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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 23, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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taken another olt attack that the community. >> we just want to stop this tr. this tragedy. in oakland, kpix . 5 . >> this comes over a month of the daylight shooting death of an uber driver in the same area. an earlier rally organized by chinatown leaders, residents grabbed the mic to their frustrations and fears. why, why why is it happening? >> one of the ways to address this kind of crime is to have a pleasant police in the neighborhood >> while the department has
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moved additional resources to tt area and has made arrests and violent incidents that happened this unfortunate area in our city continues to be impact did and i am saddened by what we have seen. >> tonight opd is also looking for this car. detectives say the the white tesla was traveling to avenue toward a.d.d. around the the time of the shooting. they want to know if the people insie people inside saw anything that could help with the investigati. the investigation. > >> in san francisco a man is under arrest on elder abuse and assault charges. a vicious attack on the 65-year-old asian. asian woman. it happened august 10th in front of a restaurant at at 26 and gary. the police told the suspect went up to her and punched her. she was injured but but will be okay. police say suspect had assaulted someone ee someone else in the same area b. area before. security video help them i.d. him as 35-year-old
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terrence chrisman. they said a g a pending felony charge. > >> reaction pulling and from all all sides tonight to the governor's decision to just say no to so-called safe consumption consumption sites for illegal drugs. kpix's ferret sara doncy sara donchey reports. >> reaction has been swift. >> to see a governor that has been on the forefront of so mang many groundbreaking policy effos policy efforts to veto a bill like this -- it angers me. as an an organization we are deeply set upset about this. >> referee: >> referee: opponents like the head of san francisco's police officers union have been sharp critics of the sites claiming they would make policing harder. harder.
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>> we want to arrest the drug dealers but every time we try to to arrest drug dealers if there's a product they want to l to sell you're going to have a clientele, right? this will just just keep that clientele going. >> in a statement newsome said the place is allowed to --. "i have long supported the cutting edge of harm reduction strategies however i am acutely concerned about the operation of of safe injection sites without strong engaged local leadership and well documented, vetted and thoughtful operation and sustainability plans." >> i don't know what he's talking about. a proven model around 30 years around the world world in reducing overdose deat. overdose deaths. reducing hiv and hepatitis infections. connecting people to treatment. >> estate consumption site is a standalone thing without all the the other drug treatment that we we need -- that is not the
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silver bullet that everyone keeps saying it's going to be. >> reporter: and i was pointing to a potential presidential run the future some speculate that vito was a political calculatio. political calculation. direct there is such a heavy political downside to a bill like this. there is a big constituency. and and you can imagine how the oppn the opposition ads really write. write themselves. >> the issue may not be dead in san francisco. the city attorney attorney says while he is disappointed by the governor's o governor's veto he supports the idea of a nonprofit moving forward with its own overdose prevention program modeled after after similar sites in new york city. > >> 11:00 a church in palo alto got the green light to let unhoused people stay in their parking lot over the objectionsf the neighbors. palo alto online reports the vote was 5-2 in favor of allowing first congressional church to church to turn for spaces into a place
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for people to park and sleep at. at night. neighbors objected over the proximity to their homes and pushed the church to use its front lot instead. the church says it plans to work with a local nonprofit to screen screen its guest and help them find permanent housing. > >> new at 11:00 a former engine he has pleaded guilty to stealing trade secrets. he was hired to work on a secret thomar thomas car. he was accused of downloading internal files about about the project and federal agents arrested him later that year at the san jose airport with a ticket to china in hand. he faces up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. sentencing is set for november. > >> tonight elon musk has subpoenaed his friend and former former twitter ceo jack dorsey. this is his attempt to back out of his $44 billion takeover bid. twitter and musk are headed for for a high-stakes court battle.
