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tv   Outnumbered  PBS  August 9, 2012 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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sue: all i'm sayi is, you can't stroll arnd t house stark naked. and all am sing is that you shldhavd thatarenad a little friend sting the night. i did. you just foot. on twor the occasions, i mentned- don't outtarker's. sighs ) e's got a very picingcream, hasn't she so have you. look, maisy ha't g a dad, so she notsed to getting up ithe ght anencountering ai did tell hera. noto seam. "karen's daddy std the naked and told me t tocream." that'll und od in court. yway, we've got to be athe restaurant in hf anour. 'd bter get ready. onnight, karen and herstup friey were playi on the climbing frame, but litt didhey know that they re aut to fall to theireath and maisy died! and then.kar died! ( orbell rings ) oh, hello. isour m or dad in?
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uh, ll, don't know where myum i right. do you thin 'll be long? i'hereo save your mummand ddy money. girl: hi, ren! oh, hi, lauren! she came rou our house. my daddy sayspeop like her should bshot my dad's onhe toilet. lauren: bye! so, do y wan money or not? lile did lady victoa kn that she was staing on top of a hot voan. by combining theiinteet and telephone cess through fiber tic technology. te: who is it, karen? it's some.pers trying to sell... cyber opti chnology thingy! fiber opti technology. pe: te them we're not tereed! wee not interested. but it's a reay . if iould te: tell them too aw! go away. the rebels have toscap
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a daah! aah!ud of s. aa it rns, it burns! everybody else is de! it's ! it's just th i nd to make a sale order to-- i mean, you can alwa y other houses. but i allyan give you-- righdownhere, there's someld pple. and ey're a bit crazy theead, like most old pele a. so, they'll buyanytng. he was wrestling thgianspitting cobra! aah! you're notgoa spit! help me, i blied! aah! ( grunts or maybeou suld... maybe ke se drinks and say, "re, ve a drink." jusbake something, li cak or cookies, maybjust-- "you get a fe coie... but they really uld save money-- we, we don't want touy i so... okay, but reay is a good deal. look, i just tnk y need to get betteat ts job. and, well,'m f up,
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karen, can you nottelltrangers so i'm going to . that i am on the tlet? but you were ah, okay. butellhem-- tell tm i'busy or something. but you weren't busy. u were just sittg the. only your bottom wabusy. anthere was no need slathe door in her faclikehat. bushe uldn't listen. ( sighs ey're idiots. ( ll pne beeps ) h. are you not gonna swerhat? it was the headmter. that top looks nice. that's thr youaven't answered sin youot home. is i nothatooks really, real nic no, won't do, will it? i don't want my sist king one of hertooks chity op jibes.y, real nic yaaa ( laughs ) is auntiange coming here, the no, i've booked us forinner at that italian place arnd the corner.
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a ratherhrewmove on my part. neutral ground.lesshancg towa happening between mum and ntie angela. wh, li mum kicking her uphe ae again? oh, that's hardly lilyto happen, especially in a bu public. wellthe wedding reception wain public. ( cell phoneeeps ke: ll, that could happ aga. pe: no, the place islwaycrowded. thisime it'll be fin dad, you said thatlastime. buthisime auntie angelwille on her best bevior becausshe' be with her new oke,rick. oh, god, i bet he's pilck. yoknow nothing abouhim. oh, god, he's a therapist,he'smerican, i bet he's pilck. and his name's brick. ll... l right, fair enough. he's got to have a ke tan and a ponytail. no, not bo. that'd be u bet 'll have a ponytail and i'll bet you he ys"low self" theonytail,o, thatd and quid that, at some int, hel usthe phrase "low sf-esem."
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ok, but i'm not lettg yooff bets anymore. you se, u pay. okay, okay. you still owe me fr that bet about how ny pple would die on ttepisode of casuy wh in d's name have youeen ing? wateng the plants. mum id iould do it. ohh. how long haveou been-- oh, myod. looks like the sme. why ? the g no-nos-- ben anwate beand fire, ben and pilary cream. was wondering whether wehould've bought angela a dding present. stil she didn't actual telus at she was getting rrie.. so... who'mimi um... only she wts ttalk. abouthe other night. e's nfused.
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mimi-- are you confus as well? 'cse she's texted y... ven times inus athe st t days. u'veeen looking at my xts. ven times inus ato is...mimi?. karen: so, i c't hit him, how i sp him... fr steing my sausage rls? eh? she gointorouble mrs. bassong said is boy was unladylike.yone. well, she's ner sa ben hitting anyo is "unmanlike". you n't hit him. you goell e teacher. but he'll velen hit himy then. in a lylikway. no, that is st-- so, n i hit him or not it a sple question. .we'll get back youn that. because i need to know so, now you'veadplee tohink of an answer. after mikey's avindo, we wt on to this pub th doemusic, and thisimi s there, and she came over,
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medium slo re--more... it was ow ming. i'm rry? show me hoyou danced with mimi. don't be silly. itas jt-- how did you ld h? look, n't ridiculous. ow m welli suose it-- ja: oh, god. get a om. mom, when is my-- ja, cayou just give us aewmin? alrigh then. i think she gets nfus-- ben: younow the sink plunger? dohey make them 50timebigger for reallyig sks? why would you wa one that big? to pick a mh bigger tortoise and i uld e it a bit like aortoe club.
