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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  October 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. it's 6:00 on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. today is game five. we are live at oracle park. bay area can't seem to catch a break. we are waking to another round of high fire danger. a bay area police chief on leave, allegations involving a family member, alleged pimp, two other top cops. >> this study is mind boggling. >> an astounding idea. >> quite surprising. the body clock boost. new study suggests it is not how you work out that counts.
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it's when. good morning. it's thursday october 14. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. fire danger forcing part of the bay area to prepare for possible power shut offs again. here is a look at the outage map. last night pge said it would scale back plans for public safety power shut offs from 29,000 customers to 16,000. outages were set to begin around 3:00 this morning. we are not seeing major shut offs yet but with the high fire danger today they can still happen. >> let's turn things over to mary lee. good morning. tracking offshore winds and difference between this event compared to earlier in the week, not as strong. specifically i am watching solano as well as the sacramento valley under the red flag warning, areas highlighted in red. fairfield, vallejo under that red flag warning today, north northeast winds gusting to 35 and low relative humidity
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values down to 10 to 20%. high fire danger specifically for those areas. we will warm things and see more sunshine today, 67 san francisco, 81 concord. we are cheering on our giants. first pitch is 6:07, plenty sunshine. we know our giants are going to beat l.a. it's going to be pretty crowded. there will be a lot of people. everybody will be cheering on the giants. it will be a lot of fun. that means traffic will be a mess if you are headed to oracle park. give yourself extra time and expect busy conditions along 280 extension. they do closures on king street before and after the game. using public transit is probably your best bet, very easy to get to the ballpark on the ferry, takes you to oracle park. bart is a great option, embarcadero, montgomery. cal train at 4th and king. if you drive you can reserve
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parking in advance. i will be out there cheering on our san francisco giants. >> go team. a live look at oracle park with the series putting the two together tonight, giants and dodgers are facing off. >> justin andrews is live at oracle park. it's do or die. i can see you are already ready to go. >> reporter: absolutely do or die. the giants will be doing tonight right here at oracle park. that's because we ain't leaving our home diamond with nothing less than a big fat win. game five is tonight and it will be a historic post season match up. when you count regular season and post season games giants and dodgers have 109 victories this year. so far giants hold a 12-11 edge over l.a. and when dodgers are home giants will be in the national
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league championship series against the braves. starter logan webb is pitching one of the biggest games in history of oracle park especially when you look at the intensity, the interest, and who we are playing. >> you have to rank greatest days of your life professionally, this has to be the top. >> this is number one. this is number one so far. >> reporter: first pitch at 6:07 tonight. oh yeah, i am already decked out. i got my black and my orange on. this energy will be certainly electric right here outside of oracle park and inside too. justin andrews, kpix5. >> it's going to be a party tonight. >> it's going to be a good one. >> thank you. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have our eye on a live hearing, fda making big decisions on covid booster shots, specifically whether or not to recommend a third dose of the moderna and johnson &
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johnson vaccine. one big factor they're going to be considering when it comes to the j&j vaccine, preliminary data released showing that people who got the one dose johnson & johnson shot may be better off with a booster from one of the other vaccines. third doses of the pfizer vaccine have been given out for almost a month and more than one in three eligible seniors have already gotten it. today the panel is going to be voting on the moderna vaccine and tomorrow the j&j. we will keep our eye on all of it. >> thank you. roughly 120 san francisco police officers could be out of a job this morning. the city says it is because they failed to get vaccinated. according to the police association out of the 120 sworn officers, 80 work in the patrol division. that's roughly 6% of the entire department. the p.o.a. sites religious beliefs and concerns about longterm effects of the vaccine as reason why some officers refuse to get the
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shot. >> if you take 120 cops or even more off the street, what do you think is going to happen? >> our human resources department is continuing to try and work with people individually but we are going to stand by what we committed to do. >> for officers who have changed their minds they have until midnight to notify their supervisor and must complete vaccination process by november 12. richmond says chief french is on paid administrative leave because of a "unfolding family situation." the details are complicated according to the bay area news group which first broke the who fr claimsisa pimp is accusing the chief and her husband an physical attacks and death threats. french's husband is also on leave. there is more. the paper reports vallejo's police chief is accused of tipping off oakland police chief about one of the attacks.
