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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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said agents broke open a safe. e was no confirmation on the e stice department. cbs is reporting the the former president was not there at the time. he did release a statement that says after working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. the justice department has been investigating the discovery of classified information that was taken to mar-a-lago after trump's presidency. it's not clear whether the fbi search is connected to that probe. a separate investigation has been looking into trump's role in the the january 6th attack on the capitol. the white house declined to comment on the fbi's fbi's search. > >> heartbreaking news. singer, g writer, and actress olivia newton-john passed away today after losing her long-fought battle with breast cancer. not long after news broke of newton-john's death, fans began placing flowers on the hollywood hollywood walk of fame in l.a..e historic trust and the chamber of commerce also placed a wreath
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wreath of flowers near her star, star, which was awarded to the pop icon 41 years ago. >> mike george looks back on her her accomplishments on screen and off. >> let's get physical, physical. physical. >> reporter: olivia newton-john took '80s aerobics to another level. the title single off her double platinum album physical spent 10 weeks at number one on the billboard hot 100. it was not only the biggest hit of the pop singer's career, but the number one hit of the entire decade. >> i'm out of my head. >> reporter: the english-born australian raised singer rose to rose to fame in the 1978 movie adaptation of the musical grease. >> you are the one i want, ooh, ooh, ooh. >> reporter: she played sandy, opposite john travolta. the movie became the biggest box office hit of the year and enjoys an enduring popularity in in the u.s.. >> 40 years later, who would hae
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thunk it? >> reporter: cast members reunited in 2018 for the film's 40th anniversary. >> you feel very grateful this is a part of everyone's, they love it. >> reporter: off screen, she was was a long-time activist for environmental and animal rights issues. she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. it returned for the third time in 2017. >> you look pretty fearless to me right now. >> i'm not afraid of anything right now. >> reporter: speaking with gayle gayle king for sunday morning, newton-john relied on her trademark sunny optimism. >> i've chosen that path to be grateful and to feel good about things because the other side it so good. >> reporter: newton-john poured her energy into her own healing and raising money for her cancer cancer center in australia, supporting research for plant-based medicine and wellness therapies. >> i'm really delighted with all all the support we're getting fr the center. >> reporter: newton-john was mae a dame in 2020 for her service to charity, cancer research, and and entertainment. all things ce
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to her heart. >> i honestly love you. >> reporter: michael george, cbs cbs news. >> newton-john's memoir was released in 2017. she leaves behind a husband and daughter. > >> rehearsals under way for xanadu. producers are saddened by her death and will perform this romantic musical comedy asa living tribute to olivia newton-john. it opens august 19th. > >> a lot of you and celebrities are paying tribute to newton-john on social media, top top of mind of course her grease grease co-star john travolta posted this. other celebrities say they're heartbroken, calling calling her iconic, and one of the voices from their childhood. childhood. > >> protesters have been calling on the feds to take faster
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action in the fight against monkeypox. they're calling on secretary of health and human services to increase access to treatment, testing, and vaccines vaccines right now. >> so this comes as the fda is considering plans to stretch out out the nation's limited vaccine vacce su. e talking about splitting the doses. >> we talked to an infectious disease expert on whether that's whether that's a good idea. >> i couldn't work at all. that first week was really awful. >> reporter: finally recovering from the monkeypox virus. he says it's the worst amount of pain he has ever felt. >> i couldn't sit. i couldn't walk standing up straight. i mean, as you'd imagine going to the bathroom is a huge ordeal. >> reporter: the san francisco resident first noticed initial symptoms like a fever and body ache, testing to confirm he had monkeypox took over a week and required lesions to show up on his body. >> my pain was excruciating. i couldn't take calls laying down in bed. >> reporter: he never had enough
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enough time to wait in line. he did get the medication recommend to treat monkeypox. >> which was an absolute game changer, like as soon as i tooky first dose. >> reporter: it's known as t-pox t-pox and is an experimental treatment that's hard to get. nn noticed a difference immediately immediately and only had severe pain for a few days. he says after 11 days of taking the drug, he's almost fully recovered. >> the more immunity we get out there, the more essentially an infection like monkeypox cannot find new people to infect. >> reporter: infectious disease expert says an option the fda is is considering about dosing could help here in the bay areag a smaller amount at a shallower location of the body, closer to the skin where more cells can te in the vaccine. >> we'll eventually get the doses for all. we can always go back. spreading immunity across a population will make this thig slow down. >> reporter: the san francisco department of public health said