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wouldn'no if you don't minddarlg, daddy and i haveld. i think i left e ho on. ( ben shouts indistitly ok, danced. and at the end theight, e kissed me. and i ink e may have got the ong ea. so i-- i kissed her back a bi but honely, the state i was in, could've been anyone. "it could havebe an" no, don'mean it could've be any except me, psumay. oh, m--i'm-- i'm sorry,ut-- karen: can iear my bridesmaid's dres no! so, u gopissed, and snogged a tol stnger. she wasn't a tal ranger. so, who ishe? why dot wealk about this after the meal th aela? she was the mu a boy in year twoh, god. it'll be all aund the playground. scninghe room wy whenou sved your tongue dowher roat?
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it all went quiet,ad tued uat mary s to seph,y. "that's the one whosexethe plum" jesu pet 's n like that at all. d what sort of a name isimi anyway? it'short for mia. its noshort for mia! it's bloy loer than bloody mi you've just snoggeda won who's d that she's shortened heg long! h! don't tell me be quiet! jake. wh?! jake. oh, y think he h? you see what u've done? we c't ptend this hasn't ppen. yore gonna have too antalk to him. am i? ( dobellings ) who the he is at? kare it's aunoh, god. oh, god. angelahi, ren! do i look normal ablutely. look... with angel canou just-- just conol yrself? yowante to control mysf,after w- ! hell!
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mw. mwah. i ought we were meetg inhe restaurant. we were a bit rly, so we-- brick. hello. thiss taor jean. say hi to everyone, hoy. hi. i didn'tnow u had a little gir bri. we he fi kids. five? miy, de, plymouth and muang couldn lea phoenix right now. is phoixthe youngest? it a pce, sue-- where weive. withur fe kids. did you buyourhildren? buy them? ye lik um, madonna. well, madonna didn'tactuly buy - last time yowereere, you didn't he ankids, so is impossible to he fi kids now. d especially at yr ag karen, thas ru. no, it's fine. they're my kid kar, from a marage i was in before. and now they're anla's kids. t where's their mmy? taylor jean, whs your mom?
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heheh. hey, you've tto be . , biguy. i likeour nytail. great. sothateaves the legend croed the atlantic tmeet veryood actualld sn'te, pete? yeah, he's beepick by the school as bng eeptionally gifted aches he, uhdiscovered his inteectu side-- aaah! he, uhdiscovered hiben.teectu side-- he's so muddy. brk: whoa, cool. hey, fella. m brk. ick? yeah, brick. ishat a name? hey, yes,t's name. you an brick, as in "bck"-he thing? i thinkit's great name. ben: at aeird name. what's it ort r? well, what were youchriened? brick. i w christened brick. ohbetter still. so, where is her re mum sue:aren. so sorry aut tt. we'vall got kids. we uerstd.
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ben: so, is "brick"speld li- so, ich e is she? i just want to knowho they're talking abou whenhey giggle and pot ate. she'the one with the gger y who broke his footlasterm. ( sis ) thing. th is insulting. looki di't--ou must've been-- i'm gonna catch up anga, and you' goi to explain to youson i'm gonna catch up whyou kissed someone der and fatter than me. great.we h sex education. rit. they show you filmr something? no. mrs. bradley asd us to shout out all the neswe knews real? we got t18. about "pink baoka" e said ibrahim had de iup. e: ha! which he had. jake...: ha! look, i think you yhave heard sg
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you ally shouldn't haveeard i coul't hp hearing. ok, well, i want youo kn that i hugelregr what i did. what d youo? i didn't hear th bit okay maybe we don't needo ta. no. no, dad. angela: , yove put the house onhe mket? yeah, ah, just-- we wantean urade. and everytng gd with you and pet go yes. absolutely. very gd. trific. great. top-tch. fantastic. listen, sue... what you d to at the wedding reptio- oh. eat. should we just tu ov? sue, i've rnedver two new pages. in fact,'ve rned over an entirnove i didn't know thislace had an upstairs. list, ja,
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need you to be really grn-up about this. i got very drunk, and i kied ts woman. mimi? yeah, that w her hangn. ihought you said youidn'hear. only wren'dad hang a thing wh he when i was in yearix. oh, right. warr says she's onlyespete e used to call him up althe time she used tsit tside his house iner c. uh-huh? anshe sted him lots of-- hi ther. hi, kelly. i didn't know kellywork here. d? hello? jak okaybig fella, you sither t.j., next tme. oh, nono. lly, um...o good. we sm to be in a roomn ouown. yeah, we had a bit an erspill, so we put u inere. yeah, but we-- we le eating where thacti is. you kn, amgst lots of people n't we? no, th is eat.
