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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 19, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00. breaking news. a deadly police shooting in santa clara county. the new details just into our news room. tonight, the sheriff's office is in the target of a civil rights investigation. the allegations and how the sheriff is responding. now the whole family is infected and she is still working. she is taking blood from cancer patients. medical workers accusing their employer of putting patients and staff in danger. the conditions they are forced to work under. >> we are going to miss you. we are going to miss what this place was, a real community hub. and after more than three decades it is about to be last call at a beloved bay area hang out. what the owner says was the final nail in
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the coffin. >> now at 11:00. the police shoot and kill a carjacking suspect. good evening. we are live in the city's rose garden area where she spoke to witnesses this evening, maria? >> reporter: guys it happened just after 7:00 on park and heading. you can see there is still a heavy police presence at this hour just a short time ago. the police confirmed with us they shot and killed a suspect who opened fire at them first. >> reporter: the car burst into flames. i was there, i watched it. >> tonight, the typically rose garden neighborhood the scene of a shootout with the police. leaving neighbors to piece together what unfolded. >> it went from sort of a pop, pop, to like a whole lot. >> probably about 20 shots. >> reporter: san jose say the department's helicopter pilot began tracking the suspect after receiving an alert from a car's low jack device that if had been
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stolen. >> the suspect in the stolen car exited the stolen car and attempted to carjack another vehicle. >> reporter: the suspect was not successful and got back into the car ending up with the rose garden neighborhood. >> it was loud. we could hear it through our kitchen window. >> reporter: he crashed into another car. officers arrived only to be confronted by the suspect who was carrying a gun. the police say the suspect immediately began firing at officers who were then forced to fire back. >> there were a few shots at first and then rapid succession. like i said it happened so fast, shots were fired before i could understand what was going on. i was duck and covering if there were stray bullets going anywhere. >> concerned for everybody in my neighborhood. my family has been here 30 plus years. just kind of concerned. >> reporter: and the police say there were two people inside the car that the suspect crashed into. we are told those people are
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recovering at the hospital. the identity of the suspect has not yet been released tonight. for now we are live in san jose, kpix5. morning team will have the very latest on the breaking story tomorrow starting at 4:30. california attorney general launching a civil rights probe into the santa clara sheriff's office. the sheriff already facing corruption accusations from a civil grand jury as well as a no confidence vote for the board of supervisors. among the complaints the county had to pay for those with mental illness. >> public safety is built on trust when communities feel they are treated fairly it increases trust. we will determine if the sheriff's office engaged in a pattern or a practice of unconstitutional or unlawful conduct. >> corruption case accuses smith of resisting an audit in a
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negligence allegations regarding conceal/carry permits. she welcomes a review adding quote i have great confidence in the attorney general's office and i believe they will provide the expertise for a fair and impartial investigation. we remain committed. taking a live look at oakland now where the authorities are looking for the person who left a suspicious device outside the oakland federal building. the investigators initially believed it could have been a pipe bomb but turns out it was a very clever fake. nearby buildings were evacuated and several streets shutdown until 6:00 this evening. the investigators feared the worst when the x-ray technology showed wires and screws inside of an abandoned book bag. they were ultimately able to determine it did not pose a threat. tonight, the pandemic taking a huge toll on workers. queen of the valley medical center is under staffed and workers are
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under paid. kpix5 reporter takes a closer look at the working continues. >> reporter: this was informational picket here tonight. employees came down and hoping to let people know what is going on inside of this hospital. support staff of queen of the valley hospital say negotiations with its employer have gone nowhere. >> all of us are tired. >> reporter: like many other health care facilities queen of the valley is dealing with staffing shortages to ease the stress on california hospitals asymptomatic employees can return to the workplace. >> they had a positive lab person come in and work and then everybody in the lab had to test and another lady tested positive, they told her you don't have symptoms you can come to work. now her whole family is infected and she is still working and she is taking blood from cancer patients. >> reporter: protesters say
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providence has a history of understaffing the hospital. >> they don't really care about staffing. they don't care about helping our families when they are sick. they do not care about patients because they are not staffing us up to take care of them properly. >> reporter: they say they are taking a multipronged approach to solving issues. at providence we want the same thing as our caregivers represented by unions, competitive pay that supports caregivers and families and allows us to attract and maintain the best balance. providence says they are working with national staffing companies and offering signing bonuses to job candidates, employees say the salary is the main issue. >> we had a couple of people who have come in, mri people, turning down jobs because why work here when they can work at kaiser and make $50 an hour more. >> reporter: in napa,
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kpix5. tonight, ambulance companies are saying paramedics expressing saying long wait times prevent them from responding to new calls. >> patient transfer should take no more than 20 minutes. last year we were held on the wall for over two hours more than 700 times in 2021. >> it is only a matter of time when a community member will likely die simply because they can not get to the hospital. >> north bay institution shutting its doors for good almost after 33 years. the brewing company is closing at the end of the month. the impacts of the continuing pandemic were just too much for the business to bear. >> reporter: it is not unusual to find a group of guys at the end. >> she was my friend. >> coming here since early '90s, you know, late '80s when it first
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opened. >> reporter: regulars that helped make the restaurant what it was today, a gathering place. >> we love you all and we are going to miss you. we are going to miss what this place was, you know, a real community hub. >> reporter: he says the cost of the pandemic was too much to bear. the brewery is behind on rent because of forced closures by the health department but the final straw was actually when he was not able to get any help from the almost $30 billion restaurant revitalization fund. it is difficult to say good-bye to a place that holds so many fond memories. >> i might have to stop by a couple more times before they close. we have done like this exact thing so many times to not be able to do more it is going to be weird. >> the brewery does not close until the 31st. there are 10 days left to grab one last beer. back to you. taking a live from capitol hill where