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said monday it's open to all possibilities, but needs to see more data around this approach to dosing. >> this is really showing me what marginalized communities go go through and are not being given the priority and the same level of care that other groups might be. >> reporter: a walk-in clinic for the monkeypox vaccine begins begins tuesday here at sf general from 8:00 a.m. to noon and continues with those hours all week. they will have extended hours for the clinic on on saturday. reporting in san francisco, shawn chitnis. > >> a live look at the state capitol. a hearing tomorrow on monkeypox. will include patients patients and lgbtq activists and and allies. the goal of the hearing is to expand access to resources to protect the community. for the latest updates on monkeypox and its outbreak here in our area and beyond, including a way to track track vaccines headed into california, head over to > >> today was the first day back
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at school for students in oakland as teachers and students students are back in the classroom. the cdc is getting ready to ease up covid restrictions in schools. accordg to a draft document obtained by cbs news, the changes could allow schools to relax social distancing measures. they'd also also de-emphasize test to stay strategies where students exposed to covid take regular tests to stay in the classroom.e exposed to covid may not need to to quarantine, vaccinated or not. the recommendation would be would be to mask for 10 days and and test 5 days after exposure.y 30% of children 5-11 are fully vaccinated. more than 80% of americans are living with medium medium to high covid rates, and not every oakland school is reopening today. parker elementary is still shut down because of budget cuts. it's been the scene of recent clashes clashes with activists occupy the school. a mother shares why the closure is such a huge loss for her family and the
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community. > >> district attorney brooke jenkins has been on the job for more than a month and she's running to win the office in november. jenkins received a lot lot of applause today. appointed today. appointed after former district attorney was recalled, she served as assistant da in san francisco from 2014 to 2021r filing for the ballot, jenkins talked about her goal of cracking down on drug dealers in in the city. >> we're in a different state of of affairs that didn't exist in the capacity on the street that it does now 5 years ago, even 1s ago. it is a lethal drug killing killing our residents, and we cannot continue to allow people to sell it without any consequence. >> hard talk on drugs is her drum beat. the deadline to file to be on the ballot is this friday. former da has said publicly he will not be running again. > >> the sheriff is investigating
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the disappearance of a teenager as a possible abduction. right now, friends and family are searching for her in truckee. we truckee. we are live with the lt on this. >> reporter: the 16-year-old girl kiely rodni was last seen early saturday morning, basically late friday night. now night. now there is concern that that she may have been kidnapped. her family says she was attending a large party at a a campground in the tahoe area near the prosser family campground just north of truckee. more than 100 other people were there. she was last seen at about 1:30 a.m. she left left home driving a silver honda honda crv. she was planning to spend the night at the campground. the car is missing and her cell phone is off. famiy and friends pleading for her to. >> she told me she was leaving in 45 minutes to be on her way home. she's so responsible. she always checks in and lets me know even checking in multiple times a night, even when she's
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out with friends. >> keily is 5-foot 7, blond hair, hazel eyes, and a nose ring. she was bearing a black tank top and green dickies pants. drive a silver honda crv, crv, license plate 8yur-127. a $50,000 reward being offered for for any information that leads to her being found. sara? > >> thank you. still ahead on kpix 5, new fallout for the mend of killing arbery. >> bay area wildlife experts warning about the spread of bird bird flu. the danger it can pose pose to wild and domestic birds. birds. >> and as we gear up for 49ers first pre-season game, we introduce you to the photographer who's been capturing the team's memorable s for six decades. >> really nice start to the
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workweek, weather wise. we're seeing the fog that will spread across the bay later this evening. we'll track th for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund
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permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> the father and son who murdered ahmaud arbery were in court today. we have more on the the court's rulings. >> i tell you, i feel every shot feel every shot every day. >> reporter: the family of ahmaud arbery along with their attorney and civil rights leader leader reverend jesse jackson emerged from a georgia federal court moments after travis mcmichael received a life sentence plus 10 years for committing a federal hate crime. crime. >> and travis shows not to even say he was sorry. he really showed the court, it showed the family, it showed everybody who's been saying what kind of people took my son away. >> reporter: shooting and killing the unarmed 25-year-old jogger. >> we the jury find the defendat
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travis mcmichael guilty. >> reporter: as was his father, greg mcmichael who cased arbery through georgia in 2020 along with his son. the older mcmichael received a second life life sentence along with seven extra years. >> we are extremely pleased the court decided to follow the law, law, follow the sentencing guidelines and administer a fedl sentence of life. >> william "roddie" bryan also faced a federal life sentence for his hate crime conviction. >> that hot day, they did not give no mercy. and you asking for mercy? >> reporter: federal prosecutors prosecutors showed evidence the killers had a history of racismd acted on it. >> there is an understanding that the federal system is more lenient toward prisoners than state systems are, and the argument for the defendants here here was that effectively the defendants would be endangered n a state prison.
