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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  March 3, 2020 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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laura: this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am laura trevelyan. super tuesday is here. voting is underway in 14 u.s. states in the most consequential day yet in the race to become the democratic nominee for president. nine americans have died in the coronaviru outbreak, as the trump administration tries to contain the disease. surviving as, even thriving in the waters of the antarctic. what scientists are learning temperatures are rising. global laura: for allf u watching on pbs and around the globe, welcome to "world news america." meit is a big day incan politics, as democrats trying to be the one to take on president for more than 1300 delegatesing
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should the more you win, the closer you are to being the nominee. voters are having their say in 14 states after a dramatic 72 hours which gave joe biden's campgn a new lease of life. tonight bernie sanders is looking to build on his lead. it is a fluid situation. here is north america editor jon sopel. jon: it's a long and seemingly ne tr-ending road democratic nomination. this is a lake we are driving on. the search for voters take you way off the beaten track. here in vermont, in bernie sanders's frozen backyard, there etis an ice fishing coion going on. he is the most left-wing and the oldest candidate in the race, and some are hoped. >> i am supporting bernie. jon: why? >> i believe in his message. i'm kind of tired of the rich getting poorer and the middle
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class getting squeezed. >> i think a lot of americans are ready to bern. i think that is in response to a real discussed with the oligarchy. jon: f a lot of these hunting, fishing, and shooting types, he is anathema. you a prettyuprted? -- berni e supporter? >> no. i don't believe in giving everything i work for a way. jo you believe that is what he would do? >> 100%. that is what he has done his whol life. jon: bernie sanders has built a grassroots organization that fans out across the united states. it is impressive. hi suprters talk about eling the bern. where we are now, it would be nice to feel a little warmth. the person who was caught fire the past three days is the moderate joe biden. he won south carolina command two of his big-name rivals have pulled out to throw their weight
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behind h. mr. buttigieg: i'm delighted to support an endorse joe biden for president. sen. klobuchar: you know you have a home with joe biden. jon: bernie sanders is still the fron runner, but he is feeling the pressure. but a court vacating factor is the -- public hitting factor is uber-wealthy michael bloeberg come on ballot for the first time. who knows what impact he is going to have? bloomberg and i apthise message. jon: they are announcing the winner. it has taken a weekend d of fishing cipleid de. if only to be decided -- if only the race for the nomination could be decided so quickly. laura:e we h a team coving all the anglesni wit bryant
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in florida and jane o'brien in vermont. jane, are they feeling confident in the sanders camp tonight? jane: i think they are feeling confident about taking vermont because thrr is the same ory and everyone is feeling the bern,s jon sopel was saying. across the country it is a different story, becaut he doesn've to just do well in vermont, yehe has to do well in all the super tuesday states. and yes, i tlink there is a le but of nervousness, because while supporters of bernie sanders saye is there mentioned they are looking over the shoulder and worrying about what other voters think. this big question of electability. fdo they vo somebody they beat donald trump? tat is the question i put to voters in vermos morning. >> for me it is frustrang to see people kind of doing all the politicking of votes and thinkingbout what other people
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are going to vote for in choosing their votes bn that. i wanted to vote for someone who i stand behind, and i want everyone to be voting for someone they believe in. jane: dyou think biden can beat trump? >> i think you might have a better shot at beating trump, but i don't know if i want biden as my candidate could >. >> there are so many different candidates they can support. >> it is the right time for the primary to make it a choice between progressive change o more incremental change. o you think we are goin to know after super tuesday with the clear winner is? >> i sure hope so. jane: do think it is likely? >> i don't think it is likely. i think we are headed for a brokered convention. laura: tovoid a brokered convention, how many delegates is bernie sanders hoping he might win tonight with 1/3 of the total at stake? jane: a lot is the short answer,
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enough that will make sure joe biden isn't close to him. at is the problem because amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg dropped out of the race. their supporters could he would be the next modern candidate, and not bernie sanders. -- moderate candidate, and i bernie sanders. will it slow bernie sanders's momentum? e is not getting a plurality of votes and that is his problem. heas got to not just win delegates come here for you ma sure that the otherandidates don't win enough to slow him down. laura: which states could be vulnerable for bernie sanders after the result in south carolina? jane: interestingly, california is the one where the polls a week ago bernie sanders had a significant lead. tonight, not so mu. california is one of the most delicate-rich states on offer,
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and it is a state where we won' know the resssibly not tomorrow, possibly not the end of the week. fingers crossed for the bernie camp tonight. laura: jane o'brien, thank you. the wildcard is michael bloomberg. he is on the balhet forery first time. the former new york city mayor is spending the night in orida. nick bryant is there. onwhat kind of returis investnt of half $1 billion iser michael bloolooking for tonight? nick: laura,k i don't th is going to be a very super tuesday for michael bloomberg. his campaign has not caught fire. hhe has spee amount of money, $117 million on super tuesday ane, $450 million on his campaign as a whole. is he going to win any states? they may be looking atey arkans, ay be looking at oklahoma, but those are not the big prizes onuesday. they are not california. it is not texas.
