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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant:now at eight. a new deadly encounter on an east bay highway. >>there was some kind of road rage. shots were fired >>whoosh >> grant:lower rents and shorter commutes: the east bay is attacting high tech jobs. how the benefits are spreading to the entire bay area. >>whoosh >> grant:napa's vineyards as you've never seen them before. a quadcopter four reporrt on the drought's impact on the wine industry. >>whoosh >> grant:and is your pooch ready for home cooked meals delivered to your door?
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>> grant:these brothers say yes. >>people can eat this? >>absolutely. >>porkalicious >> grant:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> pam:now at 8. >> pam:a mother killed in a shooting on an east bay highway. >> pam:the deadly shooting snarling traffic on highway- 4 in pittsburg for hours >> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. >> pam:we have been bringing updates to you since our news at five. >> reporter:tonight, we are learning died. >> reporter:kron-4's jeff bush joins us live from where the mother used to live. he talked to a neighbor who knew the victim. >> pam:but first, grant lodes is here with details on how this unfolded. grant >> reporter:this stetch of highway four is a problem
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area. there have now been six shootings since last june. >> reporter:today's was just before 11:00. on the westbound side of highway 4 in pittsburg. near railroad avenue. police say.the shooting appears to be a case of road rage. >> reporter:and as we take a look at the victim's can see it's in really bad shape. >> reporter:the black lexus was shot at.then crashed. extensive damage to the front, back and sides. >> reporter:investigators say the woman who was driving was shot and killed. a man in the car was also shot, but survived. >> reporter:evidence markers littered the police try to figure out what exactly happened and who's responsible >> reporter:kron4 has confirmed the i.d. of the victim as 25-year-old shanique marie of san francisco. kron4's jeff bush is live tonight vallejo.where the victim lived at one point.jeff, you talked to a person who knew her. >> tsk tsk tsk it really hurt. it really did. i was shocked. i jerked my head
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back. and i saw who it was i sit and look like the little girl that lived upstairs. >> was a sweet person. --she was a sweet person >> pam:we told you about the shooting and the affect on highway traffic. with a push alert this morning. you can stay connected on breaking news and traffic updates. with the kron-4 mobile app. >> pam:they bay area has seen a surge in freeway shootings in the east bay. there have been 17 incidents in the last year, mostly along interstate- 80 six of them have been on highway -four. four people have been killed, including today's victim. >> pam: an active homicide investigation in the south bay tonight. helicopter partnership with
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a-b-c 7. >> pam: police at several locations trying to piece together how a home shooting lead to a pursuit, crash, and two deaths. kron-4's alecia reid has been on the scene since this afternoon. >> pam: she has new details about how the violence unfolded. >> reporter: this has been an hour want investigation were two men were left dead one just over here. the homicide capital mountain 30 this morning. the mortared did not move the body until 730 in the evening. one neighbor i spoke with this she did not hear any gunfire but was concerned with how the shooting took place. >> is so sad to learn that someone has lost their life in our neighborhood. >> reporter: she did not know the individual that was shot but she did know the woman and child lives in the home. >> reporter: after the
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shooting and the drive. they sought to man the taken away in a prehistoric the driver of the previous lost control somehow on hamilton street and campbell running off and was caught minutes later. >> in the pursuit is dangerous but we had to capture these suspects because it was a homicide. >> reporter: is still a very fluid investigation. there are still taking it or collecting evidence and talking to witnesses. alecia reid, kron4 news >> pam: kron-4 brought you an exclusive report. on an investigation we uncovered involving oakland police officers. and allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor. >> pam: tonight, the
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department confirmed they are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct. and have put three officers on paid leave during the investigation. >> pam: in a statement they said - quote - as a public safety agency charged with protecting our community, along with upholding and enforcing the law, the oakland police department takes all allegations of misconduct involving our employees. seriously. ensuring internal investigations are swift, fair, and objective is our priority. >> pam: the oakland police department will not tolerate misconduct of any kind from its employees. the oakland police department holds all employees accountable for their actions on and off duty. >> pam: the sand may be shifting for san francisco police chief greg suhr. today, four members of the board of supervisors called for chief suhr. to be replaced. >> pam: they are jane kim, david campos, eric mar and john avalos. >> pam: their call comes after a number of intense protests calling for his firing >> pam: kron 4's justine waldman tells us where all the supervisors stand
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tonight on the removal of the highest ranking police officer in san francisco. justine? >> justine:chief greg suhr listened patiently as people went to the podium during wednesday night's police commission meeting, demanding he be removed from office. >>sot we have someone that we do not trust whether it is now or ever >> justine:the day started off with supervisor jane kim tweeting a single individual overshadow doing what is right for san francisco." >> justine:adding mayor ed lee and chief immediately. >> he has still to provide the leadership needed. --he has failed.
