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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> pam: breaking news tonight out of southern california. a massive wildfire is forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. it's called the bluecut fire -- burning in san bernardino county. take a look at this new video from the ground. lots of flames -- we've seen house destroyed ---tonight this fire just continues to grow. >> pam:grant lodes is tracking the fire tonight. grant? >> grant: " we're talking about
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all wall of fire house is going almost everywhere you look. and this is bernoulli's a dozen buildings some. holmes also historic diner his summit and
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unable to get set good number on structures the fire has been moving so fast the concern is getting a handle on it 0 percent containment 700 firefighters working this tonight. the national forest service says it scrambling to get reinforcements to the front lines to firefighters have suffered minor injury and there are evacuation centers set up for a and $82 m + people for some of their homes tonight this end several roads have been closed accrues to access the fighter. christy hill to rein that gives you a sense of elevation we're talking about. it really tough to get added if your not and plan our helicopter.
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>> grant:, a firm handle on this yet will be a big number very quickly moving. >> steve: tonight -- cal-fire has stopped the spread of the clayton fire in lake county. but -- not before a lot of damage has been done. that as we learn more about the man accused of intentionally starting the devastating wildfire kron-4 has uncovered the suspect's criminal record. >> pam:and -- believe it or not -- he once helped stop fires like the one he's accused of starting.
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more that ahead ahead. first let's get you updated on current containment numbers for the fire. this is footage above the burn zone. the fire has not grown since yesterday -- it remains at four- thousand acres. within the last three -hours -- we have learned it is 35- percent contained. 175 homes and businesses have been destroyed. >> pam:380 buildings are still threatened tonight. the fire started south of lower lake. near highway -29 and clayton creek. evacuation orders do remain in effect. today some people who live in the wildfire zone were allowed
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to return to their neighborhoods to see what was left of their homes. kron4's alecia reid is live in lake county. >>alecia:many victims of the fire are still in holding centers, with nowhere to go. some are still not sure whether their homes are in good standing. kron 4's alecia reid met with one man today, who made a trip to check on his house on 2nd street. she joins us live from his residence.was he able to salvage anything? he lost just about everything except for what he took with him while he was being evacuated. duane barbic is looking at the positive side of things, saying he's grateful no lives were lost, and most of this can be replaced. sot - it's not the end of the world. life over matter ok and with that, duane barbic continues to search through the rubble that was once a sprawling victorian, on a corner lot. sot - it was beautiful.beautiful fig trees but now, he can only hold on to photos and memories of what once stood. >>:sot - there's gonna be no sign this house was ever here. unless maybe i can keep the foundation and the stone perimeter
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he managed to find a couple of recognizable things in the debris. sot - this is a chest >>alecia:although charred, many items brought back good memories. sot - that refrigerator. with no home, and the majority of his belongings gone, duane still has a sense of humor.
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sot - it's like the titanic except instead of going down it's going up in flames hahaha standup duane loved this house and plans to rebuild. in the meantime, he'll be staying with friends. reporting live from lake county. we continue to hear more of the stories of heartbreak -- and survival -- from the wildfire zone. tonight -- kron4's j-r stone takes us inside a devastated lower lake neighborhood. and he talks with a man who refused to leave his home. as the flames closed in. the black fence their part of it it kept catching fire
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>> j.r.: paul here again still standing officials you concede right next door they were very bad.
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>> steve: they have had run hands with him in the past. and to dahlin to note that a is for drug possession and after being paroled in july to sell them 76 different times and the next four years for violating his parole.
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>> pam: just a click away. >> britteny: locomote at a wake up whether partly cloudy and expected to remain close to a coast by 9:00 a.m. and 57 degrees and location 6771 and lancelot's 90 degrees. right around 3:00 and back in the mid- 90s some locations as high as 97. at its peak are temperatures for inland locations. by now house exactly when that's coming up next forecast the next 10
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minutes. >> reporter: man looks at the start talking to her. another woman nissan sentra following her.
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>>: some nerve wracking and stay indoors. once in the and roman my wives are carrying pepper spray of her own.
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>> pam: a six senior male tree light in. determine a motive. please to sell. more lot at some occurred. identify or residents the tampa walked beverage.
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police say they recommend using >>: considered an open investigation to a proven otherwise. i'm >> reporter: spot i found it addresses the family as
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frustrated. no notion of what could have happened. a change in status. everyone wants answers and hopes the case can be resolved soon.