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internal affairs is looking into oakland's chief. we reached out to oakland and vallejo police and french's attorney but have not heard back yet. antioch police have arrested a man on suspicion of arson according to investigators. this man riding a bike hit another person in the head with a metal pipe at an encampment near hill crest avenue. then he is accused of lighting a rag on fire and throwing it into the camp area. the suspect ran away but was found a few miles away. about 10,000 united auto workers union members have gone on strike against john deere. it had just reached a new six year contract with the equipment maker but a whopping 90% of the rank and file members rejected the offer. the strike is shutting down operations at 11 factories across the midwest. when it comes to working
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out, does time of day make a difference? we have more on this coming up in our original report. the new discovery that even surprised experts. a fire off the california coast closing down part of highway 101. why some much needed relief could soon end this fire season all together. we have a high fire danger today. i am tracking gusty offshore winds and red flag warning for parts of the bay area. i will show you this in just a few minutes. we are looking at sunshine and temperatures a bit warmer, 70 oakland, 73 san jose, 81 concord. the full forecast is coming up. as we look at the roads, mevad at the bay bridge and it is
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here is this morning's original report on the body clock boost. >> reporter: field is packed with hikers, bikers, wind surfers. we asked when is the best time for you to work out? >> afternoon. >> morning. >> 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. >> as soon as i finish work. >> any time of day. >> clockingin, sports scientists from the netherlands. >> quite surprising. >> reporter: the team studied a moderate exercise routine on two dozen men. all were prediabetic meaning blood sugar levels were higher than normal. after 12 weeks of doing the same routine, everyone had better cardiovascular health. those who worked out late in the day got a bigger bang. >> those people that trained in afternoon had more beneficial effects of the exercise training than people that trained in the morning.
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>> repo: teners had a bigger drop in blood sugar and significantly more control over it. they also lost more belly fat than those who exercised in the morning. >> i thought it was fascinating. >> reporter: the doctor from ucsf specializes in kidney diseases including those brought on by diabetes. for years she's studied how foods such as those eaten by prehistoric ancestors can lower blood sugar. >> it means eliminating processed foods. >> reporter: afternoon exercise appears to do the same. >> the idea that it makes a difference what time you exercise in terms of the results you get was just an astounding idea. >> reporter: as to why time of day makes a difference, that too may harken back to paleolithic past. >> this may be due to the fact that our ancestors, hunters, gatherers, farmers, went out
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and had to run back before sun set. >> reporter: a world expert in circadian rhythms. in other words, our internal 24 hour biological clocks. every cell in our body has one. these clocks are controlled and synced by a master clock, the brain. they carry functions in a particular order. >> the body cannot do everything like sleeping, eating, and exercise at once. >> reporter: thanks to the clocks humans know when to wake up, when to fall asleep, even when to optimize metabolism. they're calabrated daily by a predictable event. >> the sun would rise and in the evening it will become dark. >> reporter: he believes the end of the day may be the best time to exercise because daylight is ending and muscles, joints, metabolism have reached peak capacity. >> you can exercise more with less effort. >> reporter: he believes an
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afternoon work out may help us faster metabolize the last meal of the day, put us into a deep sleep and a fasting site. >> it gives all kinds of biological responses that try to improve your health. >> reporter: the doctor believes it's time to replicate the study in a larger group of people. >> there is clearly something about the circadian rhythms that affect the way our body works. >> if you can't exercise in the afternoon, that is okay. all experts agree any exercise is good exercise no matter the time of day. to better understand your circadian clock and to figure out ways to reset for optimal health, there is an app for that. go to fire watch this morning, fire crews up against intense winds in santa barbara county. more than 1500 acres are burned even shutting down a large stretch of 101.