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>> justine:supervisor david campos tells kron 4, he also lost confidence in chief suhr after the blue ribbon panel review released monday. showed major problems in the department- including oversight, accountability, disciplinary procedures and racial bias. >>sot it is such a distraction of who is the chief that we forget what we should be focusing on which is systemic change. >> justine:supervisor scott wiener stands by chief suhr. >>sot getting rid of chief suhr is not going to move police reform forward it is not going to reduce crime in the city it is actually going to do the opposite z >> >> justine:also supporting suhr supervisor mark farrell. >>sot there is no one in a better position to implement the changes needed than chief suhr >> justine:norman yee does not want the chief to leave either. with aaron peskin not commenting and malia cohen asking for a further review.
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>> justine:kron 4 did not get a response from the remaining supervisors. >>we want him fired >> justine:even with elected supervisors praising his jobbetween the protests and the people at the commission meeting. the calls for the chief to leave. keep getting louder. >>sot look for a new chief of police. that is what the people want and deserve >> pam:a bizarre incident left both a mother and her son in the hospital. this morning, in san jose's cambrian district on lansing avenue... officers responded to what initially was reported as a traffic incident. but when they arrived at the scene...what they found was a man with an ax. >> pam:police say, the man chased his mother with the ax and struck her. they say, he then turned on the officers... and that's when two officers fired at him.
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>> pam:one neighbor who knows the family... is familiar with the son. >> pam:the officers were not hurt. the woman and her son were rushed to the hospital where they are said to be in stable condition. >> pam:police call this a domestic incident. and are still investigating the case. >> pam:the golden state warriors are back at it tonight -- with a chance to clinch their western conference semi-finals series against the visiting portland trailblazers. >> pam:kron four's philippe djegal joins us live from outside oracle arena. warriors fans are hoping for a party tonight.
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>> reporter:pam. >> reporter:a win tonight for the warriors would mean a second consecutive trip to the western conference finals. a chance to win their second consecutive n-b-a title. >> reporter:on a night, where stephen curry was honored before the game with his second consecutive m-v-p award.inside oracle arena, tonight. >> reporter:dubs fans bringing the energy. they're ready to celebrate. >> reporter:there's still a lot of work to do. defeating the portland trailblazers is no easy task. >> reporter:but lets face it -- neither is squaring off against the their home floor. and, we all remember what happened in game four. >> reporter:when steph curry returned to the court off the bench, scoring 40 points, with 17 in an electric overtime. tonight, warriors fans telling us they were excited to see two things. >> reporter:golden state celebrating a game five win, allowing the guys to rest a bit before their next series, and avoid a return to portland for a game six. >> reporter:fans also proud watch curry be presented another much deserved m-v-p award. return >> this is the most amazing
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game that i have been too. the just the chemistry that the team has pyrrhic the love that they have to one another. i love them. >> who knows? if things go the way fans hope it does it could be a big party. and just under two hours. all the right now we are in the first plaza--first quarter. and warriors were down. this has the potential to be a very exciting night. >> reporter:right now, we're in the first quarter. >> pam:stay tuned for gary radnich game. >> pam:live in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam: coming up at eight.
