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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 20, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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nearly 20-thousand people lit up on four twenty and it is the first year... the celebration is legal in the golden state....(grant) thanks joining us, i'm grant lodes...(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis.... the big pot party on golden gate park was usual.... but since recreational marijuana is now legal... some said, they noticed the event was different. kron's terisa estacio has the details... you can see in this video the extremely large gathering people have come from all over the bay area as well other states to take part of this annual tradition. this is all happening at hippe hill in golden gate park. as you mentioned, this year is different. on january 1st, the new law went into effect, as california passed legislation legalizing recreational use of marijuana. in addition, to the new law, there is also an increased effort to keep this party clean. in years past, celebrations have led to tons of trash, public urination on city streets and nearby
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neighborhoods, as well as damage to private property. we have seen a large police presence out here - those in attendance this year, say they believe the event is better than ever. sotsot(continue vo) there were a few medical calls late in the afternoon. organizers of the event put out a reminder to be aware of recent warnings against using synthetic marijuana. there's been a string of cases across the country of peple getting sick and even dying using it. (estacio live) sf schools also put a warning today saying the event is not safe for children to attend. sf unified school district saying in a statement that consuming marijuana is illegal for anyone under the age of 21. (vicki) (vicki) (vicki)within the past 20 minutes..we got new numbers on today's event.according to the
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san francisco parks estimated 20- thousand people attended this year's event.that's 5-thousand more than last year.we're told 12 people were taken to the hospital for medial issues. there were no reports of anyone arrested inside the venue. (vicki) since this is the first 420 since recreational marijuana became legal and dispenseries are projecting record sales. (grant) kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to sellers in san francisco.. she joins us live with the details.. hermela, were sales sky high? (hermela aregawi)dispensery owners tell me it's too early to have figures but they say.. many stores have been very busy throughout the day.. particularly in the early evening.. after a lot of people got out of work. i spoke with the people behind the apothecarium - which has three locations in san francisco and one in las vegas. they tell me they had lines in all their stores today. and that they noticed a few changes now that recreational marijauna is legal. they say.. one they are able to cater to tourists now. so they can sell to out of state visitors and foreign visitors. and they believe that will be a big part of the growth in their business they also tell me that they have noticed their customer base is a lot more diverse this year. they say this 420 a lot more women and seniors came into their stores. as well.. as
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parents and children celebrating together. eliot dobris/the (hermela aregawi) (grant)(grant) (grant)
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(grant) the (grant) (grant) the celebration of 4-20 has forced law enforcement to put more officers on the roads today and tonight, to make sure impaired drivers ... are not behind the wheel. kron 4's dan kerman has that part of the story from the c-h-p headquarters in san francisco. ((grant))
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((grant)) ((grant))there are several dui
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checkpoints across the bay area.and for the first time ever...triple a's free tipsy tow service is available on 4- 20.((sidebar + vo))tow trucks are providing people with a free ride home and a vehicle tow... up to ten miles.the offer stands from from 4-20 this afternoon... to 4-20 am saturday if you're high as a kite, wathcing the news, wondering how to get you and your car you go.a standard towing rate will apply to any longer distance beyond 10 miles. you don't have to be a triple a member. simply call 1-800-aaa-help and say you need a tipsy tow. (vicki) our coverage of 420 celebrations on hippie hill... continues online at kron4 dot com...there you can find details on how the big pot holiday began in the bay area... and who started it... as well as video of the celebration... and coming up at 9:45... stanley roberts was out on hippie hill... doing what he does best.... but he shows us a different
9:07 pm's 420 people behaving badly style... that's coming up... (vicki) another big story tonight... police are searching for the connection with sexually assaulting a high school student. it happened around 11 yesterday morning on addison street in berkeley. the victim was walking...when the suspect grabbed her from behind and pressed a gun into her side. the suspect walked the girl to a nearby yard...where police say he sexually assaulted her. authorities are currently searching the area for any surveillance cameras that may have spotted the su (grant) richmond police are looking for a suspect... in connection with a deadly shooting. the gunman was walking down carlson blvd...and started shooting at the 'stop and shop' market around 11:30 last night. the suspect... fired multiple rounds hitting several cars in the parking lot. as a 21-year-old victim walked out of the store, he was hit in the stomach area and died from his injuries. the suspect also hit another man, but he survived. this is the fourth homicide this month... and just after the department announced having zero
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homicides in over four months which was the longest stretch in over 40 years in richmond (sot) the the suspect was last seen running from the scene northbound on carlson blvd.
