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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 4, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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this is our super bowl blowout. scenes with justin >> everybody is invited. >> he tells "e.t." all about his halftime show. >> that's all i'm giving away. i'm not giving away anything else. >> and secrets of the star-studded commercials. >> flex just the littlest bit. >> the hilarious cameos you'll be talking about long after the big game. >> there's been ups and downs in my life. >> why celine gomez checked into a treatment center. and scott baio fires back. our interview about his former co-star nicole eggert's sexual abuse claims. and how george met ammal.
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and gwyneth paltrow's wedding drama. but her trick to looking younger? those are over the top as ever. >> you don't want to know how much is coming out of me. >> this is tonight." inside justin timberlake's super bowl liiblowout. we're there for the half >> i heard that i made the list. my man crush? tough question. justin timberlake, i like justin a lot. i love justin. >> i would say he's on my list. the feeling is reciprocated. if you want to make this official. but i don't know if the verdict is out on his dance moves. he has great >> clearly, justin and patriots quarterback tom brady can't stop the feeling of their super bowl bromance. but for my fans still hoping for justin to get 'nsync with his
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boy panband of the past, he squashed any hope of a reunion. to be honest, i had a ton of grand ideas about special guests, you know, from 'nsync to jay to janet. but this year, i'm just excited my band is -- i feel like they're special guests. >> before conquering the stage, justin and jessica's son was on hand for his first dress rehearsal. >> i was shocked at how quickly he could cover 100 >> justin's new album dropped friday. >> i'm pinching myself. i still can't believe i'm at ainsley park. >> justin looked relaxed and honored to throw the first non-prince party ever allowed insi estate.
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jessica biel, many are wondering if justin will pay tribute to the purple one on the halftime stage. he's a huge influence on. ♪ ♪ >> plus -- ♪ i'm a man of the woods >> jessica takes the lead as his biggest wearing a stunning backless white dress as justin lifts her up, "man of the woods" is the meaning of the name. coming up, more of our big game coverage. we're going behind the scenes of this year's biggest, most expensive and star packed super bowl commercials. right now, selena gomez was
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spotted with justin bieber at church and a hockey rink. it's been a while since we seen them together. now we know why. she's in treatment. >> i have made mistakes. everything happens for a reason. >> depression and anxiety, that's why she put herself into a two-week treatment center in new york. we're told it was preventative. she hasn't relapsed and is not in a bad place. our source calls it ongoing maintenance instead of waiting . >> there have ups and downs in life and my career. some days are so hard and i don't want to leave ♪ >> the 25-year-old has been to rehab twice in the past, but this was a check-in where he reportedly focused on therapy, eating healthy meals cooked by a chef, pilates and meditation. unlike her last treatment, she
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got to treat her phone and come and go when she so what about justin? we're told this had nothing to he supported her after the busy holidays. we're told it's not even recovery, it's just a way of life. not afraid to take a step back to ask for help like she . >> right now, we have the latest after former "glee" star mark sally was found dead just before noon tuesday, the coroner moved his body north of los angeles. his car was parked nearby. his former co-star reacted to the news. >> it's tragic. >> he was set to be sentenced in march after pleading guilty to child pornography. a search warrant found more than
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50,000 images of child porn on his hard drive. he was expected to receive a prison sentence between four to seven years. last year, he checked into rehab after a suicide attempt. he ended a relationship with his co-star in 2010. she told us in 2016 she wasn't shocked by his arrest. >> always was a very dark soul to me, and i always felt like, just from knowing him so well, i guess, because we were on and off through the years, i felt like there was something he was wrestling with. >> he remained in seclusion since being charged. he was spotted in october wearing the same shirt, sweat pants and sandals on three different days. of >> it's fun to play the jerk. ♪ you book the show and you start doing it, did you have any idea
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what it would turn into? >> absolutely not. >> this was his last big public appearance at the relaunch in 2015. his attorneyreleased a statement, saying mark was a gentle and loving person, a person of great creativity doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgment. and his death reminds us of all of his former co-stars. later, we go into why some of this is call thing "glee" turf. we heard more from scott baio and nicole eggert. baio has denied any underage sexual abuse with his "charles in charge" castmate and "e.t." talked to scott this week in new york. >> what's your message to her? >> stop, just stop. there are other people involved. you can't just say anything about anybody. it's not fair.
