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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay
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studios, this is kpix5 news. > >> right now, polio makes a comeback in new york. what the message is for parents. > >> they don't want to regret later and say i wish i had dones done this. >> thousands more doses of monkeypox vaccine are on the way way to san francisco. >> you never fly straight in. >> we hear from a pilot on whate led to admit air crash that left left three people dead in watsonville. > >> good morning. i am devin fehely. let's check in with our our meteorologist. > >> it will be warm this afternoon as temperatures climbk climb back into the low 90s today. it is perfectly sunny ovr the day. we are in the low 60s in san jose. those numbers willo to the low 90s. inland
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locations, some of those warmess warmest spots will be in the upper 90s today. mid 60s for much of the coast. mountain view, 87. santa rosa hits 94. > >> we begin this morning with ae we thought we had eradicated in the united states. we are talking about polio. a case hasd has surfaced in the united stat. united states. we spoke to bay a bay area experts on what this means and who could be effected the most. >> at least here in the u.s. the is a belief that polio has been eradicated. some of these diseases are just one plane ride ride away from becoming a problem. >> the epidemiologist worked at
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the cdc in the early 1980s when taiwan experienced its polio ouk polio outbreak. >> you are seeing paralysis. >> reporter: polio has resurfaced in new york. the epis the epidemiologists believe they they came in contact with the virus overseas after visiting a country that uses a weakened fibrous and their vaccine that mutated. improved science is helping to detect these diseases diseases in early phases. >> the technology has gotten way gotten way out in front. there is a lot of caution and because of covid, people don't want to make the same mistake twice. >> in the u.s., most people are already vaccinated for polio. >> >> i am worried about pockets od of unvaccinated communities even
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even in the bay area. people could be at risk. >> overall vaccine confidence saw a dip and some kids miss getting the usual vaccinations. >> you look at the doses that were missed based on 2020 and 2021 data and we think 14 or 15 million children have not been caught up to date and the wholey whole country. >> roughly 30,000 lives are saved every year due to diseases diseases that are now preventable with vaccines. they hope this will encourage parents parents to get their kids caught caught up on all of their shots. . >> they don't want to regret later and say i wish i had done. done this. i would see a lot of these diseases every single wee. we don't see them anymore because kids are project did. we we want to keep those kids safe.
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. > >> the supply of monkeypox vaccine in san francisco was running low. there is another shipment on the way. the feds and state have informed the dept of public health that 1600 filef vaccine are coming. the shipmenl be enough for roughly 8000 dose. 8000 doses. > >> and east contra costa county, residents can schedule appointments online. > >> california serial killer that that confessed to killing 13 pee 13 people has died in prison. hd of natural causes at the age of. of 75. his 13 victims ranged in age from 4 to 73. one of them was a priest in a confessional h in los gatos. he was declared a
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high risk for the community. > >> federal investigators are trying to figure out what led tt air collision that left three people dead. he crashed into each other. one ended up in a fd nearby and another smash into ar at the airport. the ntsb plans to publish a preliminary report and a final report will be due n a year or two. and watsonville does not have a air-traffic control tower. it is up to pilot to pilot to talk to each other to keep everyone safe. resell to to pilots about some of the challenges and precautions. > >> we spoke to a longtime pilot and flight instructor. he knowsl of the small airports in the baa and he often avoids the watsonve the watsonville airport because of how dangerous it can get. >> the flight instructor has ben
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flying for more than 15 years. even before his students can fly fly on their own, they need to know every safety procedure. >> you have to follow the check. the checklist. there is a checklist for every portion. follow the checklist. >> he teaches the students to wh for other pilots in the sky and always communicate with them. >> you tune into the frequency and you talk to the frequency. they know your intentions how far you are and how you come to the airport. for every leg we
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communicate that. >> the deadly admit airplane crh airplane crash at the nonpowered nonpowered watsonville airport likely could've been avoided. >> the other one is a very fast plane like this. >> a two engine. the multi-engine was coming straigh. straight in. this poor guy was from the base to final. and he said, you're coming in too fast. >> the audio recording appears to have captured the last words between both pilots. it is a key key piece of information that investigators will be focusing . focusing on. >> looking for traffic. >> i see that you are behind me.
