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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 11, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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>> we're going to come back to you in the courts and come back to you for mistreating our parents and teachers. >> wrap it up > >> oakland school board gets an ear full from angry parents
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> >> and suing san francisco, howe says she ended up sedated against her will > >> it under mines your credibil. as a lawyer the number one thinu have is your credible >> reporter: district attorney r fire over a six figure payment for what she says was volunteer work. how it could affect the upcoming election > >> and avian flu has people turning up for eggs. how one farm has been trying to keep a price hike > >> and streaming on cbs news bay news bay area. let's take a live live look at downtown oakland where there's been another heated conversation about the closure of parker elementary sc. kpixfive katy nielson wáuz thers
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parents and edge came's kpix has kpix has being asking for answes >> reporter: we're going to comr you in the courts as well as come after you for mistreating our parents and teachers >> wrap it up mr. pepscot >> i want you to wrap it up too. up too. >> and he wasn't the only one. >> thank you >> no >> yes >> i do want that answers. do you guys have that answers for me? have you guys investigated o assaulted us >> reporter: orrozco had his mid off after he demanded accountaby >> this board knows who startedd who gave instructions for us to be attacked? this is part of what i can show what i have left
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left over from parker. i want to to take off my shirt and show the rest >> where hen and other activistd parents clashed with ousd secury guards as the protesters tried to occupy the now closed school, closed school. o,orrozco says hs one of the parents that was attd was attackedconfronted by security >> nobody should get injured ina process like this >> since they didn't feel the ie was resolved tonight, they plan to be right back here two weeks from today at the next school board meeting to demand accounty in oakland, katy nielson, kpix5 > >> live look at san francisco we an abortion rights activist is
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suing for allegations. she claims a firefighter injected her with a sedative against her will >> i was dragged out. i was choked. i was hog tied. >> mcknight says she and another were dragged out of chase center center after attempting to unful banners on the arena floor. she say this is all happened during game five -ft firefighters . se says it got worse after the firs took her outside >> one of the firefighters came with a needle toward me an i couldn't believe what i was see. i flinched and said no >> what appears to be an er dise note confirming the injection. r the san francisco commission that the decision to use sedimet
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to use sediment sedatives up to the firefighter > >> and a brooke jenkins is facig new backlash .the san francisco standard first reported a financial disclosure form shows she was paid six figures to work work for a nonprofit neighbors for a better san francisco. one of the group's board members bie william overdor. jenkins was never paid by the recall campaign itself and in a statemt jenkins wrote in part, i
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leveraged my career to try to me a living for me and my family. d other legal work supporting coms ranging from formerly incarcerated women and public safety concerns and issues. jams taylor says the matter address fuel to the fire > >> it's a gaping vulnerability n terms of negative politics. this politics. this would, because it it under mines our credible. the thing you have is your creditaby >> reporter: budine will not bee áf your word, the relationship with judges is all based on int. but taylor says the story will t
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carry enough any capable rate >> it may not be an ethical or l question but politically there's politically there's a wide opening for a serious channel but again, without boudine in the contest i don't see who cano that in the city quick enough to to get the resources behind them them >> we reached out to jenkins ofe phup multiple times to see if they could ifjoin us full time?a volunteer was blasting the horn in which a trail tor tractor turned into its path. the train was traveling at 68-miles-per-hr traveling at 68-miles-per-hour
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when itinjured if operator > >> they tracked down the drivero took a khráupbg off of i80 last month. 63-year-old willard admitted to leaving the scene and could face misdemeanor hit and run cash charges. that crash cash charges. that crash caused two-point # million dollars in damage > >> tonight economic is are optic that intphraougs phaeugt finally finally be driving down. consumr prices jumped 8.5% in july compared to last year. that's still historically high. but an improvement from june's 9.1%. kx from june's 9.1%. kpix x5, andrea may andre have been detected in sonoma and contra costa. it's as much of a concern