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it nearly swallowed a car. >> pam:now the clock is ticking to get a dangerous sinkhole repaired >> pam:plus. >> pam:what is in my hamburger? the gross ingredients found in some burgers. >> pam:some of it. human. return to
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>> pam:new at 8 tonight and only on 4. >> pam:four -years into california's drought. and vineyards across the bay area continue to harvest grapes and pump out wine. growers tell us, the challenges are real. this week we took quadcopter- 4 to sonoma county to get an up- close look at the vineyards, one month into growing season. >> pam:kron 4's j.r. stone joins us with quadcopter 4. >> reporter:want to see
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those incredible views again. copter video at kron-4 dot com. >> reporter: he is already starting to see and bloom which is a two to three weeks ahead of schedule, similar to last year. many resource their grips from a number of different than yours. right now, as 750 ft. up at rodney strong vineyards. so far, so good. >> vines arts taller than last year. but the crop looks spotty. i see some that look great and i see some that are average. and some may look like they have two-thirds of the crop in the pence spirit is not uniform like some uc. >> reporter: some are abnormally dry in sonoma county. on the dropped skill. with the extreme drought derrick when it
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comes to these vineyards there are still experiencing some lingering affects of last year. >> vines just looked tired at the end of the year they look like they have been through the wringer and pretty stressed out. the moisture and conditioning of last spring. we are seeing some shorter crops this year. >> reporter: during these drugs they say that they still produce wine but is not the amount of grapes. certainly a special thanks to those folks at running strong. --rodney strong. >> pam: i'm sure you had some nice line up there although, and you have not told the boss about it. (laughter) >> pam:okay, j.r.
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>> pam: and other news-- in other news... >> pam:crews began working on a sinkhole that snarled traffic in san francisco last night. the 12-by-5 foot sinkhole around 5-30 p-m. >> pam:this morning. crews were able to stabilize it. the sewer main that caused the sinkhole is more than 100- years old. >> pam:workers will replace the friday. so this type of incident does not happen again. no one was injured but the front end of a car. did get >> pam: caught in it. >> pam:a lot of sunshine around the bay area today. our metorlogist brittney shipp has forecast details for tonight and tomorrow. >> brittany: we will still be dealing with f o g along the shoreline tomorrow. but here is and let look outside right now. along the bay
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bridge cam but it was just another beautiful day. but quite a spread with the temperatures. do to the big bridge of high pressure. as we head into the next couple of days it will reach a peak in intensity. >> brittany: we will slowly start to see the bridge break down which is due to the system here. with this little area of system that will test not bragging as any rain showers this pressure that has been keeping it nice and warm over the next couple of days. >> brittany: clouds will be noticed. pushing into concord and even oakland. from san mateo. as we head into the afternoon you will
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see those clouds disappearing but when it comes to the evening you will see the clouds return. lasting until friday with the same trend. as we head into saturday as well. temperatures dropping by 10:00 very quickly. if you are closer to the bay and along the coast on route 53 degrees. coming back! we would take a closer look at your 3 day forecast. tomorrow, will be warmer with a peaked. and then will seek to destroy of doubt as to go into the weekend. and even into next week. >> pam:no rain? >> brittany: no rain. >> pam: thank you, brittany. >> pam: new tonight at 8.
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>> pam: they are calling it their kitty= hawk moment. >> gary: have the giants and the a's. we will look at baseball as well. but it is all about the warriors right now. we will have a of a letter and this broadcast. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before?
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it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. >> pam: nummi tonight at
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8:00-- >> pam: new tonight at 8! >> pam: they are calling it their kiddie-- kitty =hawk moment. >> pam:the high- tech. hyper=loop transportation system hit a huge milestone today. when crews ran their first full scale test. our gabe slate explains how it works. and how it could revolutionize how we travel. >> people who have not had faith. and thought it was science fiction will begin to believe that it is possible. >> gabe: pressurize creating a backgammon eliminating most air resistance. the pot is thrusting at high speed.