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you are coming at me pretty quick. >> we don't cut in straight. we fly over the runway and we get o the traffic pattern and then weo to the final. >> you never fly straight in pick >> i don't. some people two. i do not. >> he knows the watsonville airt very well and says he has had to had to tell his students to avoid the airport because it just wasn't safe. >> some people would weaken communication and some people we not following the proper proced. proper procedures. sometimes that confuse people. >> i spoke to several flight instructors today and all of them say the same thing. it is
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so important to see and avoid. it is up to the pilots for their for their own safety. > >> federal appeals court has ord the justice department to release a secret memo related to to russian interference. william william barr and the justice department improperly withheld portions of that memo. bartow congress that robert mueller dit have enough evidence to prosecute former president trump trump and cited the memo in his. his conclusion. the memo actually said that he did not exonerate the former president. in another legal development the court has blocked an election ia in georgia. it is bringing back a ruling the state has adopted rules that violate the act by diluting the power of african american voters. it involves elections for the service commin service commission that sets utility rates. each member
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represents a district in the ste ineir ate. like georgians, theye esentati > >> still ahead on kpix5, an important conversation held by s leaders. has some kids are takig control over the discussion on mental health. > >> doctors on vacation spring to to save a life. here is
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>> kaiser permanente's mental health workers have been on strike for nearly a week. hundreds of workers are trying to get their voices heard and are calling for increased staff. increased staffing. on friday, kaiser released a new statement about the strike. this strike and this disruption to patient care does not need to happen. it it is a demand to spend less time seeing patients. our patients cannot afford a proposal that reduces the time available to care for our patients and their mental health health needs. we want to reach an agreement that for cliniciand our patients. and the governor announced a $4.7 billion of tees
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of teenagers are focusing on. kpix 5 shows us how they are tag the lead. >> think about the kids you are about to meet. >> i want athletes to have as mh emotional help as a to athletic. athletic. >> i want schools that have mental health education. >> my name is sophia and they want to help resolve the stigmad stigma around mental health. >> i want people with mental heh issues to have their story told. . >> i and terry delaney and i want kids to be taken seriously when they come forward and ask r help. >> a documentary sprung up aftee suicide of katie meyer. >> she was a beloved member of our committee and to hear of heg
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was really devastating. >> these kids tell me stories og who has taken their own life? how many of you have had a struggle of your own? how many of you know a young person who has struggled with mental and el illness? all of you. why step forward and do something about t about it? >> i struggled sorry my journey with mental illness was extremely difficult. he tells my are doing something about it bee they know the pain of the problem when it goes on answered. it is a matter of when when someone struggles. if we
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don't have those resources avaie and kids don't feel like they're like they're getting support, we we will have an increasing number of suicide rates. >> the film available on youtube wants to open conversations and and drive down the difficult nu. kids need a seat at the table and they hope that the governorn governors plan and the people picketing outside kaiser will bring them in also. >> people don't expect us to have that maturity level which then perpetuates the whole issue of the stigma around mental he. mental health. >> we are going to stay pretty t pretty hot. we've got a lot of mid-to upper 90s from daytime highs. to start this day, that s the view looking out past the sl the sundial of the transamerica.
