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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 29, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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the blue skies with partly cloudy conditions for downtown san francisco with an afternoon high of 62. 60 for those of the into the city. as a look at the extended forecast morning fog and afternoon sunshine for the next couple of days. check out your temperatures jumping by about 10 degrees as we head into tomorrow flirting with 90 degrees by thursday. a full look at the 7 day run the bay coming up in my next report. >>james: on the bay bridge the west on 80 ride is pretty uneventful.
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the golden gate bridge is also a nice shot this morning. barely any traffic on the stand.
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the in the clearing of your property into, you do before 10:00 a.m.. that way it will decrease their risk of a possible fire. >> according to state law that requires that all property owners remove brushed at least 30 ft. away from their homes. if your home is here, 30 ft. is this far away. >> definitely drying out of the of the fuel, the brush and trees. >>james: this man was killed after a high-speed chase in vallejo. police say they attempted to make a dui stop.
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>>haaziq: on is this second is what the officer had at the end of a car stopped and turned into a foot pursuit outside of this apartment complex on wilson avenue. >> as they ran toward one another, the officer ordered the man to the ground. the suspect failed to comply. >>haaziq: instead of getting to the ground, he reached into his sweat shirt pocket. >> the officer believed the suspect was producing a handgun into the officer fired his weapon, striking the suspect. there were no weapons
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located. >>haaziq: the suspect later died at a local hospital as a result of the shooting. his son was arrested on the scene and a third suspect managed to escape. >>james: this is the second officer involved shooting in vallejo. on thursday night a man was shot and killed on sonoma boulevard. >>justine: sacramento county deputies are investigating their own officer involved shooting involving a man with a pitchfork. deputies responded from a phone call with same man that have been insulted by a roommate. officers say a man appeared with a pitchfork and moved aggressively towards them. in italy, eight people are dead after a 5.8 magnitude
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earthquake. this morning's earthquake struck northwest of the city of bologna. people are still buried underneath the rubble of a collapsed homes and factories. the death toll is expected to rise. a 6.0 magnitude killed several people back on may 20th. >>mark: here is a live look from our roof camera. it is a little bit cloudy out there this morning. we will be right back.
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>>justine: " there are two businesses closing doors and cited your deli squares. the landlord says traffic is not the problem. alajandra cerball has more. >>alejandra: the sign says closed outside of this
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store. after four years the doors are closed. they lost their lives and are now moving to larger location in downtown san francisco. the voters did not want to say we're. employees here told brief that they will be closing their doors to the public on tuesday. managers said that traffic is incredibly strong. on sunday alone, 25,000 people were in the square although they are disappointed to lose to businesses, they tell me they are close to signing a deal to bring in two new stores but the search will not and that there. factor tending years, a tower torras has decided not to renew their lease.
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it >>james: the grief and shock continues in syria were more than 100 for killed or the weekend. this is some of the latest video. even russia is backing away from the regime.
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the former japanese prime minister talked about last year's meltdown describing himself as overwhelmed and afraid. later, another government official denied covering up the extent of the problem into misleading the public. a vatican spokesman is denying reports that the vatican the scandal is extended. a blur of the pope is accused of leaking secret documents and now reports claim a cardinal is also involved in the there are renewed questions about what happened to the teenage daughter of an employee who disappeared. there were rumors that she had been abducted and sexually assaulted, possibly even killed.
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>>justine: canadian authorities are investigating reports that a air canada flight leading from toronto to tokyo engines shut down after taking off prompting the flight crew to return back to the airport. >> police say debris fell in several places including this gas station parking lot. some cars were hit, but luckily no people. witnesses say trunks about the size of a smart phone were initially too hot to touch and smelled like tool. >> it was really strange. >> i was surprised when i heard the noise.