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killing the people every 30 seconds with tickets costing as low as $20. the creators want this to be at an affordable way to travel. traffic rose car travel so this seems a killing. you have to talk about the creepy factor because they still sold claustrophobic because you are trapped in a capsule and you are going so many miles per hour. >> the most safe system. able to withstand earthquakes. >> gabe: with 150 employees in raising money. new people are jumping on every month as investors spirit will be ready for passengers by
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20213 gabe slate kron 4 news. >> gabe:20-21 >> pam:still ahead at 8. how the u-s is waging war against isis. >> pam:it is a disturbing extra item found in hamburgers. you would never want to consume. that story is in 90 seconds
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>> pam: it is a disturbing extra item found in hamburgers. if you would never want to consume. >> pam:human and rat d-n-a traces were found in recent lab tests of ground meat. >> pam:a company called 'clear labs'. took more than 200-samples of ground meat, frozen patties and fast- food burger products. the test was initially designed to screen whether the food had what its packaging listed on the label. the rat d-n-a was found in three different samples. >> pam:human d-n-a was found in one frozen vegetarian burger sample. tests revealed ingredient substitutions among other things. >> pam:to find out what else was found in these tests... visit our website at kron-4- dot-com to get the full details. >> pam:ahead tonight at 8! >> pam: it is legal with a prescription.
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>> pam: how the government is getting involved in opiates.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:recruiters tell us that there are plenty of jobs in high tech. but in the bay area, not all of those positions are in the silicon valley anymore. >> pam:severalyears ago. south bay companies were relocating to san francsico. and now some moving to the east bay. where office space is more affordable. >> pam:case in point. uber. >> pam:the ride sharing company is taking over the old sears building on broadway in oakland. that will employ some 3-thousand people. >> pam:more jobs is a good thing. >> pam:new at 8.kron 4's alecia ried reports. the benefits of moving to the east bay don't stop there. >> reporter:0-15 more startups moving to east bay/traffic congestion may see improvement 15-19 marta riggins/pandora is that combination of rich cultural history. in a city.
8:31 pm
1'26-1'35 john goodwin/metropolitan transportation commission nat sot - there's a lot to be in a vibrant city than a campus environment >> reporter:one of the first big startups in oakland pandora has called this place home for a decade the city was chosen for its charm. >> reporter:with nearly 80 million active users a month in the u-s, the employee base is growing as well. walking to work allows marta riggins chance to get home to her 4 year old son within a couple of minutes. >> the fact that i can leave work within 10 minutes to get home from preschool mins get him from preschool allows me the opportunity to be present at work and go home to be a present mom. i don't have to be commuting long distances >> reporter:walkability is important to marta, but there are thousands that depend on transportation to get to work. >> reporter:the fact is, more people are moving to the bay area. and this heavy demand on the transportation system is evidence the regional community is thriving. >> clearly more congested
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freeways. we are also seeing a record ryder ship on caltran ridership on caltrain & bart, and a record number of people using the ferry for transbay trips >>sot - there's a very simple reason for it. jobs. >> reporter:jobs determine what the transportation system looks like. people will travel for work. >> we project that over the next 25 years san jose and san francisco + oakland will be leading the bay area in population and job growth >> reporter:john goodwin with the metropolitan transportation east bay, eventually traffic will ease a bit. >>sot - if there are more jobs east bay, that can help reverse this long standing jobs/housing imbalance. >> gary: >> reporter: reporting in oakland. alecia reid,
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kron4news >> pam: authorities in minnesota investigating the death of prince say they are going through the hard drives of computers seized from the singer's home. >> pam: grant is here now with what they were looking for. grant. >> grant:pam they are looking for evidence that he may have bought rescription drugs online. the singer's death from an apparent overdose has focused attention on the issue of opioid abuse. >> grant:today house speaker paul ryan promised action on 18 separate congresssional initiatives. >>"many states have taken action, but this threat also requires a national protecting infants, whether it's stopping kingpins or pushers or making better use of data, we are going to take all of these ideas,
8:34 pm
pass them through the house, go into a conference with the senate and we intend to put a bill on the president's desk -- fast." >> grant:the centers for disease control says one american dies from a drug overdose every 19 minutes. and most of those deaths are from prescription opioids like oxycontin or hydrocodone. the death rate from opioid since 1999 as doctors prescribe more and more painkillers. >> grant:in 2012, they wrote 259 million prescriptions for opioids. that's one bottle of pills for every man, woman and child in the country. return >> pam: that is the problem that it is so hard to stop and once they can no longer afford to receive those prescriptions they turn to street drugs like heroin and crack cocaine. >> pam:an a-list actress. has been linked to the panama papers.