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it has been a pretty poor return on his investment. the crucial moment, his first debate appearance. most people had seen michael bloomberg in the television advertisements that he carpet bomb to the country with full of t when he finally qlified for a democratic debate him he was taken apart in the space of a minute by massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. he has not recovered his footing since. laura:oes you drop out, michael bloomberg, if he does badly, or does he run as an independent if bernie sanders is the nominee? nick: o othe reasons candidates dropout is they run out of money. that is not a problem for the world's ninth-richest man. you can see it in florida, it looks like such a professional operation. they are giving tsay t-shirts e. they are giving away food. owhave you ever a campaign to give away food?
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they are really well-funded. th isn't a problem. it is whether there is a route to the nomination. he say he is staying in, but the rationale for his candidacyo was he took aat joe biden and didn't think he could beat r donald trums comes so he got in the race to be the moderate makati candidate. helping bernie sanders, because we assume this joe biden -- wee have seen this biden revival. the rationale for his candidacy s been blown up. we'll see how he does today. laura: we will indeed. nick bryant in florida, thank you. there is a lot to keep track of. here to help us out is a former communications aide in the obama white house and a political strategist. thanks for being with us, corey. where you watching for tonight? corey:re so many dif storylines. there is the obvious, california and what is happening there, and
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al the southeast. the big story is money versus momentum.joe biden with momentuf saturday. we talked about bi money mike out of new york. which is moreor int, half $1 billion or the momentum of joe biden? i'm betting on momentum tonight. laura: ok, but if joe biden has the momentum, does it become a two-horse race? corey: i think it will narrow to a two-person race. nobody would have predicted that pete buttigieg and others would have gotten out just last night and endorsed the vice president. at this point tomorrow it will very the green arrow to a --quickly narrow to a awo-prison ra senator warren will be out by the end of the week. laura: she will come under pressure to stop splitting the pr'ressive vote if she do't do well tonight. corey: absolutely. she has an enthusiastic base of
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supporters in kerala but she has not done welin the first four states and is not picked up the momentum necessary to justify rhean i cf michaelcy bloomberg s poorly, will he come under essure to throw millions under joe biden and the center lane? corey: he is, but he has money till the end of the world and he can do what he wants. what he has said is that if he doesn't see a path to the nomination, he will get out of the race and back who the nominee is. he should do that sooner rather than later so that joe bidenan nsume thethe number of delegates na:essary. la after biden's big win in south carolina, which states are you watching most closely? corey:ig t is a conversation about the west vs. the east. states. the southeastern tonight we are talking about alabama, tennessee, big states we are looking at, because they are similar t south carolina,
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where he was successful on saturday. laura: what is your guess about a brokered convention at this point? is the going to be a clear front runner with more states? corey: it depends on how well bernie does in california. if he gets the first44 delegates because he wins and racks ussp other congnal districts, he may run away with it. ifo joe biden is ableep it close, we could be heading towards a brokered convention and quite likely that is what the party is preparing for. laura:th good heavens. k you so much for joining us. corey: thank you. laura: the other story we are tracking tonight is the spread nine americans have died in the outbreak. the u.s. feral reserve cut interest rates by haoi a percentage to address concerns about slowing economic growth. responded by dow close down 700 points.