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more than 1300 firefighters are balinghe . e area see more high mperatures and wis overe xt days. of ur these are less than ideal conditions when fighting a fire like this. a live look at oakland, leaders will be discussing a plan today to provide portable air filtration units to low income residents with respiratory illnesses. project is aimed at reducing health impacts of wildfire smoke on vulnerable people in the oakland area. good news, amid talks of wildfires, an upcoming storm in the area is expected to end fire season all together. our longterm weather forecast shows several days of moderate to heavy rain in mid october from the bay area to redding. if a wet storm arrives as predicted, it could put end to wildfire activity and help improve drought conditions. 6:15 is the time. that got all our attention this morning. >> a lot of people are talking about this, excited about this.
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weather models and tracking series of weather systems. we are going to see if the storms stay more on the north, if they even hold together as they push across. a lot of factors in play and it is far out. we are looking at next week and beyond. the outlook is looking at above average rainfall as we look to next week and beyond. fingers crossed on this, there is a chance that we can have the rainfall that we are really going to be watching, the series of weather systems for next week and after that, hopefully so. we definitely need the rainfall but not today. we will not catch that rainfall. in fact, the opposite. plenty sunshine, dry offshore winds. it's a chilly start to grab that jacket if you are heading out maybe to work or school. because of offshore winds, we have a high fire danger especially for solano and sacramento valley under red
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flag warnings. due to gusty offshore winds and low relative humidity values. we will warm things as we look to the weekend especially on saturday. the low pressure system to our east and counterclockwise flow ushering in the northerly winds. let's show the winds on futurecast. you see northerly winds as we head through our day and low relative humidity values plummeting to the teens. very dry air. daytime highs, low to mid 60s for coast, low 70s for peninsula and south bay, 72 santa clara, 73 san jose, 76 morgan hill. inland east bay, you will catch that sunshine, 81 in concord, pleasant hill. around the bay 67 in san francisco, 70 oakland and san leandro. north bay mid to upper 70s to low 80s and upper 70s for ukiah
6:19 am
and clover dale. saturday is the warmest day out of our extended forecast and cooler temperatures sunday and into next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, you see temperatures on the rise with plenty sunshine friday and saturday and a drop in temps for sunday and into next week with more clouds as well streaming in by the end of our weekend and into next week. let's check with gianna. we have hot spots as we start our day. the good news is it is pretty quiet as far as accidents but we are seeing extra volume on the roads, lots of folks making the ride west bound, west bound 580 is also busy. looking on our maps, i will zoom in and show you conditions along highway 4 y■ou see out of antioch over all the way into bay point, speeds dipping down to 15 miles per hour in some spots. the earlier crash near summers ville is completely cleared so that's good news, slow towards the east shore freeway. same for the altamont pass,
6:20 am
tracking brake lights west bound 580 from the 205, 580 connector. taking 205, you will see brake lights around 11th street extending well beyond north flynn. we are seeing brake lights towards the livermore valley. 40 minutes 205 towards 680. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backed up beyond the 880 over pass, as that connects on to the bay bridge. you see traffic pretty much bumper to bumper. we are looking at a 15 minute travel time from the maze over into san francisco. if you want to skip the bay bridge and use san mateo bridge, looking good. extra volume west bound, tail lights towards foster city. as far as travel times, 14 minutes between 880 and 101. so far, so good for the ride out of marin, easy ride out 101 as you head into the city. things are pretty quiet there as well. if you are headed to giants game tonight, you are not
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welcome back. new details on plans to transform mountain view's downtown into a pedestrian's paradise. >> city council endorsed a plan to keep a partial closure of castro street in place until 2023. it was shut down to cars last year to allow restaurants to operate outdoors. city leaders want to permanently transform castro into pedestrian mall or plaza.
6:25 am
the goal, to make it safer for pedestrians as cal train plans to increase service and make trains faster. 6:24. in our next half hour on kpix5 . >> giants fever heating up, one last game between san francisco and l.a. weveteam coverage. booster shots back under the microscope. the meetings just underway today with the fda. a positive sign for the economy. we break down what the latest job less claim report reveals ahead in our next half hour. a live look outside looking at some traffic out there at
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if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. giants and dodgers face off in game five of the nlds. a win for giants extends the season and would bring in the next opponent atlanta braves. first pitch is at 6:07. preparing for possible power shut offs again. pge said it would scale back plans for public safety power shut offs. we are not seeing major shut offs yet but with the high fire danger they can still happen. roughly 120 san francisco police officers could be out of a job this morning.