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concern to nobody is doing has closed its tpa sellty. > >> if we get an outbreak it coud hit us very, very hard very fast very hard very fast >> reporter: the aáeuf kwrapb fu active has created more than wid birds. that has contributed to a 47% increase in the of eggs ay stores in july compared to a year ago. but it's billion a has has ter raor >> brandon coninto tph-rbg sayss on some of the products are now equivalent to big chain worse reu stepbs. tkpweu but with o shorter supply chain that cost has opinion p-pl phaoepbl it has
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has been able to avoid huge outbreaks of of the aáeufavian flu >> it's minimizing any transmisn from bird to bird >> reporter: andrea nocano, can. tonight sacramento is taking prs to prevent the spread of avian flu. the city is facing off andg two lakes across the street from from the zoo. they're worried birds in the park could spread avian flu to the rest of the halls > >> former t-frpl lump is traufrg the > >> former president trump agents
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trump agents left with several boxes some possibly containing d information. the search at maralago helpingis bringing protests from the far right. soe saying they have seen the language like they did before te january 6th protest > >> we saw angry cries from radil supporters of president trump from a range of right wing extrs > >> still ahead. governor newsom will have a plan to address addiction. how supporters say sd drug kwraould use could save
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lives > >> tonight calls to reconsider e commuter call on the richmond san rafael ridge >> and a big show of san diego . thousands of the miles away we'l
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>> let's take a live look at sao who could be the third place to legally give someone a location to use drugs. the location would would give people a place to us, to use, >> i feel like i have a lot lefo give to this world >> reporter: the san francisco e association says the sites are nothing more than drug dens that will tphegtively impact businesses around them > >> tonight a big victory against victory against san francisco and a lawsuit against walgreenst accused the giants of fueling te opioid crisis by failing to inve thousands of suspicious prescriptions resulting billions
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billions of pills flooding streets. the court has decided how much the company will have to pay. walgreens says it will appear > >> a lane in the bridge turned r to bicyclists and pedestrians is is only missing one thing three years later. bicyclists and pedestrians. now there's a proposal to move the barrier and and shift it back to a bike lanr the rest of the day >> there's a lot of traffic in e morning so yeah it's reasonableb it to be another lane in the morning >> cars have to get through. but through. but this little lane is is not causing no havoc. it's good to go. i think > >> the marin country bicyclist n opposes the proposal saying it
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would encounselor more cars leading to more con skwrepbgs > >> congestion > >> governor newsom says that il it will look into the > >> though fire whirls will get r attention. they occasionally grow into tornadoes with the very large wildfires. but it's just a dirt devil. the air gets drawn from the outside and it twists depending on the terrain and the spin of the earth's atmosphere. we are going to see a warmer weather pattern taking
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over. upper high level pressureg toward us. that just means thers going to be more atmosphere. so the warming trend is going to gy continue. it's not tkwoeupbg not going to continue all at once. the tpaog is starting fog starting to take over. temperats right now everybody is in the six 0s. very little variation from our cool spot from 62 to 68 to 68 degrees. futurecast indicates that fog and low cloud cloud cover will stand a few moments. as fast as it moves into the bay and the valley it will back up. to along the coast coast as we head toward midday.n temperatures will warm up. we will start off close to phor mal been. mid- to upper 50s to 60 degrees. high temperatures around the bay and the coast are
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coast are going to be about where they've been the last several days. about below normal. slightly above normal tomorrow. still mostly in in the 80s. along the coast still nit mid-60s and around the the south end of the bay low to mitt 80s. and some more 90s on the map fair inland, try reaching the mid- to upper el wills. around 70 in san francisco. low to mid-70s for oakland and the bay. very close to what's tphoral for the middle middle of august. even farther north the spin up temp thursdays thursdays are going to bebegin in the middle of next week. we'e also going to be tracking the next track of monsoonal map. mot is concentrated to the south. td the end we will zoom it into the the middle of next week. we are