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president trump has been pressuring the central bank to do more. today he was out and about to show hisis admation is managing to help crisis. earlier i spoke to aleemhi maqbl in wton about all of this. can you just bring us up-to-date brwith how far the ok has gotten in the u.s.? aleem:g we are talkout more than 100 cases in the u.s. 15 states -- illinois, oregon, florida, two cases in new york, and nine deaths infirmed in washington state, a lot of the associated with one nursing home. that number is likely to just because of the inevitableot spread of the virus, but much more testing as well, including retrospective testing. some of those cases in washington state where bodies of those who died with flulike d symptoms last week e now discovered to have had the coronavirus, which is why donald trump has snt most of his public engagements the last 24 hours showing he is on the
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offensive against th virus. laura: he has been pressuring the fed to cut interest rates and they did by half a percentage point today. wall street seems have priced it in. the president wants the fed to do even more. aleem: he talked about the fed needing to do this and they did reduce it to what is relatively historic low. heor wantsof his earnings that he wanted the fed to lead, not follow. hihes the economy needs a boost after the downturn overon fears of the cirus. he is talking about measures aside enomics as well. potentially a travel b, getting funding to make sure a vaccine comes much quicker from pharmaceutical companies across the u.s. they have told him a vaccine is not going to come until at the earliest a year's time. laura:hahappens to the 27 million americans who do not they fear they have the
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coronavirus. aleem: that is what makes the united states in terms of western countries uniquely because ere are so many people who don't seek medical helav because they to pay perhaps forus testing, perhaps be while they are being monitored as to whether they have coronavirus. there is also the issue of millions of people who are undocu country who are fearful of going to seek medical help because they fear they might be deported. donald trump is talking about potentially getting hospitals to be able to pay for those who are uninsured, but it ishy this is not only going to become a huge medical issue over the coming days and weeks but a huge political issue as well. laura: aleem maqbool, thanks so much on the update for pretty much everything to do with coronavirus and washington. in other news from around the world, the taliban are to resume attacks on government forces in
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afghanistan just days after signing an agreement with u.s the deal included a commitment to peace talks with the afghan government. but the talib spokesman says this won't happen unless 5,000 initial results from israel'sd. third generaelection any up with the party of prime minist benjamin netanyahu in the league, but still short of a governing majority. mr.etanyahu, whose corruption trial is due to begin later this month, described it as a victory against all the odds. his main rival, benny gantz, told supports he shared their pain or disappointed. china has accused the united states of bullying after washington said it would reduce the number of chinese journalists in america. the u.s. wants to limit thert number of res working for chinese state-run organizations to 100, a redtion of 60. it follows china's expulsion of nalists from "the wa street journal." you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come at tonight's
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program, tornadoes tear thr dgh tennessee,troying homes and claiming more than 20 lives. tens of thousands of people remain withoutower. laura: diplomatic efforts are intensifying in tu tohalt the crisis in the besieged city of idlib. officials who have bn to idlib say they nd for basic items like food, water, and sanitation. paul adams reports from the paul: the battle for iib rages ngon, momentum cg almost by the day. around this town, the russian-backed syrian army pushing forward after several days of setbacks. turkey's intervention haseen dramatic. dozens of the syrian government
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targets he in waves of turkish front strikes. civilians are still on the move in huge numbers. for this man's family, the exodus beganine months ago far to the south. the fighting has chased them from town to town. now finally to the forest. >> where should we go now? we don't have anywhere else. paul: for the deceased, traumatized people of idlib, this was a first, a u.n. team on the ground yesterday seeing for themselves tri scale and se of the crisis. >> the level of need is very high. firstly, people are enormously traumatized. secondly, they have basic needs -- food, water, latrines, article services, and so on. paul: those nds begin at the ginning. in the midst of all this trauma, there are new lives here. doctors say that miscarriages and premature births are on the rise.