6:30 am
the city says it's because they failed to get vaccinated. according to the police association out of the 120 sworn officers, 80 of them work in the patrol division. that's roughly 6% of the entire department. good morning to you. it is 6:30 and it is thursday october 14. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning, a win to extend the season is hours away. we have live team coverage for game five of the nlds with traffic around the ballpark to what's at stake at the stadium. we begin with mary lee with the giants fever forecast. all i have to say, beat l.a. i have more to say though. our giants are going to bring it. we wanted to win on our own turf, plenty sunshine, breezy conditions, great weather today. we are looking at plenty sunshine. mid to upper 60s to low 70s around the bay, daytime highs inland mid to 70s low
6:31 am
80s, 73 in san wi we have a high fire danger for solano county and sacramento valley under red flag warnings today. tracking that closely for you, i will have more on my full forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's go to gianna. i am so excited about the game. i am jealous, you will be there. >> i will be there. i am celebrating my anniversary to my husband and that was our gift to ourselves. we will not be alone. heads up, expect busy conditions on 280 extension near king street. they'll have closures before and after the game on king street as well so that will be a messy commute in and around the area. this is the tail end of drive time, a lot of cars around there anyway. embarcadero will be busy, bay bridge. use public transit. the ferry takes you to oracle park, what a beautiful way to start your day if headed across
6:32 am
the ferry. cal train 4th and king, about a block from oracle park. if you want to drive, leave early but reserve parking in advance, spot hero has a lot of options. i will say though it is pretty pricey. you have prices up to about $150. plan ahead and give yourself a few extra minutes. i expect to see lots of social posts with you wearing your giants gear. >> you too. you will be in the thick of things. justin is already at the park. you were saying you can feel the energy in the air without even all the people there just yet. >> reporter: absolutely. just imagine the sea of orange and black that's going to be flowing here inside and outside of oracle park tonight leading to the first pitch which is at 6:07. the energy is electric. people are excited.
6:33 am
they're going to be yelling in the stands, yelling at the tv screens in bars and inside their homes. giants and dodgers each have 109 wins when you include regular and post season victories, they are taking that win. if we do, the giants will be pitched all the way to the national league championship series against the atlanta braves. eyes will be on starter logan webb. we saw the 24-year-old throwing that seven and two thirds shut out innings in game one against dodgers. when it comes to tonight's do or die game, webb's manager says he is ready. >> he is sort of not battle tested specifically in this type of situation. i can't say he's pitched game five in a division series. he is pretty battle tested in other ways. experience comes in different shapes and sizes. i think he can lean on some of the experience he's had and
6:34 am
trust himself because of the success he's had to date. >> reporter: so we agreed that we are staying up for the game. i want to know who will be calling waking me up. >> i will take that responsibility. i will call your number. get that butt up. >> we're going to be like are you watching this win right now. >> reporter: oh yeah, just get me up. we'll be good. we'll be ready. >> i need to set a back up alarm for myself too. it's going to be a great night. thank you so much. i am anne makovec. we are talking high fire danger this morning, a red flag warning in effect that mary has been talking about. that means the possibility again of public safety power shut offs. a live look at the realtime information from pge right now. the company has scaled back plans for power shut offs from
6:35 am
29,000 customers to about 16,000 customers, homes and businesses, that could lose power this morning and that includes just under 5,000 in napa, okfairfield, one of the affected counties where pge has set up a resource center. they have everything you need if your power does go out, wifi, places to charge your cell phone and laptop and also medical device support. i've got all the information for you on my twitter page from pge@annekpix. we'll hope they don't have to pull the plug today. we'll see. >> thanks. today, the first of two days of meetings for fda's vaccine advisers get underway. today they're scheduled to vote whether to recommend moderna's application for a half size booster of the covid-19 vaccine for certain groups at least six
6:36 am
months after the second dose. tomorrow johnson & johnson's will be up for a vote. young children ages 5 to 11 could get covid-19 vaccine as soon as next month if fda gives the okay. bay area pediatricians are already preparing. >> we are trying to make our sites look fun for kids and most importantly for me as a parent, i hope it decreases chance of disruption for my own younger child, disruption to her school time. >> children represent nearly 25% of covid cases in the u.s. one more vaccine note, bart board of directors is set to discuss mandatory covid vaccinations for its agents and their employees this morning during its meeting. looking live at san francisco where speaker nancy pelosi will host events to highlight build back better act and discuss the climate crisis. she plans to address environmental justice and investing in clean energy
6:37 am