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>> grant: gasoline has been kept fire as and put out. picture from the scene you asleep an hour ago you can see the fire is now out. san carlos street near san jose lincoln ave. 9:00 a pickup truck apparently rammed into building their gas line was hit and a gas leak that started spewing his mp eugenia arrived on the scene there able to stop the flow of gas and how local the fire out no injuries have been reported called out to san jose police gaslight a longer an issue the fire is out in san jose.
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in the east bay -- an alligator found living in a creek near fremont. has been shot and killed. there is no telling how long it has been there or what might have happened if it was not discovered when it was. kron 4's rob fladeboe shows us the aligator. new at 10. >> reporter:the city of san leandro is getting a controversial new statue. >>: they're not expecting an alligator to be there. for public safety pert curtises we decided we needed to take it.
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news of the demise from residents in the area aside from the post, getter can also take it sola its habitat were told.
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had someone turned the alligator into a shelter. rojas hit the claim >> reporter: to nine models this summer most program
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history and it wasn't such a stubborn night for the beach volleyball to zero as they lost for a straight sets in the semifinals. and then san jose native was going for a fourth gold medal and other plants which today at 19 points apiece they destroy japan 110 to 64. and then a advance the semifinals else to men that a man steen file argentine. finally, the usa women's basketball team.left another they destroyed japan 110-64 to team america awaits the winner
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of france and canada. as for the men's team, their semifinal is tomorrow against argentina. >> britteny: even to mountain view livermore we see clear visibility around 8:00 a.m. and patchy fog reaching now but things quickly warm-up and steered talent a clock tower and decimating right along the coast here. coastal drizzle which: during to the morning hours and marley's topeka are heat. heading into the weekend it will start to cool things down tablatures for the most part are war right now this time as today between 14 degrees warmer and similar conditions for most of the south bay 66. 10.
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>> britteny: will be mild or along the coast here 87 onshore flow affecting san francisco. such as livermore and that will be the trend and to which will allow inland temperatures to drop close to an average and mars concern 97 livermore 92 san jose 81 and mountain view 63 pacifica 67 degrees and san francisco. comfortable 77 and nab up. down to the 80s by friday even into next week and
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then closer to seven days for the bay. tracking your force on forecast with dramatic temperature spreads will. let me know exactly what to expect >> pam: we go indepth of dangers of delivery. why giving birth in the u-s is actually more dangerous than many people might think. and next -- new tonight. school starts tomorrow for some bay area districts. the safety advice police want you to hear before you drop your kids off. kron-4 is getting you ready for school. ♪ the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year just got better! ♪ announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs.
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>> steve: dozens of buildings destroyed will discover much more the morning we continue check this overnight into the morning. >> pam:new at ten -- important safety tips parents and kids need to know. first tonight, we look at overcrowding at one school in walking to and from school >> grant: taking the bus and after- school try to find and debris contrast that kids can have their there's an emergency
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whatever it plan you have in place that is not available many more tips from police to get all that info on kron4news-dot-com also get chen's reporter dave puts new backpacks that found an alarm if your child is being bullied or kidnapped. also talking but gps devices you can put your kids backpack if you locate them there is a way to track their location. but talk to strangers stability never forget to remind parents and go ahead and have a
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conversation hopper
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>> steve:other countries on the list include afghanistan and south sudan. in the past 25 years, the mortality rate for american mothers. has more than doubled. tonight -- reporter marissa perlman looks into what is behind this disturbing trend. the c-d-c says, access to health insurance or health care. may also contribute to maternal mortality >> reporter: getting her here did not exactly go as planned. and carolyn and foreign all croissant share low fluid the mccall abigail needed to come out tonight.
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>> reporter: and the security hospitals say it's not one factor blamed for upward trend. another likely factor experts say dramatic increase in and see sections and the u.s.. when the american on seven see section of
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from 1520 years ago. we enter into a domino effect. . and women just have more options today. rising >> steve: title of frustration today. the march drowning victims the total
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damage. lot of people are hurting. more than 2 ft. a felon just two days
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kerr door-to-door ball. "it never flood like that before. it's been 1927 since it flood down here. it's been a long time." "this one it just came upon us and just started dumping mass amounts of water, we go back to our record books. you know throw those records out because we surpassed them," more than two feet of rain fell in just three days and storms are expected to continue through the rest of the week. "this is a historic flooding event." nat fire crews are going door to door in boats, col. mike edmonson, la state police superintendent we have to go to every house now. once the water recedes, all these homes that are completely covered with water, we've got to go to every single one of those and go inside of them and check for anybody that might be in those areas. in the submerged hamlets east of baton rouge, one man who lost his home turned to aiding others. just anybody who needed help -- anybody -- i mean, it didn't matter who it was. i mean, you know, this is what it's all about man -- helping people. i mean, why wouldn't you want to help anybody?" as the days go by, patience is wearing thin. laura maux: "enough is enough everybody needs to get together and pull together. the president needs to come down and see what louisiana is all about." president obama has made disaster aid available to 20 of louisiana's 64 parishes. so fare, nearly 50=thousand people have applied for fema assistance. >> grant: fire in oakland
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and it checked out the east oakland right near foothill boulevard seminary avenue you can see the flames shooting out the structure right there cruise on the scene working to put out. but the video in five minutes ago. barricaded himself inside the building.