8:35 pm
>> pam:emma watson is best known for her role as "hermione granger", in the harry potter movie franchise. a representative for watson admits the star has an account with the offshore company. >> pam:the panama papers include millions of leaked confidential documents that powerful people used a panamanian law firm to shelter wealth in offshore accounts. watson's rep says it was to protect her privacy while buying a home in london. not for tax advantages. >> pam: sure we love our pets. >> pam: but enough to have healthy doggy food delivered fresh to our homes every week? >> pam: tonight on dine and dish - vicki liviakis - found a service that does just that. >> vicki:just like humans - a dog's gotta eat. but canned glop with ingredients you can't pronounce.
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>> vicki:or crunchy dry kibble? brothers nate and zack want their dogs mim and harlee to eat right so why not yours? >> vicki:all kidding aside, the food is designed by a vet to keep your pet in good shape. and customers aren't the rich - but are looking for nutrient rich meals. and are taste tested by non other than mim and harlee. >> vicki:the doggy dinners come fresh, not frozen. include veggies like carrots and kale. come in a box like other human food delivery services. >> vicki:nom nom now is expanding to several other states. and may even start delivering meals to the other really picky eaters - cats. >> vicki:in san francisco, vicki liviakis, kron 4 news.
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>> pam:dog! >> pam: you have a cat which you do that? >> brittany: yes, i would have to talk to vicki to see how it tastes. >> gary: we do have a fog developing overnight if you more clouds will move in and pushing and inland. the afternoon will be nice. a sunny afternoon. although, we will see clocks to start the day. -- clouds >> brittany: as we mentioned as to get into the rest of tonight you to see those clouds pushing and inland. >> brittany: are staying
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nice and tried again watch the weather disturbance here and will not bring this inning rainshowers. our temperatures right now in san francisco art in the mid '60s. with 67 in livermore and 70 degrees in concord. so it's a nice mild evening depending on where you are. >> brittany: we will see the clearing for that afternoon which will be nice and another round of cloudiness that will move in with this new system. >> brittany: we will have a bahrain later that will pick it up. -- we will have a marine layer thicken up. we will go from the '80s to the '70s with this cooler trend
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but it will take a gradual turn. >> pam: thank you. ---------------------------- >> pam: we will be
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>> pam: the war against isis and al qaeda has the u-s quietly expanding its military footprint in a series of small wars. >> pam: from the middle east to africa, and beyond, the obama administration is targeting isis and al qaeda
8:42 pm
using special forces units. though their numbers are military is a massive commitment. >> pam: however the risks are huge: >> pam: as the recent death of navy seal charles keating shows, just advising and assisting can turn to combat in seconds. >> pam: experts say the real weapon against isis is competent governments --us troops can only do so much. >> pam: kron4 news is about to launch a new 10:00 p.m. newscast of the and green and you will see gary amber need to. this sunday you expect to see a new episode of the back story. >> pam: a new episode of kron-4's groundbreaking original program " the backstory" is back this sunday night. >> pam: here is a preview.
8:43 pm
>> reporter: this is probably and easy 10 to 12 grand. easy. jays' lead will probably sit in d.c. superior and beyoncé will from be sitting in your chair. >> pam: the backstory takes you behind the scenes of what it takes to bring you the news. >> pam: catch the new episode this sunday night at 9:30. return >> pam: how personal affirmation is being used to manipulate women and children. >> pam: and how curry, is
8:44 pm
able to receive his award in front of dense tonight. -- fans och
8:45 pm
>> pam: sextortion. >> pam: it's a growing problem that's allowing women and children. to be taken advantage of online >> pam: sextortion. involves using personal information-- often photos obtained under make-believe pretenses-- to trick victims into providing sexually explicit videos or photos. researchers say teens are particularly vulnerable because of the prevalence of sexting. >> pam: in a report released today on the issue, the brookings institution calls sextortion. a new form of sexual assault.and suggests there are thousands of sextortion victims. return >> pam: diverting a flight over not getting a beer. >> pam: that's what alaska
8:46 pm
airlines claims one of its passengers did. 32-year-old luke watts pleaded not guilty to interfering with the flight crew. >> pam: flight attendants say watts threatened to become violent.if he didn't get a beer. >> pam: watts then locked himself in the bathroom.and screamed and pounded on the door. >> pam: the pilot decided to land in portland.because he was concerned about the safety of the passengers on board. >> pam: the flight was heading to seattle from sacramento. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary:good evening! (cheers & applause) >>curry.... curry... curry!