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i did not expect it. i did not know what the noise was. it was a good thing that nothing happened. >> 1000 to describe what it was like up above after the plane seemed to lose some power. >> it was less than a minute and suddenly get power back. we were flying a couple of thousand feet off the ground and we kept making a return. out kept thinking, they are not telling us something. >>mark: let's get to the weather. erica is joining us on this tuesday morning. >>erica: it is not as foggy as what we saw yesterday. low cloud cover around the bay area, especially for the bay communities in the the
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coastline. we do have fog situated along the coastline. breezy into the afternoon. as we look ahead into tomorrow, temperatures could jump by 10 degrees. of warm weather for the rest of the work week into cooler conditions for the weekend. here is a look at temperatures right outside the door. check out napa coming in a 43. it is a pretty to the start of the morning air. as a hidden to the afternoon, future cast 4 is showing 70's by the noon hour. will will hold on to 60s along the coastline for some of the east bay shores. as we advance into the 3:00 hour you can see most of the bay area in the yellow indicating 70's. here is a look at where numbers will go neighborhood by neighborhood. a good mix of 70's in the south bay.
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we will see low seventies for those of you in fremont. 77 and walnut creek. i think to its board will make it into the low 80s today. in fairfield, mid '60s. we do anticipate plenty of sunshine, breezy in spots. here is a look at your 7 day air around the bay forecast. a gradual warming up each day. as of right now, it looks like thursday could be the warmest day of the week including '90s inland in the '70s around the bay, 60s for the coast. warm and pleasant conditions for friday in a little bit of a cool down with the return of morning fog as we headed saturday and sunday. we will continue to monitor your forecast with no hot spots to over you to.
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the dumbarton bridge did open ahead of schedule. if you're headed to the bay bridge traffic is moving smoothly out of oakland to san francisco with no metering lights to deal with. in 8 minute drive from the foot of the maze towards fremont street. from the san mateo bridge, no problems to alert you to. a lot of green on the roadway sensors but there are no incidents to report. westbound 580 is a smooth and easy ride coming off of the altamont pass. >>justine: many people spend months or years planning their next vacation. there are some people who leave it up to chance. they buy what is called a mystery trips. phil grant lodes shows us how this adventure could be the trip of a lifetime.
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>> in a must >>james: we will take a quick break, here is a live look outside join us a foggy start along the coast. we are back with more headlines in just a minute.
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>>james: facebook could be working on the phone of its own to challenge apple and google. engineers are being sought by recruiters to work on building hardware. the report says facebook has already hired more than a dozen former apple engineers. facebook has released a new camera application. gabe slate has details.
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>> a new folder sharing act aims to make it more simple for users of lotus and browse photos of smart phone. face the camera lets you rapidly pick one or more photos, apply filters, add descriptions and post. add, edits and share photos. you can also crop and that filters. you can also up load multiple pictures at once.
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>> the facebook camera application is similar to instgram but not the same. scan the facebook camera application is free, right now it is only available from the iphone but we do expect it to come to android and blackberry soon. >>justine: we will take a quick break, much more ahead. when we come back, a look at top stories.
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your weather forecast and traffic when we come back.
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>>james: dan kerman was at yesterday's memorial land grants. >> we need to love them. they are not just a name, they are the soul of this country. >>dan: nearly 100 people gathered to honor those taken from their families during the wars and a rock and afghanistan. >> will need to honor them and do what we can. >> over time, what started
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as an anti-war memorial has come a sacred place for all to visit to honor the fallen. >> we're here to honor our nephew. >>dan: some come here to remember a loved one, others have no direct connection to a fallen soldier but, this memorial day to honor them all.
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>> let us never forget. let us pay them tribute to those who've gone forward and have a that sacrifice, that they will not be forgotten if famine there was also a place for the families of the fall plan. >> we need to talk more about peace in the fight for peace. i did that for many years before if i do not want any family to come to what my family has gone to a furious
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>>james: in the east bay, a large crowd showed up for the memorial day ceremony. it was a special service a patriotic bands and a lot of members of the community. >>justine: and army soldier from salinas' died while serving in afghanistan. an enemy force set off an explosive unit near where he was stationed. to he gradually from edward alvarez high school.
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>>erica: mild conditions in terms of fog. as he stepped outside the door, you may notice a little bit of cloud cover. as we take a look at more current conditions, it looks like clear skies for most of the inland areas. she has to take a look at satellite and radar, a lot of the cloud cover is having the coastline.
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as we see were temperatures will go into the afternoon, mostly 70's into south bay. 78 in sunnyvale. over the next couple of days, patchy fog. still looks like there's is the warmest day of the week.
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>>justine: the dumbarton bridge has reopened. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i have a new tenant moving in tomorrow. she is going to be really upset.