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an effort to expand voting rights is effectively dead. republicans blocked democrats efforts to bring a pair of bills to a vote. prompting a separate showdown over filibuster rules. most democrats wanted to move forward with changes to force lawmakers to debate continuously on the floor in order to oppose legislation. after that the senate would have been able to hold a simple majority vote for final passage. but democrats, joe manchin and sinem adjoined every republican in voting against the changes. >> they would use the nuclear option to override a rule that we have used ourselves. but now seem to find unacceptable. >> this is no time for politics as usual. call out for integrity, empathy. >> at least 19 states passed laws to restrict voting last year with more states expected to do the same this year. still ahead tonight, the
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very public sogga of britney spears could prompt changes to california's conservatorship laws. we will break down the new proposal. after 100 years major changes planned at a bay area entertainment landmark. tonight the radical rethinking of the castro theater. a key decision in the a's efforts to build a
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new at 11:00. a new proposal to give californians under conservatorships more protection. >> it comes after the highly talked about battle between brittany spears and her father. why not everyone is on board with the new plan. >> reporter: britney spears conservatorship is over but the
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fallout from her case continues. a state assemblyman is introducing a bill that would limit further abuses of power. >> this bill aims to reform the conservatorship in california, to create less restrictive alternatives that insures they maintain their individual rights. >> reporter: he says his legislation would give more control for conservatees and make them easier to end. judy mark is president of disability voices united and supports the bill. >> our laws and conservativeship present paradox of protecting people with disabilities by stripping away their rights. >> some are questioning if the new legislation is redundant. >> in september of last year in response to the termination of britney spears conservatorship the legislature passed a law that requires annual jury trials to determine if the
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conservatorship should stay in place or not. and also requires the court investigators to, on an annual basis, consider what the alternatives to conservatorship are. >> reporter: martin says he is concerned her unique case may have a negative impact on conservatorships that are meant to protect people. >> with legislation on top of legislation it is making it more difficult for people to get conservatorships to protect people who legitimately need to be protected. >> reporter: her soga with her father is still not over. her father's attorney is saying he is still entitled to additional legal fees. looking live at san jose where there is a growing concern of the roads after another pedestrian accident. last night a car traveling northbound hit three people, killing two men and leaving a woman injured. the investigators say the car had a green
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light and the driver also suffered injuries from a broken windshield and air bags, now city leaders and residents are saying enough is enough. >> we are seeing an alarming trend in deaths on our streets. it is unacceptable. completely unacceptable. >> the problem is when the light turns yellow they come so fast. and then sometimes they don't have time to stop. and that is when accidents happen. >> two people killed in last night's accident were the sixth and seventh traffic deaths on san jose streets this year. tonight the a's cleared a key hurd nel their effort to build a new stadium on howard terminal in oakland. the city planning commission voted to advance the projects environmental impact report to the city council. the council will have the final say on the $11 billion proposal that includes a 35,000 state stadium with new retail and
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residential development. >> a live look at san 14 where the castro theater will get a bit of a face-lift. another planet entertainment is planning to upgrade the sound, lighting production and hvac system. the venue will host live performances including music and comedy acts. the historic theater hosted the premiere of "matrix" film. new developments coming from the nation of tonga where the nation is still recovering from last week's deadly volcanic eruption turned tsunami. we have not learned relief efforts could be postponed as experts warn about future eruptions tfirst official statement since saturday's eruption tonga's government confirmed the death of three people and complete destruction of several inhabited islands. to protect the south bay from rising sea levels the santa clara valley rescue breaking ground on a nearly $200 million
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project. the goal of the project sect to protect the community from the threat of rising sea levels. hopefully providing decades of protection, it should be done by 2024. we check with our meteorologist, no rain to talk about, definitely that fog is rolling in today. >> that is the only moisture that we will see for awhile. it is a dry seven-day forecast. we have changes headed our way. one thing that is similar to last night d is morning there i fog spreading out already, not as wiguy offshore in by friday and saturday. they are not a problem tonight. not a problem tomorrow, either. the strongest wind gust tomorrow will be around 10 miles an hour. noticeable but you would have to think about it like what is the wind doing? okay. not that bad yet. but, by friday, we are going to
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be seeing those stronger wind gusts feeling the stronger wind gusts at a lower elevation, the bay area, 25-thrive-mile-per-hour gusts off shore and dry winds. the vegetation received a lot of moisture. the higher elevations above 2,000 feet, it will be stronger than this. 50-60-mile-per-hour range. some of the gusts could make their way into the lower elevations heading into late friday night and early saturday morning. the data indicating 40-50-mile- per-hour gusts and higher than that for half-moon bay. the winds rolling downhill. probably warming temperatures up even during the overnight hours as the air gets compressed and warms up more going downhill. the gusts are going to relax somewhat heading into saturday afternoon. it will be a breezy day on saturday and then the winds will die down for the of the weekend. one good thing about the wind, it will help to kind of stir the atmosphere around, improve the air quality, friday and saturday. it should be in the good category across the board. once the winds calm down the
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air quality will deteriorate again. the air will give plenty of pollen into medium category for friday and saturday. and also plenty of cedar pollen in the atmosphere. stocked up on tissues and allergy medication before we hit the end of the workweek. right now, looking at fog. getting ready to spread out. 50 degrees downtown. other temperatures dropping down to the middle to upper 40s. they will not drop too far the rest of the night, bottoming out. most locations the chili spots, just barely dropping below 40 degrees. reaching the lower to middle 60s across the board. all of it running four to five degrees above normal to middle to late january. the temperatures will get a little warmer on friday and saturday with the breeziest days. if you are going to be escaping the bay area and head into the sierra the conditions are looking good. they will not get new snow. plenty of sunshine. nice base of fe ey have 11 of 12 lifts open.