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going to see some of that moiste making it's way it's a ground passing. even a an outside chance of a couple of pop up thunderstorms which brings up the dry lightning threat. still a week away. it's an outside chance, something we'll keep an eye on. more of a warm up from san francisco from the low 80s to the upper 80s by the first hf of next week. a similar warm upe heat will really build inland and the east bay. those will be the two hot spots with high temperatures well into the 90s.t at least below 100. > >> straight ahead in sports, of. we atrust the 49ers. it's almost almost go time. we have giants, we have a's. and when an nba champion shows up to win a summer league title. we take notice
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and it comes with a 2-year rate guarantee. what?! ok! no annual contract. no equipment fees. oh, and a free streaming box. oh, i like streaming. it's all just $50 a month when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. will you add a motorcycle? no... did you say yes? the new xfinity supersonic bundle. it's kind of a big deal. >> baseball up top. both bay area big league teams were in action this afternoon. includine giants seven runs at san diego?t enough. oh the bridge, the sails you might think it's the bay ara but no. get away rubber match
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from petco park. watch this one from slater. it would get juan soto. that on the hop. the giants increased this 1-0 lead to 3-0 after the so t fielding . here is trent grisham the go ahd rbi single. padres score six in that inning. san francisco reach reach up the lead. here comes san diego kpwepb. brandon drury gave the padres the lead. san diego would score in that and they won it 13-7 to take two of three in this series giants next giantsexthrates >> we got a's angelsl stevenson for oakland. bottom of the sixth. stephen son a grounder w
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velasquez throws wide. and the first big league run for beforee went to extras, 12 inning. siera with a shot to right field. the go ahead run scores and the angs won it 5-4 they sweep that series oakland now has lost five lost five straight. > >> 49er business friday 50:00. y get to hit somebody in a differt uniform. the packers come to town for preseason game one on kpix. green bay in town to testk trey lance and while this may be be his second season friday will will be the real beginning of the lance new era. he's now the 49ers undisputed qb one. here's the teammate who protects the pwhraoeupbd lit
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>> he's been hráefrg i've wanteo be. he's always been a guy who'd to rattle. automakers had his emotions intact. he always kind of learning from his mistakes and taking coaching. so he's one one of those guys that's going to continue to take those strids and eventually he will be a household name. > >> tonight number nine warming . juan anderson. he's a laker now but the crowd knows him as a former warrior nba champion. and champion. and for the warriors he put on a show. 24 points against bay city. this the proam proam championship series. bay city had enough grit to win it.s larry wicked 53 points as they won it 101-100 game three winner three winner take all game is friday back at cesar. that is a proam summer league that goes back 42 years. director john greenburg has been there for every single one of them.
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>> wow. >> some classic match ups and cc games >> best of the bay area show upd play in this one >> all right, >> as tr erbs ey lance takes the lance takes the reigns of
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with no contract. and a money back guarantee. all on the largest, fastest reliable network. from the company that powers more businesses than anyone else. call and start saving today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> eyes will be on quarterback y lance as the 49ers kick off the preseason right here on kpix5 >> some of his biggest fans no t will be watching from 1800 miles miles away in his hometown of marshall minnesota. >> the bay area will see a younn who is very hard working. very committed, but also who is a really good person. >> he's what everybody should bn the nfl. hard working guy and their first team and you know just represent the community well. >> and our kpix5 crew marshall d
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plenty o of people in vickings country are now sporting the red red and gold >> kids running around with tree jerseys and t-shirts and 49ers stuff >> we just want wait to see hisg sesz happen in the nfl >> do u know your own 49ers supr fan. tell us about them. scan the qr code on your screen to nominate your fay reut phebg of
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> >> beautiful shot of the city. e was no fog which was kind of nice >> not yet. >> all right, all right, all rit >> it's coming >> it's always coming. thanks for watching the late show with stephen colbert is next >> have a great night. (upbeat music) - hi everyone, and welcome to legal help center. this is where we have professionals standing by to answer your questions regarding personal injury. so if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault, like a car accident or a slip and fall, we can help.


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