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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 19, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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find out what caused the collision. the planes were coming in for a landing. like my small airports, they do not have an air traffic control tower. mary lee spoke with pallets about the challenges that kind of system presents and what thek went wrong in watsonville. >> reporter: we spoke to a longtime pilot and flight instructor. he knows all of thel all of the small airports in the the bay area. he says he often avoids the watsonville airports because of how dangerous it can get. >> i find flying here safer thag in cupertino. >> reporter: he has been flying for more than 15 years even before his dues can fly on their their own, they need to know every safety procedure. >> checklist line by line. there there is a checklist portion. be
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preflight, checklist, engine run , taxi, pre-taxi, run up checklist, checklist, checklistw that. >> reporter: he teaches his students to watch for other pilots in the sky it always communicate with them, especially in airports without air traffic control towers. >> at >> at untowered airports, thers a dedicated frequency. you talk to that frequency. everybody ele listens to it. they know your intention. what leg you are, hor you are, what is your intention? are you going to turn left, tun right? on every leg, you commun. >> reporter: the sheriff said te deadly crash likely could have n avoided. >> one was a very slow plane. one of these. the other is a very fast plane, multiengine.
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>> >> reporter: two engines? >> yes. the multiengine is coming straight in. this poor gy was base to final. turn base. hd he said come street in. he saide coming too fast. >> it seems like they crashed into each other. >> reporter: the audio recording audio recording seems to have captured the last words betweenh last words between both pilots. it's a key piece of informationt piece of information that ntsb investigators will be focusing . will be focusing on. >> watsonville air traffic, one mile straight . straight in. looking for traffic on left base. >> you are behind me. i will go around because you're coming at me pretty quick, man. 4 only a few seconds later, i was on thee was on the same frequency repore midair collision. >> please be advised, accident. >> please be advised
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watsonville. a couple of accidents. please be advised. >> we don't come straight in. we we fly over the runway. we check check out the traffic pattern. check out the traffic. then go o the final. >> reporter: so you never fly straight in? >> i don't. some people do. they they come straight in. they dont want to spend more feel. i don't don't teach that. >> reporter: he knows the watsonville airport very well. he says he has had to to tell his dues to avoid the airport because it wasn't safe. >> sometimes i have to leave myt because some people are not goon communication. some people are t some people are not following pr following proper procedures to enter the traffic pattern. sometimes i confront people andy confront people and say, you are are doing the wrong thing. >> reporter: i spoke to several flight instructors today. all of of them say the same thing. it
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is so important. ultimately, its up to the pilots for their own . for their own safety. in palo alto, mary lee, kpix 5. > >> an update on the monkeypox fm the state. home isolation guidance. >> no single individual or commy single individual or community is to blame for the spread of any virus. monkeypox skin affect affect anyone as it spreads from from skin to skin contact and sg items like bedding and towels. >> reporter: cases without sexual contact are rare but not impossible. estate is prioritizg impossible. estate is prioritizg impossible. estate is prioritizg impossible. estate is prioritizg impossible. estate is prioritizg impossible. estate is prioritizg impossible. estate is prioritizg impossible. estate is prioritizg impossible. estate is prioritizg impossible. estate is prioritizg vaccines for those who have been exposed. we just learned that san francisco is set to ger 8000 doses from the feds. this means sf general exiting vaccine vaccine clinic will be able to open. walk-ins are welcome untis last. we have continuing coverae we have continuing coverage on monkeypox vaccines on o streaming on cbs news bay area.