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you can see that we do have marine layer out there hugging the coast. it is working its way way over to the west side of thy the city. you've got to be right be right along the coast to see. see that. that is san jose and it looks perfectly clear and it will look that way everywhere particularly once you get inlan. get inland. clear and low 60s in in conquered right now. san jose, 60. upper 50s for san frao san francisco. a chilly 53 in santa rosa. some of these numbers come in five to 6 degres above average. others come in at 10 to 11 degrees above average like the once over here. we wilo to 98 in concord. 94, pleasanton. san ramon, 95. back
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along the east bay shoreline, upper 70s. we will go to 90 in san rafael. we are seeing the exaggerated differences today. if you've got any access to that that onshore flow, you are getting cooler air. it is going to be hot. mid-to upper 90s forh of sonoma and napa. mendocino, low 100s. 104, ukiah. the marine marine layer will stay off the . the coast. sunshine everywhere . everywhere else. we can see one minor little thing that will bring the temperatures down tomorrow, but only one day. we will warm back up again. note -- -- there is some rain in that. it goes too far north. that onshore push right there of that that relatively cooler air, that
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that will allow sunday to feel a a little bit cooler. and then it falls apart and dissipates and you will see what happens in the the seven-day forecast. you stay stay in the mid-80s and as we te a look at those microclimates, e inland locations to go to the mid-80s tomorrow, we will feel the benefit of that. upper 90s today and mid-80s tomorrow. you will warm back up and be back into the low 90s again for a good part of next week. it is going to be a little bit of a sw from relatively warm today and noticeably cooler inland tomorr. inland tomorrow. >> i like the fact that we get a a little drop off. i love my mi. my mid-80s. i do not like the 9s the 90s.
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>> we will spread it around so everyone should get it equally. it will be a much nicer sunday if you do like that kind of thig of thing. > >> two california doctors were in the right place at the right. they were on separate vacations and both jumped into action to e the woman who nearly drowned >> we looked out into the water and saw a couple of lifeguards running this lifeless body backp to the beach. the doctors believed that she had a medical emergency like a seizure, stroke, or heart attack. they perform cpr and within minutes she was breathing again. > >> the 49ers quarterback received another stamp of approval from a fellow starter. > >> could the dodgers turn the mountains blue
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>> the giants aren't necessarilg out of time. they have 43 games to overcome a deficit. giants fans are running out of belief. this team is sub 500 and in danr in danger of loss. the second i, second inning, he drilled it to left field. they say it travels 10% further due to fluid dynami. fluid dynamics. 2-0 lead after the two run homer. in the third inning, rogers with a deep to left-center and look at mike. a diving catch. montero again t i towards the same sign in left-cr in left-center. he did it againe same exact spot. the giants onld four runs. 7-4 in favor of the .
6:25 am
the padres and brewers lost as l as well. > >> the mariners for at the coli. the coliseum. in the first innig it is the athletics jack pender. pender. he yanks it into fifth . fifth field. a close play at th. the plate. the ball gets away. look at the replay. he takes one he takes one for the team. in the fourth inning, suarez is up. is up. he gave him a meet all. into the left field seats. good vibes only first juarez. another another go around this time the straightaway center. this time it is a three run shot. seattle was cruising. the 22nd homer of the season and that put the mariners up.
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>> the 49ers quarterback just completed a very important weekf training camp. he went to a week week full of practices was starters by his side. to explai, to explain, what he went throug, this entire week, pretty much full speed against another team. different than last week's go d go around because he had the starters by his side. the man ie of protecting his blindside has been impressed. >> i have seen consistent impro. consistent improvement. i have seen him go with different looks . i have seen him continually me strides every day. i have seen m seen him looking for somewhere to run. that is all we can ask r ask for. he will continue to ime
6:27 am
to improve. >> channel 5 is a place to be ty be today. the red and gold report at three a clock p.m.. we we will lead you all the way up to kickoff that can be seen right here on channel 5. > >> coming up, the state goes toe goes toe to toe over a sprawling a sprawling homeless encampment. . who is responsible for housing housing hundreds of people who live there. > >> how a winemaker in ukraine ig to stay in business. >
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>> live from the cbs bay studios, this is kpix5 news. >> welcome back. the time now i. i am devin fehely. . let's take a look at our weather. >> there will be a big difference in the way that it feels front today to tomorrow. tomorrow will be noticeably cooler. sunrise happened about four minutes ago. mount diablo is breaking a few of the horizo. the horizon. that is the view over san jose with the number is is 60 right now. concord, 61.
