staffing is that equipment.
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we will tussled over to darren to talk about the windy weather and fire climate. >> i want to talk about why this is happening and what it will look like. here is why we have to go into fire weather. the system coming our way, watch the future cast bring the rain and snow into the far pacific northwest. it overshoots us. it comes in line. it's five down the interior of the continent. you can see what that does. we are going to start this sunday midnight. northerly winds and you watch the color splat of the sacramento valley showing the intensity of the wind. that is an offshore wind event. that is what they look like in the forecast model. that is what they look like when you have to paint the map with fire weather watch on it. i showed you at the top of the newscast but something. there is a wind advisory going on.
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>> it will come again in the afternoon. once we get past this things will come down. here is going to dry out. if thing is about to go whites right there. that is monday afternoon. humidity levels go into the teens. that is the fire weather concern. we shouldn't have to feel too much of a change from that will be the
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i don't want to overlook tomorrow. tomorrow is fine. tomorrow will be nicer than today. plenty of sunshine and no wings tomorrow. second half of your weekend is great. those we will could down a bit for next week but we are going to warm back up another 49 to the injured reserve list. we have seen it all too much of this one really hurts. circle after shedding a
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it was a giant task at home tonight. the last 11 times pitched the doctors 111 straight times. dating back to july if he pitches the dodgers when. and impossible mission some may say. tom cruise in the house. top of the second. the giants intentional walk a.j. >> next batter is mookie betts. that will get down for a base hit. two vends a squad with two outs as a.j.
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4-1 dodgers, tumor dodgers commit to score. the lead 6-1. the giants trying to rally in the bottom of the six. netizen rba. . >> the series is tied 1-1.
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>> we have been down 1 happens in >> we were able to know we could do it. >> it stinks. you never want to this at home and never like that to you division rivals. it is what it is. it is the players >> it is a tough team, obviously. 2000. a couple of giants fans maybe scott in the next opponent. atlanta to up 2 happen 0 in the sixth. industry lances time to shine they can see
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number one in the college football world was biting their nails at the . ul
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to the gridiron. the 49ers play the only unbeaten team in football. the arizona cardinals -- to lance lynn first career minutes. tries to fight to the pain last week but has should san jose state pasta 3 academic. texas an ump had it looked good this season but with 12 on
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the field anything is possible. alabama started quiet but they came back to take the lead. 3 minutes left a and m down 7. game tied at 38. the aggies get it back. sam small from 28 yards away. he sings it. the aggies stand top-ranked alabama 31-tushman
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click, call, or visit a store today. thanks for watching. avonex local newscasters morning from 6:00-7:00. we are always on kpix.c . for now go
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