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the conditions are good once they get the machines out and groom the snow. the temperatures are going to be warmest friday and saturday. once we cool off, the temperatures will remain above average for january. all of th middle of next week. there is absolutely no rain in the entire seven-day forecast. cloud cover by monday, tuesday, wednesday. we will hope that february is a bit kinder to us in terms of rain. the last full week of january looks to continue the dry pattern. straight ahead in sports, city bragging rights, a first for ui to enjoy in 2022 and jimmy garrapollo, the most beat upstarting quarterback left in this nfc tournament having to get it done on grit and guts throw to cooper, first dow
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sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. ♪ got my brains got my ears ♪ ♪ got my heart got my soul ♪ ♪ got my mouth ♪ ♪ i got life ♪ nfl up top and the 49ers, nearly every player was on the stadium field today for practice. jimmy garoppolo impressive enough. in fact, the nfl network said tonight that he will, no doubt, play at the packers saturday night despite his shoulder and
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thumb injuries. teammates admire his toughness. >> football is a tough sport. you have to grind through things. you kind of have to bite the bullet and say it will suck for the rest of the game or the rest of the season but i will just deal with it. >> reporter: here was garoppolo today showing no signs of pain. six point under dogs, they have one more practice here before an afternoon flight to green bay. more good news, number 97bosa who suffered a concussion was a limited participant in today's practice, a sign he will play, too. and if he can't go, number 92 is next man up to rush the quarterback. he came over in a trade from the houston texans, the texans won four games he was asked to compare the two franchises. >> the leadership between the coach and the gm does not seem like it is a power struggle. it is like they are on the same page. and, it is not like a circus
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show here. good crowd at the keys tonight. basketball fans were on one side and green and white on the side of the other. a city battle, wildcats sharpshooter up 10 at the half as much as 13. doing more damage here to keep the 12-2 record in tact. a lay in here. going wire to wire and won it 60-47. the boys' team wins friday, one school would take the annual series. the first kpix top 5 plays of 2022, let me see if i still got it. come on! number 5, clay thompson, loosening the ligaments, 2-1/2 years away from the game, whatever he needs to get going. number four, florida state basketball banner is up high.
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even the year that wasn't. how about number three, lebron james at 37, don't believe me? let you know age is just a number despite the gym, lakers lost to indiana. and number two, i need liz to look at there point. it is pablo boosta, play ntgalo d er one, trey young, a wild move, atlanta hawks star has handles and can score. score 37 on this first kpix top 5 plays of 2022.
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if you ever had a dream of owning an italian villa you are in luck but need cash. >> a lot of it. in rome it is on the market and the price tag, oh, nearly half a billion
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bucks. >> the six story home features painted ceilings, mural, life-size statues and more. the last occupant was a literal princess. >> after a lengthy legal battle between the families of the former owner they were forced to aun i waat $400,000 but the location led it to jump. i hope that an angel buys it and that they understand the depth of history here. >> as an adopted italian there is nothing more than i would love to see it in the hands of the italian state so we can continue to enjoy it. >> they should turn it into a hotel. >> impressive. >> can you imagine just living there, just you? >> let's all just kind of get our money together and buy it together. [ laughter ] >> right. [ laughter ] still can't afford it. >> we will all
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late show with stephen colbert is next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> after weeks of flight delays and cancellations from covid and weather, there's another reason you may spend more time waiting at the airport. major airlines warn that the telecom industry's plan to turn on new 5g wireless technology could interfere with airplanes. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> are you worried about 5g messing with your airplane? well, then, there's never been a better time to go greyhound. yes, we're still in business. and at greyhound, we don't let anything affect our schedule-- not 5g, weather, a corpse falling out of the luggage compartment, lack of road, or even a shoot-out. plus, we have amenities that airlines don't, like hungry wolves. this clown with a knife. mb


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