future. u.s. housing and urban vehicle secretary will be traveling to the bay area to join speaker pelosi for the build back better event. looking live at the port of oakland where there is hope this morning after president biden announced a planto de with delays unloading cargo ships which have crippled the supply chain. in the bay area small businesses are feeling effects and struggling to get inventory in time for holidays. in pleasant ton small shops have windows decorated for halloween but inside there is limited merchandise. owners of american harvest say they ordered halloween inventory in january and only a small portion has shown up. >> they said they wouldn't get it until november. that doesn't help me. we are into christmas by then. >> yesterday the biden administration announced a deal with unions and big businesses to start working around the clock with ports shifting to 24/7 operations to get the goods moving. facebook says it is
6:38 am
expanding policy on harassment in an effort to remove harmful content. the company is promising to bar content that degrades or sexualizes public figuring including celebrities, elected officials, and others in the public eye. this is facebook's latest change after a whistleblower accused her former employer of putting profits ahead of safety by inciting political violence. 6:38. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> employees fired by the hundreds. coming up, the airline staying stern over the vaccine mandate. new research shining a spotlight on head light safety. what drivers need to go. let's take a quick check on the big board. dow is up more than 300 points. diane king hall has a closer look coming up after the break. good morning. ahead on cbs mornings a study shows people who got the johnson & johnson vaccine may be better off get a pfizer or
6:39 am
moderna booster. the top doctor will give thoughts about whether mixing and matching is a good idea. william shatner joins us to talk about his life changing experience on the edge of space and his very emotional response, love this, space from blue origin's capsule. nate talks with his 11-year- old daughter about effects of social media on her self
6:40 am
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6:42, time for money watch. how much the cost of living has gone up nationwide. diane king hall is joining us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amanda. before i get to the latest on the cost of living in u.s., let's check the markets.
6:43 am
trading underway for a little more than ten minutes and you have investors doing a round of buying, dow better by 240. in the tech sector, triple digit advance, nasdaq on the plus side by 159. cost of living in u.s. rose in september. according to labor department consumer price index rose .4 of a percent. prices also increased. we are talking about we are paying more for things at the grocery store like bacon. >> my receipt yesterday at the grocery store was no joke. moving from indiana to san francisco, prices have gone up. >> you are like what happened? i know. >> prices have gone up just a little bit. >> i know. >> thanks so much. >> too high. >> emphasis on too high. a hub for united airlines, united is in the process of firing more than 230 employees after they refused to get the
6:44 am
vaccine. the airline has taken the strongest stance among u.s. carriers, warned employees unless granted a religious for medical exemption they would be let go. this is as tsa says 40% of workers are unvaccinated and the deadline is looming. they need to be fully vaccinated by november 22 before the busy thanksgiving travel rush. it takes weeks for doses to kick in so time is running out. hundreds of film and tv productions across u.s. and canada can soon grind to a halt due to threats of a strike by thousands of union workers in the entertainment industry. international alliance of theatrical stage employees announced it will begin a nationwide strike on october 18. if a deal is not reached with tv and film studios. union is calling for a contract that addresses issues like reasonable rest periods, meal breaks, and living wage. trending, success of blue origin's latest space flight
6:45 am
but not everyone is backing billionaires in space tourism race. >> we need some of the world's greatest brains and minds fixed on repairing this planet. >> this is after elon musk has spoken about missions to wars and bezos announced inaugural space flight in july as bidding a road to space. let's get you caught up on weather and traffic. >> we will begin with mary lee. it is gorgeous. i wanted to show you our sunrise as we look east, golden colors in the sky and our skies lit up in giants' orange. of course we are cheering on our giants. we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it's a chilly start. grab that jacket as you head out for work or school. we are looking at 48 concord, 51liore is coming in at 45, san francisco 52, 50 in san
6:46 am
jose, 43 in santa rosa. of course we have the big game today, giants taking on the dodgers, beat l.a. for first pitch at 6:07, sunshine and 62 with breezy conditions. we know our giants are going to win it all. sunshine across the bay area, we have offshore winds for you, high fire danger today. red flag warnings for solano including fairfield, vallejo. as we look to our weekend, we will warm things. friday and saturday are the warmest days of the week. here is a look at the satellite and radar view, tracking upper level low pressure system and with that drawing in dry offshore winds. let's show you on futurecast as we take you hour by hour. you see the northerly winds as we go through today and relative humidity values will plummet down to the teens. very dry air today.