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we are fulldownairs. lovely. come on, hugh ant. you come sit aoss from me. uh, let's starwith a bottle of red, hey. choose us something ce. acally, i don'tsit aoss thinwe'lbe-- me. i'll have a oodyary. brick: this is gat, isn't it? this is just gat. brick: this is gat, isn't it?e: jake? try looking at h fac women like that. they'rnot keen on being lood at like se sl of meat. that goefor u as well. ( tapping glass now, gs... i just want toay a few wor. now, don need to be a thapis to see there's anlepht in this room. and elhant a hidden srce tension betweetwo ople who love eacothe but like shooting eleants anwe a know there's be hisry can we forgeit? no, we can't. you can't sht elhants. n wecknowledge it? ye we n. n weove on? s, wcan.
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why es hkeep repeating, "y, wean"? ...into a positi?ye. of coue wean. taor jean, can we be e, b, yes, we can.ily? yes, we ca why are we claing? ve wwon something? ank u, brick. yes, thankou, ick. that was, um-- th was. special. hm that was... fanttic. so, where is taor jn's real mum? sue: karen,nois not the. y, it's cool, sue. ds nd answers. and the answer, kare witht them. th kt angela: brk waamazing. he just uldn stop fighting foris ks. uldn he? it was you cong d at cnched it with theudge ring hello? tayl jeas so much happier ring w that she doesn't hav to go to tucson on weends. i'm so muchhappr. well, yes, te was naked,
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but he'dorgoen that maisy was sying overnight. welli'm sorry she's having trble sleeping, but it-- we, ye he is quite hairy. welli'm sorry she's having at least it won't co a shock to her inaterife, will it? it-- no, sorry. ah. ay. bye. sue? please. anotr bottle of red, ney. oh, hereheree all are at san dgo z. inact, it was misty'sgirae poemt won ushe tp. that chiren got in the way of ing a free spirit? god, no. wt spits could be freer thanhe srits of kids? i know. it's great well, yeah. mean you've got quitea bifamily, sue. but when there's sen ofou, beeve me, that is a big family. , wh should we all haveor pding? here we all arein haii. angie's thmost phenomenal mother.
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here we th interactively d as role model. shjust... never sts ging. is that misty- making the big splash in the smminpool? that's dun sty d issues with underatin thbanoee pie looks veryasty in ft, bck's ex put her unr souch gastric stress did e ha to have a camera t up her bottom? tued o i have diverticar dease. very mdly. quite mildly. it'sne o those syndromes ich is present quite a few peop hisge. it's not a syndrome. it a d. it's not a disease lelet ben. 17, nk bazooka-- i'm so bored that word. what did you do wi her? karen,top . it's not-- but it notair. back to me about t hitng. you t
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hitting? s, ty said that they'dalk me abouwhen i can hit th boyt school-- well, obousl you can't. saithat. no, you didn't. u ju said i could hit in aadylike way. it nev right to hit, not r chdren. karen: tn hoam i supposed to op seone from constantly steali my sausage rolls? you get a cot orr stoppinghem om coming within 5mile ( clatr ) why don't you ki play game of consequences oromething? od ia, hugh grant. actual, i n't sound much likhughrant. you do a bit. you've g that charming-- "ooh, uh, ooh--"thi. no, i haven't. no, you do. you' doing it now. it charming. okayjake ohjakehave i got somethinon mface? i me, yojust sort of keep sringt it. anso ds your dad. , your face is great. it's-- iy right, right, thks. i wish that guy th t ponytail- iy
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uld ok at my face evernow d then. oh, i ow. me men just treatomen ke ty're slabs of mea that's a vermatu observation. i'm quite mature, actuly. d beer... mm-hmm. you should get bri to do a session with kanab. shdoest need it. you'd tha sure, hoy. they're. e's ne. heoes is great game with e ki when they play de-and-seek, onlyhey ve to try and fi theelves. that'd beasy you'd just look wn, and there you are. no, karen.ometes... yotry d find something inde y thatou dn't know was there. li...a tapeworm? no, not like that. it-- or like a spnthat yd miske, or-- no, it, uh she's very little, ist she? well, ofourswe have. it's entely rk. or we sawed the pof our. karen-- she can ndlehis. at wldn't very good, ausehen we'd die evenally
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it's like if youere in a dark room, and you put a plant in dark room, d itever had any sunlht, would grow all twiste d tangled, and it uldn be good-- it wldn't grow at all. it wld die. wellit might grow a ti bit have you er ean a tadpole for bet? yes. have youver- have you ever pud in your dad's tea? yeah ve you ever takea seull into a hotel droo ha you ever run awayrom me and got as far newexico? yeah. actuly there are hiddeneelis inside all ous, and you have to anowlge-- you have to give ese elings a name. we nd toay, "bob--" , say we called the feings bob. "get back, and-- y bob? well-- when you could call or girl's name, anythinglikeucy.teve o- why do you he to call it bob? well, you could sa ucy, get--" it doe't wk for me. i-- to just say uff like this? trust me, it's--it'sery useful--
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ll, i don't trusyou. because you'reust talking nonsense. well, if you'ljustisten to me for twsecos-- 's not something a chi cessarily understands- but -i dunderstand what y're ying. it's just, idoest make any senseecau-- i'not tirely sure your thniq is going to work th ken. she sure h a l of defenses. welcome to enish pression. i reallyhinke should order someuh, me pudding, uh, and so cofe, beuse we've had quita loof wine. what does "repressn" mn? uh, excuse me? it's what everyonein eland does. what does "repressn" mn? mum let's out heange yeah, well... shkick you up the-- be and e leout lots of ange en she found out that ddy had kissed a woman ich isn't her. ll.. you did what?! how'd you ow aut that? i hed you and dad taing out it.