6:31 am
mid-to upper 90s. you will see the differences when we look at daytime highs. tomorrow, upper . upper 80s. i was so you the seven day forecast coming up in a bit. back over to you. > >> the city of oakland is askinr more time after gavin newsom thd to withhold funding over handling of the largest homeless homeless in camp when. people who live and work nearby are tired of it and they want the se cleaned up. >> there is a lot of finger-poi. of finger-pointing. the city ofd says the state need to take care care of all of these people but the state says the city is responsible to clean all of thip this up. >> it is comical, the back-and-forth going on. >> while it appears hard for them to come to a consensus, both sides need to work together
6:32 am
. >> if you want one people gone, stop pointing fingers back at each other. >> it is frustrating to ask a person that lives near. >> he lives a block away from the encampment. he and his neigs his neighbors just want real action. >> s a soluthth erlet's clean it up. >> the governor's office said they gave them $4.7 million to provide shelter. the city's suggestion that has the responsibility for homeless individuals on state property us there is a specific earmark is . is unacceptable. under state law law to identify housing or shelter alternatives is a local and not the state responsibilit. state responsibility. the state threatens to remove funding and wants a response today. $4.7
6:33 am
million is not enough to house the roughly 200 people here >> it is an ongoing frustration to watch. >> the encampment stretches almost 1 mile long. firefighters firefighters have responded to more than 100 fires at this site site in recent years including s one that shut down the macarthue macarthur maze. some people say they are ready for housing, but they need help. >> they haven't offered us anytg us anything. >> the city says they are working with the state to addres this encampment. the city attorney's office sent a lettero the governor's office saying thy will provide a detailed response response next week. >> new data from state officials officials says the rate fell don fell down over 3%. it is an
6:34 am
improvement from june's %. moren 20,000 jobs were added last monh last month. the bay area has regained 88% of the jobs that were lost in may and april 2020e interest rates of put a damper on the real estate industry. >> consumer sentiment and business sentiment is down. inflation is up. there are thesr thhe less positive indicators positive indicators and i think there is strong expectation that that the employment growth in california will slow significantly in the next couple next couple of months >> the tech industry accounted for many jobs in july. > >> vanessa bryant is suing los angeles county over gruesome phs gruesome photos taken by first responders following the helicopter crash that killed hed
6:35 am
her husband and seven others. se said she has panic attacks and lives in constant fear that those images will appear online the lawsuit does not specify a dollar amount. legal experts say experts say that this case is more about accountability than y than money. > >> 15 people were killed in andk and attack by islamic militants on friday night. the attack began with gunfire outside the hotel before militants entered the building. gunfire could be heard early this morning. the extremist group claimed responsibility for that attack. the latest of frequent attempts to strike places often visited y government officials. > >> the u.s. will provide ukrainh
6:36 am
more military assistance. we have the latest details from ne. new york. >> the russian president has it read to terms for a team of indt inspectors to visit a nuclear plant that has come under shelling. this follows a call bn he and the french president. the the ukrainian president said the the team from the internationalc energy agency could reestablish security in the largest nuclear plant that is controlled by ru. russia blames e thre largalstroe. the secretary-general once a demilitarized zone established around the plant. >> as the conflict drags into
6:37 am
its 179th day, the u.s. will provide ukraine with $800 millin in additional military equipment. in car key for 53-yed woman was found dead after russian forces shelled two universities early yesterday. >> >> civilians keep fleeing the violence in eastern ukraine. the the u.n. refugee agency says more than 10.5 million have left left the country since the war started in march. > >> a russian missile recently hit a warehouse owned by a welln a well-known ukrainian wine impr wine importer. it cost an estimated $15 million of damages . the company decided to sell te products that could be saved.