6:47 am
with the offshore winds, the northerly winds, we are looking at temperatures on the rise. south bay santa clara 72, 73 san jose, 76 morgan hill this afternoon. inland east bay, low 80s, concord pleasant hill, tri valley in the mid to upper 70s this afternoon. 70 oakland and san leandro. north bay, daytime highs in mid to upper 70s to low 80s this afternoon. the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, you see temperatures climbing friday and saturday, cooler sunday and into next week with more clouds streaming in. you see temperatures warming up friday and saturday and big drop with our temperatures sunday and next week with more clouds in the sky as we look to the end of our weekend and next week. let's check with gianna. it is getting busy in spots this morning. >> it is. that morning rush for your
6:48 am
thursday drive is busy, getting reports of a crash north bound 17 at hamilton. there are not a lot of details yet but i am tracking brake lights in the area. slow and go out of richmond. you will see sluggish conditions into berkeley and of course that means you are slowing as you owardse lighare traffic is backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic across upper deck as you head into san francisco, 15 minutes from the maze into the city. altamont pass, busy for super commuters. it's been busy all morning out of tracy, 205, 580, speeds dipping down to about 8 miles per hour. so it is slow but improves as you pass that north flynn exit, gets better into the livermore valley and dublin interchange. you see a lot of traffic, a lot of cars on the road but moving at a better pace through this area, head lights west bound towards 680. 52 minutes from 205 towards
6:49 am
680. you are in the red for the ride on highway 4. antioch to east shore, 53 minutes. san mateo bridge, traffic is quiet, no delays. golden gate bridge looking good. no crashes out of marin county. len and amanda. all the head lights out there, head lights have been used in cars for more than 100 years. a new study shows how important a quality pair can be. wendy gillette with the results. >> reporter: crash tests can gauge how a vehicle performs in a collision. but a new study from insurance institute for highway safety is shedding light on a key component to avoiding an accident, head lights. why is the study important? >> the study is important because driving at night is three times as risky as driving during the day. >> reporter: matthew with iihs was part of a team that looked at 44,000 crashes and found
6:50 am
vehicles with head lights that received a good rating had a 20% lower risk of being in a crash compared to cars with head lights that had poor rating. there was a 30% reduction in accidents where the driver was injured. this demonstration shows how much clearer the road comes into view when there is plenty light. high performing head lights can help a driver identify a potential hazard in just two seconds while it could take up to six seconds with poor lights. >> the difference between that could make the difference between being in a crash or not. >> the track is ready. you can begin. >> reporter: 29% of cars iihs tested received a good rating but the group is pushing auto makers to do more and the government to update current standards. >> federal regulation for head lights is quite outdated. we would like to see federal government improve regulation that exists right now. >> reporter: he says the government needs to change how head lights are tested and
6:51 am
consider new technology to better illuminate a driver's view of the road. 6:50. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> giants fever heating up. a long baseball season and now it comes down to one game. we are live from oracle park with a preview of what's at stake. >> you would think this is out of a disney movie. how a park ranger beat this little girl a heart warming bear hug she has been missing for years. streaming today, domestic violence awareness month. we'll talk about resources provided to victims. that's at 8:30. at 8:45 you will hear from cbs news senior travel adviser about countries opening borders to the vaccinated and cruise industry making a come back. watch at or the kpix app. we are also
6:52 am