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(vicki) with a very nice weekend ahead that means a lot of people could head to the beaches... and one of the most popular spots is stinson beach in marin county.. but that beach is still recovering from a powerfull storm two weeks ago that flooded the beach parking lot. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight at stinson beach with an update. charles. . . . (grant) charles. . . .
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(grant) coming up on kron4 news at nine... a popular cafe in the east bay... abruptly closes, on the same week that old allegations of racisim resurface. hear reaction tonight from shocked customers. (vicki) plus... three men arrested after police say they stole thousands of dollars worth of copper wire.... where they took it from ahead... (grant) and after the break...north korean leader kim jong un announcing he is shuting down one of his nuclear test sites... how president trump is responding tonight on twitter.
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big news out of north korea... dictator kim jong un announced today that he will shut down one of the country's nuclear test sites and will stop long-range missile tests. andy rose has more on what this may mean
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for the world. this intercontinental ballistic missile test launch on november 28th 2017 -- had the world on edge -- concerned leader kim jong un might follow through on threats to forward almost five months -- and the north korean dictator is taking a vastly different approach. friday, kim jong un announced plans to haltthe country's nuclear weapons and icbm tests. he released a statement saying there is no longer a need for tests and the mission is complete. it's a welcome announcement to president donald trump, who made denuclearization a caveat for north korea moving towards better global relations. trump tweeted his approval friday saying..."north korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close up a major test site, this is very good news for north korea and the world - big progress! look forward to our summit."trump and kim jong un are set to meet soon -- although the exact time and location have yet to be formalized. a source close to kim jong un told cnn -- the north korean leader wants to improve relations with other countries and focus on his nation's economic growth.ending nuclear weapons testing is a sign to the world
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he may be serious about the turnaround.i'm andy rose reporting. (vicki) new at 9. three men are behind bars tonight... on suspicion of stealing copper wire worth thousands from the old sutter medical center in santa rosa. it happened this morning at the former sutter hospital site. police were alerted to a suspicious vehicle...and once at the scene officers located the car... and arrested 50-year-old michal vernon hayes... 53-year-old perry winston garrison..and 58-year-old mark richard castillo. inside the car...authorites found about two thousand feet of copper wire... worth nearly four grand. the arrests...come after several months of burglary incidents at the former sutter hospital site. (grant) in fairfield... four suspects are behind
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bars...after they were busted at a motel... on north texas street. police served miltiple search warrants for alleged drug- related activities... including maintaining a drug house. the men and women ranging in age from 31 to 58. all four suspects were booked into the solano county jail. (vicki) a judge has denied a motion to release derick almena from custody. lawyers for the ghost ship master tenant tried to have him released on his own recognizance as he fights the charges against him for the massive fire in oakland that killed 36 people. this is the second time a judge has declined to release the 48- year-old. almena faces 36- counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the fire. the ghost ship creative director- max harris- also faces those same charges. (grant) following the arrest of two black men at a philadelphia starbucks, the memories of a racist incident at an east bay coffee shop are now back in the spotlight. (vicki) as the allegations of what happened in berkeley to a famous comedian in 2015 get new attention.... the place where it happened just
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abruptly shut down. kron 4's justine waldman as the story from berkeley. overnight without warning the elmwood cafe in berkeley closed.putting a sign on the front door, and brown paper over the windows.on cnn monday, famous east bay comedian w. kamau bell recalled how he says he experienced racism there.... sot "in 2015 i was kicked out of the elmwood cafe because they thought i was harassing my wife and my 13 week old baby wow yea exactly." crowds of people stopped by the neighborhood eatery on collegeave, shocked the restaurant shut its doors. even writing messages of condolences...sot this is very popular it is full of lines every morning.recent online reviews roasted the shop for the alleged racism against bell.yelp now warns it will remove posts that appear to be motivated more by the news coverage than the cafes.. cappuccinos. all questions to bell were directed towards an op-ed he wrote, where he is skeptical of the motive for the cafes closure. saying it is highly unlikely 3 years later, it closed because of a few days of inconvenient press and social media comments.sot racism at this place is the last two things you would possibly put togetherlong time customers are having a hard time digesting it all..saying the cafe was diverse and welcoming.sot i do not believe it you don't believe the allegations i just think it is impossible.justine waldman:we reached out to the owner of the elmwood cafe to question him on the closure. and he did not get back with us. in berkeley justine waldman kron 4 news
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(grant) (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: it was a
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beautiful day with temperatures warmiing up today all around the bay area. highs today moved well into the 70s inland with patchy fog and cool 50s and 60s. it is quiet oln the doppler radar as high pressure begins to settle in overhead. if you're going out tonight it should be a nice evening with a beautiful sunset. tonight we will see mostly clear skies with a few patches of coastal fog. on the satellite you can see the high pressure ridge building over the state. tomorrow's temperatures will be warmer with highs in the valleys in the low 80s, 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s with a patch fog near the coast. sunday will be just as nice with plenty of sunshine. a weak weather system will bring a few clouds and cooler temperatures to the bay area on tuesday. but dry weather will likely continue well into next week.