6:38 am
there is a dedicated shelf thats the special wines a new home. >> >> we inspect and select for sale only those bottles from which the court did not come ou. come out. this is an indicatione wine is not heated up too much. in general, these wines will attract people like a magnet. >> they will have a new label called survivors of the duquesnr and a portion of the profits will go to ukraine. > >> what parents can do to help kids stay safe. sick a bay areae paves the way
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to class bicycle ting riding is one of the leading causes of sports related head is in kids. >> for li the start of the school year will be a little bit bit different. it is the first
6:42 am
year she gets to ride her skateboard to school. >> i am excited to show up at sl with my skateboard. >> making sure that she is safe is a priority for her. >> i have wrist guards and he, knee pads. >> she always wears a helmet alo helmet also. she likes to wear s as well. she doesn't want to get get hurt when she falls >> it is key to keeping kids sa. kids safe. make sure it fits properly and they actually whert where it. >> you want to talk to your kidt what sort of helmet they want. if you bring them something else, you will fight with them o get them to where it all the ti. the time. >> he has h over 28 yearsbus just undernea
6:43 am
eaobes and just enou space you can barelyfitwo fingers between the skin and the strap >> wearing act, can decrease the the risk of head injuries by 85% 85% and facial injuries by 65%. >> if you see your kids for head head sticking out, you need to e the straps and the overall fit. >> make sure that your bike is in working order before you hit the road. >> make sure the seats are at the right height for the bicycle. is her bicycle two. or two small. and also wearing those helmets. >> it is important to follow the the rules of the road and pay attention to the crossing guards guards >> as for lily, she is excited to get the gear srted and skate into the third grade. >
6:44 am
>> we will use arch i window on the bay to see how just about everybody is waking up to clear. clear skies. a beautiful view from the top of the east. clear skies across the east bay. clear clear skies here through the south bay. will be a user camera camera on top of the sales forc, low clouds along the immediate . immediate cause. this day is already starting out with a good good head start of what will be a noticeably warm afternoon. we have a lot of mid-to upper 90s. you are going to 97 today for the daytime high. oakland, you will be 20 degrees above that at at 78 today. san jose will be in in the upper 80s. if we look ate
6:45 am
south bay numbers, 84 for the daytime high. sunnyvale, 92. morgan hill, 94. upper 90s overe with pleasant hill hitting 98. walnut creek will hit 97. numbers g y shore, you are close to the golden gat, golden gate, you've got a wonderful day today. as soon as you get far enough and then, 90 in san rafael. santa rosa, 94. it gets real hot once you get uo mendocino and lake county. 103 for places like ukiah and clear. and clearlake. you can see a change coming our way for sunda. for sunday. a system will make tomorrow feel noticeably cooler than today. it doesn't have the ability to bring any rain but it
6:46 am
it will go a little too far nor. far north. we will get the benet of that as a system moves off to to the north and the east. temperatures will drop as much as 10 degrees tomorrow. the bigger picture out here short to short to the next system might try to bring light rain to northernmost california in a we. a week. it is not going to happ, to happen, but it is nice to see see they are there. we can start start thinking about rain until. san jose, 87. everybody has the same here for the weekend. today today is noticeably warm and downright hot for some locations . tomorrow is a big improvement. . it will be as much as 11 degrs cooler tomorrow than today and then on monday we warmed right k up again. for much of next weeke
6:47 am
will shave a few degrees off of that and getting down to average will bring them back down a few degrees from their. >> it is interesting. hot today and a little blip tomorrow. >> it will be a seesaw. if you are making your outdoor plans, if you like mid-to upper 80s, that is coming tomorrow. > >> a san francisco couple with a a successful career in the hip-hop community are paying itd it forward. they have been helping young people get a foothold in the entertainment c. entertainment community. >> reporter: today richard and danielle manage a busy household busy household that includes a baby daughter. about 10 years a,
6:48 am