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> >> now i 7:00, kaiser permanente's mental health workers have been on strike fora week. because of it, kaiser hasd it, kaiser has canceled many mental health appointments. we have seen hundreds of workers hit the street to make their voice heard. they are calling for increased staffing and pay r the mental health department. t, kaiser released a new statement about the strike saying, quote,e strike in this disruption to patient care does not need to hn not need to happen. it's primary primary demand is for union members to spend less time seeing patients adding, quote, our patients cannot afford a prl cannot afford a proposal that significantly reduces the time available to care for our patients and their mental health health needs. we remain committd to reaching a fair and equitablt fair and equitable agreement that is good for clinicians andr patients. this is all playing ot is all playing out while governor newsom announced a masr plan to help youth struggling. it is something a group of bay
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area teenagers are focused on. we spoke to several who spent their summer making a documenta. summer making a documentary. reed cowan shows us how they arg the lead. >> reporter: think about the kids you are about to meet. >> i want athletes to have just as much emotional help as a do athletic. >> i want schools to have mental mental health education worked into the curriculum. >> reporter: as dreamers, younge as dreamers, young people -- >> my name is sophia, and i want want to help with mental health. >> i what people with mental heh people with mental health issues issues to have their stories told. >> reporter: and step for to dog about it. >> i'm terry delaney. i want kids to be taken seriously when they come forward and ask for help. >> reporter: something they are doing comes in the documents that sprung up when someone committed suicide. >> she was a beloved member of
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our community. to hear about her her passing was really devastating. >> reporter: these kids on the screen tell me stories of young people struggling are everywher. people struggling are everywher. people struggling are everywher. people struggling are everywher. people struggling are everywher. people struggling are everywher. people struggling are everywher. people struggling are everywher. people struggling are everywher. people struggling are everywher. people st how many of you know someone who has taken her own life or attempted to take their own life? how many of you have had a how many of you have had a struggle of your own where this is concerned? how many of you kw a young person who has struggleh mental and emotional illness? all of you. why step forward ano something about it? >> i struggled. i -- sorry. my journey with menl illness was extremely difficult. was extremely difficult. >> reporter: >> reporter: terry tells me , they are doing something about it because they know the pain oe problem when it goes unanswered. unanswered. >> it's not a matter of if someone struggles. it's a mar of when. if we don't have is res available, and kids don't get
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support, we are going to see an increasing number of suicide rates, depression rates. >> reporter: the film, availabln youtube, wants to open conversa. they need a seat at the table to be a part of the solution. ty help governor gavin newsom's plan of people picketing outsidr people picketing outside kaiser will bring them in too. >> people don't expect us to have the maturity level to havee conversations. that perpetuatese whole issue of the stigma around silence and mental healt. silence and mental health. > >> a lot of finger-pointing betn lot of finger-pointing between the city and the state over who should cleanup this large homels enes kanter. i am da lin. i will will tell you having a problem it is and why the governor is threatening to withhold funding. funding. > >> a coastal community is paying
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paying people to shop locally. how you can cash in on the new program at pacifica. > >> some areas are pampering their pets more than other partners. we will explain. > >> temperatures today top have e top have a little below average around the bay but above averagr but above average for inland ar. well above the 90s in concord. air-quality is going to approve as we head into the weekend.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes
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vote yes on 27.
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>> the city of oakland is askinr more time after governor newsomd to withhold money on over the
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handling of its homeless encamp. homeless encampment. da lin is , da lin is reporting, people who live and work there are tired oe blame game. they want the site d up. >> reporter: of a lot of finger pointing. the city of oakland ss the state needs to take care ofl of these people. the state sayse gave you the money. you, the ci, is responsible to clean all of s up. >> it is comical, the back-and-forth. >> reporter: while it appears hard for the city aa to come to a consensus, neighbo, business owners, need to have bh sides need to work together. >> if you want people gone, help the . stop pointing fingers. >> it's frustrating as a person who lives near here. >> reporter: jorge lives a block away from the enc. he and his neighbor don't care about the politics. they just wt real action. >> let's find a solution for the folks that are staying there, and let's clean it up. >> reporter: the governor's office sent a ler to oakland saying it gave the cy
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$4.7 million to provide sheltero the people at the wood street encampment. the city's suggestin the city's suggestion that it hs no responsibility for homeless s on state property unless there'a specific earmark is simply unacceptable. under state law, working with homeless individuals to identify housing or shelter alternatives is a local, not a state, responsibil. , responsibility. the state thrs to remove funding and wants a re by friday. but the city says $7 million aren't enough to house e roughly 200 people here. >> i'm not against homeless people. i'm agt feels. this is not healthy for us. it is not healthy for them. i think if we work together, things will be much better. >> reporter: the wood street ent wood street encampment has been here for years, and it stretches stretches almost a mile long. firefighters have responded to more than a hundred fires at the in recent years, including thise fire last month that shutdown m.