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>>justine: here is a live look outside shonas what is happening along the embarcadero. we are following weather, traffic and big news headlines right after this.
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cook >>justine: in memorial day tradition in san francisco. this was the third annual alcatraz swim challenge. >>will: standing on the shore, alcatraz does not seem that far, but try swimming that distance in 52 degree water. this is a challenge that only a lot more than 300 people are willing to take including this 22 year-old livermore woman who came in first place. >> i tried to give the boys
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a challenge. it is always good for the girls to be the boys and show them up. if >>will: an ambulance was on standby just a case. paramedics did with hundreds of others did, marble and the physical and mental accomplishment. >> when he jumped in, it is initially called the dead, your body warms up. think about other things helps. i really enjoy it. just for finishing the challenge, they are all winners!
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>>mark: a group of felt have a new place to practice time they're not and other skills. >> at 125 ft. from stem to stern and with a fresh coat of paint, it turned heads. >> it is a greater excitement. one of the nicest looking boats in quite a while. >> built in 1927 it was originally used by the coast guard during prohibition. fish have been used by various transfer of the voice felt. what are the scouts learning?
4:46 am
the family recently from the sea south took over paying $2 million to have it overhauled. face becomes on board, they do everything. >>rob: 100 mi. from the ocean, they currently have only a dozen members. their leaders hope that will change fifth lifts sphere fifth >>justine: let's check in with erica for a look on our forecast. no rain or major he. he had an easy job. >>erica: i have been checking out some of the extended models. things are starting to mellow out. no extreme heat for at least the next couple of weeks. we are not looking at any wet weather on the horizon. as of right now, we're just talking a little bit of
4:47 am
coastal fog b.f. for the most part, a clear in comfortable start from the morning. it's it looks like we do have areas of low clouds as the transition into the afternoon, warmer than yesterday. upper 70's intensely '80s with '60s around the majority of the bay area. as we head into the evening, mostly clear, temperatures in the '60s. in downtown san francisco coming in at 50 degrees. the satellite and radar picture shows cloud cover hugging along the coastline. as we head into the act and the fog and low cloud cover will start to burn off.
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future cast 4 show in to the 12:00 hour, '60s. the deal on the screen does indicate where we could already see 70 degree readings. here's a breakdown of exactly where the numbers are expected to go neighborhood by neighborhood. plenty of sunshine and blue skies. here is a live look at your expected highs.
4:49 am
walnut creek reaching an afternoon high of 77. napa is the warmest spot in the north bay. pretty chilly for ocean beach coming in at 50 degrees. we will continue to deal with fog over the next couple of days, especially for the morning hours. temperatures could jump by 10 decrees heading into tomorrow. it looks like thursday is slated to be the warmest day of the week. afloat we will continue to monitor forecast right here on kron4. i do want to remind everyone that the dumbarton bridge did open a little bit ahead of schedule.
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the approach to the bay bridge, no problem silver et. if you are heading down to the san mateo bridge, southbound 880 is a clear shot. the golden gate bridge, is out on 101, a little the fall, decked with no incidents to report and a lot of space between cars. fe lot of green of larousse sensors. there are no incidents to report for deceit to 80 or >>mark: 85. if you are taking public transit, you are good to go.
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>>justine: the golden gate bridge is now 75 years old and tens of thousands of people watched the spectacular fireworks and light show to mark the occasion. it was an innovative display that was visible for miles. >>charles: sunday night's show opened with eight impressive cascade of light. that got everyone's attention. >> we wanted that first minute, we just had music and water to cleanse everyone's palate and open their eyes. from there, we went into more gymnastics. >> after that the fireworks or launched from a barge moving across the bay.
4:52 am
then, powerful spotlights to fill the night sky. >> the light show and fireworks for all choreographed using the same set of computers and a proprietary wireless network to send code to all of those barges to coordinate the lights and fireworks. everything was accurate within a 30th of the second and allowed us to create one show that integrated's those things. >> the show ended with a barrage of fireworks. >> all of the music was bay area music. this >> we actually created a new color of fireworks called golden gate orange. >>james: gas prices seem to be lowering. >> gas prices are moving lower and will most likely
4:53 am
to move lower than where they are now but not by much. after memorial day, we switched to a summer bland of gas that is cleaner, but more expensive to produce. the national average is at $3.64. that is 305 lower than where we were a year ago. tensions with a ron have eased. last year, ron was tending to close the start of hormuz. that is the main supply route for 20 percent of the world's oil. also, supplies are more plentiful. oil and gas supplies are at their highest levels since 1990. also, because of the economy. there is momentum for jobs recovery and economic growth in the u.s. is also expected to slow down as well.