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>> scott baio doubled down and fired back at his former co-star nicole eggert. he claimed they had sex when she was under 18 years old. >> scott is denying the allegations. do you have any comments to say? >> he can deny it all he >> h he said/she said took an epic turn. >> she mentioned your garage in one of her tweets. >> i have no idea what that >> and eggert was live tuesday on the "today" show and "dr. oz" the following day. it's the second time she sat down with the talk show host. the first interview with eggert never aired. it may have been partly because of this four-page letter baio's legal team sent the show. dr. oz says when the story exploded over the weekend, they reconsidered. >> how old were you?
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>> 17. >> so that would make scott? >> 27, 28. >> did you tell anybody? >> i didn't tell anybody, no. >> my story has been the same, which is we had a sexual relationship she was an adult, when "charles in charge" was wrapped, she was 18, maybe 19. >> as for filing charges against baio, nicole and her attorney say all legal options are the table. >> i'm sure there's a lot more to the story. right now, there's other news that we've got to get to from overseas. we have had a string of big royal appearances this week from william and kate to harry and megyn. and we've got it all >> i'm truly privileged to be here. >> meghan markle was at the awards for injured veterans. but her fellow presenter had an oscar flub moment. his papers were all >> i
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>> she remained poised while he sorted out the snafu. must be her acting training.oka. >> here we >> thank you. >> the awards marked her and prince harry's first formal event in london. many were expecting her to wear a gown, but she switched it up. with a clutch bag and heels, harry helped his future bride close up her umbrella. while she was glam in london, kate channeled a disney princess while on a visit to rome and snowy frozen norway. and stunning in a catherine walker blue coat, deplaning a private jet. she wore her hair back in a bun, then later let it flow long and loose. they had just taken sweden by a
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stylish storm earlier kate's coat is a look alike to a jacket princess diana wore nearly 28 years ago. she's now tutoring her sister-in-law to be how to be a royal. now both ladies reside in london, making it easy for the duchess to give the american actress pointers in the royal protocol and etiquette. she already has a wedding dress, but what about bridesmaids? saying "if you see me there, k" on the way, why gwyneth paltrow got wedding drama. then -- "e.t."'s look at the star-studded super bow commercials. then how george met his wife.
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the unbelievable story he's never told. >> it was the wildest thing. >> as we also hang with the >> it was the wildest thing. >> as we also hang with the stars of "50 shades" and "black before i had the shooting, >> it was the wildest thing. >> as we also hang with the sburning of diabetic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. yeeeeaaaahhh! uh oh...a painful sore throat? not now.
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my instincts. as long as gps can still get you lost, you can count on geico saving folks money. i'm breeding, man. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> well, that is the very sexy third installment of the "50 shades" trilogy out next weekend, and we have a look behind the scenes. >> i solemnly vow to love you faithfully. >> the billionaire and his love finally tie the knot after their rather kinky courtship. ♪ >> the pair jet off to a romantic honeymoon in paris and seems like they had a fun. wednesday on "jimmy kimmel
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live," he seemed to him about the new romance, talking about his own relationship with his leading lady. >> almost like [ laughter ] >> i know what you mean. >> we just -- because i am married and she's had quite a lot of [ laughter ] we just have that mutu and for each other. >> where is everybody? >> beside the risque romance, there's a stalker who kidnaps and ties up her sister. and it wouldn't be a "50 shades" movie without all the love scenes. >> they love each other in such an aggressive way, that it becomes now to one of the most anticipated movies out this month, "black panther." the cast was there for their big ♪
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>> tonight is ♪ >> i got goose bumps. >> the dress code was royal. a salute to the royal nation of rakunda. and angela bassett rocking a violet jump suit were happy to oblige. >> this is the night you would . >> i waited my entire life for this. >> the invitation said royal, >> michael caine without a date. after all, he had said he was technically single. >> you haven't found that one yet? >> it's >> there is the hottest ticket in town, setting a record for presail >> you will not be able to stay alone. >> that's insane. >> did you ever get those tickets? >> no.