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this will determine whether muss musk has to put his money where his mouth was when he made that offer. he is asking dorsey for information on the effect of spam bot accounts on twitter's business. > >> new at 11:00, kaiser facing a a class-action lawsuit accusing the healthcare giant of charging charging patients for free covid covid test. the suit was filed on behalf of a patient who says she was billed more than $300 for testing. other plaintiffs say they got similar bills. this this suit accuses kaiser of using a multiplex test that screens for covid and the fluid the same time and charging for that flu test. >> what kaiser does is they are passing on this charge for the flu element of it, but unfortunately they're not giving giving anyone the option to get the covid test without the flu . flu test. >> under federal law testing for
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for covid-19 is supposed to be . kaiser released a statement saying "it is our policy not to charge for covid testing. have not changed that policy. we are reviewing our members allegations and if we identify a a technical error on our part we we will certainly correct it." this all comes as kaiser mental health workers are entering the second week on the picket lines. lines. more than 2000 therapists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors are calling for a staffing boost. kaiser called the strike disruptive and unnecessary adding in a statement that the union's primary demand is "for members to spend less time seeing patients." > >> dr. anthony fauci who serveds the nation's top infectious disease expert is stepping down at the end of the year. dr. vowed to who will turn 82 in december served as medical adviser to seven presidents before covid. he shaped the government response to diseases like hiv and was an early voice during san francisco's eights c. eights crisis. >> he risked his career. people
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ridiculed and criticized him but but at the same time i think just as many people respected and praised him. >> i really hope that there is not going to be another major political change that would dismantle some of the work that he and others have done. >> in april dr. vowed to told ns told news that he planned on stepping down once the covid situation was quote better under under control unquote. > >> we know now who was at the control of a small plane that collided over watsonville. other other answers may take longer. > >> details on how citizen divers divers were able to find a submerged suv that made end of the search for a missing team. > >> new development in the fightr fight over a proposed quarry on native land. that's next.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness
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prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> we now know the names of the people killed when two planes cd planes collided in midair over watsonville on thursday. the santa cruz county coroner confirms they were 75-year-old carl kruppa and 67-year-old
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nannette plett-kruppa. also stuart kimmons and, 32 years old old of santa cruz. > >> cruz were searching for a message to each girl. authorities said they strongly believe that person is kiely rodney. volunteer dive team pulled out the car from prosser creek reservoir. it's near the area where the 16-year-old was attending a party. today nevada nevada county officials confirmed it was the teens car. the group adventures used high-tech tools to find it. >> nick detected an object underwater ug underwater using cutting-edge sonar technology. i was able to then confirm that it was in fact fact a vehicle and roughly 14 feet of water. only 55 feet off. feet offshore. after marking the the vehicle with our magnet, nick suited up in his dive gear
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and conducted the dive to formally identify and assess the the vehicle. >> the body has not been officially identified but kiely rodney's family released a statement saying " while we accept this sadness cast under death shadow the rising sun shines upon us reminding us not to mourn our loss but to celebrate kiely rodney's spirit in the gift that we all receive receive in knowing her. kiely rodney will surely remain with. with us." > >> a man wanted for the cold cae killing of a palo alto high school student is back in the bay area tonight. gary romero was extradited to the bay area this weekend. he was arrested at at his home earlier this month. police said they used dna to lik to link him to the murder of karen stitt in 1982. > >> is on the south bay a public hearing is set for people wanting to have their say over plans to turn a negative american spiritual site into a sand and gravel mine. the site
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is located just off highway 101. the virtual meeting before the plan commission is set for 1:30 p.m. on thursday. it will allow people to share their thoughts and about the impact on the env. the environment. the details on the mine and the hearing, you can go to our website at > >> the city of lafayette may cancel its city council election election that's because no one is challenging the three incumbents were running. councis running. councilmembers were the the only candidates who filed by by august 12. city council willt will meet thursday to discuss sy discuss simply reappointing them them to their posts. holding an election to formalize a process could cost up to $57,000. > >> we have a new picture of jupiter tonight courtesy of the james webb space telescope. that that photo shows images using te
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using the filters. researchers work with citizen scientists to recolor the image to make the details more apparent. the image image also showcases cloud particles and storms system scattered around the planet. paul is like a kid in a candy se when he sees these photos. >> it's so much fun because the original batch got worse things that were way out there in the e the universe, talking millions of light-years away and we can use this telescope to focus on one of our solar neighbors, in the same solar system, but a different view. that's not what jupiter actually looks like it's it's a translation from infrarer infrared or back into image we can see but really cool stuff. >> is seeing it in blue like that was very cool.