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>>justine: nothing says memorial day like a barbecue. >>stanley: welcome to carlmont regional park in india. it is important to note that before entering he should have your ducks in a row. these people did not. this truck was missing in front license plate which is required by law. when stopped, there were missing a lot more.
4:57 am
>> if you drive destroyed any more today, you will lose it. >>stanley: there was no driver's license, the children were not in car seats and, this passenger is on probation for possession of a gun. contra loma is also a dry part. no alcohol the kind is permitted. there are more than 30 signs around the park in english and spanish including this big one at the entrance. when asked if someone has any liquor of any kind, the answer always seems to be no. the owner of this cooler claims he never saw any of the signs. if liquor is found in the park the owner gets a ticket and everything has to get dumped out. >>stanley: the park has zero
4:58 am
tolerance for liquor. >> we did not see the sun until we got here, that is why we are not drinking. >>stanley: all of the beer had to be open and dumped. this guy was seen as stuffing beer in his pants pocket. >>officer: you cannot have any alcohol in the park. >>stanley: blame the no on alcohol rule of people behaving badly. when alcohol was a loud, of violence occurred. exodus >>justine: we have much more ahead on the kron4 news. stay with us, we will be back right after this. getting around san francisco will be tricky. we'll have a live update on the construction work happening along the and judah and other muni lines. here's a look at a live picture. suez.
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>> the dumbarton bridge has opened ahead of schedule. you can certainly take highway 84. the approach to the bay bridge. there is no backup to speak of. there are no problems in the south bay. the peninsula is light in clear. a smooth is easy ride on 101. >>darya: a major muni shut down remains in effect as commuters are returning from a long holiday weekend. the n juda is completely closed and the j church is partially shut down. jackie sissel is live in san francisco. >>jackie: they have a lot to do and only eight weeks to do it. a lot of commuters that travel long the meeting lines are anxious to see the work gets done. i am at the core of duboce in the church.
5:03 am
you can see the contractors working on the system right now. the shutdown was initiated on a friday. it will go all week and have a big impact. here is a look at the list of closures and a partial shutdowns. the n juda is completely shut down all week. there will be no n juda. the j church will be partially closed. the 22 and a the n owl will be rerouted. right now, but he says they need to attract upgrades and other improvements. the best thing to do is go to our web site, we have a link to the as 78 or go to their web site to get an idea of how it will affect.
5:04 am
>> there working right here at this interchange. they are working through the night, on that long to get this done. they set down on friday and they have until june 4th.
5:05 am
>>mark: in san jose, new metering lights will be turned on along interstate 280 in downtown san jose. reports say that more than 80 percent of the freeway ramps are metered. that makes it the highest concentration of metered rams in the bay area. caltrans plans activate nearly 325 new meters over the next four years to reduce traffic delays on the freeway. >>darya: the ethics commission hearing for ross mirkirimi is going to start tonight. the commission will eventually recommend whether or not he should be permanently removed from office or, if he should be reinstated as sheriff. yesterday mirkirimi said he feels his suspension is politically motivated. >> i think it is one more tactic in trying to break the.
5:06 am
with the mayor has and has significantly overstepped. the >>darya: he pleaded guilty earlier this year of false and prisoner related to an argument he had with his wife on new year's eve. during the argument he grabbed his wife's arm. after his guilty plea, the mayors is and the sheriff without pay on official misconduct charges. stay with kron4 for the
5:07 am
latest. >>mark: oakland city leaders want to develop the area around the coliseum. reports say all but two of the 20 to irinas' that have been built since 1982 are in downtown areas. >>darya: collectors for more steve jobs memorabilia will now have a chance at this memo. this is from 1974 when steve jobs worked from atari.