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>> reporter: attorneys for the mcmichaels asked they be allowed allowed to serve their sentences sentences out in federal prison. cbs news, new york. > >> president joe biden traveled to kentucky to meet with victims victims affected by recent floods. the president along with with the first lady joined kentucky's governor to get a close-up look at the devastating devastating flood damage in eastern kentucky. they offered comfort to the victims. at least least 37 people have died. two, by the way, are still missing. >> we're not leaving. as long as as it takes, with 're going to be here. >> the trials and tribulations we have faced are hard to understand. the one thing we've proven over and over is that kes do not break. >> you might remember last december he was there surveying the damage after tornadoes ripped through western ten tucky tucky killing 77. > >> a woman who dedicated her life to fighting wildfires as a lookout was killed in the
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mkinney fire. the u.s. forest service releases this picture of of kathy shoopman. they posted a a tribute to her on their facebook page. she worked as a lookout since 1974. fire officials say she is one of at least four people who have died in that fire. it's burning west of the town of wyreka. 60,000 acres have been burned. the fire burned. the fire is 40% contained. > >> paul heggen is here. you see the conditions out there. it's very dry. >> yes and it's amazing they've gotten the containment up to 40%. conditions have been challenging with thunderstorms last week, gusty winds, and now it's hot, and it's very dry. wel start with conditions around the the mkinney fire. we'll track our own fire danger once temperatures start to warm up. i up. i don't think we'll be at this level. it is 102 level at the sensor closest to the mkinney fire. the humidity is only 6%. bone dry air over nortn
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california. winds at 9 miles an hour sustained. that's not bad.s a problem, the winds are gusting gusting to 22 miles an hour. ag, the fire crews have an uphill battle ahead of them trying to boost the containment levels more and more. comfortable conditions are around the bay area on tuesday. near-average temperatures around the bay, slightly below further inland. t kind of hanging out off the west west coast, that's going to move move to the north allowing the heat dome over the desert southwest to edge just a little closer to us. it will not completely take over. we're not talking about extreme heat laten this week, but we are going to see slightly above average temperatures by the end of the workweek. there's the fog taking taking over the tower as we speak. a fairly compact marine layer at the moment. temperaturs are in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. 83 80s. 83 for the warm spot in concord. 67 degrees the cool spot in san francisco. temperats going to be very similar across the board tomorrow. if you're heading out to the a's game for the first game of their series
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against the los angeles angels of anaheim of orange county, california, steady dropping through the 60s for the rest of the game as the fog and low cloud cover will spread across the bay. visibility not too bad according to futurecast. more low clouds as opposed to fog sitting at ground level. it's going to back up quickly. should quickly. should see good visibility by late morning. teme tomorrow morning in the upper 50s. the cool spots in the low to mid-50s. some of the warmer s staying above 60 degrees. all in in all, pretty close to normal for this time of year. once the fog dissipates, temperatures fall just short of 70 degrees by by tuesday afternoon. santa rosa, a couple degrees cooler than today. very pleasant for the middle of august. inland tes running about 3-5 degrees below average. concord reaches into the mid-80s during the afternoon. the fog won't be as much of a factor there. san jose
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jose almost 80 degrees. a couple couple degrees below what's normal for mid-august. mid-60s along the coast. 60s and 70s around the bay. immixes of 70s and 80s further inland. we'll be be back to near average or slightly above by thursday and friday. the beginning of a stretch of warmer weather that looks like it will last for a while. the 6-10-day outlook shows a significant chance of above average temperatures not just for the bay area but most of california and the western u.s.. 8-14 days takes us a couple weeks into future shows a a significant chance of above average temperatures for inland parts of the bay area. temperats will stay nearly steady in san francisco, just a baby warm up for oakland by wednesday and thursday. a more noticeable warm warm up further inland. low 80sn san jose. just 2-3 degrees above above normal. the hottest spots inland and the east bay only reaching up to around 90 degrees. that is not bad at all for the middle of august. we can
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can easily get up to 100 degrees degrees for a long stretch of time this time of year, but that that is not in the future. no extreme heat events in store for for us. >> it's kind of like everything else th'sgoing wrong with no rain, no humidity. >> let's keep the good news for as long we can. >> thank you, paul. > >> still ahead, another tough loss for the restaurant world. e end of the road for a long-time east bay diner owned by a member member of green day. >> and this photographer looks back on his favorite memories cg the team for 60 years. >> we'll give you a chance to nominate a super fan all seasont your cell phone ready and tell us about someone in your world who is