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(grant) a big earthquake hitting the bay area again is a matter of when, not if. people who study quakes are looking at ways for emergency personal to better respond to them. this new digital seismograph is an accele- rometer....which measures ground motion accereration. it's part of a network of 70- such machines in the bay area
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that transmitts the data it collects back to u-s-g-s. it gathers information minutes after an earthquake strikes and uploads it to the shakes map tool. the warmer or hotter the color...the stronger the shaking was felt.john hamilton/usgs: "and that's disseminated out to emergency responders and it's a way for them to get out to the areas that shook the hardest as soon as possible." scientists say these instruments will help create a clearer picture of the seismic activity affect... the next time a big one hits. coming upthis is goat vs fish. it is the forever verses of goat vs fish for in the beginning none of this can come in none of this.. what cha going to do you been asking for it and now it here ain't nobody behaving badly yet 420 people behaving badly style
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meredith in washington... coming up , why the white house wants a do-over on it.> (vicki) 4 your money
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tonight... the trump administration says it plans to ask congress to roll back recent increases in government spending.(grant)2 shot tele the whtie house says it has not decided what progams it will ask congress to cut. our white house correspondent mark meredith is in washington with a closer look. out: in washington, i'm mark meredith. white house budget director mick mulvaney says congress is spending too much money. "maybe we can find some money that doesn't need to go out the door"in march, congress approved and the president signed a 1.3 trillion dollar it, lawmakers increased spending on both miltary and domestic mulvaney says president trump may want to re- write the budget. nat: "what will you be targeting.ohjust different things, i don't want to tip our hand"the white house says previous administrations have done the same thing.but it admits, neitehr presidents george w. bush or obama tried this during their terms.on capitol
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hill, senior democrats say the idea is a non-starter with them.vermont senator patrick leahy."we kept our word, we assumed the president would keep his word, when he signed it. we're not going to reopen that"president trump has repeatedly said he was unhappy with the budget.but connecticut democrat chris murphy says the white house has no right to complain. "they sat at a negotiating table, made a deal with congress and made a deal on spending, and now they're trying to reverse"senate majority leader mitch mcconnell agrees.he says the president's idea won't work. however, the white house says it may still push to cut spending as soon as next month. in washington, i'm mark meredith. (vicki) ahead at nine... it's parkinson's awareness month... millions of americans have it but theres is no magic pill... tonight we hear from a local man who crossed the border to find other treatments... it's a story you'll only see here on kron4 news... (grant) plus... the f-a-a
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is ordering new inspections of more than 300 jets after the deadly southwest engine explosion. (vicki) and after the break... students across the country are saying "enough is enough" when it comes to gun violence.... and all of it happening on the 19th anniversary of the columbine shooting...