5:08 am
>>mark: the case solar home price index is said to be released in an hour. consumer confidence numbers will also be released. from a dow futures are up 72 points ahead of the opening bell. >>justine: we are following an earthquake that hit italy earlier this morning. we are now hearing that at least 10 people are reported dead. a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. we do have video showing us the damage from this morning. the earthquake happened in the northwest city of bologna. one news agency is still reporting that people are buried underneath the rubble and the homes and factories collapse. they expect the death toll to rise.
5:09 am
but last month's job of 6.0 magnitude killed seven people in the same area. we're working to get you more information on this story. we will be back after this
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>>mark: in denmark security service has arrested two brothers suspected of plotting a terror attack. to some of the men were arrested last night. there were overheard talking about targets and weapons but did not provide any other details. one suspect was arrested in the country and the other was taken into custody as he arrived at the airport. >>darya: thank you for waking up with kron4 of this tuesday morning. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge a. it is nice and quiet. we will be right back.
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>>mark: mitt romney says today is a big day as voters are likely to give him enough delegates to clinch the republican presidential nomination. he is 58 delegates shy of the number needed to become the nominee. before " thick " quest >>darya: the president will on of the recipients of the metal freeman in the white house ceremony today. it is the highest civilian honor. among the recipients, former secretary of state madeleine albright and legendary folk musician bob dylan. >>mark: we are seeing what is left of tropical storm beryl.
5:17 am
heavy rain and high winds. beryl came ashore yesterday morning hitting northern florida and southern georgia. out to sea in become a tropical storm. we're watching the latest as it is expected to bring up to 10 in. of rain. james has more on the bay area weather. >>james: we have some clouds, nothing too surprising. we're used to seeing morning cloud cover especially along the coastline. this fall does stretch inland. concord and livermore.
5:18 am
temperatures this morning are right where they ought to be. temperatures elsewhere around the bay, widespread 50 degree. here is a look at where temperatures should be by noon. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. the big heat up as on the horizon for wednesday and thursday. here is will we expect for temperatures this afternoon.
5:19 am
tuesday-thursday, nothing but sunshine would temperatures steadily on the climb. " >>erica: advocates are to the morning commute. traffic its building of the approach to the bay bridge. we'll new-line see the same conditions that we saw yesterday. polk " that all time is the gunman minutes out of oakland to san francisco. if you are heading to the sanity of bridge, there are no problems to of for you to their. the dumbarton did go ahead of schedule. on the golden gate, no
5:20 am
problems. a lot of space between cars. we're still doing pretty well for the east shore freeway, the same for westbound 24. we are not seeing any signs of delays from nantucket to that effort. as we take it that the optima past, traffic speeds are in the yellow averaging 35 mi. per hour there. in the south bay there are no incidents to alert you to. >>darya: the fire season has officially begun. reggie kumar explains why our area is more prone to wildfires. >> in sunol, fire season is upon us. dry brush and triple digit heat with low humidity is a recipe for a wild fire. caltrans things is is going to be a large fire season.
5:21 am
130 season of police have been added for the east and southeast asians. >>mark: and and attended barbeque appears to be the cause of a to alarm blaze. the chief says the fire was reported around 5:30 a.m. and spread to the house next door. the fire was the out in 45 minutes. one firefighter who was on the roof fell through a roof of suffered burns and blisters to his hands. >>darya: investigators are trying to determine the cause of an apartment fire in piedmont hall. it started in this four story building on 5:40 p.m.. the crews have spent the last couple of hours putting of a hot spots.
5:22 am
>> 3 06 is destroyed, one of four is destroyed and department tool for is destroyed. and our elevator. >>darya: the red cross is helping several of the people who were forced out by the fire. >>mark: and oakland, firefighters discovered 200 marijuana plants. >>darya: here is a live look outside along the embarcadero. we will be right back.
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>>darya: ... let's and take a look at when we start warming of which will be on thursday. friday looks terrific as well. things will cool off in time for the weekend. 80 and '70s for the weekend. >>mark: a school principal if arrested for dealing in hit and run will make her first court appearance. she struck two cars and then try to drive away. when she was found she allegedly had a high blood alcohol contact. she is a principal at paul revere school. >>darya: we are back in a couple of minutes to give
5:27 am
you: on this tuesday morning.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>mark: of people are dead in italy after a 5.8 magnitude record. the ethics commission hearing for ross mirkirimi is starting this evening. the dumbarton bridge has reopened a few hours ahead of schedule. >>james: here is the look outside from our roof camera. love is stretching inland area of air in the '50s right now believe will warm up this afternoon and into the mid-upper 70's. it will be breezy.