years ago, the native san francs were nurturing hip-hop careers n they notice a terrible trend. >> >> every time we came home it wd be bad news. a young person has gotten killed or gone to jail ad we need to do something. something that caters to what they like and what they want to. to do. >> reporter: he knew firsthand the transformative power of mus. of music. the art and business of wrap kept him out of trouble pick >> i was able to come to music and that kept me on the straighd narrow path. >> they found it project level d the non-project, nonprofit has introduced people to graphic design and fashion. >> our dream is to help others pursue their dream. >> reporter: israel levine tookt took part in the three city
6:49 am
modeling tour. even more meaningful is the family like connection with rich and danielle. >> they grew up around here. it is very relatable. he is like a father figure pick >> the family aspect is the secret ingredient. that comes from danielle. >> reporter: jasmine's confidence skyrocketed since she since she came to project level ix years ago as a shy teenager. >> i am a leader in my community . i think it is pretty cool. >> she coaches dancers. in the next room, other youth learn to design and print their own clothing line. >> participants a to 24 often come back as volunteers and role
6:50 am
role models like this alumnus who was now a platinum recordint recording artist. >> it is the ultimate feeling when a kid comes here and becomes really successful. it il is beautiful. >> for helping underserved youth youth through project level, this week's jefferson award goes goes to danielle banks and rich. >> danielle and richard creatina record label from scratch. it is is funded by $150,000 social justice grant. they have received 150 applications for 40 40 positions. and you can nomine a local hero at m/ .
6:51 am
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>> the city of pacifica is tryig to boost the local economy by at card program. people shopping locally can get money back to return to their favorite local businesses. shoppers who purchase a $25 gift card will get an extra $10. each shopper can receive a maximum of $300 in in bonus gift cards. for a list of participants, visit pacifica.comm. > >> account football team held at practice on campus with the guide dogs running throughout memorial stadium. >> we try to present our players players with a number of different organizations to support in community service.
6:53 am
this is one organization that some of our players may end up doing some community service work with. it is a great way to change it up a little bit. >> it is part of an effort to not only socialize the dogs but the foster city summer days festival is back. it is meant to to bring the community together in celebration of the city's birth day. the bay also included games and food and ended with an evening concert. >> it is fun to be back with all all of my friends and it is nice nice to see the fun and exciting and exciting things they do. >> the festival runs her tomorr. her tomorrow. > >> the red carpet is out in silicon valley. festivities begin at nine a clock this
6:54 am
morning and the event is set to run for the next 10 days. >> boogadee is making a $5 million car. it is called the w6 w 16 and has 1600 horsepower. only 99 of them will be made and and they have all been sold alry sold already. we do not know what the expected top speed is. > >> classic muscle cars are known known for having those loud grog loud growling engines and exhaust systems. dodge says even even its electric version will give you that same five. it is called the charger daytona srt. it has loud exhaust pipes and a transmission that shifts gears. the sounds are produced by air . air pulses. the gas powered muse
6:55 am
cars will end production next y. next year.
6:56 am
u a ew ofat tsaturday lookke on the golden gate bridge, i just. the closer you get to the coast,
6:57 am
it is more sunshine than anything else for the overwhelming majority of us. we are seeing some low clouds. if you are not at the beach, you are waking up to sunny skies. san jose is on the verge of 90. tomorrow, low 80s. it is going o be hot. as much as 11 degrees from today to tomorrow. noticeably better for places lie places like concord and livermo. and livermore. you will go from 94 to the mid-80s tomorrow. i will have your complete forecast forecast coming up. > >> bay area health experts weigh experts weigh in on the threat of a research and polio after a case in new york city. > >> we hear about the unique challenges of the watsonville at watsonville airport.
6:58 am
6:59 am
californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> live from the cbs bay studios, this is kpix5 news. > >> right now, polio makes a comeback in new york city. bay area doctors have concerns and d and and urgent message for pares for parents. >> you don't want to regret later and wish you had done this . > >> thousands more doses of monkeypox vaccines are headed to san francisco. >> you never fly straight in. >> >> i don't. >> we hear from a pilot of what could've led up to when mid air crash that left three people dead in


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