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(vicki)(vicki) now at 9:30... thousands of students across the nation participated in a school walk out-- on the 19th anniversary of the mass shooting at columbine high
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school. you're looking at video from los angeles, parkland florida, chicago, and phoenix arizona. many students feel not enough has been done to make schools safer. (vicki) those students say they walked out of class today in support of gun control. (grant) but-- in bethesda, maryland-- they put on a different kind of display. suzanne kennedy explains... .... tombstone like t-shirts hang on the front fence of bethesda chevy chase high school. put up before sunrise, each represents one of the 199 teens who lost their life to gun violence this year. emily schrader/organizer: "it's difficult to fathom that all these young lives are lost every day. and there's, you know, the database of name is being updated every day. even as we make this project there could be more kids who died." one t-shirt memorializes 17 year old tysiona crawford... allegedly shot dead by her ex boyfriend. these teens-- members of moco students for gun control-- didn't know her... but realize her death is part of the bigger problem of gun violence in the u-s. ethan tiao/student: "you see 200 names and those are all students who have died in 2018. and its really sobering to imagine and its scary. and i think it will encourage students to speak out for what they believe in." suzanne kennedy/reporting: "another part of this memorial...12 orange t-shirts... each representing a student killed in columbine 19 years ago today. the students who put these up weren't even born when that school shooting took place but they recognize its significance in the history of
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school shootings. their goal to end them by fighting for stricter gun control laws. in bethesda, suzanne kennedy (grant) bay area students were walking out of classes to protest gun violence on this, the 19th anniversary of the columbine high school shooting. its all part of a national protest against gun violence. take a look... these fremont high school students were not even born...when the columbine massacre shocked the country...but they say they
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face the same fears. before heading into class...the students stood in front of the school...trying to teach lawmakers a lesson about common sense gun control. they say what happened in florida in february...when 17 people were killed in school... must never happen again. (sot) apurva shah/student-due to the president lifting gun restrictions on specific weapons, especially automatic weapons, i think it's important, especially the kids to fight ourselves(grant) the rally lasted 30 minutes...then the kids went to class.. however they say the protests are far from over. (vicki) some students at dublin high school took part in the national walk out...lending their voices to the call for sensible gun regulation. kron4's haaziq madyun spoke to some of the organizers of the student led protest... nats/students"the youth united will never be divided"about sixty dublin high school students participated in the national school walk out to protest gun violence in america. 15-year-old sophomore
9:33 pm
neshmia alum and her friends orgainized the student led protestsotsome students described what they washington law makers are not getting about this youth led movementsotthe students peacefully marched one and a half miles from school to the dublin civic center where a rally took place featuring several of their classmatessot alexandria townsend/dublin high school student: "my people have been marching and begging for better laws and regulations for regarding the distribution and containment of assault weapons"among the vast majority of students who did not take part in the walk out is jacob timmsot according to dublin unified
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school district officials this action of civil disobedience comes at a price for the students who did participate. the will each receive a cut on their daily attendance and some detention time...but these students here believe it was worth it for their voices to be dublin haaziq madyun kron4news (grant) new developments on the southwest plane that made an emergency landing in philadelphia... the f-a-a has ordered ultra-sound inspections of hundreds of jet engines... after the engine
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blew apart in mid-air tuesday - killing a woman sitting near a window that was smashed... the agency says the order affects 352 engines in the u.s....on the new generation boeing 737's... federal inspectors believe one of the engine fan blades snapped on tuesday's flight... and say the blade had been showing signs of metal fatigue. earlier today - the manufacturer of the engine said it also wants more jets to be inspected for potential problems. (vicki) southwest is compensating passengers who were on that flight when an engine exploded, killing a woman. the company is sending those passengers a letter of apology, a five- thousand dollar check, and a one-thousand dollar travel voucher. in the letter, the company says the money is to help cover any immediate financial needs. 43-year-old wife and mother of two...jennifer riordan of new mexico was killed when she was sucked partway out of the window. a public memorial
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service for riordan is set for sunday in albuquerque. (grant) new at nine: april is parkinson's awareness month... it's the devastating disease affecting milliions of americans - for which there is no real cure.(vicki) tonight, we catch up with an east bay man who's made the trek to mexico for experimental stem cell treament and chance at's a story you'll only see here on kron4 news... we first did a story one year ago - former contra costa sheriff deputy john clark and his family - desperate to reverse the ravages of parkinson's disease. he can barely speak and shakes when he walks. after unsuccessful medical treatments for his progressing parkinson's, the clark family packed up and left their home in concord - for ensenada, mexico. there, john clark is undergoing alternative treatments. it's a long shot, but it may be the only shot they have one of the most promising treatments is
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stem cell therapy - creating cells to replace the brain's dopamine producing cells that have been lost to parkinson's. it's experimental. and john clark knows he's taking a risk. success is measured in micro-steps. they're documenting john's journey as he goes. one small step at a time. (vicki) at a small step as he goes. one small step at a time. (vicki) stem cell treatment for parkinson's is still unapproved and unavailable here in the u-s. (grant) to find out more about parkinson's and john's journey - go to our website at (lawrence bay area weather) (gary sports tease)
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as the warriors prepare to close out san antonio 4 straight on sunday...the news on stephy curry today was positive.the warriors medical staff has given curry ther gren light to return to practice beginning tomorrow....the latestr examination revealed currysleft knee is progressing and then intensity of his workouts will increase theroughout the week........curry whoi has missed the last 13 games..will be reevaluated in one week. bottom line for most fans....when willcurry be back on thje floor....educated
9:41 pm
guess....her will sit out the next series against more than likely against new orleans...unless the warriors would fall behind in the series andf then you bring him backas a boost for a game 6 or 7...curry in the conference final against houston....your best bet.the king may be on the verge of looking for a new hone...lebromn james cleveland cavaliers blew a 17 points lead tonight agianst indiana...james 28 points 12 rebounds 8 asssits...but his help is liomited.....and you keep hearing philadelphai could be his desitation next year...embeed..ben simmons....lebron....thats a super team and to reach the finals you don't have to mess with golden state and houston out west. james is not done yet..but cavs trail indy 2-1.