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some of the people here say thee ready for housing but they need. did they offer you housing? >> no >> no. they haven't offered us . offered us anything. >> reporter: the city declined our request for aw with says it values working wite state to address this encampment. the city attorney'se on friday sent a letter to the governor's office saying, they will provide a detailed responst week. in west oakland, i am da, kpix 5. > >> unemployment rates fell to 3.9% in the month of july. this is a record low. a significant improvement from june's 4.9%. the bay area, over 20,000 jobs e added in the month of july. the bay area has regained 88% of its its jobs lost in march and april april 2020, but experts say a slump may be in the near futures increased interest rates are hurting the real estate industry
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and sales of other big-ticket . of other big-ticket items. meanwhile, the city of pacifica is attempting to boost its local local economy as it bounces back back from the covid pandemic. it it is introducing a citywide mobile gift card program so people shopping locally are ablo locally are able to get money back to return to favorite loca. to favorite local businesses. shoppers to purchase a $25 gift card will get a bonus $10. $50 l give you $25. $100 will give you you $50. each shopper can receive a maximum of $300 and bonus gift cards. for a list of participating businesses, go to > >> not another day on the field. field. >> we try to present our players players a number of different os to support, community service. our guys get involved heavily in in spring and summer. this is oe organization that some of our
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players may be able to do some work with. it's a great way to change it up a little bit. >> a little therapy. the area -- -- the effort is to socialize te dog. speaking of our furry frie, of our furry friends, forbes is reporting some people paper ther pups more than their significant others. the report found new yorkers were at the top of the list. 4% of them spend more time time on their for baby and her t other. california came in secone came in second place. washingto, pennsylvania, and new jersey routed out that list. i will ad, . i will admit, i think my wife will admit, our dog, chewy, we probably spend more time with te dog been each other. we probablr other. we probably pamper the dog more than each other. >> and you spend more cash. as they get older -- >> gifts. walks. >> medications. >> medications. we have two
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senior dogs, it is probably 400s a month. >> during the mornings, you are going out of walks. >> every day. it is a short walk walk when the weather is this hot. it was 80 degrees when i ventured out today. the 11-year-old and 16-year-old dog did not want to go out. > >> let's take a look and what we we have in store weatherwise. area of high pressure and uppers and upper levels of the atmosph. of the atmosphere. the big blue h over the pacific bringing quieter levels. we had hot temperatures on tuesday. dry lightning threat on wednesday. none of that as we head into th. head into the weekend. the highest going to be pressing down on us, resulting in hot inland temperatures are on saturday. is going to slide to e south. be on sore -- the onshore onshore wind will help improve
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your quality. we had moderate readings inland, north bay, eas, north bay, east bay, santa clara valley. hayes on the horizon. some yellow dots on the map. wey on the map. wendy onshore winds kick in, good air-quality across across the board. right now, haze and fog jumbled together. 63 downtown is the cool spot. 6n oakland. 70s in san jose and saa rosa. still toasty further inla. still toasty further inland. still 89 degrees in livermore. the fog is going to spread away from the coast into the inland valleys to start the day tomorrow. it's going to be a shallow layer of fog, which means the sun will burn through it quickly. it will dissolve. we we will see the fog backing up to the coast until noon. we will will see plenty of sunshine breg through in the afternoon. temperatures will drop down into down into the mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees. the father
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father put the brakes on the warm up along the coast initial. along the coast initially. but when the sun breaks through, temperatures will warm up into the 60s and 70s around the bay by noon. a mix of 70s, but mosty 80s inland by lunchtime. still cool along the coast. temperatures along the coast should make it into the 60s. the the bay, low to mid-70s. tempers inland will reach 90s, mid-90s. low 90s for san jose in the santa clara valley. near 100 des around fairfield, antioch, and . , antioch, and brentwood. it is going to be hot on saturday. we will see a drop in temperaturesr sunday for all inland parts of the bay area. good news if you are headed out to the italian fy fest. temperatures in san jose tomorrow in the low 90s, but dropping down to the mid 80s ony mid 80s on sunday, which is mucr to normal for this time of year. year. in fact, everybody has nol fact, everybody has normal temperatures on sunday. 60s ands sunday. 60s and 70s around the
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bay with 80s further inland. we will see ups and downs next week, but the general theme is that we will all stay within about 5 degrees of normal for this time of year. we will see more clouds by the end of next week. some monsoonal moisture. h clouds. i don't think we will he any dry lightning to worry abou. worry about. > >> coming up, one on one with trey lance. the special request vern glenn has for the new starting quarterback. > >> don't forget us to join us for our new 7:00 a.m. newscast.
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>> in today's red and gold repo, red and gold report, paul deanno's vern glenn has a special request for trey lance. >> reporter: trey lance is not expected to play against the vikings and saturday's preseason preseason game. regardless, it is an extra special day for lance. welcome home party. over0 gets from his hometown made a three-hour trip to come see him. him. some more current members from the marshall high football. our vern glenn has a request for for the 22-year-old this year.
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we probably won't see it on saturday, but at some point durg the season, 2010, work this in. >> i tried this last year for your predecessor. he couldn't wk it in. audible, demi call. thron throw in kpix. >> i will keep it in the back of back of my mind if that opportuy presents itself. >> trip might say, >> trip might say, what the
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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