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>> that's for good reason. the reported $200 million budget is all on the screen. >> i feel like the movie exceeds the expectations people have. they're not ready for what they're about to see. up next, gwyneth paltrow gets real about wedding plans, her new man and ex. >> it didn't work out for me. and what happened during our high flying presuper bowl adventure with jenny
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the big game always gets everybody pumped. even celebrities. two of the biggest patriots fans in hollywood are johnny wahlberg and his wife. >> and kevin got to hang with them at one of minnesota's biggest landmarks. >> we're going to zip line across the mall of america. why?
7:20 pm
>> we're with each other. >> if we die together it doesn't matter. >> to say i was nervous, was an understatement. >> you're literally shaking. >> i'm >> there's nothing but the harness keeping me and jenny off the ground 60 feet below. but the worst part was climbing up the stairs to take that 810 foot trip. >> it's a little tricky. trying to freak him out as much as possible. >> my heart is beating like crazy right now. >> mine oh, my god. i shouldn't have had that cheese burger. >> then the moment of truth. >> i will light a candle at your see you on the other side. >> oh, >> [ >> that was
7:21 pm
>> right? you >> that was fun. >> i'm never doing it again. ei. i want to get a drink. she hosted her series from the mall of america with donnie wahlberg, and that fear i had on the zip line, donnie brought it all back. you know what i did with your wife. that didn't sound right. i was talking about zip line. it was one of the most terrifying experiences ever. >> had i been there, you would have been more scared, because i would have told you every time she does something like that, some disaster occurs. >> she never disappoints. >> jenny and donnie have their fingers crossed for another patriots victory. >> talking about the patriots, this couple of four years, george and amal, you think you've heard everything about their relationship? you haven't heard this. here's what happened when george
7:22 pm
first met >> i got a call from my agent who said i met this woman who is coming to your house who you're going to >> this was arranged by [ laughter ] >> it really worked out that way. >> you didn't even have to leave the wous. >> didn't leave the house. >> that house was clooney's $10 million italian villa. his parents were there, and it still managed to be romantic. >> we just talked, and then i got her e-mail address because she was going to send me some pictures of my parents. i didn't know if she wanted to go out with me. i just thought we were buddies. >> who >> journal and amal haven't been seen together for three months, no doubt busy with their twins. dad talks more about his family
7:23 pm
life with david letterman. >> how do you feel fatherhood has changed you? >> made me much older. he's a she's very eloquent and looks like amal, thank god. >> now love is in the air for gwyneth paltrow. the oscar winner may be all in on her lifestyle grand goop, but her love life is going well, too. i got her to open up about her fiance, brad. have you started planning the wedding? >> not yet. i'm so busy. god, i will, i will, at some point. >> will everybody be involved? >> i'm too old to have a big wedding and big white dress. i've got to be -- i've got to dial it back. >> a lady is never too old to have a white dress and big ring. that's a good thing. the guest list will no doubt include many of her celeb friends, from rbj to cameron and drew. but what's really cool is, based on this instep, her ex chris
7:24 pm
martin is okay with her upcoming marriage. how do they make this family work? >> luckily i have a deeply loving ex-husband who is very open minded and it's for the kids. you don't want your kids to suffer. obviously if i would have stayed married to the father of my kids, that's kind of the dream. but it didn't work out, so i'm lucky that i found a partier that is patient and loves me and is willing to, you know, help me with my process. >> i like how you smile when you you get this twinkle in your eyes. we caught up with gwyneth paltrow in new york, from the guided meditation to the $2300 l.e.d. facemask and eye patches, i got the full goop treatment. >> i was hoping there was some kind of magic face cream. >> you mean this? i'm using it, look just like you. >> i think you might have used too much. >> the skit was
7:25 pm
>> we don't take ourselves that seriously. we have a real mission, but we have fun and we like to laugh at ourselves, too. >> how goopy are you? >> scarily [ laughter ] you don't even want to know how much goop is coming out of me. straight ahead, we go behind the scenes of the super bowl's most expensive and star studded plus, inside chris pratt's million dollar ad as his ex ana celebrates a major milestone. >> and what goes on behind the scenes? chrissy teigen and ll cool jay tell "e.t." what these stars were caught doing. >> it was the most dramatic day. a lot happened, >> closed captioning yeeeeaaaah!