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>> just four days until the 49ers kick off the pre-season. l face the packers at levi stadiu. there on the sidelines will be a be a legendary team photographer. >> here with a profile of the
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man known throughout the nfl as z. >> that's right. in his 60-year photography career, he's done it it all. you may not at first recognize his name. if you are a a 49ers fan or a rock and roll fan, you will know his pictures. pictures. >> reporter: 49ers photographerg ready for his 50th nfl season. n he turned his lens on me and squeezed the shutter, i couldn't couldn't help but think of all the people who have come through through his camera over the decades. >> joe talks about this pictures his favorite picture. that was s favorite picture. >> reporter: like bill walsh and and joe montana on the sidelines. here's how he got the the shot, laying on the field himself. >> it was a quick moment, and bill liked it. he said it reminded me of the old days when when you drew a play in the dirt. >> reporter: the photos and the stories are contained in a coffee table book due out in october. it spans the decades of of his career with the 49ers but but also includes classic photos
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photos of the oakland raiders and other legendary players in the nfl. >> i think my contribution has been much as a historian, basically holding up the mirrord for the most part, letting the pictures tell the story. and sharing that, not only with the men that played the game, not just the niners, the raiders, the steelers, but anybody that played the game, when you see this, you can relate to so much of what is in here. >> reporter: he has photographed photographed generations of players on the field, but his photos capture the dramatic behind the scene shots that often get edited out of nfl coverage. >> it's also a document of a mot in time. >> reporter: and while he was photographing the players and the coaches, he was also capturing the history of the early rock scene in the bay area area and beyond. >> it was like if i can't be in the band, this is the next best thing. more than just capture
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the pictures, i want to be the experience. you know, you becomt you're shooting. >> reporter: just a remarkable man. his new book field of play will definitely be the coffee table to get for 49ers fans this this holiday season. it will be out in october. and what a remarkable person. i mean, this guy is out there photographing the a's tonight, and he's been doing it for five, going on six decades now. >> wow. >> a job a lot of people want, i'm sure. >> it's a job i wanted to get at at the very beginning. you know, know, being able to photograph rock and roll stars and be on te sidelines of every super bowl the 49ers have ever gone to. i mean, what a job. and he's done it so well. >> to have one of them say that's my favorite photograph, so fantastic. >> a photograph of the iconic coach and the quarterback making making the play on the grass. ad the behind the scenes stories are really what gets you with ts book. >> love it. >> really cool. thanks for
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sharing that. we appreciate. we have a special section where you you can find all our stories as we count down to the pre-season. pre-season. >> check out our story about ronni lott and how he's used his his star power to fight poverty. poverty. >> and there's your chance to nominate a niners super fan. grb your fan and scan the qr code on on the screen right now. we'll be profiling die hard 49ers fans. tell us a little bit about about what makes them a super fan, and we will share some of those stories throughout the season. > >> coming up, some oakland students are starting the school school year and they're doing it it on a new campus. their elementary school forced to close because of budget cuts. oe mother is about to show you what what that loss means to her family. >> the teachers made me believe i could go back and learn, and i i did. >> how a shortage of rail workers is causing even more disruptions to the supply
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chain. >> wildlife experts are sounding sounding the alarm over the discovery of bird flu in california. we'll tell you how dangerous it can be
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>> right now on kpix 5 streaming streaming on cbs news bay area, more local news at 5:30. a wildlife hospital closing to visitors. the precaution is to protect against a deadly strain
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of bird flu. >> why a diner has served up its its last meal. >> and our top story, a new school year begins for oakland unified students, but some are getting to know new schools and teachers after budget cuts led to school closures. > >> good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> it's a big transition for parents and students who used to to parker elementary. >> that school is closed and is being occupied by activists whod to reopen again. >> security guards were called in to remove those protesters from school grounds. a physical struggle happened between guards guards and parents as parents were trying to retake control of control of parker. beyond the activists, we have the story of people directly impacted by the closure. >> this new school year won't by for some families. >> reporter: it's the first day of school at ousd, but the bells bells are silent at parker elementary in eastmont. this campus where crayons sit on


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