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the promises at yr weing! okay okay. everybyca. was just a stupid cide that happened, that's what you'rehinkg. stuff happens. 're animals, emetimes we forgets, pren. to ptend. uff has not happened. ani thk that we should almoven. and i,or o, am moving to theadie. i'm st going to see ifhe'skay. oh, no. acally, angela, i don't thin at's a-- ( doorlose) very good idea. sue, am so sorry. there's nothing toe sorry about. we're fine, really tally. list...bck is a great therist. you should get him toalk to pe. what aut? he's a licsed sex addiction therist. pete? a sex adct? heouldelp you both if y'll ly let him in. you've got to thinkabt what.
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e ki?! last year, you' sayg that kids turn y inta zombie. th yeayou're maria von bldy tpp! you'll make plen mistakes with brics chdren. i doubt i'll eveleav one of them behind on scoish island. i ough pete had him, okay les just stop this bere w- ahh, youave no bullets. ohh. so...hugh grant. i'm sorry? "i sor?" you don't have to be sry. we're men. and, as me we e evolutionarily rd-wired naias many women ase ca yoll get better at it.( do open) what everytng oy? yep.
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ishe-- still in the toile, any decisions but you abt pudding? ( sighs ) why don't weust skip pudding anget e bill? i'llet tt, honey. , th's kind, but let's lit . that me. no, i said t's lit it. you're on teaches was. i'll pay, prof that's for you good-looking. don't play the therist th me. pete. pete's one othosguys who thinks tt chlatans become psychherasts. yeah, them and serbi r criminals. pete! whoa, hu gra! and if you call me hu grant one more time, ani'm nna shove it right you- ( giggles ) i wa my m. oh, it's all rht, sweetie. no! i want my re mum! ll..
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pop back in a tick. ben: we ed hp fast! ere's a triceratopshavi! mum and dad had a vorc.. yeah! o would you live with? dot know. i mean, isy- well, she lives th h mum. and ifhe ss her dad coming, en ty have to press a ttonhich goes straighto thpolice. does it fi rockets at him? i've got ben's bin. par, per... pltic. god know but don't like the looof i are thesben'pants? t th in the compost. anshoung, "he's not woh it i told youll tt stuff he said abt won. you're aell-own champion of won's ghts. i keep tnkinabout those poorhildn-- poor fat dune,poorh, poor scary tayr je.
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, there are e cakeys. auntie angels hi. at? mmmm. s second one's in clical facility in tson. ll, o told you that? taylor jean. bck dsn't allow her mus na to be okenn the house. god help her. karen: i--it'dereally hard to c, because if youhosead, thenou'd really miss mum, d if you chose mum,thenou'd rea. so, if they do get a vorce, list, i st want you to know that your dad and -- wn and we're goastay t. so, there's no nee r you to worry abouanytng. isn't that rht, pete? yes. aoluty. now,o and clean your tth, u two, and we'll come upand ss you goo. ( thunder ) you just didhat make them feel betr,didn't you?
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meandid you see that l tod? it made me gratefulfowh. i ve yr dad. and if he's do mething wrong, thent mit take me a few ys, t i' forgive him. , whdon't you go and t rey for bed, too? . you owe me a qu, da for the nyta? i paid you? no, r th "low self-esteem he got in a couple jusbefo has asked you totep tside. did you google him? call bri bollinger. "i sciale in low self-esteeissu." well, that's not fai the s exosion in casual sn't fair, dad. don't me wit the googling genatio thk you for that justow. for the forgivess. thk you fu didn't believe me, d? justow.
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