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>> are you two >> not seen together in almost a month because she was in treatment. on wednesday, she had a night out from the church in beverly hills to a hockey rink in l.a. where she was camera shy. >> hey, selena. >> the biebs hit the ice, while she sat friends. he's playing on a rec hockey team. number four, sarah jessica parker candid about kim catrell. >> what was your reaction? >> we were never friends. heart broken. i found it upsetting. i just circumstance that sarah had been my friend. >> that's not the way i recall . so it's sad. >> do you think you'll ever talk
7:30 pm
>> number three, former "glee" star marksalling is found dead after committing suicide. his body was found in a remote area north of los angeles. he was set to be sentenced in march after pleading guilty to possession child porn. he ended a relationship with his co-star 2010, and she told us in 2016 she wasn't shocked by his arrest. >> always was a very dark soul to me. i always felt like there was something he was wrestling with. >> number two, scott baio versus former co-star nicole eggert. the actor fought back after she claimed they had sex when she . >> what's your message? >> stop, just stop. other people are involved. you just can't say anything about anybody any time you want. it's not fair. >> scott is denying the allegations. do you have any comments to say? >> he can deny it all he
7:31 pm
>> number one, j.t. and the super bowl. the singer had zero signs of nerves on thursday, three days before hitting the stage. his nearly 3-year-old son silas was on hand for his first dress rehearsal inside the stadium. >> i was shocked at how quickly he could cover 100 >> his new album drops thursday at midnight. go to our website for the latest. also in the news, the expensive commercials for super bowl lii. they cost millions of dollars, and if you don't have a team in the big game, the ads may be the only reason you're tuning in. so the companies know they have to bring in the star power. >> my name is tommy ultra. >> tommy ultra? >> i'm >> brad's first-ever commercial is epic, but the outtakes are even
7:32 pm
>> that's good. pinky out. classup, pratt. >> so you got the sexy thanks to pratt and you got the face-off. martha stewart versus jack in the box. >> you want to go to war with me, jack? >> what are you going to do, tuck me into bed and read me a cookbook. what the [ bleep ]! >> and then you have the one where reba mcintyre transforms into the colonel from kfc. and chris hensworth's movie has been outed as a marketing stunt. the trailer, which will air during the super bowl is to promote tourism in australia. one spot for 30 seconds costs more than $5 million. >> them shoes you got from the grocery store, those make you
7:33 pm
look cheat. >> and tiffany told us this is what led to her getting the spokesperson gig. you took them on a groupon date? >> yes, i did. me and will. >> you and will walked up to a groupon -- >> i was like, tiffany, you don't understand. you might think this is cute, but things can get out of control really fast. >> don't trip, i'm from south los angeles. >> this one had celebs saying what they wish could be the responses. >> alexa, show me a lerecipe foa grilled cheese sandwich. >> its name is the >> so dirty and >> and you've got to love the throwback. more than 25 years after her pepsi commercial, 51-year-old cindy crawford is re-creating the ad. this will feature her son.
7:34 pm
>> the commercials that work the best have something for everyone. >> let's go back to chris pratt. while he's enjoying some free time, his ex anna farris was celebrating 100 episodes of her cbs sitcom "mom." we were on the set with the cast finding out they share a real-life >> oh, >> she's just one of my favorites on this planet. >> the love between anna and alison was in full display on the red carpet. >> i annoy her. i know i do, because i'm always knocking on her door, saying come out and play >> they've been playing the often dysfunctional mother-duo for five seasons. >> take me back to the first time you shared a scene with alison. >> she said, i know we're
7:35 pm
destined to be friends. >> that's it, you're getting a hug. >> and she had just given birth to jack, and i just loved her immediately. >> we were on the "mom" set a month before the series >> on the show, i don't know what i'm doing as mom, so i guess we have that in common. >> jack, her son with chris pratt, is now 5 years old. >> this morning, he said mom, you're a dragon, can you fire. i have this brilliant, wonderful boy. i hope he goes through being a child in this crazy world that he's happy. coming up, after marksalling's death, where some are calling about a "glee" curse. our look at the cast of many struggles. >> there's the indoor bar and the outdoor bar. plus -- >> i want my kids to see what it looks like to have a mom that's a boss. >> pic's powerful response to the grammy's president after he told women to
7:36 pm
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welcome back, everybody. >> it's >> all right. at the super bowl halftime report with jt, after basking in the glow of one wild grammy weekend. >> i mean, from the mind glowing
7:39 pm
fashion to beonce and jay-z's child stealing the show. we have it all >> that's what >> bruno went undefeated at madison square garden, grabbing six grammys. >> look at me, pop, i'm at the grammys >> he electrified the crowd with cardi b. >> you are dripping in finesse. >> while bruno triumphed, jay-z was shut out, losing all eight of his nominations. but he enjoyed a family night with beyonce and blue ivy.