8:47 pm
>> gary: we have a special of date for you. there is an show. grant lotus is the host. >> gary: grant? >> grant: portland is leading with four and have met the goal in the fourth quarter. >> gary: are you dating or are you giving us an update? >> brittany: hi. >> gary: how does curry look? with spending all that into yester day. >> grant: he is looking good. but he hasn't had a
8:48 pm
curry-esq moment tonight. >> gary: game five in toronto. >> gary: they do not want to admit to but they do not want to have the eastern conference in toronto. >> gary: 99-91. 3-2 toronto leads the series. the giants, they went on and on and on. >> gary:giants trying to avoid getting swept at home >> gary:top 1st >> gary:madison bumgarner with bases loaded ends the inning with a strike out
8:49 pm
>> gary:bottom 5th >> gary:hunter pence gets a double. joe panik scores. giants led 4-1 >> gary:top 9th >> gary:michael saunders hits the tying run. with a shot down center. we go to extra innings >> gary:bottom 13th >> gary:buster posey was 1 for 6 the entire game. gets walked by ryan tepera >> gary:giants win 5-4 return to >> gary: must go to grant lotus with the latest on the golden state warriors. >> grant: we were talking creek i was not paying close attention as i should have been. i was talking with brittany. (laughter)
8:50 pm
>> grant:portland-51 >> gary: pam i am going to tell you they are losing. but we will be pouring champagne at 11. >> pam: great. >> gary:a's trying to avoid the sweep in fenway park >> gary:top 3rd/ 3-1 red sox >> gary:khris davis singles to left-center field two runs score 3-3 tie >> gary:bottom 3rd/ 3-3 tie >> gary:chris young the former "a" doubles off the green monster dustin pedroia scores 4-3 red sox >> gary:bottom 4th >> gary:pedroia the sunnyvale native 2-run home run just over the yellow line at the top of the monster 6-3 red sox >> gary:score. loss 5
8:51 pm
straight games! >> gary:washington nationals star bryce harper. >> gary:has been suspended one-game. after confronting an umpire following his ejection on monday night versus detroit. after being ejected the nationals won on a walk-off home run before harper left the dugout. so he ran out to celebrate. but pointing at and curse at the umpire. >> gary:mlb hasn't said how big of a league mvp will have to pay. but the 23 year-old slugger has filed for appeal. >> gary:brittany what do you got? >> grant: thanks, everyone for watching tonight.
8:52 pm
>> grant: i predict a dubs win. >> gary: 5is looking good . >> gary: it was getting stale with pam and i. (laughter) >> pam: coming up after the break gary will be gone. (laughter)
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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>> pam: >> grant: this story is about a remarkable mother goose. were her little baby bills was in trouble. the cd officer helping the mother goose is trying to get the attention of the police officers by packing the cruiser door like a bat. the police got out obviously. and she led them to her baby geese. they were on--and gold. -- tangled >> brittany:wow >> pam: wow
8:57 pm
>> grant: there and able to untangle the goose from the balloon strained to read the police just helped out. -- from the balloon string >> pam: it is aware that the goose would knock on the door. -- so rare >> pam: deck is it for us tonight. had a nice evening everyone good night. we will see you at 11. >> pam: that it is
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. dispatcher: all units. citizen reports shots possible location of air 13. we'll be en route to that call. we got about 30 seconds. copy that, air 13. man: 319 en route. man #2: 274 responding. air 13. i'm over friar and vesper. i got a black-and-white. code 6 in the area. 10-4, air 13. please advise. man #3: i think i got someone down here. uh, control, send me an ambulance to my location right here -- friar and vesper. copy, air 13. do you have a fix on our officers? they're not responding. hey, guys, friar and vesper -- can you come up for air 13? shop 542, come in for air 13. you up, partner?


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