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next hour...tonights giants and a's hour...tonights giants and a's story...see you giants and a's story...see you giants and a's story...see you sunday night for our football draft shows... (grant) the n-f-l draft is around the corner and kron four has you covered. get your football fix with the red and gold zone and sword and shield zone draft specials. they air this sunday night. mark
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carpenter and kim smith will recap the kim smith will carpenter and kim smith will carpenter and kim smith will recap the 49ers and raiders off-seasons and preview th
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♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit (grant) since 2011 stanley roberts has been reporting on 420 events at golden gate park ...(vicki) and now that marijuana is legal... he went out to see if anything changed... .. the bay area loves its weed but some of loves its weed the bay area the bay area loves its weed
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but some of us may love it a wee bit too much we out here behaving badly as always so that's the purple drink? what's in it, its a thousand grams in there a thousand grams, so you be done after that yes you be wasted tell me what you got (gummies) gummies? (gummies) it's 4 20 in san francisco and what use to be a basic free for all has changed this started as a stoner event like all by the people, you know what i'm saying and its hella dumb now now that weed is legal you now have what amounts to a giant festival including a munches land this is goat versus fish it is the forever versus of goat vs fish for in the beginning there was goat versus fish the goat fish and the goat s fish that there should be goat and there should be fish no that's not munchie land (how did he get in here). this is muchie land but before you can even get to munchie land you probably finished offsome buck naked popcorn.(what you say?) buck naked or maybe some peach
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cobbler, apple pie, we got strawberry cake we got brownies we got rice krispies treats and they are all heavily medicated but wait some people didn't get to partake of the festivities see here right here, she can't come in what happened, don't worry about it she can't come in because she jumped the fence.and some people had to leave there booze outside the park none of these can come in at all (censored) none of these at all that sucks alright none of this can come in none of this.. what cha going to do but for the ones who made it inyou don't get to hang out and do what you usually do cause it's more strict but you know it's still 420 it still the park you going to come back next year yea i'll be back yea i'll be back or is too commercial for you now naw i love it it's peaceful i can smoke my weed everybody happy i wanna be here it was full like dat dat and now it like that it all good two for 5 kim dog girl
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scouts cookies ain't no one behaving badly are we both watching the same channel? there was actually a laundry list of what you couldn't including flying a drone so pay no attention to that drone it's not really there ok that just about wraps it up for the 2018 420 event in san francisco so you know what tomorrow is right yes national drug test day at golden gate park in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news roberts kron 4 news (vicki) police are investigating the fourth atm heist in a month at houston area courthouses... it all started in march, when suspects crashed into a harris county courthouse and made off with an a-t-m then, on april 15, a truck was used to smash through the doors of a courthouse in pasadena... those suspects fled after an unsuccessful attempt to tow the cash machine away and then days later, it happened again. this time, the suspects fled when they
9:49 pm
realized the machine was empty then yesterday, yet another a-t-m was stolen from a courthouse in harris county... investigators now suspect the acts may be linked ... (grant) police are looking for a man caught on camera breaking in at a georgia game- stop store ... but he was wearing a clear plastic bag -- on his head. police posted images of the suspect on facebook, asking for the public's help, saying qoute "you can help us catch him, once you stop laughing." lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful day with temperatures warmiing up today all around the bay area. highs today moved well into the 70s inland with patchy fog and cool 50s and 60s. it is quiet oln the doppler radar as high pressure begins to settle in overhead. if you're going out tonight it should be a nice evening with a beautiful sunset. tonight we will see mostly clear skies with a few patches of coastal fog. on the satellite you can see the high pressure ridge building over the state. tomorrow's temperatures will be warmer
9:50 pm
with highs in the valleys in the low 80s, 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s with a patch fog near the coast. sunday will be just as nice with plenty of sunshine. a weak weather system will bring a few clouds and cooler temperatures to the bay area on tuesday. but dry weather will likely continue well into next week.