7:40 pm
♪ pink took the stage fo stripped down version of "wild hearts can't be but she lost to ed sheeran in the best pop solo performance. in fact, the only solo female winner was alyssa kara. that prompted a question backstage to the recording academy president about how to >> i think it has to begin with women who have the creativity to step up, because i think they would be welcomed. >> the next day pink had a note that read, women in music don't need to step up. women have been stepping since the beginning of time. >> women are supporting each other. i think we have each other's backs. >> in a statement, he admits he used two words, step up, that do not convey my
7:41 pm
>> the fashion on the red carpet was kate was ruffling feathers, literally hundreds of them in blue, black, pink and >> how long did it take to put this togethersome >> i just showed up and they pinned me? >> i'm only wearing press-on nails right now. i just cannot physically do it with no ♪ >> how about these numbers? gaga had a 13-foot removable train she took off to reveal this lace bodysuit. beyonce wore $6.8 million in jewels to go with her gown. miley had two grammy outfits. zach had to zip her into that ruby gown before she took >> so much fun. sticking with music, check out
7:42 pm
this lipsync battle withat had . ♪ >> as if. that is elisia silverstone from the 1999 classic "clueless." chrissy and ll cool j took us behind the >> i want to talk about some lipsync secrets. let's talk about when beyonce . >> it happened so quickly, she flew right through. it was just like a magical appearance, and then i was like, by the time i looked back, she was gone. >> and channing wanted to come in on a real horse but the loud music scared the pony, so they
7:43 pm
built a fake one instead. ♪ stars including ann hathaway get only about an hour to kaley cuoco did "beg" for ♪ and hiring the same choreographer janet jackson used for "rhythm nation." what did we not see that day? >> j-lo roll up and get made up and get super sexy. you didn't see anna out there rocking. ♪ >> when she came out with the backstreet boys, and they were in those little pods, and she asked if she could do their song, they were like, no, we
7:44 pm
want to come on. and they got stuck in their little pod. it was so much fun. still to come, is there a "glee" curse after mark salling's death? we go inside the cast. >> scars never really heal. and what they had to change for some of the stars, and roseanne's return. details on what to expect on the revival, straight from the cast. >> a lot of raw sex and nudity. but first this weekend in birthdays, which actor changed their name after a character from the broadway play "guys and dolls?" was it emma stone, nathan lane or julie is living with metastatic breast cancer which is breast
7:45 pm
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well yes! and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices. ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna. that's right, the cast of "roseanne" is coming back to tv this year, 30 years after the show debuted. >> wow, and only we have roseanne bar and her back from the dead tv husband goodman proving that the connor family has still got it. >> it's just good to be among friends again. it always felt like family when we were working. >> nice and quiet, please. >> i don't know, it's just fun. >> the connors are cozying up in a new photo shoot for the "roseanne" revival. and john goodman's character is
7:48 pm
back, despite his death in the final show. so what can viewers expect? >> they're getting a lot of raw sex. and some >> intellectual humor. >> are you ever sorry we got married? >> every second of my life. >> 20 years later, the stars are older and wiser. >> i think our work is better, too. >> you can't live in the past, dan. >> but we always have calm and happy lives. ♪ happy birthday to you >> roseanne celebrated her 65th birthday onset. she and john are featured in aarp, the magazine. and laurie metcalf is back. she told us nine shows have been taped. >> what was most surreal is walking back onto set, which they re-created to the pillows, to the photos on the wall. it was a rush of >> the cast is still there. has not changed.
7:49 pm
>> it wouldn't be the same without it. >> part of me is like, couldn't you have gotten a new cast? >> that's you. >> i cannot wait for this, though. march 27th o >> >> rudy huxtaball is coming back to primetime television. >> wednesday, more than 25 years after the show debuted, one of the stars will be on "celebrity" >> come welcome to the celebrity big brother house. >> wow. >> a little bit more fancy. we want the celebrities to walk in and feel like oh, they stepped it up. it's different. so we did. >> the upgraded digs now include an indoor gym, a speak easy, a glam room, and, you know, a porsche hanging on the this is great.