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p there is no let the fighting, and it probably won't be until thursday, when the two main players, turkish president erdogan and russian president putin, meet in moscow. both have stakes and interests in idlib and neier will want to negotiate from a position of weakness. paul adamsbbc news,ear the turkish-syrian border. laura: officials in tennessee are dealing with the aftermath of two deadly tornadoes which swept through the central part of the state overnight. at lose 22 people were killed and thousands left without power. hebarbara pletr has more. >> there it is! ! barbara: the moment the tornado crlehed into downtown nashv captured by a local tv station. the monster was spawned by a string of powerful storms that
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cut a path through the middle of estee with devastating force. >> it looks like a warat zone th is completely eliminated. my house is all gone. >> f it the house, and it blt like we weng lifted for a split second and then just dropped. >> what do you think just looking around right now? >> feels like i'm in a movie. >> what is that? >> it's surreal, i feel like i'm in a movie. so sad. city transformed.d a roads closed, power cut. the death toll has been climbing. the twister traveled through the city's airports, tossingth trailer underoof of this school, and shut down polling stations, disrupting but not stopping super tuesday voting. president trump paused aal to announce he will visit tennessee on friday. and a message from the state's most famous ughter. dolly: i wanted all of you to
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know t and hope that your families are ok and lives get mended pretty soon and get your lives back on. wit you to know that you are being thought of. barbara: the show must go on, but in the season ofth politics, weather has changed the situation here. barbara plett us are, bbc news, washington. laura: trady in tennessee. antarctica reported its highest teerature ever, 68 degrees fahrenheit. that is badew for extraordinary marine life, which is usedvi to in icy ter. justin rowlatt met the marine biologists for researching how warming temperatures are affecting the antarctic. justin:t antarctica is the m extreme continent on earth. few animals can survive the bitter cold. but one antarctic environment is surprisingly stable, the ocean. but it's cold, -2 ° gratefuc.
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>> it is the coldest place on earth. temperatures are very, very stable. it is actually very difficult to function at freezing temperatbee of seawateuse everything goes slowly. they optimized their metabolisms for that temperature. they've never seen anything warmer thanhat in millions of years. justin: her team is studying how these animals managed to survive and breed in such cold water. like everywhere else in the world, the antarctic environment is changing. in, some placese water is already warming. a huge challengatfor animals ave never experienced the change. some of the incredible antarctic animals are in this tank. a marine biologist from you have
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beenes studying animals for years. >> they have proteins inside of them that keep them from freezing. they have different red blood cells that are not red. they have mpensated for the cold, so they can go about their daily lives and thrivero in an enent most animals would find stressful. justin: the question for her is how long these expert mary creature -- extraordinary creatures wi be able to adapt. the results are not promising. >> and after a prey worried. i wish the data was wrong. i wish i didn't to be worr there are lots of things that are going to change in the ocean. arthese animalbeing stressed to their max. justin: you may wonder why we should worry about the fate of a few unusuales spewith the scientists here say we should thinof what is happening as a warning. if these animals cannot survive in our changing world, what does that say about our future? justin rowlatt, bbc news, antarctica. laura:efe we go, a reminder
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of our top story this evening. it's super tuesday. peop in 14 u.s. states are voting for which docrat should take on donald trump in november's presidential election. it is a number game, with candidates are vying for votes and delegates each state to california is the biggest prize, with 415 delegates. texas, north carolina, and virginia are in play. bernie is looking to build on his status as front-runner,n bt joe bis picked up a series of high-profile endorsements. anything could happen. i am laura trevelyan. thanks for watching "bbc world news america presentation of this program is provided by... woman: collette guides travelers to experience the world more than 160 destinations across five travel styles, like small their inclusive tours feature local guides, cultural experiences,
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good eveng, i'm judy woodruff. s the newshour tonight, athe death toll from coronavions in the u.s.nues to climb, the federal reserve reacts with the most significant emergency collapse.nce the financial then, we are on the ground all across the country, bringing you the latest democratic primary updates as ballots areast on super tuesday. plus an epicenter of the outbreak. a report from iran, where cases of covid9 are skyrocketing and distrust of leaders mounts a government officials come down with the virus. >> this is theesult of the chronic weakness of the management of our country. when you lose people's trust,


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