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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 30, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PDT

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badly kron4news-dot-com >> pam: nightmare heading to the east bay tonight and beyond. for joining us at 11 >> vicki: like construction on the bay bridge causing big headaches most cars taking an hour across the bridge. of a
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year on first-rate this way as well constant back-to-back traffic because this rampant to get to the bay bridge just close an hour ago and was in that way before because of what's happening on the bay bridge is that torso lanes is being closed off for construction that anything the caltrans officials said as as broken or preventative men here because they want things to get worse and $50 million project they're working on drivers are getting the brunt of that and it's all for the best take a look. a funny way of putting it out anything you afford to changes
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to ibm alicea preventative measure to make sure the bay bridge will be up and running for east bay commuters and once again take a look barabbas close here on harrison street forestry and people are being rerouted like this guy over here not a happy camper they'll have to be that way of the next hour so the timeline nrc official information to why this ramp was closed. >> reporter: there is ongoing construction as we did mention on the bay bridge there will be going on till september 1st with a caltrans official did toss. it did start at the end of april so it's just an ongoing battle every night between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and they tell us from caltrans of those are the best hours to find work with by 5:00 a.m. because of the want to interrupt the morning commute for people crossing the bay bridge.
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>> pam: fire season as are keeping fire crews busy here in the bay area >> vicki: felipe was with the firefighters as they tackle the flames. neighbors living on foster streets reached another homes because of flames were feet away. visibility was a challenge the firestorm around 4:00 in the afternoon but the help of cal fire in my hand
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crews 5 a. blaze was contained about an hour later. the dutch >> reporter: in the success of the reason excessive he has brought the vegetation which contributed did the quick spread of fire. no structures were damaged. fire investigators looking in the official cause of this mess thankfully no one was injured. evacuation orders for people in potbelly only one way and and only one way out of that particular neighborhood.
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thinking here to the company state building to submit more signatures to push for judge sharon percy to be removed from the bench thursday is a sad clara valley judge gave turner the stanford's summer six month sentence for sexual assault thing as intoxicated on conscious one last year. an open investigation the group says and it will continue to fight until he is gone. >> reporter: >> j.r.: 1 year-old man who says he is pushed on a ledge in seven of the nba finals still in the hospital right now. this is a picture taken on wednesday you see his mouth open hard to see the wires inside of his mouth a just had surgery to wire together his job so long road to
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recovery but family members tell me since our story first aired their received information that could help police catch a suspect. with that information as if they're not saying at this time . recently borrowed children's dresses will be investigating to open it that caught the district address extent of china paul are many students outs. the word came out not long after the multi part series of reports and cover allegations of abuse at steppenwolf's so far with had no response
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several >> reporter: let officials from u.s. house representatives democrats and house pushing for several gun measures so far from republicans in today's rally as representatives including nancy informally asking the public pressure on house republicans in order to bring those measures to vote. >> reporter: as crime continues to look at the epidemic of homelessness in that city the met with one child care the city team who of 30 men and a yearlong addiction recovery program. not only of place stay but also helpers' themselves when and what the director of city teams to deliver sack lunches and help them prepare for the world all-around after the twelvemonth's european
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>> pam: intended 40th birthday next monday
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sixth >> britteny: a.m. mostly cloudy skies foggy conditions close study of the '50s 10:00 the bay pushing the '60s and and location 70 then by 1:00 you notice the bigger temperatures spread inland locations close to 90 degrees while san francisco close to 60 so the big 30 degree difference will happen for us once again tomorrow week. have
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zero visibility from about oakland livermore 2 mi. for hayward on the 0 mi. for half monday 1 mi. for knapp up. right now temperatures 56 degrees 58 oakland 57 hayward in the future devonshire's show into the morning you notice those locations by 8:00 a.m. start off in the '50s and even 60's and we want quickly buy lunch hour up 91 at antioch 2:00 p.m. mid-80s for concord anheuser eventually will get up to 93 livermore the triple digits and a gap and then 92 in concord 94 fairfield 82 nap but 87 of bought out of the chairs and rosette at 90 degrees once again. they're shut shows quite conditions although we are continuing to seek more onshore flow making way for all clubs pushing in london also see the fog develop again into the rest of tonight. the question is what
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is in store for firework forecast closer to the bay temperatures will be in the low fifties for the fourth of july. >> britteny: then if you're going to state and and we will be really comfortable for seven news expected by 9:00 p.m. and a close down after a 30 so that when the fireworks will be going off.
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