7:50 pm
look at that. >> this is a working car. not right now. >> another perk -- >> first-ever espresso machine in the big brother house. >> a normal season of the show is three months. but these 11 celebs will only have to shack up together for 2 1/2 weeks. and -- >> in seasons past, when they are not celebrities, we make total strangers, house guests, share bed. no celebrity is being asked to share a bed. we have closets now. >> that's a first. >> but we have to make them small enough so again two people couldn't go in there secretly and have a conversation that we are not prifvy to. >> with 100 microphones listeni& ing 24-7, there was a big deal breaker for stars considering the show. >> we had to say, all right, we are taking the camera out of the water closet. >> and there's one more bathroom bonus. >> we have a brand new real wall
7:51 pm
between the two showers, in the past it was just a shower curtain. but celebrities, they want to feel like they can keep their privatesprivate. >> you know, i've already concocted in my head that we would compete against each other. >> the whole cast can do it. the whole deal. i'm ready to do this. you guys, i'm ready to do this. let's talk about the tv show "glee" and the sometimes troubled cast. mark salli is just the latest. >> for some of the actors, their personal the scenes battle was a different story. ♪ >> the deceased is 31-year-old actor corey monteef. >> i struggled a lot with who i
7:52 pm
was and where i was going. >> his death involved heroin and alcohol. >> july 2013. corey monteef was found dead in this hotel room in canada. the cast was devastated, especially since he had completed a detox program. >> this is my humble abode in los angeles, california. this is the indoor bar, this is the outdoor bar. what's funny is i don't even drink. >> but his tragic overdose isn't the first heartbreak the cast. in 2012, heather morris was the victim photo leak. ♪ 2011, the tabloid claimed diana went into hiding, terrified an ex-boyfriend. and nya had a secret abortion in 2010. >> you had a decision not to
7:53 pm
keep the baby. >> the scars never heal. >> last november, she was arrested for domestic battery after attacking her husband ryan dorsey. their 2-year-old son josie was . in 2014, becka's boyfriend matt was found dead in his hotel room. cause of death was never determined. but this story has a happy ending. in december of 2016, she found love again and said "i do" to jack nice to hear a happy ending. in remembrance of the stars lost, "glee" director paris barkley posted this twitter pic. >> two young actors lost too we'll be right
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
this weekend. dwagt 75. chris is 56. alice cooper is 70. which actor changed their name after a character from the broadway "guys and dolls?" that is nathan lane, who is 62
7:57 pm
this weekend. monday on the cast of "this is us" in mourning. jack's death is revealed. still. come on, people. >> but is another shocker awaiting our favorite tv family? >> there will be tears. >> monday we are almost out of time, but for all the late breaking hollywood news, go to our website. >> i love that. so i can still get my information. let's check out the new video from pink from her new song "wild hearts can't be broken." >> she killed that at the grammys with her daughter willow looking on. this sunday she sings the national anthem at the big game. >> she's going to crush it. enjoy this video, everybody. and the rest of your weekend. ♪ i fight for us to know the
7:58 pm
there's not enough rope to tie me ♪ there's not enough tape to shut this ♪ i won't stop until we're free ♪ ♪ wild hearts can't broken ♪ no, wild hearts can't be broken ♪
7:59 pm
(jr stone)tonight at 8 santa rosa firefighters now know the
8:00 pm
cause for six small fires... all of them ignited hours before the tubbs fire last october.good evening i'm jr stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. investigators are pointing to sparking pg&e power poles and strong wind.kron4 's ella sogomonian is live in the newsroom with details. this is not to be confused with the larger north bay fires the cause revealed tonight is specific to a half a dozen that erupted within santa rosa city limits well before. five of the six fires investigated in this report ignited around 8pm on october 8th before the larger tubbs, nunns, or atlas fires so those are still under investigation. the fires in this report burned 10-12 acres and destroyed at least four homes a commercial ilding and an out building and playground at montessori school at three differeent locations: sullivan way, brush creek road, and guerneville road. firefighters who


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