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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. (cheers & applause) >> the 49ers season is over. even though it has been a good run. the streets of san francisco are mostly quiet tonight. the 49ers fans are
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subsided. disbelief as this season came to wait disrupt family. >>reporter: san francisco sports bars for pact. this is a big 49ers spot. for this- pub, fumbled in overtime and the giants cut the winning field goal. this place was dead quiet. a lot of devastated fans. they emptied out pretty quickly. >> pretty devastated. how excited 1981 was and i thought that we could relieve that but by was not quite good enough. >> nobody ever expected it. >>reporter: the fans say that it was great but with a young,
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strong team they will be back. and in san francisco, da lin. >>host: team coverage continues with the celebrations and disappointments. >>reporter: in the parade that it was a tough fight for the 49ers. in the marina -- the chance to go to the super bowl was disappearing right in front of their eyes. shock. their heads were in their hands, the abiding complete disappointment after going nuts the entire night. i was at the " republic are ". thousands were partying. i was that the republic -- a bar. to see the utter devastation of the loss. >> itt should have gotten at. >> reporting in the pre-daw neaa
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murrieriselva giants fans were peppered into this 49ers crowd. the elixir staff started pumping up the staff. (chanting) let's 49ers' >> i believe in elil daedaniel , kron 4. >> this is video of closing moments of overtime. (cheers & applause) >> a great game. and expect
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exactly what we expected, what we expected alaimo from the bronx. >>reporter: i looked and found fans that are looking forward to facing down tom brady. >>host: russell is getting ready to talk about candlestick park. >> this is lovely. these are hatched that we beazer -- hatched that we wore during the 1981 showed on to have victory at super bowl
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>> reporting live in the candlestick park, j.r. stone. there were the usual amount of ejections and arrests. 19 people were arrested mostly for public and drunkenness, battery, and resisting arrest. however, one police officer had to use pepper spray. >> to officers found the subject on the third floor. and the two offices that were found on the third floor of had to come in and assessed by using pepper spray. giants fans did not have been a notable difficulties with public officials. vern
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glenn and gary radnick will show was the highlight. also, how the patriots came over the baltimore ravens that is all coming up. >> it is raining or run the bayt area. the heavy steady rainfall north of san francisco with moderate rainfall. it is moving to the north-east. how it will impact your morning commute. um, michael, you know, big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give em' what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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>>host: joe paterno has died at age 85. the most winniest coach. he recently was battling lung cancer. >> also, gabrielle giffords will step down as she continues her recovery. after the attack and
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arizona. >> mitt romney lost to new gingrich and south carolina. his tax turreturn will be released y are now focusing their eyes on the florida. the 49ers are going to go to the super bowl. >> the rainfall was picking up the east pacific system comes north to us. showers and the peninsula, the east bay, in of the heaviest right now is a round of richmond and vallejo. i will talk about how much this will last.
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♪ >>host: cleanup efforts are underway in oakland hills. this is in oakland to dry but some residents were left with out water and electricity this muddy hillside created havoc. and brian, what is this supposed to stop? >>brian: this is supposed to add tomorrow and and, tomorrow. look at that green, it is showing it bay-area wide, the yellow, the orange, are heavier rain showers near richmond, vallejo towards novadto, lightet
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in the south bay. just a few scattered showers hit/mess. it should pick up, later put the of the the wishard contend with are the gusting winds. gusting. the storm is currently pushing through. a heaviest system is to the west but it will continue to press east. it will press by 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. looking at that between now and the sunrise. however, what we should expect by 9:00 a.m. is clearing for late this morning and towards this afternoon. tomorrow's afternoon. however, there could be the funding and flooding on the side streets with 40 m.p.h. wind speed! and
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even the chance for localized flooding. watch of this rainfall will intensify as we go towards a 2:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. the yellow/orange is in the getting heavier that is leaving, faster. clearer left by 9:00 with some residual showers but not much. the sierras are experiencing new snow feet. 2 ft.! a winter storm warning! with tire chain laws in effect over the summit because of all this note taking place. temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid 50s. it will be rainy and partly sunny with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. a look at your 7 day around the bay the rainfall will stop tomorrow. but it does not look
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like it is coming back soon. we will be looking at mostly sunny skies with fog in the morning mid-week. it could be heavy fog mid morning. mostly sunny, however and look for temperatures into the upper 60s perhaps low 70's by the end of the work week. winter got off to a slow start in the sierras with that is a different story. many sports enthusiasts are the world! please be cautious according to caltran. >> @ it took along time and i am glad that it is here. >> i sell a couple of cars spinning are round up the mountain. tuesday, it was a dry almost like summer but now, it is pretty good. >>host: at 1.8 in. a couple of
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inches fell and just a few hours. >> a gunman opened fire at a speed 16 party in antioch. among them was a 13 year-old child. there was a fight between injuries, still, no arrests. shooting on east 15th street one person was hurt and it this morning, there were two more shootings at 2:00 p.m. on high street. and bancroft avenue. no arrests. >> the playoff games are a off. and who made the most mistake? >>gary: is coming up. the sports is next.
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>>gary: good evening everybody the 49ers made the nfc championship game but made just a little bit short. the least amount of turnovers with 10 and the offense with alex smith, 73 yds, burned davis. he even got up on the podium to celebrate. with a penalty but when you were playing catch like smith and dave as they will take that 15 yds and smile about it. 15-10. only two-passes for completed. in the third quarter they had a lead. in light manning and and 70-14, giants at this juncture. and 49 years. they were going to deliver david to tie the game.
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and then, over time. this is the game, and the nut shell with a kneecap injury. the same, bad luck for kyle williams. thomas recovers and lawrence working to set up a field goal and there is, 20-79. the york giants and the 49ers 20-17 --. >> standing by at candlestick park in the rain is the great vern glenn. the of burned, your thoughts? >>vern: -the great, a sudden, overtime thriller. it is too bad for kyle williams. is the son of the white sox owner. and when he was trying to win a plate use of
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the turn over how about that? with two different turnovers their strength but it cost them leading to the winning filled coal. pedicel the giants win it 17-20 with field goals -- winning. >> he does a great job. now that we say that as well to all of our players after the game. they made it out there. they played their hearts out and.where do ty go from here? with super bowl 46 in the 49ers have to figure out how can they get better? it has to be at the receiving. kyle williams was filling in because
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of the injuring handicap. that cost them some with some experience but only one catch canb be .. it was just not working it tonight. back to you. >> the n.y. giants. jim harbough great stats, the only coach to lead his team to the playoffs each in the four seasons. tom brady, with 23-20. brady had a couple of hits, with not too many good continuity but 16-16. the fourth quarter. from
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32 yds away. the baltimore fans cannot believe it. here is the trophy. >> as i was waking up and -- growing up i was a 49ers fan. to play with a great group of teammates. i was a giants fan --. >> if you're looking for the bay-area go to san mateo. and if that is it? everybody is going to blame those kids but i know that as brian mentioned, let us talk about having a couple of turnovers for the weather {laughter} their season ends, tonight at the hands of the new york giants.
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>>host: what a remarkable season. in the rainy season is upon us. >>brian: it definitely is raining. the futurecast is showing we can see showers. the heaviest rainfall indicated by the orange band. already, things will be improving tomorrow afternoon. >>host: a lot of snowfall and the spirits, good night, everybody. ♪ um, michael, you know, big game...
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that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give em' what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters.


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