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>> pam: police say they're the to scene and of this surveillance footage use in the investigation. allegedly involving a series of robberies committed by man the fbi doug dreaded and itthe "dreaded bandit" and his alleged accomplice in a series of take- over style robberies were charged with two felony counts of attempted robbery today. andre mitchell brown and javier jenkins. appeared in san francisco superior court this afternoon. police say, they are the two seen in this surveillance footage used in the investigation. the suspects are allegedly involved in a series of robberies committed by a man the f-b-i dubbed the "dreaded bandit". because of his various disguises including fake dreadlocks. bail is set at 450-thousand- dollars each. the two are ordered to return to court on thursday to enter a plea. >> pam:it is peaceful now. but on sunday night, a san bruno cemetery was disrupted by a driver who broke in. and drove over dozens of gravesites. a berkeley man is under arrest after police say, he intentionally crashed his car
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through the gates of golden gate national cemetery. investigators say, pierce jagger then drove up a grass hill. and tried to drive up granite stairs, before his car stopped. he was taken into custody. suspected of driving under the influence. a federal appeals court has banned the department of justice from prosecuting medical marijuana cases that comply with state laws. that ruling orders the department of justice to prove state laws were broken before continuing with federal criminal prosecutions. this affects 10 pending cases in
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california and washington. even though marijuana remains illegal under federal law.congress last year barred the d-o-j from spending money to prevent sales of medical marijuana. now trial judges have been ordered to conduct hearings to determine if prosecutions can continue. >> pam:decision 2016. donald trump is preparing to receive his first classified intelligence briefings. according to sources -- the republican presidential nominee will be briefed wednesday. this comes, as the f-b-i delivers a rare classified report to congress -- on hillary clinton's emails. reporter mary maloney has the latest on the race for the white house. the cloud that continuously hangs over hillary clinton's campaign -- her emails. but it doesn't look like the candidate will be out of the shade anytime soon. the f-b-i released a new report to congress about clinton's messages from her private server -- during her time as secretary of state. the classified report contains notes by investigators about interviews with clinton and other witnesses. it also outlines why the f-b-i recommended that the department of justice not charge clinton. a report like this is incredibly rare -- especially since clinton was not criminally charged. clinton -- didn't let the report stop her from stumping on the trail. presidential candidate: "we want you all to register to vote." >> reporter:but the email issue continues to give her republican rival fodder presidential candidate: "hillary clinton lacks the judgment." donald trump hoping to make up ground -- after lagging in the
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polls. he posted this pledge on facebook -- calling for equal protection and an end to bigotry -- hatred -- and oppression. this as the clinton campaign continues to run ads against trump -- using his own words against him. "when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists." i'm mary moloney reporting. >> steve:another blow to obamacare. coming up -- why you might want to crack a book before bed.
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in its sixties hey-day , the riviera was the place to be in las vegas. this is a postcard circa 1967. for 60 years, the "riv". as it was known.hosted headliners like liberace and dean martin. and was known as a mob hangout. in las vegas today, this landmark on the vegas strip was reduced to rubble and dust. the last tower of the riviera hotel and casino was imploded. three of the most famous films shot in las vegas were filmed there. the original 1960 "ocean's 11" with frank sinatra's "rat pack." the 19-71 james bond film 'diamonds are forever." and the 1995 hit "casino". directed by martin scorsese. the riviera also was a back-drop for the new "jason bourne" film. >> steve: residence in the statue is much too risky of the public art others think the sculpture is inappropriate choice. sexual be completely installed in october of this year the giants back in action and in pop.
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>> pam: according to research people read books regularly why that remains unclear. go ahead open a book before bedtime.