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>> reporter: just andrews live outside of oracle park ahead of the giant face off with the giants and dodgers. the sunrise knows what's going to happen. you see all that orange? just a gorgeous view. it's going to be crazy and electric, rivals each have 109 victories. we are talking dodgers and giants. that's when you count regular season and post season games. when dodgers are sent home the giants will be headed to the national league championship series against the braves. logan webb is pitching one of the biggest games in his history of oracle park when you look at the intensity, interest, and who we are playing. his manager says he is ready. that first pitch is tonight at 6:07. boy, will it be a big win for the giants. at least that's what we are hoping. >> even the sky is saying go giants. time for a look at the
6:56 am
other top stories. >> fire danger forcing part of the bay area to prepare for possible power shut offs again. here is a look at the outage map. we are not seeing major shut offs yet but with the high fire danger pge is sure to not take chances. the utility said it would scale back plans from 29,000 to about 16,000. fda advisers, back seat advisers meeting scheduled to vote on whether to recommend moderna's application for a half size booster of the covid- 19 vaccine. this is for certain groups at least six months after second dose. more than 100 san francisco police officers could be out of a job for failing to get vaccinated. officers have until midnight to change minds about getting a shot. those who did must be fully vaccinated by november 12. a final check now of the big board, dow is up about 360 points. we have learned 293,000 people
6:57 am
filed for unemployment bene we laek a new pandemic era low. mountain view city council endorsed a plan to keep partial closure of castro until 2023 while leaders work on a plan to transform the street into a pedestrian plaza. we are looking at plenty sunshine today and temperatures a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. 62 in pacifica, 67 in san francisco, 70 oakland, 73 for san jose, 79 livermore, 80 for napa valley. we have a red flag warning for solano as well as sacramento valley due to gusty offshore winds, areas highlighted in red under the high fire danger. of course we are cheering on our giants taking on the dodgers, game five for the first pitch at 6:07. plenty sunshine, 62 with breezy conditions. g, we know our giants are going
6:58 am
to win this whole thing in game five. >> they just had to do it at home, so much more fun on our home turf rather than in l.a. >> yes. if you are ready to head out, it is a busy one. there are not a lot of crashes but a lot of cars. your travel time on highway 4 west bound, 57 minutes, almost an hour from antioch to the east shore and delays on east shore freeway richmond as you work to berkeley. metering lights are on at the toll plaza. we are cheering on our giants. expect a lot of people at the game. i will be there ready to cheer on san francisco beating l.a., 280 extension, king street closures before and after and embarcadero will be busy. a story that sounds more like a disney movie. >> a girl's teddy bear was lost during a hike and a year later the teddy found its way back
6:59 am
home. naomi pascal lost her teddy bear while hiking. a month later a ranger found the toy while on patrol and has kept it ever since. a family friend of the pascals saw teddy on the patrol car, recognized it, and sent it back to naomi. >> i thought i was never going to see him again. >> i thought it would be great to talk to her and her family and just tell them some stories from our travels together last year. >> oh the stories that teddy can tell. i am sure. the park ranger says he hopes he can meet naomi in person one day for a teddy reunion. so precious. it's a big night. >> beat l.a.! >> we got this! >> happy anniversary to you and pete as well. what a gift. >> going to the game.
7:00 am
>> go giants. a live look at oracle park. we are leaving you with ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings," and hello to you, our viewers on the west coast. >> i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony due kopel. >> let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. >> the commitments being made today are a sign of major progress in moving goods from manufacturers to the store to yourur front door. >> the president announces new measures to ease bottlenecks in ports. >> this administration guarantees that holiday packages wll arrive on time? >> they're not supposed to service upsr


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