9:51 pm
(vicki) her funeral service will be attended by the most prominent names in american politics, but today it is the public's turn to mourn, and to celebrate the life of barbara bush. (grant) reporter karin caifa has been following the tributes this week, and is in houston with a look at today's public viewing for the former first lady, and how people from all walks of life, are paying their respects. many houstonians are proud to have called barbara bush, their neighbor.mos: she's done so much. her love for children and literacy is just awesome. besides, she's just such a wonderful wife and mother. vicky knowles: they just wanted to make houston their home, so that is just very, very special. the former first lady and her husband may have taken up residence in washington and elsewhere over the years but for nearly six decades, they always came back -- a public viewing at st. martin's episcopal church, before saturday's private funeral. former president george h-w
9:52 pm
bush even shook hands with those who came to pay tribute to his open celebration of mrs. bush's life took place outside houston's city hall last night, just across the street from houston's downtown public library. fitting for a first lady who championed literacy. for some in attendance, the loss still, felt very personal. the former first lady, viewed as an inspiration. becky rickert: barbara bush was an amazing lady and just a great role model and i'm an english teacher and she always pushed literacy.the crowd thursday evening was encouraged to wear blue and to emulate mrs. bush's signature style, by donning some pearls. vicky knowles: i love that style, i love that style and she never changed. she never changed. that was her staple, so i really appreciated that about her. and she was just barbara and i loved that. in houston, i'm karin caifa. (grant) up next... beyonce is
9:53 pm
back this weekend for her second coachella performance... but if you don't have ticket this time around.. you'll miss it...find out why... to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together
9:54 pm
to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets - and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. beyonce's performance
9:55 pm
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last weekend lit the internet on fire. her fans even renamed the festival bey-chella after her performance.(grant) she's back at it tomorrow night...but that coachella performance will not be livestreamed. a spoke- sperson for youtube says none of this weekend's performances will be livestreamed. youtube has exclusively streamed the first weekend of coachella since 2011. ... ((grant))that wraps up kron 4 news at nine.((vicki))but our primetime coverage continues. pam moore and steve aveson are here now with kron 4 news at ten...guys? ((pam)) thank you grant and vicki... next at ten... the weekend is here and it is going to be a gorgeous one.
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a heads up if you plan on going to stinson beach.the parking lot is still a mess, after the last powerful storm.. and that means spaces are limited... which could cause a big problem for pack san francisco's golden gate park to celebrate we're hearing from bay area marijuana dispensaries who say business is booming since recreational pot became legal. a live coming up. ((pam)) also... a popular east bay cafe abruptly closes its doors. now many believe ... accusations of racism may be to blame.((steve))don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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(pam) today, the sun was shining and the skies were clear all across the bay area. (steve) a weather pattern we could get used to.... and can.. because it looks like this weekend is going to be a great one.(pam)thank you joining us tonight im pam moore... (steve)im steve aveson. and this is what is looks like outside right now at san franscisco's embarcadero.
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chief meteorologist lawrence kawnow is here.. lawrence how warm and sunny is it expected to be? lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful day with temperatures warmiing up today all around the bay area. highs today moved well into the 70s inland with patchy fog and cool 50s and 60s. it is quiet oln the doppler radar as high pressure begins to settle in overhead. if you're going out tonight it should be a nice evening with a beautiful sunset. tonight we will see mostly clear skies with a few patches of coastal fog. on the satellite you can see the high pressure ridge building over the state. tomorrow's temperatures will be warmer with highs in the valleys in the low 80s, 70s around the bay and 50s and 60s with a patch fog near the coast. sunday will be just as nice with plenty of sunshine. a weak weather system will bring a few clouds and cooler temperatures to the bay area on tuesday. but dry weather will likely continue well into next week. (pam) with a very nice weekend ahead.. a lot of people could head to the be


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