5:30 am
>>erica: a quick commute check shows light conditions persisting in the east bay. no problems for the south the freeways.
5:31 am
>>jackie: i am at the corner of deposed and church. contractors have been out here since friday. after the long 3d we get commuters will come back to a lot of changes. from there will be bold partial its complete shutdowns. here is a look at the list of we would have to deal with if you write me on a normal basis. the n juda is completely shut down all week long. the j church has a partial shutdown. qwikster with the 22, 37, 43 in the the n owl will be all rerouted. visit the kron4 web site and take a look fourth at the lead we have set up to the smta web sites that will give you all of the. in food is the busiest
5:32 am
lines. declines are not expected to reopen until the june 4th. they are also doing a lot of other improvements, water and sewer lines.
5:33 am
then you can see the right here at the bottom of duboce in a charge, everything is at the leash a tan. where can a rough week for muni, hopefully that will lead to better service. >>darya: if you're going to the east bay, the dumbarton bridges now all before he to drive. >>darya: we just lost that video. what they did have to do some work for the weekend but it is ready this morning. >>mark: another member of the military was killed, an army soldier from salinas was killed while serving in afghanistan. the 21 year-old was killed on saturday he graduated
5:34 am
from everett high school in 2008.
5:35 am
>>darya: cent of the novel reveals is a measure would affect and nine undergraduate campuses here internally at this stage in international students make up more than 8 percent of undergraduate and 30 for said he secretly.
5:36 am
18 magnitude earthquake in italy. just now, the italian prime minister has pledged to do all that he can't help the region. the death toll is expected to rise. several aftershocks have been reported. at least 40 aftershocks have already happened. nine days after a magnitude five week eight. stay with us here on kron4 for the very latest. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m..
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and it succeeded in the syrian area on friday right of the of the others. it hinges on loan crisis. even russia is no day away from the regime.
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5:46 am
ron barone is look and who is of the, the same story in the east did. the north it will also be warming up quite a bit. we may get into the '80s.
5:47 am
intel will come close, but would as well. it looks like the 80 degree weather and 90 degree weather is still ahead. we will enjoy the warm and mild with the through next weekend. >>erica: i have checked with the seeds become a couple stahl's but no axes to back up your ride. traffic is getting more heavy hitting out of oakland into san francisco. we do not have any metering lights to contend with. a problem for the san mateo bridge or getting there. the dumbarton bridge and golden gate bridge, and of grain.
5:48 am
the 24 minute drive from novato to san francisco. on the peninsula, a lot of green indicates speeds over 50 mi. from our. if you are taking public transit we are not seeing any major delays. engineers are being sought by reporters to work on a building hardware for a facebook smart phone. the report says facebook has already hired more than a half-dozen former apple engineers. in the meantime facebook
5:49 am
has leased a new camera application.
5:50 am
sources of these >> all her this is the camera that is similar to instgram that it is not the same period a lousy to do similar things that face the was working on this before purchasing instgram. it is just a coincidence of timing. faced the camera is aimed at a different audience. the facebook chamber that is free. right now is only available for the iphone but we do expected to come to android and like very soon. >>mark: we will take a quick break as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside along the embarcadero. it will be warmer afternoon.
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>>james: afternoon highs will be warmer than yesterday. here is a look at the south bay. bay was the along the shore line, if at mid-upper 60s. in the valleys and the mid- upper 70's. a, amid 60 along the peninsula of the mid-70s in love with a low petaluma and a 74 and it no follow include manny ramirez is is
5:55 am
5:56 am
picking up his hitting. he is already. >>darya: almost ready? >>mark: the updates can use him now. >>darya: do you hate your job? you are not alone. 60 percent of workers say they are dissatisfied with their jobs another survey from the american psychological survey says the reasons people heat their jobs tend to be not being paid enough, excessive work opportunity coming were too much or have the hours.
5:57 am
nearly 70 percent of inhabitant police said fantasy in full in any way. . we are going to show you how some major muni lines could slow your trip to work. >> mitt romney could wrap up his party's nomination as soon as today did will also have new pictures in the southeast were in trouble storm has battered parts of florida of a georgia and south carolina.
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