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>> steve: 07 francisco-based bridge right here oakland bay bridge as opposing should say. another round of heat for inland locations in the good news if it's too-cool things down as we go into the rest of your work week. a live look outside right now at our camera a few low hanging clouds of the distance and partly cloudy skies clouded conditions in to the coast mid- 50s 61674 inland locations. mostly sunny and to the after and. 59 for the cuts. but the tiny head off a log 71 for the beta. 94 inland locations. sunshine and writer and 3:00 p.m.. and then for the bay 71 take a look at inland location.
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up to the mid-90s another how they above-average. kelli see the temperature is dropping read into the weekend. close to the coast we're still dealing with marine layers coastal drizzle as a possibility of a lot of fog overnight in two or 7:00 hour tomorrow morning. consultations we will see zero visibility. and our latest machos livermore donna's zero visibility by 7:00 a.m.. the only spot only exception concord we will see a patchy fog everywhere else the dense fog is expected to force on forecast mid-50s the san
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francisco and 75 paul auto system to your have been bay and then closer to civil 81 degrees 79 redwood city epa 87 saratoga and then 85 said clara towards the east bay and other hot day 87 livermore 90 degrees in concord 84 pleasanton mid-90s and yet. 87 about 083 helicopter and hopes 97 and vacaville. >> reporter: his the division lead that they had is slipping away they will need to catch up
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lot of work to do. the first place against the bill at the giant are going to rebuild their lead and i would be a good. at&t part of a great night bringing the family of for all game. glosser bringing it out supply up after taking office as a double. and then into one giant. second pirates, and even. john that class center-. the airline's five plan jobs. to allow law consecutive but. and then the spend. a doesn't mean
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it can't be exciting. off the field which was the star players to get to that. first let's show you what happens. tonight and happens the ticket and the ninth inning the a's down one and then down to their final out. palance yes saves the out single fuel oil that ties to top two in the 10th. we will have yonder alonso bringing it down the right-field line and watched last.. goes from a is taking a four to lead short-lived but. intend it will tie the game oakland intentionally loading the bases a dozen or if you do that. and then put the first pitch walks
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and rangers win 54 on the walk off. and then to california and giving her place in the standings. using this time to evaluate other players whose role will be to determine 2016.
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the 36-year-old has played inin an interview with the san the 28-year-old. somewhat of a journeyman in the league. drafted by the vikings in the first round in 2011, he played four seasons in minnesota before being released. after that he spent time with the raiders.and broncos. meanwhile, the raiders said farewell to their napa headquarters. jack del rio's club held it's final training camp practice in wine country this morning. they will return to alameda full-time next week.after a preseason game in green bay. in addition to expectation, there's also the issue of relocation looming over this franchise.
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>> stanley:you got all of these mattresses and couches that have been illegally dumped its going to take at least i don't know maybe two trucks east oakland councilmember larry reid is on the phone reporting this large pile of debris dumped at hale and douglass in east oakland to city officials for years kron 4 has been showing the problem of illegal dumping which has plagued east oakland and west oakland except this time we reached out to councilman reid who agreed to go on a tour to look at the problem first hand douglas and hale is an area where you have people who lived here 30 years 40 years who raiist there children, children's have gone off the college or moved away and the parents still live here and it has never been this bad larry reid a transplant from
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cincinnati is councilmember for district 7 and he admits the amount of dumping in his district is overwhelming and unlike anyplace else he can recall >> stanley:this really bothers you it really does i mean wfrom where i grew up at this never happened if you go back to cincinnati ohio you don't see the kind of illegal dumping that you see in oakland california i mean this is absolutely disrespectful. if i live here how i would invite folks to come over to my home to visit if this is what they go to see we walked around different parts of his district along with ken houston who has also been on the forefront of the problem .looking at all the garbage i mean this is what's so depressing, you got homeless
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folks sleeping over here and all the illegal dumping then you have all of this stuff . normally we hear that the dumping comes from people outside of oakland but on this day councilmember reid found something that contradicts that belief this is an envelope city of oakland to someone what lives over here well oakland police department criminal investigations division so some of the trash and garbage is home grown . a few feet away ken houston found something interesting. its what appeared to have been pried open and dumped door to a safe. over near san leandro street and apple. larry has to deal with the trash and abandoned vehicles this is a dumped school bus it's missing the entire engine . and over on 89the and g where we featured this street before
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but im not here for a show and tell .i'm here looking for possible solutions from council member reid >> steve: >> pam: relate this and this is. >> grant: every hour a big acreage increase we learned the fire has grown


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