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>> using the blue scale looking you can get some of the features features of study how the atmosphere works. jupiter is mainly atmosphere. there's a lot lot of weather happening here. there's the great red spot, not actually showing up as red with this filter but details including the aurora happening at either pole of jupiter. let's let's take a look what's happening back here on earth. low cloud cover even some areas of drizzle around th. the coast. tomorrow will be another warm day and maybe even hot in some locations. it will cool down by normal from wednesday into the weekend. a quiet weather pattern settling in except the air quality tomorrow will take a step backw. step backward. smoke from northern california drifting into the bay area. you will see that smudge of hayes but only
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reaching the moderate quality tomorrow and then we are back into the good air quality wednesday, thursday, and friday. 60 degrees, the temperature do. temperature downtown. everyone else is somewhere in the 60s even the warmest location on the the map is a degree below 70 in concord at the moment. that will will spread into the inland valley but it will not take long long to dissipate. you should see full sunshine by 8:00 or 9:. or 9:00. even along the coast you will see sunshine breaking . breaking through. temperatures tonight dropping down to what's normal for this time of year and and that means made to upper 50. upper 50s. high temperatures near the water tomorrow are still going to be almost exactl. exactly average. mid-60s along the coast, upper 60s in san francisco. father inland steel 3 to 5 agrees degrees above norm. above normal. low to mid 90s but
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but staying below 100 degrees even for those hottest locations locations on the map and then everybody is back to normal temperatures as we finish out the rest of the work week and head into the weekend. maybe even below normal temperatures inland and in late august we don't complain about that. 80 degrees in san jose. just a few passing clouds overhead on saturday and sunday. the fact that it's happening to overlap with a weekend, it just means we we must've done something right you deserve a nice weekend forecast. we will keep you updated. charlie? > >> next time in sports a pitching clinic on at the oakland coliseum plus we have our top five plays of the weekend and the 49ers have added some -- to their secondary. why why their new signees not expect expect to be a backup.
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>> if you are a a spam that wants some sort of positive from from this routable season you he seen it last week. the organization's top prospect had
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five extra-base hits in his first 19 professional at-bats and that they start to the care. the career. a is hosting the marlins in the first of a three-game series . second inni. second inning. in the left field field bleachers for his second home run of the year. 1-0, marlins. that was enough for their starter kyle barrera. 84 miles per hour. one of seven strikeouts over eight innings of of shutout ball for cabrera. marlins won 3-0. a's only combined for three hits. > >> veteran safety sean gibson has been signed during his --. he started every game he has played dating back to 2013. injury update starting defensive defensive lineman eric armistead armistead is back missing. as ig is starting back emmanuel mosle. emmanuel mosley. the seventh
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your pro is competing with rookie -- at the safety net. considering his local ties, earning a secures spot on the 20's roster is a dream come true. >> was born in santa clara which clara which is kind of mind blo. mind blowing. that i grew up in modesto which is like an hour and a half away and i went from preschool to high school there but i was always a 49er fan. >> let's get to our top five plays of the weekend. best or worst depending on how you see them. roll the tape. let's get to it. number 5, premier league, league, soccer, look at the pressure from american brendan n brendan aronson. you snooze, you you lose. that will get you fired up. it takes it away and . and scores. number 4, giants and
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and rockies yesterday. routine chopper to third. ryan mcmahon can't handle but look at this, straight to the wickets. number three back, hockey is as good as as it gets on the ice. team canada's mason mctavish an incredible stick save that shot would've won the game and he slaps it out of the area. number number two mac, rangers and twins. look at the awareness of jose maranda. tag the runner. over to second. that is your fourth triple play of the season season overall rangers won two mac-1 and number 1. u.s. all soccer. goalie from his own boxd box and the goalie was daydreaming. takes the big bounce and that is a goalie go. nfl teams that need a new punter, take note. you start
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>> a livermore animal shelter is is overrun with bunnies. rescue says that for everyone adopt did three are taking their place. volunteers say over -- dump them them and others are surrounding --. > >> fairfield police are introducing a new four-legged member to the force. canine maddox went on duty today as a member of the department support support and wellness team. addicts will work in the dispatch center will review will will help dispatchers and officers decompress. he will also go out in the field as a comfort animal for crime and californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness
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prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing r tad tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> thank you for watching. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> - [announcer 1] the following is a paid advertisement for plexaderm skincare. - [announcer 2] watch this. it's all 100% real. witness what happens to this woman's bags under her eyes in an actual time-lapse, in just minutes. nothing has been doctored or tampered with. the very real problem will disappear before your eyes and hers with a revolutionary topical formulation that works in just minutes and the effects will last for hours and hours.


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